Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Indoor Fireworks - full transcript

Station 19 crew meets the new fire chief of Seattle. A department store fire triggers painful memories from Ben's childhood. Maya advocates for her career, while Jack connects with an acquaintance; and Andy and Ryan have a heart-to-heart.

Previously on "Grey's Anatomy"
and "Station 19"...

You're dumping me.

They're naming a new Fire Chief.

Promotions will trickle down.
Is that what this is about?

Are you gunning for Captain,

I didn't sleep with him, and if I
had, it's still none of your business!

Your decisions reflect on me,
on my legacy!

You're leaving Seattle?
For a couple months, yeah.

I feel like I always wind up
going home to find you, and I...

Well, I think maybe, uh...

that's a pattern
that needs to stop, too.

Now, I used to be
an anesthesiologist.

I have logged I don't know
how many hours in the O.R.

You're a surgeon.

You're needed
in the operating room.

I-I'm not a white-coat guy.

I'm... I'm a
run-into-the-fire guy.

I don't need your patronizing
idea of protection,

because I get enough of that
from my father.

You finish your shift,
then... take the week off.

Gibson, can you handle
the fire report?

Like I do every shift?

Yeah, I got it.
Thanks for asking.

Here we go.

Herrera, heads up.

It's Vasquez.

You took Herrera's spot,
you take her name.

Hey, you think us Latinos
are all the same?


Right. I forgot.

It's all PC-kumbaya-crap
here on the A-shift.

We prefer A-team, actually.

I'm sure you do.

While we're on the B-shift,
we call you guys The View

'cause there's one
of everything.

There's two of you, though.

At what point are we allowed
to hit this guy?

Go ahead.

I'd love an excuse to knock
the boy band off your face.

Hey! Guys!

Come see this.

What fresh hell is this?

I'm grateful to the Mayor
for taking a chance on me.

And with my proven track record

with the
Seattle Police Department,

I'm confident I can bring
Seattle Fire to new levels.

New levels?

Seattle Fire's
a fine institution,

but I believe there's always
room for improvement.

He looks like a sex offender.

The new Chief is a cop?


Cop, not sex offender.

Um... I-I thought that was live.

'Cause news... news conferences
are us... usually live?

Chief Dixon?
Lieutenant Maya Bishop.

Olympian. Gold medalist.

Bishop, I've heard about you.

I understand the department's
failed to utilize you

as an asset
for public relations.

I plan to change that.

Lieutenant Jack Gibson, sir.

And you're what? Silver medal?

Uh... n...

You're the surgeon?

I am. Was.

Heard you did good work
at that incident at the bar.

I was just doing my job, sir.

Been on the job eight hours,

I've already heard
that expression five times.

Just keep your scalpel
to yourself.

I paid out enough lawsuits
in the PD.

That was a joke.

Sullivan here
is giving me the tour.

I just wanted to meet the
department's best company myself.

Oh, so when are you
going over to 35?

That was a... That was a joke.
No, I... No, I got it.

You are?

I'm Victoria Hughes.

Travis Montgomery. Travis.

Dean Miller. Hi, Dean.

Rigo Vasquez. Vasquez.

What about, uh,
Captain Herrera's kid?

I thought
he was at this station.

She is. Andy Herrera.

She's on sick leave.

How about that tour?


Okay, bye, now.

Can I move in with you
when I get fired?

I just called him
a sex offender.


I think I know
why Andy's "sick."

Don't you want to know?

Why are you acting like you
didn't get picked for prom king?


I didn't take you
as the kind of guy

who would let the dissolution of
our brief romantic relationship

affect our ongoing
professional one.

Maya, we dated for months.


I must have missed the part

where we were having brunch
and shopping for towels.

We had sex.

Abundant and skilled sex,
but it was just sex.

Jack, seriously, there was
barely even pillow talk.

Look me in the eye.

Tell me you didn't break things off
with me because you want to be Captain.

I didn't.

Gold medal liar.

Got it.

This is why
women shouldn't date men.

Thanks again for coming by.
I know this is a busy time for you.

