State of Play (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript


Dom? Janine.

L need to know what's going on.
The police keep saying you're back in England.

So where the hell are you?
Ring me in the office.

(INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) the Honourable Member said,

but l fear that the Bill is taking us
in the other direction.

L welcome the government's increase in funding

for local authority social services,
but it is a belated...

- Ever heard of Dominic F*oy?
- No.

- PR guy, small independent.
- Not one of ours.

L've got an information budget of 16 million
a year. Please, l don't need to use whitebait.

What if l know that he's banked 75 grand?

- She walked out?
- Yeah, and l paid.

Doesn't prove she knows anything.

It suggests that U-EX were getting
privileged information.

No, it proves you suggested it.

How much would you say this is up for?
And guess who owns it.

1.2 million?

Greer Thornton, Stephen Collins' secretary.

You know what her salary is?


How the hell can she afford a house this size?

Because do you know who her dad was?
Where is it?

Admiral Sidney Thornton, 1926-2003.

Left it to his only child Greer. She's probably
selling it to pay the inheritance tax.

- Share the spoils.
- You wanted me?

Yeah. Copy this and get it transcribed.

Susan Sagattchean, U-EX Oil.

- To what extent?
- It's not that brilliant.

There's no indication she knows anything about
anything, apart from the size of Dan's penis.

Hey! Hands up anybody
who's never screwed a source!

What's new, if that's the word?

A month after they started sleeping together,

Sonia's birthday present to Stephen
was a weekend at Craymore House Hotel.

How fey (!)

The bill was covered by Warner-Schloss,
recharged to U-EX Oil.

Yeah, but do we know that for a fact?

Their account code's reference 47120, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Documentary evidence?

Pete's driving down there now
to get a hard copy of the invoice.

If he gets it, we print it tomorrow.

- Saying what?
- It speaks for itself.

- It's a stitch-up.
- As a taxpayer, l'm right with you.

He thought she was paying.

Cal, no offence, don't be thick! If U-EX contrived
Sonia's appointment in Collins' office...

lf? L thought we were taking that as read.

Which is unlikely,
given the scrutiny a job like that attracts.

Sonia Baker was recommended for that position
by Greer Thornton.

- Change your ribbon!
- Cameron...

Every other applicant for that job was more
experienced and qualified than Sonia Baker.

You lot got jobs when there were better against
you. Sometimes it's an economic compromise.

You're tying yourselves in knots.

Just wrap it up,
get some decent professional coverage.

Start putting my money where your mouth is!

None of it makes sense yet.

Della, grow up! L'm back in three hours.

If Pete's not back, tell him to fax
a copy of that invoice over to me.


- Who's leaned on you?
- Several people.

- When?
- Since we opened this story.

So why start being obstructive now?

L can't afford to see my house
flash before my eyes and you worry me.

Your bias in Stephen Collins' favour
has nudged upwards

since you started poking
his presumably guilt-ridden wife.

Stephen Collins is being stitched up.

Not without substantial contributions
from himself.

He was still shagging his researcher when she
was murdered. If that's not a story, what is?

- Which he's admitted.
- Say thanks for confirming the bloody obvious!

He came to me
with all that Craymore House stuff.

L'm the last person he'd want to confide in and
he came to me as he's got nowhere else to go.

He's shitting himself!

You've got to admit
that takes a lot of guts to do that.

Bob Coutts made a telling error.

He said we can't afford
to upset the government over this.

We've got nothing on paper
that implicates the government.

You must've talked to somebody
within shouting distance recently?

George. George. George.

Erm... l'll catch you later, gentlemen.

L'm sorry, George.
L need five minutes later. Well, ten.

Today's not good.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah, l'm fine. Fine.

L just don't know who else to talk to.

Erm... Marion's at the theatre with friends.

Come round to the house after 7:30
and literally ten minutes.

L appreciate that.

It's always sortable, Stephen. Live by that.

- The... Greer...
- Yeah.


Just fax it through.

- L tried the bell.
- Yeah, l was ignoring the bell.

Greer, about nine years back, l spent
a whole year as Stephen's campaign manager.

- L fought to get him elected.
- Stephen is very intelligent.

