Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Poor Wandering One - full transcript

When an Army veteran threatens to blow up a pawn shop, Sullivan reflects on his time as a Marine to deescalate the situation. Meanwhile, Vic and Dean try to reason with a man battling Alzheimer's disease.

You regret moving in?

I don't.

It's your shift.

Yeah, I kinda regret it.

I'm up!

Thank you for not regretting it.

You're the best.

Okay, little buddy.
It's okay, buddy.

I don't understand
a word of this,

but somehow it's working.

"Go shine your light, Bella.

Tell your truth."

Was that
"Kiss me"? Yeah.

Can we call in sick?


I mean, I don't want
to pretend to hate you.

You can just pretend
to respect me.

I‐I do respect you.


I mean, I think you promoted
the wrong Captain,

but other than that ‐‐
Oh, oh, oh, shh, shh.

Captain, you know, uh,
PRT's stood down

for maintenance
and inventory today.

I know.

You doing your treatment, sir?

No, I'm not,
which you know. I know.

I know you're not doing
radiation or surgery,

but, you know, there's, uh,
there's palliative care.

Oh, palliative?
Like hospice?

No, no, like pain management

or integrative therapy,
physical therapy.

I'm doing all that
in my own way.

Listen, I, uh, need your help.

With what?

Well, let's take a drive,
and you'll find out.

Hey. I heard, uh,
Vasquez goes home today.

How you doing, Jack?

Half the team still
won't look at me,

but the shiner's gone.

You didn't come home
again last night.



Did you meet someone, or...?

Not anyone I'm ready
to talk about.

Don't get weird.

No, I'm not weird.
I w‐‐ I was worried.

You know, you could text if
you're gonna be out all night,

'cause... Jack the Ripper
was a thing.

Deal, but then it goes
both ways,

because Jackie the Ripper
is a thing, too.

No, it's not.
Yes, it could be.

It could happen.
And ‐‐

Herrera! A word?

My dad used to do that.

Do what?

Bellow across the firehouse,

like summoning people
like a king on a throne.

Lieutenant Herrera,

Captain Bishop
has requested a meeting

with the two of us.

about ‐‐ about what?

Well, she wouldn't tell me
until you were here, so...

You have something to say to me?

I do.

Chief Sullivan,
I think you made a mistake.

I think you gave me a medal
I didn't earn.

Herrera has more experience.
She has the respect of the team.

She was on deck, sir,
and I stepped past her.

I asked for the job,
and that was hubris on my part.

And you gave me the job,
and that was...

You know, I think
you were trying

to protect her
from her own grief,

and I think it was a mistake.

Andy Herrera deserves
the job you gave me.

She has more than earned it.

And... I don't
want it anymore.

I'll take it into consideration.

Are you quitting?

Are you gonna walk out that door
and never come back?

No, sir.
I'm requesting a demotion.

And I will take that request
into consideration.

For right now,
we all have jobs to do.

So, Captain Bishop...

get to work.

Dispatch: Medical response
on channel 4 for Aid 19,

2300 Oak Avenue.

Reported injury.

That's you and Gibson.

Dispatch from Aid 19,
confirm address.

Aid 19, dispatch.
2300 Oak Avenue.

The injured party is reported
to be an employee

inside a military surplus store.


What was that about?

What was ‐‐ What was what about?

Secret meeting
with Sullivan and Bishop.

It wasn't a secret.

Then what was it?

Am I getting fired?

Vasquez is fine.

He's going home today.

Doesn't mean I don't deserve
to be fired.

Dean hates me.
You hate Bishop.

I hate myself.

If they don't fire me, I think
I should put in for a transfer.



This is ‐‐ No.

We're gonna get through this.

We're gonna get through it
as a family, okay?

No one's going anywhere.

Give me my money back!
Beat it, psycho!

Hey! Take it easy! Take it easy! Whoa,
whoa! Whoa!

Dispatch from Aid 19.
Everybody out!

Help the firefighters at 2300 Oak Avenue.
Put your phones away and exit the store now!

This is an ongoing assault.

Have units respond without sirens. Whoa,
whoa, whoa! Everyone just calm down!