Oh, you got quite a team here.


And three girls?

Good optics.

You come from a fire service
family, Sullivan?

No. I-I don't.


and the humble hero crap.

Noble men who run into fires
and rescue kittens from trees,

all for the love
of their community.

That's all well and good
for small towns in Indiana,

but Seattle is one of
the fastest growing cities

in the United States.

Citizens want to know

what their fire department
tax dollars are doing for them.


Ripley was a nice guy,
but he was old school.

Allergic to publicity.

He believed in firefighters

keeping their heads down
and doing their jobs.

I'm not saying city council
was happy when he died,

but it certainly gave them the
chance to bring in fresh blood.

Sir, Ripley was a friend.

I'm sure he was. Kind of guy you'd
want to get a beer with, right?

I'm sure you know

I'll be appointing
a new Battalion Chief soon.

You want to give me any reason
why it shouldn't be you?

Before I find out myself,
that is.

Can't think of anything, sir.

Glad to hear that.

You're at the top of my list,

Prove me right.

I like being right.

fire in commercial building.

Channel 4 response.

Ladder 19, Engine 19...

I know you're new at this,

but when
the lights and sirens are on,

you know, the street signs
are actually just a suggestion.

Can't save anybody
if we show up dead.

And, uh, I'm not new.

Come on. My dad
worked graveyard last night.

He'll be asleep
for another three hours.

- Whoa!
- Damn!

Hey! Shh.

Warren, give me a boost.

Man, when'd you get
the new Jordans?

Shut up!
You sure your dad's asleep?

No, and if you fools don't
shut up, we're gonna find out.


Let's go.

- That was loud.
- Shut up. -

Seattle PD! Open up!

I need to see your badge
before I unlock the door.

Open up!

Wha... Why aren't you at work?

Why are you here?

Welfare check.

You sleep till 4:00 p.m.
now? No...

Why are you here in Seattle?

"Oh, Ryan, it's so good
to see you. It's been so long!"

How hard could that be?

Did my dad call you?
Is that why you're back?


I'm back because...

I'm just back.

Not everything's
about you, Andy.

Wait. Is it there?

What's her name?

Uh... Ruby, I think.

You think? I'm never home.

Ruby, open up!

Mama have booboo.

Oh. Okay.

I broke a wine glass.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Everybody clear out!

Come on, people!

Everybody out!

Come on, come on, come on.

Everybody clear out.

Come on. Let's go.

Alright, lay a supply line
and charge the hose.

I need a blower at the back door
and a ladder to the roof.

You, set up patient care,
start triaging...

Shots fired!

No, no, no! It's not gunfire!

It's fireworks! It's fireworks.

Get in there and knock that fire down.
On it, Captain!

Everybody out. Come on.

Uh, call 911. Yep. On it.

Wait, no, no.
Please don't call an ambulance.

I can't afford an ambulance.

Ruby, if you don't
get to a hospital,

you'll be dead
before dinnertime.

Then can you just drive me?
Please just drive me.

Just don't call an ambulance.
Okay. Listen.

If we try to transport you

without medical equipment,
same deal.

Your blood, my car, you dead.
I need you on the floor.

I broke a wine glass
doing the dishes.

That can't be the thing

that ends with
me and my kids homeless, okay?

Their dad's a deadbeat.
It's just me.

I'm already
two months behind on rent.


It's okay, Milo.
I'm gonna be okay.

Why am I on the floor?

To keep the blood flow
to your heart.

Do you have a first aid kit?

I think I have some Band-Aids?

Paper towels? We're out.

Okay, uh, Milo,

can you go to the bathroom
and get your mama some towels?

Go ahead. Go, go.

Is there an ambulance coming?

I keep getting put on hold.

Uh, call my dad.
He'll do you a favor.

He's a paramedic
for a private ambulance service.

He won't put it on the books.

Oh, my God.

Oh, thank you.

You're such a good helper,

Why does he have to
do me a favor and not you?

Because we aren't speaking.

Wait, what?

Pruitt. It's Ryan.

It's okay.

