Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - I Know This Bar - full transcript

After a car crashes into Joe's Bar, Andy and Sullivan lead the team of firefighters as they work to rescue their fellow crew mates Ben and Pruitt, Grey Sloan doctors and interns, and bar patrons before the building collapses.

Previously on "Grey's Anatomy"
and "Station 19"...

- I'm pregnant.
- Oh, we're having a baby!

Everything okay?

- I think it's best if you... go.
- Okay.

- Dr. Avery.
- Jackson.


I am just getting out of
a pretty serious relationship.

Me... Me, too. He died.

I'm really sorry to hear that.

- Dr. Bailey.
- Captain Herrera.

Please don't tell your husband
my cancer's back.

Dr. Bailey, you're bleeding.

Oh, Ben. Please.

Um... I-I know... I know
this is a-a loss for you, too,

but I'm asking you to just
leave me alone f-for now.

Why were you at the hospital?

Physical rescue.

Motor vehicle into a business

at 4397 Northeast Sequoia Avenue.

All 19 units respond.

Please help!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Was that a bomb?

- Oh, my God!
- Are we in the Green Zone?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- Simms is bleeding!
- Oh, my God.

- Somebody help him!
- Oh, my God.

Are you okay, son?

- Oh, my God!
- Calm down. Levi, calm down.

- Let's go. Let's help.
- Kim, over here.

Help me move this stuff
so we can get to Simms.

Help! Help!

Warren! This car could be leaking gas!

Okay, let's get everybody
up and bring them to the front.

Wait a minute.

Yeah, that's not good.


Ooh, that's good.

Yeah, spicy and sweet... you.


Oh, you think you're salty.

I think we shouldn't compare me
to your Bolognese.

Okay, uh, maybe we could get

some more cooking
and a little less of... of that.

I told you. I told him.

- You did tell him.
- I remember.

Okay, so, "I told you so"?

That's the comfort
you guys have to offer me?

Well, if it makes you feel
any better, you're not alone.

Nikki leaves a trail
of broken hearts in her wake

wherever she goes.

Somehow that doesn't
make me feel any better.

Hey, brought the balloons.

Pink and blue and yellow and green

'cause gender's not a binary.

And this is, um, Dr. Jackson Avery.

- Hey, brother.
- Hey.

Uh, you a friend of Warren's?

Yeah. And Bailey.

Hey. Hey.

- Hey.
- How you doing?

- He's also a-a friend of mine.
- Hey.

- Yes. It's true.
- Yeah.

- That's great. This is great.
- Thank you, Travis.

Nice to meet you, Jackson Avery.

I'm starving, though, man.

No! No! No! No!

What's all this?

You were supposed to keep him in the gym!

It was supposed to be a surprise.

- Look, I tried.
- I got hungry, though.

You had one job.

Firehouse baby!

Help! Help!

- Any fuel leaks?
- None that I can see.

The stairwell's
completely blocked by debris,

and that wall's not stable.

We got to get everyone out of here.

- Back door?
- Up... Up the stairs.

Hey, hey, Herrera, Herrera,
someone else can go.

Warren, I swear to God,

you start treating me
like I'm dying, I'll kill you.

Schmitt, I need hands here, please.


Hey, hey, hey. You need to get in there.

I know they're your friends,
but you're trained for this.

- Go. Go!
- Okay. Okay.

You... You all right, man? You hurt?

Car came through the wall.

Yeah. Yeah... Yeah, it did.


Come on!

Give us a hand over here?


Nice and steady, all right? On my count.

One, two, three.

- Help! Can anybody hear?!
- There we go.

Can somebody hear me?!

Watch yourself.

Is somebody there?!

All right, now, grab the base.
Grab the base.

Ma'am, roll... Roll down your windo...

Ma'am! Roll down your window!

I-I need help!

Okay, I'm here to help you.
Now, just turn off the car.

Ma'am? Turn off the car.

No, no, no! Put the lights back on!

I just... Put the lights back on.


Ma'am? Are you hurt?

- No, but my husband...
- Husband?

Ugh. Okay. I-I need to get up higher.

Hey, can you, uh, run
and get me a box or a keg

or something I can stack
on top of this table?

