Station 19 (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Last Day on Earth - full transcript

When Ryan is finally ready to straighten things out with his father, Greg comes for a visit in the station and leaves him shocked. Captain Sullivan continues with his efforts to connect ...

Previously on "Station 19"...

RYAN: If my dad's back,
he's up to something.

I need someone that I can trust
to tell me if I should trust him.

You want me to sit down
with your dad with you?

Do you want to yell at me? Go ahead.

But don't kick Bishop around.

I used to get night terrors.

Move in.

Did Ripley just wave at you?

Yeah. So?

I need a break from our marriage.

BEN: I guess I'll just go.


ANDY: Fire is necessary.

♪ It's the only way to know ♪

- ♪ Only way to know ♪
- Even though it might seem

random, or instantaneous, or...

- ♪ Only way to know ♪
- Oh! Ah!

...impossible to control...

Even if it's our last day on Earth...

- Do you love me?
- I do.

♪ It's the only way to know ♪

BEN: I thought I lost you.

- ♪ The only way to know ♪
- You call me.

You are breaking my heart.

...and everything all around us
is burning to the ground.

Fire has purpose.

Fire knows what it's doing.



And once it's started to spread...

...there's not actually much
you can do to stop it.








I think I might be dying.

Do we need a med kit,
or is this a hangover situation?

[SIGHS] I woke up early again,
so I went running,

thinking I could burn off some energy,

except I still have all the energy,

but now my legs are dead.

I know why I'm here so early,
but why are you?

Um... So, uh, what, uh...

what sort of stretches
did you do before your run?



Oh, wow. Okay, that...

That's not a stretch. Th...

Oh. No?

- Ohh!
- Ready?

Oh, yeah, one... [GROANS]



One sugar, no cream, piping hot.

You remember my order.

Some things, Ryan Tanner,
are embedded for life.


Thanks again for tagging along to this.

He's late, of course.

I can stay a little longer
before my shift starts.

It's not like I'm in a hurry
to go in, anyway. [CHUCKLES]

You think Sullivan's still mad?

I called him out. Loudly.

In front of the entire station.

And the Police Department.

Yeah, he's gonna be pissed.


45 minutes late already.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time

I had a real conversation with my dad.

I feel like I'm always being played.


This was probably a bad idea.


I hate seeing you like this.

So, how long do you want to wait today?

I don't.

I know better.

[SIGHS] Let's go.


Getting that alone time in?

Uh... yeah.

Yep, I miss my alone time...
don't get me wrong,

Jack is... [BREATHES SHARPLY] Jack,

but I need my... solitude.

Be alone with my thoughts.

I don't even really like hugs.

- Personal space, ya know?
- Yeah.

Hey, can we move
the coffee table at home?

Warren taught me some stretches I
wanna try out on the floor there...

- What are we talking about?
- Personal space...

and a lack of it.

Ah, Grant and I have been
spending a lot of time together,

and let me just tell you, in my opinion,

personal space... highly overrated.

Okay. Rewind.


Back it up and come back in again

'cause I'm pretty sure
I just spotted some swagger.

- Is that what I'm seeing?
- No.

- Do you have the swagger this morning?
- No. Nope. Nope. Nope.

- No swagger. Nope.
- Oh.

You're probably picking it up from me.

I'm super swagger-y.

- No, I don't think so.
- No, really.

I'm basically swaggering all
over the place lately, so...

Is it still swagger
if you have to point it out?

Okay, you know what?
Everybody, listen up.

This is swagger-central right here.

This is ground zero of swagger.

- I say Travis...
- Hey, you're quiet. You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm just, uh...

I'm just tired... [CHUCKLING] you know,

from, uh, my run this morning.

That's all.


TRAVIS: No, ah, ah.
Well, I just invented it.

You seen Sullivan yet? [GRUNTING]


He hasn't come out of his office.

Well, whatever happens,
I've got your back.

Don't have it too much.

There's no reason the both of us
should get in trouble...

I yelled at a commanding officer.

I will accept my fallout, and...

I mean, did you see the look on
his face when I lost it?

This is gonna be bad, Maya,
especially bad.

Okay, this is the part

where you're supposed to say
encouraging things like,

"You know, it wasn't that bad,

he's probably forgotten about it
by now, it'll all be fine."


- So you want me to lie.
- No!

Don't lie.
Just... help me... feel better.