Well, HVAC system pulled
most of the smoke out for us.

Man, no sprinklers?

Going out of business
for a reason.

Let's go.

I love this store. Yeah.

It's the only place you can get
gummy bears and vodka...

And long underwear.

Everybody walk out!
Seattle Fire!

Sir, you need to evacuate
right now.

Put that candy down
and walk outside.

Hey, everybody out!

Attention, shoppers.
This is the Seattle Fire Department.

If you haven't noticed, there's
currently an ongoing fire

here at Rogers' Five & Dime.

In an orderly fashion,
please make your way

to the front of the store
and out the exit doors.

Everything is pretty cheap,

so please leave your stolen
goods where you found them.

Alright, here we go.
H2O incoming.

On my count. Ready?

1, 2...


Alright, listen up,

I need hands raised
if you sustained burns.

Any smoke inhalation?

Uh... how about hurt feelings?

Okay, Vasquez on the, uh...

Okay. Ma'am.

I fell when we were
all trying to get out,

and somebody stepped on me.

You mean tripped over you.

Is there any tenderness?
Yes, I have tenderness!

My husband
stepped on my damn leg!

Okay. Well,
can you move your foot?

I caught this kid looting
after the fire broke out.

Went to throw him
in the cruiser,

but he's complaining
he got burned.

I'll take him. Officer!

I want to report my husband
for criminal stupidity!

Diane, stop it.

Ma'am, please be seated.

Alright, son, what's your name?

Okay, can I, uh, take a look?


Either you take the hoodie off
or, uh...

I'll cut it off.

It's brand new.

It's stolen.

What's your name, son?


What... is your name?

It's Tyler. Tyler.

Alright. Unzip the hoodie.

O... kay.

I'm gonna have to
cut your shirt off.

How close were you to the
fireworks when they went off?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

I don't know, okay?
I got scared, and I just ran.

Warren! If you dent
the hood of this car

with your big dumb dome,
we're gonna be fighting, man.

Oh, it's the car you're worried
about, not my dome?

You mess the car up,
my dad will bust my dome.

Gotta go
risk versus reward, man.

I see how it is.

I don't think you do, Warren.

My analogy suggests
that what's in my head

is more valuable
than what's in your head,

and therefore,
more risky to lose.

Oh, I get it. Thanks.

Jokes are always funniest
when you have to explain them.

You fools ready?

Think you can get closer
than last time?

Hell yeah.

Let's go.


When we're done in here,

bring in some salvage covers
and the water vac.

No, we need
to dig through this debris

and make sure there isn't
any unexploded fireworks first.

Yeah, if we want to be here
an extra 45 minutes.

Uh, guys?

I'm the commanding lieutenant.
You listen to me.

Yeah, you're not power hungry
at all.

Hello? Seattle Fire!
Anyone in here?


Seattle Fire!

Sir, we need to evacuate
the building.


Sir, are you hurt?

Please don't shoot!


I promise I'm not gonna
shoot you, okay? Look at me.

I'm a firefighter.

Are they still shooting
out there?

Nobody's shooting, okay? It was
fireworks, and it set off a fire, okay?

I need to get you
out of here right...

Okay. Alright.
We can stay here for a second.

I see shootings on the news
every day.

And at school,
the lockdown drills.

"Lock the doors, lights out,
stay quiet."

I always knew I'd be
in one of these eventually.

I knew it. I knew it.

My brother always told me,

"Jesse, it's statistically
unlikely," but I know!

I know.

I don't even go
to the movies anymore.

Every time I go
to the grocery store,

I check for all the exits.

I didn't even want to come here
to try on this suit,

but my sister is getting
married, so I had to get a suit,

and now I guess
if I die in here,

at least they'll bury me
in this suit.

Hey, hey, hey. Jesse. Jesse.

You're not gonna die.

You're not gonna die.

I mean, eventually,
we all are going to die,

but you are not dying now.

Not in this store,
not in that suit.

I-I-I can't move my legs.

I'm gonna teach you
a little trick

that I learned in training,

It's called box breathing.
It helps me.

