Station 19 (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Crash and Burn - full transcript

In the aftermath of the windstorm, Andy and Sullivan's fates remain unknown while trapped in an overturned car; the team confronts Jack about his well-being; the firefighters race against time to find their teammates.

Previously on "Station 19"...

Windstorm's on the way.
It's supposed to get pretty ugly.

Warrant was issued this morning.

So, what are you gonna do?

I've never seen myself as a person

who will ever actually get married.

- Hey! Sorry!
- Screw you!

Hey, Gibson... enough!

When did this start?
Right after the skyscraper?

Let me sleep!

Shannon, let's take care
of your leg, okay?

- Still no service.
- We won't be safe here much longer.

Screw dispatch.
We got to get out of here.

Maya Bishop will be promoted
to Lieutenant.

There's an opening at Station 23.

- Hey, it's Andy.
- Where are you? Call me.

When you've crashed and burned,
you might wonder,

"How did I get here?"


Herrera, wake up.

But that part doesn't really matter.

What matters is what you do next.

We were in a crash.


- Hey. You with me?
- I'm here. I'm here.

Will you let it overwhelm you...

How long was I out?

Couple minutes, I think.

Little longer than me.

We have a couple problems.

...or will you rise?


Are you all right back there?


I feel sort of...

like, outside of my body.

I'm pinned pretty good here.

I... can't... get good leverage.

I'll help. Just...
Just give me a minute.

Is anyone else cold?

Because I am.


Okay. Let's say all the things aloud

so we understand
what we're dealing with here.

You're pinned.

Shannon's leg needs a hospital.

We're stuck. On our side.

In a ravine.

During a windstorm.

We can't call for help,

and no one even knows we're out here.

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It's driving me crazy
I can't check in with Miranda.

I can't get ahold of Andy, either.

She'll check in
when they get to a landline.

Yeah, nobody's got any signal right now.

But, Bishop, you made Lieutenant.

Savor it.

Fall into the warm embrace
of these mashed potatoes.


I made Lieutenant at Station 23.

- The people there are...
- The worst.

- Meatheads.
- Unshowered.

Thanks, guys. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

They are.

I mean, you have
actual knowledge about 23.

- Dish, please.
- Nothing to dish.

You were seeing
what's-his-name over there.

- Oh, um...
- Mayhorn!

- Mayhorn.
- Mayhorn.


You were seeing Mayhorn?

"Seeing" is a strong word.

I saw him once.

- Thought you said it was three times.
- Oh. All right.

You know what? It was a month
or so ago, and it was nothing.

Not... that there's any reason

for any of you to need that information.

- Never mind.
- Me. I need information.

Mayhorn likes 23, right?

I mean, tell me all the reasons
he likes 23.

I'm sorry. I got nothing.

Where's Gibson?
He's gonna want a drumstick.

I believe he's, uh, resting.

I'll fix him a plate.

You don't want to see Hangry Jack.

Hey, how is Gibson lately?

Does he seem on edge to you?

- You noticed?
- Kind of hard not to notice

when he's throwing Greg Tanner
against a wall

over a poker game.

I'm worried.

Is he getting enough sleep lately?

Odd hours, for sure, but I didn't think

he was bringing all that to the Station.

I've seen this many times
before. It's dangerous.

And it likely won't resolve on its own.

So, what do we do?

I'm just worried
about sticking around here.

You gotta turn me in.

- I've caused enough trouble.
- You're right.

You agree with me?

First time in a long time, huh?

But... storm's not over yet.

We're still grounded.
Can't do anything this minute.

Come on.

Poor Herrera, stuck on Aid Car duty

and missing out
on all this confectionery glory.

Do you... want to get married?

To you?

Or ever?

I mean, are you pro-marriage
or anti-marriage?

Is being anti-marriage
even a real thing?

Marriage isn't everyone's endgame.

Yeah, see, I don't... I don't get that.

Being married to Michael was great.

Why wouldn't... Grant want that?

Well, there is such a thing
as too much too soon.


Live in the now. Forget about the later.

Hey. Can we chat for a minute?



Almost there.

Shannon? How you doing back there?

Oh, just peachy.

You guys?

We're, uh... Yeah. We're peachy, too.

You have concussion symptoms?

