Stateless (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Incognita - full transcript

Ambitious bureaucrat Clare Kowitz arrives at Barton as the new General Manager and is struck by the extent of the facility's dysfunction. Ameer finally makes it to Australia only to discover tragic news awaits him.

Behind that door is the person
that you were always meant to be.

They want you to be
someone that you're not.

They want me to be Margot.


- A low tide means a calm sea.
- This is the best time to go.

- ♪ On a one-horse open sleigh... ♪
- Oh, my God, Sull!

Work with me at Barton,
get the cha-ching-ching.

Well, I don't have
any qualifications, so...


He has no idea
what he's getting into.

You must have no identity papers
on you or they will send you back!


She takes
her dirty, negative energy

and she tries to put it
on someone else.

Go on, go!

Immigration detention
is not a prison sentence.

- Name?
- My name is Eva Hoffman.

Come on!

- How you doing?
- Good, thanks.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- What's going on?
- Top Gun doesn't make any sense.

Mate, how many times
have I told you,

you don't watch it for the plot,

It's about the action sequences.

- Yeah, of course.
- You just gotta enjoy the ride.

Yeah, of course.

But on 15th view, you notice things.

Alright. Well, I'll put in a request
for DVDs post-1989.

- How about that?
- Thank you.


- Jesus!
- Give it back, Mr Cam.

I don't know how you're playing
soccer. That's a bit flat, isn't it?

- Yeah.
- Hey? We need a pump for that thing.


You want to kick it to me?
Hey, it does need to be pumped.


What, uh...

...what do you reckon her go is?

Russian drug mule?

See you soon, brother, right?


Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I don't belong here.

No, you don't.

How do I get out of here?

You must wait
for Immigration interview.

And when will that be?

Please, I have to go home to Germany.

So you...

...don't want visa for Australia?

No! No, definitely not.

Then Immigration,
they will like you.

They will like you very much.

- They will?
- Mmm. Mmm.

Everyone in here,
they are fighting not to be deported

back to their home countries,

so, yeah, you... you will be fine.

Thank you.

- Helicopter!
- Helicopter! Helicopter!

News crew are back!

This is Tango 1.
We have a hostile approach, airborne.

OK, get in your room! Everybody, get
under cover! Don't let them film you!

Move it! You get on camera, no visa!
Get into your room!

- Let's go, let's go!
- Inside! Inside! Come on! Inside!

Once the doctor deems

that you're no longer
a danger to yourself...

- I went for a swim, Margot.
- Yeah, is that what you call it?!

- You nearly drowned!
- I've brought your favourite.


I'm fine, Dad.

I'm fine.

I just want to go home to my flat.


Mum and Dad cannot keep
paying your rent and your bills.

- OK?
- No, the lease is in my name.

- No - that can be overturned...
- It's in my name. extraordinary circumstances.

No, you can't do this to me, Margot!
You can't do this!

When they release you, you can stay
with us for as long as you need.

I put all your things in the garage.
All my things?! Take my things!

You've taken all of my things!
This is my fucking life!

You can put that in the garage too!

I don't want to be here!

That's enough. That's enough.
That's enough. That's enough.

That's enough.

That's enough.

Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
Come on, Dad.

Let's go.

A rooftop protest
by Tamil asylum seekers

at Barton
Immigration Detention Centre...

Refugee advocates
say conditions inside the camp...

I will not let
sensationalist hacks

dominate news space
with misinformation.

KORVO's remit
is to keep people alive, Genevieve.

I'm not asking you
to kill anyone, Brian.

I'm asking you
to get them off the fucking roof.

They won't come down off the roof
until their demands are met.

- What are their demands?
- Well, no-one knows.

Katia applied
for the wrong bloody translator.

- Oh, fucking Katia.
- Tamils don't speak Sinhala.

They speak Tamil.

The Sinhalese are actually
who the Tamils are fighting.

I don't care if they speak Ewok.

I've got a bucket of shit
hanging over my head,

and when the string is pulled,
I'm ducking

and that shit is gonna
land somewhere - you understand?

KORVO are meeting our
compliance requirements, Genevieve.

Our remit is not PR-related.

If KORVO can't
get the Tamils off the roof,

I'm sending someone out there
who can.

Excuse me. I...
I need to be deported to Germany.

Uh, the Department of Immigration,
DIMMA, they decide all that.

They'll give you a call when you've
got an interview scheduled, OK?