Whenever I'm anxious or stressed
out, it helps me to calm down.

We'll do it together, okay?


Breathe in 2, 3, 4.

Hold 2, 3, 4.

Breathe out 2, 3, 4.

Hold 2, 3, 4.

Feel better?

I peed.

I-I think I peed in the suit.

I think they'll understand.

She was close to the fire.

Let's put her on high-flow
oxygen and a nebulizer treatment.

Alright. Yeah, bronchospasms.
Know how to treat them. Thanks.

Well, you wouldn't know it
by your head-to-toes.

Minor flash burns in the face.
Needs airway check.

Got it.

Hey, uh... Bishop's kind of got
a stick up her fine ass, huh?

Bishop's a Lieutenant.

Watch your mouth.

Hello? Ryan?


This is Ruby.
She is bleeding profusely.

She needs a transfusion
and a surgical consult.

Could've probably
put that together.

Two, three.

Did you do this
on purpose, Ruby?

No! God, no.

Because if you did, we can
get you the help you need.

No, no, I was doing the dishes,
and a glass broke,

and I tried to catch it,
I swear.

Dad, she just needs a ride,

and she needs you
to keep it off the books.

You used a T-shirt?

It's all I had.

Why aren't you at work?

Because the captain
gave me the week off.

Pew pew! Pew pew pew!

I found you...


Pew pew pew! You're a bad guy!

Hey, don't shoot me!
I'm the good guy!

Pew pew pew!

No, you're bad! Pew pew pew!

Ryan, good to see you.
Staying out of trouble?

Well, except the imaginary kind,
yes, sir.

Pew pew pew!

The kids...?

Is their dad local?

Yes, but he's not allowed
within 100 yards of us.

I-It's okay. I'll stay.

Me too.

Hey, Milo.

Sweetie, Mommy has to go
to the doctor now, okay?


The neighbors
are gonna stay with you.

There's baby food in the...

the thing.

And Milo...

We'll feed them. You go.

Beer later this week? Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Pew pew pew!


So, um...

what's up with you and your dad?

I can't hear you.
There's too much blood.


We good with flow path?

Yeah. I'm getting
good smoke movement.

It's clearing out.

Alright. Let's go.

Tyler, I'm gonna need you to
tell me what happened in there.

If I tell you, you're just
gonna go tell the police.

Police aren't here right now,
alright? It's just you and me.

I was like you once.

No, I was.

I did some crazy stuff, too.

Yeah, okay.

Me and my buddies, we, uh...

Tyler, who bought the fireworks?

My brother got it on some trip.

Is... Is your brother here now?


He doesn't know we took them.

Who's we?

Me and my friend Chris.

Look, it was just
some stupid dare, okay?

So Chris is the one
who dared you

to set the fireworks off?


No, I dared him.

Where's Chris now?

I don't know.
I didn't see him come out yet.

Hey, Gibson, Bishop.

Did you evacuate a kid
with burns, about 14?

Negative. JACK: Negative.

Hey, Vasquez. You seen
a 14-year-old named Chris?

Nope. Just the one you got.

Where did your friend go
after the fireworks went off?

I don't know.
I couldn't see anything.

Okay, did he run away?
I don't know, okay?

Tyler, I need you
to give me more

than what you're giving me now,
'cause he could be badly hurt.

Tyler, did he run away?

Where is he?

He might be hiding.


Vasquez, where's my...

You know what? Just cover me.

Ladder 19, this is Warren.

Warren, you're not
properly protected!

Don't go in!


Warren, get your butt
in the seat!

Oh, my God! Whoo!

Hold on to your nuts!

Whoa! Holy...



Damn, that was close.

I beat my record.

Can I drive this time?

Man, get the... Come on, man!

You never let me drive.

Plus, don't you want to try
that standing thing?

It's awesome.
It's pretty awesome.

I dare you.

Come on, Warren.
You know that's not fair.

I know. That's why I said it.


Come on, Jesse.
Just a little further.


You seen a 14-year-old kid?

No. Gibson and Bishop
gave the all-clear.

