State of Affairs (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 6 - Masquerade - full transcript

Charlie and Maureen accompany President Payton to Qatar on a diplomatic trip. What begins as a standard mission of diplomacy becomes a disaster when a Qatar national infiltrates the American embassy claiming to be CIA. Constance tasks Charlie to find out if he's telling the truth. Meanwhile Lucas, Dash and Kurt work to track down Al Moosari, believed to be a direct link to Omar Fatah. Kurt has a run-in with a walk-in who claims to have found a valuable 'backdoor' into highly valuable communications. Nick, still MIA, is violently interrogated by a masked man. Charlie finally takes desperate and dangerous measures to remember the events of the convoy attack.

Previously on State of Affairs...

You're making omissions

from your memory of that day.

I remember. Aaron!

I remember. I remember him dying.

Our friend Syd asked me to help you.

Happy hunting.

Who's that with Charlie?


The congressional report on

the convoy attack has been leaked.

The bullets that killed Aaron

came from a CIA-registered weapon.

I have shards of memories
that I can't trust.

My job is to shield you from harm.

What are you asking, David?

Fire Charleston Tucker immediately.

Hey, are we calling it
"cutter" or "kah-tar"?

"Cutter." It's always been "cutter."

The press says "kah-tar,"
but they are wrong.

I know, Charlie. I'm joking.

What's up with you? You cool?

Fatah sets up this entire terrorist network

from scratch, blindsides us with it,

and then we're stuck here

while the rest of the team
is back hunting Al Moosari

at Langley.

"The Moose."

Lucas started calling him that.

It was getting confusing...
Ar Rissalah, Al Moosari.

We nicknamed Al Moosari
"the Moose" and I missed it?

Well, you've been a little checked out.

Is it Nick?

I'm sorry. I have nothing.

I mean, if I did, I would tell you.

I'll... I'll keep digging.



We have to tread lightly
with the Qatari government

on this one, ma'am.

- This is a big ask.
- Why?

We're just asking for continued
use of the military bases.

To stage covert and clandestine missions

against our enemies.

I'm not gonna allow Fatah's network,

this Ar Rissalah,

to build up the kind of head of steam

that allowed Al-qaeda to flourish

or Hamas to hijack...

Hamas, who has the not-so-quiet support

of the very individual

you're about to sit down with.


He saves face with the diehards

by giving us public grief
over military aggression

and, in private, signs our deal.

You've thought this through.

I'm not just a pretty face, David.

You know,

Fatah doing that interview
announcing Ar Rissalah,

the fact that the Moose is American,

the possibility of sleeper
cells in the U.S.,

it feels like...

Hey, Charlie?

Mom, get down!

Aaron! Oh, God!

It feels like...

There's an attack coming. I know.

Oh, God.

This convoy... Are you okay?


It's just...

Feels a lot like Kabul.

Have you been able to remember anything else

since our last talk?

And I keep seeing it in my head,

but the details won't
define themselves and...

I need to remember exactly
what happened in that attack.

I think...

POTUS thinks I'm lying to her.

And why wouldn't she?

No. How are you lying?

How is a faulty memory a lie?

I started remembering these same two images.

The first one is...

of Aaron pointing a gun at me.

No, you can't be remembering
that right, Charlie.

God, I hope not,

because the other thing I remember

is me pointing a gun back.

She's hiding something, David.

I get the feeling that she is buying time.

Well, then stop selling it.

Why do you trust her so much anyway?

Because she was gonna marry Aaron?

Because she's family.

She's almost family.

Fatah is one of the two most
dangerous men in the world.

Charlie is our resident expert on him,

and yet Ar Rissalah has sprung up

without her so much as catching a whiff...

Now, that's as much on the CIA...

They are one and the same.


They are one and the same.

Fatah and Ar Rissalah are on her.

She cannot pitch around them.

And so far, she's not been
throwing too many strikes.

6-1, this is Regent.
Firebird is inbound. Over.

Open the gate.

President Payton is one minute out.

Regent, this is 1-1.

All right, 1-1.

Okay, 1-1, we've got eyes on. Over.

Alert. Alert.

We have an inbound motorcycle.

Roll with Firebird.
Repeat. Roll with Firebird.