He cut me!
Arrest this maniac!

Arrest me?!
You're the criminal!

Nobody's getting arrested.

We're not cops.
Just put the weapons down!

Him first!

Back! Okay. We're
back. I'm back.

Okay, just tell us
what's going on.

I sold my knife here
a week ago for 20 bucks.

And I came in here to buy it
back, and he wants $40.

Inflation's a bitch, kid.

Sir, not helpful.
Jack: Ignore him.

Hey. Look at me.
Look at me.

Take it easy.
What's your name?

I'm Kyle.
Okay, I'm ‐‐ I'm Jack.

Now, sounds like that knife
means something to you.

So, here.

Buy it back.

Then you and I can take a walk

while my partner treats
that cut on his arm.

What do you say?

Why? So he can rip off
the next vet that walks in?

You're a veteran, Kyle?

Crazed veteran!

Shut... up!

Hey, hey, hey.

Dispatch from Aid 19.
Thank you for your service.

Tell Chief Sullivan
we're dealing with

a troubled veteran who's
armed How original.

And he needs to get here now.

You know, I'd thank you for your
gratitude if it didn't ring hollow.

Okay, I get that.
I didn't mean to offend.

Let's just ‐‐
Just take the cash, okay?

Buy your knife, and ‐‐ and
let's ‐‐ let's get out of here.

What do you say?

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa! Jack: Whoa, whoa! Easy, Kyle! Easy!

Jimmy: See? Psycho!

We got to
get out of here ‐‐ now.

If anyone goes out that door,
I'll drop this spoon

and blow up this whole block.

The entire block? Is there
something we need to know, Kyle?

Jimmy here sells
all kinds of goodies.

He sells ammo, C4, land mines.

There's plenty more
where this came from.

You're standing in a powder keg.

Can I help you, sir?

Uh... yeah.

I‐I'm here for the Chief.

I'm s‐sorry, sir.
The Ch‐‐ um...

Chief doesn't work here.

Unless you mean Sullivan.

No. Not Sullivan.

The Chief!

Okay, uh, can I tell him
who's here?

Sir, uh, what's your name?

Get the Chief now...
Okay ‐‐

or I'm gone!
Alright, s‐‐

Oh, you know what?
You're in luck.

He's right here. He
is right here. What?

Uh, this man is here to see
the Chief, which is you.

Uh, it ‐‐ it is?

So, Chief, uh,
this gentleman is...

here to see you, Chief.



perhaps we could show
this gentleman to your office?

Wait, I have an office?

It's just ‐‐ Okay.

Alright, after you, sir.

Right through here.




And look at what the cat dragged in!

I walked in, Grandma.
You saw me.

Oh, my mistake, Victoria.

How'd you do on the math test?

I got a B‐minus.

B‐minus? Hmm.

You know what that makes you?


Some kind of math genius.

I never passed a math test
in my life.

This calls for a celebration!

Dad says I should get A's.

I love your dad, but he's never
really been very good at ‐‐

Math? Oh, no,
he was excellent at math.

He's never been good at fun.

I mean, look at him.

Always at work.

We are watching
"Pirates of Penzance,"

and we're singing along and ‐‐

and we are calling it a party,
and that's that.

No homework tonight.

Can we make popcorn?

I'd love to,
but... I lost my glasses.

They're on your head, silly.


Just testing you.

Alright, just... make yourself
at home, sir.

We'll be right with you, okay?


Fire chief?

Ixnay on the irefay.

Do what the what?
It's pig Latin.

That's not a real language.

Okay, Dean, he doesn't
even know his own name.

Okay, he clearly has dementia,
maybe Alzheimer's.

He's lost. We have to help him
find his way home.


We play along.

Try to help him remember
his name or where he's from.

It's easier for us
to be in his reality

than try to drag him into ours.

Okay? So just roll with me
on this, please.

You owe me.

Are you gonna pull the baby card
every time you need something?

Oh. Yeah. Thought that was
our deal, right?


Next stop is...

742 Southgate Drive.

Okay. Um...

Now can I ask what we are doing?