I think we're missing one.

Don't shoot, don't shoot,
don't shoot!

Jesse! Hey, hey, hey!

Jesse, it's just
more fireworks, okay?

It's just more fireworks.

Look at me.

We got to go, alright?
We need to leave.

Engine 19,
we have more fireworks.

I think the kid who lit them
is still near the source.

I'm going in to look for him.

Copy. We heard it.
Coming back in with the hose.

you're not wearing an SCBA.

Stand down and wait for us.


I'm fine.
I'm trying to find this kid.

Just... watch my exposure.

Who knew potato chips
were so flammable, huh?

Starch and oil
in a polypropylene bag.

Add fire, and it's basically
a Molotov cocktail.

Hughes, Miller,
kill the fans!

Where's the water?!

I'm working on it. Work faster!

Do you want to fight me
or the fire?

Jesse, listen to me.

I'm gonna pull you
out of here, okay?

I'm gonna pick you up,
then I'm gonna pull you out.

Take your glasses.

I want you to put this on.

I don't want to die, plea...
I don't want to die.

Jesse, listen to me.

That news
that you watch every day

is designed to terrify you.

Because if it terrifies you,
you drink more, you smoke more,

you take
more prescription drugs,

and that financially benefits

the same people
who program the news.

And yes, there are
bad people out there

with a crazy number of guns,

but there are good people, too.

Kind people,
people who fight for justice

and take care of their neighbors
and build houses and plant trees

and ignore the fearmongering
or rise above it.

So don't waste your energy
worrying you're gonna get shot.

Use it to fight for the world
you want to be a part of.

Use all that energy to make
your fully functional legs

lift you up
out of this pee-stained suit

and march you towards
the world you want to live in!

You... You should run for office
or something.


I like my job.

Come on.

Some dumb kids set off fireworks
at the Rogers' Five & Dime.

Probably a freakin'
YouTube challenge.

Do they need us?

Nah, apparently,
Aid 19 has it covered.

Only minor injuries.

We should see
if they need backup,

just in case.

Pew pew pew!

Pew pew... Ohh!

You got me, Detective Milo.


Wait, can I see your badge?


I kinda like
being the bad guy again.

Don't get any ideas.

Your dad said
Ruby's at the hospital.

She's going to be fine.


I wish I could say the same
for her rug.

You remember when we used to
steal his badge

and play cops and robbers? I do.

He was our hero.

Still is mine.

I know what you're doing,
and it's not cute.

Oh, it's not?
I said I don't want to talk about it.

Andy, whatever happened
with you and your dad...

He called me a slut.

Whoa. What?

I mean, not in so many words,
but... yeah.

Were you being a slut?

Hey! Sluts have all the fun.
I am pro-slut.

Is it Jack? No.



How did you know that?

I know you. I see things.

Your Captain, though?

Yeah. Yeah, that would...
That would piss your dad off.

My dad accused me
of crapping where I eat.

Which is an expression

I'd be happy
to never hear again in my life.

This thing with Sullivan...

it's something
I've never felt before.

It's like a... feeling
I can't shake or get over

unless I hate him.

But you can't hate your Captain
and function,

and that is
what makes my dad right,

which is what is so enraging.

So you love him?

You crapped where you eat.

I crapped where I eat.

I fell in love with my Captain

and ruined
the best thing in my life.

Oh. So something
new and different for you.


He goes to San Diego,
he comes back with jokes.

Roof division,
give me an update.

I didn't request
another Aid Car.

I was driving by,
saw you might need help.

Well, we're good here,
but thanks.

Why isn't my daughter working
with her unit, Sullivan?

She took sick leave this week.

She's not sick.

You know, your daughter has
a right to use her personal days

as she sees fit.

She says it was your idea.


Heard they named Dixon
to Fire Chief.

He's not who I would have
picked, but no one asked me.

I think he'll take my call.

We go back.

You're in line
for Battalion Chief.

I think your behavior
with my daughter

could get in the way of that
if it comes to light.

Nothing happened
between me and your daughter.

