Station 19 (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Do a Little Harm... - full transcript

Cheeky guest Gibson oversteps his rights aboard Dean's house boat, organizing the birthday 'surprise' party he vehemently didn't want and learns from a gift he peeked at that's about his domineering father. Travis tenderfoot to spice his gay partnership up again. Chief Ripley must rein in captain Sullivan, who bitches at the first aid training for cops due to the traumatic anniversary of the failed rescue of his wife. Jack acts unimpressed when a colleague applies for an nonexistent third lieutenant post. Ben is gutted when Miranda demands a marriage 'sabbatical' to relieve her anxiety stress-induces cardiac risk.

Previously on "Station 19"...

You were a prime candidate
for a promotion.

I just submitted
my Lieutenant's application.

You're my kid.
That means something to me.

Sure. Okay.

If you want to talk,
you can reach me here.

The night of the skyscraper.

If I was part of making
that incident harder on you,

I'm sorry.

I appreciate that,

Let's not talk so much
about the danger part.

Everything okay?

Warren: Miranda.
She's been stressed lately,

so now
I'm getting stressed.

Miller: Just ask already.
To move in.

Isn't that what you've been
angling at for weeks now?

You know me too well.

Andy: Sometimes we set fires
on purpose.

It's called a controlled burn.
[ Door opens, closes ]

Why you up so early?

And more importantly, why are
you up out here without me?

Mm. It's your day off.

You should sleep in.

It's our day off,

and we should spend it doing
anything but sleeping.
[ Laughs ]

You light the match, then let
the fire ignite and build...

Now that we have the time,

we should talk, right,
like we planned?

Yeah, we should talk.

Talking is good.

But wouldn't talking
be a lot more fun...

after some not talking?

...bigger and brighter.

And then we could
follow the not talking

with maybe
a little...more...

not talking.

And then...

? I've been watching you
watching me ?

...I'm thinking
maybe waffles.

[ Laughs ]

I mean,
if you're up for it.


And even though we could
put it out, we don't.

We wait.

We let the heat devour
everything in its path...

? It's a beautiful day ?

? It's a beautiful day ?

? Come out and play ?

...because sometimes

you just have to burn
all the trees to the ground...

? It's a beautiful day ?

? It's a beautiful day ?

? Come out and play ?

...if you want them
to grow again.

That table looks wrong.

? It's beautiful ?


You like the couch there?

I tried it here, too, but I-I
can move it back if you want.

What do you think?

So many words
so early in the morning.

I woke up totally wired --

had to do something to burn off
this energy, you know?

Do you sleep, like, ever?

Happy birthday,
by the way.

Yeah, thanks.

Wait. What?

Came for you about
an hour ago.

I did not know they delivered
that early.

Yeah. You know,
when you're living with someone,

there's a general rule

you don't rearrange
the furniture

and you don't open
their mail.

We need to have a talk
about boundaries.

I'm gonna move
the couch back.

[ Couch scraping ]

You're not gonna open it?
Looks pretty nice.

? Feels like
a bacon morning ?

You want bacon?
Like, really nice.

Aren't you
even curious?

Who do you
think it's from?
I know who it's from.

Hey, man, bound--


"Lost time is never
found again."

That's dark.

What's that all about?

For real,
who's it from?
[ Thumps ]

My birthday
is not a thing.
[ Thumps ]

So please, just
don't make it a thing.

What about the bacon?
I'll eat at the station.

[ Door opens, closes ]
Happy birthday.

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Horn honking ]

Okay, so, you have two options
for your eggs.

Frittata'd or...

...the correct answer
is no.

You have the P.D. working
with the Fire Department.
You got it.

Streamers are more
eco-friendly anyway.

...again, as a team,

I want two firefighters
on every dummy

with four or five
officers each.

For some of you,
this will be a refresher...
Did Ripley just
wave at you?

...but for others,
this is brand-new.
Yeah, so?

It's a traditional
form of greeting.

Don't get scared.
People wave.

They do.
Work together.

I just didn't realize

you and Ripley
were waving buddies.

It's about assistance...
But I guess, uh,

...about work...
today's a day
full of surprises, so...

...and observing.

Don't look now, but Tanner's
trying to catch your eye.

What kind of buddies
are you two these days?

Today, you cease
to be an individual.

Buddy buddies who don't talk
or see each other...
If you want to save lives...

Right. have to
do it together.

...or know how to act
around each other, actually.

Have you tried waving?

Today you'll learn
basic techniques

to save victims
in the field.
It works.


That's your foundation.

That's the core
of your training.