Well, you can ask,
but I won't tell you.

You know what? Fine.

I don't actually want to know.
I'm keeping too many secrets.

Whose secrets are you keeping?

You can ask,
but I won't tell you.

PD's a few minutes out.
SWAT's en route.

You handle the perimeter.

Sir, Herrera says there's
a troubled veteran inside.

I'll talk to him.

Montgomery, Dixon,

disperse this crowd now.

Copy that.

You go left, I go right.

Okay, wha‐‐ uh,
what should I do?

Tell the people to back off.

Try not to sound like a person
who's new at this.

Folks, back up, please.

Back up, back up.

Please keep back.

What do you think you're doing?

Uh, t‐treating him.

He could bleed out.

Let him. He's a

Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Sullivan: Okay,
okay, okay.

Whoa! Who the hell are you?
Are you a cop?

Uh, my name's Robert.

I'm not a cop.
I'm a firefighter.

Freakishly tall one.

And clearly not very bright.

I'm also a Marine.

Yeah. Well,
that explains it.

Nice ink.

You're a jarhead, too, huh?

And a Marine would know

that body armor isn't gonna
protect him from this grenade.

It'll blow your legs off,

Then we can talk eye‐to‐eye.

You're a trip, man.

So, what do you want, Bob?

Look, that man right there
is hurt.

So are you.

Why don't you let my people
treat your injuries?

How 'bout it?

You do whatever the hell
you want with him,

but nobody's touching me.

There ain't no fixing
what I got.


Go ahead.
Get him out of here.

And tell everybody out there

that if one more person
walks into this store,

nobody's walking out.

Two people coming out.

I'm not leaving him alone.

No, he ordered us out.

No, go talk to the police,
fill them in.

I'm gonna stay
in case he needs backup.

Alright! Welcome
to the Chief's office, sir.

You mind if I take
your coat for you?

Uh, y‐yeah, yeah.

Uh, s‐sure, uh...

Help you out here.

Uh, thanks, doll.

Mr. Earl Davis.

Could I, uh, get a‐a‐a black
coffee, uh, sweetheart?

Oh, Victoria.

Do bring the man
some coffee, please.


It's hard to find
a good secretary these days.

Hey. How'd you do it?

Uh, what's ‐‐ what's that, Earl?

Get the top job.

Oh! Well, you know,
put ‐‐ put in ‐‐ put in work

and paid my dues and ‐‐

A colored Chief?!

Times have changed!

Yeah. Yeah, Earl.

They ‐‐ They have.

I, uh, marched
with Dr. King, you know.

Oh, yeah?

I got hit in the head
a couple of times,

but, hey, you're Chief.

So I guess it worked.

It did, Earl.

Hey, Earl.

Why don't you call
your secretary

and, uh, let her know
you're gonna stay for lunch?

Here you go, Earl.

Your phone lines are out.

Dinner's almost ready!

My life is over.

Well, at least
it was short and sweet.

I'm serious, Grandma.

A senior in drama club got mono,
and they gave

the lead role to me
with only two days to prepare.

This is a disaster!

Well, what are we talking?
Hindenburg? Titanic?


This is definitely

a nuclear‐meltdown‐of‐
epic‐proportions type disaster.

Sing one line.

What?! No!

That show is gonna go on
with or without you, Victoria.

And I prefer without.

Well, I say better with.

One line. I don't
even know the words.

What's the show?
"West Side Story."

Oh, I know that show by heart!

Uh, Grandma ‐‐


"Pirates of Penzance."


Well, what show are you doing?

"West Side Story."


go ahead, then.

Oh, honey, you're gonna
bring down the house.

You okay, sir?

Nope. I'm dying.

Sir, you c‐‐

I gotta name it, Warren.
I gotta say it.

And I need you
to not pretend it's not true.

Okay. It's not something
we say a lot in our culture.

We don't say it out loud.

We don't... own it.

We pretend that death is
this quiet, lurking shadow.

And ‐‐ And it's not.
That's a big lie.

It's loud and obnoxious

and it comes at you
guns blazing.

And I don't understand
why we can't just name it,

call it what it is.


