StartUp (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Profit and Loss - full transcript

Ronald's entanglement with LH7 comes home to roost, aggravating his relationship with Nick. With the 100 million-user mark approaching, Nick makes a disturbing choice to protect his own ...

-There's gon' be another 9/11-type attack,

and the intel to stop it...

-It's on ArakNet?

-We're talking about thousands of innocent people -Just this one time.

-We are nine million away from Series B.

-'Cause I need you to deploy that virus this week.

-Series B, Saginaw.

What if they somehow found themselves in some sort of scandal?

-I'll do what I can.

-Shit gettin' real heavy with Declan's crew. Time for you to fix it.

-Baby, if I don't step in, whole lotta folks gon' end up dead or behind bars.

-I like it here. You said you'd like it here.

And now... why you wanna go

and blow all that up?

-I'm just talkin' 'bout a sit down with D. -A sit down?

-A sit down, bro, that's all.

♪ ♪


-(gates creak open)

-Heaters stay in the car.

-What if these crackers try somethin', dog?

They hit us twice without a run-back.

We roll in there packin', this shit gon go south real fast.

-(knocking on car)

-(car dings)


-Look at that. How's the old leg treatin' ya?

-How 'bout I drop my drawers and show you?

-Nah, we're good.

-What I thought. -Where we goin'?

-Come on.

-Del: I keep the peace, keep the peace.

-(tools whirring)

-Ronald: Take some weight off, bruh.

-I'm good on my feet, zo.

-You sure?

-You ain't gotta look me in my eye,

you ain't gotta shake my hand.

But you took this meeting, D.

I know it's 'cause you know we can help each other out.

At the end of the day, isn't that the only thing that matter to any of us?

-So then, why don't you tell me

what a bunch of dumb Haitians can do for me and mine.

-All right...

We was a little aggressive on some of that unclaimed turf.

Y'all got every right to be a little cranky about that shit.

But there's a reason why we was...

stretchin' our legs the way that we were.

See my boys here?

They done hooked it up with some new suppliers.

Uncut. Pure.

Using our "dumb Haitianess,"

we don' turn Port-au-Prince into the new Caribbean stop-over.

Ain't that some shit?

And because we ain't nothin' but a bunch of dumb Haitians, as you so...

elegantly put it...

DEA, FBI, Miami PD...

they sittin' on us, waiting for us to trip.

But look here, man...

it's Florida. This that deep, dirty South.

And these niggas ain't lookin' at


for that sort of thing.

You been on ArakNet for, what, a year now?

How much trouble you had, D?



Y'all might be the perfect business partners after all.

-So, you bringin' in pure, and then what?

-Ronald: Sell it, cut it,

stretch it, wholesale, whatever you wanna do

just do that shit on ArakNet.

-And what's our take?

-Our end's a little higher risk, so...

-How much?

-I'm askin' 80/20.

Now, I know you wanna say 50/50.

But then, I'm gonna say 70/30.

And then yo ass gon' say 60/40, and I'ma say 65/35.

That's fair, right?

So, let's just cut the bullshit, and try that shit on.


-No more rat-a-tat.

Y'all gonna be good with that?

-Frantz: Nah.

-What'd you just say?

-I said, "nah."

Cracka-ass bitch.

-I said-- -Hey, it's good.

-Better tell your boy to shut up.

-I got this, hold on. You don't need that man, you don't need that.

-Hey, Frantz, come on, bruh, we good here.

-You heard what I said, bruh.

'Cause if you think this mark-ass bitch

gon' come and put the rat-a-tat down, and get out of this?

-What the fuck you doin, dog? -And if y'all think the 305

still belong to the Dacey family...

-(talking over each other) -...really fucked up now.

-Nigga, what the fuck is you doin'?

-This is my house, and you're gonna show me some goddamn respect.

-This my hood, nigga. My motherfuckin' hood! So don't walk up in my hood...

-Stop! -...and come up in your spot...


-Man: Shit! -(gunfire)

-Man: Let's go!


-(shotgun cocks, fires)

-Man: Go, go, go!

-(gunshot) -Ah!

-(gunfire) -Ah!

-(Declan groaning)

-(table shaking)

-Just go to sleep.

It's okay, D, just let go.

Just go to sleep. Just go to sleep.



-(gun cocks, bullet shells hit the ground)

-(somber music)

-(muffled sliding, thud)

-(music intensifies)

-(tires squeal)

-(car brakes)

-So, this is how you do, huh?