L'm sure he achieved most of that on his own.

Yeah, OK, my ego!

But l was handling his life, his schedule...

working out what he said when.

L got to know him and like him.

For all the reasons you do.

Now, somebody somewhere wants
to see him hang for something he hasn't done.

Stephen's not bent.


You're not telling me a woman
with your experience and workload...

is gonna go for the least qualified joker
in a deck like this?

Somebody advised you to pick Sonia Baker
as Stephen's researcher.

Only as a professional recommendation.

Which you need if you're as busy as you are.
It's the same in my job.

The Energy Minister.

Current one?

George Fergus?

- Mr Foy?
- Yeah, Mr Foy, Mr Foy.

OK, what do you want to see me about?
All right?


Dominic Foy!

L want it on record that l came here voluntarily.

That's good of you.

Right, let's just get this over and done with.

Which bit?

OK, Sonia Baker was... my girlfriend.

My best friend.

Nobody was more upset than me when she died.

And whether she topped herself
or... or... or was murdered,

l mean, l had nothing to do with that,
nothing at all.

In fact, the last time l saw her,
which was not that long before,

l mean, we were, you know, really, really good.

Close, l mean...

Never been better. Really.



What else can l tell you?

Just that in writing. Take a statement.

Hang on, hang on.
So what was all the shit about?

Eh? If that's all you needed, what's?


We're not following you.


Liz, have you seen Cal?

Boys' room.

And, you know, you won't get an answer
till you've asked the proper question.


Bell just called me. Dominic Foy
just volunteered a witness statement.

- Anything?
- All bullshit. A lot less than he's told us.

He's convinced there's somebody following him.

It's Fat Malcolm.

- Who's Fat Malcolm?
- He used to work in the press hall.

He valets cars to bump up his pension.
He's doing this for 35 a day.

- You knew where Foy was?
- At home, hiding his car round the corner.

You've had us schlepping all over the place!

Foy is not gonna jump for cover unless he's got
nowhere else to go. Is he still at the station?

Yeah, but l can't confront him there.
He'll know where l got the information.

- Make an excuse. Get him.
- L'll come with you.

No, better on your own. Find Syd and put him
on red alert. Do you know where Helen is?

Tell me why you want her.

- Helen! Helen!
- It's question time. L can't miss it.

You know George Fergus better than any of us.

- He isn't here today.
- Can you find him?

He's a minister - months for an appointment!

Did he personally recommend Sonia Baker
for that job?


He said specifically that he knew her family.

L'm not asking for a confession.
A denial is fine, but we need it before tonight.

- L'll find him.
- Thanks.


Who told you l was here?

A witness. They just finished making a statement.

OK, l saw your car.

If it's you following me, OK, right,

l'm straight back in there, OK,
to file a complaint.

Because there are privacy laws!

What about Sonia Baker's privacy?

What about my privacy
after my flat was ransacked?

Dominic, you know more than anybody
about why Sonia Baker was murdered!

You're a fool to yourself if you think
they'll let you walk away from this.

Are you being followed? Seriously?

Yes. Silver Rover.

Go back inside. Report it.

Look... l'm scared, OK?

Where are they parked exactly?

Just follow me.

Literally straight behind me. Don't look yet!

There. See?


Keep your head down
and crawl over to mine, the green Saab.


L'll take yours.
Meet me in the hotel we were at yesterday.

Don't check in. Just find somewhere
in the lobby and stay put. OK?


L think he'll talk. We're going to the hotel.

Tell Fat Malcolm to follow me, not him.
L'm in the BMW.

Jesus, Cal, if it's urgent, don't bring it herel

l've got Dominic Foy.

This might be the last chance we get to get
the right answers, so l need the right questions.

- L can't talk to him.
- He wouldn't have to know you were there.

Just because l came to you for help doesn't
make me your Westminster correspondent.

No, l sent our Westminster correspondent
to get a statement out of George Fergus.

Greer named him.

You want to make up your mind which direction
you want your information coming from.

Are you sure you go into the woods to hunt bear?

Excuse me, sir.
A young lady wants to speak to you.


Coming back to what you were saying before
about the Green Paper, what surprised me...