- Go, go, go.
- Let's get her out.

There's no time! Go! Let's go! Let's go!

This way, ma'am. Keep your head down.

Get her inside! Inside! Let's go!

Oh, my God.

Secure the gate! Secure the gate!

Oh, my God. Everybody get out. Go, go.

Keep him on the ground!

Freeze! Freeze! Don't move!

Show us your hands! Hands!

I work for CIA! I work for CIA!

I work for CIA!

He's sitting there with

third-degree burns and two gunshot wounds.

Well, you bum-rush a presidential motorcade

and a bunch of bored marines,

you're lucky to be sitting up at all.

Chief of Station wants
us to do the interview.


Because Rayst Kamal is not ours.

There is no record of him
ever being a CIA asset.

Nobody was running him from here.


- You believe that?
- You don't?

Wouldn't be the first time a case officer

ran an asset off the books.

Prime Minister Sajjaf is here.

He's gonna be angry.

He has every right to be.

Just show him in.

Good day, Mr. Prime Minister.

Thank you for not postponing our meeting.


I was considering canceling altogether.

We're supposed to be allies, ma'am.

And we are.

Then why are you spying on us?

We're not. You have my word.

You have in your custody
one of our nationals

who is currently being investigated

for stealing state secrets.

Return him to us, immediately.

A Qatari national breached our perimeter.

He's being held as a security threat.

That's all I know.

I don't feel like I need
to remind you, ma'am,

that there are many powerful
people in my country

who don't like the fact that
Americans are launching attacks

on our neighbors from Qatari soil.

Any American base, in
any country in the world

is considered our soil.

I will extend my deadline until tomorrow.

Return this Kamal to us,

or your bases will be shut.

And good luck making war on
your enemies without them.

All right, all right,

so how did Bullwinkle fake his own death?

Who's Bullwinkle?

Al Moosari, the Moose, Bullwinkle.


You trying to one-up my nickname?

I already did.

Bullwinkle's way better than your nickname.

Our first official American
member of Ar Rissalah

deserves our finest nomenclature.

Bullwinkle was reportedly
killed by Mossad in 2012.

Which we know to be bogus, right?

Yeah, so we publish our photos of him

and see who scrambles for cover.

What's that gonna give us?

"What's that gonna give"...

It's gonna give us his known associates,

his current location, cure
to cancer... who knows?

Yeah, I... You know what?

No, no, no. We need something more concrete.

There's... We're gonna sit on this.

We're sitting on it?

So we just sit on the
fact that Al Moosari...

- Bullwinkle.
- Whatever... is still alive?

Until we have a better handle

on Al Moosari and his movements, yes.

I think that's a terrible idea.

- Well, it's not your decision.
- Okay.

Dash, I think someone's assumed

the mantle of leadership for us over here.

- Thank God for that, huh?
- Making decisions.

There we go. Big boss boy.

Charlie's out of pocket with POTUS.

Ray put me in charge.

- Ray?
- Yeah. Ray.

You mean Director Navarro, right?

That's who you're talking about.

You know, I think Ray put you in charge

so that if you failed,

he'd have somewhere to put the blame.

That's fine.

There's something to keep
you up at night, huh, buddy?

It's not gonna keep me up at night.

Know why? I don't fail.

- You don't fail?
- You don't fail?

Too big to fail.

- Oh.
- Too big to fail over there.


Hey, handsome.

I need to determine

the malleability of your mind, Mr. Vera.


Neuro-linguistic programming.

I've been doing this... better than you...

for a decade to detainees.

So just, you know, spare me. All right?

We read from the same playbook.

Ahh, but where did I get my copy?

If I'm government,

then you spend the rest
of your miserable life

in Leavenworth Prison,

and if I'm not, well,

then it's highly unlikely

you are ever leaving this box alive.

Oh, brother, you better
never let me leave this box.

Well, I guess that's up to me. Isn't it?


What happens to you next

is a direct result of how
you answer my questions.

Did you kill Aaron Payton?

Take off my face, and I'll tell you.

What is your relationship with Omar Fatah?

What is my relationship with Omar Fatah?

Oh, it was just a one-time thing.

When you interrogated Omar Fatah

on your one-night stand,

who else was with you?

Who else was there?