- I need to get higher.
- Yeah, you got it.

All right, listen up.

I need all medical personnel
who's able to help.

I need you to check everyone's ABCs.

Airway, breathing, circulation.


Airway, breathing, circulation.

Very good, Helm.
That's very good, all right?

Just hold still for us, okay?

Schmitt, I need you
to keep Simms on his side,

- make sure he doesn't lose his airway.
- Lose his airway?

From all the blood, yeah. Get over here.

All right, put your hands on mine.

All right, we're protecting
his c-spine no matter what.

I'm gonna go find some packing
for his nose, stop this bleeding.

I'm gonna go get some vodka to sterilize.

Good call.

My hips hurt. I think
I have a pelvic fracture.

I think I have massive bleeding
inside my pelvis.

I think I'm dying.

No, no, no. You're not dying,
Helm. Sit tight.

Was there a bomb?

Who... Who manned the checkpoint?

Are we in the Green Zone?

Warren! Back door's blocked
from the outside.

It's immobile.

- I got it!
- Son! Wait!


There's a large vehicle
blocking the door.

You can't karate chop that away.

It's Tae Kwon Do.

- Either way.
- Yeah.

All right, ma'am...

I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!

Ma'am, ma'am, listen to me. Listen to me!

- Tell me your name.
- Joan.

My... My name is Joan.

Okay, Joan. Joan, are you hurt?

No, but my husband is dying.

Okay, why do you think
your husband is dying, Joan?

Help me help him.

We were coming home from a party,

and he started to gasp,
and then he grabbed his arm.

Does he have a history of heart disease?

He's had two heart attacks before.

I just... I panicked, and
I-I was going to the hospital,

and then someone was
in the road, and I swerved...

- Joan, Joan, Joan, listen to...
- Oh, my God!

- Listen to me. Listen to me.
- Oh, my God!

I want you to try and take
his pulse. Can you do that?

C-Can you reach over
and check his pulse for me?

- Use two fingers under his jawbone.
- I don't... I don't...

Move forward an inch, all right?

- Can you do that?
- I don't know.

- Does he have a pulse?
- No, I-I can't.

- I can't. I don't know! I can't.
- O-O-Okay, okay, okay, okay.

- I can't feel anything.
- Put your fingers

under his nose, all right?

- Feel for breath, okay?
- Okay.

Now, can you do that?

He... He's breathing.
He's breathing. He's breathing.

- Okay. Okay. That's good.
- He's breathing.

- That's good. That's good.
- He's breathing.

- All right, now, Joan, sit tight.
- He's breathing.

- Help is already on the way.
- Okay.


Man, I like that bar.

It's gotta be chock full
of doctors and nurses.

Maybe not. Late at night,
middle of the week.

Do you think people don't drink
in the middle of the week?

Ooh, a text from my hot doctor lover!

You know, you don't have to call him
that every time you refer to him.

Which one? Hot or doctor?

- 'Cause he's both.
- "Lover."

It's very 1978, and not in a good way.

- Well, I'm bringing it back.
- Please don't.

You know, what you could
call him is Jackson.

Oh. I could call you Killjoy.

- Hey, lover.
- Mm.

Sorry, I'm on a call.

Car plowed into Joe's bar.
Got to make it quick.

Yeah, I'm in the bar.

That's not funny. No, it's really not.

Okay, well, I buried a man
I love not all that long ago,

so catastrophe humor
isn't really my thing.

And yet, I remain in the bar.

- What? You're serious?
- What?

- Are... Are you hurt?
- Why is he hurt?

No, I'm not hurt, all right?

It's just, the front door
is blocked by the car,

and the back door is blocked
by something on the outside.

Okay, you're in the bar? He's trapped.

You're trapped in a burning bar?

It's not burning, okay?
There's nothing burning.

Well, not yet.
How bad is the car situation?

You know what? I got to give you
to Warren. Here.

Warren? Oh.


There's no fire threat,

but the structural integrity
of the front wall's

been compromised,
and the rear exit's blocked.

And we have, uh, six injured, some dire.

Get here now.

Hot doctor lover's trapped in Joe's bar?

Shut up and drive.

