Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Eulogy - full transcript

While Pruitt grieves a monumental loss, Andy refuses to do the same and, instead, throws herself into work. Meanwhile, the crew responds to a widespread carbon monoxide leak, and Sullivan makes a controversial choice for captain.

Where do you think
they're going?

Hong Kong, Istanbul.

From Seattle?

I don't know.

It's getting late.
Can you Can you stay over?

Thought your dad said
I couldn't do that anymore.

Ugh. He doesn't get to tell me
what to do.

He kinda does.

Um, no, excuse you.

I'm 20, almost 21.

Soon, it won't be a misdemeanor
when I have a beer.

Well, I'm almost 21, too,

and if you add us up,
we're like 41...



Come on, Ryan, wake up.

Wake up. Stay with me.


Ryan, wake up.
Stay with me.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Come on, come on,
come on!
What happened?

He's losing blood.

He's losing blood fast.

Ryan, come on.

Are you okay?

We're here to celebrate the life
of Ryan Michael Tanner,

to honor his sacrifice.

A police officer's job
can give us so much...

It seems like
most everyone here

knew my nephew
as Ryan the police officer.

But when I think of my nephew...

that was just a small piece
of who he was.

I think of the eight-year-old

who would bring me
breakfast in bed.

What is he, foreman now?

Battalion Chief.

but he stays here?

He's Battalion Chief.
He does what he wants.

He oversees something like
five firehouses now.

Including Station 23? Maybe
he can fix their shower problem.

their shower problem?

They don't use them.

So, do we call him
Chief now?

Uh, yep.

So, that gets confusing.

What do we call Dixon,
"Chief Chief"?

What's Andy doing here?

Oh, Sullivan's about to name
a new Captain,

and she's not
gonna miss that.

Is it everything
you dreamed of?

I think
you should take some time
I don't want time.

I want to work.
I need to work.

You suffered a trauma.
You lost a friend.

I'm aware of what I've suffered
and what I've lost.

I know what Ryan meant
Can I work or not?

Captain Sullivan

Battalion Chief.

Chief Sullivan.

I need to be at work.

I'm saying...


You're here?

Need to work.

Actually tempted
to set a fire for us to fight.

You approved of this?

She says she needs
to be around her people.

She buried her best friend

Sir, if she goes out on a call
before she's ready

Don't let her go
on a call, then.

You want to be a leader,
start leading.

You ready, Warren?



What are you doing here?
Is Andy okay?

Andy's okay.

Unfortunately, I am not.

It was a long drive, son.
Invite me in for a drink.


Medical dispatch,
person down for Aid Car 19.

I can take the call,
if you want.

Why would I want that?

Because Aid Car sucks.
You could legit get peed on.

I've had far worse
bodily fluids on me.

Just this week, in fact.

You got something to say?

You're not gonna cry on me,
are you?

No, but I might just puke
from the smell of you.

That cool?

Someone who'll fight back.


I'm not sure
if you remember me,

but you pleasured me
in your truck,

then ignored all my texts.

What the hell
are you doing here?

I'm Rigo's wife.

It's perfectly innocent
for me to drop by,

meet his new unit.



I'm bored.
Entertain me.

You are married to a firefighter
who I work with.

You don't even like him.

That There's a code.

There's a brotherhood,

Oh, my husband
is not your brother.

My husband
is not your friend.

My husband is not here.

W-Wait. Wait.

She's in
the fitting room.
In here!

My daughter's in here!
She's in here!

How did she seem
when she collapsed?

She seemed fine.

She just got dizzy, she fell,
and she hit her head.

Any pre-existing conditions?
Any medication?

No, she's healthy. She's
She's only 30 years old.

Any history of fainting?

I haven't been in her life
for a while.

Oh, s-she passed out once
in fourth-grade choir practice.

Does this store have
a carbon monoxide detector?

Uh, in the showroom.

I'll get it.

Ma'am, I'm with
the Seattle Fire Department.

Can you tell me your name
and where you are?

My name is Shauna

Oh, crap.
Am I bleeding on this dress?

Maybe we could
take it off?

Is she okay
to take the dress off now?

You have
a carbon monoxide leak.

You need
to close the store.

I-Is that flammable?

Very. And toxic.

Oh. Well, my whole inventory
is in this store.

I-I need time
to move it all out.
Come on.

We gotta move now.

I need you to open all windows,
unplug any appliances.

Stay out of the building
until the gas company clears it.

