Station 19 (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - When It Rains, It Pours! - full transcript

While struggling to help victims of a crash on a desolate road, Vic finds the courage to confront a difficult situation; Ben prepares to go out for Medic One; Pruitt spends time with a special someone.

Previously on "Station 19"...

Jenna, this is my friend Andy.

Medic One. I'm considering going for it.

You got my support.

What happened between us the other day

can never happen again.

So now you're having second thoughts?

I kept quiet, and you couldn't,

and now I have to answer for it
to your peers.

- They're my friends.
- They're my subordinates!

You have to celebrate the closing.

It's my call.

No, you're too close to this.
The call is mine.

You're my best friend,
but she's my world.

I don't need you
to talk to me ever again.

I want you settled down
with a family of your own.

I may just have to go on a few dates.

When the danger's coming at you,

you need to make a choice.

Where do you focus?

Everything all right?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry.

- It's a reflex.
- It's okay.

Your mom told me BB all about what you.

What made you choose firefighting?

How do you proceed?

I don't know if I chose firefighting

or it chose me.

Either way, is it your endgame?

Do you run? Uh, what do you mean?

- Do you hide?
- I mean, realistically,

how much longer can you be in
the firefighting business?

Or do you stand your ground and commit?

It's not a business. It's my job.

Your mom said you had other ambitions.

I mean, not that there's anything
wrong with fighting fires.

No, no, there is not.

But you've got other options, right?

Why would I need other options?

I mean, you're not gonna
fight fires forever.

At some point, you're
gonna want to settle

into something a little... safer.

Uh, did my mom mention that, too?

She's such a force, an icon.

- A true inspiration.
- What is it like being her son?

I love her.

- Love her.
- Love her.

- I would love to get to...
- Check, right?




Easy... the coffee!

Ah, who cares?

Well, you will when you taste it.


I used my travel milk frother.


Mmm! See?

Maybe I should invest in
a heavy-duty one for the condo

so we can sip this caffeinated decadence

over nightly sunsets.

- Pruitt.
- Oh, I'm sorry. That was forward.

No, no, I appreciate you being direct.

And so I will be, too.

I have no interest in watching
sunsets every night

from your condo.

Oh, all right. Then, uh...

I want to watch them with you,

but I want to do it from cruise ships.

Alaska. Tahiti. Greece.

Or from my son's house in Oregon.

Have you ever seen an Oregon sunset?

I have not.

They are breathtaking.

Seattle FD has, uh,

been my life for a really long time.

It's also kept me tied down here.

Well, then, maybe it's time
for you to free yourself up.

Hawaii Air runs a 7:45 flight to Kauai.

Let's hop it.

- Celebrate you selling the house.
- Uh...

Hey, Dad?

You got a minute? I was just...

- M'ija.
- Oh.

Hi. Hello.


Uh, uh, this is Reggie.

Real estate agent Reggie?

You must be Andy.



I was just swinging by

to see the old place one last time.

I didn't realize you were... busy.

Stay for coffee?

Reggie brought her milk frother.

No, no time for frothing.

Work time. Shift time.

Don't wanna be late. Okay, bye!

That didn't sound like a
"where's the fluffy cat" sneeze.

It sounded like an "I'm patient zero

and need to go home right now" sneeze.

No, it was just a regular
textbook sneeze, sneeze.

You should go.

No, I don't want to go home.

I still have one of
Ripley's T-shirts there.

- Okay?
- Oh, God.

He accidentally left it,

and, oh, my God, it smells so good,

but now I don't know what to do with it,

and if I go, I have to decide.

Deciding sounds... important.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

So you should go home to decide.

Okay, if I give the T-shirt
back, we have to talk,

and I'm not sure I'm ready for that,

because he might say the thing
that he didn't want to say

before when we fought,

and I'm afraid I might not
want to hear it.