Where is Ben?

I'm only supposed to speak with Ben.


Your handler is unavailable right now.

So we're in charge of your debrief.

You worked for Qatari Armed Forces?

In allocation and procurement. Yes.

And how did you meet Ben?

Isn't that contained in my file?





It's a Turkish soap opera.

It's very popular.

Strong female characters.

So you and Ben bonded,

and you talked to him about work

and that you weren't happy.

I felt like I wasn't being told
what was really going on.

So Ben told you.

My supervisor is engaged in some things

that I-I felt people need to know about.

Criminal things?


And Ben had you steal
evidence of those things?

Last night.

- Did you bring them here?
- No.

Ben told me never to bring
them to an official facility.

I stored it with my brother.

Where is your brother located?
We'll retrieve it from him.

No. He will only release it to me.

That's what he's been instructed to do.

- Hey, Kurt.
- Yeah.

Egyptian liaison have anything on the Moose?

No. They're being pissy.

Who cares what they're being?

Whatever they're being,

they're not giving us
anything on Bullwinkle.

Seventh floor. This is Kurt.


She verified?

Wow. Okay.

Um... Give me an hour.

N.R. has a walk-in at a
safe house in Baltimore.

Says she found a back door

into some very valuable communications.


Walk-in asked for Charlie.

Charlie's not here.

That's why N.R. is sending me.

Any word from Mo and Charlie?

Charlie said they caught some heat in Qatar.

A supposed asset crashed the Embassy.

- You're kidding.
- They are pretty wound up.

If Mo checks in, get ahold of me.


That boy's got it so bad for Maureen,

I can't even enjoy mocking him anymore.

So is this Rayst Kamal our asset

or a con man?

He's neither.

He's been caught in what
we call a "false flag."

He thinks he's our asset, but he isn't.

Someone recruited him...
Someone pretending to be CIA...

to manipulate him into giving them intel.

Rayst Kamal is just a pawn.

You're sure?

Whoever recruited him didn't
make him take any money.

We would have to establish a paper trail.


He's not ours; We give
him back to the Qataris,

salvage the deal, and keep our bases open.

It's not that simple, ma'am.

I wish it were.

If the intel he's offering
up proves to be reliable...

Charleston, you just told me
Kamal was not a CIA asset.

And he isn't, but that's not to say

that the intel he has isn't legitimate.

And what is this intel?

He says that the Qataris
are selling U.S. weapons...

Our weapons... to Ar Rissalah.

- Where is she?
- In the back.

- Is that for me?
- Yep. They left it for you.

She's a little inexpressive.


Okay. Take a lap around the block.

All right.

- Miss Anchez.
- You're not Charleston Tucker.

No. I'm not.

I asked for Charleston Tucker.

How do you know Charlie?

- We have mutual friends.
- Yeah?

You mind giving me their names?


What do you got?

I may have semi-accidentally hacked into

a secure comm satellite

with potential international implications.

"Accidentally"? What were you trying to do?

Hack into a secure comm satellite

but for reasons of corporate espionage.


I'm not a cop.

I don't care who you contract for.

Let's see it.

So this program has a
significant amount of data,

data on various nefarious groups

that you've been failing to track.

"You" meaning "the CIA."

And once you've verified it,

I would like an obscene amount of money

transferred to an offshore account.

Got it?

I got it.

I'll be in touch.

Jesus. What a dork.

"An obscene amount of money."

Who do you think you are?

- Seventh floor.
- Dash. It's Kurt.

Hey, I'm sending you the walk-in's program.

Got it.

Coordinate with DS&T to verify it.

Use a disposable cluster,

and scan it for every virus under the sun

before you deliver it.

You got it. I'll sweep the whole thing.

We're dealing with a very weird chick.

The Prime Minister
lectures me about spy games

while selling American weapons

to the greatest threat our country faces.

If you want to get out of this
deal, we should do it ASAP.

Yes, but what if the
intel proves unreliable?

Ar Rissalah is an enemy
without national borders,

capable of striking from
anywhere at any time.

We need this base more than ever.

From Qatar, we could reach
UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, if...

Well, when Fatah and Hakam hit us.

So? What do you want to do?

I want to make an informed decision.

