Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Born to Run - full transcript

The Station 19 crew responds to a drunk driver scene. Meanwhile, Dean receives advice from Pruitt in a difficult situation, and Sullivan seeks help from Dr. Amelia Shepherd.

♪ Birds flyin' high ♪

♪ You know how I feel ♪

[ Baby crying ]
[ Inhales deeply ]

♪ Sun in the sky ♪

♪ You know how I feel ♪

♪ Breeze driftin' on by ♪

♪ You know how I feel ♪

♪ It's a new dawn ♪

♪ It's a new day ♪

♪ It's a new life ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ And I'm feeling good ♪

[ Klaxons sound ]

[ Indistinct dispatch ]

♪ Fish in the sea ♪

♪ You know how I feel ♪

[ Engine starts, siren wailing ]

♪ River running free ♪

♪ You know how I feel ♪

♪ Blossom on a tree ♪

♪ You know how I feel ♪

♪ It's a new dawn,
it's a new day ♪

♪ It's a new life for me ♪

♪ And I'm feeling good ♪

♪ Yeah ♪


♪ Dragonflies all in the sun ♪

♪ You know what I mean,
don't you know ♪

♪ Butterflies all having fun ♪

♪ You know what I mean ♪

[ Baby crying ]

♪ Sleep in peace
when the day is done ♪

♪ That's just what I mean ♪

♪ And this old world
is a new world ♪

♪ And a bold world for me ♪

[ Line ringing ]

Hey! It's JJ. I don't listen
to my voicemails.

Text me! Bye!

[ Crying continues ]


♪ Stars, when you shine ♪

♪ You know how I feel ♪

Here you go.

Still no word, huh?


♪ You know how I feel ♪

♪ Oh, freedom is mine ♪

♪ And that's just how I feel ♪

Could I schedule
an appointment?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ]

Can I, uh, sleep here?

♪ And I'm feeling ♪

♪ Good ♪

♪ I feel good ♪

♪ I feel good ♪

[ Line ringing ]

Female voice: This number is
no longer in service.

[ Cellphone slams ]

♪ I'm feeling ♪

♪ You know I'm feeling ♪

Ben: Hey, Eva.

So, he's out of surgery,
stable, and in the ICU.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Thank you, thank you,
thank you! Oh. Okay.


We'll try to wean Vasquez off
the ventilator in a few hours.

It was touch and go,

but that work you did,
you saved his life.

You hear me?

Hey, um, when Webber was caught
drinking on the job,

how did you...

I mean, did you ever consider
not turning him in?

Who's drinking
on the job?

[ Chuckles ]
I didn't say...

Did you not think
I would crack your master code?

I'm not sure
it even happened.

But if it did happen,

Is that how Vasquez
got hurt?

What? What, what?
No, no!

Okay, look,
it's not anyone, alright?

Just... It's...
It's probably a counting error.

Counting err...

As in drugs?

I didn't say drugs.

Well, what else
would you be counting?

Okay, you know what?
You know what?

N-Never mind.
Never mind.

I-I'm probably wrong
about the whole thing.

I shouldn't have
mentioned it. [ Sighs ]

No, you shouldn't have.

But if whatever it is
that you know

puts you in a bed
like Vasquez,

so help me God,
Ben Warren...

[ Sighs ]

Is this
the longest shift ever?


I'm ready for it
to be over.

Aren't they all
24 hours?


Sorry, princess,

didn't feel like whipping up
omelettes this morning.

Hey, Finch,
you know you're a sub?

And subs don't talk?

Since when?
Since you became a sub.

Meal rotation
for Vasquez's wife.

Warren says he's stable.
Thank God.

Hughes. You're on desk duty
the rest of the shift.

I'm what, now?

The rocket incident
hit the news.

We have citizens calling in
every loose hubcap they find,

thinking they have evidence
of an alien invasion.

I need someone smart with
people skills to talk them down.

Well, if you're gonna be
all complimentary about it...


I'll do it.


What? I don't know
what you think is funny.

I know you and Vasquez were
on B-shift together for a long time.

I can bring in someone else
for the OT

if you can't be

No, ma'am.

Job first.