And I might say something
that I don't mean to say,

but I don't want to throw
the shirt out, either,

because did I mention...

did I mention how good it smells?

You know, letting go
can be really hard sometimes.

You know, a-and the longer
that you're in it,

the deeper the commitment,

and that... that can be even harder.

You're saying I should...
I should toss the shirt.

Or toss... Or toss Ripley?

No, hang on. It was just one fight.

Now you think we should break up.

That's... That's not what I'm saying.

Okay, you know what?
You talk in circles, Freckles.

It's confusing for a woman with a fever.

Hughes, go home before
you infect this entire place.

- What?
- Captain's orders.

Montgomery, sanitize.

And they were cuddly,
he was in his bathrobe,

there was chest hair, and a milk frother.

- Nice!
- Go, Captain!

I mean, if it makes him happy.

No. No, no, no, no, no, not... not nice.

Not sweet. Frothing.

There was naked milk frothing!

You actually walked in on them
frothing away?

Well, it was after, but...

I think it's great that he has
a sunset companion at his age.

Did I mention she was wearing
his Station 19 crew shirt?

Ooh, that's not cool.
Crew shirts are sacred.

That changes everything.

I should get my mom to set him up.

None of her picks would
put on a firefighting shirt,

because they're definitely
not into firefighting.

How many you up to now?

I'm three for three.

I got another one tomorrow.

And the sooner I get through her setups,

the sooner I'll hold up
my end of the bargain,

then she'll have to hold up hers.

That'll happen.


Hey, Gibson!

What is my little sister doing here?

Oh, you know. Thought I'd just come by,

see the place, laugh at you.


Definitely gonna do some of that.

You know, typically, you don't
have to sand quite so, uh...


Keep that up, you might start a fire.

- Some places are sacred, you know?
- Mm-hmm.

- Like this... this is our station.
- Yeah.

And a giant RV just
slammed right into it.

Or like my house and my dad.

Real Estate Reggie
just slammed into that!

I walked in on him

with his lady friend this morning, and...

...I wasn't prepared
to start my day like that.

You think this is funny?


Your reaction is funny.

Stop laughing.


I'm sorry. I'm trying.

Just cut him some slack, all right?

Your dad's living his life.

She was wearing his crew shirt.


Hey, now.

I forgot all about these.


These... These pencil marks.

When I used to visit
my dad here as a kid,

he'd measure my height.

He told me that I had to be this height

before he would seriously
consider me to be a firefighter.

"A" for "Andy," "R" for "Ryan."

He would tag along sometimes.

He always liked recording
how much taller he was than me.

Well, you've grown up a lot since then.

Except for when it comes to your dad.

Or your truly terrible sanding.


Oh, great! Warren, I was hoping
to find you. You got a minute?

Uh, it's gonna have to be on the move.

- I'm already running late.
- All right.

I was talking to my friend
the other night...

a coworker, actually.

She just got EMT-certified

and was saying how much
it's helped her on the job.

Got me thinking, since you were a doctor,

maybe you could help me...


As much as I would love to,

I am on a really tight
schedule right now...

prepping for Medic One,

just took my physical during lunch,

and, uh, now I'm late,

and I really don't have time
for this conversation.


But, uh, I am sure that there are

plenty of people around here

who can lend a hand,
you know, like, uh...

hey, like Andy.

Just... Just ask her.

Talk to Andy. Right.

Leave a message at the tone. Thanks.

Montgomery, this is your fault.

I'm blaming you.

I ran into Ripley on my way out,

and I sneezed in his face,

and all I wanted to do
was yell "T-shirt."

I-I don't know.

If he and I can't even
talk to each other,

then maybe you're right.

Maybe we should break up.

I-I cannot believe you are
not answering your phone

when I need you
to talk me off my fever ledge.

You're a jerk.

I hate you.


You okay?

No, I am not okay, Josh.

How much further?

We're 12 minutes from the hospital, tops.