When I was a kid,
there was this neighbor ‐‐

you know, Chad.

He was loud and obnoxious

and mean
and intentionally hurtful.

If I was gonna give death
a name, it would be Chad.

Just ‐‐

To hell with you, Chad.

To hell with Chad.

Hey, let's swing by City Hall.

I, uh, got a few things to do
before Chad shows up.


I‐I can see it.

Why don't you put that pin
back in the grenade?

Be safe, so we can talk.

Did you even deploy?

Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, me, too.

Did you actually leave the wire,
or were you

one of those rear‐echelon pukes
who hid out at base?

I was a scout/sniper, son.

When I left the wire,
I ate cold food.

I slept in my own filth.

I left, didn't come back
for weeks at a time.

All for just one shot
at the very bad people

trying to vaporize you
and your pals.

Hard core.

I was just a grunt.

We were all just grunts.

Tell me, Kyle,

why you survive two wars
and want to go out like this.

Traumatic brain injury.

I got blowed up three times
by IEDs.

Twice for me.

And I rinsed out what was
left of my friends from Humvees

many more times than that.

Why don't you put that pin
back in there?

Let's talk about it.

Gibson says
there's explosives inside.

Move this perimeter back now.

We need to sweep the adjacent
structures for people.

On it. We're going back
toward the explosives?

You need to be told twice,

Bishop! What the hell's
going on here?

Sir, there's a suspect inside
with his ‐‐

No, no, no. I know
what's going on in there.

I'm talking about out here.
This is a police matter.

Sir, I respectfully disagree.

Our people are talking down
the suspect as ‐‐

Do you hear yourself?

You're not cops.
You're firefighters.

PD has a negotiator standing by.

Swap him out with your people.

Is their negotiator a veteran?

'Cause my guy inside is,

and so is the subject
he's dealing with.

I understand that this is
a unique situation,

but we aren't just firefighters.

We are problem solvers.

And we're handling the problem.

SWAT and snipers are about to
arrive, so handle it quickly.

There's counseling,
veteran groups.

What about the VA?

They helping with your head?

The VA.

Yeah, I've waited six months
to see a doctor.

Every time I call,
it's six more.

Meanwhile, my headaches
are ‐‐ are ‐‐ are blinding

a‐and I...

I can't remember
what I had for breakfast,

much less dinner
the night before.

And ‐‐ And ‐‐
And my fuse is so short...

that my
friends won't even talk to me anymore.

Sounds like you need
new friends, Kyle.

Yeah, well,
the ones I had were fine.

It's really tough to ‐‐

to leave your tribe
behind, Kyle.

Why don't you put the pin back
in the grenade

and call them?

Call them?

Call who?

Call who?!

My tribe is dead!

Herrera, it's Bishop.

I've got Dixon
breathing down my neck

and SWAT chomping at the bit
to go in.

It's a bad idea.

Okay, I need your eyes
and ears in there, Herrera,

not your opinions, please.

Sullivan is connecting
with him ‐‐

better than a dozen cops
with guns will, anyway.

He just needs more time.

How much time?

As much time
as you can give him.

See the blotter today?

A couple of boys got collared
for some B&Es over on Fifth.

Uh, yeah, B&Es.

B&Es? [ Softly
I Breaking and enterings.

How do you know that?

How do you not...

I'll tell you,
property crime's gone way up...

Huh... since I
walked off the beat.

And remember
those baseball games

between the fire and the police?

Oh! How can I forget?

Man, were those
hose‐heads lousy.

Come strutting in the field,
you know,

with their sleeves rolled up,
like hooligans.

Showing off their muscle.

Huh. Bunch of meatheads,
huh, Earl?

Okay, here you go.

Hold on.

Thank you.

You look so nice.

You going somewhere?


It's the opening night
of "Pirates of Penzance."

It's your favorite show.

Finally get to play Mabel.

Couldn't have done it without
you. I wish you could come.

You look like somebody
I used to know.

Mom and dad are gonna
come pick up their tickets

at some point, okay?

Oh, I'm ‐‐ I'm giving them
tickets to a s‐show?

No, no, no, Grandma.