I would give someone
ten million dollars

to disable the alarm
for the rest of our shift.

I don't know.
We're really close.

I think we're gonna make it.
You better not jinx it.

[ Klaxons sound ] Dispatch: Engine 19,
Ladder 19, Aid 19,

vehicle accident at 7780
Morris Lake Road. Yeah!

There you go!

[ Imitating siren ]

[ Baby crying ]

Alright. Hold on a second.
Alright, alright.

We got this.

[ Crying continues ]
Yeah, that's right.

I know, I know.
I know you're hungry.

But crying won't make it
come any faster.

Aw, damn it! Damn it!

[ Crying continues ]
[ Knock on door ]

Pruitt: Hello? Yeah,
yeah. Don't... Don't shake the baby.

Don't shake the baby.
Don't shake the baby.

♪ I'm not gonna shake you ♪

Special delivery
from Station...

She won't eat.
She just cries. It's...

Which means she's hungry,
but she won't eat or sleep,

which means that
I can't do either.

And I think she's broken. Is it
possible that she's broken?

Sit down. Sit down.
What is wrong with her?

Breathe. I got her.

What's her name?

[ Chuckling ] Son,
what's your baby's name?

We've, uh... We've been
calling... calling her TBD.

I'm staying.

Tom: [ Sighs ]

I swear, bro. If I have to
listen to McAllister

complain about my reports
one more time,

I might set fire
to the building.

[ Laughs ] Right?

[ Chuckling ] Okay.

Can we not talk about work?
For one night. Please?

Aw. Is the boss's son sick
of his cushy little job?

Poor Miller.

Tell us how hard it is
to be born rich.


Um, the diamonds
that I eat for breakfast...

They're starting
to scratch my teeth.

[ Both laugh ] And the
gold bars I carry around,

they're giving me

[ Chuckles ]

I'm not complaining about

my ruby-studded houseboat,

I'm just saying...

I don't like the job.

[ Zipper opens ]

And I...
And I don't like that.

Whoa! Hey,
what's your problem, bro?

You're in kind of a mood

He's peeing off
the side of my house,

and my mood's
the problem?

It's water to water,

You know, it's actually good
for the fish and plant life.

That's actually
100% inaccurate.

I think I got something that,
uh, might improve your mood.

Hey, come on.

Dude, you know I don't...
I don't mess with that crap.

No, I know, but it's never
too late to get started.

Greg, no.

Can we not do that
in my house?

But we're not in your house.
We're on the deck.

Yeah. International waters, bro.
[ Clicks tongue ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Klaxons sound ]

[ Sirens wailing ]

Maya: Looks like a pickup
truck sped through, spun out,

hit a bunch of bikers.

Bypasser called it in.


Dispatch for Ladder 19,
we have a TC.

Pickup truck versus
multiple motorcycles.

We have approximately
6 victims.

3 additional Aid Cars,

1 Ladder, 1 Engine,
and PRT.

SPD for traffic control.

Have the Engine, Ladder,
and PRT

approach from the south
on Morris Lake Road,

and tell the Aid Cars to stage
at the north end near Aid 19.

Ladder 19 is Morris Lake Road
Incident Command.

Captain, I count six bikes
and five riders.


Dispatch, correction.
We have at least seven victims.

We anticipate
multiple fatalities.


I assume there's a reason
you keep refusing surgery.

It, um, might...

complicate my situation
at work.


If you could give me better odds
than Koracick,

I might change my mind.

I'm a surgeon.

By definition,
I like to cut.

But that does not mean
that I will lie to you

to get you on the table.

Yeah, so 50/50
is the best you can do.

I notice
that Dr. Koracick

had been prescribing
some pretty heavy opiates.

You should know that I favor
a different approach.

Yeah, I'm familiar
with your reputation.

[ Clears throat ]

Your reputation is...
why I'm here.

[ Tablet clacks ]

You're using
more than you'd like.




How much are you taking
on an average day?




Write it down.

All of it.

Is that some kind of...
therapy technique or...

I'm not a therapist.

But I am
a recovering addict,

and I have gotten
a lot of therapy.

And I've learned that there is
no getting over pain...

Of any kind...

Without telling
the truth.