Fatah's been building this
terrorist network for years,

and we are playing catch-up.


I propose we retrieve Kamal's intel.

Do you think it's worth it?

Yes, ma'am, I do.

- And you trust Kamal?
- I'm inclined to.

Based on what?




So once again,

I should just take your word?

- Dash.
- Whatever she wants, pay her.

It checked out?

It's a lot of encrypted communication

from the Mddle East

and a disturbing amount from the midwest.

Well, yeah, midwest... we know
Al Moosari's from Wisconsin.

Yeah, but the intel's also from Ohio,

Michigan, and Illinois.

- Wait. What?
- The whole Big Ten Conference.

Is this how Ar Rissalah

is routing its communication?

Whatever she wants, pay her.

So what's your game plan?

Rayst says he stole satellite
images of arms deals

and manifests of weapons shipments.

His brother is holding them.

He'll only deal with Rayst.

And where's his brother?

The Tangiers.

So you want to smuggle the
most wanted man in Qatar

out of the most watched location in Qatar

and bring him to the most
popular shopping center

in the country?

That about sums it up. Yeah.

Would you like to know more?

No. Sounds great.

I need to fill out a vehicle requisition.

It's time to go.

Put these on.

Staff Sergeant, I have an
urgent Agency matter to attend.

Ma'am, I'm sorry; The Embassy
is in complete lockdown.

- There are no...
- I'm sorry about this.

CIA. CIA, gentlemen.

I'm with the CIA.

Okay, calm down. Calm down.

I'm gonna open the trunk.

There's nothing in there.
There's nothing in there.

Hands up, where I can see them!

There's my brother's store over there.

- Just walk past.
- Why?

You never walk directly into a meet.

Didn't your handler, Ben,

ever teach you any tradecraft?

So what's going to happen to me

when all this is over?

I don't know, Rayst.

What would you like to have happen?

I would like my life to
return to some semblance

of what it was.

That possibility ended

the second you decided to steal that intel.

I'm sorry. I can't sugarcoat it.

You knew the risks when you
decided to help our country.

Do you think I did this for America?

You think we all want what you have, huh?

Don't you?

- In truth, I prefer Canada.
- Canada?

It's never sent a single drone

to cloud our beautiful blue skies.

But selling weapons to Ar Rissalah

and arming men like Omar
Fatah and Sheikh Hakam

isn't the answer.

You're not a fan of Fatah and Hakam?

I think they're evil incarnate.

And here you thought we didn't
have anything in common.

Tell me about this photograph.

Whose idea was it to turn Fatah?

Do you trust Charleston Tucker?

She stole the passports
you had made for her.

I don't think she wants to be
part of your exit strategy,


- We missed something.
- What?

Look at his eye in that recent picture.

See that?

It's just glare from the lighting.

I don't think so; If that were the case,

it would show up on the other surfaces,

but it doesn't.

So you think there's
something wrong with his eye?

I think there was something
wrong with his eye.

I think he had a medical procedure in Cairo

and what we're seeing is the result.

Look closer.

I think it's camera glare.


Why would he meet the journalist in Cairo?

He could have chosen 1,000 safer places

but not if he needed surgery.

Cairo's one of the only places
in that part of the world

with major surgical hospitals.


You're reaching.

Just have a drink.

- What?
- No, not "what."

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

No. I don't. I wish I did.

You're sweating, you're glassy-eyed,

and your hands are shaking.

I don't know how many nights
you're into this bender,

but trying to sober up
now is slowing us down.

Hey, look, man, I'm not judging, okay?

- Oh, you're not judging me?
- No, I'm not judging.

Just dry out on your own time.

Right now, I need your head in the game.

Okay? I need your head in the game.

So knock a few back and
get straight, or go home.

My boyfriend here wants a new suit.

Then he said we could go to Chanel for me.




Is it there?

Yes. Yes.

Is it as valuable as I think it is?

Good God. We need to get you back.

Do a full debrief with our Chief of Station.

What have you gotten yourself into?

It's better for you not to know.

Is there another way out of here?

Yes. Service hallway.

Rayst, we got to move.


Rayst, where are you going with that?

Don't shoot!

Please. Please don't kill me.

How did he know we were here?

I don't know!

He was one of you. He was CIA!