Nausea? Dizziness?

Only a slight headache.


Once I'm unpinned,
I'll go for help, all right?

Set up some flares.

And you'll monitor her leg,
minimize the bleeding.


We do all that, we're good to go.

Okay, here we go.


Okay. Let me help you down.

- Wait.
- Let's go. It's time to move.

Andy, wait. I can't.
We just agreed that...

I can't move my legs.

I can't even feel them.

I can't feel them.

Can you wiggle your toes?

You tell me.

It could be temporary.

You know, it's probably temporary.

All right, I'm gonna take a look
at your eyes, Shannon, okay?

It could be swelling around your spine.

That will go away.

Or nerve damage, which can heal, or...

Or I have a significant spinal injury

and may never walk again.

We're jumping the gun here.

We're not specialists.
We can't diagnose you.

My back's on fire.

When I'm done here,
I'll grab you some Fent.

Equal, round, and reactive.
That's great.

- Doesn't feel too great.
- I know, I'm sorry,

but that's normal
after all you went through...

compartment syndrome and a fasciotomy.

I'll grab you some pain meds, too.

Did you lose consciousness
at all, Shannon?

No. I was awake for the whole thing.

Wouldn't want to do that again.

Well, your vitals are good,
you didn't lose consciousness.

That's all good news.
You're a tough cookie.

- Yay.
- No likely concussion.

Her C-Collar must have
protected her head.

- How's your headache?
- The same.

What about you?

You know, you're more
susceptible to drowsiness,

on pain meds and lying down like that.

You were out longer.

You could easily have an
intracranial bleed or something.

I know, but unless
there's a brain surgeon

wandering around out there,
not much we can do about that.

I've got some re-perfusion here.

- A good amount of re-perfusion.
- Copy.

I'm gonna irrigate and re-dress
your leg wound, okay?

Okay, thanks.

Then I'll locate the flares

and hike up to the road for help...

Oh, no.

Talk to me. What's happening?

Uh, just a little smoke
coming from the engine.

I'm on it.

You hate inventory that much?

No, just trying to overcome
this Friendsgiving food baby

while distracting myself
with work and groaning.

Groaning helps.

I got service briefly,

and a text came in from my buddy Karev.

Grey-Sloan lost electricity

and Miranda is trapped in an elevator.

I'm worried out of my mind.

I know we're on a sabbatical, but...

she's trapped in an elevator.

I'm sure she's busy rocking
the whole superhero vibes

that she got going on.

Prying open elevator doors,
doing whatever it takes.

She's Dr. B. She's fine.

I just... I just wish
I knew she was fine.

Like I said, groaning helps.


Smoke's out.

How are the conditions out there?




The, uh, team's looking for an update.

HQ's working to get reception back up.

The wind's still 85 miles per hour.

The calls are prioritized

so we know exactly which to hit first.


Thanks... for the update.

So, uh...

...Mayhorn, huh?

- Okay...
- Hughes? There you are.

So, I'll be sure to disseminate
that info to the team, Chief.

Do me a favor and round up Montgomery

and meet me in the Beanery.

This was the best stuffing
I've ever had.

Better than Mom's.

Don't tell her that.

As much as I hate to remind you,

you are harboring a fugitive here.

Can I ask you something?


That one Christmas,

we had way more stuff than other years.

How'd you pull that off?

I was about to file for bankruptcy,

so I figured, why not liquidate
on gifts for my family?

What about those two months
you were driving

that baby blue Cadillac Seville,
and then it was just gone?

Yeah. I was just, um, holding that.


- Holding it, huh?
- Yes.

For some friends.

Why the sudden curiosity?

I don't know. I'm just...

not sure when
we'll see each other again.

For real, though,
you want some more stuffing?

I'm good.

Pruitt wants to see us in the Beanery.

Would you like to...
to get a seat at Reception?

Yeah. I'll do that.

What did Pruitt want to see us about?

No clue.

But he probably doesn't want
to see man-bits. Zip up.

Sorry, I was... We were...

Oh. No. No, I connected those dots.

But I was trying to talk to him,

and then you got into my head
about living in the now,

and the now that I wanted to live in
was less about talking

- and more about...
- Man-bits! I got it. All good.

Not all good! We needed to talk.