Well, if you do get fired,

the good news is, is that
we live together now,

so we'll still get to
see each other every day.

- You're terrible at this.

We're on Aid Car together today.

Maybe we will get pulled into
so many calls

that Sullivan won't have time
to punish you.

Right, fingers crossed
a lot of people get hurt

- and need our help today.

Well, that's disturbing,
but I totally support it.

SULLIVAN: 19! Line up! Now!


You think Sullivan's
gonna say something? To Herrera?

I'm less worried about what
he'll say than what he'll do.

She was right. He should know that.

The worst is when he schools you
while staring right at you.

His eyes can see into your soul.

- You guys know I can hear you, right?

- I'm standing right here.



You sure you're okay to work today?

Yes, sir.

You don't need a break?

After moonlighting and working
back-to-back double shifts?

You've been working with B shift?

Yo, those guys are weird.

They eat breakfast for dinner.

There's nothing wrong with that.

I'm fine, sir.
I... stayed home for a shift.

I wanted to make up for it.

All right.

Today's a beautiful day
to make the station spotless.

If you're not on a call, you're cleaning.

Starting with the bunks.

Then the vehicles. Everything.


Looks like you live to see another day.

Herrera, I'd like to speak
with you privately in my office.



Close the door behind you, please.


We need to talk about what happened

at the end of our last shift.


Medical response requested
at 77 Moore Avenue.

That's, uh...

- I'm on Aid Car today...
- Yeah.

Let's finish this conversation
when you get back.


Damn, these steps are filthy.

You never really realize, but...

look at that gunk.

Maybe I should stop eating food
after I drop it

- on the floor, huh?
- Oh, Gibson.

Actually, I need your advice.
Your perspective on something.

- Well, you're in luck because...

I dispense excellent advice.

People underestimate that
about me. Shoot.

- Okay, well, hypothetically speaking.

If someone were to have...
an adult sleepover with you.


This kind of advice. Okay.

- Yeah, and then, the next morning...

...while you're in the shower,
that someone... snuck out...

Okay, so you don't
like the guy very much.

No, I didn't say this was me.
This is hypothetical.

Okay, then it sounds like
Mr. Hypothetical

got out of the shower and assumed...

- you don't like him very much.
- No, I d...

It's not that. I...

I don't know if I like him or not.

I... was...

I haven't even thought
about that, actually.

I was just thinking about
not being late for work,

and how anything with him
gets a little complicated,

and... as good as that
adult sleepover w...

No. Okay. Anyway, I-I don't know.

I told you the situation.
Now it's your turn.

What's the next move, Advice Machine?

- Dispense.
- Sneaking out is what you do

- when you flee the scene of a crime.
- Mm-hmm.

You can't run forever.

Eventually, you'll have
to talk to the guy.

- Right.
- So, who is it?

Still that guy from 23 or someone else?

I'm done with your advice now.

One of the cops from last shift?
Which one?

- Was it Vintage Mustache Guy?

Clean the floors.



Like right off the showroom floor.

Are there showrooms for fire trucks?

There should be for this one.

Guys, you should've seen this call...

Aid Car. Not that exciting.

- [CHUCKLING] Oh, yeah?

We roll in, thinking
it's just a medical call.

Injured kid.

Instead, injured kid runs into
a building with a gas leak,

hide and seek, find the kid, open flame,

- kaboom!
- Next thing ya know,

- we're sledgehammering through a wall...

- ...kid over our shoulder...
- [SIGHS] God, that was fun!

[CHUCKLING] Oh, man, sounds like it.

Can you lean somewhere else?

- Yeah, come on. Off, off.
- Oh.

You're Pig-Pen-ing all over
the hard work we just did.

- Oh.
- Oh.

- Hmm.
- Oh.

- You mean this hard work?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

No, no, no, no.

- Shower. Go. Now.
- No.


What's my dad doing here?

I didn't realize
you were visiting today...

- Sullivan called me in.
- Oh.

He did? Why?

Ah, with Sullivan, who knows?

Could be the end of the road
for me at Station 19.

No way.

- No way!


- Sir?
- Yes?

- You're back.
- Just.

We're gonna have to talk later.

Come on in.

- I could use a little help.

I'm sorry. I'm usually, uh,
more steady on my feet.

Hey, is Captain Herrera here?

He used to help me out a little bit.