I'm using the GPS.
I'm taking the side roads.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

Hold on! I'll help you!

Just hold on!

Aw, damn it!

Of course it's dead.

Sir! Sir, don't move!

You've been in an accident.
Is your shoulder hurt?

Aah! I'm okay. You got to help my wife.

A possible torn rotator or dislocation.

Did you hit your head?
Can you tell me your name?

Josh, but, please...

Your pupils are dilated.

Are you feeling dizzy, Josh?

Can you tell me what year it is?

Please! Emmanuelle is pregnant!

She's pinned in there. She can't get out.

Hi, Emmanuelle. You doing okay in here?

Uh, yeah, I-I think so.
I'm, uh, I'm stuck.

Damn it.

Uh, how... how far along are you?

My water broke. We were on
the way to the hospital.

Oh, that's pretty far along.

But I don't want you to worry, okay?

I set some flares, and
my med kit's not the biggest,

but I think I've got all
the essentials we'll need.

Who are you?

Oh, sorry, sorry.
I'm Vic. I'm a firefighter.

Oh, thank God.

Is anyone else coming?

Well, I called 911, or I tried to

before my phone, uh, died,

but they can track even a partial call.

They'll, uh... you know,
they'll ping the towers,

and more help will be here any minute.

What if the call didn't go through?

Let's just focus on taking care
of you two right now, okay?

What were Miller's parents like?

'Cause his sister's basically
Carbon Copy Dean.

You good?

Yeah. Why?

'Cause you're doing the quiet thing.

What quiet thing?

See? Quiet thing.

Okay, is it me or us
that's making you quiet?

We haven't really talked more

since I hung up on you for a baby.

Yeah, it's not that.

It's not. I swear.

It's just, seeing Dean
with his family lately

has got me thinking about mine,

wondering who they are and... and where.

N-Never mind. It's nothing.

I thought you said
your parents got married

six months after they met.

My last set of foster parents did.

Bio parents are more of a black hole.

You do know there's this crazy
thing called the Internet

- where you can stalk basically anyo...
- Yeah, I don't wanna stalk.

I'd rather just forget about it.

Bishop, Sullivan wants us on maintenance.


Not cool?

All good. Let's go maintain.

Sir, it was only five minutes later

- than I said I'd be back.
- Hmm.

My physical for the Medic One application

ran late this afternoon. That's all.

But it doesn't mean that
I'll be any less focused

on my duties here at 19.

I-I'm sticking to
a very tight schedule...

home, Medic One studies, here.

All right, I-I'm even doing
nightly video chats

with Miranda and Tuck.

I-I can juggle it all.

Give or take five minutes?

Sorry to interrupt.

It's all right. Warren, dismissed.


Quarterly stats and, uh,

I need your rubber stamp
on some incident reports.

Just set 'em over there.

Something else I can help you with?


From the drive-in on Broadway.

I remember you always liked that place.

I, uh, got some fries
and some onion rings, too.

I know you don't typically
eat with the crew,

but I thought maybe...

you've got time for a quick bite with me?

Emmanuelle left her phone at home.

Mine was on the center console,

but I-I haven't seen it
since the accident.

Yeah, I'm not seeing it, either.

But like I said,
someone's gonna come for us.

Meanwhile, keep yourself dry.

But what if they take too long?

She's wedged in there so tight.

Oh, her injuries look superficial,

and her heart rate and BP is
remarkably low, considering.

Never mind me.

Yes, mind you!

Mind my wife, too, please?

It's the baby I'm worried about.

Blue's so little.

It's our nickname for the baby.


We don't know if Blue's a boy or a girl.

Please don't say there's anything
wrong with Blueberry, please.

Today was supposed to be
Blueberry's birthday...

It still is, Em. Right?

Of course. Right.

Hey, hey, hey!

You try running one more time,

and I will kick your ass to county jail.

Are we clear?

Oh, hi, Ryan.

Busy day?

