State of Play (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Paparazzi descend on Member of Parliament Stephen Collins following the mysterious death of his research assistant. A drug dealer is killed execution style. News reporter Cal McCaffrey investigates.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



Attention, ladies and gentlemen.

We are being held in this position
due to unforeseen circumstances.

Well, there is a body on the line at Green Park.

Greer, l've only got half the notes.
L'm not blaming anybody else.

- On your desk. Know where you should be?
- L do, but l'll be a while.

Today's a three-line whip in the House.

L know. George phoned me. Thank you. Great.

Given our generous salaries, if we're in debt
we have some prospect of getting out of it.

- Hear, hear!
- Too many people are not in our position.



He's still in there!

No! Him - his breathing. He's still in there!

Back the unit up. Back the bloody unit up!

- Stop!
- Correction. One body, one survivor.

We have a survivor.

The Honourable Gentleman is right.

There are some absolutely disgraceful cases,
which is why the community finance and...

Sonia's dead.

Let's go over to the office.

- Is he all right?
- Yes, he's fine. He's all right.

Stephen, let's go over to the office.


She went under a train.

- When?
- This morning.

L don't have any other details.


Stephen, l just heard about your researcher.

- You tell Andrew before you tell me?
- The hacks are requesting comment.

- Nothing to say.
- Chloe's drafting a response.

Well, Chloe can say what she wants.

As Sonia's boss,
they'd expect a statement from you.

Stephen, l think Andrew's right.

- Can we have half an hour?
- We've got a briefing. We can do something.

L'm very sorry about Sonia.

- Morning, everybody.
- Good morning.

Before we go any further,
Mr Collins is going to read a statement.


Sonia Baker was a bright, well-liked researcher
for the Energy Committee.

Everyone on the team is shocked by her death.

L want to pass on our condolences to her family.

- Have the police said it was an accident?
- We're liaising with the Met.

Was there any indication of depression?

- Nobody here is qualified to answer that.
- She worked to you. Did she seem disturbed?

Give us a break, Helen. L'm not a shrink.

She seemed bright, buoyant. Her work was...

We're in the dark till the police investigation.

Stephen, we both use the Jubilee Line
in the mornings.


- L was on the same train you were.
- If you say so.

Which was held back for a body on the line.
How does that make you feel?

For God's sakes, don't be gruesome. We're
awaiting the inquest to know what to think.

(VOICE FADES) As a mark of respect...

Um, l think that just about wraps it up,
ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming.



- Hello.
- Anne? Andrew. Is Stephen in Manchester?

- He's down there, isn't he?
- He seems to have gone off-line.

Erm... l'll find him. L'm sorry to bother you.

Wait, why would he go off-line, Andrew?

You need to speak to Stephen
about tomorrow's papers. OK?

The "Daily Telegraph". Good news for house
buyers, allegedly. House prices set to fall.

It wasn't Paddy for me, was it?

You're through to Stephen Collins.
Please leave a message after the tone.

- What's the matter?
- The "Mirror" leads on a different story.

The death of political researcher Sonia Baker
and the pictorial distress of her boss,

Manchester MP Stephen Collins.


The "Express" has the very same story
as their lead. "Devastated?" it says.

And the same picture there of Mr Collins.

That's all from "Newsnight" tonight.




Don't answer it.


- Liz.
- Cal. Where's your tan?

Wettest Canaries for five years. The young
lady l took was only in it for the plane fare.

Run 'em past me first. L can spot a duffer.

- Send flowers to Stephen Collins.
- Being?

- Do you read the papers?
- Every other day. You're paid to.

He's an MP. Portcullis House.
No message. Just put, "Sorry. Cal."

See what the CBl's position is on this,
and clear it with Donald if you need to.

- Sorry.
- Right. If we are all gathered.

The Stephen Collins photo confession.

- There's a lot more interest than l expected.
- He's chairing the Energy Select Committee.

Everybody's betting on him to make cabinet.

The opposition is stirring to block
a main player. It's worth the coverage.

He had a member of staff
who topped herself. Where's the story?

- Well, look at the picture.
- L've seen the picture.

Why is that not a story to you, Cal?

She's dead. He cried. Nearly cried. So?

Well, either he's faking it or he's knobbing her.

Either way it's worth having. D'you know him?

L was his campaign manager
when he ran for Parliament.

Did we shrink the format of the paper
while l was away, or something?

- What have we got on the drugs thing?
- Dead kid's name is Kelvin Stagg, 15.

