Station 19 (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - The Dark Night - full transcript

A blackout in Seattle creates dangerous situations throughout the city and the members of Station 19 head out on calls, including locating a missing girl and helping a man on life support where every second counts.

- Previously on "Station 19"...
- This is Jenna.

I work with Tanner and I'm the best
second date he's ever gonna have.

MAYA: What happened between us
the other day

can never happen again.

Hawaii Air runs a 7:45
flight to Kauai. Let's hop it.

I'm sticking to a very tight schedule.

Home, Medic One studies, here.

I'm even doing nightly videochats
with Miranda and Tuck.

We violated policy.

So now you're having
second thoughts after.

If we can't even fight and make-up,

then we won't survive.

ANDY: Everything seems
perfectly fine in the light.

Wait, you went where?

Hawaii. Here, this is for you.

And for you, young man.
Chocolate covered.

Very delicious.

The world is bright
and happy and delicious...

- Can I have some?
- When you eat your actual dinner.

Mom won't let you keep
coming to eat with me

if all I do is fill you with sweets...

- So you just up and went to Hawaii?
- Yes he did!

TRAVIS: Hawaii Hawaii.

With the luaus and the drinks
inside the pineapples...

I even got to climb a dormant volcano...

It gives you some perspective on
firefighting, let me tell you.

Sorry, it's just a little
hard to compute you relaxing.

Wearing shorts. Flip flops, and...

Did you put on one of those flower leis?

But you don't know
what's around every corner.

- What is all this?
- Oh, my dad got Lei'd. [LAID]

[LAUGHS] She... She, uh...
She means a necklace.

You know, of... of flowers.

The trip was a very spontaneous
decision... One I do not regret.

I'm all for spontaneous!

You can't know what's coming next...

Miller. Aloha.

♪ I did it all by myself ♪

- What's wrong with you?
- I can't do it anymore.

My mother's list of
possible dates is endless.

How does she know this many people?

How does she persuade them all
to go on these dates?

It's like waterboarding.

But with small-talk and twinkly lights.

I don't think you understand
what waterboarding is...

TUCK: I don't either. What is it?

- Uh...
- [CHUCKLES] Hey, what...

You want one of these now, actually?

I am exhausted. I need it to stop.

ANDY: Can't you just
make it stop by saying,

Mom, I am stopping this now.

Mm. Yeah. You haven't met Dean's mom.

It's all or nothing with her.

We struck a deal.

Now, either I hold up
my end of the bargain, or...

...there... there is no "or."

Sounds like the only way to win

is to bring home a living,
breathing girlfriend,

on the list, or not.

I-If your mom's that by the books,

she's not gonna encourage you
to cheat, right?

So, like a, fake girlfriend?

You're kind of small.
But your ideas are big...

Don't... Don't encourage him, Tuck.

I'll do it. I'm an Olympian.

I'm hilarious. I've got a killer smile.

You'd be lucky to have me.

Turn this down, and you're missing out.

The light may go out...


It looks like the blackouts have
made it to this neck of the woods.

I'm done. Can I go?

Um, o-okay.

♪ I did it all by myself ♪

Excuse me.

...and leave you...

♪ I did all by myself ♪ the dark.

Hey, hey, hey, yo.
It's... It's... It's been ages

since we hung out at the station.
Come on, stay a little longer.

To sit around and listen to
you and your work friends

talk about stuff that you don't
want me to listen to?

- No thanks.
- Well, okay, well... you and me, then.

We can hang, you know?

Let's get your mom
to pick you up a little later.

I can't. I have a debate
competition tomorrow

and I need to prep.

You'd know that if you weren't
too busy to answer the phone

when Mom and I call you.

- Everyone's always too busy...
- No, no, no, I-I-I'm not...

I'm not too busy. All right?

I'm just... I'm just juggling
a lot, you know, all at once.

Working shifts, trying
to study for Medic One.

The... Uh... You remember,
I told you about that...

Yeah, it's what you always do.

You find some new job thing
to fill up your time

and not actually be there for me and Mom.

- Tuck...

- My ride's here.
- Come... Come on, just stay...

stay a little...




Uh, um...

- Can... Can I help you?
- Yeah.

Is Lieutenant Herrera around?

RIPLEY: Here you are.

Stopped by your office
but you weren't there...

Generator's flashing
the fault alarm warning.

That's not good with these
blackouts, gotta fix it.

The manual's here somewhere...

Is this a... social visit?

- Routine.

Just dropping off the new guidelines

for firefighter pension benefits.

Wanted to make sure
you knew about the changes.

- Okay.
- Also wanted to say...

thank you.

For our talk the other day.

Really appreciated it.


Ah, didn't see you at dinner, Captain!

Wanted to give you a little
something from my trip.

- Thank you.
- Aloha, Chief.

Your trip?

You know, I can't remember

the last time I took a vacation.