Uh, wait. You can't leave
with that dress.

We don't have time
for a costume change.

It's a $10,000 dress.

What the hell's it made of?

How many dresses
do you think you'll sell

after a customer
dies in one?

Or after I call the police
on you

for interfering
with a patient's care?

Or after you go to jail
for manslaughter?


One of the biggest
causes of death

in pre-hospital medicine

With reflexes like that,
no wonder you quit surgery.

Uh, yeah.

Uh, you know,
I kind of thought

that we'd be talking
in your office, standing still.

What, you can't walk
and chew gum at the same time?

So, um, one of the most common
causes of death in the field

is, uh, delay of treatment
due to transport.

There's not much
we can do about that,

except open more ERs.

Or we can bring the ER
to the patient.

Like an ER on wheels.
Actually, yes.

A, uh
A Physician Response Team.

Basically, it's like
a tricked-out ambulance

staffed with MDs
and ER supplies.

Sounds expensive.

Why don't I have your pick
for Captain of 19?

Sir, I-I think that we

Pay attention, Doctor.
I changed the subject.

I'll have my recommendation
to you by end of day.


I hope it's one of those girls
you have.

I've been getting pounded by
the Mayor to promote more women.

We can pay them less.


City council meeting
I got to get to.

My least favorite part of
the job all the schmoozing.


Next time, we should play
basketball so you guys can win.

You gonna let that go?

Let's assume it was a reference
to my height.

A-A-And just so I'm clear,

did he just flat out reject me
over ping pong?

He did.


Hey, looking good, man,
pumping those guns!

Whatever favor you need,
the answer is no.

Actually, I'm here
to do you a favor.

I am setting you up on a date
with an amazing woman.

The last woman you set me up
with stole my car...

and my identity.

I'm still getting
weird magazine subscriptions.

you remember Maggie Pierce,

hottie heart surgeon
at Grey Sloan?

She has a boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is...
now kinda my boyfriend.

Avery was
Maggie's boyfriend?

Whatever. It's weird.
We're moving through it.

Come to this party with me.
At the hospital?

No, but there will be
a lot of doctors there.
It's at their house.

Whose house?
Jackson and Maggie's parents'

Their parents...?
Are married
to each other.

Jackson and Maggie
have the same parents?

No. Okay, Jackson's mom
is married to Maggie's
biological father,

who she didn't know
until pretty recently.

But whatever, man.
There's no relation.

And I r I really I really
need you to focus, Miller.


Come on!
It's a party.

Free booze. Finger foods.
Pretty doctor.

I see
what you're doing here.

I may be hot

and ooh my muscles,
they're large,

and I kind of look like
a cartoon character.

But I'm not entirely
an idiot.

And I'm not gonna be
your buffer.

So keep your weird
family date dinner thing


Miller. Miller, Miller, Miller,
Miller, Miller

Hard nah.

Mmm, nice work, sir.

I applaud your efforts.


Uh, accomplishments.

I'm no longer bored.

Is he bad to you?


You can tell me.
I can

I can try to help.

"Is he bad to you,
little lady?

Come and hop on my horse,
and we'll ride into the sunset."

I'm serious.


He's great to me.
I married a great guy.

I just don't understand
what's happening here.

Oh, the pretty ones
always need their hands held.

How are we doing,

A lot better, thanks.

Look, anything you need?

Water? Snack? I mean, I can run
and get you anything you need.

Yeah, actually,
could you run out

and get me
my happy childhood back?


He cheated on my mom.
It was 20 years ago.

And then basically disappeared
for the rest of my life.

I'm here now.

Okay, and all this resentment,
it can't be healthy.

I really don't think
it's up to you

to tell your daughter
how to feel.

Thank you.

It's a date.
You like dates.

It's a party.
You like parties.

I'll be there.
You like me.

And I'll make jokes.
You like jokes.

They're all surgeons.
You're a firefighter.

They're all Gucci.
You're a sturdy gym bag.

You think
they're gonna look down on you,

and you're not wrong.

I wasn't I wasn't
thinking that, actually.

But now I am,
so thanks for that.

you smell like sex!

No, I worked out.
I worked out.

You smell like you worked out
while having sex.

Were my instructions


Because I could have
sworn I said

I wanted Herrera
to stay in the house.

I tried to swap with
Not good enough.

When I give an order,
I expect it to be followed.

Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.

I don't get
how you do it.

How I do what, exactly?