[ Siren wailing ]
Maya: Montgomery, Finch.

Check on the driver
of the truck.

Cutler, Dixon,
triage the victims on the road.

Everyone else, recon.

Fan out, walk the scene,
and find every victim.

Herrera and Gibson,
take the south.

Aid 19, let them know we have
a mass-casualty incident

and get me ER availability.

Color of triage tags?

Come on.


uh, r-red for immediate,

uh, green for, uh,
non-life-threatening injury,

uh, yellow for, um...

Yellow for delayed
and black for deceased.



Tag him, Probie.

It does get easier.
A little.

I don't need you
to baby me.

Okay, then.
Enjoy the carnage.

[ Zipper opens ]


No fuel leaks.

Hey, Finch!
Gimme a hand with this door.


On the count of 3.

[ Grunts ]


Smells like he showered
in vodka this morning.


Thank you.

Let's go.


What do we have?

Diminished breath sounds

Steering wheel
didn't collapse.

AKA drunk on a stick?

Prep for intubation.

We have five victims
on the street,

one confirmed deceased.

Engine 23, I need a staging area
and treatment area.

Ladder 15, find any critical
victims we haven't located.

I'm getting
muffled heart sounds now.

Dude's toast.

swap out with Dixon.


You want Probie on this?

that's really rough to do

to someone
on a f-first shift.


O Captain, my Captain.


[ Telephone ringing ]

Good morning.
Station 19.

How can I help you today?

you'll be happy to hear

that yesterday's crash
was an isolated incident.

No, ma'am.

No, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.
[ Chuckles ]

I assure you there was
no cover-up of any kind.

Oh, yeah, I watched
that Area 51 special, too.

Yeah, there are plenty of people
with red hair, though.

It's not a sign of anything.

No, thank you for calling.

[ Door opens ]

Sure. Bye.

[ Sighs ]


[ Laughing ] Hey.

Marina found a bunch of these
in my back closet.

So I just kind of
thought I'd come by

and find out why there's
multiple bags of yours

in my...
In my back closet.

'Cause it's super roomy.
[ Chuckles ]

Uh, right.

Um, well, it's possible
that I may be somewhat...

living at your place.

At my place?

Yeah, just in like
a... habitat way.

Not in a relationship way.

What does that even mean?

Well, a relationship way
is like, "Where is this going?"

And a habitat way is,
you know,

"I lost my lease,"

and I sleep at the station
three nights a week anyway,

so what is the difference,

between that
and sexy sleepovers,

"which I know you like?"

Okay, you...
You do realize, though,

you can't move into my apartment
and not tell me, right?


Okay, I'm s...
I'm sorry.

I know...
I know this looks bad,

and I'm sorry,
and I should've said something,

but it's only
a few nights a week,

and, you know, I did not...

I didn't think
you'd find out.

How are you
making it worse?

I, um...

I really like you.

I really like you.

This is just a lot.
It's kind of too much.

[ Telephone ringing ]

Oh, you know what?

Hold, please.
[ Receiver clicks ]

People think that
there's an alien invasion,

so I actually
have to get that.

Okay, sure. Yeah.

Okay, uh,
can we talk later, though?

I guess... I guess
we can talk later, yeah.

I'll be
at the hospital.

[ Telephone ringing ]

Can't wait.
[ Chuckles ]

[ Sea gulls crying in distance ]

[ Chuckles ]

She's known you for 30 seconds,
and she already loves you.

She doesn't love me.
She loves formula.

I've been trying
to give her formula all night,

and she won't take it!

Maybe it's like bees.

She can smell my fear.

The whole block
can smell your fear, son.

Take a breath.

JJ left.

For how long?

Forever, I guess?

She's gone.
She disconnected her phone.

She left us.

[ Laughs ] Dude!

Look at these
creamy calves.

Ah! I could totally
make this jump!

Yeah, you could, bro!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey! Wait, wait!

What are you doing?

The only thing you're gonna do
is get yourself killed

and mess up
my homeowner's insurance, man.

Just chill.
Holy moly.

Why are you
such a buzzkill, Miller?

Yeah! Who made you like this?
Your mom?

Hey, I don't care
how high you are, Tom.