You and I have different
definitions of "nothing."

Whatever it is between you...

it ends now.

Sir, Warren's still in there.

Warren, I need you
to get out of there now.

Better learn to get
a handle on that one

before he gets himself killed.

That wouldn't be great for
your chances with Dixon, either.


Warren, come in.


If I get grounded,
it's totally worth it!

Hey, man, sit down, sit down!
Sit down, man!

Here... we... go!

Go. Warren!

I hear you, Captain. I'm just
trying to find this kid.

He set off the fireworks.

I think he's still close
to them.

I don't care.
That's not your assignment.

Gibson will find him.

No, I got this.

I-I know how this kid... thinks.

I was this kid.

Phew! Hell of a way
to end a shift.

Anybody want a beer?

- Me.
- Yep. -Yeah!

I'm gonna go work out.

No, you're not.

You're gonna go study
for your Captain's test.

Don't do that.

Do what, call you a liar?

Presume to know me.

Ambition's not a bad thing,

Just when it's the only thing.

Okay, for the record,
this right here?

This is why
we don't date each other.

Wow. Pot, kettle.

Ripley didn't work
at the station.

Yeah, still...

Vic's right, you guys.
You need to kiss and make up.

Or, you know... not kiss,
but just decide to get along.

I am getting along.

You guys? You're cutting into
my drinking time.

And the incident today
is a perfect example

of how Seattle Fire is going to
be there for you going forward.

We were able to contain the fire

and treat the patients
with only one company.

Screw this guy. He's using us
to launch his agenda.

He doesn't miss
a photo op, does he?

That, I can promise you.

I thought I was done
being mad at Ripley for dying,

but here I am,
pissed at a dead guy.

At least we don't
have to work with him every day.

I might have to level
that Rigo guy.

Before Andy gets back.

If she ever does.

That guy
looks like a sex offender.

Thank you!

What are you drinking?

What are you buying?

It's just not the same.

What are you still doing here?

I didn't get a chance
to get my workout in today.

It's great to meet Chief Dixon.

Seems like
a real breath of fresh air.


And I thought you handled
the incident really well.

What do you want, Bishop?

I know you're in the running
for Battalion Chief.

And I know you stand
a good chance of getting it.

I want to make Captain
when you do.

There's no guarantee I'll get...

We both know you're the best man
for the job.

And we both know
I'm the best woman for this job.

Gibson and Herrera... they both
let their personal lives

get in the way of their careers.

I do not.

I have no conflicts. No baggage.

I have spent a lifetime

dedicating every waking hour
to my goals.

And I always achieve them.

I am the next Captain
of Station 19.

I just made you Lieutenant.

What's the rush?

If gold's within my reach,
why wouldn't I grab it?

Well, you just missed
those unexploded fireworks

and let a member of our team

run into a fire
without a helmet today.

I did miss those fireworks.

But with all due respect, sir,

you let Warren run in
without a helmet.

So I guess even the best players
sometimes drop the ball.


Danny. I'm sorry. I got
some blood in your dad's car.



Where is he?!



Hey, Danny.

How long
will you sit here, Benjamin?

Will you sit here for days?


How long do you think
I'm gonna sit here?

For the rest of my life,

He had everything.

We gave him everything.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Monroe.

I didn't...

We didn't mean to...

You didn't mean it.
I know you didn't think.

I just hope you think now.

I just hope...

Look at me, Benjamin.

Look at me while I'm talking.

I hope and pray...

I hope you never,
ever do this to your mother.

It's been a while.

It's, uh...

It's been too long.

I mean, l-last time I saw you,
I was still, uh...

I-I think
I was doing anesthesiology.


Just... dull.


I put away all that, uh,

that put you here, and I...

I learned to like crosswords.

Spent my days
watching people sleep

and waking them up.

I-I think I did that
because, uh...

'cause I couldn't wake you up.


Danny, wake up! Come on!

Come on!



Everything I do in my life,
it all comes back to you.

I'm trying to save you.

T-To put your skull
back together.

I mean, I'm a...
I'm a firefighter now, you know?