All right, I want this vehicle
to be secured and stabilized

with cribbing and lifting straps
right now.

Station 19 requests
two additional engines,

two aid cars, and a USAR company.

This wall is load-bearing.

It's supporting the front of the bar.

Several structural supports have
been sheared or compromised, sir.

Captain, Ben Warren's on the inside.

He said the back door's
blocked from the outside

and there are multiple critical injuries.

- Take Gibson and...
- Gibson, Hughes, let's assess.


What... What is this?

Firehouse baby!

Congratulations, Mama.

T... Uh... No, Miller.

- Okay, "Mommy"?
- Mnh-mnh.

Congratulations, Miranda?

Uh, my friends call me Bailey.

Bailey! Congratulations, Bailey.

Sparkling cider, Bailey?

Oh, don't mind if I do.

Uh, what's Avery doing here?

Oh, uh, he's seeing Vic.

Didn't her fiancé die?

E-Everyone grieves in their own way.

- Got it.
- Mm-hmm.

I'd like to offer up a toast
to Ben and Miranda,

already excellent parents to young Tuck.

May this new blessing

of an unexpected late-life baby...

- Late life?
- Oh.

Mid... life?

J-Just move through it.
Just move through it.

May this baby enrich your lives

in ways you cannot yet imagine...

but will always treasure.

- Wow.
- Hear, hear.

- Cheers.
- I brought it... I brought it around.

Station 19 aid car.

- You have to go?
- No, no, no. That one's me.

Minor injury at residential home.

- 52 Dudley Avenue.
- Wait. Oh, that's me, too.

No, you stay with your date. I'll go.


I'll take this one.

You, uh... you enjoy the party.

So, what, are those two a couple, or...?

No, that... He's the Captain.

Are you kidding?

Construction all over the city.

All they do is cut corners
and ignore fire codes.

- Here. Hold me?
- Got you.

We have a cement truck
blocking the back entrance.

Gonna need a whole lot of backup.


One, two...

All right.

Standing by for backup.

Copy. Sending backup
and calling for a tow truck.

Maybe the keys are in there somewhere.

You think they left the keys
inside of the truck?

They were stupid enough to park it in front
of a fire exit, so anything's possible.

Unlock the other door.

My hot doctor lover
is inside of that bar,

and I would very much like
for his body to remain intact.

A lot of people are inside that bar.

Maybe I can hot-wire it.

Are you judging me?

- No.
- Yeah, I'm pretty sure you are.

I'm pretty sure there was
some judgment in that tone.

- Your fiancé died.
- Right.

So, you think my vagina
should be a war widow

draped in black forever?

I'm not trying to judge you. I just...

I don't get how you did it.

- Did what?
- Moved on.

Oh, you... You want to know the secret?

Um, I don't know.
You feel it all the way.

You cry, you wail, you write bad poems,

and so sob so hard, you puke.

You rage at the gods,
and you scream into your pillow,

and you cry so hard,
your knees buckle under you,

and you cry so hard, you think
your lungs are gonna collapse,

and then something reminds you
of how funny he could be,

so you start to laugh,

and then you laugh so hard,
you need to cry some more.

The secret is to let it out

for as long and as often
as you feel like it.

It's when you fight grief...
That's when it lingers.

So, what are you grieving?

I'm not grieving. No one died.

Yeah, you know, no one had to.

I know heartbreak when I see it, Herrera.

- Someone hurt you bad.
- I can't get it.

Just get out and get ready to push.

Do you want me to ask my lover if
he's got any hot doctor friends?

Let's go! Come on!



All right, I need some guys here.

You guys back here.
Bishop, Hughes... right here.

You ready?

One... two...


Push, push!


All right, stop, stop. That's enough.

Truck's too heavy.

We need more hands back here.

Herrera, Herrera, um...

Your tongue's been in my mouth.

I think that puts us
on a first-name basis.

Look, Andy, I didn't mean
to hurt you, okay?

And I would like it if...

Hasn't it been long enough?

Can't we be friends?


Look, a-a relationship
between us is against the rules.

Yeah, I understand the rules, Robert,

- but you broke a lot of them.
- I know.

You know, it's not just against the rules

to have sex with your subordinates.

