State of Affairs (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

CIA Analyst Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl) still can't remember what really happens a year ago when the diplomatic convoy she was on was attacked in Kabul. While she and then-Senator Payton (Alfre Woodard) barely made it out alive, Charlie's fiancé, Payton's son Aaron (guest star Mark Tallman), wasn't so lucky. Today is the one-year anniversary of Aaron's death; Payton is president, Charlie is her CIA briefer and together they're faced with a choice - try and avenge Aaron's death by going after Fatah (guest star Farshad Farahat), the terrorist responsible for the convoy attack, or hold off in favor of taking down his entire network in the future. Adam Kaufman, Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas and David Harbour also star. Guest starring Chris L. McKenna, Ramsey Faragallah and Derek Ray.

- Get down, Charlie, get down!
Just everyone get down, get down!
- Mom, get down! - I'm gonna hit it.
I'm gonna hit it! - Aaron!
Oh, God!
- Get out of here, move.
- Get her out!
Just get her out! - No problem, we got you.
- Get the senator out. - Go with Jack.
Maureen, come on. - Senator Payne, come with me.
- Aaron, help me out. - Charlie, you too.
- Go, go, go! - Let's go, they're dead!
- Get down! Get down! They're going to find you here.
- Hang on!
- We've got front contact. Front contact!
- Hey guys! Look out!
They're firing in here!
Oh, God!
[Labored breathing]
- Hang on, Charlie, hang on!
- Aaron!
- Charlie!
- No!
Oh, God.
Please, can we just stop?
I don't want to talk about Aaron dying again.
I don't want to talk about what happened that day, i just--
- you fight this process, Charleston.
- Yeah, because it's flawed-- - the trauma--
- doesn't help me.
It doesn't make this better.
- The trauma of Aaron dying
has affected your recollections of the events themselves.
You're repressing something.
You're making omissions from your memory of that day.
- I remember. I remember.
I remember him dying,
and it was brutal and ugly and--
and instead of the memory fading over time, it just--
it's--it just gets more and more vivid.
- That's good.
That, to me, means that you're ready to face it.
- Face what?
- Whatever really happened that day.
- He was killed in a terrorist attack.
That's what happened.
And i made it out, and now i have to deal with it.
And i have to deal with it every day from now on,
and it sucks.
- And what are we doing to deal with that exactly?
- Oh, cheers, another one. - Cheers.
- All right. Oh, nice.
- I already feel better.
- With reckless personal behavior?
- Hey, let's do another? Can we get one more round?
- For me and, uh-- for me and my friend tom.
- It's Tim, actually. - [Laughs]
Well, don't get all judgey, doc.
I like to have a good time.
You want to see a trick my dad taught me?
- Do i? Yes.
- Now, do you see this? - Yeah, bottle cap.
- Got it? - Got it.
- Oh, yeah. - [Clapping]
- Do you consider yourself sexually irresponsible?
- Occasionally, yeah.
What's wrong with that?
- There's a lot wrong with that.
And it makes me worry about you.
Charleston, always going out, drinking, partying,
i don't think any good can come of that.
- Well, good doesn't have to come.
I do.
And I'm not going to apologize for that.
Can we just pick this up next week?
I'm sorry, i really just-- i can't be here right now.
I'm sorry.
Hey, you.
Look, i gotta go.
I gotta go to work,
which means you've got to go.
- It's 1:30 in the morning.
- I've got to be at work at 2:00.
- Who has to be at work at 2:00 in the morning?
- I've already called you a cab.
- Hey, can we get dinner this week?
- Absolutely, I'll call you. I will.
- You don't have my number.
- I promise.
- [Sighs]
- Morning, ma'am. - Morning, guys.
- Charlie!
[No audible dialogue]
- Wow.
- Lucas newsome?
- Charleston Tucker.
How'd you know it was me?
- Besides the fact that we're both headed to the same floor
at 2:00 A.M.?
- Right, yeah.
- You're very handsome.
- Thank you. - And very old.
- [Laughs]
Well, no thank you.
- Old for a new briefer, no?
Where'd you go to school?
- Unc chapel hill. - Tar heel?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Duke blue devil.
- Oh, isn't that great when you can hate someone
for no real reason right off the bat?
- Okay, everybody.
This is acting director Skinner's new briefer Lucas.