But instead, you had
hotty hot spur-of-the-moment

sexy time because of me.

So you're welcome.

The engine's all good,
so we don't need to evacuate.

Do you need more Fent?

I'm fine.

How steep was that climb out there?

I'm guessing 65 degrees, maybe 70.

That's almost unclimbable without gear.

I have to try. Once I find the flares...

My leg is kind of throbbing now.

I'm upping her pain meds.

Heart rate's erratic.

Her leg needs re-dressing.
She needs to be monitored.

That settles that.

You stay here.

For now.

Until her heart rate evens out.

It's our only option.

Well, my wife is no longer
trapped in an elevator.

That's good, right?

Yeah, what's not good is
that she never even mentioned

being trapped in the first place.

We're in a windstorm!

Lines are down, trees are falling.

I am still her husband,
I still worry, and I should...

I should know these things.

Has it dawned on you
that maybe that's how she feels

when you come home from work every day

and tell her about
all the dangerous things

that you survived at work that day?

Great. You're all here. Now listen up.

He seems mad. Why does he seem mad?

Because I am mad.

Because the firefighters
standing in front of me

are not the firefighters I raised.

The firefighters I raised communicate.

They have each other's backs.

And when one of our own
shows clear signs of struggling,

we help.

Because if we don't,
it puts civilian lives at risk.

There's something wrong with Gibson.

And I suspect all of you have
noticed that something's off.

Hell, I've been here half a day,
and I could tell you that.

A sleep-deprived, troubled
firefighter is a liability.

Snap out of it.

Help isn't just gonna magically appear.

It's on us to do something about it.

Right now.

Radio case is crushed.

If it's a loose fuse,
maybe I can tighten it.

Who identifies the bodies?

When people die out in the woods?

Nobody's dying here today, okay?

Who usually does it, though?

Like, my Gammy's all I have,

so she'd probably have to do it, right?

She's 89.

God, that might kill her.

Hey, y-you don't... you don't
have to think about that.

I'm asking because...

I want to be wearing the necklace
she gave me if it happens.

I mean, If I'm not wearing it,

she'll think
that I don't like it, and...

she's really sensitive
about stuff like that,

and I-I...

I just want to make her
feel good so that maybe...

...maybe if I am dead...

it won't kill her.

Shannon, this is what we do. Okay?

We face impossible situations,
and we overcome them, okay?


Damn it.

The motherboard is fried.
There's no fixing this thing.

So, let's see if we can fix you, okay?


You're bleeding a lot more
than I'd like.

It's time for a re-dress.

Wind's starting to die down.

Ry, you've been a gracious host.

I appreciate it.

And it's time for you to turn me in now.

There's this really beautiful
maple tree out there.

Funny. I've never really
stared at one before.

At a... At a maple tree?

There's a bunch of maple trees
by that bus station on 10th.

It's... It's a pretty quick walk
from here, actually.

I know what you're doing.

This is my mess.

It's time for me to face it.

I bet buses will start
running again soon.

Storm's gonna keep the cruisers
busy for a while

before they go out
on any kind of regular patrol.

The thing I really like
about maple trees

is how tough they are.

They can survive
almost anything, but still,

there's... something about them
that just draws you in.

Something nice.

They can surprise you, you know?

What the hell?

Your concussion's making you groggy.

You got to fight it, okay?

Stay awake.

I need something to focus on to...

to keep me awake.

- Talk to me.
- What about?

I don't know. Do you have any pets?


Me either.

Any hobbies?

I make smoothies.

Already asleep.

I don't know. Uh, talk to me...

...about your wife.

She loved roller skating.

Roller skating?

There was this rink in Auburn
where she liked to skate.

So, that's where we had our first date.

I think I would've
followed her anywhere.

But out on that rink...

I was ridiculous.

Limbs flying everywhere,
bumping into the walls.

No game.

And somehow she married me, anyway.

7 feet between you and the ground,

with wheels glued to your feet...'s terrifying.

I'm lucky I never broke a...

...broke a leg.

After Claire's accident,
work was everything for me.

Kept me sane.

This job is keeping me sane.

I don't know what I'll do if I can't...

if my legs are...

if they are...

Andy, I-I don't know if I...


If that's the case...
and that's a big "if"...

there are other ways to help people.