Professional killing. Police think it's a build-up
of drugs territory. Three recent shootings.

- Connected?
- L'm checking.

The survivor's a motorcycle courier.

Under police guard at St Margaret's. They
won't confirm whether he's a suspect or not.

A hospital porter reckons he took a bullet
to the heart that was blocked by a mobile phone.

Vodafone shares will go through the roof.

Can the journalist without portfolio get excited
about drug cartels on posh streets of our city?

Yes, l can knock something up.
Like you would know the difference (!)

Ohh... Don't try this at home, kids.

Foreign. Middle East stuff coming though?

Direct plea from the MoD for us not to use
that information till they've confirmed it.



- Stephen Collins' office.
- Greer? It's Anne Collins.

His mobile's still off.

L think he's in with George Fergus, Anne.

When you think he's somewhere convenient,
tell him he needs to talk to his children.


She knows you're here.

It's from Cal McCaffrey.
And he's left two messages.

Yeah, l bet he has.

The last one said, "Not work.
Just ring if you need to."

The papers are chasing this.
Won't let go if we stay quiet.

The less we say now,
the more determined they'll be.

L was having a thing with Sonia Baker.

L don't know how to deal with this.

Nobody's trying to run your life, Stephen.
But we need a strategy.

Which kind of involves me talking to Anne.
Is that OK?

You'd better wait until l have.

L've got to vanish.

Hiya. She's with the area manager, Stephen.

Listen, why don't l take your phone number?
Oh, sorry, no. Force of habit.

- L'll interrupt her for you if you...
- No, don't do that. L'll call later.

- Just tell her l called.
- OK, then. Bye.

Sorry about that. 18.99, please.

- Not now.
- It's Stephen.

- Stephen?
- l think that means Stephen Collins.

Stick him through.

- Cal?
- Hey. Didn't l used to know you?

Are you OK?

L feel like l'm doing speed bumps at 70.

- You?
- Nearly finished decorating the house.

- Just got the kitchen left now.
- Ten years is not bad, eh?

It was sex, Cal.

Just sex. L often expected her to turn round
and say, "Saphead, l only did it for a bet."

But that never happened.
She was a great girl...

She must have been bored to look at me.

L don't think she would have
sustained her interest.

"A source close to Stephen Collins said..."

- What?
- Do you want me to print that?

- It's true.
- You think l'm paying for this to get a story?

- It's not a story.
- Yeah, and l'm not paying, mate.

- L just wanted to make sure you were all right.
- Only time you ask is when you know l'm not.

Hey, hey. Up until last year, you were sending me
comedy e-mails three times a week.

Yeah, OK, sorry. L was trying to work you.

Cal, you know better than anybody
l've never screwed around before.

Had you rowed the day Sonia died?


- Agreed to split?
- No.

- So, why did she top herself?
- She didn't. She must have fallen.

You know what it's like in the tube
at rush hour. Bloody rat trap.

The night before that, we were together
and everything was normal.

Listen to this.

Stephen, it's me. You left a bundle of papers
at my place this morning.

If you need them, l can bring them in. Let me
know what you want me to do. Bye, gorgeous.

What's her family saying?

- L don't know them.
- But?

The spin doctors don't want me to do anything.

Listen, every journalist in London
is trying to talk to her family.

If you haven't even tried, they'll crucify you.


She had a good relationship with her mother,
but Sonia and me couldn't have been closer.

She told me about you.

Well, not you by name.

And - no offence - if she had
l wouldn't have known you from Adam.

She just said she was seeing a man
whose private life was "tricky".

Was Sonia being taken for a ride?

No, Mr Baker. She absolutely wasn't.

Claire and l are convinced it must have been
an accident. Was that your understanding?

Yes. She had no reason to kill herself.

She said you made her laugh.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you for seeing me.

Listen, l'm sorry. Can l go out the back way?

Suit yourself.
Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

L told them you were coming.

In all honesty, Mr Collins, you're not entitled
to privacy. Not under these circumstances.

Mr Collins!


The silly bugger went to see her parents.

They recorded his conversation.
Not even selling it. They're giving copies away.

- Where's Stephen now?
- Christ knows. Gone AWOL.

- L'll find him.
- George, are we sure he's worth all this?

Oh, we're absolutely sure.

L nipped home for a kip.

Before or after you met Stephen Collins?

So l met Stephen Collins. What have we got?