Excuse me, sir.

Excuse me.

What l wouldn't have said because l couldn't
have said was that l knew Sonia's father.

Because he's never heard of you.

But somehow we've got people on record
saying you did say you knew him,

which is why Sonia Baker eventually got the job.

L fail to see where you're taking all this.

How did you hear of Sonia?
She'd never worked in the building.

People mention names.
Talent gets remembered.

She never applied to work in the building, so
how does she qualify as talent? Whose talent?

Helen, how departments scout for researchers
can't be of interest to you.

It is if they come via U-EX Oil.

Are you suggesting she was working for them?

That's not even disputable. Did you put her
into that position at U-EX's request?

This conversation is over.

A lot like your career
if you repeat a single word of that accusation.

You'll regret it profoundly.

- Did they follow you?
- To the NCP.

Cal McCaffrey was waiting for me.
L switched cars before they turned up.

- Are you OK?
- No, l'm not OK.

Right, let's just get upstairs, OK?

We've got to wait for Dan. He's got the key.

Why don't you sit with your back to the door?

You know who those people are,
don't you, Dominic? Who they're working for?

Either U-EX Oil or Warner-Schloss.

If they wanted you dead, you wouldn't be here,
would you? So what are they waiting for?


Watch where you're bloody going!

- Just get me out of here!
- OK, OK, OK.

- Dominic! Well done, mate. Good to see you.
- Let's get Dominic out of here.

Dan, Stephen's outside in my car. Wire him up.

Dan Foster. Are you OK?

Della's wearing the earpiece.

Any questions you've got, just press the button
and speak in your normal voice.

Wanna try it?

Do you know your team leader's
sleeping with my wife, Della?

- She heard that.

Dan Foster. What, as in Cameron Foster?
Your dad's the editor?

So all this was laid on a plate for you,
working for Daddy?

- Cal sent me on this 'cause l'm good.
- Sure (!)

My dad doesn't agree with that which is why
it took me five years to get a job there.

- Didn't know anybody in your business, then?
- Don't be a smart-arse!

It's kind of late for me
to start apologising for that now. Let's go.


You'd better come in.

This is our room.

Have you ever met Foy? Socially or?

Sorry, Syd. Syd's with me. Syd, Stephen.

- Hiya.
- "Man B" on any transcripts, yeah?

Drinks in the fridge. Help yourself.

- Where's Dominic Foy?
- Ssh! Next door.

This goes way beyond the deal
that we had before.

- The money?
- Yeah, money. Yes, money. Yeah, money.

And l want guarantees
about my side of the story.

But l don't know what you're offering.

L am not going to prison for this!

Who said anything about prison?

If the story's told exactly as it happened,
l shouldn't go to prison.

And l want none of that
"He alleges, he suggests..."

It's a legal phrase if we don't have evidence.

Don't worry, 'cause l'm evidence.

- Who's your contact at Warner-Schloss?
- Hang on, no names. L ain't doing that.

Paul Canning.

He's their account director for U-EX Oil.

OK, fine, Paul. Just Paul.

How did Sonia Baker
get to be working for Stephen Collins

with a CV that's worse than yours, Dominic?

Paul asked me if l knew anybody he could trust.
All right? Really trust.

He wanted somebody inside the Energy
Select Committee with the right qualifications.

- (DELLA) What was in it for you?
- Nothing.

- Consultancy fees?
- No.

Three payments of 25 grand, the last of which
was bank revoked after Sonia's death

because she was no longer useful,
therefore nor were you.

Oh, yeah.

All right. Consultancy fees, yeah,
but for non-specified PR.

Did they say how they'd slot her into that job?

Did they say how they'd manage
to get her that job?


You can't just drop somebody
into a parliamentary research position.

Paul seemed to think they'd manage.

With somebody in the government?

U-EX have ex-personnel all over the place,
on this board, that committee. That's no secret.

George Fergus recommended Sonia.


Did they mention him by name?

- They mentioned him by name?
- They didn't.

Sonia did.

All right, months down the line, OK,

Stephen Collins' secretary got a bit steamed up
over her CV, all right?

Sonia had upped her degree in politics
to a First from a 2:1.