He wasn't CIA.

You were set up.

Who was he, then?

I have no idea.

If you weren't a CIA
asset before, you are now.

Grab that bag.

They heard the shots. Let's go.

Anattention shoppers,

Please proceed to the nearest exit...

Keep your eyes forward.

Don't look around. Keep moving.

Yeah, I'm looking at the uploads now.

Charlie's in hot water over here, Kurt.

She shot someone on foreign soil.

Wait a second. She shot somebody?

If we can verify these
pictures show the Qatari

selling arms to Ar Rissalah...

It'll save her ass.

Don't worry. We'll magnify these images.

Try to up-res them.

I'll have Dash vet it
against verified intel.

We'll get granular.

- Thank you.
- You got it.

You okay? You holding...

Hello? Mo?

Perfect. What did... any exact...

Yeah. We'll get all the team now.

Yeah. Okay. You got it.


That was science and tech...

- And?
- Up top.

Looks like our mystery girl... Mm...

May have just given us a line

into Ar Rissalah's communications.

Wait, do you think that information

could help us vet out Charlie's intel?


This just fell into our lap
exactly when we needed it...

Kurt, come on. All right? Just...

This stuff is gold. Don't go there.

You don't think the timing feels weird?

Look, I'm gonna work it through, okay?

- Okay.
- All right?

- Yeah, come on, man. I got it.
- Okay.

Work it through.


you were right.

About what?

Al Moosari... Bullwinkle...

received a corneal transplant

in Cairo six days ago.

So what I saw in the photo was what?


And post-surgery treatment

requires antirejection steroids.

Don't imagine a lot of Walgreens or CVSs

where he's hiding out.


Should be able to track
the shipment of his meds

from the hospital in Cairo.

All the way to our boy, Bullwinkle,

and hopefully Fatah himself.

Look, I've been sober for eight years.

- A week ago, I...
- Lucas.

I have so little interest in this, honestly.

What you do is what you do.

Just don't let it follow
you here and foul us off.

- So you won't tell anyone?
- No.

- Your secret's safe.
- Okay.

And I have no problem
ensuring its continued safety,

but that woman, Maureen,

she just got one giant
pain-in-the-ass problem

out of her life.

She doesn't need another one.

So you steer clear of
her, and we're all good.

Are we all good?

All good.

A dead body on foreign
soil shot by a CIA officer,

another officer detained
by the Qatari police,

and an asset, who's not even our asset,

who we have no idea what to do with.

The subject pulled a gun.

I reacted.

I didn't have a lot of options.

It's never a sunny day
with you, is it, Charlie?

Huh? It's never simple!

You never make anybody's job any easier.

You're just lucky that
you were right this time.


I wasn't lucky.

And I wasn't right.

So the intelligence was fake?

The Agency recently acquired a back door

into a communication satellite
Ar Rissalah has been using.

We were able to verify that the sat images

and manifests aren't real.

Qatar never sold any weapons to Ar Rissalah.

So Rayst Kamal was set up to
steal fake intelligence, why?

Someone wanted to blow your deal

with the Prime Minister

and make it look like the
CIA was spying on Qatar.

This man, Ben, Rayst's handler,

has recently been identified
as Mustafa Obaid,

a former major in the
Qatari Royal Guard Brigade.


I believe this whole false flag operation

was being run by rogue elements
in Qatari Military Intelligence

that want us off that base
and out of their country.

Well, as things stand,
they're gonna get their way.

Not if we turn over Rayst Kamal.

We're back in the Prime
Minister's good graces.

After everything Mr.
Kamal has done for us...

"For us"?

Who's "us"?

The CIA or the United States of America?

Get your priorities straight.

"My priorities straight"?
Are you kidding me?

No, I'm not kidding you.

Everything I do is for this country.

Everything I do.

I think I have my priorities
straight, thank you.

I can think of more patriotic
things to do than to deliver

fake intelligence to the
President of the united...

That intelligence was
necessary for her to make

any kind of informed decision moving forward

with this country.

I don't tell you how to be
the Chief of Staff, David.

Don't tell me how to do my job.

That's enough.

David, give us a minute.


A predecessor of mine went to war over WMDs

that your Agency, the CIA,
told him were there,

assured him of that fact.