- What's he saying?
- He just talked personal shit, really.

Did she top herself?

He's adamant that she didn't. And l believe him.

Where are we up to?

Police reckon Kelvin Stagg was an offender.

His headmaster reckons Kelvin's never been
to court in his life. Career truant at worst.

L'm meeting Bernie
to get Kelvin's mobile number.

He promised to get into the phone log for me.

Can we find out whether Sonia Baker
was seeing a shrink?

But he's adamant she didn't top herself.

It's hardly the kind of stuff
she's going to tell him during sex, is it?

It's blokes like me that get nutters like that.


- Dad!
- Louis.

- Where's your mum?
- She wouldn't come.

- You've not come on your own?
- L heard which train you got.

She doesn't even know you're here? Great (!)

- Good to see you.
- Sorry.

Come on.

Is it true?

Well, the bits that are, l'm sorry for. OK?

The whole study group?

- Well, how many's in the group?
- 12.

Just get your teacher to write to my secretary
and she can send you an invitation.

- But it'll have to be after this session.
- Thanks, Dad.

- L'm going up. Night, Mum.
- Night, love.

- Dad.
- Night, son.

Am l avoiding the papers again tomorrow?

- Shouldn't you have warned your kids?
- L didn't want them dwelling on all that.

Oh, that's movingly caring, Stephen (!)

Anne, l can say l'm sorry. L can promise
to do whatever it is you want me to do.

But not if you pretend that you didn't know.

- You'd have lied if l asked you.
- Because l knew me and Sonia wouldn't last.

And what, after her?

Listen, let's...

...go for a drive or something.

If Louis smells this, he'll do his nut.
That's rich. He could drink me under the table.

What? Louis's drinking?

Agh! Ow!

You'd arranged to come home this weekend
when the kids were with Mum and Dad.

That wasn't for romance, was it? You were
coming to tell me you were having an affair.

If you and Sonia weren't going to last,
what would have been the point there?

You'd best ring your mum to get a bed sorted.

L'll phone you when l get there

- Where did you get this?
- Not difficult, and definitely not exclusive.

Her parents rang the world and his brother.

Neil! It's with you.


Stephen, it's Cal.
Listen, don't go home. Call me.

The visit of the Westminster MP and chairman
of the Energy Select Committee, Stephen Collins,

to the parents of his former researcher,
Sonia Baker, who tragically died recently.

Distraught Mr Baker said after the visit
that both he and his wife

were devastated at their daughter's death

They were convinced
she wouldn't have commit...

Have you got to be in work today?

They'd prefer me not to be.

Mr Collins, who was also distressed,
didn't make any comment.


Drink this. Eat that.

Then get yourself to bed.

Do you think they'll ask you to resign?

Well, the Tories are bound to.


Have you wet the bed? There's somebody here.

- Collins?
- A friend.

Bernie got me out of bed at four o'clock
with this. You need to hear it.

OK. If you tell anyone he's here, you're dead.

It affects him. Really affects him.

OK. There's a breakfast caff
at the end of Storbor Road.

Opens in about half an hour. Meet me there.

Courier from the office.

L need to nip back in first thing.

They courier a package so that you can drive
back in with it? How much does that cost?

From the crew that built the Dome? Piss off.

L asked Bernie to get
Sonia Baker's mobile records.

L was going to cross-reference numbers
with clinics or hospitals for a shrink.

- You found a shrink?
- L haven't had time, because this showed up.

Kelvin Stagg's calls, going back a month. Here.

That's Sonia Baker's number.

- Are there any more?
- One call, ten past seven the day they both died.

Two-minute phone call.

How? She wasn't a druggie.

He's not available for comment.
L'm going to have to put the phone down.

L'm hanging up. L am putting the phone down.

Mrs Collins! Mrs Collins.

Yes, we have read the newspapers.

Tell me where he is and l'll go away.

Are you married? If you are still here when
l get back, your wife won't want you. Get out.


Stephen Collins' office.

It's OK. Go back to sleep.

There's a spare set of keys on the kitchen table.

Della, you near a pen?

L've got a copper's number for you.
Stuart Brown, a D.I. Working on the shootings.

L've never used him, but he knows my mate.

With a name like Joy, at least fake it.

How come we never do this over a drink?
You don't say please, thank you. Bugger all.

That's how it goes, if l'm paying for it.

Stagg's cause of death, a bullet which went in
at the forehead, out through the base of skull.

- Toxicology?
- No drugs, apart from prednisolone.