Not not busy.

Still free after shift, though.

- Are you asking me out this time?
- Depends.

You interested in a second date?

Not not interested.


We have a situation.

Did Andy call you?
What did she say? Was she upset?


Andy walked in on me with Reggie.

And we weren't exactly dressed yet.

Oh, no.

Now Reggie's trying to
convince me to go to Hawaii,

as if I can just commit

to a spur-of-the-moment trip
just like that.

And Andy ran out of there so fast.

She always goes to you when she's upset.

Is she okay? Should I try
to talk to her? I...

I... haven't heard from her.

- Huh?
- At all, actually.

Hawaii sounds fun. You should go for it.

I'm sorry, but who are you?

- Oh, hi. I'm Jenna.
- Jenna.

I work with Tanner here.

We cover the Shoreline beat together.

And, uh, he doesn't know this,

but I'm the best second date
he's ever gonna have.


After he accepts my invitation.

Can I ask you a question?

- Yes, my deodorant failed.
- Is it obvious?

No. I mean, yes.

This is more of a hypothetical.

Isn't Andy the one you go to
with these kinds of questions?

Stay with me, Montgomery.

Say you have this friend
who is struggling with something

and you can tell that
it's really upsetting him.

You even have really great ideas
about ways to help,

but they just seem
to not want to hear them.

I mean, do you push? Should you push?

Okay, so, you know how this bolt
that you're tightening

has a breaking point?

So do people.

You know, if someone
doesn't want your help,

you trying to force it on them

is actually the opposite
of being helpful.

It'll annoy them, and then they'll...

leave you mean, feverish
voicemails on their drive home.

I thought we were talking
about my friend.

- Why are we talking about your friend?
- Stay with me, Bishop.

- Okay, but I really just need to know...
- I know.

I think the real question that
you need to ask yourself is,

why do you care so much?

Mom wants to know
why you wore your bad jeans

on your date with Taylor.

She said they made your legs
look too skinny.

Not the jeans' fault, I guess.

How do you know that,
and how does Mom know that?

Every girl she sets you up with

has a mom who's friends with Mom.

They talk.

Everyone knows everyone's business.

The deal was that Mom sets up the dates

and I go out on them, and I'm doing that.

Yeah, and as much as I am
really enjoying the show

knowing how much you hate it, truly

I don't need Mom and Dad's help that bad.

They're treating you differently
than they treated me,

a-and that's... it's not fair.

Yeah, you're just now realizing that?

They've always treated you differently.

You're the oldest. You're their son.

I'm just the kid sister
they still treat like a baby.

Don't let them do that.

Well, I could just crash at your place.

Jack is super fun to look at.

Uh, no. No. That will never happen.

Mom's never gonna be happy
if you're just phoning it in.

And neither are your dates.

You know, we women, we're not dumb.

We know when someone's just
going through the motions.


For real, though, is Jack single?

Okay, okay, you're doing great.

It's just a contraction.
It's totally normal.


Josh?! You okay out there?

Gah! I'm good!

Your contractions are coming sooner,

but we've still got plenty of time.

I just need to try and make sure you stay

as warm and dry as possible.

Don't want you getting hypothermia.


I, uh... I got a blanket
in the back of my car.

Do you think you might
be able to grab it for me?



You did hit your head, didn't you, Josh?


Possible grade 3 concussion.

Ah! What's happening?

Hey. Emmanuelle?!

No, easy, easy, easy.

She's fine, but you
passed out on me, Josh.

You held out on me, too. You
got a nasty cut on your scalp.

You got any neck pain?

No, I feel fine.

Is he hurt?

No, he's all right.

And this time, he's gonna do
exactly what I tell him to do,

- right, Josh?
- Yeah.

- Okay, good.
- Okay.

So, you're gonna sit up
with me real slow, okay?

- Okay. Okay.
- All right. All right.

All right, I'm okay.