The secretary found out accidentally
and blew her top, OK?

And we all thought she was gonna get fired.

Then in steps George F*ergus,
everything's cleaned up.

Why didn't Greer go to Stephen Collins with this?

How come the secretary never told Collins?

All l know is the one time Sonia
came close to being found out,

the secretary goes upstairs
and George Fergus smoothes out the creases.

He shouldn't have had anything to do with this.

Stephen Collins is meant to be running
an independent committee.

(CAL) Sonia Baker was paid double wages
to feed information to U-EX Oil?


- Was she efficient?
- She kept her job.

So why did they want her dead?

L don't know. L don't know.

L didn't... l don't...
l don't know anything about that.

You do now. Why did they want Sonia dead?

- (STEPHEN) Who knew about the affair?
- Who told U-EX they were having an affair?

- How many people knew?
- She told you. Did you tell Paul Canning?

No. No, no, no.

You and Canning discussed it.

- You've talked to Paul?
- How did he know if you didn't tell him?


All right, OK.

L told him. OK?

L told him. L told him! All right? L told him!

But only when l thought it was funny. Yeah?

Only when l thought that, you know,
Sonia was doing a good job.

It was...

The shit didn't hit the fan
till she stopped filing back.

Till she stopped reporting back to Paul Canning
details of the Select Committee meetings?

You're not recording this, are you?

- What with?
- Dominic!

Ssh, ssh.

Oh, fuck, l can't take this any more.

Paul turned up at my house.

Middle of one night.

And he was on the ceiling.

"Talk to her! Tell her!
Talk to her! She's your friend!

"Talk to the stupid bitch!"

She told him she wanted
to pull out of the whole deal,

to stop working for Collins.

- Against him?
- Yes, against him.

She couldn't handle it any more.
The dirty money was getting to her. She was...

...terrified of being found out.

But Paul just went into orbit.

He tells her he knows she's screwing Collins

and he said that he'd blow it to the press
if she downed tools.

It was as simple as that.

By the time l got round to her flat, she was...

...totally freaked.

You know, she was...


She'd fallen in love with Collins.

She'd got herself pregnant to him.

She said if he ever found out
how she landed in... that office,

that she'd rather...
die than have to face him with that.

(DELLA) She could have been making that up.

(DOMINIC) That is exactly what l said.

She showed this thing, this test kit thing.

- Blue spot, she was pregnant.
- When was this?

A week before she died.

Right, who's telling that story?
Whose secret's that?

Whose secret's that?
If you two don't know, whose secret's that?

'Cause nobody else mentioned it!

And that's why l'm shitting meself!

L'm sick of it!


(BANGING ON DOOR) Open this bloody door!

- L've got to.
- No, no.

- Stephen, just calm down.
- Where is he?

- Foy!
- Dan, get him out now!

Get out! Get out here!

- Leave it!
- Come on, get out here!

- Get out! Get out here!
- Who is it?

- L want to see your face!
- Stephen!

No, no...

You used me!

Get off me!

You user! You pimp!

Give us it, you pimp!

What the fuck's he doing here?


L got her a job.

That's all l did.

That's all l did. L just got her a job.

- You killed her!
- No, l didn't!

Stephen, come back! Stephen!


That's all on tape, by the way.

Stephen, come back!

If you leave me to mop this up,
how can l keep you out of this?

Come back and talk to me.


One minute he's in the bathroom, next minute
he's screaming for help. Sounded like he fell.

From where? A trapeze?

- What?

- OK, OK. Clear the way, please!

- Liz, get Cameron.
- He's got people with him.

- Interrupt.
- L've been told not to.

- What people?
- It's all mineral water and big front teeth.

L'm gonna e-mail a document.

Get a print-off to him discreetly, but fast, OK?

- It doesn't matter.
- L've spent legal wrong.

Stop worrying about the typos,
you poof, and send it.

- It makes me look illiterate.
- Syd, send it.

- Poof isn't much of a thank you.
- L didn't intend it as gender specific.

L just meant... poof.

Stephen Collins was prepared
to leave his family for Sonia.

L didn't know that then.

We can't keep you out of this, Dominic.