Mr. Tanner, it's me. Andrea.

- You're bleeding.
- Hi.

- Uh, what... what happened to you?
- Andy?

Pruitt's kid?

Wow. Yeah, it really is you.

Full uniform and everything. I mean...

I have to do an exam.
How'd you get injured?

Oh, I bet you're mad about this morning.

I'll bet Ryan's even more mad...

I swear, I wanted to be there...

I was on my way when...

You need help with this walk-in?

Oh, hey. I'm Greg Tanner.

Hang on... Tanner, as in Ryan?

Superficial laceration on his face.

Pulse is 105.

Do me a favor...
check him out for a concussion.

- I'll be right back.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.


Hey, Ry. It's me.

I found your dad.

GREG: Ah...

I really had every intention

of meeting you and Ryan this morning.

- Moderate bruising.

- Seems like a standard sprain.
- Ohh.

- Is your abdomen tender when I press?
- [GROANS] Yeah!

I-It doesn't feel great.
But I mean it, Andy.

I was really looking forward
to sitting with both of you.

- Vitals are stable.


Just got in the middle
of a little trouble, that's all.

My phone took the worst of it.
I couldn't even make a call.

We need to examine
the source of your bleeding.

Take you to the nearest hospital.

Ah, no, I don't need some ambulance ride

just for a couple little scratches.

You're bleeding through your shirt.

- Hmm.
- It's not a scratch.

Oh, just patch me up. I'm fine.

That's what your dad used to always do.

Also, a head CT wouldn't hurt.


Yeah, is Ryan coming here?

When you talked to him,
did he say he was coming by?

We can't treat you properly

if you won't allow me to do an exam.

Let's just take him in.
They can assess him there.

No! No hospitals.

So, you're declining our
professional recommendation

and refusing to go to the hospital?

Maybe you should tell Ryan not to come.

I don't want him to see me like this.

You know what? Just sign this.

It's a waiver saying if you die
from internal bleeding

or a concussion, it's your own fault.

- DISPATCHER: Ladder 19, respond...

- ...domestic aid requested

at 414 Cedar Avenue.

Is that you?

'Cause I can just hang tight
if you need to...

- Not me. I'm on Aid Car today.

Sign, please.

I'll, uh, come right out with it.

Chief Ripley asked that I see you.

For advice.

Apparently he thinks
you'd give me some insight

into how to better...

connect more with the team.

Well, of course I'm happy
to give you pointers

on how to earn the team's trust.


Have a seat.


Mealtimes are an excellent way
to bond with the group.

What else you got?

[LAUGHS] O-Okay.

Well, then, maybe you want to try

taking more of an interest in the team.

Ask them about their lives,

about anything that doesn't
have to do with work.

You know, treat them
like you'd treat a friend.

But, if I'm being honest...

there's always one person
on the team that's the glue.

You figure out who that person is,

you get them on your side,

the others will follow.


She's in there.

Hey, hi! I'm stuck
in the garbage disposal.

Ah, good news is
my hand was only in there

for a second before I turned it off,

so, hopefully, it's not too mangled,

but it's definitely a little mangled.

And, yeah, it really hurts.

I-I talk a lot when I'm nervous.

- You talk a lot all the time.

All right, we'll get you out
of here as quickly as we can.

How long ago did it happen?

Mm, uh, m-maybe 10 minutes?
I-I don't know.

I swear I'm normally
a very put-together person.

- And what's your name, ma'am?
- I lied.

I am not a put-together person.

I'm just trying to stay calm here.

I'm... I'm Hannah,
is the answer to your question.

- That's my name.
- I'm Travis.

First things first...

- I'm gonna unplug this disposal...
- Ohh. we don't have any more accidents.

Then I'm gonna disassemble it
from underneath.

It's the fastest, safest way
to get you out, okay?

Is it... Is that gonna move
my arm around, too?

I'm just scared if it moves more,

then the blade will move more,
and then my hand...

Don't you worry, ma'am, all right?

He's done this lots of times.

H-Have you? Have you done this
lots of times?

Well, actually, no.
Uh, this is my first time

dislodging a limb
from a disposal on-site,

but I have repaired lots of hands...

and other body parts...

that have gotten stuck
in stuff like this.

You lucked out.
Warren here is a surgeon.

Because you think that

I'm gonna have to have
my fingers sewn back on?