I want you to stay that way.

Okay, you're gonna sit right
down next to me and Emmanuelle

so I can keep an eye on
both of you at the same time.

- Okay. Okay.
- All right?

I'm the one stuck in here
having contractions,

but all I want to do is take care of you.

No, I'm... fine.

I'm fine.


Hey, hey, eyes open!
You need to stay awake.

Okay. Okay?

Uh, uh, how did you guys meet, huh?

- It was raining, actually.
- Okay.

Kinda like today.

Do you need something?

Do you?

I talked to Maya.

She didn't give me
a lot of details or anything,

but I just wanted you to know
that you are strong,

and you will get through this.

Thank you.

That... Actually,
that really means a lot.

If I can help in any way,

you have my full and complete support.

Well, I'm sure I'll get over it.

I know I'm probably overreacting.

She just didn't have
any pants on, you know?

And neither did my dad,

and once that visual
is burned into your brain,

that's hard to unsee, you know?


Yes, it is.

Ah, when I say I went on
a lot of dates, I mean,

I swiped right so much,
I forgot left even existed.

How did this nice story about
the day we met turn into

a list of all the women
who came before me?

'Cause none of them were right.

And they all led me to you.

Okay, fine.

You're right. It is a nice story.

Nothing ever seemed to work out,

so I finally just gave up.

You gave up?


A week later, Emmanuelle
walked into my life.

Well, actually, he bumped into me

in the flower stall
in the Pike Place Market.

She was so beautiful.

I was soaked,
wearing sweats and no makeup.

So by the time of our fifth date, I knew.

Fifth date? That's pretty specific.

Don't most people say
they know on the first date?

No. It was our fifth.

It was our first fight.

It was big and loud and in public.

Ooh, I'm having another one.

Okay, uh, Emmanuelle, is it okay

if I take a closer look this time?

Yeah. I guess so.

It's all right, baby.
It's gonna be all right.

- It's gonna be okay.
- Okay.

What is it?


you are starting to crown.

Oh, no.

So, uh, I'm just gonna get
a few things ready,

and, uh... just in case.

And in the meantime,
I need you to do me a big favor.

What's that?

Don't push.

Hey. I was thinking we could
call that social worker

who took our Safe Surrender last shift.

I bet she'd have the resources
that could help with...

Why... Why are you still on this?

I-I... I don't know.

It seemed important to you, so...

So... So, what?

This isn't as easy as
ripping off a Band-Aid, Maya.

You know, it's complicated.
It's personal.

And it's not a door
I can close once it's open,

and, honestly, you're making me
regret having even told you.

I was just trying to help.

Okay, then forget I mentioned anything,

and let me do my job, okay?


Yeah, um, I appreciate this, but...

I know, I know.

You and I haven't, uh...

We don't really do this together anymore.

No, we don't.

You know, it's funny.

Once you're Chief,

you don't have many peers,

even fewer real friends, but I keep...

I keep wishing lately that
I could talk to someone

who really knows me and...

You know, I never got to tell you

how sorry I was.

I-I never got the chance...

You know what? Never mind. This...

This was a bad idea.

I'm sorry to have
wasted your time, Sully.

What's her name?

You still got all the same tells.

So go ahead. I'm listening.

Okay. Okay...

Wow. This is harder than I thought.

Um, basically, I screwed up,

and I-I know I screwed up.

How big a screw-up?

Is it someone in the department?


Something's going around.

I had to send Hughes home earlier,


It's Hughes.

Man, it just... it just happened.

I mean, it took me
completely by surprise,

her, too, I think, and, Sully,

it's... it's so good and new.

Except that when it's
this new and you have a fight,

it can be so bad, especially
given the obvious circumstances,

and I just... I really...

I don't know what...

I don't know what to do here.

Shouldn't have said anything.

If this is real for you,

don't waste your time talking to me.

Find her and tell her
exactly how you feel.

Thank you.