I'm still paying for that bad intelligence.

We all are.

Madam President...

Charleston, on your watch,

Ar Rissalah has risen up out of nothing,

Fatah's still roaming free,

and my beautiful son...

The presidency is only as good

as the people who serve it.

I'm only as good as the people I can trust.

You tell me what happened in Kabul.

I can't.

I cannot remember.

- Tell me.
- Constance...

Tell me.

I've told you everything I can.

I would never do anything
to intentionally harm you.

I'm dismissing you as my briefer.

Effective immediately.

Thank you for your time, Madam President.

You can't blame her.

Maureen, I don't.

She's a politician. It's not personal.

It is, Mo.

For both of us.

What if I...

What if I did shoot her son?

You're not a killer. You didn't do it.

The fog of war... I just...
I saw a gun pointed at me,

and I shot back on instinct.

This is what I'm remembering:

A gun in front of me going off

and Aaron at the end of that barrel.

Okay, Charlie,

if you absolutely need to remember this,

there is a way to do it.

It's painful, it's dangerous,

and it's totally illegal.

How are you gonna get it?

Hey, you.

I would have come in
there, but it looked like

you were really into your hip throws.

Are you watching me?

Are you following me?

- Is that creepy?
- Yeah, it's creepy.

- Listen, I work for the CIA, okay?
- Mm-hmm.

I got you $750,000.

You really want to play tag with me now?

- I think I do.
- You do?

- Yeah.
- Oh...

- Okay.
- Mmhmm.

Melissa Anchez from Delaware.

What's the capital of Delaware?



You solved a problem for us

that we didn't even have until today.

Gonna chalk that up to coincidence?

I wouldn't.

- Listen...
- Don't touch me.

The thing is,

you think the CIA is the end all and be all,

but let me tell you something,

they're not.

The company I work for is.

What, do you think I'm
gonna pull a gun on you?

I don't know what to think.

Try happy thoughts.

What is this?

Finder's fee.

This is money? I don't want it.

Give it to charity.

Donate it to the church.

Why don't you take that little hottie

on the seventh floor out to dinner?

What's her name again?



What do you want?

You don't want information.

Who wanted to turn Fatah?

You know everything you're asking me about,

so what the hell do you want?

For you to tell me what I need to know.

Blow me.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

It's coming to an end.

I'll see you soon.

They're going to hand me

back to State Security, aren't they?


That represents the last favor

I'll probably ever get to call in.

We've made the renewed base
agreement contingent upon

your freedom.

I hope you enjoy being a Canadian citizen.

They're offering you asylum,

your family too, if they want it.

Thank you.

I... uh...

didn't think there was a way out.

There's always a way out.

Oh, no. Keep your clothes on.

You've got to stay a little insulated.

If you get too cold, you can go hypothermic.

Which is that?

- Sodium pentothal?
- HJ7.

Scopolamine, temazepam, and amobarbital.

If it gets too hairy, I'm gonna stop.


Don't stop.

No matter what I say. No matter what I do.

Oh, God.


Don't worry. I can cut these
off in less than a second.

Charlie, this is essentially an
ad hoc chemical interrogation

with real risks...

Heart stoppage, neurological damage.

We don't really know what
these drugs will do to you.

We have an idea.

Let's just do it.

All right.


you may hear me say some...

really ugly things.


Start recording.

Slowly we rewind.

The convoy.

You're in the rear behind
the passenger's seat.

There is an explosion.

You're under attack.

Just tell me what you see, Charlie.

Just see it.

I see Sal Gomez.

He's dead.

Sal's dead.

Oh, God.

Hang on, Charlie! Hang on!

It's Fatah! It's Fatah!
Fatah is dragging me out.

He... he's dragging me out.

It's not Sal. It was never Sal.

Oh, God. Aaron sees him.


He's gonna kill him! He's gonna shoot him!

Aaron's got a gun! Oh, no!

No! Fatah's taking my gun.


No, Aaron! No!

Aaron! No! He killed Aaron!

He killed him! I-I didn't shoot him.

I didn't kill you. I didn't kill you.

I didn't kill you.

When one can act, one
should act as a liberator.


I remember.

I remember everything.

Fatah's still my asset.