Here you go. Mahalo.

- Thank you.

Are you looking for the generator manual?

Yes. Do you know where it is?

- I-I know where one copy is.
- Fantastic... where?

Do you think you could stick
around a little longer?


[GASPS] Captain Herrera Aloha'd you, too?

Yeah. Seems like he had an amazing time.

[WHISPERING] You know what?

Maybe you and I should try
to get away somewhere...

[WHISPERING] Oh, right.
Like that's a possibility

given work, plus secrecy,

plus all the other strings involved.

I know. You're right.

But we could take a fake vacation,

in our brains.

To... Colorado?

- Or Vancouver.

We could get a little ski chalet.

- With a fireplace...
- I'm sorry.

In your fantasy, you want me
in a snowsuit?

There are things called beaches.
And swimwear.

You'd look sexy in a snowsuit.

Okay, just so you know, in my fantasy,

you're shirtless. All the time.

Oh yeah? Oh definitely yeah.


Sorry to just drop by unannounced,

I'm sure you're busy. No, no, no!

Glad to see you,
how's training been going?

Kinda bad, actually.

There's one other woman
in my class at the Academy.

My friend Laura... We're, really close.


she quit today.

I met my best friend in training.

I know how much we relied
on each other...

Still do. [CHUCKLES]

Are you okay?

Not really.

You know, she's kinda my rock, you know?

Did you ever get to a place

- where you thought about quitting?
- Ooh.

- Don't tell me you are...
- DISPATCH: 19, respond.

Minor in possible medical distress
in building without power...

Uh, you've gotta go.
I can see myself out...

Nope. Uh uh.

Come with me.

Gotta love these blackouts.

What, you scared of the dark?

I got rid of my night-lights
a long time ago, Herrera.

Yeah, uh huh. You're not
as tough as you look.

Hey, listen, you cool if I bring
somebody along on this call?

- Excuse me?
- Uh, she's the cadet

I introduced you to before.

She's here, and she's kind of
having a tough time right now.

I feel like being out on a call,

experiencing what we do first hand...

SULLIVAN: We're not gonna throw
a civilian into the mix, okay?

Especially not when
there's a minor involved

- and a blackout...
- She's not just a civilian.

She's an FD cadet.

There's no time to debate this, Herrera.

Boots on the ground experience

is the best way for her to learn.

And we do ride-alongs all the time.

- I don't appreciate being blindsided.
- I'll stay on her.

The whole time. She's my responsibility.

Fine... to observe, only.


Ya know, Miller.
I speak a little Nepalese.

Learned it when I backpacked
through Kathmandu.

That sounds made up.

Some parents might
find that impressive...

I would. Why are you still on this?

Even if Olympic Gold is not your thing,

I can cook. Ish.

I'm organized. Not one single cavity.

I absorbed my twin in utero.
That makes me a winner.

Wow. You will literally turn

anything into a competition, won't you?

Second place is just the first loser.

- There's no competition.
- Hold up. Go back to the twin thing...

Even if I entertain
your ridiculous scheme,

it's doomed before it even begins

because everybody knows

that you do not "do" relationships.

Everybody? Who's everybody?
That's not true.

Bishop. How many years
have we been working again?

What does that have to do with anything?

And in that time,
how many exclusive relationships

have you had that lasted
more than a couple of weeks?



You're the one looking for
a fake girlfriend.

I'm not looking so much
as you volunteered.

All right, I'll do it. You'll do what?

I mean, I know I'm married and all,

but I would be honored
to be your fake boyfriend.


All right.

Oh man. The whole block is out.


- What do we got?
- We've got a missing 6-year-old child,

name is Penelope Hayes. Goes by Penny.

M.I.A. for approximately
two hours already.

She's at high risk for
potential medical assistance.

She has really bad asthma.

This is her brother, Xander,
he called it in.

Yeah, after I lost her. We
were playing hide and seek,

and then the power went out.
That's when I called you guys.

You got PD units looking already?

OFFICER PRICE: Yes, but we got
a lot of ground to cover...

XANDER: Our parents finally
let me babysit.

She doesn't have her inhaler,
and when she gets scared,

she starts to not breathe.

She's all alone in the dark somewhere,

and she's probably so scared.

Do you guys play this game a lot?

Does Penny have
any favorite hiding spots?

Sure, yeah, the basement,
Ms. Kennedy's apartment

'cause it always smells like cookies...

- Okay so...
- Yeah, the... the parking garage, too.

The stairs. Mailboxes, laundry room,

and over by the storage area.

Great, so the entire building.

Thanks, Xander. We're on it.

All right, listen up. Penny is
susceptible to severe asthma attacks

and in danger every minute

she's alone without her medication.

The clock is already ticking.

We've got a building with
five floors plus basement,

over 150 people living inside...

We got to split up to cover
as much ground as possible.

Hughes, Montgomery, Warren,

you got the top floors. Go.