Lucas, this is Maureen,
Kurt and dashiel, otherwise known as sec def briefer,
state department briefer, leave it to briefer.
He is our justice department briefer
and he also briefs the FBI director,
and we love him.
- Thank you. - We do?
- And this is the crack team that puts together the book,
or p.D.B.,
which is basically the CIA's top 10 lists
of the most critical threats facing our country.
- Which you then deliver to president?
- Yes, which we then deliver to potus.
All right, Lucas, pull up a chair.
We span the world, so to speak,
and we cover a lot of ground quickly, so try to keep up.
Let's do this.
- All right, item number one, a former Mossad agent,
tamir hofi, has been detained in Istanbul trying to sell
what he was billing as the "stuxnet 2" virus.
The original stuxnet was a cyber warfare...
Both: Effort against uranium enrichment in Iran.
- Open source.
- Like Google? - You a big googler?
- Apple polisher.
- You like to Google things? - Wikipedia for sure.
Wikipedia's great. - Was it people magazine?
All right, low priority back page.
- Right, 26 suni militants
attending a suicide bombing training session were killed
when their instructor accidentally loaded a belt
with live explosives.
- That is amazing. - Yes.
- I guess our work is done.
- All right, all right, we may find it hilarious.
The president will not. Burn it. Next.
- Onwards, Nairobi station picked up some back-chatter
about a new terrorist sect looking to make a splash.
An act directed right at the heart of,
and i quote, "the great Satan."
- Mm, that's us.
The great Satan.
- Haven't heard that one before.
- That group just uploaded a video.
Al jazeera's website's running it now.
Just sent it over.
- All right, so what brings you kids
from the windy city of Chicago...
- Okay, that's Kenya...
- The wilds of Kenya?
- That's the dabaab refugee camp...
- It's so good to actually work in a place
where you can have some efficacy and really make an impact.
- You recognize the doctor?
- My God, he looks like Aaron.
- I know, it--
- it's unbelievable, right?
- What is?
- Nothing.
He's obviously American.
No one other than a chicagoan would wear cubs gear abroad.
- Wait a minute.
- What the hell are you doing?
These are sick people.
What have you done?
[Man shouting]
- Get him out of here now!
- This guy has got less than 12 hours to live.
This is now front of the book.
Let's go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.

- Doctor's name is Benjamin Butler.
He's a cardiologist from Chicago, divorced, no children.
He's headed up help beyond borders, big non-profit
for the past three years.
Resides primarily in Africa.
He was in Haiti before that.
- Gibbons? - Yeah.
- Lucas newsome, director Skinner's new briefer.
- Do we have any intel yet on who the kidnappers are?
- No, we're working on it.
- Acting director Skinner needs to see you.
- Okay, let's pull up every piece of data
available on Dr. Butler.
Find out what agency or jsoc teams are in the region
and as this thing flows, pay special attention
to NSA and "five eyes" back channels, okay?
Lucas, since you'll be briefing Skinner by the end of the week,
you should be on hand now.
- Have fun.
- I know we're on the clock, so i will be brief.
General abu said Khan.
- Syrian intelligence chief?
- And next great agency asset.
He's in town, and i want to put him in front of potus.
- You want us to put him in the book?
- No, in person.
- May i share some thoughts on Khan?
- Yours or the community's?
- My own, hugely influenced and informed by the community.
He was on the hill stumping for the Assad regime last year.
He has ties to training camps in Southern Lebanon.
He and abdal-fattah are rumored to be thick as thieves.
- Rumored to be, Charleston.
And yes, Khan is not a scrubbed clean, straight-a student.
- He's a gangster.
- Then he will be our gangster.
Thank you, Charleston.
- Of course, sir. - Lucas, stay here.
I want to speak with you.
- Like i just told him, hey, i really like that jacket.
It's petite. You wear it--
- guys.
Where are we at with Dr. Butler?
- Jack Dawkins' team is in that region.
- The only other ground branch team
is in Germany, eight hours away.
- Okay, let's try to nail down where they're holding him.
- Director Skinner just wanted me to reiterate his position
on general Khan.
- I got it.
- He thinks Khan could be the key
to a secret back-channel agreement with damascus...
- Lucas, i got it.
- Look, Charleston. - Guys!
[Man speaking indistinctly]
- Who is that?
- The other physician they abducted.
He's a brit.
Mi:6 is tracking.
- "Your American aggression will be punished."
- [Speaking native language]
- "If you fail to release 25 of our brothers
"from the prison compound in Guantanamo bay,
"we will spill your blood.
The blood of your evil."
Turn it down.
Look at this.
A whole table of Africa watchers having a very animated
conversation over their breakfast burritos.
Could it be about the abduction of an American doctor in Kenya?
- What are you talking about? - Exactly.
Why am i coming down here to have this conversation with you
when you should be on the seventh floor having it with me?
- Gentlemen, may i have a moment with P.I.T.A.?
- Later. - P.I.T.A.?
- Pain in the ass. - Cute.
- You must be one of the most obnoxious creatures,
male or female, currently roaming the planet.
- Well, i might be less so
if i didn't have to do everyone's job for them, Steve.
Dr. Butler, run with it.
- He moves a lot of air in that part of the world.
He's well liked, well respected.
- Any ops traffic on him?
- Minor.
He did some travel to the Emirates
and to Syria about six months ago.
- Syria? And that trip wasn't notated?
- Yeah, it was.
It just wasn't disseminated to the regular community
since he's an American.
- Any idea what he was doing in Syria, Steve?
- None. - Well, get one.
And get it to me.
This will be a potus top priority.
After you.
- Oh, my God.
[Man yelling over recording]
- Charlie, i don't want to speak too soon,
but i think we found fattah.
- Get down, Charlie. Get down.
- Oh, God. Oh, God.
- Charlie, we go to print in about 30 minutes.
- I know.
Earl, where are they at with the situation report?
- It just came online.
You're gonna have to get that to Dawkins.
He's got boots on the ground.
- Do we put it in the book pre-emptively?
- That we may have found Abdul fattah?
- It's big news.
- Bigger news is when we kill him.
- Mike, get Dawkins uplinked through jsoc right now.
- Jack? Jack? Jack?
- Charlie, i have been waiting for this call.
We got him.
My guy's is a third of the one 42nd of retcon one.
We are within spitting distance of ending his ass today.
- Oh, God, I've got an abduction in that region, Jack.
Kenya, an American doctor.
They've already beheaded one of his colleagues.
- I just told you I've got Abdul fattah.
- Got him how? Percentage.
How confident are you that you will kill him today?
- Well, i don't have eyes on yet.
So 50%.
- No, call me when it creeps over 80.
[Slams table]
- What do you think?
- We don't have time to vet this.
Not to mention that if ground bridge
and jsoc go storming in guns all hot for Abdul fattah
they could compromise the capture
of guys like sheik hukam.
- What do you mean?
- The agency's developed a lot of assets on the ground.
We don't want to risk blowing all of that to kill fattah today
when if we wait six months
we can get him and his entire network, all of them.
- Look, i don't want to overstep my bounds here.
I know I'm new, but fattah is one of the most wanted men
in the world.
We go get him, right?
- So, we chase the what-if of Abdul-fattah,
ignore the what-is of Dr. Butler,
which is him getting his head sawed off
in the next couple of hours.
No, no, we don't go get him.
You know, we hunted bin laden for over 10 years post-9/11.
If we had to make mention of it in the book
every time we got close,
we'd have been reprinting the same story every day.
- Hey, Charlie?
Just make sure you're doing this for the right reasons.
- And what would those reasons be, Mel?
That Dr. Butler looks a little like Aaron?
- He looks a lot like Aaron.
Come on, Charlie.
- So i would jeopardize the chance to kill Abdul fattah,
the man responsible for murdering my fiance,
to save someone who resembles him?
- I'm saying it as your friend, okay?
- The memorial is tomorrow.
I'm not telling the president about fattah for obvious reasons
until we are certain, all right?
- [Speaking foreign language]
- "We demand the immediate release of our 25 brothers
"from the prison compound at Guantanamo bay.
"Failure to release them and return them home
"will re--
will result in the executions of American citizens."
- [Sighs]
All right, everyone.
Let's make any last second edits, inclusions,
omissions, and the like.
We print and ship now.
- Kurt, can i get the tur havi file?
- There's no paper trail.
There's no financial records.
- Well, you haven't had that conversation with me.
- Completely off the grid.
Who was funding them?
Somebody has to be funding them.
- The thing that scares me
the most is that it's not about money.
- No, that's not the right account.
No, not that one either.
[Phone chimes]
[Electronic trilling]
[Keypad clicking]
[Tense music]

- One year ago tomorrow,
six members of a congressional delegation
were killed in a shocking terrorist attack
in kabul, Afghanistan,
an attack credited to the terrorist Omar Abdul-fattah.
Among the slain, Aaron Payton, the president's son.
The president will speak at a memorial--
- good morning, Charleston.
- Morning, ma'am. - How you doing?
- Okay. You?
- I've been better.
I hear we have trouble in Kenya.
- Yes, ma'am.
Front of the book.
16:00 dabaab refugee camp, an American doctor
and a handful of his colleagues
were abducted by a newly formed terrorist cell.
At 18:00, one of those doctors,
a British physician, was murdered on camera.
- What do we know of the terrorists?
- They're a splinter cell of Al-shabaab,
led by khattab mungai.
Khattab is really bad news.
He's trying to impress the jihadists.
Hard-core fundamentalist groups like isis...
- Is there a diplomatic solution to any of this?
I ask because i know that the answer is...
- No, at least not in my opinion.
- What about our doctor?
He looks like Aaron.
- Ctc's assessment is that he has
less than eight hours to live.
I think they're wrong.
With khattab calling the shots, he'll be dead by noon.
- Who do we have in the region?
- A ground branch jsoc team
Jack Dawkins is running 90 minutes out.
- He's good.
- I know Dawkins.
- He's great.
And they're the only team
in that area that can effect this rescue.
- We need opinions on this, state, d.O.D.
What's next?
- Well, it's not in the book,
but i have been asked to update you on general abu said Khan,
Syrian intel chief.
Khan would like a meeting with you.
Director Skinner feels
that Khan can be a wealth of intelligence for us
due to his high standing in the Syrian government
and his unusual ties to suni military.
- Charleston, please stop.
You forget how well i know you,
especially when you're phoning one in.
Speak frankly.
- I don't trust him.
He's digging for dirt,
and he would just as soon hurt us than help us.
The man specializes in smoke and mirrors.
- I agree with Charlie.
Being seen as friends with Khan does you no favors politically.
- Anything else?
- No.
No, ma'am. - All right.
We'll let you know what we decide on Dr. Butler,
and i realize we're against the clock.
- Thank you, ma'am.
[Phone chimes]
[Line rings]
- P.D.B.
- Hey, did you run that number for me?
- Ran it through the office of security.
It's a dead line.
- Yeah, well, this dead line is sending me text messages
and knows my movements.
Is Lucas right there?
- Yeah.
- Has he been in the vault the whole time?
- Yep. - Hmm, all right.
Run it again. Put a stingray on it, please.
I want a location.
I got jsoc on the other line.
I'll call you back.
- Jack? - Charlie, listen to me.
I'm at 80% and climbing on Abdul-fattah.
I could have him dead-banged by day's end,
maybe even sheik hukam as a bonus.
We get number one and two.
- Jack, the doctor's gonna get executed.
- That's his problem, damn it!
Mine is Abdul-fattah!
- Well, the other shoe's already dropped.
Potus wants the doc.
- Does potus know how close we are?
- Jack, get over it.
You've been re-tasked. - Charlie!
- You cannot be believed.
You idiot.
Well, then, get on the phone, and you get me to the president,
because I'm not talking to anyone else.
- Chief of staff just phoned Skinner
and told him the Khan meeting isn't happening.
- Who is that yelling and screaming?
- That's Khan.
He's pissed.
- Shut the door.
Why the hell is he on the seventh floor?
- I don't know.
- French intelligence busted him a month back
for smuggling a cell phone inside their headquarters.
- Why didn't i hear any ops traffic?
- It was compartmented.
E.U.R. Didn't want to make the French look bad
and do you know why they didn't want to
make the French look bad?
- Couldn't possibly imagine.
- Because that phone was transmitting.
- How did he sneak it past security?
- It was sewn into the lining of his coat.
- Kurt, Maureen, conference room, now.
- This'll be fun.
Ready? - Yeah.
How's the day going in general?
- Well, I'm officially divorced, and i might be unemployed now.
So great.
- From now on, who's ever got boots on the ground
with Dev grou, i want direct communication.
Right to me.
Close it.
I just got off the phone with jsoc.
There's a ground branch team in Somalia tracking Abdul-fattah
as we speak.
Why are we failing to deliver actionable intel
to potus on a major terrorist?
- We felt the initial information was too premature
to present to the president.
- Is that the royal we,
or is that Ms. Charleston Tucker?
- With all due respect to general Khan,
is this not a conversation we should be having privately?
- General Khan has unique and timely intel on Abdul-fattah.
- I can assist the agency
in locating Abdul-fattah's exact location.
- Sir, the team that was engaged in that manhunt
has been re-tasked to the Dr. Butler rescue.
- We're returning that team to their original orders.
Get chief of staff Patrick on the phone.
I want to be inside the oval office within one hour.
General Khan and i will deliver this information
to potus personally.
So let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
[Phone dialing]
[Phone ringing]
- Maureen?
- Just got out of the temp's office.
Skinner knows about Abdul-fattah.
He says Khan has intel
that their gonna deliver to potus themselves.
- Skinner's taking a shot at me.
- It gets worse.
Khan was here on the seventh floor.
- What? French intelligence just busted him...
- I know.
- For having a cell phone on him.
- I know.
- Well, does Skinner know
that we have a foreign spy potentially eavesdropping
on every signal on the seventh floor of the CIA?
- All right, listen.
What are the odds he's got this phone on him?
- Well, assume the worst.
Assume that he's gonna trade on that intel
and tip off Abdul-fattah that jsoc is tracking him.
Where is he now?
- They already left the building.
- I see that.
- I don't want to bury the lead here, Charlie.
But if the president gets this Abdul-fattah intel from Skinner
and finds out you withheld it from the book,
that is gonna be very, very bad for you.
- Yeah, one disaster at a time.
If he's got a cell phone on him, we've got to get it.
The SIM card alone is worth losing our jobs for.
- How? They've already left.
- Maureen, I'll call you back.
- I just got a call from your boss.
He's on his way to the white house
with abu Khan with something
that he's calling high-value intelligence on fattah
that he claims was purposely left out of the p.D.B.
What the hell is going on?
- It wasn't left out.
It just wasn't real at the time. - It wasn't real?
It didn't occur to you that with the memorial tomorrow
this might not be the opportune moment
to kill this bastard to avenge her son...
- Listen, if you-- - and your fiance?
- Listen, no one wants this guy
dead more than i do except for her.
- Lotus note on Charlie.
Check your email.
- Where is she?
Is she in the building yet?
- When it looks like you're ignoring the fact
that we have--
- listen, if you take this to potus now and we lose him,
and his entire network vanishes while we're all watching
Dr. Butler get decapitated on YouTube, then what?
- Okay, listen to me.
You don't make policy.
The president of the United States does.
- Pick up your damn phone, woman.
[Phone rings]
- Maureen? - Where are you?
We just got a lotus note emailed to staff.
Skinner has suspended you,
forbid us from talking to you, banned you from the building.
- Uh, I'm just gonna finish this phone call.
Be right back.
- Where are you, Charlie?
- I'm in the lobby.
That was literally perfect timing.
- You know they're gonna detain you.
- Not if they can't catch me.
Okay, you guys clear off now.
I don't want you risking your jobs to save mine.
- Absolutely not.
- Charlie, we're gonna ride this bullet together.
- Okay, Maureen, get to hines in the Africa sector.
Find out what he's got on Dr. Butler.
Then meet me in five minutes in the civilian loading dock.
Kurt, call chief of staff Patrick and buy us some time.
- We're on our way, Charlie.
- Syd. - What's happening, kid?
- I'm on the clock right now in a buzzer-beater kind of way.
- In a big favor kind of way?
- Correct.
- How much time do i have?
- Minutes, maybe less. General abu Khan.
- I know him. I hate him.
- Yeah, well, he may have smuggled a cell phone
into CIA hq and he may be on the way
right now to the white house with Skinner.
- You owe me, kid.
[Phone ringing]
- Hello? - Steve.
Maureen's coming to get what you got unless she's already there.
- A lotus note went out on you.
- Stevie, honey, come on, sugar.
- I'm not getting in hot water with the agency.
- I need this. - You're under suspension.
- Maureen's right there. Just hand her the file...
- Stevie. - You're not under suspension.
- Nothing. - Which one is it?
- Hold on. - She's not under suspension.
- Benjamin Butler, this it? - Put that down.
- Thank you so much. Just hand her that file.
- Don't worry. You didn't see anything.
- You are the best, honey, thank you.
- Hello?
- Hey, man. - Hey.
- It's a crazy day, right?
Director had Charleston banned from the building.
Now he wants her detained by the spos?
- Yeah, i don't know what the hell's going on.
- White house, 20 minutes.
- I mean, you were with her, right?
You guys drove together to the white house.
- Yeah, like i do every day. Why?
- No, i...
- Possible visual on the suspect.
- Copy that. - Ms. Tucker?
Ms. Tucker?
- Did she come back with you?
- I don't know, tom Clancy, did she?
- Ms. Tucker?
- How best is it to approach madam president?
- Very slowly.
[Sirens whooping]
- Secret service, relax.
- What's going on? - Director Skinner?
James abbott, secret service.
Sir, we've received a credible report
that general Khan's life is in imminent danger
and we need to relay him to a secure sight, sir...
- Well, why didn't my people tell me about this?
- Sir, I'm sorry.
We don't have time to discuss this.
And your vehicle will need to be towed to a bureau impound
and checked for explosives.
Please transport the director to the white house.
- Yes, sir. - Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.
Did you know about this?
- 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
- You got it.
- Jimmy, question.
Do you like that bit about towing it to a bureau impound?
- Did you ad lib that, Syd?
- On the spot. [Laughs]
Not bad, huh?
- You're not secret service?
- And you're not going to the white house.
Now, hand over that call phone, general.
Not the one that you checked into the CIA.
The one that you hid.
- What makes you think i hid a phone?
You're insane.
- Just a little.
Now, what I'm gonna do, general, is, I'm gonna start digging.
I'm gonna start with your groin, and I'm gonna work my way up.
I'm not gonna stop in until I'm--
it couldn't be this easy.
But it was.
Hey, general.
When was the last time you were water-boarded?
We don't water-board people, general.
We just drown them.
- And in any other intelligence organization in the world,
this would be considered treasonous.
Oh, well, speak of the devil.
As i was just saying to madam president,
you're suspended for the blatant withholding
of high value intelligence
regarding the terrorist Omar Abdul-fattah.
- Is this true, Charleston?
- Madam, i didn't withhold it.
I simply wanted to vet it.
I had a kidnapped doctor on deathwatch,
and because we don't currently
possess additional special operations teams in that region,
i had to make a very difficult decision.
- A decision that was not yours to make.
- Charleston.
Could we have killed Abdul-fattah today?
- There was a possibility, yes.
But not a certainty.
If we had launched an attack and missed,
we could have lost fattah and his entire network.
- Which leads us to general Khan and the intel that he possessed,
which pinpointed Abdul-fattah's exact location,
which would have provided us the certainty that we lacked.
- Sir, i have it on good information
that general Khan had a cell phone secretted on his person
on CIA premises.
- What?
- He was caught by French intelligence
after pulling a similar stunt.
The phone was transmitting. - That's absurd.
- Where is general Khan now?
- Madam president, we've just learned that Abdul Khan
has been supposedly detained by the secret service
due to an imminent threat.
But we've as yet been unable to ascertain his whereabouts.
We'll stay on it.
- Dr. Butler's rescue?
Where are we now?
Jack Dawkins and his team are on standby, ma'am.
- Let's bring him home.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
- Predator relay coming online.
We have eyes on.
- Moving in.
- Put your flash.
- Southeast approach. Lock down that perimeter.
Bravo four, set up a perimeter 22 to the adjacent structure.
- Alpha one, I'm at your 3:00. Two posts, armed guards.
I'd say we're on the target building.
Hostage likely inside.
- Adams, cover our 6:00.
- Prepare to breach.
- Copy that.
- Breach is set.
Standby, three, two, one.
[Dramatic music]

- Dr. Butler? Dr. Butler, you're okay.
You're safe.
Let's get you out of here.
Inspector, target is alive and safe.
Repeat, alive and safe.
I'm gonna take your blindfold off now.
Do you know your first name?
Can you tell me your first name?
You okay?
All right, we're gonna stand you up
and we're going to walk you out of here.
Give me your hand.
- Where are you right now?
- Nowhere.
Right here.
- You're not right here.
I know when you're right here,
and i know when you're somewhere else.
And i feel like you're somewhere else.
Where are you right now?
Your mind just tends to wander off these days.
