Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - House Where Nobody Lives - full transcript

Ben and Jack mollify a group of homeless foster and biological siblings so they can help save a life, triggering memories from Jack's past. Meanwhile, Maya pushes the team too hard and ...


?? You were waiting outside for me ??

I can't sleep.

[ Sighs ] Me either.

?? In the sun ??

[ Sighs ]

I keep having that dream where my teeth fall out.

?? Laying down to soak it all in ??

You know what that means?

It means you're crazy.

Shut up!

?? Before we had to run ?? [ Chuckles ]

?? I was always 10 feet behind you ??

How many days now?


?? From the start ??

?? Didn't know you were gone ?? Right. 47.

47 days until my hearing.

?? Till we were in the car ??

Then you can be adopted?

Yep. Officially.

And you'll be my...

how do you sign "sister" again?

[ Sighs ] Right. Sister.

Can I sleep here, too, Jack?


[ Chuckles ]

?? And I would always be ??

?? Light years ??

?? Light years away ??

[ Imitating car engine ]

?? From you ??

?? Light years ??

?? Light years away ??

[ Siren wailing, indistinct talking in distance ]

[ Horn honks in distance ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

You're going?

[ Exhales sharply ] Yep.

It was fun. [ Chuckles ]

We've got another hour, if you want to stay.

And what? Snuggle?

I got a husband already, Jack. [ Chuckles ]

Oof. Alright.

Ooh. I'm sweating whiskey.

It's gonna be a rough morning.

[ Door closes ]


[ Blender whirring ]

[ Door closes ]


You know, I was thinking about our nutrition at the station.

Our purchases are all over the place.

And Dean is always splurging on red meat.

There's no balance. Hang on. I-I made you this smoothie.

It's got the exact amount of protein that you...

[ Door slams ] ?? Don't blink, better hold my tongue ??

?? Better hold my soul if I'm off the coast ??

?? This mess can't make it up ??

?? But the way I play won't make me go ??

?? Now, I know that we can do better ?? [ Doorbell rings ]

?? I know we better as one ??

?? I know that we can do better ??

Hi. Long time, no houseboat.


What is that?

Ugh. I know. I'm super fat 'cause I'm having a baby.

[ Chuckles ] Hmm.

It's yours, by the way. Is this an okay time?


Where is she?

With the brass.

"Yes, that was me on the Wheaties box.

Thanks for noticing."

"Boy, you're awfully blondfor a captain."

"I'm tall. And I'm serious.

And I haven't smiled since 1990."

Yeah. Nope.

Rigo: I'm just gonna say it.

That chick was lieutenant for, like, five minutes.

She was an Olympian. Yeah, not a baby chicken.

Well, it's better than an outside hire.

No, it's great. It's great. It's Maya.

We love Maya. We do. We totally do.

But do we love Captain Maya?

Hey, you okay? Uh...

Yeah. You know, I've been better.

For what it's worth, we all thought the job was yours.

I thought so, too.


Maya: Line up in the barn, ASAP.


Thank you.


[ Exhales sharply ]


[ Inhales deeply ]

If I learned anything from training for the Olympics,

I learned that success isn't something you chase after.

Success is something you cultivate.

It's grown within. That's what we train for.

Every moment of every day should be considered training.

On your days off, at the grocery store,

brushing your teeth.

Every moment can be designed

to make you a better firefighter.

I get it. This is a big change,

and yes, there are going to be some big changes,

but I am asking for your trust.

I have worked beside you all for years.

I know how this team functions. I know how to strengthen it.

Our new fire chief is also committed

to creating systems to help us better serve our communities.

So, starting today,

we will be patrolling high-risk areas in our aid car.

You want us to patrol? Like cops?

It's a health initiative.

Gibson and Warren, you're on patrol today.

The rest of you will join me in a mandatory group workout.


Go, team.


Gym in five, people.


Mandatory group workout? Is she kidding?

Okay, it's a workout. It's a workout, okay?

We work out every day.

Hey, where's Miller?

JJ: Okay, so, after our last hook-up,

I was like, "No more. No more empty sex,"

and I went on this whole,like, spiritual journey --

you know, reading a lot of Eckhart Tolle

and dealing with my pain body,

really digging into my childhood

and practicing celibacy and sitting with myself,

for the first time ever, maybe.

And then, while I was on tour with Beck --

super nice guy, by the way --I noticed...

well, I took five pregnancy tests

in the Hollywood Bowl greenroom --

which apparently happens all the time --

and I found out I was pregnant,

and you were the only person I had been with that month

because of the celibacy.

Look, I thought about calling you.

I picked up the phone over and over,

but it just felt... I couldn't, you know?

I just felt like it was my experience.

It was happening to me.

But then I felt it move inside me

like a weird little sci-fi creature, and...

it's a person.

It's a person who will have their own spiritual journey

and their own feelings and favorite album,

no matter how many times I put "Purple Rain" on repeat.

It's a person,

and that person should have the right to know their dad.

Can you hand me my phone? It's just on the counter.

I just can't feel my legs. And I'm late.

I need to call the station, and I just...

[ Exhales sharply ]

I can't feelmy legs or my face,

and there's a weird buzzing sound.

Do you hear that? No.

This is a lot. This is a lot.


I can't believe he chose her as captain.

I can't think ofa worse leader.

Stalin? Mussolini? Kim Jong-Il.

Well, you wait. She'll put them to shame.

Come on, man. Bishop's good at her job.

She's a little intense, yes, but she's not a monster.

And she basically stole the jobfrom her best friend.

No, no, she got promoted. That's not stealing the job.

Look, Maya is a team of one.

The only back she hasis her own.

[ Chuckles ]

You sure this isn't about you and Maya?

This has nothing to dowith that. [ Chuckles ]

Stop. Stop.


Are you hurt?

You okay? [ Radio clicks ]

This is Station 19aid car.

We have a child,looks to be about 10 years old,

possibly injured.

Do -- Do you need help? Are you okay?

What -- I'm not -- I'm not gonna hurt you.

I -- Wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey. I can help, okay?

We can help you. We're not gonna hurt you.





?? Na, na, na, na, na, na, whoo ?? [ Whistle blows ]

Maya: Okay! Push, push, push! Dig into it! Yes!

Again! [ Whistle blows ]

?? Higher and higher, catch me, I'm on fire now ??

It's not physical, it's mental.

You're only thinking you can't, okay?

It's all in your head. [ Blows whistle ]

?? I'm coming for you ??

One inch. Just one inch. You got this.

[ Grunting ] ?? And I want it bad ??

?? I'm coming for you ??

[ Shouts ]

?? Yeah, I want it bad ??

I think I pulled my eyelid muscles.

Can you do that?

Bro, I did way more burpees than you.

Come over here and say that to my face.

You're too far away. I can't get up.

Rigo: This is BS. She's gonna injure us out.

She was an Olympian.

Yeah, but she... she won on a sprained ankle.

She's not human.

Rigo: Yeah, I've seen it before.

Women always overcompensateto prove something.

Yeah. 'Cause mennever overcompensate.

[ Wheels clicking ]

Your statsfrom your last physical

are written nextto each of your names.

We'll be clocking in every week to see where we're at.

Your body is the most important tool you have.

Let's get competitive about it.


Yeah, I hate her, but not because she's female.


[ Horn blares ]



You look like hell.

Well, feel like hell, too.

Police department finally give you the boot?

What are you doing here,old man?

Well,I'm here to see you.

Michael, I have metastatic testicular cancer,

after I was already diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Huh. What are the odds?

Pretty high, actually, for a firefighter.

Well, I'm sorry to hear it.

Well, you'd be even more sorry to see my medical bills.

Or the hours I spent on the phone

with the insurance companies

trying to get them to cover my last treatment.

I had to sell the house I raised my daughter in.

I lied to her,

told her I was just too comfortable there.

Now I'm gonna die,

and, uh, I have nothing to leave her.

I want workman's comp.

It's...being denied.

Herrera, sincerely, this is below my pay-grade.

Submit a form or something.

I have submitted all the forms!

They're denying coverage

on my rare form of testicular cancer

because it is sometimes associated

with pesticide exposure,

and I happened to grow up near a farm.

Okay, well, I'm not an expert,

which is why I suggest you talk --

Too many cancers aren't being covered for guys my age.

We spend our lives running into burning buildings,

breathing in toxic fumes, ingesting carcinogens every day,

absorbing them through our skin.

We do it knowingly and willingly.

We do it to save lives.

But when we go down for it, it should be covered.

I mean...just to play devil's advocate here,

lots of guys your age get all sorts of cancers,

and they're not firefighters.

Michael, this is a disgrace.

I gave my life to this job.

I'm not asking

I'm asking for a change. My kid is a firefighter.

So is yours.

Michael, if you don't makethis your problem and fix it,

I will start making noise...that you won't like.

[ Chuckles ]

Good to see you, Herrera.

I have a meeting to get to,if you don't mind.

Thanks for showing up, Miller.

Whoa. What's the matter with you?

Uh, she's pregnant. Very pregnant.

Really, really pregnant.

Uh, super LeBron James, uh, pregnant.

-What's that? -Who is this?

-JJ. -Who's that?

Party girl JJ.

JJ, JJ. Oh, JJ!

Oh, J-- Oh, JJ.

She's -- She's pregnant?

Mm-hmm. And it's mine. Or she says it's mine.

Dude, that timing's off. No, no, no, no, no.

There was a hook-up, eight and a half months ago.

Oh. It was a late night.

I was lonely, she texted and came over,

and I checked the date on the text.

It -- It... It checks out.

-Wow. -Congratulations.

Nice work. Miracle of life.

Can't deny it, baby. [ Laughs ]

So, how -- how -- What's, um... How are you feeling?

Mm. I don't --

[ Sighs ] I don't know.

-Mm. -Okay.

-I don't know. -Mm.


Why is my weight on that whiteboard?

Maya: Dean. Nice of you to join us.

Two hours late.

He's having a baby.

Jesus. Sorry.

We just found out this morning, so maybe we could...

Congratulations. Hmm.

Since your team member missed the workout this morning,

we will be doing it togetheragain as a group.

No. Come on. Wait, what?!

Sorry, y'all. Sorry. No, that's crap.

Let's go. If you're gonna be a dad, Dean,

you need to stay in shape and employed.

Dean: Thanks.



I did my 90 minutes today.


Andy, I'm your captain now.


I did my 90 minutes today... Captain.


I'll see you on the floor in five.

[ Water running ]

[ Water shuts off ]

Andy, there was a lot to consider in this decision.

[ Plate clatters ]

You only get one shot at the job.

One shot to impress. One shot to move up.

I thought you should take some time to -- to...

process your grief. Process my grief?

Copy, sir.

This is not an order.


Is that all...sir?

Yes, Lieutenant. That's all.


[ Sighs ]


[ Brakes squeak ]

Cops. Cops! [ Doors closing ]

No, no, no, no. We're -- We're not cops.

We're here to help. Yeah, like hell you are.

I know you. You were here last week.

Took my tent.

No, that -- that wasn't us.

Looked like you. Leave us alone.

Look, we have -- we have medicine,

we have -- we have clean socks --

I said leave us the hell alone!

Okay. Okay.

Hey, look, look, I-I get it, okay?

You work to get yourself together,

to get back into your boots on your own two feet,

and -- and bam, police sweep.

Your boots are gone, your friends are gone.

You've been taken down to your knees.


So how come you work for them? We don't.

We...We don't even want to be here.

But that cut on your arm looks pretty bad.

You don't let us treat it and it gets worse,

we gotta come back here, pick you up in this rig,

take you to the hospital, and possibly amputate it.

We don't want that. I know you don't.

So, it's their birthday?

It's their anniversary.

What's that?

Their anniversary.

It's the day they got married.

I want to get married.



Because I like cake. Plus, don't you think I'd made a gorgeous bride?

You're weird.

[ Gas hissing ]

How do we work this thing?

Why do I smell gas?

Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Get out of there!

What are you doing?! Get out of there! [ Oven door closes ]

What are you doing?


You scared me to death!

Crawling in a hot oven?!

Jack: She wasn't crawling in.

We were trying to make you and Samantha a cake.

[ Sighs ]

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Alright? I...

You scared me. That's all.

So...can we stay?

Oh, Jack...

[ Exhales sharply ]

I lost my temper.

Parents do that sometimes,

but you're not going anywhere.



I mean, this... This oven's faulty.

We'll buy a cake, okay?

Come on, let's clean this up together, okay?

[ Chuckles ]

Ben: Alright.

Change this dressing as often as you can.

Henry: Thanks.

Hey, whoa! Whoa! What -- What are you doing? [ Camera shutter clicks ]

We're just here to get the photos for the story

about the fire department's community service initiatives.

Eh, there must be some mistake.

We weren't toldanything about that.

You're not from Station 19? Ben Warden?

Uh...Ben Warren.

Is that with two R's? Uh...yes.

Did you know about this? No.

Make sure to get the tents in a few shots.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Excuse me.


Hey. Hey, w-wait. Wait.


[ Clatter ]

Hey. Hey, it's okay.

I'm not gonna hurt you, okay?

They told me not to get help, but he's dying.

Who's dying?

My brother.


[ Whirring ] The goal is to perfect our dexterity.

Extraction is a delicate process.

Too many people suffer additional injuries

during rescues.

Our rescues should be gentle.

We should strive to do no harm.

[ Whirring ] I want two people per hydraulic spreader,

only using your non-dominant hand.

Should we do it blindfolded, too?

That's a great idea, Vasquez.

We should be prepared for low visibility, too.

We'll do that next. Go!

Yeah, no more jokes.

[ Conversing in Spanish ] Can't believe we haveto do this crap.

Maybe we should egg her car.

Yeah, later. [ Chuckles ]

[ Whirring ]

Vic: Come on.

Dean: It was just supposed to happen differently, you know?

Dating, proposal, bachelor party --

Mm-hmm., Greek island hopping --

[ Chuckling ] Whoa. ...then the honeymoon.

Greek island hopping?

Who are you? You James Bond?

There are steps to life. There is an order.

And I was planning on that order. Oh, come on, man!

See, you got all nervous dad on me.

That's what happens. It's too soon. It's way too soon.

[ Alarm blaring ] Dispatch: 1300 hours. Medical call.

Assist the caller for Engine 19.

568 Elkin Lane. Oh, thank God.

Sounds like Mr. Lisbon fell in the shower again.

Have fun! Be safe out there today, Herrera.


[ Siren wailing ]

Captain Herrera, thanks for coming.

Let me guess.

Dixon gave you a call, told you to get me in line?

Well, something like that.

He says you're stormingCity Hall, issuing threats.

I stormed City Hallto ask an old friend

to be reasonable.

If it got ugly, that's on him.

Sir, our job entails risk.

Don't talk to meabout risk.

I was running into fireswhen you were in diapers.

Dying with our boots offmore often than on.

Cancer kills more of usthan fire,

and I'm not entitled to workman's comp?

You're telling me that's okay?

Respectfully, sir...

...are you sick again?

The whole system makes me sick.

Look, I understand the need for privacy

when it comesto your health,

but if you're sick, your daughter deserves to know.

My daughterdeserves to grieve

for one family member at a time.

Dixon's a former cop. He's not one of us.

Instead of telling me to get in line,

get in line behind me.

[ Car door opens, closes ]

Come on.


Sarah, he told us not to get help!

I'm saving his life!

Okay. W-What happened?

He was looking for a place for us to stay

in an old warehouse

'cause I'm always cold, and he fell --

Through the floor. It's my fault.

Ben: Yeah, looks like a clavicle fracture.

Ernie: What's that mean? Broken collarbone.

What's his name? Joey.

Hey, there, Joey. Can you tell me where it hurts?

Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Lay back, lay back, lay back, lay back.

Don't strain yourself.

Now, has he been able to talk?

Sarah: He was, but then he stopped.

We'll need the C-collar. Yeah.

And we're gonnaneed the gurney from the truck.

Joey, we are gonna get you all checked out.

We just need to get you to a hospital.

-No. -[ Grunts ]

See? He said, "No."

No? W-Why no?

-Some of us are bio-siblings -- -Stop! Don't tell them!

...and some of us are foster siblings.

When our foster dad got arrested,

we ran away, and they were gonna separate us.

-Stop! -Joey's keeping us together --

Sarah, don't tell them.

...and if he gets taken away to the hospital --

They're police! They'll take us away!

We're not police. Officer: Seattle Police!

This is an illegal encampment!

Everyone collect your belongings

and prepare for immediate relocation!

Officer #2: Clear the area! Let's go!

[ Indistinct conversations ]


Let's go!

Officer #3: There's a warrant out for your arrest

for failing to appear in court.

Henry: I never seen one.

It was mailed to you.

Where am I gonna get mail?

You said you weren't cops! -Hey, what the hell?

These people aren't doing anything.

This is a joint effort here, son.

You don't like it, go whine to your chief.


[ Cellphone ringing, vibrating ]

[ Beep ]

Gibson, you can't call me on my personal phone.

Jack: The cops are here.

What happened? Oh, nothing.

Yeah, these people did nothing.

They're disbanding the camps, by Dixon's orders.

Dixon's using us as bait.

Yeah, we come in and help, and then the cops,

you know, they just come in and arrest everyone.

Well, this is outside our purview.

Your own brother might be out here in this camp.

You're just gonna let this happen?

[ Exhales sharply ]

Don't call me on my personal phone.

You're my lieutenant, I'm your captain.

Use your radio.

[ Beep ]


Is he gonna be okay?

[ Exhales sharply ] I'm not sure.

I'm worried about his arm. Ischemia's getting worse.

Sarah: What's wrong with his arm?

It's blue. Why is it blue?

Internal bleeding caused his lung to drop.

Joey? Joey?

Now we have to intubate and get him to a hospital now.


Alright. Tube's in.


[ Monitor beeping ]



[ Fire crackling ]

[ Coughing ]



What's happening?

Where's Cal?

I don't know.

?? If you had an hour ??



Come on.

?? Would you find the flower? ??

Mom! Dad!


No! No hospital! You can't take him!

Ernie, he's dying. You don't know. People die.

My mom died, and they don't come back.

Joey's not responding.

That gives us implied consent to take him to the hospital.

That means that -- I'm the oldest besides Joey.

I'm in charge.

I'm supposed to protect us. You can't take him.

You are protecting him. You're doing everything you can.

But we got to save his life, okay?



We've called 911.

My parents and my brother are still inside!

Help'll be here soon, buddy! No! Jack, Jack! No, stop!

?? Time is what you needed ??

?? If I wake you, you might feel too light ??


?? Love is what you seeded ?? [ Coughing ]

?? That's where your mind wants to go ??

?? Seeded to be weeded ??


Mom! Dad!

[ Coughing ] ?? By your quiet father ??


?? Or your doting mother ??


[ Coughing ]


We got him, Jack. We got him.

?? Everywhere you look for me ??

No. No.

I can't leave them!

Don't! Jack!


[ Explosion ]

?? If it's not for me or you ??

We gotta go.

?? Then why? ??

We have to come, too! We can't leave him!

Jack: Guys, I'm sorry.

It's not safe. You can't drive with us, okay?

But listen, Grey Sloan Memorial

is five blocks that way, three blocks to the left.

You can meet us there, okay? Follow us.


-Come on! -Come on, Frankie! Go!


Hi. Excuse me.

Are you here to report an emergency?

Uh, n-no. Not an emergency. I --

Okay, talk to the front desk.

Someone will be able to help you there, okay?



Andy, I know this is not what you wanted,

but we are a team.

This team doesn't function

if we are not all in this together.

I know how to be a part of a team.

Oh, hey. How was the call?

Vic. Are we a team?

Yeah. What's going on?


Travis? Hmm?

Are we brothers?

Yep. Rigo: [ Chuckles ]

I've been waiting all day to see this.

Herrera, this is not the time or the place to --

Maya is the captain I chose.

Her words and her orders are final.

It's not up for debate.

This is not a trial. This is a transition.

A large part of your job is your ability to adapt.

I expect you all to demonstrate that ability.


[ Breathing shakily ]


Ma'am, can we help you?

Please...I can't...

-Whoa! -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

-[ Baby crying ] -Still don't feel a pulse.

Hook her up to the LifePak. Our aid car is out.

We're down an aid car.

Call SFD dispatch and request the nearest aid car.

Alright. On it.

Hughes, you're on baby duty. Yep. Got it.

Alright. Hi.

Vic: Hi. You're okay.

[ Monitor beeping ] Andy: V-fib.

[ Defibrillator charging ] Clear.

[ Beep, thud ] [ Baby crying ]

Still no response.


Pushing epi.


[ Grunts ]

[ Siren wailing ]

Come on, Joey. Stay with me.

Stay with me, Joey. Come on.


Joey, come on. Come on. Stay with me.


[ Baby crying ] 23 is here.

I got her name -- Sofia Garcia -- and her phone.

We got her back after two rounds of CPR.

And one of epi.

Here's her personal belongings.

Can someone please make the crying stop

before I start crying, too?

[ Chuckles ] I got it. Thank you.

Did you call the family yet? Yeah. I'm on it.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

Here we go. [ Speaking Spanish ]

Here we go, Mami. Go to Daddy. Whoa, whoa. Don't --

It's good practice. Go ahead.

Hello. Hughes, you should... What?

You should take her now. No.

Why? Hughes. No. No.

I-It won't stop. Hughes! Take her! No, no. No!

Take her. Take her.

I know you wanted the job, Andy.

[ Sighs ]

It's not that I wanted the job, Maya.

It's that I earned the job

and that I was promised the job,

and that you knew that.

[ Siren wailing ] And don't care.


[ Siren wails ]

What do we got? Displaced clavicular fracture.

Intubated for agonal breathing.

Concern of limb ischemia and hemothorax.

Needs chest tube immediately and vascular consult.

Okay, we got it from here.

[ Doors close ]

Is he gonna be okay?

Yeah, I think we got here just in time, thanks to you.

These doctors here are the best.

They're gonna take care of him. Ernie: Okay.

Let's go.

Can you talk to your wife, tell her

when she calls Social Services,

just...make sure they know these kids are a family?

They need to stay together.

Yeah. Of course.


[ Siren wailing ]


[ Vocalizing ]


?? No star can shine like you ??


?? And my heart's not the same without you ??

?? No matter where you run ??

?? I'll be waiting ??

?? With open arms you can fall back into ??

?? And I go ??

[ Vocalizing ]


?? And I'd wait forever ??


?? And I'd wait forever ??


[ Vocalizing ]


?? We can never unravel ??

?? We are connected ??


[ Vocalizing ]


Ben: [ Sighs ]

[ Clicking ]

[ Crickets chirping ]

Vic: Well, my dad literally never remembered my birthday.

He may still think I'm 12.

Travis: I, uh, got caught skipping Sunday school once,

and my dad gave me the silent treatment

for an entire year. See?

You can't be worse than our dads.

And we turned out excellently.

This really isn't helpful, y'all. [ Chuckles ]

Is that another abandoned baby?

No, parents'll be here soon.

This is baggage from a walk-in.

Very, very, very cute baggage.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

-Mm. -Hey.

[ Stammers ] No. I-I can't do this, guys.

Dada. No, I'm not Dada.

I'm freaking out. I'm freaking out.

Oh, actually, Miller is going to be a dad.

-N-N... -What? -So...

Really? Yeah.

Do you have any incredibly unhelpful advice for me?


My dad was...strict, but kind.

Yeah, just be kind.

This... This just wasn't the plan.

Oh. What -- What's that saying?

Life is what happens when you screw up your plans.

That's not a saying.

It's not? Look, Miller. Miller.

She's here. Alright, she's pregnant.

You like her a lot.

You guys had a great time together,

and she's gorgeous and you're gorgeous,

and your genes combined

will be nothing short of spectacular. Mm.


And you got to skip morning sickness

and nine months of foot rubs

and get right to the fun part of smelling the baby's head.

So stop taking lemonade

and trying to turn it back into lemons.


[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Sniffs ] It just pooped.

You -- You -- You just pooped. It just pooped.

Yeah. It's on my leg.

I can feel it. It's feeling it.

I don't know what to do. You're doing great.

[ Coos ]

[ Keyboard clacking ] [ Door opens ]

Difficult position to be in, isn't it?

Excuse me?

Being captain.

That switch.

You know, one day, you're all friends,

and the next, you're the boss.

It's difficult.

It is. Yeah.

It is difficult.

Seems like a difficult position to leave, too.

I'm sorry?

Well, you didn't let me handle Andy.

You undermined my authority in front of my entire team.

To what? Protect her?

That wasn't my intention.

What was your intention?

To give me this job so you could steamroll me?


[ Sighs ]


My intention was to keep your team intact,

because in one day, you've done more damage

to the morale of this company than I thought possible.


Why did you promote me, sir?

I wanted the job. Jack wanted the job.

But everyone knew it was Andy's. Why did you give it to me?


Did you think I was the best? Did I earn it over her?


You know, Captain, I suggest you learn from my mistakes.


Don't try to fix what isn't broken.

Don't turn your allies into enemies.

And don't question the motives

of the people who put you where you are.


Yes, sir.


[ Horn blares ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

I miss working for your dad.

He was a great captain.

The best. Did you get any sleep?

[ Breathes deeply ] A little.

I hate that Ryan died.

I hate it for the world.

He was a good dude, a good cop.

And I hate it for you.


Me, too.

And I hate that it cost you your promotion.

Mm. Story of my life.

Men who think they know what I can and cannot handle.


We saved a woman this shift.

She was having a heart attack.

I was there, pumping her chest,

watching the blood rush back into her lips,

and I felt nothing.

What is that?

Some days, the job breaks you.

And, you know...

some days, life breaks you.

Sometimes it's too much to feel at all.


Or to feel... any of it.


[ Sighs ]


Hey. I remembered where you hide your key.

Hope it's okay that I crashed here.

I'm making breakfast chili.

Uh, what... is breakfast chili?

Regular chili, but I eat it at breakfast time.

Okay. Well, um...

I got a butt-ton of that praline ice cream that you like.

And I was gonna invite you over later

so we could talk about... LeBron,

but -- but here you are.

Here I am.

But the baby likes strawberry, so now I like strawberry.


Well, I guess the baby got that from this guy.

[ Chuckles ]

Is it weird that I want to eat this ice cream

with that chili on top?

Oh, absolutely.

But I kinda want to see it. [ Chuckles ]



[ Soleima's "Cheers for the Tears" plays ]

?? You were to feeling less to be feeling pain ?? Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

?? Self-destruct ?? Okay, do it again.

?? Will be showing my teeth ?? [ Scoffs ] I'm not doing it.

?? Just to better respond ?? The baby's doing it.

?? Be sour, be sweet ??

?? A way to hold on ?? Yeah.

?? Guess I got in too deep ?? Yeah, yeah, it is.

Oh, yeah. Wow.

?? Before I knew it was gone ?? Wait.

[ Chuckles ]

?? Oh, gone, gone, gone, gone ??

?? Cheers for the tears ??

?? Thank you for the heartache ??

?? It was so good ??

?? But I'm better off without it ??

?? Our mistakes ??

?? Everything we've been through ??

?? Hurt me so good, so good ??

?? Cheers for the tears ??

[ Knock on door ] Andy?

?? Thank you for the heartache ??

?? Cheers for the tears ??

[ Knock on door ]

?? Thank you for the heartache ?? Andy, can we talk?

?? For the heartache ??

?? I killed my senses for a little while ??

?? Buying time to thinking now ??

?? But could you ever love me when you didn't love yourself? ??

?? I know now, know now ??

?? Be showing my teeth just to better respond ??

?? Be sour, be sweet ??

?? A way to hold on ?? So...what are we doing here?

?? Guess I got in too deep, before I knew it was gone ??

This is the place I grew up. Well...

?? Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone ?? of them, anyway.

?? Cheers for the tears ?? Man, I knew it was bad.

?? Thank you for the heartache ?? But...this?

?? It was so good, but I'm better off without it ??

Well, there was a house here. Ah.

?? Our mistakes, everything we've been through ??

How old?

?? Hurt me so good, so good ?? Um...11 till about...

?? Cheers for the tears ?? ...12 and a half.

?? Thank you for the heartache ?? [ Blows ]

?? The cheers for the tears ??


?? Thank you for the heartache, for the heartache ??

Yeah, I had parents... brother...

[ Blows air ] ...sister.


Only place that ever felt like home.

And now Dean's starting his own family.

?? But we were too... ??

?? To be seeing it clear ?? Tired of bouncing around.

I need...I need people.

?? Let's have a cheers for the tears ?? Mm. I need to move out, too.

?? Thank you for the heartache ?? I can't live with Maya anymore.

?? It was so good, but I'm better off without it ?? You know, well...

?? Our mistakes, everything we've been through ?? Maybe we look together.

?? Hurt me so good, so good ??

?? Cheers for the tears ?? What?

What? You and me? Like roommates?

?? Thank you for the heartache ??

You sure that's a good idea?

?? Cheers for the tears ?? You got a better one?

?? And thank you for the heartache ??

?? The cheers for the tears ?? Okay.

Yeah, screw it. ?? Thank you for the heartache ??

?? For the heartache ?? Let's find a place together.

Not here, though.

I need walls. Maybe a roof.


?? We were too... ?? Yeah, I am a firefighter...

?? To be seeing it clear ?? I can't afford that, okay?

Wow. ?? Cheers for the tears ??

?? Yeah, we were too high up to be scared of the long way down ??

?? Down, down ??

?? Cheers for the tears ??