You'll be okay.

If the situation was reversed,

if you were staring down the barrel

of not doing this job w...

...would you be?

Would you be okay?

She's in cardiac arrest.

It could be an electrolyte imbalance.

We'll make it through this...
all three of us.

You hear me?

- Damn it!
- Hey.

Looks like we drew the short straw.

We're on Friendsgiving cleanup duty.

All right, come on.

What's going on, Dean?

Just hear us out, okay?

Please, Jack. Sit.

I'm good standing.

- What is this?
- We're worried about you.

Okay, does anybody want
to tell me what's going on?

Let's talk about what's going on.

I hear you haven't been sleeping much.

What do you mean, you hear?

You've all been talking about me?

We're worried. That's all.

Oh, you're worried, Bishop?

I was joking about you
trying to take my job.

That... That was a joke.

Now you're trying
to tarnish my reputation?

- Jack, come on. That's not fair.
- "That's not fair"?

What's not fair is all of you
ambushing me, over what?

A little irritability?

Irritability? Jack, it appears
you're suffering from PTSD.

Who the hell are you to determine that?

You're not a doctor.

- I am.
- Oh...

Now, I don't know the details,
but I would recommend

you talk to a professional
about those details.

- I don't need that.
- You don't have to suffer through this...

Who the hell are you to even say, huh?!

You're... You're so healthy?

You've been kicked out of your house.

Dean, you've been kicked out
of your own family.

And I... And I'm sorry, Captain.

You don't even work here anymore!

Hey, Gibson...

And, Hughes, you of all people

want to talk about
my deepest, darkest places

in front of everyone?

Everybody, we've got communication back.

- We're officially un-grounded.
- Great.

We can finally start taking calls

and help people
that actually need help...

Wait. There's more.

Aid Car 19 never made it
to Rainier First hospital.

No one's heard from them
in over an hour.

Our first call out
is a Search and Rescue

for Herrera, Sullivan,
and their patient.

Let's go!


- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna find those road flares.

I need to hike and get us some help.

We decided you'd stay here.

Yeah, but that was before Shannon coded.

She's stable for now, but if
she codes again in the field,

it'll be harder to get her back.

She needs a hospital.

This is my window, while she's
stable, to go set the flares.

It's more dangerous in the dark.

The winds have quieted.
That'll make the climb safer.

Plus, in the dark,
the flares are more visible.

Smashed... soaked.

The... These all got destroyed
in the crash.

I got one that's still viable.

This'll burn for 30 minutes at least.

- I'm going.
- Wait.

Rainier First will have noticed
we didn't arrive by now.

Help will come.

Shannon doesn't have that kind of time.

She's already crashed once.

Chances of it happening again are high,

and again, and again after that,

and without electrolytes,
that'll kill her.

- You know that.
- Then you have to climb carefully.

If you lose consciousness
or if you get hurt...

If you fail...

I won't be able to go out after you.

Then I won't fail.



Get up.

Get up.

Get... up.

Herrera, what's your status out there?

Still climbing.

- Herrera!
- I have to get back to HQ.

19 is currently without a Captain.

Now, I hate to ask,
but can I rely on you

to suit up as Interim Captain
on this call?

I know it's your daughter out...

All right.

Let's go! Let's go!

Stock that thing like it's an Aid Car.
Be prepared for anything.

- Copy that.
- You got it.

We're gonna retrace
the steps of the Aid Car

all the way from the incident
site to Rainier First.

- I'll drive.
- No, you won't.

As Interim Captain, I'm benching you.

From this call and all calls
until you get some help.

That's insane. It's Andy out there.

I'm your only Lieutenant here.

I don't have time to explain
it to you gently. You're out.

Bishop! You're up as Lieutenant.

Whatever you need, sir.


Montgomery, stay with Gibson.

Keep your eye on him.

Everybody else, let's not keep
Andy waiting. Let's roll!

Flare's set.

We've got 30 minutes of burn time.

I'm headed back.

There's Jack's locker. He's gone.

Damn it.

I can't believe this.

- It's Jack. Leave a message.
- Jack, hey, it's Travis.

Please give me a call,
let me know you're all right.

I'm gonna go.

Give you... some time to cool down.

Except there's a windstorm,
so I can't really go.