Steroid. He was asthmatic.

Seasonal repeat prescription,
according to his GP files.

- What calibre bullet?
- Nine millimetre.

- Do you want these?
- No.

- Della Smith?
- That's the password.

Stuart Brown. Smith and Brown -
sophisticated ancestry (!)

- From?
- Glasgow.


L'm a bit of a media virgin, Della.

L'm not sure how to play this.

We talk. L pay. You go.

Not interested. L've only just been made D.I.

Not money. Information.

We do swapsies.

Not always immediately.
We learn to trust each other a bit.

What can you tell me about Kelvin Stagg?

Old enough to deal drugs, too young to die.
Should be a T-shirt.

Why drugs?

Professional hit. And the kid's implicated
in a druggie wider picture.

If he's got form, we can't find it.

And the post mortem shows no presence
of non-prescriptive drugs. None.

- Check.
- When l get the results. How did you get it?

What about the motorcycle courier?

Craig Livingstone, 28-year-old. Very lucky lad.

- Any form?
- We started on that assumption. But no.

More than that, l've no idea
till he regains consciousness.

- Evidence of drugs at the scene?
- No.

Anything to connect the two of them?

So it could have been a random shooting?

That's what l'm thinking, suddenly.

Your shoelace is undone again.

You are liars! He never used drugs!

- Your paper lied about my son! Go away!
- Show some respect! We're victims.

- He wasn't into drugs.
- L'm not from that paper.

L know he wasn't.
L've seen his post mortem report.


- He was a nice boy. A Christian.
- Mum.

- L'm not just saying that. He believed.
- He only prayed if he got caught.

Tiny things. Tiny things.

He snatched wallets.
He may have found some. He nicked the rest.

Whatever you say.

Mum found other people's stuff.

- Which he could have been given.
- In the bins.

Was he ever charged?

Got beat up a couple of times,
but the police never got near him.

What do you do, Sonny?

For a laugh, or for money?

- It's just a question.
- Computer engineer. Birmingham.

Four days, he's got.

But the body might take weeks.

Where's my funeral?

Family funeral.

What was he doing down the West End
at that time in the morning?

If there was anything valuable in the bag,
he'd try doing a deal with the owner.

Stupid, but people pay more to get address
books back than they can sell the phones for.

Stuff like that.
He thought he was being clever.

If l'd have been there, he wouldn't have dared.

Had he done a deal recently?

Mum says she saw him from here
with a metal briefcase like a camera case.

She had a go at him about it. He denied it.

She reckons he was really wound up about it.

- Have the police got it?
- We didn't tell 'em.

As if it's not gonna prejudice what they think.

They'd say there were drugs in there.

- Isn't that a possibility?
- Kelvin would not go near drugs.

- Believe me there.
- OK.

Listen, thanks. Tell your mum thank you.


- Hello. Customer service.
- Anne Collins, please. It's Andrew Wilson.

OK. Just a second, please. Anne!

- Anne Collins.
- Anne? Andrew. Sorry to bother you at work.

- However?
- L wanted to see if you were OK.

L'm running a shop, which you lot think is odd.

Partly why l enjoy it. L'm going to have
to run it a lot better as a single parent.

L want you to know we're doing all we can.

We're putting out stories to eclipse Stephen.

Not for my benefit. The energy report's
imminent. You wouldn't want that tainted.

It's an independent report, but nobody wants
to degrade its value, given the hard work.

What is it you want from me?

L don't want you talking to any reporters
without checking with me.

That wasn't so hard. But hey, you know,
Andrew, l don't care what you want.

L don't care what the party needs.
L don't even care that she's dead.

L just couldn't give a shit.

L'm sorry. L'm...

l'm so sorry.

(GREER) l put the Davis Foundation
back a week.

They were all right about it.

But George wants you back in
the House as soon as possible.

More visible.


- Hello.
- Greer, Cal.

Yes, we've met. Hi.

- Smells good.
- He cooked it.

L'm just stirring.

- Greer's the only one who knows l'm here.
- L'll be gone in five minutes.

L'm going to grab a shower.

Thank you.

Have you ever heard of Kelvin Stagg?

- Kelvin?
- Stagg.

A 15-year-old.

He... He died the same day as Sonia.

He rang her that morning.

No, never heard of him.

- He rang Sonia?
- Uh-huh.

She wasn't into drugs at all.

Neither was he.

He was a bag-snatcher.