Bishop, Miller, you're with me.

Gibson, Herrera, you take
the lower floors plus basement.

- Got it.
- Copy that.

- Herrera?
- Yes, Captain?

Watch your cadet. No freelancing.

Yes, sir.

Okay, this is already hella fun.

ALL: Penny!

KAT: Are you here?

JACK: If you can hear
us, come out, sweetie.

- Penelope?
- Hey!

Penelope? Excuse me.

Has anyone seen a little girl?

- Can you hear us?
- Penelope?

- Just call out, okay?
- Hey, Penny!

Make sure you check small
crawlspaces, stairwells...

- kids will hide anywhere.
- Penny?

VIC: Hey, Seattle Fire Department.

I'm looking for a little girl,
6 years old.

- Penny?
- Penny!

WOMAN: [MUFFLED] Help! Help me!

- Hang tight! Help is on the way!
- Please, hurry! Help!

- Hello?
- The power went out.

My dad's life support system shut off.

I found him like this.
Please, you have to help.

Please don't let my dad die.

No pulse. I'll take over.

You know how to use that?


How long have you been doing CPR?

I don't know, maybe... 15 to 20 minutes?

I'm gonna need you to switch on my radio.

- Warren to 19.

VIC: Copy Warren. Did you find Penny?

Uh, no. But I do need some help.

Apartment 515.

I have an unconscious male
in cardiac arrest.

I need a jump bag, a Lifepak,

and a portable generator STAT.

- TRAVIS: Copy, on our way.

That's it, slow and steady.


Hey. Help is coming.

My dad's name is Elliot.

He has stage four lung cancer,
and he's terminal,

and he doesn't want to die in a hospital,

so we set up a home hospice for him...

And the ventilator?

Tumors grew around his phrenic nerves...

- And paralyzed his chest.
- Dad?

Come back, okay? Please? This...

This can't be it, okay?
Today is not the day...

- ...and it's not time, not like this.

Please just come back, daddy.

Stage four terminal lung cancer.

He's been down at least 20.

I can take that from here.

TRAVIS: Okay, let's get
the Lifepak hooked up,

open fluids, and set up the generator

so we can get his ventilator
up and running.

- Penny?
- Can you hear us?

So... we're searching for a kid,

there's no power, no trail,

what's our first priority?

Keep calling loudly, so even
if she might not see us,

- she can still hear us.
- Very good.

Now, Kat, I want you
to be our time keeper.

Track how long we've been searching,

check in with me every five minutes.

The longer we search,
the worse it looks for Penny.

- What's with the tag-a-long?
- She needs a little guidance.

- I'm guiding.
- And running into...

- [GRUNTS] Ooh, sorry, sir.
- Hey.

- You all right?
- No, I'm stuck in the dark.

When's the power coming back on?

The electric company's working on it.

You seen a little girl?

She's about 3 feet tall, 45 pounds?

No, I have not. And like
I told those other guys,

that kid needs to learn
to stay in her own apartment

so that maybe someone
can start to focus on

getting our power back on.

JENNA: And like we told you,

the kid's our job, not your power.

Go light a candle or something...

Or, maybe just turn on a flashlight.

- It's less of a fire hazard.
- Great.

Uh, I didn't know you guys

were working this call... together.

Yeah, we covered that end
of this floor...

we can cover the rest
if you guys want to move on

- to a different floor...
- I'd feel more comfortable

doing the floor ourselves, too,
since the vic's asthmatic,

likely gonna need medical assistance...

- Oh, we can handle ourselves.
- So can we.

KAT: Why don't we split up and pair up?

One cop and one firefighter?

We just learned that
technique in training...

it's within protocol.

Can't argue with that logic.

All right, good thinking, Newbie.

- Tanner, you're with me.
- Oh, um...

JACK: Penny?

All right. System should be powering up.

- Stop bagging.


There's a pulse.
It's weak, but it's there.

Let's make sure you're okay, too.

MILA: I'm fine. It's my dad...
just help my dad.

You were doing compressions
for a long time,

that's very strenuous work.

Follow my light?

Okay. Just gonna get you checked out

and make sure everything's
in normal range,

make sure you're not in shock...

Is that thing powerful enough
to keep my dad alive,

through this blackout?

It'll keep his system
running for a while.

Take a deep breath for me. Good.

VIC: His Pulse ox is 92.
How are you feeling about this?

If he was without oxygen
when the power went out,

it depends on how long
Mila took to find him...

it's hard to say.

Could mean any number of things.

Bad things. Brain damage things.

So, you guys really like the stars, huh?

MILA: My dad's an astronomer.

When I was a kid, we would fall
asleep in the backyard,

looking up at the stars,

just picking out constellations

for hours, sometimes.

And then when he got
too sick to go outside,

I put the maps up to...

to bring the stars to him.