But for the record, this
conversation never happened.

And if it comes down to it,
I will protect her,

not you, understand?

Civilian in distress
for Ladder, Engine, Aid 19.

Partial 911 received,

mile marker 22 off of Interstate 5.

And that's lunch.

Unknown number of victims. Sully.

I know that number.

It's Vic.

Listen, everybody,
Hughes is in the field,

and she is in need of assistance.

That means we move double time!

You know your assignments. Let's move!

- Chief?
- Let's go.

Hey. Hey, somebody's coming!

Is... Is that your backup?

Hey! Stop!

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!

They didn't even slow down!

- What?

Oh, God!

Hey, don't push. Don't push.

How are you gonna do this?

Don't worry. I've done this before.

Oh, really? You've delivered a baby

on the side of the road in the rain

with the mom-to-be trapped
inside a car wreck?

Every birth is special.

Oh, God. I have to push.

I can't stop it. It's coming.

I have to push. All right. All right.

Okay, you got this.

You got this.

You got this.

Look at the bright side.
At least the rain has stopped.

Oh, I can't do this.

I can't. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- I can't.
- Shh, no, no, no. It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

We got to get you out of here.

We got to find a way.

It's not working.

That's okay. We'll figure
something else out.

You're awfully quiet over there, Josh.

How you doing?

I'm fine.

You're lying.

I can always tell when he's lying.

No, I'm fine, Em. I just...
I can't use my hurt arm,

but it doesn't matter right now.

What else can I do? How can I help?

The car has her pinned.

The seat's broken,
but maybe I can find a way

to force it back to give us more room.


To what, have the baby?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Where's the help you called?

No, I want to deliver Blueberry
in a hospital.

Just hold on tight to the
armrest, okay? Hold on tight.

Do you want me to come in there,
too, to help with the seat?

Not... Not with that... arm.

We bought this minivan
to carry our baby in,

not have our baby in.

Josh, I need you to help keep
Emmanuelle focused, okay?

You guys learned breathing
techniques, right?

Can you just, uh, help her
focus on breathing?

This can't be happening.

No, this can't be happening.
Not like this.

It's okay, Em. Let's just
breathe. We'll breathe.

But what if something's gone wrong?

What if Blueberry's hurt?

There are no obvious signs of trauma.

Our car is a pancake!

It rolled, more than once,
across an entire street!

There was trauma!

What if Blueberry's not okay?
What if our baby's hurt?

You've got this, Emmanuelle.

No, I can't do this.
No, I'm scared. I can't push.

- I'm too scared. I can't do this.
- No, you can. You can. You can.

No, I can't!

Uh, you guys got a fridge
in your kitchen?

Yeah. Why?

Okay, now, I want you both

to imagine opening that fridge, got it?

It's important. I promise.


All right, now, see the carton of eggs?

I want you each to take out an egg

and imagine holding it in your hand.

Okay, it's smooth, right?

- You feel that?
- Yeah.

Okay, now imagine shaking that egg

as hard as you possibly can,

and now imagine cracking it open.

I don't understand.
Why... Why are we doing this?

Because no matter how hard
you shake it, that egg,

when you crack it open,
how does the yolk look?

Like... a yolk?

Exactly, yeah.

It's yellow. It's round. It's intact.

It's totally fine, okay?

And that baby is strong as an egg yolk

and very well protected,

so even though your car was rolled

and you were bouncing all around,

Blueberry was floating, okay?

And so I don't want you
to worry about Blue.

I don't want you to worry about anything.

Just... Just breathe, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

All right.
You're doing great. Here we go.

How much further?

Uh, we're almost there.

Vic wasn't feeling good,
and I told her to go home.

She could've slept it off
in the bunk room, but...

But I'm sure...

I mean, you know, she's fine.

If anybody can handle herself, it's Vic.


I'm here, baby.

Okay, we're gonna breathe
just like in birth class, okay?