Did she lose a bag?



No, she had it on her that morning.

What about a silver briefcase, metallic?


Hi, Cal McCaffrey. Leave your name, number,
the time you called after the beep.

Cal, it's Anne Collins. L'm returning your call.

And... asking a favour.

Hello, Anne. Er...

Just two secs. Sorry. Just...

Sure. Whatever l can do.

- You talked to him?
- He talked to me. Big mess. Understatement.

- Sorry, you s... Got someone there?
- Yeah. No... Er, yeah. It's Stephen.

Listen, l've left a dozen messages
at home and at the shop...


- She wanted a private conversation.
- So do I.

With me. Come on, l've given you my time.

Oh, hey, Cal.

Thanks a lot, mate (!)

Piss off!

You screw your life up,
and it's the first l hear from you in months.

- L was busy.
- Having an affair. You might have told me.

- Yeah, like l would (!)
- Or l would have guessed.

In which case l'd have said, "Stephen,
stop being a prick and get your life sorted out."

- How well do you think you know me?
- Better than you'd admit to.

- You'd have to say that in your job.
- OK, and what is wrong with my job?

L laughed when l saw they'd given you that.
Journalist of the Year (!)

Great (!) Rooting through my personal stuff.

- If you don't like my job...
- It's not a job. It's a waste product.

People like you can't move until someone
spoon-feeds you shit or misery or gossip.

Somebody like you? You're pioneering
the new dawn of democracy? Piss off!

- That's exactly what l do.
- You arrogant bastard.

You've been greasing your own arse
since they gave you that shining star badge.

In a vote for Energy Committee chairman,
the next contender was 50 votes behind me.

- And that was a cross-party vote.
- What have you done for your constituency?

Yeah, well, nothing a ligger like you
would be interested in, eh?

- You believe what you're told.
- L earn my living.

You're earning MY living with your private life.

Stick your spare room up your arse, Cal.



Cal McCaffrey.



Turn around and come back. Let's get pissed.

You look shagged out.

You don't. And couldn't.

- What time did Sonny Stagg ring?
- About three years back. Forgot. Sorry.

- About half nine.
- Can you put the times on the messages?

You stink of alcohol. Don't take it out on me.


Yeah, just hold on.

Car park at the bottom of Primrose Court.
Wait for me there.

- What kind of information will l be paying for?
- You'll find out.

- Can you give me the girl's name?
- You don't need to know that.

L've got a couple of names.

- Promise me she'll be there.
- Till eleven.

If more than one car turns up, she vanishes.



Della, how much money have you got?

About 80 quid. Why?

L need to authorise some cash.

Where's Eric?

- He's about somewhere.
- Has anybody seen Eric?

She don't live round here. You'll never know
where she lives. She won't tell you her name.

He's not taping this,
and he's no idea who you are. OK?

And he's never gonna repeat
who gave him this. All right?

Kelvin, he... just liked the look of the bag, really.

He said, "l'm having that."

So we waited for the bloke
to put his bag down to pay for his ticket.

'Cause they always do.

Then Kelvin... He dived in.

But the bloke made a grab for him.

L mean, Kelvin, he...

He ran like somebody had set fire to him.

L shot sideways towards the trains.

L knew if he couldn't catch Kelvin
he was gonna come for me.

L couldn't see where they'd gone.

So l jumped on the tube.

And l went home.

L mean, Kelvin could have been nicked
for all l know.

Then he comes in, all smiles.

But the bag's not what we thought it was.

Jewellery or documents or phones or stuff.

Something they couldn't be without.

It was never jewellery, though.

Show him.

- Kelvin try selling this back?
- That was the idea.

How did he make contact?
No connection with the owner.

We didn't. HE did.

We charged the phone and left it on.

That night, he rang us.

"You're fucking dead. Your mother and your
father are dead if that's not back in two hours."

- He knew you?
- He couldn't have.

Kelvin's dad died of an overdose last year.
He was just shooting off.

Which meant he was desperate.

Which usually meant money.

- Speaking of...
- Give her the money.

We can't state that Collins had an affair.

- Nobody's denying it.
- Sonia's parents implicated him.

- They accused him of being the guy.
- No, they taped Collins admitting that.

Cameron, five minutes? Sorry.

In five minutes.

OK. Well, they're probably right.
But give it to the lawyers anyway.

L've just spent 500 quid without authorisation.

And you still think you work here?

It's a bit dirty.