Step off my mom.
Hey, hey, look.

I just got one question,

Why do you hate fun,

Yeah, Miller.
Why do you hate fun?

U-Uh, uh, I don't...

I don't hate fun, okay?

I just don't like drugs.

Or lawsuits.

Or either of you,
to be honest.

And I'm gonna remember that
next weekend.

Hey, okay, what...
What do you like, then?

I mean, you hate the job.
You hate fun.

So what do you like,

[ Breathing heavily ]

Whoa, bro.

Are you okay?

My chest kinda... hurts.

[ Grunts ]

Oh! Oh, God!


How far can a bike
throw a rider?

It depends on how fast the truck
was going that hit him.

Man: [ Strained ] H-Help!


Help! Over here!

Over here!

Sir! Seattle Fire Department.
We're coming to you.

Okay. Thanks.

My wife,
I c... I can't see her.


She was riding behind me.


I got a patient in a tree.

I'm gonna need a ladder and at
least two extra sets of hands.

[ Grunts ]

His breaths have been
getting shallower.


IC from Engine 19,
we have three more victims

here in the south end
in need of medical attention.

Request assistance
on a pinned patient.

Maya: Engine 19, Roger.

Engine 23, assist Engine 19
with patient care,

south side
of Morris Lake Road.

His chest...

We need to tube him, Probie. Me?

Montgomery, lower the seat back
so that Probie can work.

You're not gonna do an
extrication? Does he have a pulse?


GCS score?

Less than eight.

And what do we do when a patient
is minimally responsive?

Protect the airway.


What's your name, sir?

I'm... I'm Nate.

Nate, I'm Andy.
Just look straight ahead.

You might want to keep an eye
on those breath sounds.

Sir, someone's coming
to help you in a minute.

Don't worry about me.
I'm just trying to help.

Where's my wife?
D-Did you find her?

My partner's
taking care of her.

Let me help you.
Are you in any pain?

Uh, no, not really.

I-I can't even feel
my arms and legs.

I must be in shock.

Yeah, that...
That can happen.

[ Radio chatter ]

What's that?

That's my partner
helping your wife.

You found her?

Lisa, can you hear me?!

Hey, I need you
to stay calm, okay?

Moving is very bad
right now.

We got this, buddy.
Lisa is gonna be fine.

May be a few months before we
can make that Williamsburg trip,

but we'll make it.

She doesn't even like
to ride.

I was like, "We've been married
for twenty years."

Half of my friends in the club
think I made you up."

My partner's got her.
They're taking care of her.

She's okay?

She's okay, Nate.

Oh, thank God.


If you can hear me,
I love you!


PRT 19 from Engine 19,
what's your twenty?

Ben: On your 6:00.

Two adult males.

I've got a thoracic injury.

Breaths are slow
and shallow.

Could be pneumothorax.

And a possible
head injury there.

My guess is
it's a rib injury,

punctured a lung.

Common injury in older bikers

because of... rib position
and bone density.

What are you,
an ER doc? Plastics.

I shave bumps of noses.

My ex always
hated me riding.

Was always sending me links
about what could go wrong,

saying, uh, "You're not
a young man anymore, Steve."

See attached."

She was big on
"See attached."

Steve Charnofsky, M.D.

Dr. Ben Warren.


What are you
doing out here?

Helping you.


you are nice and stable,

but I'm gonna
have to go get a gurney

to transport you
with that leg.

Just to be on the safe side,
let's get you a, uh...


You got it.

Let's get this helmet off.

[ Grunts ]

You good?

Steve and I got this.

Can't believe this happened.

We were on a sunrise ride.

There were nine of us.


How many dead?

Command from PRT 19.

We have three patients.

We are handling with Engine 19,
Engine 23, and PRT 19.

How many more
do you have?

Maya: Five, plus the driver
of the truck.

We may have one more rider
we haven't found yet.

You Doctors Without Borders
or something?

Physician Response Team.

I got a truck
up the street

with an entire operating suite
in it.

No way!

I always wanted to join
Doctors Without Borders.

I always figured I'd do it
later, after I retired.

But, oh, sitting here...

I became a doctor
to help people.

Now I do butt lifts.