-Did what need to be done.

-This ain't Liberty City.

This ain't Overtown, this ain't Opa-locka,

this shit right here...

-Man, wherever the hell we just came from,

was a bunch of damn Nazis what they was.

-This is Florida, G.

White folks is white folk. We get the chair for this.

Then keep driving, zo. Fuzz is fuzz, they gon' catch us.

-You tryna lead, bro.

And this ain't how you lead.

-(sirens blaring in distance)

-It's time to fly, zo.

-Come on, man.

-(theme music playing)

-Aight, how we lookin' out here? -All good, brutha.

-My guy blasted every inch of leather, the carpets... -Get between the seats, too?

-In between, up, down, and all around.

-That's wassup. -All right.

-(car door closes) -Ay.

God bless you and your fam.

-All day.

-(can opens)

-(Tamara sighs)

-What you doin' up, baby? -Mmm.

The baby's kicking.

-What was Merrick doing here?

-He owed me a favor.

He got the car detailed. I got a big meeting this week.



-(flipping through radio stations)

-Baby, just pick something. -Which one's The Beat?

-It's number four. -But I tried number four. Look, look--

-I programmed it for you, baby, look.

-But I tried number four, it's not number four.

-It's number four, ay, right there. Number four.

Don't touch it. Stop.

-(pop music playing from radio)

-All right, you got your lunch? -Yes.

-All right, now give your daddy a kiss.

-Dad, my friends are watching.


Give your daddy a kiss. Elsie...

♪ ♪

-(elevator doors ding)

-(electronic beep)

♪ ♪

-Wes: Mara's been doing a really good job

keeping a lid on this NSA bullshit, so...

-That's really the end of the conversation?

We're not gonna help them on this one thing?

-I mean, I just think it's too risky, y'know?

-There's a lot of eyes on us right now.

We got-- We're about to hit 100 million users.

-I know that. But I'm just saying, I mean...


Am I alone in this?

-Oh, Christ.

-Hi, sorry, uh-- -Which one of us is it this time?

-They're asking for Ronald.


-(Wes clears his throat)

-Jules. -'Sup, man?

-What's up, boy? -Nice to see you, dawg.

-Detective Holbrook. Hallandale Beach.

-How you doin'? -Ronald.

-You came up, man. Somewhere we can talk?

-Oh, yeah, f'sho, man.

Step into my office.

Come on in, fellas.

That couch right there is real nice,

you just sit down right there.

Can I get y'all something to drink?

Kayla makes a nice latte.

-I'm good. -Latte?

-No, no, I'm good, I'm good.

-Aight. -Jules: So...

-Detective Holbrook asked me to help him with a homicide.

You know why he asked me to help him?

-Mr. Dacey, where were you Tuesday? At 4:00 P.M.

-(chuckles) Damn, you just gettin' right to it, huh? Okay.

Uh... Tuesday... Tuesday... this Tuesday?

-That's right. -This Tuesday... 4:00 o'clock?

-Mm-hm. -I was right over there.

That conference room is our weekly board meeting.

-And what'd you discuss in that meeting?

-That's privileged information. -(Jules scoffs)

Just answer 'im, Ronnie.

-No, no, no, no. I ain't messin' around right here.

We've had the NSA up in here, not too long ago.

Uncle Sam hisself is breathing down our necks.

We ain't even told them nothin'.

Do you understand what we do here?

-Hm. And so if I were to ask your coworkers about Tuesday,

they would all say just that?


-Okay, then let's ask your coworkers about Tuesday.

-All right. -I'm good.

-Ronald: Thanks for coming. -Good to meet you.

Thanks for your time.

-Detective Holbrook: How long have you been in business with Ronald Dacey?

-It's tough to say, um... because...

we had something together a couple of years ago.

And then, that went away.

And, uh, now we have this, so...

-Ballpark. Like one year? Two years?

-Uh... two years, all told.

-Okay. -Um, did Ronald ever mention anything about having, um,

any affiliations with LH7, local street gang?

-No, no, sir. Uh, not-not-- well...

I know in his past, when he was younger, uh-uh...

that he was. But, um, no. Since I've known him, uh, no mention.

-So, I understand your weekly board meeting every Tuesday, at 4:00 P.M.

-Yeah, mm-hm.