BEN: Yeah, but, uh, brain damage

means he might
never regain consciousness.

His heart rate isn't improving.

MILA: He's gonna wake up, right?

He... He has to wake up.

We're doing our best.

Yeah, I am not feeling good about this.



He's back. He's back. Be careful.

- Okay. Careful, careful.
- Oh, my God, Dad?

MILA: Oh, Dad.
It's okay, they got you back.

- We got you.
- You're back. You're back.

Look, you're here, and
I am right here, too.

Elliot, your life support
system went down,

but you have a very smart daughter.

She called out to us, and
we were able to bring you back.

- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]

There you go, perfect.

- Nice, calm breaths.
- Daddy, thank God.

Hi. Hello.

[WEAKLY] Why the hell
didn't you let me die?

MILA: Dad, you and I both know that

this is not the way you want to go.

Okay, what... what was
that last one again? Um...

a vat of acid?

Stranded in space.

Well, see, that one seems
almost peaceful.

But the spacesuit is filled with bees.


He... He does this.

He... He likes to come up
with all the ways he could die

that are so much worse
than how he's actually dying.


TRAVIS: Uh, sorry to cut in
on the... space bees,

but, Mila, do you know what
medications your dad's on?

We don't want to give him anything

that could cause a bad reaction.

Oh, boy. What isn't he on?

- I'll show you.

- Northwest, stairwell is clear.

Let's double back.

So that's your partner back there?

Yeah. I'm a little worried
things might be

- getting weird between her and Andy.
- Why?

Well, I broke things off with Andy

- in order to start things with Jenna...
- Whoa, whoa.

Why'd you let them get paired up then?

You agreed to the pairs
before I could say anything!

Oh man. Yeah. No question.
Things are gonna get weird.

ANDY: So, what's the first thing
we need to do when we find Penny?

Give her a head-to-toe
medical assessment,

make sure she's alert and reactive...

- 28 minutes, by the way.
- Hey, have you seen a little girl?

- No, sorry.
- Okay.

JENNA: God, where is this kid?

I can't imagine how scared she must be...

- Penny?
- Penny, you there?

Hey, have you seen a little girl?

- So, what are you, like,

FD in training or something?

I'm at the Academy right now.

Yeah, trying a little
woman-to-woman mentoring

to give Kat a leg up on all the bros.

We've got an Academy too.

There are so many bros.

- Penny?!

Penny! Penny!

We may have to kick it in...

Seattle PD, open up!

False alarm?

We're sorry! It was a really
scary part of the movie...

the guy had a knife,
and he jumped out, and...

Oh, just glad you're all safe.

Hey, listen, have you seen a little girl?

Her name's Penny?

She's gone missing,
she's either hiding or lost...

Oh yeah. That kid's always around.

She likes to play in the basement...


- Thanks.
- Yeah.

ANDY: Time check?

- 30 minutes.
- All right, let's go.

Oh, um, looks like you got
a kink in your IV line here.

I'll just adjust this.

Mila thinks I'm joking...

About wanting to die now.

I'm not.

I make jokes. All the time, about dying.

The ridiculous ways, but...

Have you talked to her about this?

You saw her. It'd kill her.

Before it killed me.



I-It can be really hard

to talk to your kids about stuff,

especially when it's something
that really matters, you know?

My son was visiting with me today,

and he's so upset about this
new thing I'm trying to do,

but I can't bring myself
to be honest with him

about why I'm doing it.

- Ah, I know my good days...

Are behind me.

I hurt...

so much.

I'm so tired.

But how do I tell my child...

I'm ready to go?


Um... If...

If that's how you really feel...

Have you taken any legal steps?

Do you have a DNR?

- Yes.
- MILA: No.

Absolutely no. He does not.

PRUITT: Oh, one of these
circuits is overloaded.

I can figure this out.
You should go home.

I imagine you, uh,

have a Hawaiian travel companion
waiting up for you?


I'm happy for you.

I didn't realize
you were seeing anyone...

Reggie's really something.

She doesn't worry
about what anybody thinks.

She just figures out
what she wants and goes for it.

Sounds simple.

Starting to learn it can be.


They asked if I could
have my previous boss,

uh, fill out a recommendation.

And if there's anything
my trip inspired me to do,

it's not to sit around, waiting
for things to happen to me.

I'm gonna make things happen for myself.

You know you're vastly
overqualified for this.

Big fish, little pond.

Wouldn't mind a little
adoration here and there.

You just got back.
You sure you don't want

to kick back, put your feet up instead?

Come on.

Do a big fish a solid.




MILA: He's never actually
told me he wants it.

If anything, he avoids the topic

and just starts spouting off
some crazy death of the week.

- So, there's no DNR?
- I mean, kind of.

Well, we drew one up...
I'm his power of attorney...

but he never once asked me to sign it...

- He's dehydrated. I'm pushing fluids.