Doctors Without Borders
is an excellent goal.

And you got
plenty of time yet.

Just sit tight,
and I'll be right back.

Got one more.



Man: [ Groans ]

my name is Captain Bishop.

I'm with
the Seattle Fire Department.

Is there a fire?
No, sir.

You've been in an accident.
We're gonna help you.

Can you call my boss
and tell him I'm gonna be late?

[ Laughs ]
He hates when I'm late.

Is five minutes
while I get my Pumpkin Spice

going to bring down
the company, Dan?

[ Chuckles ]

Why are you looking at me
like that?

Is something wrong
with my face?



He was awake,
little disoriented.

Then he went out,
but his vitals are stable,

and his pupils
are equal and reactive.


Nice job.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Radio chatter ]

You should do this. I-I can't.
There's too much blood.

Okay, this is the job,
Probie, okay?

If it was easy,
we wouldn't need the academy.

Come on. Come on.


[ Siren wailing ]

I got it! I'm in!

Good job.
Now bag him.


Now can we do
the extrication?

Now that you have him
stabilized, it's not a priority.



Okay, you are going to write me
another prescription?

There is a meeting
in an hour.

A meeting?

Right downstairs.


12 steps, huh?

Yeah, I-I got to get back
to work.

You came here
because you wanted my help.

For my pain.

I was hoping you could help me
treat my pain

before it becomes
a problem.

Becomes a problem?

I'm not an addict.

[ Scoffs ]

You are using drugs
just to get through the morning.

You are stealing.

You O.D.'d.

I've been where you are,

I doubt it.


Which story
do you want to hear...

The one where I stole
my brother's prescription pad

so that I could get high?

Or the one about

the man I loved
O.D.'ing in bed next to me

while I was too high
to notice?


Take a sick morning.

Because you're sick,

Because you almost died.

Because you do not want to live
the way you are living.

Because you went
from one problem, pain,

to two problems,
pain and drugs,

to three problems,
pain and drugs and lies,

and this road is long,

and it is terrible,

and it ends with the people
that you love hurt

and you dead.

And you are
the only person

who can stop that
from happening.


Hey, Steve.
Got your ride.

[ Chuckles ]

Hey, Flores!


His pupils are blown.
He's not breathing.

Claudia: Brain bleed?

We got to intubate him
and get him into the PRT now.

Seeing JJ when that baby
was born,

when she held her,
that was love.

I know it was.

But now she's gone,
and I'm left with this creature

who knows
her mom is gone.

She does.

She... She looks at me,
and she knows.

Dean. Sincerely.

She can't distinguish you
from that chair.

Having a perfect family unit
doesn't make you a parent.

Loving your kid
makes you a parent.

But what if she grows up
to hate me?

Oh, she'll definitely
hate you.

All teenage girls
hate their fathers.

Ah, that's comforting.

I am glad you came.

[ Bottles clink ]
[ Chuckles ]

But they always
come back around.


So, uh...
So Andy forgave you?


She forgives me,
she gets mad at me again,

she forgives me,
she gets mad at me again.

It's our... thing.

[ Sighs ]

With all due respect, sir,
and no offense intended,


you literally just told me
you wish you had more time,

but you're not...

You don't seem willing
to fight for it.

I just...

I don't blame Andy
for being upset about that.

I'm gonna close these doors

so the baby doesn't hear
the sounds I'm about to make.

"All due respect
and no offense intended"?

Whoa, sir.
I did not mean anything by...

I don't give a damn
what you meant, Miller.

Just who the hell
do you think you are?


Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God, oh, my God!

Call 911!

But what about...

Do it! Now!
Right now! Go!

[ Dialing, dial tone ]

Dispatch: 911.
Yeah, hi.

Um, my friend
fell in the water.

I think he's drowning.
Is he breathing?

Hold on.

They want to know
is he breathing.

Would I be doing CPR
if he was breathing?


Uh, no, no, no, no.
He's not breathing.

Bro, are you supposed to be
pounding on him like that?

I was a lifeguard
in high school.

This is how you do it.

Just don't break
his chest bone!

Yeah, yeah,
I'm st... I'm still here.

Can you just send help?