Remember? So, it's in through the nose...

...out through the mouth.

That's good. That's really good.

Okay, now, when
the next contraction hits,

it's gonna be time to push again, okay?


You're awesome, Em. Just keep breathing.

Just keep breathing, okay?

I can't.

Something smells really bad.

That's gasoline.

Josh, I can't move right now.
Can you take a look?

Okay, okay.

What's going on? What do you see?

Uh, uh...

Oh, there's gas.

Um, it's leaking pretty fast.

Leaking where, Josh?

Well, it's... I mean, it's, uh...

it's sort of going across the road

kinda towards the... Oh, God.

- Oh, no, no, fire!
- Oh, no, no, no, no...

Josh, there's an extinguisher
near the back bumper.

I need you to pull the pin on it

and start spraying down the flames.

- What?!
- Yeah, go, go!

Okay. Oh, God. Okay, okay.

Okay, it's time, Emmanuelle.

I need you to push now. You can do this.

Josh, it's the only extinguisher
we've got!

Be careful not to use too much.

Okay, keep pushing, Emmanuelle. Push!

Okay. I can see... All right,
I can see the head!

I can see the head, Emmanuelle!
Keep pushing!

Keep pushing! Good, good, good! Good!

It's running out!

Push, push, push!

Good! Good!


It's a girl.

It's a girl.

It's out!

Take the baby. Take her. Just save her.

Just leave me here.

No, Josh, Josh, get away from the car!

- No, I am not leaving without them!
- Josh, get away from the car!


This way!


Took you long enough!

We've got two, uh...
three victims over here.

Wife is pinned inside the car,

husband's concussed with
head and shoulder wounds.

Somebody get me a warmer for
a newborn baby right now!

All right, anterior instability
with deep contusion

with possible damage
to the axillary artery.

Tell me you did not try to
set this shoulder back yourself.

Look, we need to numb this up

- and reset it back at the hospital.
- No, No, no. Hold on.

Please, all I want to do
is see my wife and kid.

Are they okay?

They're in good hands.

This ought to help with the pain.

Can't you just reset it now?

Trust me, you do not want me to
reset this before we get you...

My wife just gave birth in a car fire.

Fix my shoulder now, please.

Try to keep it limp. Okay.

I'm gonna move real slow.

Okay, now, there we go.
Now, I'm gonna wrap this,

and we're gonna get you back
to the hospital, all right?

W-Wait, hey, hey, w-where are you going?

Where are you going?

Look, I know you're just doing your job,

but all I want to do
is see my wife and kid.

Thank you.

Em? Em? You okay?

- Yeah.
- She's doing great. So is Blueberry.

I love you, sweetie.

I'm so glad you're okay
and the baby's okay.

We made it.

- I love you.
- I love you, babe.

And I am so mad at you.

You ignored your symptoms
when you had a head wound?

You don't get to sacrifice yourself.

Not for me, not for Blue.

You've got to take care of you,
for both of us.

We both need you now.

I know. I know.

I'm still mad at you.

Hey. Hey.


So, you and Andy, you go back a ways.

Oh, yeah, I mean, you know...

Listen, if your hesitation about
tonight is because of her...

Who says I'm hesitating?

Her dad's visiting you at work.

She "runs to you" when she's upset.

I mean, it's clear
she's important in your life,

but if she is still a thing for you,

my invitation for tonight
only stands if she isn't.

I think we're gonna reopen
the roads and be on our way.

Sounds good.

Uh, Warren mentioned you're
looking into EMT training?

Thinking about it. Jenna's certified.

She mentioned how it's helped
her out a bunch, so...

Haven't I told you
you should get certified

about a thousand times?

Yeah, I know.

Guess I just wasn't
that interested before.

So, she's a cop.

Seems like work's the only place
to meet someone sometimes.