- As in?
- As in...

l don't know what to call it.

Bring it in.

If it's a prostitute,
she comes out of your wages.

- Cameron's looking for me.
- Door's locked. It's the Famous Five knock.



Like l'm interested (!)

Core question. Do the police need to know?

- Depends why you wouldn't want to tell them.
- We don't know what it represents.

- You got it from Stagg's family?
- Anonymous source. L swear, anonymous.

- Could be obstructing the course of justice.
- The police aren't even looking for it.

But it could affect a police investigation
if they knew it existed.

- Della's right.
- What if it puts the surviving witness at risk?

You came by it via your own investigation?

- It was an accident initially.
- Mobile phone. Can't you identify the owner?

Pay as you go. Over-the-counter contract,
a Link store in Kilburn.

Bogus data. L've checked.

Liz, sort out a bottle of red and four glasses.

- Can you fix me up with the lawyer?
- Out of your league, Buffy. Try the mail room.

Knock on the door and leave it outside.

How, in your opinion,
does this relate to the death of Kelvin Stagg?

Stagg negotiated a money drop at Euston.

A 15-year-old, bear in mind.
He was only asking 200 quid.

The last my contact saw of him, he was getting
on a tube at Warren Street, heading for Euston.

Somewhere public. He thought he'd be safe.
We don't know what happened after that.

He was murdered.

You have to give it to the police.

But any delays in doing that could be dictated
by your fear for the life of your source.

You've sought legal advice to protect her.

How long have we got?

Could have taken me a few days to research.

Five working days.

- Room service!

Thank you.

L've asked! He's not interested.

- Do you want to go somewhere else?
- No, l've got a late-night sitting.

OK. Erm... I need to tell you this now
because l don't know how long l can hold on to it.

L don't think Sonia Baker killed herself.

L told you that. She fell.

We think she was murdered.

How in God's?

- What?
- Evidence.

- What evidence?
- L can't tell you.

If you... If you say you got this from me...

- Talk to me properly.
- You cannot afford to be involved.

L am involved!

If you shoot your mouth off before the press
know, they will fucking shred you.


As soon as l know properly, l'll tell you.
OK? L swear l'll tell you.

- OK.
- OK.

How the hell did you find out that fast?

L get around.

- Is it true?
- Which bit?

OK. The first.

You don't know what l'm on about.

- What ARE you here for?
- Tell me what l nearly knew.

He regained consciousness
about two hours ago.

Past tense. He just flaked out again.

- Has he talked?
- Try to stop him. Blabbering ten to the dozen.

Nearly comical. Then bam! Went out like a light.

How much did he see of the shooting?

He's helping with our enquiries. A lot.

- He can identify the killer?
- If we say that, we'd make him a target.

It's obvious he's alive because you lot
are still here. He's a target, anyway.

That's why he's being baby-sitted. Baby-sat.

By two adolescents? They're not even armed.

Grow up.

Time for swapsies, Della.

Well, you came here for something.

Just... l think he needs protecting.

Properly protecting.

Control from D.I. Brown.
Request armed supervision for the witness.

You can patch me through to the duty Super,
but l want a team dispatched now.


- Police.
- Just make your way to the exit.

Come on. Through the double doors.

They want to move him.
The fire's the floor below.

OK, shift him.

- Where's the nearest staircase?
- Service staircase. Get him on a stretcher.

You stay with me. She stays with me.

- Here.
- Get him out.

He stays here.

- Control from D.I. Brown.
- Go ahead.

We're in the service staircase on the... third
floor. We're beneath the fire. The ETA?

- Checking.
- Pressure's dropping. Tilt him.

- Here.
- They're on site. Is there a staircase number?

- 45A.
- 45A.



- Behind the line.
- Press.

- Definitely not. Over there.
- L'm here to collect Della Smith, a witness.

L told you to stay put.

- She said...
- You get my permission, not hers.

- Why did you come here?
- L've told you.

On the off chance there might be information.

- You talked to D.I. Brown in private.
- To see if anything was happening.

- You told him what?
- Nothing.

- You told him what?
- Nothing. We just chatted.

After which he called for an armed response.

- That had nothing to do with me.
- The D.S. Heard him say, "She stays with me."

Like that.

L don't know why he said that.
Just protecting me, l suppose.

If one of my officers died because you've
got information, you'll be more than sorry.

Can l go now?

Just there. You OK?

Did you see who fired the gun?

You wouldn't bloody listen, would you?!