Station 19 (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - Always Ready - full transcript

Previously on "Station 19"...

It is crazy. That a marriage license
could protect us from the rules.

Are you really considering this?

I want Ripley. And I want my
job. And this gets me both.

- It's my call.
- No, you're too close to this.

The call is mine.

She's my world.

I don't need you
to talk to me ever again.


ANDY: Oh, my God.

To new beginnings.

VIC: Conlin's still inside.

RIPLEY: I'm coming back. I promise.

Lucas Ripley,
will you marry me, for real?

I'll see you at the diner.

He didn't show. Now I'm getting
back to work, okay?

Somebody call 911!

ANDY: There's this firefighter motto,

a Latin phrase... "Semper Paratus."

- It means "Always Ready."
- Come on, Luke, pick up.

So, the Chief has low calcium
levels, and that means...

His numbers indicate that he was
exposed to some potent toxin.

Hydrocarbon, fluorocarbon,
maybe even hydrofluoric acid.

It's hard to say without knowing
the contamination source.

Can you please call him again?

Considering the aortic stenosis has
already put stress on his heart...

You're worried about pulmonary edema,

respiratory distress, arrhythmias...

I can't believe he just
checked himself out.

- He wants to explain to Vic...
- I don't care what he wants!

I need him here, not Lancelot-ing

all around Seattle
looking for his girlfriend.

So we go get him.

But go where? We don't know where he is.

If he's not answering... If we find Vic,

we'll find Chief Ripley.
It's our best shot.

Then we'll deliver him straight to you.

Okay. I will be here.

Hey, I know you're not
used to taking orders

from other people, Chief, but right now,

I am the boss of you,

and I need you to pick up my call.

We're "always ready" for any fire,

any rescue, any complication.

- But being ready for anything

the world throws at you...

VIC: I can't take your call,
so do your thing!

Victoria, I know you're mad,

but I can explain everything,
okay? In person.

Dispatch said you were still
at the coffee plant,

so I'm coming to you.

Don't move.

...that's a very big ask.

Vic's voicemail. Again.

DISPATCH: Confirmed. Ladder 19

is still at the coffee plant overhaul.

Can't we radio Hughes through Dispatch?

No. We can't just put
the Chief's condition on blast.

It's too important. It's too serious.

It's a delicate situation.

Yeah, well, I'm still trying to
wrap my brain around that part,

the delicate part...

Chief Ripley and Vic, a couple.

News about their relationship
could damage her career.

We can't just announce that.

So we extricate her from the
call and tell her in person?

Yeah, it's the best way.

Luke! Pick up the phone, damn it!

Okay. I know it's kind of [SNIFFS]

Hilariously embarrassing

how many voicemails I've left you.

[CHUCKLES] I hope, at least,
they make you laugh.


See you soon, Eggy.

Okay, I know I'm bad for
slipping out on Dr. Pierce.

SULLIVAN: I don't care about that.

I can manage with my heart valve
thing for an hour,

until I find Vic.

- It's not like it's an emergency...
- Luke, shut up!

Your tests came back, okay?

It looks like you've been
exposed to something.


There's a chance it's hydrofluoric acid.

- But I...
- And if that's the case...

Hydrofluoric acid? I mean, that...

That's the one that messes
with your calcium, right?

But... I don't have any burns.

I-It's possible you inhaled it,

which Pierce says it can be lethal.

She can treat it
if you go to the hospital.

Immediately, sir.

If it is hydrofluoric acid,
once the process starts,

it progresses very quickly.

Well, I... I feel fine.

I got a... I got a scratchy throat and...

Luke. You need to get
to a hospital right now.

Alright. I...

I'm a few blocks from Seattle Pres.

I think I'll... I guess I'll
pull in there, but, Sully...

Promise me you'll find Vic.

Bring her to me.

I promise.




No hot spots here!

Southwest corner's clear.

JACK: We'll clear the east corridor next.

Hey, you guys good?

MAYA: Better than the stairwell.
Full collapse.

- No injuries, though.

It is a crime to be working a call

that smells of such caffeinated goodness

and not being able to stop and eat

every pancake on the planet.

PRUITT: Hughes! Pause.

I set up a wellness check station outside

for everybody pulling doubles.

- VIC: Sir.
- Make sure you're all staying hydrated.