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Well, the driver's gone.
No shock there.

Probie, did you get
the patient intubated?

W... Yeah,
but did I screw it up?

Tell him.
If you won't, I will.

You took too long. You could've
caused permanent brain damage.

Yep, you might've.

If there was even
the slightest chance

he would've survived
in the first place.

Wait. You had me intubate
a dead patient?

He wasn't dead.
Travis: Yet.

The steering column
was the only thing

holding his thoracic cavity

He bled out the minute
you lowered the seat back.

That's why
she had you tube him.

Because she knew
he wasn't gonna make it.

Wait. So you had me do
an impossible intubation,

thinking that I was holding
a guy's life in my hands

for what,
a-a training exercise?

Would you rather have done it on a
patient you could give brain damage?

[ Scoffs ]

Look, you got it done,

You learned how to tube
in the field under pressure.


Right. Yeah.
No pep talks.

So, we have a few options
for pain management.

A nerve-stimulation device.

It's given a lot
of CRPS patients relief.

Is it an implant?

No, it's a sticker
that you put on your leg,

and it delivers
electrical impulses to the nerve

to shock it.

Oh, wow.

This one is mine.

Oh. [ Chuckles ]

I can write you
a prescription.

What's great about it

is that it keeps
your pain management

entirely in your hands.

And you seem like a guy
who likes to be in control.

There's also
a class of antidepressants.

Oh, this isn't...

Robert, you are in daily pain
and fighting a drug problem.

If you weren't a little
depressed, I'd be worried.

These are
tricyclic antidepressants.

They are a proven treatment
for nerve pain.


[ Monitor beeping ]

No change.

You couldn't
have done anything.

He assessed as stable.

I told him
he was gonna be okay.

I told him he was gonna
get to do good.

Even if you had transported him
right away...

He herniated. I know.

Doesn't make me feel any better
about him being brain dead.

Maybe there's someone
we can call.


Wait a minute.

He's an organ donor.

I can keep him on the vent,
keep his organs alive.

You stay here.
They need you at the scene.

[ Beep ]

Larson, get us
to Grey-Sloan right now.

They can do
the brain death exam there.

Larson: Copy that.

You're gonna do good,

[ Ambulance door closes ]

Gonna save
a bunch of lives.

[ Siren wailing ]

I can't feel anything.

W-What's broken?

Everything looks good,

I can't move anything.

Don't think about that
right now.

Lisa's dead, isn't she?

She's... She...

She's okay, Nate.
You're both gonna be fine.

[ Flatline ]

Starting compressions.


Tom: He is dead,
man! He's dead! Shut up, Tom!

Our friend fell in the water,
and he's not breathing!

He take anything?

He... grabbed his chest
and fell.

We got this.



Pruitt: I don't know
which is worse... the dying

or having to hear
everybody's opinion

about how I should do it.

I'm sorry, sir. Your decision
about your treatment,

i-it's none of my business.

You have no idea what it's like
to hold that baby in there,

knowing that I will never
meet my grandchildren.

I'm not gonna be
at my daughter's wedding.

I'm not gonna see her
make Captain.

And I'm not gonna see

that damn fool Dixon
fall on his face...

Which I know is the least
important of all those things,

but it still
pisses me off!

And your big problem is
you have a healthy baby

and your whole life
in front of you?



[ Exhales deeply ]

You haven't decided
whether or not

you're keeping her,
have you?


[ Flatline ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


It's a high
spinal injury,

maybe even
internal decapitation.

It's been too long.
He's gone.

You're beating up
a corpse.


[ Flatline continues ]


Jack, you have to stop.

I can still get him back!
You have to stop!

For what?!

Even if you can get his heart
started again,

his body
can't keep it going.

He'll crash over
and over and over.

Just being alive
isn't the same as living!

[ Flatline stops ]

You... You want to make him
keep going like that

so... so you can
feel better?

Make him suffer
so you can have a win?

[ Sighs ]



It's not fair.

And it's selfish
and it's cruel and...

You got to stop.

Son, you got to stop.

I'm not stopping
until he...

[ Coughs ]
Until he does that!

Alright, rolling him,
rolling him. Dude!

Now can I treat him?