It's also against the rules
to throw them longing glances.

- Andy...
- It's against the rules

to let your hands linger,

to let your eyes wander...

Oh, y-you're saying I harassed you?

No, I'm saying you fell in love with me,

which is also specifically
against the rules.

I'm saying I fell in love with you

and you did nothing to discourage it.

I never took advantage.

I didn't say you took advantage.

- I s...
- Hep!

I am saying I wasn't the only one.

And I kissed you, but we both felt it.

And then... And then you...
You... you say it can't happen,

you... you don't speak to me
for weeks, you push me away.

- I mean, that's crazy-making.
- Okay.

It's... It's... It's gaslighting!

I'm sorry. I didn't know
how to handle it. I...

Just admit that you felt it, too.

Admit that...
That I'm not making this up,

that this isn't a figment
of my imagination.

Okay, you're not making it up.

And it can't happen.

Both of those things are true.


Let's get rid of the back window
and cut the seep holes.

We weaken the roof of that car, sir,

and the whole wall may collapse.

Let's get the struts in place
so we can shore above the car.

Help! He's not breathing!

- He's not breathing!
- Go, go, go, go, go.

Please help!

He's not breathing!

He's dying!!

He's not breathing!

Don, please don't die on me.

Okay, Joan. Joan. Joan! Joan.

I need you to do CPR, okay?

Now, press on his chest hard, all right?

To the tune of "Stayin' Alive."

- Just one, two, three, four.
- Okay.

One, two, three, four, staying alive.

- One, two, three, four. There you go.
- Staying alive, staying alive.

- You got some kind of hammer back there?
- Yeah.

Bring it... And a bar towel.

One, two, three, four.

Okay, I need you to hold this stool.
Can you do that?

Yes, sir. No, no, no, I'll get it.

Let the guy without the medical license

hold the damn stool, Warren.

Come on. One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.


- Herrera?
- Sullivan, down here!

Herrera? Get away from this
window. This wall is not stable.

We have access to the victims.

Passenger's in cardiac arrest.
We need the LIFEPAK.


Yeah, I got multiple injuries
over here, too.

- Uh, Kim?
- Got it.

We need packing and tape,
all the supplies you got, Sullivan.

- ...two, three, four.
- Keep coming!

We're securing the vehicle on our end.

You do your best
to stabilize it on yours.

See if you can stack
some kegs or something.


Joan, I need you to take these pads.

- ...staying alive, staying alive...
- Joan, can you hear me?

Joan! Please stop singing!

All right, listen to me.

Open your husband's shirt
and put these pads on his chest.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- One is going high on his right...
- Oh, okay.

...and low and to the side on his left.



- You're doing great.
- O-Okay, okay.

Are you good? All right,
now take your hands away from him, Joan.

Okay, move all the way away
from him so I can shock him.

Okay, wait, wait. Will it hurt him?

- No.
- Okay.

He's in V-tach. Okay.

Here we go.


Okay, one more time.

All right, clear!


Mother of God!

What are you doing to me?!

You said he wouldn't feel it.

Be glad he could.

- Okay, your turn.
- Yeah. Here we go.

I got it this time.

I wish your baby a mountain of charm,

because charm will get you through

just about anything in this life.

Even criminal charges.

That is true.

Criminal charges?

Yeah, he was defending my honor.

- You okay?
- Fine.

Uh, I wish your baby...

courage, vulnerability...

You're supposed to only pick one.

Okay. Great. Thank you.

I wish your baby more ups
in this life than downs.


I wish your baby her mother's smarts.

I wish that, too.


Oh, yeah. 50 bucks says she's a girl.

I'll take those...

Um, well, I wish your baby
a long, long and healthy life.


Thanks, man.

And I wish your baby a happy family

for her whole life.

Andy, your turn.

I wish...

I wish your baby love.

- Aww!
- Mm.

- Love.
- Cheers to that.

- Love.
- Cheers to that.

- Cheers to love.
- Cheers to love.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

I'm gonna go wash up.

You died, Don.

You died on me!

You stopped breathing!

I didn't do it on purpose!

You stopped breathing,
and all I could think about

was going home without you and the dog!

God, all I could think about
was the look on her face

when I would come home without you.