Guess what's useless if nobody
shows up to be checked?

Me and my wellness check station.

- So I come to you.
- You're fine.

- Miller.
- Huh?

Bishop! Freeze.

Clear signs of dehydration, both of you.

You haven't even examined me yet.

- We can work.
- No...

Your foreheads don't have
a drop of sweat on them.

In this heat, that's all I need to see.

You two do less-intensive work,

like recovering discarded gear
and sorting it by company.

Montgomery, turn around.

You know you technically can't
give us orders anymore, right?

Yes, sir.


Uh, I-I need help.

Okay. What seems to be the problem?

I'm a firefighter, and I think I've been

exposed to something... It's, uh...

There's a chance it could be
hydrofluoric acid.

You have a cough, trouble breathing?

Does your throat burn?

Yeah, a little bit.

I-I got treated earlier today
for a collapse.

Could you call my doctor,
please? Maggie Pierce.

She's at, uh, Grey-Sloan Memorial.

I got a patient here of Dr. Pierce's.

It's urgent!

Hughes to Incident Command.
We're done over here.

Ready to go back into rotation.


We just got out of overhaul hell.

You're already asking for more?

DISPATCH: Roger that.
Ladder 19 is cleared

and back in rotation for active calls.

This is avoidance.

We need to talk.

Vic, hey.

How long did you wait at that diner?

Nope. Not doing this. No talking.

Talking feels like
a really bad idea right now.

Talk. Please, say something.

You've been eating cake very quietly.

Now you're cleaning up cake very quietly,

and I can't be doing
all the talking, so...

Your turn.

For, uh... For Spice?

[LAUGHS] Okay.

Okay, are you making fun of me?

Nope. Not at all. I'm just, uh...

just wondering what
that was about before,

and, uh... what you're
thinking about now.

I'm thinking about lots of things,

like a whole brain full of things

I shouldn't be thinking right now.

I'm a fountain of bad ideas.

Like what?

I was...

thinking about getting
a drink after shift.

I like company when I drink.

You could be company.

Like I said, bad idea.

I mean, if you invited me,
it would be, uh...

it'd be rude not to join.

For just a drink.

Right. Just a drink.

VIC: I can't believe Dutton's is closed.

A bar, closed at 8:30 a.m.

I mean, don't they realize
we've been on call for 24 hours?

Yeah, they have the best stale
breakfast popcorn.

Would you settle for a stale
breakfast bagel?

- I know a place.
- My place is right around the corner.

I mean, I just... I didn't mean
to imply, I was just...

- I mean, it's so close, you know?
- Yeah, of course.

Not that it's weird for someone to
see us together out here, off-duty.

- Why... Why would it be weird?
- No, it's not.

It's not like we're doing anything wrong.

- Just a little conversation.
- Exactly.

So, um...

But, you know, I don't know,
if we did want to...

sit or anything,

conversation could also happen there.

At my place.

Conversation could happen there.

Unless you think it's a...

it's a bad idea.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Don't fight, you know it's right ♪

♪ To stay a little longer ♪

♪ Don't play 'cause honestly ♪

♪ It's no secret that I want ya ♪

♪ I'm addicted to you ♪

♪ And you know it's true, hey ♪

♪ I'm addicted to you ♪

♪ No matter what I do ♪

♪ Oh, you light me up like dynamite ♪

♪ Explosions in my mind ♪

♪ I'm addicted to you ♪

[PANTING] I was wrong.
This is a fantastic idea.

♪ I'm addicted to you ♪


[WHISPERING] I just think
talking might help.

No need to whisper for Gibson's sake.

- You know he knows.
- Oh, that's okay. I-I don't need to...

No, actually, fine.

I asked Ripley to marry me
and he stood me up,

so now I'm pretty sure we're done,

and I'm feeling really good
right now, so...

Cool? We all up to speed?



DISPATCH: Ladder 19. Aid Car 15.

Person in distress on Bryn Mawr Tower...

Ella Lee Trail.

Great. The faster we load,
the faster we do something.

So let's go!

Maggie Pierce, Head of Cardio,

I'm looking for Lucas Ripley.


- Last name Ripley...

Okay, I need you to skip
the slow searching thing

that you're doing because
my patient is the Fire Chief,

and he has a pre-existing
heart condition.