I need to speak to them now.
It's urgent, please.

DIMMA are ghosts.

They under your eyelids
when you sleep.

They in walls watching you.

But you never see them.

I need to speak to them now.

It's just the cold turkey, babe.

Relax. Yeah?

You, uh... you got family,
anyone know where you are?


Tell you what.
This is a phone card, right?

Payphones are over there.
You can make an international call.

Why don't you give someone a ring
at home, let 'em know you're OK?

That's it.

- Right, who's up first?
- Me! Me!

Alright, good girl. Here you go.

Hold on tight, mate.

Why didn't you tell me your mate
was such a fucking Care Bear?

I don't know, Harriet.

Just love watching you
get the shits.

Thank you so much for coming.

I, um... I don't get many visitors.

- What about your family?
- No, they've taken my money.

And they've taken my passport
and my home.

And now they want to
imprison me here.

Yeah, I only have an hour park,
so I'd probably...

Please. Please, Wilhelm.

I th... I think this is
the best place for you to...

Please. Can you please help me?

- OK.
- Please.

Go, go, go.


She's been missing for weeks

and you're telling me
you've got nothing?

Well, there's been no activity
on her phone or bank accounts.

Well, of course there hasn't.
She doesn't have access to those.

I'm sorry, Ms Werner,
we are doing everything we can.


I mean, shouldn't she be on
some kind of national database?

She is a person at risk.

in the vast majority of cases,

those people who are missing
choose to remain missing.


Most often because
they're running from something.

You've now entered
Australian territory

and must comply with
all Australian laws and procedures.

Please declare any diseases up-front

and all belongings
will need to be quarantined.

Come on, mate, back in line.
Back in line.

You have now entered
Australian territory

and must comply with
all Australian laws and procedures.

Please, take a seat.

I'll advise you
that this interview will be recorded.

The recording is to help us
make an accurate decision

and will not be given
to anyone in your home country.

I am a refugee.

I ask for protection visa.

I understand English.

Please. My wife, my children,
I... I must find them.

We were separated.

Can you start by telling me
your full name?


Um... my name is Ahmad Ameer.

So your surname is Ameer?


Erm, his first name
is actually Ameer.

- So Ahmad is his surname?
- No, that's actually his common name.

Uh... Ameer.


Can you tell me about your home town?

Uh, Mazar-i-Sharif?

You're a religious man?

Where did you pray?

I pray at the Blue Mosque.

And then after praying,
we eat ashak and tawa.

Why did you leave Afghanistan?

I was at the bazaar
the day the Taliban come.

Hazara men and boys
were executed in the streets,

their bodies
left there for the dogs.

My wife, Najeeba, is Hazara.

When I get home, I... I see they are
putting the women and the girls,

girls as young as my Mina,
onto their trucks.

My wife... daughters,

we flee to Pakistan.

There we wait many years
before we have the money to leave.

And then what?

Then I put them on a boat.


But you don't go with them?


I needed more money.

Can you tell me
the name of this boat?

Yes. Yes.

Lima Tujuh.

of asylum seekers are detained

in Australia's
outback detention centres.

After the riots and escapes
at Woomera detention centre,

violence and unrest in the camps
is spreading.

Two Tamil asylum seekers...
Clare Kowitz. come down from the roof of the
centre until their demands are met.

The Immigration Department says
the asylum seekers

have the right
to protest peacefully.

It's confirmed they are
being provided with food and water.

- Immigration boss coming through.
- Empty your pockets.

Phones and computers
should already be in the locker.

Bloody queue-jumper.

Anything you've got.
Any electronic devices.

- Empty your pockets.
- Right, through the scan.

Phones and computers
should already be in the locker.

There you go.
You're good to go.

Come through, please.

You know, they, uh,
actually eat pretty good in here.

Well, the Sri Lankans told me
they'd rather die

than eat another curry, so...

Come on.
We need everything you've got.

- Ooh!
- Uh...

You're not gonna make me
take my veil off, are you, Cameron?

It's just the pins.


Course not.

There you go.

Hey, I'll, um, come to yours at five
tonight, huh? Give Ange a break.

Yeah, that'd be great. Cheers.

Thank you, Cameron.


You must be Clare.

Brian Ashworth. KORVO.
General manager.

Clare Kowitz. Department
of Immigration. General manager.

Hm. So you're the new Katia?