You just rest, okay?

You sure you're gonna
be alright here alone?

O‐Of course, dear.


But where are you going?

It's the opening night
of my show.

Okay, then.


Thank you.


Good night.

adjacent structures are clear. Copy.

Clear any houses behind the
surplus store and return to me.

Okay, we're on it.
Return to her?

They said this whole block
could explode.

At what point
do we save our own lives?

Damn it!

Alright, pull yourself together.

I'm trying the best I can.

Well, your best
isn't good enough.

I think
you're making this personal.

And I think you're used to
being handed things

because your old man's
in charge.

It's not personal, Probie.
You're failing at the job.

My buddy Sara
sold these here last month

to pay her rent.

Was that the last time
you talked to her?


'Cause she killed herself
last week.

There was no one there
waving yellow ribbons.

I had this kid in my unit.


One day,
he was leading a patrol,

and he got turned around.

He was too proud to admit it.

He took a wrong turn.


He die?

No, but two others did.

And Lowry never forgave himself.

A couple months later,
he walked into a port‐a‐potty

with his rifle
and never came out.

Makes your blood boil,
doesn't it?


Because Lowry dishonored those
who already lost their lives

by wasting the only one he had.

He let the enemy
take one more from our ranks.

Don't let the enemy win, Kyle.

Stay in the fight.

I'm ‐‐ I'm ti‐‐

I'm tired of fighting.

I'm tired of the pain.

I just want it to stop.

Then let me help you.

How? How?

What are you gonna do?
B‐Bulldoze the VA?

You gonna clear this head?

You gonna bring back Sara?

I can't change the past, but...

I'm here.

Kyle, I'm here.

And I'm listening, alright?

I'm listening to you, Kyle.
No. Hey.

So, uh, do those boots really
all belong to dead firefighters?

They represent firefighters.
Don't be so literal.

It's, uh...

It's very poetic.


Chad's a poet in his spare time.

No, I mean it. He's not
just some loud, obnoxious brute.

He's an artist.

He makes you think
about everything,

remember everything,
question everything.

He asks you loudly every day,

"What mark do you want
to leave on the world?"

What's your true character?

"What do you have left
to say?"

You sure he's a "he"?


Chad just sounds
a lot like my wife.



This is going on too long.

Get my son
off this scene right now.

Sir, this is my team.

And that's my kid.

Who works for me.

I understand you think you know
what's best for your child,

but making him watch
from the sidelines is not it.

Sir, what are you doing?

What I should have done already.

Your time's up, Captain Bishop.

Hey, what's going on? We saw SWAT
around back climbing up to the roof.

Chief Dixon, you are
putting my team in danger!

No, Captain Bishop,
you did that!

Once SWAT is in position,

PD calls the shots
on going into that store.

Sullivan: Alright,
stay with me, Kyle.

When was the last time
you felt like yourself?

I ‐‐

I was in, uh ‐‐ in uniform.


Fresh cammies
always made me feel like

the man I was supposed to be.

Like, a‐any day.

It didn't matter if it was a good
day or a bad day, you know?

You could lay your head down
at night

'cause ‐‐ 'cause you knew
that you did something

that wasn't just for yourself.


This doesn't have to change.

It already has.

People don't see me
the same way anymore.

They see this broken,
jobless time bomb.

People used to look at me
and ‐‐ and ‐‐ and ‐‐ and smile.

Now they don't even look.

It wasn't the uniform.

It was the person inside.

And that person still exists.
You hear me?

There are so many different ways to serve,
Kyle. Oh, my ‐‐ No.

Listen to me.

Cop, teacher, fireman.

It worked for me.


No. I found another way. You can do it,

Just go, please.
Please, just go. Go.

No. I'm not you!
I'm not going anywhere!

I'm not you. Please. Go. Go.
Go. I'm not going anywhere.

I'll hold the spoon. I
promise. Listen to me.

I'm not going anywhere.
I promise.

I just want to end the pain.

I'm not going anywhere.


I'm not gonna let you
go out like this.

A Marine doesn't leave
another Marine behind.

What the hell is that?