BEN: Elliot, you do understand
that, without a DNR,

we are required to take
extraordinary measures

- to keep you alive?

Now, you have set this whole place up

to spend your last days in peace,

and if we take extraordinary measures,

that means intervention,

transportation to a hospital,

procedures, machines.

So, to be clear,

that is what you get
without a signed DNR.

Excuse us, uh, for a moment.

[QUIETLY] What are you doing?

Pushing a patient into a DNR is illegal.

BEN: [QUIETLY] I am not pushing.

I am simply stating the facts

so that he can make
a decision for himself.

We are here to help, not guide
decisions about life or death.

His daughter is legally in charge here.

Elliot hasn't requested
that she sign anything.

End of story.

Okay, you don't know
what he really wants,

or what he's been trying to tell her...

- That's not our problem...
- Trav, he's stage four.

You know his condition's
only gonna get worse.

The cancer's already taken its toll,

- he can't even move his limbs.

And the strain his body's
already endured today alone...

Okay, maybe, as a surgeon,
the lines were different,

but you and I, we do not
get an opinion on this.

As long as there's no DNR,

it is our job to do what
we can to prevent death.

That's what we're gonna do.


Excuse me.

Have you seen a little girl
running through here?

- Maybe hiding somewhere?


Sullivan to Station 19. Anything yet?

ANDY: We're about to search the basement.

We've hit the 40-minute mark.

- Damn it.

Sir, are you feeling okay?

A little nauseous.
I've been eating ice cream

- for the past two hours.
- Respect.

But my freezer lost power,
so, what am I supposed to do?

Throw it all out?

- Mmm.

He's altered.

MAYA: Sir, are you feeling
any other symptoms?

Worst brain freeze headache of my life.

And I feel a little dizzy...

I don't think this is brain freeze.

KAT: Didn't think this building
could get any darker,

but now that we're in the basement...

- it's darker.
- JENNA: Is it possible we missed her?

Either that, or she's not
in the building any longer.

We should alert PD to amp up
their perimeter search...


Wait. Did you guys hear that?



- [MUFFLED, WEAKLY] Help me...
- Penny?

- Please?
- Penny! We're here now.

We've got you, okay?

Damn it. It won't open.

[STRAINING] It must've locked
when the power went out.

It's okay. You'll be okay.

Has she been trapped in
the washer this whole time,

- because, if so...
- She's running out of air.

Have a seat right here. Give me that.

Do you smell that?

Graham, do you have a natural gas stove?

Were you cooking something recently?

I was making pasta
when the power went out...

SULLIVAN: Here we go.




His pulse is weak, but steady.
Skin's a little clammy.

Short of breath... crackling too.


The stove appears
to be fine, but... guys.

- This whole place is filled with gas.

- ANDY: 19, this is Herrera.

We found the girl.

I need every extraction tool you have

and all the hands
you can spare in the basement.

Repeat, we found Penny... She's trapped,

and we need to get her
out of here, right now!

- Anyone copy?
- [RADIO CHIRPS] the basement. Repeat...

- JACK: Herrera, say again.

RYAN: Must be because
she's in the basement.

- ...Need a rotary saw, halligans

- and sawzall, does anyone copy?

This is Gibson, I read you.
I'm close to the truck.

I'll head back for
the tools now. Standby.

- What's the reading?
- Same.

MAYA: I checked the entire
apartment, it's not a fluke.

There's a gas leak somewhere,
and it's big...

It could be the boiler, or the blackout

shut the power off of something...

- Regardless, we got to get out of here.

ANDY: Copy, Gibson.
Hurry with those power tools.

- Over.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

No, no. No power tools. Do not use those.

The building has a gas leak.
We don't know how big it is.

One spark could set
this whole building off.

- Do you hear me, Herrera?

Herrera?! We got to evacuate
the entire building.

- Starting with this guy.
- We'll call the gas company,

have them shut off the gas
to the building

and get somebody to shut off
the main gas valve.

This is Captain Sullivan to all units.

We discovered a dangerous
natural gas leak.

There's a serious risk of explosion.

This building needs to be
evacuated immediately.

Every floor. Every apartment.

Do you copy, Herrera?

Get him to the Aid Car right
now and start evacuations.

- On it.
- On it.

- Herrera, do you copy?

It's just a few more minutes.
We'll get you out soon.

Penny? Penny!

Oh, she's looking worse.

[STRAINED] Stupid...
industrial... washers.


RYAN: Hey. Oh thank God... over here!

We've got everything, the rotary saw...

But did you hear Sullivan's orders?

If we cause a spark... boom.

Penny is suffocating in there.

These aren't normal machines.

We got to get in there, fast.
It's worth the risk.

SULLIVAN: No it's not.
Stand down, Herrera.

We don't know how big the leak is

or how long it's been going.
Too many lives are at risk,

- this whole building could blow...
- We have to get in there, fast.

We will! But not with that.