No, I-I-I don't think
that's what he meant.

H-Hopefully I can be helpful

in making sure
that you keep all your fingers.


I-I was... I was washing the dishes,

and the... the disposal was on,

and I knocked my wedding ring down there.

It was just instinct... I grabbed for it.

My mind was somewhere else.

I... I can't believe how dumb it was.

I can.

Well, hang in there, okay? We're, uh...

- We're gonna do our best.
- Okay.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

All right, thanks for the
Steri-Strips and everything...


- ...but I-I think I should get going...
- The lengths you'll go to for sympathy.

It's really something.
Or... aah... I'll stay.

You get beat up and you wind up here,

bothering Andy at work?

Well, I was looking for her dad,
if that makes it any better.

How are his injuries?

I'd prefer if he'd get them
checked out at the hospital.

But he's refusing,

because hospitals ask
"one too many questions,"

right, Greg?

Look, I tried to do the right thing.

I was in Westlake Center,
and I hear a commotion...

these two guys
are hassling this young kid.

I told them to beat it,
and before you know it,

they... they jump me.

But the kid got away, though, so...

You give the cops a statement?

Oh, no, I didn't really stick
around all that long...

ya know, I don't always
get along with cops.

I'm a cop.

The universe
has quite the sense of humor.

What really happened?
Who do you owe money to?

You don't believe me.

You know what, Ryan?
I'm... I'm really sorry.

I mean it... about this morning.

I didn't want to stand you up today.

I'll make it up to you...

You're so good at this part.
The apologizing part.

Because you probably always have
something to apologize for.



Hey! Neighbor!

I was looking for one of those
Pruitt Herrera Patch Up Jobs,

like the old days.

I got your protégée instead.

How about these guys?
How big did they get, huh?

You still have my lawn mower?

The one you borrowed?

What, like three years ago?

Uh, yeah. I-I do.

That's... That's definitely
in our garage somewhere.

It's not.

Wanted to let you know
that Sullivan's free now.

Did you need to see him?

- Yes. I guess I should...

hiker in distress...

Hey, hey. Aid Car.

- This one's yours.
- Yes, it is! [LAUGHS]

- That's okay, I'll take over.
- Thank you.

All right, this is for the pain.
It should kick in pretty quick.


Bleeding's not that bad.
From what I can see,

your fingers are pinched
between the blades,

so we can't just pull them out.

But once we dismantle the device...

You still have sensation in them, right?

I-I feel some slimy potato skins
down there, so, yes.

TRAVIS: All right, I got
the first disposal basin out.

Okay, what is that?!

There's something... in here.

I think it might be her... be her...


Not a finger. [CHUCKLES]

Never mind, we're good.
It's just a... carrot.

Mom, since there are a bunch of
firefighters here doing stuff,

I'm gonna go out, okay?

Would it kill you
to stop with the attitude

until my hand's not stuck in the sink?

It might.

What is...

Parker Sylvana Sherwood,
what is that on your arm?

Is that a tattoo?
Let me see it. Right now.


It says "Billy." In italics.

Not a skull? Not a mermaid?

Not a picture of a puppy,

or... or a... a flower, or a motorcycle,

or anything better than a boy's name?

I mean, you realize that's gonna
live on you forever.

Why not pick something
you're interested in?

I'm interested in Billy.

All you had to do was wait
until your 18th birthday,

and I would happily take you
to a tattoo parlor

that's well-reviewed online...




Not funny!

It was kinda funny.

She's been like this ever since
my wife got deployed again.

We never used to fight.
Now that's all we do.

You don't realize how much
you need your other half

until they aren't around anymore.

You know?

Could I ask one of you
to go make sure that

my daughter's cry for help isn't infected

and slowly killing her
with poison ink or something?


Parker! Let's take a look at Billy.

This is the spot. Where's our vic?

- Dispatch, this is Aid Car 19.

We're on that downed hiker call.
We can't seem to locate him.

Any chance you still
have him on the line?

If you could send him to our comms.

DISPATCHER: Copy, patching through now.

- CLARK: Hello?

This is Clark. Please hurry.

Clark, this is Lieutenant Herrera

with the Seattle Fire Department.

Can you describe your
surroundings, help us find you?


I'm in a... a park-type area.


There's a lot of bushes and... trees.

Can you be any more specific?

Tall, green trees?

Near a path.

I-I'm not on the path. I fell off it.