If you die, Cleo will crap
on the floor every day after.

Every day of my life after you die

will be crap on the floor!

Literal crap and figurative crap!

So just don't do it!

Don't die on me!

I-I don't want to do this life
without you.


Me neither, okay?

B-Breathe, Joan.

Don't tell me to breathe. You breathe.

All right, Helm, I'm ready. You ready?

What are you gonna do?

We're gonna set this leg.

Was there a bomb?

Where are we? We should get out of here.

Is he in shock, or is his brain bleeding?

Take a look. All right.

All right, sit still.

Pupils look equal and reactive.

Let me check.

I got a small hematoma.

I just need you to lay down,
Parker, okay?

Just wait till help comes. Lay down.

All right, Helm,
let's get you set up here.

Little bit of morphine,
we'll get started.

But I'm allergic to morphine!

Okay. All right. Um...

All right, uh, Trey, give me,
uh, couple shots of whiskey.

Are you serious?

Yeah, I'm serious. You got a better idea?

Warren, I could use your help here.

- Who's the whiskey for?
- Right here. I got a broken leg.

Helm, I need you to drink up,
all right? None for Parker.

Everything hurts.

Am I dying?

- Not today.
- Is this what dying feels like?

Simms is dying. You're not dying.

Simms is not dying! No one's dying!

Casey also might be dying. Hard to tell.

Hey! No one is dying!

- You don't know that.
- Was there a bomb?

- Where are we?
- Parker, lay down.

Are we setting this leg?

I'll provide traction. You set the bone.

We got to get out of here.

We... We... We... We got to get
out of here before it collapses.

Your wife is having a baby.

She's not.

- What?
- What do you mean?

She's not having a baby anymore.

Look, just... Just hold still.

Here we go. On my count. One, two, three.

Come in! Come on, hustle!

Right here. Some in the back.


And... go.

- Push!
- Come on!

- That's right! We got this! Go, go, go!
- Hold it! Hold it!

Oh, no, no, no. Not right now.

Stop pushing, Gibson.
I have a motor vehicle at 12:00.

- Stop pushing. Stop pushing.
- Back up!

Back up!

Back door is almost clear,

but I am now blocked by your tow truck,

and I still don't see any aid cars.

Copy, Herrera. Aid cars en route.

Use the tow truck.

No, it'll take longer.
Get it out of my way.

Stop! Pull forward!

You do this all the time, huh?

- Hm?
- You and Vic.

This job is just basically
like this all the time?

Yeah. I guess it is.

I don't know how the hell
you guys do it, honestly.

You know, the adrenaline pumps
while you're in it.

Gets you through.

It's actually pretty thrilling
a fair amount of the time.

But sometimes I get scared

- after the fact.
- After?

Yeah, you know, like,
after all the danger's passed,

sometimes I start thinking,
"That was insane.

We just ran toward the fire.

Who does that?"

And then I start thinking,
"What if I died?

You know, what would... Would Miranda do?

What about Tuck?

What about the ba..."

Guess I don't have to worry
so much about that part anymore.

I'm really sorry about that, man.

Yeah. Me, too.

He's choking again!

And turning blue!

- Okay, we're gonna have to crike him.
- Yep.

He's dying! I told you he was dying!

Helm, you're inebriated
and possibly brain-damaged.

These are excellent reasons
for you to shut up!

- Okay, I'm gonna need a 16-gauge needle.
- Yep.

Find another pair of gloves.

Excuse me.



Uh, is Ben with you?

I've been calling him.
He's not answering.

Uh, yeah, he's inside.

But he's not working.

No, he wasn't.

But... I got to go.


He was in the bar?

When the car drove into it?!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Get back behind the line!

Dean Miller, get your hands off me!

Okay, but you have to get back
behind the lines, Bailey.

Was my husband in that bar? Is he hurt?

No, I do not believe he's hurt.

Okay, is he in danger?

- You... You paused. You paused.
- Okay...

- Miller.
- Hey, hey!

Look, we're moving as fast as we can

to get Ben and everybody else
out of that bar.

Okay, well, who else is in there?

Are doctors in there? Nurses?
Are my people hurt?

Yeah, yeah, people are hurt,

but you have to let me do my job
and help them.

Miller, I am Chief of Surgery...

Dr. Bailey, you are not my chief.

Okay? My Captain is standing right there.

He gave me orders,

orders I can't carry out because
you're getting in my way,

and you're costing me time, Bailey.

You're costing me time.

What if I walked into your O.R.,

got in your way, and cost you time?

Thank you.

Get my husband out of there!

Yes, ma'am!

I see why you like this place so much.


Do you think Dean was right?

You think it's a girl?

I kinda do.

I always wanted a girl.


I like it up here.

I feel... safe up here.

This world feels dark sometimes.

Bringing a brand-new human being
onto this planet...

I like knowing
there are heroes out there.

I like knowing the heroes personally.

I like that a lot.


Okay, sir, I need to get you out of here.

Please, take my wife out first.

Don, you just died a minute ago.

I barely died.

Will you let the man help you,
for God's sakes?

Okay. Fine.

I'm gonna put this in your lap.

Let me move your head, okay?

Just like that. Perfect.

I'm gonna let your seat down.

I'm ready.

Come on, hurry up. Hurry up.

Slowly back.

All right.

One, two, three.

Okay, Joan, I'm gonna hold you upright

while I put your seat back.

Can you undo your seatbelt for me?

- Um...
- Can you undo your seatbelt, please?

You know, if he dies,
the dog is never gonna recover.

Okay, Joan, let's focus
on keeping you both alive.

Is your seatbelt stuck?

Uh, y-yeah.

But you know what? I-I-It's okay.

I've got my...
I've got my crafting scissors.

I mean, he's not gonna die, is he?

I mean, he's only 53.

Okay, I've got them.

Okay, Dean, I'm gonna need the
safety cutters for this seatbelt.

Montgomery, are you all right?

I'm okay, I'm okay.


- Can you get the door?
- I'm on it.

Hey, Joan?

Hey, Joan... Joan?

No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Get the door! Get her out of here!

Help me get her out of here!

- It's in her carotid.
- I need pressure pads over here!

We need to brace this header.

Let's get some shoring now. Now! Come on!

Raker's on the way, sir.

Montgomery, give me an update.



I need a report on the back door.

How many minutes out?

- Come on! Let's go!
- We're almost there.

One minute out.

Firehouse baby!

I'm sorry.

If Ripley were still here...

I think he might tell you...

to screw the rules.

They're making me Battalion Chief.

A-And I want you to make Captain, but...

it's not gonna happen if we're together.

Why not?

H-Haven't I earned it?

People won't see it that way.

So we can't be together

because I won't get my promotion?


Or we can't be together
because if people find out,

you won't get your promotion?


- Got it! I got it!
- We're in!


Yeah, Vic, over here!

All right, attention!

- I'm fine.
- This is Seattle Fire Department.

Anyone who can walk,
I need you to make your way

up these stairs and out
the back entrance, all right?

- Let's go.
- Over here. Follow me.

Roll on three. One, two, three.

He has complex max-face fractures,

and he almost lost his airway
twice before we criked him.

Get him to Grey-Sloan. He's one of ours.

Parker, can you walk?

Levi, let's go.

I don't want to die.
I'm supposed to be a surgeon.

I'm supposed to save all the lives.

Hey, Helm, you're not dying,
okay? You're just drunk.

In all fairness, she also might be dying!

- We don't know!
- Schmitt, you can't help her here, okay?

Go scrub in. We need all hands
on deck back at the hospital.


Dad, what the hell are you doing in here?

Well, I was drinking. Now I'm helping.

Why were you drinking at a hospital bar

at this time of night?

Anything I should know?

Took you a long time to get in here.

Your unit's gone soft.

- You okay?
- Hey. Yeah.

Um, I'm gonna head back to work,
see if I can help.

Yeah, of course.

- You look, um...
- Filthy.

- Yeah, I know. I also stink.
- Hot.

Actually, you look hot.


You like soot? Soot's your thing?

Apparently, soot's one of my things now.

Shh, shh.

You're okay. Yeah, I'm okay.

I'm okay.

It's my fault.

If I'd made it into Medic One...