Can I, uh... can I get you a Scotch?

- Can I see my office first?
- Hm.

So there's a lot of unrest
amongst the detainees?

Well, Clare,
the UNCs' levels of frustration

are clearly due to the pace in
which Immigration processes claims.

That's YOUR department.

Not as widely reported,
their conditions,

which is KORVO's department.

In fact, the Minister
described conditions in Barton

as "just short of 4-star".

Shouldn't these be allocated
to case officers?

Not KORVO's remit, I'm afraid.

But there are case officers onsite?

Most of 'em are fly-in fly-out.

the lattes in Port Augusta

aren't of a high enough standard
to make 'em want to stay over.

KORVO's staff, on the other hand,
are all locals,

and they are committed to ensuring
the wellbeing of the UNCs

and the good running
of the compound.

Katia had one of the Iranians
paint that.

She thought it might
brighten things up in here a bit.

That was before she, uh...

Before she what?

Why don't we head on over?

On your left is Sierra,
the women and families compound.

Alright. One at a time!
Thank you very much.

Thank you. Here are some
request forms for you to fill in.

However, anything to do with
your cases is an Immigration issue,

and this is the new general manager,
Ms Kowitz.


Please help me! Please!

- My husband's sick!
- I am old lady!

- I need to go home to Germany.
- I die in here.

- I don't belong here.
- You pay for my funeral?

I don't want to stay.

I'm very sorry
that things have slowed down.

There will be more case officers
coming from Canberra.

- Please, I'd like to go home.
- OK.

- I don't want to stay.
- Please!

Interviews will resume tomorrow.

- I'm from Germany.
- Tomorrow.

Visa! Visa! Visa!
Visa! Visa!

Visa! Visa! Visa!

Oi, do you search the nuns?

Yeah, if they beep.

Brother, you don't trust a nun.

Yeah, I just... I felt kind of...

...I don't know, weird, like,
making her...

I don't know. It's... it's wrong.

Oh, Harry's right.

You're way too soft, brother.

- Parani.
- Hello. Yeah.

Thanks for coming. Right.

- Shall we get started?
- Yeah. Sure.

Yeah. The idea
is to actually translate.

His uncle knows my father
from back home.

Oh, Parani,
this isn't a social occasion.

Ask them to get off the roof.

What did he say?

They have four requests.

Oh, only four?

They say the first one is
the department should consider,

uh, taking up their applications
for asylum.

And the second one
is that they say they can't

go back to Sri Lanka
under any circumstances.

They'll be tortured and killed
if they are forced to go back.

And third one,
if Australia would not resettle them,

then they want UNHCR
to take up their cases.

And fourth one, they want, uh, Brian
to play some Chopin.

Tell them that the government
will consider their requests

if they get down off the roof.

- They won't come down.
- I'm going up there.

- No, no, I wouldn't do that.
- No, Clare. Clare!

Clare, this is not the way
to go about things!

It's OK.

They've got razors up there.

I just want to talk to you.

They WILL self-harm!

- Daddy!
- Hey, you! Hello!

Oh, no, he's latched on!
He's latched on!

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

Oh, darling...

What am I gonna do with these?!

Ugh! Alrighty.

Ah! Ugh!

- Hello!
- Hey.

- Hello. Mwah!
- Hey. How was your day?

It was good.

Oh. Hey, listen.
Can you boys do me a favour?

- Where's the ball pump?
- It's in the shed.

In the shed?
Do you want to go grab it for me?

'Cause Daddy needs
to take it to work tomorrow.

- OK.
- Go on. Go help your brother.

- Thanks, boys. She alright?
- Oh, it's just too hot in here.

Oh, honey.

How's she been?

You don't want to take in anything
that they can use against you.

- Oh, no, it's OK.
- I worry about you. That's all.

They're not violent criminals, Ange.

At Woomera, they were using

whatever they could get their hands
on, like sticks, rocks, petrol.

It's not like that at Barton.

Yeah, what about the people who've
been locked up for five years?

You started worrying about them yet?

- Nuh.
- Nup? OK. Maybe you should.

Let's worry about this conversation.

Come here, gorgeous. Come here. Hey!

- Hey! Come on!
- Oh, catch.

Right. Grab your bag. Let's go.

Don't listen to Aunty Jan, OK?

- She'll brainwash you.
- Have fun, you guys.


Blown a gasket?
Don't blow your credit card.