Everybody else, get out. Go, go, go!

Help with the evac, now.

That includes you, Kat.
Observation time's over.

But I can help.

I've disassembled equipment
in training...

Do you understand the danger you're in?

This isn't a drill! Go!

We got to do this carefully.

And fast. You better keep up.

If you need assistance,
look for the police officer

or firefighter in your area
and they will help you exit.

RYAN: Extinguish all candles, matches,

or any type of open flame.


Seattle FD. Open up please!

There's a gas leak.

[MUFFLED] You need
to evacuate the building!

ANDY: [STRAINING] A little further...

ELLIOT: What's... happening?

Our Captain just ordered
a full scale evacuation.

- VIC: We're moving you now.
- We know it's not ideal,

but none of us can stay.

Exposure to a gas leak

- is harmful for everyone.
- MILA: Oh. O-Okay.

Um, well, will he be okay
with the machines, and...

We're gonna have to put your dad
on a portable ventilator.

Get him on a gurney
and down to our ambulance.

Then to the nearest hospital,
probably Grey-Sloan Memorial...

At this point, that's our only choice.

Okay, um, this is good, this is good.

Dad, they are gonna help you, okay?

The hospital will know
what you might need,

and I got to get your extra pajamas.

[QUIETLY] No hospital...

BEN: We might lose you on the way though.

Without a DNR, just to be clear,

we are gonna have to resuscitate you...

Warren. He has a right
to know his situation.

His situation is the same
as it is for all of us.

- We need to leave.
- VIC: Hey. Both of you,

this arguing is not helping.

Somebody help me move this generator.

No ambulance.

MILA: Do I need to bring
his medications too?

- TRAVIS: Yes. Yes, you should.
- I've got the portable ventilator ready,

but it's gonna be a trick
to get down all those stairs.

How long ago did Sullivan call the evac?

Too long. We should be moving already.

I'm not going anywhere!



- Herrera to 19... what was that?!

- Flare up, third floor, attacking now.

I think we'll get it out,
but there's a big chance

it's already jumping floors.

Gas will make it travel faster.

- You still in the basement?
- Copy that! We're almost out!


- Irregular pulse.
- We gotta move.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

- She's not breathing.
- She needs oxygen.

- Hand me the ambu bag.
- XANDER: Here!

It's her inhaler. Oh, my God, Penny!

Can you hear me?! Is she okay?!


She's in V-tach... Get ready to push epi!

Get me a gurney over here!

- ELLIOT: [WEAKLY] No, stop. Stop!
- TRAVIS: There's no debate anymore.

There's a fire in the building now,

our job is to remove you from fire...

that's what we're doing.
Death by scorpions.

Arrows. Dragons. Piranhas.

Any of those, over this...

Hughes, hand me that IV bag.

Yeah. I'm gonna grab the
portable suction machine too.

- We can't afford any mistakes.
- It'll be okay, Dad.

MILA: They're here to help,
they're just doing their jobs,

and we'll go to the hospital,
and we'll just be there, okay?

[SIGHS] God, what am I forgetting?

I'm shaking.
God, Mila, concentrate, come on.

[QUIETLY] You have to talk to her.

Tell her what you really want.

Elliot, if there was ever
a time, it's right now.


- sweetheart?
- I know! Socks.

I forgot your socks.
Your feet are gonna get so cold.

I want you...

to sign the DNR.


Dad, I-I didn't hear you right. What?

Please. It's time.

It's past time.

You don't... You don't know
what you're saying. Okay?

You don't mean it. You can't.

Today... Today is not your day.

I'm not... I'm not... I'm not ready yet.

- I'm not.
- I am.



- at night.
- Dad?

- In the dark.
- Really, Dad?

You want to play this morbid
dead-game right now?

Underneath the stars.

Looking up.

Picking out the constellations.


Until I can't see them anymore.

I-I'm gonna go down again, and again.


Please. No hospitals.

Don't let me die in a hospital.

VIC: I'm sorry, I know this is
the very worst moment, but...

we're out of time. We have to go.


If I sign the DNR, that means...

No extraordinary measures.

So he doesn't have to go in an ambulance?

He doesn't have to go to the hospital?

No. Not if he doesn't want to.

Well, what about these
generators you brought?

What happens when they run out of power?

He's just gonna stop breathing?

Eventually, yes.

What happens then?

Like I said,

the DNR means,

no extraordinary measures.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh ♪

♪ I've seen you falling, but ♪

♪ I've seen you on the rise ♪

♪ I know you're getting tired ♪

♪ But you're not out of time ♪

♪ You're up against the weather ♪

♪ Your back is to the wall ♪

- ♪ And so you face it all ♪

♪ You're not drowning,
but your heart's... ♪

He's destatting.

Don't waste a perfectly dark night.

- ♪ It's a fight for your life ♪
- Get down here.