Doctors at this hospital
nearly killed our Chief Bailey

until I arrived and brought the thunder.

Do you need me to do that again?

- No?
- Good.

Then get me some privileges and
access to my patient right now.



Hey. Yeah, I'm getting Ripley.

Do you have Vic?

Any minute now.



- Have you seen Hughes?
- Yeah. Checked her out a bit ago.

We need her. It's urgent.

Well, another call came in
a couple minutes ago.

- Ladder Truck took it.
- Are you sure?

- Oh, damn.
- Yeah. What's going on?

Come on.

Herrera to Dispatch.
I need an updated location

to Ladder 19 right now!

- Who is that up there?
- I wish I could tell you.

We got a whole slew
of 911 calls about her.

Doesn't seem like a threat
to public safety.

That doesn't mean she isn't
a threat to her own safety.

I tried talking her down,
but then she climbed higher,

so I shut up.

On a call like this, the
civilian's the one in charge.

She is really high up.
The ladder's not gonna reach.

Do you guys have an airbag or something?

Let's double time it
on that rescue cushion.

The only option I see is
for one of us to climb up,

try and coax her down.

I'll go.

No, Vic. Jack or I can go.

- You don't have...
- Hey, I got dumped.

Doesn't mean I can't do my damn job.

Gibson, I mean it. Let me go.

I can do this.

Alright, finish harnessing up.

Alright. No radios.

You heard Tanner, it agitates her.

Switching to TAC Channel 3.
That line's private.

Where's that bag?


If she needs a break, she'll say so.

Come on.


DEAN: Here's an Axe from 66.

MAYA: Got a helmet from 88.

And a glove from, uh...

Oh, this is Gibson's, actually.

So when were you planning on telling me?

About Gibson's glove? I just did.

Do you think that I don't
notice the two of you

sneaking into my houseboat
in the wee hours

or you sneaking out of it
in the even wee-er hours?

You've known?

About me and Jack?

This is great. I have
so many feelings about this

and no one to tell them to.

Andy's mad about it.
I tried talking to a baby,

but you're way better than a baby.

Not the reaction I was expecting.




I'm Vic. I'm a firefighter.

Can you tell me your name?


Nice to meet you, Gwen.

How you feeling?

A little lost.

I hear that.

Does your head hurt, Gwen?

That's kind of a loaded question.

Well, do you mind if I get a
little closer and check you out,

maybe slip this harness on you?

- Please, don't!
- O-Okay.

Okay. You're in charge here.


Where's Vic?

What's wrong?

Just something we have to
tell her face-to-face.

She's... a little busy right now.

- You must think I'm crazy.
- No.

One thing about me... I don't judge.

I think everyone's just
doing the best they can,

you included.


Are you on any medications?

A couple, yeah.

- Okay.
- But I missed doses.

Happens to the best of us.
What's the medication for?

My anxiety.

Mood swings. Bad days.

- Stuff like that.
- Gotcha.

Oh, God, this is really high.

- Okay.
- I can't.

Okay, okay. You know what?
We don't have to.


Hey, what's that in your hand?

It's a... car.

My daughter...
she's 6, and she loves cars.

This one's her favorite.

It's super-charged.

Tiny, but strong.

So you have a daughter?

She slipped it in my pocket this morning.

For luck.

Tiny but strong. I like that.

Didn't work, though.

I had a big meeting with my boss.

They laid us all off.

No warning, nothing.

I was driving home, but I'm
never home from work this early.

I needed some quiet.

It is quiet up here.

The world can feel a little
too loud sometimes.

We can find a quiet spot
for you down there, too.

- Let's climb down.
- I said no!

O-Okay. There's no rush.

You're in charge, remember?

BEN: One hell of a call to interrupt.

Sorry, did I just hear you right?

You guys want to radio Hughes right now?

There's something she needs to know.

Hughes is with an unstable civilian.

No, I agree with Tanner. It's a big risk.

If Hughes misses her chance to see Ripley

because we didn't tell her...

Guys. They're balanced on the edge.

It's Hughes up there.
She's Teflon. She can handle it.

But what if the patient can't?
We should wait.

No time to wait. Radio up.

All respect, sir, but FD's
not running this call right now.

- I am.
- Not anymore.

Herrera, radio Hughes.

- What was that?

Nothing. It's no big deal.
It's just my radio.