Mick Dooley. The Manic Mechanic.

- Hey.
- Meaks!

What a surprise.

Just following the story.

Not always the factual one.

I thought the department
would put you up somewhere

a bit more salubrious
than a caravan park.

Enjoying the job?

Really think I'm gonna answer that?

Worth a shot.

How's Sam? Haven't seen him
round the courts lately.

I wouldn't know.

Yeah. Sorry to hear about that.

Don't be. It was my decision.

Nice to see you, Kowie.

What do you reckon?

- Are you kidding?
- Yeah, it's a bit small, isn't it?

Yeah. Shame.

Look, if you hate it that much,
we can just take off now.

Are you sure we can afford it?

Well, I told 'em to bring the
paperwork, so, what do you reckon?

- Yeah? Yeah?
- Yeah.

You know the best bit?

It's got a separate bedroom
for Estie.

Want to go for a swim?

Do you want to go for a swim?!

The government
is justifying its maritime solution

of redirecting asylum seeker boats
back to where they came from,

saying that
boats entering Australian waters

have decreased in numbers.

Advocates for the two
protesting Tamil asylum seekers

held in Barton Detention Centre

are putting pressure
on the government

to end long-term detention
for those seeking asylum.

Allahu akbar!

Allahu akbar!

Allahu akbar!

Allahu akbar!

Um, there...
there's been some complaints

about cultural sensitivities.

We just need to be aware of 'em
so we don't offend anyone.


Well, you.

If you don't want
to be that person...

...don't be.

Here's your room... TOR-076.

Please. There...
there's been a mistake.

I'm not a criminal.

OK. Dial nine for room service.


Are you staying at the backpackers?

- Yes. I'm Sofie.
- Eva.

- Nice to meet you.
- Ja.


Please. Can you help me?

Do you know my wife, Najeeba?

Uh... uh, Sadiqa is seven.

- Mina is 12.
- No.

- You have not seen them?
- No.




You are here!

- You are here.
- Oh, wow.

You took so long. So long.


They're turning
all the boats back now.

- You were very lucky to get through.
- Have you seen my family?

- They're not with you?
- We got separated.

I'm trying to find them.

I haven't seen them.

They must be here.

Ameer, there are places like this
all over Australia.

Prisons, like this?

Just like this.



Because we are terrorists!


We must be locked up.

How do I find them, Farid?

Where's the nearest
military base to here?

There's an airfield at Woomera. Why?


Can we convince Defence to enforce
prohibited airspace above Barton?

To stop anyone flying over.

Told you you were wasted in Policy.

Actually, you told me that

because of my age
and without a cock,

I'd never get
an Executive 2 position in Canberra.

Did I say that?

How much radius do you need?

Uh, 1km in each direction
would suffice.

- I'll speak to Brigadier Phillips.
- Thank you.

We're leaving them there?

Provided no-one can see them
and they remain hydrated,

they can stay there
as long as they want.

Be polite to the guards, yes?
But never trust them.

That one beat me at poker yesterday.

The middle one is, uh, stupid.

And this one here... cruel.

Hello, beautiful!

Wow! So beautiful today.


Don't tell anyone your story, huh?

Not the visitors, not the guards,
not the detainees.

DIMMA's always, always looking for
holes so they won't give you a visa.

- DIMMA! Yeah.

Stand for, uh...

♪ ..Detention is Marvellous

♪ In Australia. ♪


Stay away from the nurses, OK?
Even if they are pretty.

- Farid!
- No, no.

They will give you so much medicine,

you won't be able
to think for yourself.


You must stay strong up here.

If you have, erm...

...toothache, you come to me, OK?

I find you dentist in-house, here.

How do I know
if I have an interview?

They call you on the loudspeaker.

Hey. This man will, uh, cut your hair
for cigarettes and phone cards.

There's no money here,
but you earn points if you work.


See this man here?

This man has been here
for seven years.

He wants to leave,
but no country will have him.

That can't be us.

We have to get out of here.

I'm so sorry
for wasting your time.

I am just a silly backpacker
who has lost her passport.

you're an illegal backpacker

who's overstayed her visa,

and you're gonna be fined

I'm very sorry.

Can you please tell me
your place of birth?


And your date of birth?

23 April, 1970.


...your visa expired
three months ago.

I am very sorry.

I, erm...

...I was just picking grapes and, uh,

having such a good time
in your beautiful country.