Wait, w-what?

M-M-My job is too stressful
for you. All right?

You were too scared. I-It's my fault.

Ben, no!

This was not your fault.

This was not anybody's fault.

Or... maybe it's God's fault,

okay, if you want somebody to blame.

Yeah, your job scares me to death,

but you weren't even at work
tonight, and look what happened,



It scares me to death sometimes.

Yeah, okay.

W-We're okay. We're okay.

Ohh. I have to go back to work.

Yeah, I know.

I know.

Miranda, y-your residents...

Okay, how bad is it?

I'll walk with you.

All right, let's do
our last inventory check

and get out of here.

You're calling me a slut?

I am just asking you

why you can't stop crapping
where you eat.

You're calling me a slut.

Every time you make the decision

to sleep with a firefighter
in your own station,

I didn't sleep with him, and if I had,

it's none of your business.
You set back female

firefighters a few years!

Dad, you need to stop talking now.

I don't care how many men
you sleep with, Andy...

- Stop talking.
- ...but your Captain?!

I didn't sleep with him, and if I had,

it's still none of your business!

It damn well is my business!
You are my child!

Your decisions reflect on me,
on my legacy!

Get out.

Andrea, I am your father.

You may not have any respect
for rules, for tradition,

for authority,

but you will respect your father.

Got it, Dad.

Then I'll get out.



Captain Herrera, it's late.


Sorry to wake you.

Are you okay?

Because we haven't talked
since that night with your dad,

and you don't seem okay.

I didn't sleep with Sullivan.

There's tension between the two of you.

Everyone feels it.

I didn't sleep with him.

Andy, I honestly don't care
who you sleep with.

I care that you won't talk to me.

They're about to name a new Fire Chief,

and Sullivan wants Battalion Chief,

and he wants to make me Captain.

He says if we have a relationship,

it messes with our promotions.

He says he's protecting me.

I didn't sleep with him.


Thank you.

He's in heart surgery.

- It is not your fault.
- He's in heart surgery.

When he comes out,

he's gonna learn that his wife,
who was perfectly healthy...

You don't know she was perfectly healthy.

She was perfectly healthy.

Well, she drove her car into a bar.

She swerved while she was trying
to get her husband to the hospital.

Yeah, maybe she had an aneurysm
waiting to rupture.

Maybe she would have died tomorrow...

Vic, just let me say it. ...and you...

Just let me say it.

I should've taken away those scissors.

I was right there,
and I almost had her out.

I just...

Every time I try to believe
that there's some justice,

some grand plan, life proves me wrong.

I almost had her out.

Why are you crying?

It just happens sometimes.

I highly recommend it.

They have a dog.

She was... talking about her dog.


You did great work today.

I do great work every day.


Excuse me?

I've been patient,

but I've had just about enough
of the insubordination.

It affects morale.

Your friends, they follow your lead.


What friends?

Friendships only function
if you can talk to your friends

about what you're going through,

and I'm so busy
protecting your promotion...

Take a week off.

You're benching me?

I'm not benching you.

I won't put it on your record.

I'm saying take some personal days,

get your head together, and figure out

how to at least pretend
like you respect me.

You could transfer to another station.

You could be Captain but not be my boss.

You could trust that I will be
promoted to Captain

in due course because I have earned it.

You could trust that I don't
need any favors from you,

and I don't need your
patronizing idea of protection,

because I get enough of that
from my father.

Yeah, this conversation is over.

You finish your shift and...

take the week off.

We should try and get some sleep.

We need to talk.

I think it's time for us to stop.

Stop what?

This. Us.

Did I do something or...


It's just...

it's not going anywhere.

We're not going anywhere.

We have nothing in common.

We both like running into fires.

We both like that thing
I do with my tongue.

You're a good guy,
and you're good in bed.

But this was never going anywhere real.

You're... You're dumping me
for no reason?

You're ending this?

After two major incidents
and no sleep, you're just...

They're naming a new Fire Chief.

Promotions will trickle down.

Is that what this is about?

Are you gunning for Captain, Maya?

Jack, I care about you.

I would literally run into
a burning building for you.

- And now you're telling jokes.
- I want to be friends.

Let's be friends.