- Look at that sky.
- Building's all clear,

so we've got a few minutes.

♪ Ooh ♪

- ♪ Ohh, ooh ♪
- Wow, Dad, look at Andromeda.

The blackout's made them
so bright tonight.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

- SULLIVAN: Come on, Penny.

Come on. Clear.

- ♪ You've seen the highest mountain ♪

- ♪ You've walked the valleys, too ♪
- Come on, come on, come on.

Still no normal sinus rhythm. Go again...

- ♪ I still believe in you ♪
- ...push another round of epi!

Pushing epi.

♪ Your tears are overflowing ♪


♪ But they can fix you, too ♪

- Clear!

Hey, come on.


- All right, we got a normal rhythm.
- There we go, Penny. Good.

- Can you hear me?
- Ah...

Good, just keep
taking nice, long breaths.

- ♪ It's a fight for you life ♪
- All right, go, go, go, go, go.

MILA: Look, there's Orion...

and those are the Dippers...

and I think that one
is Cassiopeia over there.

♪ It's a fight for your life ♪

BEN: I haven't done this since...

maybe ever.

It's really peaceful.

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

My butt's wet.

MILA: Look at that bright one.

This time of year, it's either...

Venus, or Mars.

Yeah, I think that one's Mars, actually.

[GASPS] A shooting star!

- ♪ You've walked the valleys, too ♪
- Did you see that, Dad?

♪ I know you've lost your faith, but ♪

♪ I still believe in you ♪

[SOFTLY] ...Dad?

♪ Your tears are overflowing ♪

♪ But they can fix you, too ♪

♪ So let 'em heal your wounds ♪

...No pulse. He's gone.

♪ It's a ♪

♪ Fight for your life ♪

♪ You're in the dark,
but you're still breathing ♪

♪ It's a ♪

♪ Fight for your life ♪

♪ I see you falling, but ♪

♪ I see you're on the rise ♪

♪ I know you're getting tired ♪

♪ But you're not out of time ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh ♪

I spoke to your parents,
they're meeting you

at the hospital, okay?
Penny, how you feeling?

Mom and Dad are not letting you
babysit me again...

- So, she's fine, then?
- Got to check up at Grey-Sloan,

- she'll be just fine.
- Thank you.


I-I snapped at you, I apologize.

This call did not go how I had hoped.

I wanted to get you excited
about all this,

not put you in danger.

Are you kidding? This was incredible!

I mean, that kid in there
is a living breathing kid

who was not living or breathing
just a few minutes ago.

That's... true. Hey, do me a favor.

Uh, let Miller over there
check you out for good measure?

Hey. Your Cadet got
a real baptism by fire...

Whew! She did. In a lot of ways.

Her best friend quit the Academy today.

Really shook her up.
I probably don't say this enough

but, I am so glad I have you.



- You did good today.
- We all did.

Just glad the fire's under control now.

I feel like you and I should
get a drink sometime.

You know, badass to badass.

- I could use one right now, in fact.

So they're friends now?

Yeah. Looks that way.

Good luck with that, huh?




- Mm.
- Come in?

Things have been... different,

between us, since the Aid Car.

We're friends. Can...
Can I say we're friends?

- ...Yes.
- Well, just because we're friends,

doesn't mean that I can take liberties.

Like I did last night.

I shouldn't have pushed
to bring Kat on the call.

She didn't belong there.

You knew it. I pushed anyway, and...

And I agreed to the arrangement.

That wasn't on you.

And I think it's great

that you want to teach, mentor.

The Academy needs more
hands-on mentors like you.

- I put Kat in danger.
- This job puts us all in danger.

She knew what she was signing up for.

- And I'm glad...
- [SIGHS] the way.

That we're friends.

I am too.

See, I don't open up to many people.

With you...'s easy.

I-I feel the same.

Macadamia nuts do not equal a meal.

You do know the Beanery's packed
with leftovers from dinner?


DEAN: See? Even you beer choice
is wrong for me.

What do you have against a good Stout?

It's liquid cake.
If I wanted to eat cake,

I would have it in solid form.

Ah! There. Right above us is Cassiopeia.

I know this because I have
an app that tells me.

All I see is sky. And clouds.

JACK: Look. Visitors.

At our house.

Yep. And they're making me
rethink my morning brew choice.

I'll... I'll have a Stout.

- I'll grab it for you.
- Thanks.

Look at that. My influence
is already rubbing off!

Are you sure you don't
want to fake date me?


As much as I'm enjoying all of this,

the faux bae plan is a really bad idea.

And the faux bae plan
starring you I-is...

Gibson, please explain to Bishop

all the ways in which she would make me

a truly terrible girlfriend.

- Ah.
- JACK: Well, she can be pretty annoying.

But, despite that, she's actually also...

...pretty impressive.

She's the type of person
that'll be there for you

even if you don't want her to.

She's... She's pretty relentless.