First on the scene. I...

And I-I still hear
your mom's voice in my head

whenever I run toward danger.

Oh. Oh, yeah. Um...

I, uh...

I brought you these.


Couldn't let you go
without the new Jordans.

You know, um...

I always thought that if I...

If I ever had
a kid of my own, I'd...

I'd name him Danny.

Or her.

E-Either way.

So, I opened my vein.

Now you open yours.

Dark turn of phrase,
all things considered.

What happened in San Diego?

Jenna cheated on me.


How'd you find out?

Oh, she told me.

She told you? Yeah.

She wanted to hurt me.

Why would she do that?

Well, the day before,

she asked me if I was
still in love with my ex.


And I said yes.



Wait, okay, wait.

So, who do y'all think
is gonna be the new Captain

when Sullivan
makes Battalion Chief?


What, you don't think
it's gonna be Herrera?

You know what?
I'm not saying anything, so...

Okay. You did say something.

Snorting is saying something.
Now say words.

She ain't out sick.

Say more words.

Sullivan benched her.

What? Why did he bench her?

Because she broke his heart.

Or he broke her heart.
I don't know.

I haven't worked it out yet.

Okay. Right. Yeah.

He's Captain,
she's Lieutenant, Yeah.

They were secretly in love,
and none of us knew about it.



Okay, you know what?

Everything in life comes down
to two things... love and war.

Sex. Maybe money.

Uh-huh. Definitely money. Yeah.

Herrera and Sullivan? Really?


Well, I have zero proof,

but this is all gossip
and speculation. Yeah.

I... love... gossip...

more than I should.



Oh, God.
These smell like the fire today.

Yucky. Yeah.

This delicious? Mm-hmm.

It's a Molotov cocktail.

It's the perfect mix.

Oh, God.

I didn't invite you!

Yeah. I'm looking for my wife.

Her friend said
that she was here.

What? Ooh!





You are good at that.

Oh. Phew.

So I've been told.


Damn it. My husband.

You have a husband?
Yeah. You knew that.

How would I know that?
We just met.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

Last summer?
Station 19 barbecue?

I said "Nice hot dog,"
you said, "Nice buns."

Your husband is...


Everyone keeps telling me
to stay in my lane.

T-That I'm not a doctor anymore.

But I am still a doctor.

And I'm a firefighter.

I am highly trained
in both those fields.

That should make me an asset,
not a liability.

What makes you a liability
is that

you run into burning buildings
without permission

and deliberately defy
your Captain's orders.

Yes. Yes.
I am defiant sometimes.


I'm also brave.

I'm wired for adrenaline.

And I care about my fellow man.

I'm smart, Captain, alright?

And I'm capable,
and I can think six steps ahead,

and I'm tired
of apologizing for that.

Look, I spend
so much time apologizing

for all the career changes
and all the years of training.

I swear to God, Captain,
I think all of it,

every minute of my life
up until now

has led me to this moment,
to this conversation,

to... to this possibility.

What possibility?

A physician response team.

Field medicine.

A surgeon
who's first on the scene.

You want to do surgery
in the field?

They do it in the military.
Why not here?

Look, I am a surgeon
who's also a first responder.

How many fire departments
can say

that they've got someone like me
on their roster?

Look. You want to impress Dixon?

I'm your shot.


No. Y-You don't
have to say anything...

I want to.
I want to say something.

Well, there's nothing to say.

It's just...

I guess it turns out
everything is about you, Andy.


Whoa. Milo, put that down!
That's not a toy!

Milo... Milo, put the gun down.

Mommy's gun.

Pew pew pew!

Now you're the bad guy.

No, Milo! No! No! No! Milo!



You okay?

I'm okay. Milo, are you okay?

I want my mommy!

Okay. You're okay. You're okay.

He's okay.


I don't think I'm okay.


No, no, no, no, no.


911. Please hold.

Damn it.

Don't. Stop, stop, stop.
D-Don't talk.

Don't die.


Dad? Dad, I need you
to come back.

Come back! Come back!

Come back! Come back.