Windstorm's basically over, so...


Then... okay.


You're right.

There's something we should talk about.

Trav, am I supposed to guess
what's on your mind here, or...?

I'm upset.

And I... And I don't want to be upset,

so I keep trying not to think about it,

but the more I try that,
the more upset I get.

- About what?
- I like marriage!

I had a great marriage,

and I want another great one, sometime.

I don't know when, but I just...

You never told me that you were
so against the idea.

Well, you also never asked.

It's information
that you might want to know

before you get close to someone.

We don't all get to wear our
feelings on our finger, Trav.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means I don't have to share

every single part of myself with you.

We're talking about
the rest of our lives.

I didn't realize
this was a thing for you.

I need a minute.

I think I really am gonna take a walk.

You're gonna walk out
in the middle of this?

Really, Michael?

The name's Grant.


This isn't working.


And I don't think...

I don't think we can make this work.

I mean, we can keep talking, but...

something between us is just...

...something's not right.

I think you've felt that, too.

Let's just keep our eyes
peeled for debris,

skid marks... anything.

The roads are a damn mess.
Everything is.

Andy switched with me.
I mean, she took Aid Car.

And now she's out here.

Andy's smart, and Sullivan's
basically indestructible, right?

They know how to survive.

I just want to get to them.

We all do.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, not now.


Come on.

Herrera, she's coding again.

I need you back here... fast.

I'm almost there!

Do not move!

You can't risk further paralysis
by disrupting your spine.

Okay, Shannon, if you can hear me,

you're gonna...

you're gonna feel a shock.

But y-your heart's gonna f-feel better.

Oh, damn it!

Defib's not an option.

This is gonna hurt.

What the hell are you doing?

Precordial thump. This is my third one.

No, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, stop!

You did three of those?

Did you twist your spine?

She was coding again. I had to.

Defib won't help. She's asystolic now.

Has your numbness crept any higher?

Push more sodium bicarbonate.

You shouldn't have unstrapped yourself.

Has your numbness crept any higher?!


Pulse is thready.

No, you don't give up yet, Shannon.

Stay with me
until we get to the hospital.

One IV drip, and you'll feel
so much better.

That road flare
is gonna bring the cavalry.

If you could just...

not die.

Just... hang on.


No, this is not the end
of the road for you, Shannon.


Come back.

Is it possible that
we've already driven past them?

- Why would you say that?
- I'm just...

- How does that help?!
- He's just trying to explain why...

And I'm just trying to concentrate!

Okay, stop it! Bickering
doesn't find anyone any faster!

Unless anyone sees
something relevant, shut up!

- Herrera.
- No.

You should save your energy.
You might need it...

Shut up!


She's gone.

How did this happen?

Her leg was a ticking time bomb.

After her cardiac arrest,
without a hospital...

it was a matter of time.

It's been at least 30 minutes
since I set the flare.

It's probably out.

And it was our only one.

No one's gonna come for us.

Aid Car 19, hold your position.

We're on our way to you.

You did it.

You got help to us.

Not in time.

We talk a lot about bravery on this job.

But on some occasions,

a firefighter goes
beyond the call of duty.

Now, that kind of bravery...

we call that valor.

And I could not be more proud
to award this Medal of Valor

to Lieutenant Herrera

for her bravery, her strength,
and her exceptional service

the night of the windstorm...
a night we will all remember.

Sadly, Captain Sullivan was
unable to be with us here today.

But he wouldn't be with us at all

if it wasn't for the heroics
of one woman on this stage.

My daughter, Andrea Herrera.


I, um...



Thank you.

Look, I know the windstorm was tough.

You don't feel like you deserve
a medal or praise or...

Can you please slow down?
Just stop a second.

Nope. Got to get home.
I have some drinking to do.

You wanna keep talking at me?
You can do it there.

That's four months of therapy
together, three times a week.

And now, maybe, if you could just...

give me your signature?

I can return to active duty.

Jack, you know I can't do that.

Is it because you'll miss me?
'Cause I can still swing by.

You're still not sleeping.

I slept.

Not a full night's sleep...
without a sleep aid.

I like my firefighters well-rested.

Funny thing... so does the department.

And whatever is keeping you up at night

is something you haven't dealt with.