Guys, I thought I said no radios.

ANDY: Vic, we need you to come down!

No! Please, don't go.

Negative, Herrera. We're not moving.

No, we're tagging you out.

I'll come up, but we need you
to come down.

No, no, no, no, no!
Please don't leave me.

Shh! Gwen, it's okay.
I'm not going anywhere.

Andy, you are making things
worse up here.

I know, I'm sorry, but...

Okay, I'm turning the radio off now.

No! There's news.

Okay, well, it's gonna have
to wait, alright?

- Gwen. Gwen. I am not leaving, okay?

- Don't worry.
- It can't wait!

I told you I'm not going
anywhere, alright?

If you have news, give me the news,

but I am not coming down to get it.

Okay, so what do we do?

She can handle it. Right?

I hate this.

TRAVIS: Vic, hey.

What is going on down there?

It's Ripley.

He was exposed to some pretty
potent toxins, it seems.

How potent?

Vic, let us tag you out.


I don't know who they're talking about,

but I'm looking at your face, and...

you should go.

I can't be the reason you miss seeing

someone who's sick or dying.

- Gwen. Gwen!
- [SCREAMS] Oh, God!

- Get back, get back!
- You got that?

Gwen, stop moving! Let me
hook up to you first, okay?

I'm holding as tight as I can,
but I keep sliding!

Okay, just hold on! Just hold on, Gwen!

- Go. Go!
- No. No!

I'll just hold on even tighter!

I am not leaving you, Gwen.
That is how this works.

Okay, I'm just tying this around,

you know we can climb down together.

Okay. I got you, I got you. Alright?

Hold on. Hold on.

Okay. There!

Okay, harness is in place.
Now hold on to me.

- I can't move!
- Hold on to me.

Gwen. Please, Gwen.

Please try.

- I can barely hold on.
- I need you to focus.

I can't stop looking down.

Just focus on me, okay? Focus on me.

- Focus...
- Oh, no.

Okay. Focus... Eggy!

Okay? He calls me Eggy.


The guy, the one I Ne...
the one I need to get to,

the one who is in trouble.

I care about him a lot,
and that is his name for me.


Just in time.

Um, may I please have the eggy thing?

- That dish has a name.
- Cam knows what I mean.

I do not, uh, but I know what you want

because your hubby
already ordered for you.

I am... [CHUCKLES]

Yes, I ordered your usual.


Oh, Eggy.

You guys, can I just say, uh,

I know I scolded you
for the parking lot incident...

Uh, you... you were just doing your job.

Oh, my God, I'm really glad
that you see it that way

because you two are, like,
relationship goals.

And I hope that I'm still
getting busy in the parking lot

when I get married.

That's an interesting goal.

[CHUCKLES] Eggies on me today.

- So, that's sticking, huh?
- Oh, yeah.


- Eggy.
- Okay, Hubby.

He came to that conclusion
all on his own.

He can come to conclusions all day long

if it keeps getting us free eggy things.

So, in this new fake marriage
thing we've got going,

- um, do we have pets?
- Hmm.

Can we be spies?

God, I hope your family likes me.

My family's really just my sister, so...


- That's the one.
- Right? Yeah.

And I'll bet she
at least likes you better

than my first two wives.


As in plural.


Sorry, I didn't mean to open up
this conversation, exactly.

No, I mean, I, um...

You know, I never asked, so...

So I guess marriage just isn't
such a serious thing for you.


Look, the first time around,
I thought I was very serious,

but we were really young,
and it fizzled fast.

The second time, I...
I felt good about Eva,

but by the end, I'm not even
sure that she liked me.

- Ouch.
- Yeah.

Now, marriage number three...

that I would take very seriously.

I wouldn't be game unless
I knew it was really right.

You are strong, and you can handle this.

Just like the toy car,
you're tiny but strong.

No. I'm not.

You are.

Hold on to me.

I got you.

Focus on me.

You can do this.

Come here. Yeah.

Okay. Okay, good, I've got you.

Now let's climb down.


Okay. Okay, Gwen.

You're almost there. You're okay.

Okay. You did great.


For strength.

Good luck.

Thank you.

We got her, Vic. You got to go.

Wait. Tell the hospital
she's off her anxiety meds

and possibly manic.

And make sure they call
her husband, okay?

Okay. Gibson and I will meet you there.