How you treat your friends
like chess pieces,

moving us around
so you can win.

You're mean
when you're brokenhearted.

You sent Andy out there,
hoping she would fail.

You played on her grief.

Andy is a grown woman.
She makes her own choices.

I mean,
I'm with Sullivan.

I don't understand how Andy's
even functioning right now.

I'll check her vitals.

Vasquez, tell dispatch we need
a truck and engine response

to this location now.

For a CO leak?

No, for smoke
pouring out of a manhole.


Reported smoke from manhole
for Ladder 19, Engine 19.

112 Stevens Street.

Channel 7 dispatch.


Aid 19 on scene requesting.

That was Herrera,
um, calling for backup.

You're in charge.

Don't blow it!
Yes, sir!

Everyone needs to clear
this area now right now.

Sewer explosions, CO leak.
Power lines must be corroding.

Every breaker panel on this
block could short out.
I need you to go. I need you to move.

We got to clear out,

Don't panic.
Just keep moving.

We need
to evacuate the street.

We have a patient.
That means we go!

Shauna is stable, and we're
standing on a powder keg.

We save more lives
by clearing this area now.

Where's my phone?
I want to call Mom.

Where's my purse?

You must have left it
in the store.

Look, I-I'll go get it.

No, you won't.

No, Dad,
I'll come back for it.

I'm getting your purse,

Sir! You can't go back
in that store!


I got him.

He thinks
that by calling me "sweetie"

and throwing money
at my wedding, I'll forget

that I didn't have a dad
for two-thirds of my life.




Still can't believe
this stuff is legal.

I got three friends
from high school

who did serious time
for carrying an eighth.

Does it help
with the pain?



Oh, no, no, no.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Don't Don't do that.

I didn't come here
to have you pity me.

Oh, so you're telling me
you drove 20 hours

to tell me about a cancer
you don't want to treat

and not get pity?


I just heard
how stupid that sounds.

I have cancer,
and I'm not gonna get chemo.

No more of these for you.

I retire after 40 years
of fire service,

and I get not one,
but two types of cancer.

And this one's in my balls.

Cancer balls!

It's not funny!
It's really not.


Captain Herrera?

I'm so sorry
for your loss.

It's unthinkable.

It was Andy's choice
to be on duty today.

I-I gave order for her
not to go out, and she

Ah, you couldn't
have stopped her with an army.

I know my daughter.

That's her.
That's Andy right here.

And that's Ryan.

7 years old, maybe 8.

He was a good kid.

Had a rough start.

His father
wasn't a good role model,

so I tried to step in.

When they were younger,
I'd bring him here with Andrea.

they were inseparable.

Then later,
when he got older,

she'd try to sneak him
into her bedroom,

and, uh

That never went over
very well.

Oh. What was that?


What What is happening?


Dad! Dad?!

I told you
not to slam the door.
Oh, my God!

Now the door comes off.


Alright, folks, stop your
gawking and vacate the area.

Martin, can you hear me?

I need you to stay awake.

This is Aid Car 19
to Grey Sloan Memorial.

We've got
a 50-year-old male

with severe blunt trauma
to the chest.

Tell me
he's gonna be okay.

Okay, I got GCS 12.

Multiple rib fractures
with flail chest.
Dad, please! Come on.

Desatting into the 80s.

This can't be happening.
Today can't be our last day.

I was so mean.

I repeat, I repeat!

Severe blunt trauma
to the chest!

Should we go?
Can we go?
He stopped breathing.

Let's go to the hospital!
Get an ET tube ready.

Let's go
to the hospital!

Not until
we secure his airway.

I need you to stay back,

Come on, breathe.

He can't die.
He can't die. He can't die.

Shauna, I need you
He can't die. He can't die. He can't die.

I really need you
to stay back...
You can't die, Dad!

You can't leave me again!
...and give us
some space to work.

I need suction.
I need suction.
He can't, he can't.

He wanted
to walk me down the aisle.

He just came back.
He just said he's sorry.

I need to forgive him!

I-I need time
to forgive him!

Alright, i-it's
it's been too long.

Bag him.
I can do it.
Just let

No, I said bag him.

Dad, please.
Please, please.

Come on, come on.

I've got two patients.

A mild carbon monoxide poisoning
and a severe blunt trauma.

Needs an airway,
and we can't quite get it.

Could use Warren.

you and Montgomery

swap out Herrera and Vasquez
on the Aid Car.

What else?