L don't want you to do anything else for me.

L don't want anything. L've got my own protection!

Like what?

U-EX are gonna deny any knowledge of you.

They can't.

- Not on paper.
- Dominic!

Are you his girlfriend?

- Yes.
- L'm sorry. You can't come in with him.

It's OK. L'm fairly squeamish.

L'll write the copy. You check for facts.
Ring round anybody we need for corroboration.

Get confirmation that Paul Canning has
indeed lost his job and cleared out of his flat.

Find any phone numbers that might connect us
to him. And get hold of a phone log.

See if he's been active in the last week or so.

The very least we can say
is "underground" or "untraceable".


Cal, the presses are already running.
We won't get it in tonight's now.

Like your dad won't stop a run?
That's how he lost his last job.

- L can't get a phone log in that time.
- L can help.

- From your copper?
- Ssh!

L've had more out of coppers than you'll ever get!

- L don't want to know!
- Anybody really senior?

This is terrific.

It's amazing.

And all for under 40 grand.

Can we get Sonia Baker's medical records?

'Cause if they're covering that up,

the least we allege is,
"Was she pregnant the week before she died?"

And big black hole in a story this size, quotes
from Collins - did he know she was pregnant?

What does he now make of his relationship
with Sonia Baker? Can you get them?

Can you print it?

Not right now, so take your time.

U-EX's injunction gagging
every aspect of the story

on the grounds
it could strangle their share price.


Personal injunction from George Fergus's
lawyers naming his conversation with Helen.

Officially "no comment",
but they're briefing left, right and centre

George went
nowhere near this level of involvement.

My gorgeous, generous offer of early retirement

if the above two documents
are respected and adhered to.

It's a big story.

Big day. Big hitters!

Well, who fancies a drink?

Not you. Find Collins. L want his permission
to print the quotes he's given you personally.

Well, is he clean or not clean?
Make him pick a team! Get me the press hall.

Everybody, stop what you're doing!

Everybody! That means you!

Phones down, computers down, get your coats!

Anyone not essential to tonight's edition,
Mason's Arms in ten minutes.

If you think l'm drunk now,
look in again at ten o'clock.

- Print supervisor.
- Eddie, how are you? It's a stop!

Are you getting this?

Absolutely serious.

With my scanned signature at the bottom.

Absolutely no change to that
without my personal consent.

Only people with expense accounts
allowed in the lifts.


Stephen, it's me. Listen,
l'm really sorry you had to go through all that.

None of us knew it was going that way.
L'm really sorry.

Can you call me as soon as you get
this message? L'll try your other numbers.

Hi, leave your name, time you called... Hello?

How busy is your record shop
at three in the morning?


Stop that.


You daft...

l woke up at half past two
with a stonking hard-on,

thinking l'm not going to see her till the weekend.

Don't think l'm going
to have sex with you in this car.

Well, you've sprinted round
putting make-up on for something,

so we're not completely ruling out rituals, are we?

L love you,

but if you're gonna buy that, then you're gonna
have to start doing something about it.

You're worried about Karen and Louis?

They know me and Stephen
will probably get divorced.


That's what you do with kids.

You keep telling them "probably" till they come
to terms with inevitabilities. It's not a lie.

L left Louis a note
saying that the shop alarm had gone off.

Now, that was a lie, so l shouldn't hang around.

You know, the easiest thing in the world
would be pretending that we got to this

because Stephen let you down.

L wouldn't be here
if l thought you thought that.

But l wouldn't be here at all if he hadn't.

Suggesting what?

Sonia Baker was working for U-EX Oil.

She was put into Stephen's office to spy on him.

She slept with him deliberately?

She was leaking his notes to U-EX.


But she slept with him
because they were having an affair, Anne.

Does he know this?


He couldn't deny the facts after a while.

This is a late print,
so his people won't have clocked it yet.

Maybe just.



Bit grown-up in here. Sure l'm invited?

You're involved in the transcripts.

L don't care how many drinks you're offered,
however much pressure you're under.

This story remains confidential
to the people in this room or l'll punch you!

- Why pick on me?
- This is for all of you.

Until l tell you what we're saying when,
you button it.