I-I fell off my rope,

and I kinda fell into a tree.

Sir, I'm getting some
interference on the line.

- Is that music?
- Yeah.

I get so nervous out here alone, I...

I had a playlist my son made for me.

I-I thought I could just listen.

Hold on, I-I-I'll turn it down.

Actually, can you turn it up?

Clark, can you make it any louder?

♪ All I want from you ♪

- ♪ Is to know if... ♪
- That's as loud as it goes.

[IN DISTANCE] ♪ All I want from you ♪

- ♪ All I want from you ♪

I'm just so glad I have reception.

- ♪ Is to know ♪
- I didn't have it when I fell.

I had to drag myself a ways.

It keeps going in and out.


Clark, are you bleeding?

Oh, yeah.

It's a trail of blood.

Please hurry!



First things first,
we have to stop that bleeding,

make sure he didn't puncture
a major artery.

We're gonna have to tourniquet.

But let's assess medical first...

be clear on what it is
we're dealing with.

We're gonna get your bleeding
under control, okay?

- Am I gonna die?
- It's a through-and-through.

If we're lucky, the branch

may actually be slowing
some of the blood loss.

Well, that's... that's...

that's... that's good, I-I guess?

But you still didn't answer my question.

Nobody's died
on our watch yet today, Clark.

Not planning to end that streak now.

- Okay, s-sure, that's reassuring.
- Yeah.

How long ago did this happen?

Were you hiking with anyone else?

No, it's just me.

Probably not the best idea.

I'm new to climbing. And I fell...

[STRAINING] and it took me
forever to even reach my phone

and longer to even get a signal.

I thought, "I just have to
get out of here," you know?

And I called 911,

then I thought maybe I should
call my son, too,

and let him know what happened.

But he's taking his SATs today,

and he's studied for months for them.

He's such a sweet kid.

He gets so nervous,
you know, around tests.

He was feeling so good this morning.

I didn't want to worry him.

The bleeding's not slowing,
even with the tourniquet.

We need to get him out of here
as soon as possible.

- Dispatch, this is 19.

DISPATCHER: 19, say again.
You're breaking up.

Dispatch, do you copy?

- I gotta get higher for a signal.

We need to Air Vac him out of here ASAP.


Dispatch, this is 19. Do you copy?

I repeat, this is Aid 19.


He's bleeding too fast.

We can't just sit here
and wait for a signal.

All right. Then let's winch him out.

You're just gonna carry me
and this branch stuck in my leg

up that cliff?

- For sure.
- Yeah.

Let's just get you
out of here, okay? Ready?




Can you not do that? It hurts.

Warm to the touch,
so it could be infected.

You're gonna need
some antibiotic ointment.

So... your mom's in the Army?


That's pretty cool.

Yeah, except I never get to see her

because she's always gone,

and, instead,
I'm stuck with my other mom.

[SIGHING] Look, parents can be tough.

And at the risk of sounding

like a totally [CHUCKLING]
uncool adult person right now,

at least she cares enough to try.

That's not nothing, yeah?

So, Pruitt, when do you...
aah... start back up?

Well, that's not entirely up to me.

New captain has to approve.

Oh, I see.


When I was a kid, there was
this expensive pair of sneakers.

Couldn't afford them,

so I could either get a job
and pay for them,

or go for the five-finger discount.

- You get what I'm saying?
- No.

Because you're trying to impart
some kind of wisdom

about shoplifting...

Past the statute
of limitations, I might add.

Point being,

there may be more than one way
to get what you want.

If you're not getting the job
done in an official capacity,

there must be... other ways.

Just thinking.

You're always looking
for other ways, that's for sure.

Other ways to make some easy
cash, or to bend the law,

or to work your way back into my life,

like showing up injured,
here, of all places,

so people have to feel bad for you,

so it's on your terms and not mine.

I'm a little tired of you accusing me

of something I didn't do.

Need to take your temp.
Mouth closed till I get back.


Tanner, help me get some ice.



- You know what's annoying? [CHUCKLES]

We just scaled a mountain

- carrying a grown man and a tree...

- ...and those medevac guys

are the ones who will get all the glory,

landing on some hospital roof,

handing Clark off to some surgical team.

W-W-What did they do?

Fly around in a helicopter all day?

We scaled the mountain.

Exactly. We scaled a freaking mountain

with a man and a tree.