Well, there's penalties
for overstaying.

You may not be able
to re-enter Australia.


So will you deport me now?

We have to wait
for confirmation of your identity

from the German Consulate.

Once we have that, you'll
be issued with a new passport.

And then I will be deported?


Thank you very much, Jason.


You take my clothes, huh?

- Huh?
- I just borrowed it.

All my life, I have fought a war
against people who take what is mine.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Split it up.

OK, here! Take it!

Hey, hey, hey. Come on.

- So you support the pretty white girl?
- Come on. Come on. Come on.

- OK, OK. She's a thief!
- Now he's fucking dressing them.

- Why are you covering up?
- Can you come to my room, yes?

- Motherfucker!
- Sandford!


- Fuck you!
- Let's go!

I need you at the men's compound.

- Motherfucker!
- Step back.

- I want toothbrush!
- Calm the fuck down, alright?

- Toothbrush!
- Mate.

Fuck you! Don't touch me!

Oi, calm down. Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Calm down, mate.

OK, grab him. Grab him.

Leave him alone! Leave him alone!
Stand back! Stand yourself back!

He's a refugee!

- Out of the way!
- Drag him over here.

Stand back!

Get him over here.

- Where are you taking him?
- Get him up against the wall.


Hold him still.

No! No!

- Hold him still.
- No! No.



They stop respecting us,
this is what happens.

So toughen the fuck up.

He attacked you, brother, so...

- She could have been sex-trafficked.
- Yeah.

She couldn't wait
to get her gear off.

I don't think
if you've been sex-trafficked,

you want to get your gear off, Teddy.

Whatever. Nice to see
a bit of tit around here.

Eh, Dyson?

- Well, I'm folding.
- Oh.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Deal me in?

Hey, what happened to you?


SIN-062 went psycho.

Had to give him a dose
of the old black Panadol.

What an arsehole.

- Hey. Want me to get you some ice?
- No, I'm fine.

Who put the swing up?


Why don't you just build them
a gallows?

He'll be giving 'em
massages next.

Well, I'm out.

I've read KORVO's contract, Brian.

It's your remit to provide

and educational activities.

- We tried sporting activities.
- And?

Basketball - the hoops,
it was a hanging hazard.

Cricket - bats and stumps,
potential weapons.

- Woodwork - weapons.
- Cooking - fire hazard.

Drama - cultural issues.

So they're on the bloody roof
because they've got nothing to do.

They're on the roof because
they've been here for four years

and no-one is processing
their applications, Clare.

Clare Kowitz.


Youth Services. Right.

Family reunion for TOR-076.

Hang on.

Here. Ameer.

Has he been notified?

What do you mean,
it's happening now?


Mina-jan! Mina-jan!





You bring me seeds from meals.

Capsicum, pumpkin, zucchini.

I pay you in fags, phone cards.

You get me seeds.

I show you trick
to survive this place.

I'm not staying.

I'm being deported.

- We'll be good.
- No, Mr Cam.

- Come back.
- No, Mr Cam!


Mr Cam, give it back.

- Yeah, give it back.
- Come on, guys.

- No!
- Where are you going?

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

Cam? Babe, you alright?

Place getting to you?

Not at all.

You know what's getting to me?

Is that people are dying,
coming here.

Families are...

...being destroyed.

Stopping the boats
doesn't make the problem go away.

It just means
we don't have to look at it.

You know, if you don't like
our immigration policy,

then why don't you
propose an alternative?

Well, that's unless
you believe in open borders.

I don't write opinion pieces.

'Cause you don't have the guts
to have one.


I sent you out there
to get us OFF the fucking news.

More trouble
for the government tonight

as a photograph smuggled out of
Barton Detention Centre

shows a handcuffed asylum seeker
brutally beaten by KORVO officers.

The Australian newspaper journalist
David Meakin

obtained the photograph
from a visitor to Barton.

I am gonna find out what happened.

We're all together or we
all go down. Don't pussy out on me.

I just stood there.
I didn't do shit.

The world should know
what they are doing to us here.

You could be the face
of our suffering.

- No.
- Hey, what are you running from?

Please, I would really like
to come back.

Sofie! You're not welcome here!

- Sofie's missing.
- She just stopped coming here.

He sleep all time
from pills they give him.

This is the real Eva Hoffman.

You are stuck here indefinitely

unless you tell me
who you really are.

I know what you're planning.