Let's go!



Caption Conlin's been diagnosed

with the same symptoms as Ripley.

Looks like the coffee plant fire
was the only call

they both went on this week,

and we just got confirmation
that the plant uses

a cleaning agent made
from hydrofluoric acid.

We were all in that fire.

Everyone gets
their calcium levels checked

as soon as we get to Seattle Pres.

My last words to him were "Okie dokie."

"Okie dokie" can't be the last
words I ever say to him.


Lucas Ripley.

- I'm his sister.
- Jennifer?

- Vic.
- Jennifer.

Oh, thank God, a familiar face.

Oh... Lucas texted me
that he was at Grey-Sloan,

but then he checked himself out,
and now he's here.

I just... I-I don't understand.

Why in the world would he do that?

God, it's, um...

Jennifer, I am so sorry.
He did it because of me.

- Oh, my God, I can't... I can't breathe.


I'm just, uh... I'm just happy
you two like each other.

What's not to like?

- Clearly.

Oh, God. I got to scoot, but, um...


You guys should both fly up
for a weekend visit.

- What about the weekend of the 27th?
- I'd love to.

Oh, um... I... Mm.
Can we pick another weekend?

We got the smoke-jumping thing
on the 27th.

Oh... Oh, yeah. Shoot, that's right.

Smoke jumping? That just sounds...

Oh, no, it's the biggest rush.

- Literally jumping out of planes.
- Over and over and over. It's...

Oh, well, I was gonna say that it sounds,

like, really dangerous. [CHUCKLES]

Oh, no, I mean, well, they don't...

they don't start by letting
you jump out of planes.

You actually begin by jumping
out of these big towers.

I found this training facility
with really high safety ratings.

Oh! So it w... it was your idea.

She has all the best ones.


Okay. Another weekend, then.


It was so nice to meet you.

It was so nice to meet you, too.


Okay. Bye.

- Bye!
- VIC: Bye!

I told you she'd like me. She loves you.


JENNIFER: Lucas is here because of you?

SULLIVAN: Jennifer.

Lucas is here because of his heart

and a possible exposure to, um...

- Robert. Hi.
- Hey.

Your brother was looking for me,

and I wasn't, um...
I wasn't answering my phone.

I'm sorry, I'm just really confused.

Why wouldn't you talk to him?

Well, there's a few things in play here.

Are you not telling me everything

because your co-workers are here
and you two are a secret?

- Because this is his health
- VIC: No.

- We're talking about...
- No, no, no. That is not... That is...

They know about us.

Then can you please explain
to me why my brother

would risk his life
and leave his doctor's care

because you couldn't be bothered
to answer your phone?

I have an update on Chief Ripley.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Um, if you're looking for
family to update,

I'm his sister.

We're his family, too.

- Vic is.
- I'm sorry.

This is a lot to take in right now,

and I feel like I need to do this alone.


I'm sorry, Vic.

Updates are technically
just for family members.

Right, okay. Okay.


Miranda. Hey, um, look,

I... I know you're in surgery

and alive and well and saving lives,

just like you should be.

But, uh...

I am at Seattle Pres right now,

actually, you know,
where you were when you...

you know, when you had your heart attack.


Um, I'm walking these halls

and remembering that day, and, uh...


Look, anyway, um, I guess
I just really wanted to tell you

how happy I am you're alive.

I'll... I'll see you at home.

Love you.


You have to understand.

When Jen and Luke lost their parents,

Luke was in college,
but she was just a kid.

When you're so young and that happens,

it shapes you.

In an instant, Luke became
her parents and her brother...


She's not at her best right now,
is all I'm saying.


Just dropped Gwen off at Psych.

She seems to be doing better.

Hold on, Vic. What are you doing in here?

Ripley's sister's pulling
the family-only card.

Because of HIPAA? Now?

- She can't do that.
- She can.

And she is. I mean, I'm...

Family only. That's the rule, right?

And I'm not family.

I'm not his fiancée. I'm nobody!

No, you know what? I'm worse than nobody,

because if I had just answered my phone,

then he wouldn't have left Grey-Sloan,

and why would he do that? Why would...

If I had just answered my phone.

If I just...

If I just answered my phone

- No. Vic! Hey! Vic!
- and picked up...

You were saving a woman's life.

You get to feel zero guilt
about that, okay?