We've got corroding power lines
in the sewers,

releasing carbon monoxide
and smoke.

The tiniest spark
could ignite that gas.

Every manhole cover
on this block

is a projectile
waiting to happen.

Call the city.
Tell them to kill the power.

Hughes, Miller, hit that manhole
with extinguishers.

No water
I repeat, no water

until we are sure
the electricity is off!

You pulled me off
Aid Car?

Yeah. I don't know your skills.
I know theirs.

Gibson and Vasquez,
you're on evac duty.

the whole neighborhood.

Dispatch, we're gonna need
additional units

and SPD on scene ASAP.

It's tough
to visualize the cords.

Come on, come on.

Shauna, try to take
some deep breaths, okay?

We're doing everything
we can.

I'm in.

Alright, seatbelts, everybody.
We're on the move.

Is he breathing?
Did you Did you save him?

No. N-No, I need it done
faster than that.

Come on, people.
Keep moving.

Come on. Keep going.
Move, move.

Smoke. We got smoke!

Vasquez, what the hell
are you doing?

No, Vasquez, don't!

Stand down!


Don't! Stop!



Dr. K.


You're back.

Good thing
I'm wearing this white coat.

Otherwise, people would have
trouble telling us apart.

So, this whole tall and handsome
in a uniform look work for you?

Seems a little obvious to me,
a little, uh, textbook.

Hmm? Yeah.

I got more jokes.

I can just keep going till
you tell me why you're here.

Please don't.

So, uh, the episodes
are getting worse.

My leg felt like
it was on fire today.

Because you have
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I told you
it would likely get worse.

I've been doing
physical therapy.

It's It's been better.

Thought it might be
going away.

Chronic conditions
don't tend to just go away.

That's why we call them,
uh, chronic.

You always
this condescending?

Well, believe me, you want,
uh, an arrogant surgeon.

You find a surgeon who plays it
humble, run the other way.

So, you ready
to try surgery?
I don't know.

I'll take that as a maybe.

I'll need current images,
an EMG, an MRI.

I'll know more once I compare
them to the old ones.
Is there a long wait?

'Cause, technically,
I'm supposed to be at work.

Well, you're in luck.
First responders skip the line.

Here, I'll show you
the imaging department.

Thanks, bro.
That was close.

What the hell
were you thinking?

Look, I was just trying
to make sure

that manhole cover
didn't pancake someone else.

I told you to stop!

I got there in time.

All you did was introduce air
to the fire underneath us.

Why do you think

It's the bridal shop!

Is anyone in there?

I told the owner
to evac.

I don't think you won her over
with your charm.

We better sweep it.

No, no, no. No. Not you.
You're staying here.

What? Why?

Because you're dangerous
and you don't listen.

I'm not staying
Hey, I outrank you.

Hook up the hose line
and get us water.

I'm not a probie.

Yeah, you are
for the rest of this call.

I'm sick over Tanner.
I can't imagine how you feel.

I know the layout
in there.

You don't
have to do this.

Stop trying
to protect me.

His BP and heart rate
are dropping.

Pushing a round of epi.
Come on!

No, no, no, no, no.
Why is that happening?

Is he getting worse?

He's bleeding
inside his chest.

He He needs surgery.

Can I
Can I hold his hand?

That won't hurt him,
will it?

No. No, go ahead.


I'm so sorry
I couldn't forgive you.

I'm so sorry
I couldn't talk to you.

I'm sorry I made you beg.

Move it! Get out of the way! This isn't a parade!

What's going on,

"Lord of the Flies" out here.

I want time
to forgive you better.

City power grid's down
because of the sewer fires.

I need to find
another route.

I want time
for you to forgive me better.

Make it fast, Travis.

I want you... read to me
at bedtime again.

I want you to...

put Band-Aids
on my cuts again.

I want you
to be my best friend again.

He's got
a cardiac tamponade.

He needs surgery now!

Aid Car 19 to Grey Sloan.

Our ETA is delayed.
Stand by.

Dad, I'm so sorry.
Please don't die.

Sir, I need you
to stay still for me, please.

Sir, are you okay?

Do I look okay?

I-I-I-I can't help you
unless I get these pictures.

Okay, that's it.
I'm getting you out.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Wait. Wait.

Don't take me out.

Hey, I can call
Dr. Koracick.

We can get you a shot
for the pain, and then
we can try again.

Just wait!


Come on, come on, come on.

Is that all you got?

Come on!