- Yeah.
- Today is fun.

Even if it is basically
my last day on Earth.

Or, at least, in this Aid Car.

Don't be dramatic.
You don't actually think

Sullivan's gonna fire you
over some yelling?

You have done way worse
than yelling before...

But let's get back. [ENGINE STARTS]

I know. Let's just get it over with.


Okay, I know washing windows
isn't the most exciting thing,

but isn't my sparkling conversation

- enough to keep you awake?

I just didn't sleep great.

Up early. No big thing.


At least, I hope it's no big thing.

It used to happen when
I was a kid sometimes...

couldn't sleep...

but... it's been years.

- Well, years of no insomnia sounds nice.
- Yeah.

I had to stop drinking coffee
after 3:00 p.m., so...

SULLIVAN: How's it going?

With, uh, you two?

Well, we just finished the main stairs

and the landing, sir.

About halfway done with the windows.

No, I-I meant, uh...


Uh, how's it going?

I don't... I don't know
how to answer that.

Yeah, what do you mean, sir?

Got a couple of off days coming up.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

Got any... hobbies, plans?

Significant others?

Uh, absolutely not. Nope, nope. No.

Nope, none of those things.


Well, when, uh, I get an off day,

I like to make, uh...

[SMACKS LIPS] homemade smoothies.

That's... informative, sir.

- Sounds delicious.
- Yeah.

- DISPATCHER: Engine 19...
- That's us.

...respond to a reported structure fire.

Great. Well, we'll get
to chat more on the road.

535 Nelson Street.

HANNAH: [GROANS] How much longer?

Because I... um, I can't really
feel my fingers anymore...

- Ow!

Sorry. I guess you can feel that.

Maybe I should just... I-I don't know,

maybe I should just yank it out
really fast, get it over with.

- No, no, no, no!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- No, no.
- It's okay, all right?

- We're almost there. You got this.

I-I don't think I do, actually.


Val always tells me I'm the strong one,

but I just... I just hold it
together pretty well, you know?

Most of the time,
I just brush things off.

You know, Parker talks to me
like I'm evil incarnate,

and I just brush it all off.

[SIGHS] I know she just misses her mom.

Me too. I miss Val every day.

I'm not that strong. Not really.

[VOICE BREAKING] I'm so scared
that Val might not come home.

I'm so scared that
I might be screwing Parker up.

[SIGHS] It's a mess. Everything's a mess.

And I'm so scared that my hand

might literally be
falling off my arm right now.

Okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Look at me.

Your hand... is not falling off, okay?

And I... And I know how things
can get overwhelming.

You know, s-sometimes it's hard
to brush it all off, I know.

I w... I was doing it this morning.

Been doing it for days now, actually.

I get up before dawn
and start jogging for hours.

I-I-I don't even know how many miles.

My feet are literally
covered in blisters.

They're probably more mangled
than your hand right now.

I mean, I just run.

And I run, and...

Look, I know how it feels
when things are falling apart.

But I also know that you are strong.

I'm not. I'm not.

DEAN: Are you kidding me?

Look, my folks, they would
not have handled Billy so well

under any circumstances,

let alone with one arm
stuck in a disposal.


I dislodged the last of the blades.

I think we're ready.

All right, so let's, uh,

- let's get you out, huh?
- Okay.

- On three.

- 1, 2...
- [WHISPERING] You got this.

- ...3!

There we go.



GREG: Oh, uh, hey. Have you seen Ryan?

He and your dad stepped out,

but, uh, my ankle's really throbbing.

I was hoping one of them
would give me a ride.


You know Ryan wants my opinion of you.

So he can figure out if he's willing

to let you back into his life.

Problem is, I-I made up
my mind about you years ago.

Hm, that's unfortunate.

You're not a parent.

Biology would disagree.

I've seen two parents today

who would gladly lie in traffic
to protect their kids,

but you...

I appreciate that you're
protective of my boy,

but this is really between him and me.

You're the guy who shows up,
overstays his welcome,

and... and leaves
everyone worse than before.

Oh. Well, that I think I deserve, but...

And this morning was more of the same...

Ryan staring at his watch,

hoping you might keep your word
and simply show up.

[GRUNTS] Now you're on a roll.
Why don't you just keep going?

- What do you got?
- I mean, do you know how bad that...

that screws you up?