Not fully.

Not here, with me.

You speaking to Dean yet?

He's your best friend.

I know you feel he betrayed your trust.

I can't restore you to active duty

without a support system.

Yeah, what kind
of support system helps you

by turning you over to an institution?

To a complete stranger,

when maybe what I needed
was some damn stability?

Why don't we talk about that?

You know, when I said that meeting me

after every therapy session
was unnecessary, I meant it.

And when I said I didn't mind,
I meant it, too.

Did she clear you for duty?


You'll get there.

You coming tonight to the party?

I can give you a ride.

Also negative.

Oh, come on!
Your messy hair can come, too.

It'll be fun. Snacks and drinks on me.

No, I'm not ready to see anyone.

It's been four months.

I said no.

I feel bad you're missing out
on Herrera's celebration.

Don't. I love stale bagels
and lukewarm coffee.


It's nice.

Being out.

In public.

With you.

Not having to worry
about running into anyone.

It's kinda hot, right?

You realize it's our second time here.


Is this, uh...

is this our place now?

Our place?

Can we say we have a place?

You know, I thought
my bed was our place,

since that's where we spend
most of our time together.

And I very much enjoy that time.

But I also enjoy this time.

And maybe...

maybe we can have more
of this time in the future.

What do you think?

I think...

we should get the check.

Excuse me.

Uh, whatever it is you're doing
in there, please don't.

- Sorry.
- It was not...

- It...
- It's not what it...


I think we ruined our place.

Mm-hmm. Totally.

Thank you.

You have vinyl records now?

Who are you?

Andy Herrera, Medal of Valor winner,

- record collector...
- Oh, okay.

No more medal talk.

And they're Maya's mostly.

This one is all you.


Hey, Dad.


Your apartment is lovely.

- Just the right amount of space.
- Mm.

Maybe I should take a look around, too.

Find a condo, sell the house, you know?

H-Hold on. Sell my childhood home?

With the porch and the yard and...

You know what I think?

They need more ice in the kitchen.

Sorry we're late. No worries.

Uh, it's called making an entrance.


O... kay.

Single now, and I can't cozy up

to any hot new strangers at this party,

because there is literally no strangers.

- Hey, Captain.
- Hey, Montgomery,

I've never heard of this person.

Who is Cardib?


Come on. I'll explain it all
over pigs in a blanket.

Ooh! "Cardi B."

Oh, thank you.

So, where is your better half?

She's still in surgery,
but I'll see her later.

At home.

My man.

Damn, it still feels good to say that.

You're just bragging
about that happiness.

I might have to make some moves
to keep it that way.

What kind of moves?

Well, you know,
Miranda has her stress issues,

and I don't want to be a stressor, so...

might be time for me
to quit firefighting.

He shouldn't have dropped that
on you like that.


Like, "Oh, hey, I'm about to liquidate

the place you called home
your entire life.

Pass the cheese?"

Maybe, um...

Yeah, never mind.


- Nothing.
- No, what? What?

Tell me.

Maybe you're taking
your dad's news extra hard

because you're frustrated
about something else?

Something else like what?

Like... the medal
you don't want to talk about?

Or maybe I'm just
a little mad right now.

About both things.

And a little drunk.

I'm not, like, drunk drunk.

Just drunk-y.

- And mad.
- Okay.

So, you're, uh, drunk-y mad.

How do you always do that?

There were a hundred people
at that ceremony

watching me freeze on that stage.

You're the only one who gets why.

It makes me feel...


Naked, huh?


You just had a little
private party for two

with Ryan, didn't you?

What are we high-fiving?

Surviving a crash...

I convinced Nurse Adam at rehab
to give me an hour.

Oof. Nurse Adam is tough.

Yes, she is.

That was no small feat.

...clawing your way
out of the wreckage...

- Oh. Captain, hi.
- Hey.

You're at our place.

I hope you don't mind.

I didn't want to miss
the chance to toast Herrera.

Good to see you again, sir.

Ryan Tanner.

Officer Tanner.


Uh... I don't have a free hand to shake.

It makes you stronger...

Oh, l... let's come in.

Let's pop that champagne.

It changes your perspective...

To, uh, new beginnings.

To new beginnings.


...and opens you up... brand-new possibilities.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx