State of Affairs (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 4 - Bang, Bang - full transcript

Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and Nick (Chris L. McKenna) both receive a threatening text that sends Nick on an investigation to find the source once and for all. Charlie flashes back to her first interactions with Fatah (guest star Farshad Farahat) on Midnight City. Meanwhile, President Payton's (Alfre Woodard) rival Senator Green (guest star Melinda McGraw) reveals just enough about the upcoming senatorial convoy attack report to cause her to question Charlie's faithfulness. Charlie and team have to employ Jack Dawkins (guest star Derek Ray) to contain a smallpox contamination in Panama while avoiding detection in the country. Kurt (Cliff Chamberlain) continues to pine for Maureen (Sheila Vand) but an unexpected kindness distracts her from his attentions. Adam Kaufman, Tommy Savas and David Harbour also star. Guest starring Nestor Carbonell, Courtney B. Vance and James Remar

Previously on State of Affairs...

- I've been receiving texts. Crypted texts.
- _

Like, "they know what you did."

I don't think analysts should get

anywhere near potential assets.

He is second or third in
command behind Sheikh Hakam,

and I am gonna break him.

What you're doing is illegal.

Hey, I'm not Agency on this one!

I just told you I've got Abdel Fatah.

I know Dawkins.

He's good.

Maybe even Sheikh Hakam as a bonus.

We get number one and two.

Whoever's sending you these
texts has real resources.

Watch your back.

You've wandered into a world
I can't protect you from.











If only we could make them take it.

Would cut the malaria rate by half.

Make 'em?

That's not exactly community outreach.

[Door slams]


Stay behind me.


Don't talk. Don't talk.

Do you have drugs?

Not the kind you want.

Hey, hey, hey, hey...





- _
- Okay, okay, okay. Okay, esta bien.

[Low rumbling]

- Get down.
- Earthquake!



- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

I watched him do that to you.

There are monitors
upstairs; I see everything.

You don't think I know your history?

And I know why you do it.

I want to kill people too.

Despite our differences, the desire to hunt

and hurt

and kill

is just as alive in me as it is in you.

[Cell phone chimes]


[Bang Bang by Iggy Pop]

♪ Come on ♪

♪ come on ♪

♪ young girls ♪

♪ know what they're after ♪

[Tires screech, horn honks]

♪ Young girls ♪

♪ don't kiss me good-bye ♪

♪ bang, bang ♪

♪ I got mine ♪

♪ bang, bang ♪

♪ and you are next in line ♪

♪ bang, bang ♪

♪ I got mine ♪

What the hell are you doing here?

♪ Bang, bang ♪

I got another text.

But this time it's escalating.

It's a threat.

Well, at this point,

I don't think we can
know what the hell it is.

Well, maybe because
there's no gun emoticon,

we can just assume they're saying hi.



I got it too.

But I think I have a lead.

Tell me.

No, let me play it out first.

Are we being stalked?

Is this skunk work or
just straight blackmail

for what we did with Fatah?

Nick, I'm exceedingly good at this stuff,

and I can't see an angle.

Well, the earlier texts
were about us and Fatah,

us trying to turn him, and
him attacking the convoy.

And killing Aaron.

But this, the picture, a gun.

Charlie, once we clone the op,

we'll know the players,

'cause we already know the targets.


Je m'appelle Andrew. Et toi ?

Je m'appelle Philippe.

[Speaking in French]

Still downloading?

I'm almost done.

Do you have to do that?

[Device beeps]


Boom goes the dynamite.

You installed a driver.

It's astonishing.

[Speaking in French]

Close support guy, installing new drivers.

- Speaking French?
- Don't ask.

Turn that down.

Better yet, turn it off before
I toss it down the burn chute.

All right.

All right, what is new and
menacing in the world today?

Well, Sheikh Hakam is making new friends.

There's chatter of him
co-opting with Abu Sayyaf

in the Philippines.

Abu Sayyaf?

Those guys are glorified gangbangers.

They're not righteous enough for Hakam.

Well, two of his top lieutenants

just arrived in manila on vacation.

Guys, Sheikh Hakam

has been top of the book
10 times in 20 weeks.

The first customer is getting frustrated.

You got to get me something actionable.

What else?

Bad scene in Panama.

I saw the news, big earthquake.

Huge. Near the Panama-Colombia border.

But there's a wrinkle.

DOD passed along some intel.

A sniffer plane was flying over the region

doing a recon on nuclear facilities,

and they found something.

They detected radiation?

Nope. Smallpox.


Well, this is an issue for
world health and the CDC.

We burn it?

Wait. Before you torch it...

Mo, find out if DOD has any
more intel they can share.

We can't be flippant about this.

But until it's center stage,
smallpox is back of the book.

Dash, get a hold of
the Philippines analyst.

Lucas, would you find out

if Hakam is rapping on anyone else's doors?

And, Kurt, you are updating
on the Gaza situation.

Smooth is fast.

As usual, we have more work than time.

[Whistle blows]

Go! I want to see it again.

Let's go, focus!


Set... hut!

[Whistle blows]

Good, guys, bring it in.
Everybody, bring it in.

Take a knee around me.
Come on. Great job, guys.

Coach and I are really proud of you.

Really proud of you.

Ma'am, you have a visitor.

She's not on the calendar, but...

- Who is it?
- Senator Green.

- Jill, I have my briefing.
- Your briefing can wait.

You should talk to her.

She's gonna be integral
on education reform.

She's head of the foreign
relations committee.

- I know her résumé.
- I helped her build it.

You've already denied a meeting with her.

Come on, two minutes. Two minutes.

Two minutes. Show her in.

Yes, ma'am.

Madam President.

Thank you for seeing me.
I know it's unexpected.

What can I do for you, Senator?

The investigation into
the convoy attack on you

in Kabul last year is wrapping up.

Foreign relations will be
taking the report into committee

- at the end of the week.
- I'm aware.

There is something in that
report that could hurt you,


And why would you risk leaking this to me?

You and I both know I wouldn't
be where I am without you.

And despite everything
that happened between us,

I would never want you blindsided

when it comes to Aaron's death.

What does the report say about Aaron?

I can't speak to the
substance of the report.

This is beginning to sound more
like a threat than a warning.

Well, there is leaking,
Madam, and there is purging.

And that I am not prepared to do.

And I know you and I have had our...

Well, "differences" seems
too delicate a word...

but in this instance,

what I'm saying is, assume the worst.

You know I'm not gonna
thank you for this visit.

Nor would I expect you to.

Thank you for your time, Madam President.

That was the last of the Lidocaine.

Well, we were tapped before this happened.

The Red Cross is trying to get us supplies,

but it's 48 hours out.

I don't know, maybe more.

Any word from the States?

Not yet.

I mean, face it, it's Panama. Nobody cares.

Despite the unrest,

we're hoping that Hamas continues
to lose influence in the region.

Something tells me not to count on it.


One more thing, Madam President.

We're still trying to get
a clear picture of this,

but there are reports
that a DOD sniffer plane

has picked up traces of
smallpox over Central Panama.

I'm sure it's just a
mechanical malfunction.

There's no malfunction.

The smallpox is real.

Actually, I don't have
confirmation of that yet.

You are not my only source
of intelligence, Charlie.

Did the director arrive?

I'll send him in.


- Morning.
- Good morning.

- Madam President.
- Sir.

I hope I'm not interrupting your brief.

Charleston is aware of
the Panama situation.

I'm sure if you reach
out to President Varela,

he'll respond positively.

No, we're not reaching out to pres...

we're not reaching out to anyone.

And it's not a compartment
you're cleared for, Charleston.

Okay, well, then consider
yourself read into this

right now by executive order.

Smallpox was traced to a hospital

in the outskirts of colon.

And there were active
vials at that hospital.

And some of them or all of them

were broken in the earthquake yesterday.

What was smallpox even
doing at that hospital?

The hospital used to be
a research facility...

American research.


The smallpox is ours?

The facility was established
after operation just cause.

They were involved with
bioweapons research,

far away from prying eyes.

And now we need to recover it very quietly.

Now, Madam President, I'd
like to offer you the gift

of plausible deniability

and avoid sharing any more specifics.

Of course.

Ray, I'd like to keep Charleston involved,

just for my own peace of mind.

Yeah, of course.

She wants you on this

so she can get
back-channel info on the op.

Or because she's president of a country

with a potential pandemic

sitting in the middle of a Panamanian slum.

Or both.

Tucker, look.

I'm new to the Agency.

I'm not new to the game.

And your very special
relationship with the president,

that gives you certain advantages.

But just remember, the Agency, our agency,

it outlasts presidents.

You got to be very clear
about where your loyalties lie.

Oh, I am sir, very clear.

He stole your challenge coin?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Her CIA challenge coin? That's messed up.

- You know, you earn those things.
- Yup.

I got it from the Basra op.

He claims that I misplaced it in the move.

Misplaced what?

Her challenge coin from Basra.

Her dick ex-husband stole it.

That's messed up.

What's with all the food?

Charlie brought it in.

- Oh.
- So wait...

your ex-husband does realize
you work for the CIA, right?

And the rumors of us
making people vanish...

Unfounded and speculative rumors.

Sorry, but exes take.

That's why they're exes.

Deal with it.

So is this, like,

a thing of Charlie's, sporting for lunch?

It's a bribe.

It's not a bribe.

She only brings in food when we work late.

And what is it we're working on?

That's what the bribe's for.

The smallpox is real, and it's ours.

- Seriously?
- Ours as in the U.S.?

Or ours as in the agency's?

No one is claiming responsibility.

Of course not. That one would sting.

There was an old research facility

that still had vials of
the stuff on their shelves.

Right, a facility.

We're to task ground
branch to recover the vials.

Restricted action, Agency eyes only.

Wait. Why us?

Shouldn't the Panamanians
be running point on this?

So they can parade American-made smallpox

through the press?

I mean, think about it.

Jack Dawkins and his guys

are being briefed right now by DEVGRU.

They're gonna be on their
way to colon within the hour.

Mo, get a bioweapons expert

to give you the rundown on
containment and transport

in a hypothetical situation like this.

That's a tough sell.

How am I gonna pull that off?

Wargame scenario,
something for your customer.

Good idea.

Kurt, can you have satcom
pull up 3D terrain of the area?

Touchdown specs, topo, inhabitants?

We'll filter the information
to Jack Dawkins on the fly.

- You got it.
- All right.

Let's regroup in a couple of
hours and see where we're at.


You remember that old bus,

the one we rode in when you
first ran for the State Senate?

Eating out of taco trucks and hoping

there was enough money to pay for gas?

And now...

It's hard to believe how we got here.

We got here by a hell of a
lot of hard work, Marshall,

mine and yours.

Mine and yours.

Hi. Sorry to interrupt.

I was hoping I could get
a word with the president.

Come on in, David.

It's about your meeting with Senator Green.

You saw Kyle?

She stopped by to warn me about something

in that Senate report.

Just a friendly visit,

lacking any and all
ulterior motive, I'm sure.

I doubt if that woman has
ever had a selfless moment

in her life, certainly
not her political one.

So what's in the report?

- I don't know.
- I'm gonna do some digging.

I'm gonna see if I can smoke
out her true intentions.

No, don't.

The last thing I want

is to be perceived as going
after political enemies.

CeCe, that woman jumped ship on us

in the middle of the primaries.

She bet on the wrong horse,

and she still got rewarded
with your vacant Senate seat.

- That was the campaign.
- This is the presidency.

Look, you are only as
strong as your relationships,

but let me look into this.

I promise you, it's not
gonna come back on you.

- Okay.
- Okay.

The vials are in the
basement, three stories down.

No one knows they're there.

Keep this quick and painless.

You'll be back in D.C.
before this time tomorrow.

Leave a light footprint, Jack,

or none at all.

We know why we're here,
Charlie, and why you're here.

Me and the boys will
be models of discretion.

[Alarm beeps]


I'll be up in a bit.


Sit down or nobody wakes up.

Remember me?

Been a while.

Please, whatever you want.

Look, I was just a guard on that boat.

I never got anyone's name.

So I don't know you.

So why are you taking pictures
of people you don't know

on a boat that doesn't exist?

Why would you do that, Dale?

Yeah, I know a lot about you, Dale.

Like, I know you paid cash for this house.

So I'm gonna ask you again.

Why did you take those photos?

And before you respond, hold a second.

Because if you say, "what photos,"

I'm gonna respond by breaking your face.

I did it for the money, to buy this house.

Did what?

Sold the photos.

Who did you sell the photos to, Dale?

The Krieg group.

The Krieg? You're sure?

That's who they said they were.

They're a lobbying group, right?

No, Dale.

They're not a lobbying group.

Wait, wait.

Your kid just saved your ass, Dale.


Something came for you.

From where?

The Oval Office.

She's inviting you to the state dinner.

I'll send your regrets.

No, I'm going.

Clear my schedule for tonight.

Charleston Tucker.


May I see your phone?

Excuse me?

Our friend Syd asked me to help you.

How long have you been
receiving these texts?

About three weeks.

You saved them all?

I took screenshots of them.

They disappear if you try to save them.

You got a picture with the last one?


I built you an infiltration program.

When you're ready, reply to the text.

The program will download
straight onto their phone

and give you control of their external mic.

And I'll be able to hear them.

For as long as you like.

Happy hunting.

Thank you.

Do I pay you for this?

You weren't on the seventh floor.

- Lunch.
- With who?

What, are you moonlighting as a leash now?

I found out where the photos came from.

The guard, on the boat.

He's not the one texting us, though.

He sold the photos.

To who?

The Krieg group.

Sounds like a PMC.

Calling Krieg a private military company

is like comparing a stealth
bomber to a paper airplane.

- How big?
- Massive.

How bad?

Even more so.

I've got a line on the texter.

- Great. Point me and shoot.
- Not yet.

Just lay back for now.

Well, we're running
really low on now, Charlie.

If the Krieg group is involved,

then we have to move against this fast,

or we got to start
considering exit strategies.

Tell me where Sheikh Hakam is.

Give me something.

Give me a cave, a training
camp, the back of a camel.

I don't care; Just give me something.

Tell me where he is, and
you get to resume your life

- as a proud Muslim man.
- _


- Tell me where the Sheikh is. Huh?
- _

Tell me where he is.


Tell me where he is!

There is nothing but Allah.


I pray for you.

There is nothing in this world but Allah.

I pray for you.

- [Muttering]
- _

Tell me where the Sheikh is,


and I go away.

And I take all of this
fear and this pain with me.


Darkhorse base, this is Darkhorse two-six.

We are inbound to the drop zone.

Roger that, two-six.

Turn right to a heading of 090
for low-level inbound to target.

Report intersection tango.

Two-six out.

Two minutes till touchdown.


[Telephone ringing]

What's going on?

I can't see anything.

The shades are drawn on this one, Charlie.

Audio only.

Darkhorse base, this is Darkhorse two-six.

Be advised, we are
inbound to the drop point.

We will make contact
when we're two mikes out.

Roger that, two-six.

You want to say something to Jack Dawkins,

now is the time.

No. We're good.

Darkhorse two-six, estimated
one minute to arrival.

Darkhorse base, this is darkhorse two-six.

We are in to the drop point.

No joy for landing due to quake damage.

Moving to fast rope insertion.

We'll make contact when we're on the deck.

Two-six out.

Roger, two-six, at your discretion.

Throw on your masks!

Locked and loaded.

Prepare for descent on the numbers.

Three, two, one.

Darkhorse base, this is darkhorse two-six.

We are mission complete. We are good to go.

We'll move to LZ for extraction.

Make contact when you're two mikes out.

Roger that, darkhorse two-six.

Exfil is in bound for the LZ, over.


Soy Americana!

Soy Americana!

It's okay. It's okay.

I'm American too.

Everything is fine.

What's going on? I can't hear 'em.

Darkhorse base, this is darkhorse two-six.

We have exposure.

What's the extent of the exposure?

The whole hospital.

And anyone who left the hospital

could have taken the virus with them.

That's half a dozen
villages in the local area,

none more than an hour by foot.

Symptoms don't show up for 12 to 14 days.

They wouldn't even know if they were sick.

What's the window on inoculations?

Four days.

I got Jack.

Jack, is the package secure?

Affirmative. What are
we doing about the crowd?

Top priority is the
delivery of the package.

- Those are the orders.
- That's it?

There's nothing I can do.

Get me vaccines.

I'll bring them back.

There's aid workers here from the W.H.O.

They'll help distribute.

Red cross has a hub in Panama City.

They'd have vaccines.

Jack, you can extract out now.

All right, we will deal with
the rest of it from here.

Charlie, I know I'm about
to go off protocol here,

but are these people gonna
die if we don't do this?

That's all I want to know.

There's still time to deal with it.

And I don't... I can't
authorize you to go back in.

Charlie, this whole
mission is unauthorized.

Okay, Jack.

Go ahead.

Don't worry.

I'll be coming back with vaccines.

Let's go.

I was wondering when you
were gonna make your move.

I've been watching you watch
me for the last 15 minutes.

Yeah, but I've been watching
you for the last half an hour.

All right, kid. Let's not do the dozens.

You're slick. I'm slick.

So what? What do you want?

I know Charlie brought
you in for consultation

on our little problem.

I know who took the photo.

A former guard on Midnight City.

You tell Charlie?


She also knows that the guy sold
the photo and a bunch of others

to the Krieg group.

What she doesn't know, yet,

is that you've worked for Krieg.

You think I'm connected to the texts?

Well, if you are, it's a
pretty piss-poor shakedown

by your own standards.

And what's the benefit
for me, working Charlie?

Well, you'd have put a hell
of a chokehold on a woman

who's high-level Agency
and has the president's ear.

Where I come from, that's
pretty class-a leverage.

All right.


I have neither the desire

nor the need to leverage Charlie.


Go to hell.

'Cause three...

I know for a fact you've
also worked with Krieg.


The wet works you did in Libya?

They've got dirt on every
major spy agency in the world.

But I didn't have any part of that.

So if you're not hanging your
friend out to dry with Krieg,

what are you doing to cover her ass?

Hey, watch your mouth, kid.

I'd protect Charlie to my dying day.

But I can't lay down cover for her here.

Krieg's a phantom. Trying to pin them down

is like trying to drive
a nail through smoke.

They can reach out and
touch anyone at anytime.

Your lead's a dead end.

Here goes nothing.

[Woman speaking in French]

What the hell do you think
you are doing, texting me?

I turned the mic on on your phone

and heard that stupid French
translator, so tell the truth.

And don't forget,

I used to interrogate people for a living.

You're crazy.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't even have that tablet anymore.

Dash threw it down the burn chute.

[Woman speaking in French]





Excuse me,

is everything in this bin
from the seventh floor?

Yes ma'am, seventh floor.

[Indistinct chatter]

And that's called getting pwned, my friend.

See that? That's how it's done.

- Come on.
- When you play against me.

- Whatever.
- That's what I do to people.

Good for you.

Wow, nice dress.

Nice? More like banging.

That was inappropriate. I apologize.

Have fun at the state dinner, okay?

We got a win today.

That doesn't happen often.

Yeah, a win.

- Club soda, please.
- Yes, Ma'am.

Well, that's no fun.

Still on the clock.

Scotch, neat, please.


Thank you so much for the invitation.

It was unexpected.

Well, maybe it's time for
us to put the past behind us.

Is that just for the cameras?

It's a state dinner, Kyle.

Everything is perception.

The report on the attack
in Kabul, on Aaron's death.

Thank you for your warning, Senator Green.

Accept one in return.

I will not allow my son's murder

to be used as political currency by anyone.

You enjoy dinner.

She's getting pretty good at this game.

She's always been good at the game.

Maybe, but she's a
precision instrument now.

But she's also not the
same woman I married.

How could she be?

You leaving already?

No way.

Where did you find this?

Let's just say I know a lot of bartenders.

Apparently, your ex has
been flashing it around,

using his time in Basra to pick up women.

Don't you think it's a little weird

to be a recovering alcoholic,
friends with a bartender?

I like a challenge.

[Telephone rings]


Ignore it.


How did you find this out?

Excuse me. Sorry.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, Sir.

David. I need to speak to her.

It's urgent.

Miss Tucker needs a moment.

Mr. Nelson, pardon me.

- Is it Panama?
- Yes, Ma'am.

The mission was a success.

The vials were contained and secured.

Jack Dawkins went back in.

There was civilian exposure.

He went in to bring vaccines.

Apparently, the Panamanian
government saw our helo.

He delivered the vaccines
before they took him.

They've got Jack in their custody.

They think he's a spy.

We have to disavow any knowledge of this.

I know.

He pulled me out of hell in Kabul.

Find a way.

Get him back, Charleston.

Yes, ma'am.

Nick, this stalking thing
is getting really old.

You really should lock your doors

when you're driving through D.C.

It's green.

You okay?

Not even close.

Whoever's texting me...


It's one of my team.


Well, that's not surprising,

that it's someone close.

It always is.

You're not alone in this.

Nick, I really need to get home.

Charlie, Aaron's gone.

You can move on.

Don't do that, okay? Don't.

You don't get to do that.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's still there, you know...

with us.

It doesn't go away.

[Why Don't You Save Me? By Kan Wakan]

♪ ♪

♪ take it to the night ♪

♪ with a battle ♪

♪ spin me in circles ♪

♪ give me freedom instead ♪

♪ why don't you save me? ♪

♪ Why don't you save me from myself? ♪

♪ I'm tired ♪

♪ we the only losers left ♪

♪ why don't you save me? ♪

♪ Why don't you save me from myself? ♪

♪ I'm tired ♪

♪ we the only losers left ♪

♪ out there ♪

The congressional report
on the convoy attack

has been leaked.

So far it's only internal,
White House staff.

It's controllable.

But there's something
very disturbing in it.

♪ Worry end ♪

♪ for you and I ♪

♪ ♪

[Line trilling]

♪ I'm the child ♪

Charleston, the bullets that killed Aaron

came from a CIA-registered weapon.

[Glass breaks]

What the hell are you doing?

[Indistinct muttering]


[Cell phone chimes]


Charleston, the bullets that killed Aaron

came from a CIA-registered weapon.

I know for a fact that
gun belonged to Nick Vera.