You should be in there
with Ripley right now.

You want me to go hunt down
Dr. Pierce for you?

'Cause I will.

WOMAN ON P.A.: Orderly to OR nine.

Orderly to OR nine.

Vic, come on. I just need some space.

I want to know what's
going on with Lucas.

Even I don't know what's going on.

I mean, Dr. Pierce barely said a word

before he had a coughing attack
or something,

and then she ran to go treat him.

Okay, well, we go find her.
We go do something.

Wow. You are just like him.

I mean, you both just
barrel ahead, no matter what.

I'm gonna go out on a limb

and guess that's what
landed him in here, right?

That's... I mean, that's our job.

When Lucas told me that
he started dating someone,

I just thought,
"Please let it be a lawyer

or an architect, an engineer...

someone who just has a nice desk job

who entices him to play nice at a desk."

But you entice him to risk things.

I mean, you spend your weekends
jumping out of planes.

MAGGIE: Excuse me.

I'm afraid things have escalated.

Um... okay.

Okay. Okay.


Did you seen the Chief?

- What did Pierce say?
- Did you get an update?

What's wrong?

ANDY: Hey, Vic.

Vic. What's wrong?

Is it his sister? Did she say something?

Hey. Vic. Look at me.

I'm gonna take you somewhere, okay?


Here. Perfect.

What is this?

This is a yelling closet

or a crying closet or a whatever-
you-need-to-do closet.

Go on in. I'll be right here.

I don't... I don't think I need...

Yes, you do.




Just so that you're aware,
your brother has been asking

for Victoria Hughes
since the moment he arrived

as my patient.

All he's wanted is to talk to her,

to accept her proposal.

So in my professional,

- not to mention personal, opinion...
- Um, wait.

As in marriage?


Just before he collapsed.
You didn't know?

I bet that made him really happy.

Oh, my... I... I'm so sorry.

Yes, please. Um, can...

- Can you go get her?
- Yes.


- Have you seen Hughes?
- Yes, uh...


Yelling closet.



[QUIETLY] Is he...

What's going on?

We're supplementing his
breathing with extra oxygen,

but his body isn't responding
the way that we'd hoped.

The acid exposure is disrupting
his calcium levels,

causing his lungs to fill with fluid.

Can't you just give him more calcium?

It doesn't work like that, unfortunately.

And it's already taking
a heavy toll on his organs.

I'm sorry, you're...

But you're like a-a medical superhero.

Right? There must be
something you can do.

If I could work some sort of miracle

and scoop out every last
molecule of poison, I would,

but I'm afraid I'm...

powerless here.


he's gonna die.


Right now, he's comfortable.

He's been very clear
about being DNR and DNI.

He does not want to be
resuscitated or intubated.

He wants to go on his own terms.


But now is the best time
to say your goodbyes.



Oh, there you two are.

- Let's go. Seattle Pres. Now.
- Sir?

Chief Ripley's been exposed.
Finish dressing.

We'll get checked while
we're at the hospital.

Are either of you symptomatic?
Runny nose, cough?

- No.
- DEAN: We're fine.

But the Chief?

All any of us can do at this
point is show up for him.



There's a lot of people out there.

Word's out the Chief's down.

The department is going
to come sit vigil.




If you want to go sit with him,

now's the time.

Somebody else go. I can't.

I'm not ready. I can't.

It's okay.



Still waiting for that beer you owe me.


Yeah, this isn't a beer
kind of establishment.


I wasted so...

so much time being angry with you.

You don't need to apologize, Sully.

Did she listen to my messages?

Does she know I wasn't trying to...

She knows everything she needs to know.

She knows that this is...


She's not ready to say it.


I'm not either.

Then don't.

Yeah. I'll just...

I'll just say, um... [INHALES SHARPLY]

...we're good.


I'm glad.







Please, will you send her in?



♪ My mind is spun ♪ He's asking for you.

♪ I've had enough ♪

The Chief is asking for Vic?

♪ Feels like I'm burning down ♪

♪ The flames rise up ♪

♪ And I can't tell what's coming next ♪


It's time. Okay?

Before it's too late.

I can't. I can't move.

♪ The one that I need ♪

♪ Help me see beyond the surface ♪

- ♪ My purpose ♪
- Hold on to me. I've got you.