- I'm just stressing-- - i can see it in your eyes.
- About this trip to kabul. - I can see it.
- This trip to kabul. It's intense, sweetheart.
I didn't think I'd have to go back.
- Why is it bothering you?
- It's more dangerous than you realize.
It's more dangerous than your mother realizes.
And i know she's a war veteran,
and i know--
i just don't think this trip is really--
i don't think it's that important to her candidacy.
I don't, and i wish we weren't going.
- Well, we have to go.
We both know that. - I know.
I'm just trying to get my head around it.
- And then there are the things that we do out of love.
That was my son, Aaron.
He was a humanitarian in every sense of the word.
His tireless efforts as an aid worker fulfilled
and ultimately claimed his life
and the bright future it held.
I've never been particularly fond of taps.
I've had to hear it too often in dire circumstances.
Aaron, like his mother, loved Coltrane.
Dear men, brave women, we send this up to you.
[Solemn jazz saxophone tune]

- Aaron! - Charlie!
- Ma'am, if we're patient, we won't only just get fattah.
We'll get his entire network.
If we had launched that assault today
and only gotten fattah,
in my opinion, we would've lost sheik hukam.
He would've vanished in the wind.
I just--i wanted you to know that.
- Are we going to get them, Charleston?
- We are going to get them, ma'am.
- No, Charlie.
I'm not talking to the CIA analyst.
I want to hear from the woman who loved my son enough
to bind her life to his.
The woman that was going to give me my grandchildren.
I want to hear from her.
What's she gonna do?
- Constance, i am going
to find every last person
who had anything to do with the death of my fiance
and your son,
and I'm going to end every single one of their lives.
- That's my girl.
His death will make killers out of both of us.

[Tense music]

- I got your gun, Charlie.
- What are you doing here, Nick?
What the hell are you doing here?
- I thought we should talk.
- So you break into my apartment, steal my gun...
And drink my scotch.
- Bottle wasn't opened. Seemed like a waste.
This an engagement present?
- Yes.
From you.
- Oh, right.
I do have great taste, don't i?
So how does this work?
Do we pour some out in honor of the anniversary
of Aaron's death?
- How badly do you want this little reunion to go?
- What, does it bother you when i bring him up?
- It doesn't bother me.
It just makes me want to blow a hole through you.
- I got the gun, Charlie.
- You got a gun.
- No, i got that gun too.
Look at you,
still assuming the worst.
- When it comes to people,
it's the easiest assumption to make.
Plus, i play the odds.
People like you never pay off.
You've been dark for over a year.
I haven't seen you since that day.
You were there, and then you were just gone.
- And you were gone a long time before that.
- The texts you've been sending.
"Have you told her about fattah?
"They know.
They're watching you."
- I haven't been sending any texts.
- We are the only two people who know about fattah.
- Teenage girls send texts.
Does that really seem like my style to you?
- Then somebody knows what we did.
- All right, let me see the phone.
Does he mention fattah by name? - Yes.
- If there's a gun or a knife in there
I'm coming over this counter for you.
- This is the latest one.
- Can you cut and paste this? - I put a stingray on it.
If you try to cut and paste it or forward the text
it just encrypts itself.
What are you doing?
- Do you want me to help you or not?
- Well, if it wasn't you sending the text,
you sure as hell have me on the hook now.
- Oh, yeah, there you go, Charlie.
Just assume the worst.
- I know my audience well.
You know what, can we just get real for one second, please?
- Please, lets.
- For all i know, it was you who hit that convoy.
- Oh, that is just one
of your two greatest qualities, Charlie.
You're funny as hell, fantastic in bed.
I wouldn't go flattering yourself past that, though.
What is wrong with you?
You would actually rather it was me that hit the convoy
so you weren't wrong about fattah.
'Cause that's your biggest fear, isn't it?
- What is the world gonna do when they find out the man
who may have killed the president's son
was a CIA asset?
That he worked for us?
- Oh, no, no, no, sweetheart.
He was your asset.
He worked for you.
I'll be in touch.
I'm sorry for what i said about Aaron.
He didn't deserve to die that way.
- You're making omissions to your memory of that day.
You're repressing something.
- I lost time. - Charlie!
- There's something i am not remembering.
- Hey, doll.
Can i buy you a drink?
- Hey, you want to see a trick my dad taught me?