Look, I know we agreed

it's not a big deal
if we see other people,

but, um, so you and I
are on the same page,

I have a second date with Jenna,

and I think it's unfair to her
if you and I are...

Sure, yeah.



- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah. Good luck.



All done here?

Yes, I am.

- Your temp's pretty high.
- I feel great.

I saved people, and I delivered
a baby like a baller.

That's the adrenaline talking.

I'm awesome.

You are.

I'm still mad at you. Yeah, I know.

Hey, I can... Hey, I can treat myself.

- I don't need you.
- Noted.

I don't.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Ooh, starting... I'm starting
to feel that fever now.

You're not still thinking
about your dad's, uh,

morning delight, are you?

- I'm happy for him.
- Okay.

I want him to move forward.

I don't know why it's bugging me so much.

It stirred up dust, hm?

I don't want to get in his way.

I think it's just...

weird to see him moving on.

The only other woman
I've ever seen my dad with

in that house was...

my mom.

It's hard...

to let go of your past sometimes.

Why do you think I moved
all the way to Montana

after my wife died?

Funny thing is, I had to
come all the way back to Seattle

before I could really start letting go.

Have you?

Let go of the past?

Getting there.

No, I will not make you
a peanut butter sandwich,

and more importantly,
what are you still doing here?

Hey, I may never leave.

This place is way better than
hanging out at Mom and Dad's.

Amazing pantry, great lounge.

This is a workplace, my workplace,

and you can't camp out here.

Well, then you better stop phoning
in dates, or you're stuck with me.

I have no interest in a woman
that wants what Mom wants,

which is for me to stop
being a firefighter.

If you put some real effort

into showing them
how great this place is,

one of them will actually listen.

And you'll both live happily
ever after in the firehouse,

making little fire babies.

That was a nice family.

Cute kid, too.

See, now you're doing a "quiet" thing.

Okay, I shut you down before,

and maybe I was a little unfair.

Yeah, you were.

I know I can be pretty relentless,

and sometimes it can be
a little bit too much.

Way bit too much.

And if you were just some friend

that didn't want to take my advice,

that would be one thing, but...

- So I'm not just a friend?
- No.

I don't know. Just forget it.

You're sorry you told me
something personal.

I'm sorry I bothered to care.

I never asked you to care.

You don't think I know that?

I don't know. I literally have no idea
how to read anything you do.

It's not that complicated.

I just don't get why you'd even try to...

Because... Because maybe I do care,

and it's really annoying,

because you are the last person

that I ever wanted to start caring about.

Wow, okay, uh...

Not gonna lie, that stings.

What now?

You wanna kiss about it?

God, no.

Just let me know if there's
anything else you need, okay?

Actually, there... there is.

Uh, we had our first fight,

but we didn't finish it.

Well, we don't have to
finish it now, Vic.

You're wrong, because if
an argument's all it takes

- to tear us apart...
- You're sick. You're sick.

- You should just rest.
- But I have your shirt!

My shirt?

You left your s-stupid shirt here, okay?

And I don't want to give it back,

but I swear to God I will

if we can't straighten a few things out.

Get what things straight?

I am sick of the secrets.

And I'm tired of hiding, but we have to.

Unless we don't. I don't... I don't know.

But if we can't even fight and make up,

then there's no point
in you being nice to me

or bringing me tea,
because we won't survive,

in which case you can just
take your nice-smelling shirt

and go.

I don't want my shirt back.

And mad or sick or tired
or any other way you feel,

I don't want to go.

I don't want to let you go.

What if you get sick?
I could be contagious.

Oh, you are.

Once you really commit to something,

there's no turning back.

You got to own your part,
show your cards, be honest.

Hey, Dad. Sorry I missed you.

Listen, all I want
is for you to be happy.

So if Reggie makes you happy,

then that's great.

I'll call before I stop in next time.

Okay? Okay.

Love you.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Follow through on your commitments.

Try something new.

Let go of the past...

...and dive in to the future.