♪ You were my North Star ♪

Just focus on me.

- ♪ You were my always ♪
- You can do it.


♪ You were my compass ♪

♪ Ashes, ashes ♪

♪ When it all comes down ♪


♪ A cold wind sits upon my back ♪

♪ The sky is getting full
and turning black ♪

♪ I lost my way when I lost you ♪

♪ I need a moment more ♪

♪ This can't be true ♪

♪ The one that I need ♪

♪ Help me see beyond the surface ♪

♪ My purpose ♪

♪ You were my North Star ♪


♪ You were my always ♪

[VOICE BREAKING] You look great.

♪ What can you say? ♪

♪ Ashes, ashes ♪

- ♪ It all comes down ♪


Easy on the morphine, please.

MAGGIE: You'll feel more pain without it.

I'll be more alert, too. I can...


I can handle the pain.

I'll be outside if you need me.


I called.

I know.

I tried to get to the diner.

I know.

- The treatments, they didn't...
- I know.


Hughes and the Chief?

How long has that been going on?

That's enough.

Now is not the time.

How long has that been going on?


- the secret's out, I guess.
- Mm.

[LAUGHS] Yeah.

I guess we can...

We can finally take that vacation, huh?



No. Definitely Hawaii.


I'm there right now.

In a bikini.

Lucky you.

Lucky me.

Our toes are in the sand.

The sun's warming our skin.

Not a care in the world.

Oh, wait, actually,

I do have a care. I have a big care.

Sand has now fully gone
the wrong way up my suit.


I'm just... I'm gonna...

I'm gonna turn these... turn these off.



I told you I would be there.

I wanted to be there.

Please don't work yourself up
right now, okay?

I owe you an answer.

It's yes, Victoria.

Of course it's yes.


[SOBS] That's a very wise
decision, obviously.

We can do it right now. Can't...

Can't we get a chaplain
or somebody in here?

You know what? I, um...

like to have this moment.

With you, right now, okay?

Just us.

This was supposed to be our beginning.


- I messed it all up.
- No.

- I was bringing you flowers.
- You didn't mess anything up.


Hey, you did something new
with your hair.



You're so beautiful.



I was really ready to spend
the rest of my life with you...

...Lucas Ripley.

At least...

I get to spend the rest of mine...

with you.











MAGGIE: Time of death, 17:43.

♪ Close your eyes ♪

♪ And tell me what you see ♪

♪ We're standing on the edge,
earth beneath our feet ♪

♪ I loved you like a lamb ♪

♪ But, honey, we're only getting older ♪

♪ And when we turn to dust ♪

♪ And when I'm right beside you ♪

♪ Beside you, yeah ♪

♪ You know what I meant when I said ♪

♪ Couldn't live without you ♪

SULLIVAN: When a Fire Chief dies,

the department spares no expense
on the funeral.

Vehicle options range
from a basic vehicle

to a fire engine caisson.

Bagpipers are common.

The bell service is a special
tradition that we some...

All of it.

He'd want all of it.
He should have it all.

Excuse me.


♪ Close your eyes ♪

♪ And tell me what you see ♪

♪ Seen the devil at the altar ♪

♪ And God inside a bar ♪

♪ Heard the whiskey-soaked confession ♪

♪ Of a broken man and his guitar ♪

♪ I have been made whole ♪

♪ Yet the world has torn me apart ♪

♪ I've walked a million miles ♪

♪ But, honey, I don't know
where to start ♪





ANDY: Semper Paratus. "Always Ready."

What it really means
is that we're always ready

to lose a member of our family.

But when it's time
to face that emptiness,

when you realize you'll
never see that face again,

touch that skin, feel that warmth,

listen to that heartbeat...

What if you get sick?
I could be contagious.

Oh, you are.



♪ Close your eyes ♪

♪ And tell me what you see ♪

Victoria Hughes...

I love you.

♪ We're standing on the edge ♪

Damn it. I love you, too.

♪ Earth beneath our feet ♪

♪ I loved you like a lamb ♪

- Okay, did I just say...
- Yes.

♪ And I fought just like a soldier ♪

I love you.

♪ Made love like we were young ♪


Yeah, okay.

It's time to stop talking now.

It's late.

I'm wide awake.

Just go to sleep.

♪ You know what I meant when I said... ♪

The question is...

are we ever really ready?