Sorry, sorry. Yeah.

Is he gonna be okay?

As good as he was
before he went in the water.

[ Coughing ]

Okay. On it.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪


What do you do
for a living, son?

I, uh, turn money into...
Into more money.

[ Motor whirs ]


[ Groans ]

Well, you ever want
to do something different,

give me a call.

You got
a hell of a talent.

You just... stay there
and keep looking stupid.


Dean: In a few weeks,

I went from being
a single guy,

to a guy
expecting a baby,

to a guy
that has a baby,

to a guy
abandoned with a baby.

I don't know anything
about being a father.

I work 24-hour shifts.
I live on a houseboat.

Isn't it...
Isn't it possible

that there is a world

where there are better parents
for her than me?

People who have been
waiting their whole lives

for a child of their own,

who... who can make formula
without spilling it?

Who would give anything
for her?

I-I don't know
how to answer that for you.

Can you try?

[ Sighs ]

The night I met you,
you saved a man's life.

You were all-in.

Whether he lived or died.

You weren't on the fence about
what you were there to do.

It's when you're on the fence
that it's all hard.


If you're not sure about
keeping this baby,

every time she cries,
it's gonna be painful.

But once you decide
you're all-in,

love replaces the fear.

Then, when she cries,

she's just crying.

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

Ready for transport!

[ Radio chatter ]

Get him on the Aid Car.

What happened?
There's been an accident.

Oh, the truck.
Is everyone okay?

Did someone call my boss?

Sir, I need you to stay still.
You've been injured.

Can you confirm how many of you
were riding today?

He's the last one.

There's nine of us.
There's Steve, Nate...

Hey. Hey. My
name's Travis... Lisa.

What's your name?
Charlie. I'm Charlie.

Where's Steve? He's a doctor.
He can probably help.

We're not a real gang,
you know?

We're just...
We ride one weekend a month.

And we have barbecues
and shoot pool.

There's nine of us.

We're not a real gang.
Travis: Hey, shh.

We're just...
We... Like a family.

Charlie, we're gonna get you
to the hospital now.

[ Sighs ]
A truck hit us.

Oh, my God.

A truck hit us.

We're family.

[ Engine starts ]
Is everyone okay?!

[ Pounds metal ]

[ Siren wailing ]


No more speeches.

Andy: [ Sighs ]

You earned a drink.

It's... 8:00 a.m.




Is it weird that we're drinking
to get over a bunch of people

getting killed
by a drunk driver?

Are you driving?

It's not weird.

You know what is weird?

People who think redheads
are aliens.

That is weird.



It's for Dean and JJ.


Fried food's
my love language.

See ya.


A year and a half.

Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

To Probie's first
rutabaga call. Mm.

[ Bottles clink ]
Wait. What?

A rutabaga is a patient
with no brain activity.

Zero chance
of survival.


Today was
a multi-rutabaga call.

Stacks of rutabagas.

Big ol' ratatouille.

[ Laughter ]

How are you guys able
to make jokes about that?

I mean... people died.

People always die.

People die every day.

And a lot of the time,

they do it
right in front of us.

Look, a thing they don't
tell you in the academy...

You lose
more than you win.

Even on the days
you're doing everything right,

a lot of the time,
you still lose.

So you just, uh...
What, you... you drink?


You drink a little,

and you make inappropriate jokes
with your friends.

Then you go home,
get some sleep.

Next shift,
you go back to work

and do everything
right again,

and you have
a better day.


And what if you don't always
do the right thing?

What if you screw it up?


Pretty much
the same thing.


♪ I have my days
where I feel mental ♪


I heard
Rigo's off the vent.

That's great.

Look, if you need help
around the house

or, you know, food brought over
or anything, I...

Oh, my God.

Just walk away, Gibson.

No one's here
for your apology tour.

Work out your guilt for
putting my husband in the ICU

on your own time.

I have better things
to do with mine.

♪ I'm enough ♪

♪ I'm enough ♪

Walk away, little boy.

♪ I'm enough, I'm enough ♪

♪ Yes, I'm enough ♪


You okay?

Probably not.

[ Chuckles ] You?


You want to blow off
some steam?

I... Mm.