Adam and George have already filed an appeal
against U-EX Oil's blocking of the story.

We've instructed Geoffrey Thomas QC.

Any chance of getting round the injunction?

We'd have to pick round the wording. There's
always loopholes, but it'll emasculate the copy.


- This letter's saying they're sacking you.
- What?

- In a way.
- Because of this?

L no longer have editorial control.

She does.

Cup of tea?

You're in a strong position
to tie up the recommendations.

- That's another week.
- L want this story squashed.

We need briefing statements ready
early afternoon to get tomorrow's editions.

L'll follow that up with a press conference...
Oh, yeah, thank you.

We're all wanted back at the House.
The "Herald" has withdrawn the appeal.

The board have suspended Cameron Foster.

That's one favour cashed in.
It'll give us breathing space, but don't relax.

They're all chasing this now. Do not relax yet!

The cars are downstairs.

Who knew Sonia was working for U-EX Oil?

That's not a proven fact.

- She was murdered.
- The police are investigating that.

Not without interference.

You had an affair. That's all.

You don't deserve to be blamed for everything
that went wrong with Sonia's life.

If we can steer events clear of you, well and
good. If we can't, you can take it on the chin.

- That's why you're being looked at.
- Who knew?

- L don't know.
- George for one. Why are you protecting him?

The energy report's bigger than the pair of you.

- Report's a joke, stiffen the oil companies.
- Stiffen the government, l thought.

U-EX knew what was in there from day one

because George Fergus put Sonia
into my office to work for them.

Why isn't he being flogged in public for that?

L know why you're angry, you especially, but
any hint of contamination sets us back a year.

We can throw the press,
we can fragment the impact of any accusations.

L can do that, but your recommendations are
meant to be the cornerstone in the next session,

and that makes you a very important individual.

You stink! You daren't connect two words
without thinking.

Good job one of us can!
Do you want to know what l know?

You're bloody twisted! L bet your wife is sick
of you sleeping with your cock on the pillow!

My wife is happier than yours is!


L couldn't have the arrogance
to represent a constituency.

L think l'd be embarrassed to even say that.

You lot, you queue up
with all the vanity of schoolboys

and you go to the front and your booming,
radical voices come out in falsettos.

You're your own worst enemies!

L don't know whether George
was taking a bung from U-EX.

L know what l think, but l won't know until
it lands on my desk when l'll have to mop it up.

L'm just the cleaner, Stephen.

For your own protection,
get the report out and over with.

And get used to the attention.

They're offering me a seat in the Cabinet?

Private life permitting, which will definitely
land on my desk. L'm not your enemy, Stephen.

He needs some air. He's walking!

- Come in.

Cal McCaffrey, Yvonne Shaps, legal executive.

As from now, Yvonne will be making
all my headline decisions.

Nowhere near true. L'm here to avoid us printing
material that invites more writs than readers.

L've withdrawn the appeal
against the injunction.

Oh, great first move (!)

We shouldn't be spending legals
defending a story that can't defend itself.

That story is good.

It's better than good.

Bits of it. You can't accuse an international
corporation of murder without evidence!

Implying responsibility.

You paid an anonymous source for a briefcase
with instructions to assassinate Sonia Baker.

Requiring less implication.

Anonymous source is nowhere near good
enough. If you can't back it, we can't print it!

Don't look at me
like that message just came from Mars!

Listen... Yvonne.

L don't know who sent you,
but you'd have to be pretty thick...

No, no, no, no spitting.

No, Yvonne's not saying the big no.

Just little noes until we get
a version of the story we can print.

Cameron, if we don't go with this and soon,
it will be hijacked by every...

l know. Shut up! Maybe that's
Yvonne's secret plan. We'll find out.

Why don't you go and er...
and um... type something lovely?

And er... and then we'll calm down and regroup

when she's had a chance
to read it intelligently.

The mental bitch has withdrawn the appeal.

Yvonne Shaps can spend, l swear,
a thousand quid on a pair of shoes,

but she's never, in all the time l've known her,
found an outfit to match.

Just these glowing treasures
on the end of her precious legs.

- Dad, why aren't you walking?
- To?

In the direction of your balls, perhaps.
Why are you standing there joking?