Not being able to depend
on the one person in the world

who's supposed to protect you?

Yeah, yeah, o-okay, so
I'm not perfect, okay?

I know that.
See, now, so, you're grown up,

but you're not really that grown up.

You're really... you're looking
at this like a kid.

That makes Ryan push everyone away...

- You have no perspective, no clue...
- I mean, I should know.

He does it to me.
He's always done it to me...

He's my kid! I may not be the best dad,
but he's my kid.

Yeah, but you broke his trust!

His ability to trust.

Th-Th-That's not stuff
you just shake off.

I-It's baggage that he brings
with him every day,

- into every relationship.
- You don't think I know that?

You don't think I regret that every day?

Then what are you doing about it?

What have you ever done about it?

RYAN: That's what you think?

Ryan, I...

- DISPATCHER: Aid Car 19,

civilian in distress

at 5289 South Delancey Street.









sorry about that.

Call's over. No biggie.

Figured you could use the rest.

H-How long was it going off?

What are you talking about?

Uh, my... my pass device.

Yeah, nothing went off.

I thought...

Never mind.

- How's this feel? Better?
- [QUIETLY] Yeah.

All right, Billy's a little red,

but we covered him
in some antibacterial cream.

- How's your hand?
- Super gross. Really hurts.

But, uh, it'll be okay.

I'm really sorry about the tattoo, Mom.

Oh, baby.

[CHUCKLING] Not as sorry as
you're gonna be a year from now.


If you touch me with that pureed
crab claw, I'm out of here.

Oh, I have some, uh, blister Band-Aids

right behind you in my medicine
cabinet, if you need some.

It's really okay.
We have those at the station.

Uh, you should follow up at a hospital

in the next couple of days.

Thank you.

You should take care of those feet,

and good luck with, uh, all the running.

Um... thank you.



I'm not one of your cons. Cut the crap.

I know there's a reason. Why now?

I don't like being away from you.

Um, family's important to me.

Try again.

Well, I'm not gonna be around forever.

I'm starting to feel
my mortality, Ryan...

You keep forgetting, I've
heard all your lines.

Try again.

It's my last chance, Ry.

I got to go away.

Or th-they're gonna send me away

once they figure it out, track me down...

it's just a matter of time.

What are you talking about?


Well, I... Well, I got in
a little trouble in Florida.

There was a bust.

I got away, but, uh,

I know I'm living
on borrowed time, and now...

- Hang on, are you...

Did you just confess a crime to me?

Actually, I intentionally used

vague and non-specific language, but...

So you spend your "borrowed time"

at illegal poker games.

I-I've spent that time
trying to make things right.

By your mom, by you.

I just want to come see you in person.

I want to...

I want to look you in the eye

and tell you I'm proud of you, son.

I just wanted to...

show up.

For once.

While I still could.

I'll see myself out.




Tanner speaking.

WOMAN: That 040 you asked about,
at Westlake division?

Report was officially filed
10 minutes ago.

There was civilian intervention.

Do you have a description
of the civilian?

White male, mid-50s, 5'10", silver hair.



That call had
an alarming number of stairs.

- So many stairs.

- And how convenient.

Oh, my God. Maya, jump bag.

On it!

Mr. Tanner? Can you... Can you hear me?

- Pulse is thready!
- Dad? Andy!

What happened?
I was just talking to him...

I don't know. I just found him.

Okay, we need to start a large bore IV

and get him on a cardiac monitor, stat!


- Airway's clear. Low resps.

- Weak radial pulse.
- Not rigid.

That means no internal bleeding.
That's good.

What's wrong with him?

My guess is he has a cardiac bruise

from being hit in the chest.

Heart tones are muffled. He's in V-tach.

Gotta make sure fluid's not building up.

Pushing adenosine.






- Ryan?
- Dad.

I'm right here.


So, you've been running
an unhealthy amount.

And working an unhealthy amount.

Work wife to work wife.

You got anything you need to talk about?



asked me to leave.

She and I, we're...
we're not together right now.

Uh, d-doesn't mean
we won't be back together again

in the future,

but, right now, she's, uh...

she's taking time to, uh...
to work through some things.

I mean, she needs this
for... for her health.

Um. So I need to give this to her

for her, um...

It's maybe not helping me out
so much [CHUCKLING] though.


So, the more you run...

the less you think about it?

I thought it would work that way.