It's... just...

It's too messy.


I thought we were trying
to help each other.

You were helping me
stay away from dangerous women.

I was helping you feel something
other than angry.

You are. You did.


I do.


Thank you.


Be good.


[ Sighs ]

guys. See you later. See ya.



Look, man, don't [Clears throat]
make this a thing.

I have a girlfriend,


Take care of yourself.


Thanks, buddy.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Whispering ] Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.

Hi! I brought you some beige
foo... Shh! Stop, stop, stop. Stop.

[ Whispering ]
Oh, sorry. Sorry.

[ Normal voice ] Hey.

[ Sighs ]

How is it going?

[ Normal voice ]
Uh, JJ left.

She what?

She left me.


She's gone, and I was thinking
about giving the baby up,

but then Pruitt came over
and did his Mister Miyagi thing,

and now I'm thinking
about keeping her,

which is crazy because I work
three overnight shifts out of the week,

and, the rest of the time,
I am on a boat.


As you may or may not know,
I recently got evicted.


I did not know that.

Yeah, it was a thing.

And now I'm...


And I was sort of
crashing at Jackson's,

but now that's over.

We're over.
Jackson and me.


Pretty sure
we're about to be

because he said,
"Let's talk later,"

which, in my experience,
is never code for a sexy time.

But, uh, point being,
I can help you.

I feel like I missed
a transition somewhere.

I move in here
and help you with the baby,

and then I have a place to live
and you have help,

and everybody's problems
are solved.

[ Claps loudly ] Oh! Just shut up,

No, because you work
the same shifts I do,

so when I'll be gone,
you'll also be gone.

So not gonna work. No, dude,
that's what nannies are for, okay?

And you're super rich

Okay, and when we're home at the same time,
we do crying shifts.

Crying shifts?
Yeah, crying shifts.

Crying shifts?
Crying shifts.

You can keep saying it. I still
won't know what you mean.

Okay, so, like,
I take 8:00 to midnight.

You take midnight
to 4:00 a.m.

TBD cries,
you look at the clock.

If it's your shift,
you get up.

If you don't,
you go back to sleep.



She has a name.

It's Pru.

Pruitt Arike Miller.

♪ My eyes are
on the high road ♪

And, uh...

me and Pru
can use the help, so...


You sure?


[ Squeals softly ]

[ Whispering ]
Okay, okay.

Quiet dancing.
Quiet dancing.


♪ Something on the horizon ♪


[ Sighs ]

Please tell me
this is not

some fatigue-inducted

because [Chuckles]
I could really use my wife

right about now.

We successfully
recovered the organs.

Seven people.

Seven lives saved

because of the work you did
with the PRT today.


Nobody else
could've done it.

Seven lives.


And Robert Sullivan's the one
who took the drugs, isn't he?


I-I didn't s...

He was
at Grey-Sloan today

for a consult
with Amelia Shepherd.

You are
a witchy, witchy woman.

how do you just know things? [ Sighs ]


Seven lives...

because of this vehicle.

This vehicle which will be
recalled and retired.

How many more lives
can I save?

Which I won't,
because the PRT is shut down?

He holds lives
in his hands, too,

and he decides
who runs into fires.

I know, I know, but...

I know.

♪ carry on ♪

♪ But a change is gonna come ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

Well, I am very glad
you called.

But I should
go back to work now.

[ Voice breaking ]
I'm the truck.

I'm... sorry. I'm not very good
at American idioms.

I'm the truck.
I'm... I'm... I'm...

♪ But things are getting heavy ♪

I'm the truck that drunkenly
plowed into Station 19

and destroyed
an entire family.



[ Crying ]
I'm the truck.

♪ A change is gonna come ♪

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

♪ It's getting hard to find... ♪

I don't want to fight

I don't want to fight my dad.
I don't want to fight you.

I am so tired

and... and sad
and sick of being angry.

And I-I just want to feel
and to be in a safe place.

And I don't know why or how,
and I-I can't explain it,

but you're
the safest place I have.

And everything would be okay

for the first time
in a really long time

if you would just start
kissing me now.


♪ Yeah,
a change is gonna come ♪

♪ Yeah,
a change is gonna come ♪