If l walk, there goes a 15-year pension.

If they sack me, the severance invites
untold wealth in a Mediterranean climate.

You're gonna let them do this, aren't you?
They're trying to break the story up.

If it comes out like rabbit shit,
where's the impact?

A house in Tuscany is worth the sacrifice?

Or indeed your mother's medical bills.

Do you want another drink?

No. Turn your anonymous source round.

What's the point?
They're not gonna print the story anyway.

They don't own the story. You do.

What's going on?

Witness his signature.

And backdate it to the 11th.


(MAN) What action is being taken to make sure
we actively continue to tackle world poverty

after the current programme comes to an end?

(WOMAN) Some 900 million people worldwide

are likely to still be living
in extreme poverty in 2015

Even if goals are achieved, our commitment
to work against poverty must continue

(MAN) l thank the honourable lady for that reply

and for recognising the importance of the need
to continue to fight against world poverty?

Does she agree that the hopelessness that
comes from it causes division worldwide?

- What the hell do you mean by that?
- You've been a mate, so l had to warn you (!)

- "Finished"?
- L've got to watch you grease your fat arse!

- What are U-EX paying you?
- L've never taken money from U-EX! Keep quiet!

- Directorship...
- Cut that out!

- You manipulated Sonia into my department.
- Ridiculous!

My secretary will go on public record
saying the opposite.

L think Greer's confusing
one conversation with another.

- Are you confused?
- No, George, l'm not.

The words were, "Pick a good 'un,
but make sure it's Sonia Baker.

"We could do with somebody like that
backing Stephen up. L know her family."

You've let me down, George.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Look, Olicia, l just...


l was asked to nominate Sonia.
That's all l did. No lies.

- You knew the family? Not a lie?
- That much, but that's it.

You were made chairman of the Energy
Committee because people trusted you.

- You trusted me to take it right up the arse!
- To be independent. Not against or for them.

Bright enough not to go too far
with your recommendations.

They damaged me. You've damaged me!

Sonia Baker wasn't appointed at U-EX's request.

She was on the payroll of their lobbyists.

We knew she was theirs,
but they weren't aware of that and still aren't.

God, Stephen!

It was obvious one of the oil companies
would want an operator close to the committee.

We created a vacancy. We knew
from intelligence she was their candidate.

Oh, l primed Greer to allow something
to happen because it was in our interests.

- How?
- Made U-EX more secure.

- The whole point was the opposite.
- Within reason.

We know from experience
you don't mess with the oil industry.

They throw tantrums, they can't be dragged
into line kicking and screaming.

We tried that. We had a national fuel crisis.
The government nearly buckled.

So... nobody... took money, Stephen.

Well, apart from the country, hopefully,
when they lower the cost of filling a tank.

You must have known
she was involved with me.

What could l do?
Two adults, l couldn't interfere.

- You couldn't interfere?
- It'd undo a lot of good work.

She's dead, you stupid, disgraceful fuck!

Nobody here... knows how that happened.

For God's sake, Stephen!
The stakes weren't that high!

What the hell do you think we are?

L don't know.

So give me a name.

L want to talk to her family.

A girl of 15 on the run doesn't bother you?

A lot less than you talking her
into something she can't handle.

- That briefcase is evidence.
- So she gave it to you.

To prove my brother was killed for it!

- Why do you think l'm here?
- Again!

Where's Kelvin's name?

Where's your name, come to that?

You haven't got no power, man.
You're toothless!

Kelvin's murder is the only reason
we latched on to this story.

- L hope it haunts you.
- Sonny... Sonny! Sonny, listen!

If l can produce somebody
who can say where that briefcase came from...

So l say l nicked it from a professional killer?

Well, he can't contradict that. He's dead!

- Listen, l left a good job to be near my mum.

Do you think l can get any work
if l admit l'm a thief?

Hiya. Sorry. L'll call you straight back, yeah?

- (STEPHEN) It won't suit me.
- At work, yeah?

L'm going to your house.

You only have to say that you were there
when he took it.

He rang Sonia Baker, a woman he had never met,

to warn her
that someone was planning to kill her.

They would have to re-open the file.