Come on.

I'm sorry, Mr. Sullivan,
are you talking to me, or

I'm talking to myself!




Run it.

Let's get it done.


ETA, Montgomery?

Traffic's screwed.

Can't you do something?

Ah, he's in full arrest,

Shauna, I'm gonna need you
to move over here.

Alright, pulling over.

Why are we stopping?

Gotta get his heart
beating again.

Shauna, I want you to move up
to the front right now.

That wasn't quick.

I got tied up.

scans haven't changed.

My diagnosis
hasn't changed.

Well, you mentioned a surgery
we could try.

I did.
You said hell no.

How much is it?

A lot, but I'm sure

the department will
foot your leg bill.

See what I did there?

The department can't know.

If they find out
I have a chronic condition,

they'll throw me a party
that ends with a desk job.

Surgery's probably 40 grand

And it might not work?

I cut into your leg,
try to cut the nerves
that are causing the pain.

But nerves are tricky business.

As good as I am,
and I am excellent,

the surgery is only successful
about 50% of the time.

Yeah, just give me more meds
for the pain, then.

Robert, I'm a surgeon.

I cure by cutting,
not by creating drug addicts.

I'm not a drug addict.

Mm. Not yet.

You could try, uh,
meditation or, uh, acupuncture,

but this is
the last prescription...

I'm writing for you.

Seattle Fire Department!
Call out so we can locate you!

You hear something?

Seattle Fire Department!
Call out so we can locate you!

I hear somebody.

There she is.

Here. I got her.

Alright. Let's go.


1, 2, 3.

Come on!

No! No!

I love you.


Oh Oh!

My dress.

Left it at my apartment.

I thought you were trying
to stand me up.

Oh, no. What? No.

No. We're gonna have
so much fun.

You okay?
Y Um...

Something's wrong.
I didn't make the

I didn't make a great first
impression on your mother.

It's fine.

Everybody who meets her
thinks that. You're fine.

Yeah, but she's Gucci,
and so are you.

I'm a sturdy gym bag.

Don't say that.

My parents
own a restaurant,

which has never been
successful enough

for them to even hire
anyone else to help them run it.

So when I want to see them,
I go there.

Even when I was a kid,

when I wanted to see them,
I went there.

I went to college
on scholarships

singing scholarships,
not smart-kid scholarships.

So not only
do I not come from money,

I don't understand what it is
to come from money.

I'm literally not sure
I'll know which fork to use.

Uh, you and Maggie broke up
recently enough

that she still scares me,
vaguely threatens me,

and I'm also coming
from a funeral this week.

That's bringing up...

Ripley stuff for me.

And this dinner party feels like
just enough added stress

to make me question
basically everything,

so that's where I'm...



I don't own a single thing
sold by Gucci.

Not one.

And I have
several sturdy gym bags.

That's one.


no one ever gets over
anyone that dies.

We just don't...
get over them.

We just...

go on.



Maggie's a good person,

and she is going through
way more right now

than our break-up.


a woman who runs into
burning buildings for a living

is infinitely more interesting
on every level

than someone who knows
what fork to choose.

I like you.

I want my mom
to like you.

I want her to know you.

And I'm curious as hell to eat
at your parents' restaurant.

What kind of food
do they make?

It's Polish.

I know.
It's unexpected.

I'm gonna see you
tomorrow night.

Yeah. Yep.



What's that?


I just like
saying your name.



You mad at those hoses?

It's all
just a big joke, isn't it?

What is?

How about our friend
who got shot to death

by a 3-year-old
who's traumatized for life

because his mom
didn't store her gun properly

a gun she needed for protection
against her own ex-husband?

Now she'll probably end up
going to jail

and he'll end up
going into the foster system.

Or the, uh

the bride who woke up
this morning and thought,

"Maybe today'll be the day
that I forgive my father."

But instead,
she watched his heart stop.

Oh, and the cherry on top?
Her dress got his blood on it.

I mean,
what kind of petty God

takes away her father
and ruins her dress?

But, uh, don't worry.

We saved the life of the woman
who stupidly

risked everyone's lives
to save her own merchandise.

Maybe that stupid woman
learned something today.

Maybe she got
her priorities straight.

Maybe she'll walk through life
just 10% less stupid.

Maybe she'll cure cancer.

We don't get to know.

We saved a life today.

The rest sucks,
but that part's a good thing.

That's That's a win.

Oh, good. An uninvited
infringement upon my time.