You been BS'ing me
this whole time?

Kyle, no, no. Kyle. Kyle. Kyle.
You been stalling for the cops?

I haven't been BS'ing you!

I haven't been BS'ing you, Kyle!

I'm gonna
blow this place to hell!

God! No!

Herrera, get out!

Let me go! Please!
I just wanna go!

I'm not gonna let you go!

There's got to be something
worth living for.

A parent, a brother?

A girl?

What's her name?




She your girlfriend?

I don't even know anymore.

Well, do you want her to be?

What's holding you back, huh?

I've been lying to her.

About having a job,
about ‐‐ about my condition...

about everything.

So, you're afraid she'll ‐‐

she'll leave
if you tell the truth?

She's all I have left, man.

I get it.

I'm scared, too.

I'm scared of all the stuff
no one else can see.

See that woman right there?

That's the woman I love.

But I haven't
been honest with her.

I have this chronic
nerve condition.

It's a searing pain
that comes out of nowhere

and knocks me off my feet.

I've been self‐medicating
to deal with the pain.

And I've kept it from her

because I don't know what's
gonna happen if I come clean.

Don't keep it bottled up, Kyle.

tell Ashley the truth.

Well, what if she leaves me?

What if she doesn't?

What if she stays by your side,

loves and supports you,
and ‐‐ and helps you?

And what if
you come out of it stronger?






I got you.

I got you.


Called every senior home
in the city.

Nobody's heard of Earl Davis.

There's got to be something
we can do to help him.

There is.

Grey‐Sloan is three blocks away.

We are not gonna dump him
at the hospital.

He's somebody's family.

We don't abandon our family.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. It's...

No. That's okay.

You play piano?

I took lessons as a kid.

Oh, right.

After archery
and horseback riding, right?

Yeah, actually.

But, Dean, music could help him.
It could help him remember.

Dean, please.

Oh, no.
Just do ‐‐ Yes.

I'm calling baby.

I'm calling baby.



I'll take it.


what am I supposed to ‐‐ Mm. Mm.


I'm looking for Earl?

Follow me.

The truth is
right out that door, Kyle.

You just have to
walk through it.

I know that.

I can't retreat.
I'm not a quitter.

Marines don't retreat.

They just attack
from a different direction.

Oh! Earl, no!

It's okay.

Ohh! Dad!

Congrats, Captain Bishop.

You walked into a tough spot,

and you made it look easy
walking out.

Well, a Captain's
only as good as their team.

You ever put my son in danger
like that again,

I'll bury you so deep
in desk duty,

you'll be pulling splinters
from your ass until Christmas.

You okay?

I didn't realize you were...

dealing with so much.

I get by.

And that's what I'm afraid of.


I'm fine.

I'm here to help.

You're helping.

Good work, everybody, out there.

I'm so sorry.
I just needed a break.

Just one cup of coffee
by myself.

I thought you guys
could just... watch him?

I'm sorry.

I get needing a break.
I get it.

He gets so angry.

He doesn't know who I am
most of the time.

I try ‐‐
I really try my hardest,

but I...

I snapped.

I'm sorry.

Your face.
Oh, it's fine.

It's fine.
It's seen worse.

We'll need to file a report.

No, we won't. We're not ‐‐
We're not doing that.

She didn't abandon him, Dean.

She needed a break,
and she came back.

I promise
I'll never do this again.

Yeah, you can't promise that.

You can't.

You're gonna snap again,

and you're gonna need
another break.

This situation ‐‐
It gets worse before it stops.

And when it stops,

you will give anything
for the bad times again.


next time, if you need a break,

just give us a heads‐up?

You don't want
to run toward explosives?

No, that's not
what I was saying. I ‐‐

Kind of a prerequisite
of the job

to want to run
toward explosives.

And now Daddy doesn't want us
to put you in danger?

What the hell, Probie?

I was an art history major,

The fire academy ‐‐
that was my father's idea,

and I'm pretty sure it's because
he wants to run for office one day.

People will die ‐‐
unnecessarily ‐‐

because you are doing a job
you are not cut out for

to try and please your daddy.