She cares about you, she cares fully,

with every piece of herself.

And that's a thing
that's, uh, really rare.

And maybe she's not usually
the relationship type,

but, uh, doesn't mean she couldn't be.

- And her eyes.
- Hm.


they sparkle, even in the dark.

- That's genius.

I gotta get a pen and write that down.

The... The part about her eyes,
say that again.

ANDY: Firefighters are taught
to find our way in the dark.

Keep one hand on the wall,
at all times...

- Let it guide you.
- I, um...

I had to let someone die last night.

♪ I never had clouds ♪

- ♪ Follow me each day ♪
- Oh... man.

- ♪ Years of sun that never went away ♪
- That sucks.

It did. But, you know,
it's part of my job.

I think sometimes I-I try to protect you

from the bad stuff because you're a kid.

You're my kid. I don't want you to worry.

Remember when your mom and I
went through a rough patch,

earlier in the year?

- Is it bad again?
- No. No, no, not...

not... not like that.

Um, but we're doing a lot, you know,

and making changes to try and make sure

that it doesn't get bad again.

I'm making changes.

I'm doing what I can on my end

to make sure that...

my world doesn't interfere with her's,

in a way that's not healthy.

♪ I'm not one to pray ♪

But it's gonna be a little tough
before it gets better.

You're already starting
to feel that, I know.

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

[SIGHS] And I need you to also know that,

all of it, that everything I do...

- ♪ Now I'm scared of the dark ♪
- for you.

- ♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
- And your mom.

I'm trying really hard
to make it all work, you know?

Can you... Can you meet me half way?

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

Um, yeah.

♪ I need you to bring me home ♪

I can try.

♪ I need you to bring me home ♪

Good. Good, 'cause, uh...

♪ My life is out of control ♪

...I-I-I got a thing
planned for us tonight.

J-Just you and me.

No tablets, no video games...

What is it? We're going hunting.

- Out in our own backyard.

We're just gonna lay in the grass,

look up at the sky...

And we are gonna hunt...

for constellations.

Yeah, 'til... 'til our toes get so numb

and we have to go inside
to avoid getting frost bite.


♪ I need you to bring me home ♪

- Dad.
- Yeah?

Sometimes you're really weird.

- Don't let the dark daunt you.

Stay calm. Move forward.

♪ I'm rattled this time ♪


- ♪ Can someone lift my chin? ♪
- Long day?

- ♪ Keep my head above water ♪
- Ooh, long night.

New fantasy vacation idea...

- ♪ 'Fore I'm too deep in ♪
- Someplace with a bed.

♪ I've never had problems,
where do I begin? ♪

- Let's do it.

♪ But it's not a problem,
I'm just being human ♪

I wish you could've met this guy
BB I met on my call tod.

He was a master of fantasy scenarios.

- ♪ I am falling apart ♪

But, in the end,

I think reality turned out
a lot better for him.

♪ Now I'm scared of the dark ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ All I can hear is my heart ♪

Life's too short.

No more fantasizing.
Let's take a vacation.

For real. Sun, snow, bed,

it doesn't... it doesn't matter.

I don't want to put things off... Okay.

Okay, I can see the look on your face.

I know, it's not realistic, but...

I was going to say...

I've got vacation days.

And I don't want to be the guy
who never uses them.

♪ I'll need you to bring me home ♪

- Really?
- Sure.

♪ Yeah, I know, yeah, I know ♪

♪ This ain't forever ♪


Okay, okay.

So, we take the days off, and then what?

We can't tell people, so...

how will that work,
can we make that work?

Okay, so, we can't...
we can't take the time

without telling people why,

and we can't tell people why
without outing our secret,

and doing that messes with
careers, and jobs, so...

♪ I am losing my patience ♪

♪ They say that winding roads ♪

Forget it. Forget it.

- ♪ Lead to great destinations ♪

- ♪ But I'm so far from home ♪
- Back to fantasy vacation, I guess.

- ♪ Can you help me to change this? ♪

If this secret is what's
holding us back, then maybe...


...maybe we shouldn't
be a secret anymore?

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Now I'm scared of the dark ♪

- ♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
- There's always a way.

So when your find your path
through the darkness...

I thought you left.

I had to bring you a plate of leftovers.

Friends don't let friends
not eat real food.

You're really gonna insist
on getting your way

for the second time today?

When you step out into the light...

You know, Kat told me
she wanted to join Seattle FD

because of what she saw us
all do in the skyscraper fire.

I feel like she's kind of
the one bright spot

that came out of that whole thing.

- ♪ I need you to bring me home ♪
- There's other bright spots.

You made it out alive.
I think that qualifies.

Mm. That night also ruined

my prospects as Captain of 19,

but... that's another conversation.

That's also how you got me.

Take a breath,

let your eyes adjust...

Could that be
a bright spot, too?

Eat your food.

...and see what you see...