DEAN: And you haven't gone home yet?

You've just been sleeping at the station?

No home to go to right now.


Come here. Come here.


Gonna turn in early?
Catch up on some of that sleep?



I'll try that.

Are you gonna call "Mr. Hypothetical"?

I don't know. I...

- I was.

I mean, I might.

I will, but...

So you do care what happens
with this guy?

No. I snuck out, remember?
You said that means I don't.

But I might.

Care some. A little.

But... it's so early.

None of this makes any sense,

and it'd be so much easier
if it were just...


Just a one-and-done, ya know?


Decision time?

No. It can't... can't be decision time,

'cause I haven't decided yet.


Your, uh...

mystery guy's going to voicemail.




ANDY: I think I really
stepped in it with Ryan today.

- You just brought his dad back to life.

At least we had a good day.

Filled with good calls.

Lots of saves.

- Yes.

If it was your last day,
at least it was a good one.

[SIGHS] I still have to talk to Sullivan.

Maybe he's forgotten
he wants to talk to me.

- Mm.
- Assuming he remembers...

If you do leave, can I have your locker?

What? It's perfectly positioned

between the washing machine
and the bathroom.

I'll treat it with love,

it'll have
an Olympic Gold medal in it...

- I think you should...


- Hey.
- Why are you so happy?

Oh, no reason.

Why are you so sad?

Oh, Sullivan. Right.

By the way, he's being
super weird today, so...

- Great. [CHUCKLES] Good to know.



Are you ready to talk?

ANDY: So, what would you do
with your last day on Earth?

♪ When the world is unsteady ♪

Would you speak your mind?

♪ The ground beneath me shaken ♪

- I'm ready, sir, for our talk.
- Me too.

- ♪ I keep asking people questions ♪
- I know you might think

I've been avoiding this.

I haven't. I've been out on calls.

- ♪ But nobody seems to know ♪
- Out doing a job

that I love, by the way.

I... Today,
I got to bust through a wall... save a little girl.

I hiked down a mountain to save a victim,

then climbed back up it again...

- ♪ The rhythm strong inside me ♪
- ...with him and his tree.

I made a difference.

I even brought
a totally random walk-in...

...back to life.

A-And my point is, I want to
keep doing all these things...

- ♪ Raise the blinds ♪
- ...every day.

I know I was out of line
when I yelled at you...

- ♪ Ooooo ooooo ooooo ♪
- ...and I'm sure you have an idea

of how you'd like to handle that,

but being here, doing this...

it is... everything to me.

So, do what you need to do.

I just want to let you know

I won't go down without a fight.


♪ I'm coming out of the dark ♪

I thought about it...

you know, reprimanding you.

Maybe even strip the single bar
from your collar.

♪ I'm coming up from the ashes ♪

But that would be unfair.

♪ Let it all fall apart ♪

I was out of line, too.

I'm tough, but I try
not to be unfair or unjust.

♪ And then I light up the matches ♪

I have high expectations for my crew...

♪ I'm coming out of the dark ♪

...and for myself.

Could you admit your flaws?

I would like to have
the respect of my crew.

Not out of default.

Genuine respect.

And I believe that
has to start... with you.

- ♪ Ooooo ooooo ooooo ♪
- So, I was thinking

you and I should sit and talk together.

Not on shift.

Sometime when we won't be
interrupted by calls all day.

Oh, you mean...

over coffee or something?

Sure, that... that could work.

Or not... I mean, we don't have to...

- ♪ The rhythm strong inside me ♪
- Coffee it is.

♪ Hold myself tightly
when the heat goes ♪

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

- Yeah.


♪ Raise the blinds covering the windows ♪

Would you give someone new a chance?


♪ I'm coming up from the ashes ♪


♪ Let it all fall apart ♪

Would you protect your heart?

♪ And then I light up the matches ♪

- Would you share your space?

So, there are some house rules.

Some? I think he means "many."


When you live on this boat,
just listen to this Captain.

♪ I'm coming out of the dark ♪

- Aye, aye.
- ♪ Ooooo ooooo ooooo ♪

Anything else you need, man, we got you.

Or would you wake up, get dressed,

step out, breathe in...

♪ I'm coming out of the dark ♪

...move beyond the past
or sadness or worry...

♪ Ooooo ooooo ooooo ♪

...and just start running?

♪ I'm coming out of the dark ♪