I lost a patient today.

Sorry to hear that.

The State of Washington has
excellent mental health coverage

for first responders.

I lost a patient.

His name was Martin.

His blood is
still on my shirt.

He had a daughter.
Her name is Shauna.

She's getting married
without him now.

He won't be there
to walk her down the aisle.

Warren, do you think I'm
the Chief of just one station?

he didn't have to die!

I could have saved him
if I had the necessary tools.

Tell me
what I have to do.

You have to turn around, take
a right to the elevator banks,

ride down four floors

Sir, with all due respect,
I am not accepting a no.

How about
a "you're fired"?

You would be the only Fire Chief
in the country

with a
Physician Response Team.

I mean,
think of the press.

Think of
the public interest stories.

And what is a whole lot
of good publicity worth to you?

I mean, look at this face.
It's pretty.

Look at these hands.

They are magic.

But if you say no,
if you if you fire me,

then I'll just move to Portland,
take this gold mine to them.

Give me half.
Give me half the money.

And I will get
Grey Sloan Memorial

to create a fellowship
to cover the other half.

Thank of it, sir.

Fire and medicine,

working together,

changing the way
we save lives.

I mean, c-can't you just see
the headlines?


On your feet, Fluff and Fold.
You're on laundry duty.


Hey, Hughie.

I'm in.

I will go on the worst
triple date on Earth.

You will?

In exchange for seven nights
of laundry duty.

What? No way.


and I'll tell that story

about that time you stopped
a snake from eating a baby.

I am pretty awesome
in that story.

You are.


Wear something fancy.

You're not my mom.

Gotta say,
today feels like

a "Fries and Milkshake
after Shift" day.

Fries and beers?

Whiskey and beers?

Can you
Can you stop?

Stop what?

Trying to pretend like

this perky cheerleader thing
you're doing

isn't because
I watched Ryan die.

I'm not.

I'm just trying to figure out
what you need.

What I need is
for just one friend one

to not look at me like
you're looking at me right now.

One friend
to just sit next to me

and let me talk or not talk
or cry or not cry

and not have an opinion
about it.

One friend.
That's all I need.

Can you be that friend?

I can be that friend.

She's still not crying?

Prui No.

Can I try?

Be my guest.

Sorry about your mom,

you want to play

on the promotion.

What can I do for you?

You filling that empty office
downstairs soon?

Oh. You want
your old job back?

Not quite.

Oh, you're you're here
to lobby for Andy, huh?

Actually, against her.

You don't want her
to be Captain?

I do. Someday.

I want her
to have your job someday.

I want her
to be Fire Chief someday.

And none of that'll happen
if you promote her now.

I saw a look on Andy's face
at Ryan's funeral

that I haven't seen
since her mother passed away.

She went numb, wouldn't talk,
wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep.

She wouldn't even cry.

And the only person that could
get her to feel again just died.

And it's gonna get worse,
her year.

It's It's gonna get
a lot worse.

She was nine years old
when her mother died.

Andy's a grown woman now.

She deserves Captain.
She's earned it.

She has one shot at this,
and I'm telling you,

if you give it to her now,
she'll blow it.

She'll never forgive me.
Probably not.

But you'll be helping her career
in the long run,

and if you love her...

...don't give it to her
not now.

Andy's young
and a hell of a firefighter.

She'll get there.

Just please, Robert...


Not now.

Sir, I'm not sure
I understand.

I'm recommending you
as Captain of Station 19.

Unless you have
any objections.


I won't let you down,

What just happened?

Andy, uh...

You should talk
to Sullivan.

I'm gonna die, Ryan.


Whether it's in three months
or a year,

I'm gonna die soon,

you are gonna be
all Andy has left.

I'll take care of her,

I know.

I know you will.

But you can't tell her.

Or she'll just harass me
about not getting chemo.

And you don't want to get chemo
again because...?

Because the cancer's
already spread.

Chances are I'll be dead
in six months no matter what.

And I never felt sicker
than when I was on chemo.


do not want to go out
that way.

I need you
to come back, son.

Come back to Seattle.

Be in Andy's life again.

Be there for her
when I go.

I love her, Pruitt.

I know that, too.

I have a girlfriend,

Andy has her whole thing
going on.

You want some advice
from an old firefighter?

Always tell the girl.

Tell her how you feel.

You don't want
to get to be my age

with no time left
and wishing you'd told her.

Just tell the girl
you love her.