Sleep on that.
I know I couldn't.

News anchor:
Thanks to the Seattle PD...

Did we miss it?
What are we watching?

No, just ‐‐ just ‐‐
just wait for it.

And the grenade
was safely deployed.

"Thanks to Seattle PD."
And in other news,

Fire Chief Michael Dixon
got the boot today ‐‐

in the form
of dozens of firefighter boots

placed on the steps
of City Hall.

A statement from
a former Seattle firefighter,

Captain Pruitt Herrera...

What?! ...says the boots
represent fallen heroes.

Oh, my God! Dad?!

These empty boots
represent the firefighters

we've lost to cancer this year.

I say "represent" because
we didn't have enough boots

to show you the accurate number.

There wasn't enough space
on these steps

to show you how many
men and women have died

in the past 12 months
due to cancer.

And we aren't covering
their medical bills.

And I ask why.

Why are we failing to help those

who put their lives on the line
to help us?

News anchor:
That was Captain Herrera,

former Fire Captain
of Station 19... Whoo!

You're hitting that bag
like it owes you money.

You still sleeping
with other men's wives?

No, I stopped that.

And you don't
have to forgive me, man,

'cause I don't
even forgive myself.

What are you working out here?

JJ feelings?

It's not okay.

It's not okay

when someone is depending on you
to take care of them,

to love them, to nurture them

and just leave!

It is not...



You should cry.


it'll make you feel better.

I can't just cry.

Well, then...
listen to a sad song

or, uh, watch a sad movie.

I don't know.
Just... get it out.

Daah! I am!

I'm ‐‐ I'm hitting this thing.

It's not the same as crying.

So, what,
you just cry voluntarily?

Only when I'm sad.

Oh, God!



I'm crying.


Quite a show.

Well, Dixon didn't approve.
Added bonus.

I, uh...

I can't do this with you
anymore, Warren.

I... don't have it in me.

And I don't want to cost you
a life 'cause I can't keep up.

Y‐You, uh, need to find
a new partner.

Yeah, I hate Chad.

Me, too.

But, um...

listen, you know, uh...

when you meet him

and he... takes you...
wherever you go,


I had a little girl
I never got a chance to meet.

In my head, I call her Danny.

If you see her, I'd, um...

I'd appreciate it
if you'd give her my love.

You got it, son.

I'm gonna, uh...

I'm gonna miss
the superhero suit.

Captain doesn't make the soup.

I miss cooking.

You were
an excellent Captain today.

You don't have to say that.

I know.

Well, at least
I'll go out on a high.

You can't quit.

If you fail, we all fail.

Every one of us.

What, you think
if you step down,

Dixon's gonna let
another woman take your place?

So now I'm responsible

for the future
of all female firefighters?

Well, don't act like
that's a surprise to you.

It is what it is.

You had a rough start,
but look at my dad.

When he made Captain,

his team called him
so many racial slurs,

he should have walked
out of these doors on day one.

But he didn't.
He stuck it out.

He ‐‐ He changed people's minds,

and he became legendary.

Everyone hates me.

Everyone's fighting
some kind of battle.

This is yours.

And for the record,
when I make Captain,

it's not gonna be because
my friend gave me her job.

I'm too proud for that.

And you're too proud
for it, too.

I miss you.

I'm sorry I broke us.

I do blame you

for the fact
that I live with Jack now.

I mean, he refuses
to use Tupperware.

He ju‐‐ He just puts a‐a plate
over the bowl

and sticks it in the fridge.

I'm so sorry.

You're my tribe, Maya.

We're not
all the way through this,

but... we'll get there.

In the meantime,

you go tell Sullivan
you're not quitting.

You couldn't have
said all this to me

before I made enemies
with Dixon?

What are we making?

Split pea soup.

That's disgusting.

Don't even...
joke about that.

You're not joking.
And why... would you... be?

I'm pumped about it. Why
don't you get to work? And then...

You okay, Chief?

Sullivan: I just got a call
from Eva Vasquez.

Rigo died this afternoon.


No, sir.

He was getting better.
He was going home.

Yeah, he didn't make it home.

He's gone.