-And was, uh, Mr. Dacey... was he there? -Oh, yeah...

-.Oh, yeah. He was, um... yeah, sittin' right there. -Really?

Yeah. -This Tuesday?

-Yeah, certainly. -Mm-hm. Yeah. Yeah.

-You bet. -Okay.

-Every Tuesday. He's co-CEO, so. -All right.


You know we're investigating a homicide.

Did you know that?

-Wow, shit, I did not know. Um...

-That's awful. -It is, yeah.

-Yeah. -So, we appreciate you cooperating.

-Of course.

-Okay. So, if you think about doing any more cooperating,

here's my card.

-(indistinct office chatter, typing)

-Appreciate what you do. -You bet.

-Take care. You can just leave that open.


-Appreciate you frontin' for me, dog.

-Uh-huh, so where were you?

-Personal matters.

-Oh, just some "personal matters"?

I just lied to the police for you.

You told me you were done with this shit, you promised.

-I didn't promise you nothin'. I told you my business

was my business, and you ain't gotta worry about it.

-I don't have to worry? Apparently, I do have to worry about it!

-Don't worry, man, I'ma handle it.

-Ronald! Ronald, doesn't fucking matter anymore, the damage is done.

-You just embarrassed us in front of our entire staff. -Okay, you think

what you wanna think, sittin' up there on your high horse.

Judge me all you want to.

--Don't make this about us! This isn't about us!

-No, it ain't about us, aight? It's about that Saginaw fund.

It's about ignorin' right from wrong.

Look at you lettin' people die.

-I don't want to hear the morality bullshit right now.

-You done lost touch, bro.

-I've lost touch? Have you even heard yourself the last couple days?

I mean, do you even care about what we're doing here anymore?

-You don't ask me that. You don't get to ask me that.

-Sure, I do. We're partners, right? So, do you?


-(tense music)

-(door closes)

-(door locks)

♪ ♪


-(door opens, closes)

-(music intensifies)

-(indistinct boozy chatter, music playing over speakers)

-Hey. Thank you.

Another funny day, huh? -Hilarious.

-(exhales, sniffs) Uh...

-Man, this place sure did change, didn't it?

-I don't know. Uh... look,

we gotta do something about Ronald.

-About Ronnie?


-'Cause of that little dust up with Miami's finest?

I mean, it's not as if they hauled him away or anything.

-It's just the tip of the iceberg.

He's not with us anymore.

He has sided with the NSA.


-I'm sorry, I'm-I'm-I'm not gettin' that.

-That's 'cause he lied to you. He lied to me, too.

-You think Ronald's up to something? -Yes! I know he is!

How do you think Martin and Tucker found out?

Ronald is the leak.

-So, what'd you suggest we do about this? -Well...

I mean, we gotta fire him.

Vote him out. -Vote him out...


-Do you have any idea what you're proposing here?

-He's going behind our backs. -You don't know that.

-I do know it. -Do you have proof?

-I have-- I know it. -Do you have proof?

That he's going behind our backs?

Do you have proof that he's with the NSA?

Do you have proof? Or is it-- what it-- you want me to fire him

because you have, what, a hunch?

A hunch? -What is with you?

-What is with me? -Yes, why are you not backing me on this?

-You want to come after one of our own?

You want to come after one of the family?

On a hunch?


you better have your ducks in a row, first.

-(indistinct boozy chatter, music playing over speakers)

-(door opens)

♪ ♪

-(phone vibrates)

-(indistinct office chatter, typing)

♪ ♪

-Nick wants to see you in his office really quick. -Okay.

-(door closes)

-(door slides open)


Could you close the door?

-Here, HR drafted this.

I'm really sorry, man.

We can't trust you anymore.

-Trust go both ways, Nick.

You supposed to have my back.


I mean, I'm doing you a favor. We can take a vote.

-You askin' me to resign because you ain't got the votes.


Oh, Nick.

-I have the votes.

-You do? -Yeah, you think Wes is happy about all this?

That's all it takes. His two to all of our one.

-And you make three.

-Look, man...

Ronald, I love you, but I have to do what's best for ArakNet.

-You, you mean you, gotta do what's best for you.

-No, that's not true.

-It's not? -No, I gotta do what's best for everybody out there

putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this company.

-Oh, everybody that you done screwed over,

workin' 'em to the bone without payin' 'em.

Lyin' to 'em-- -Whatever, man. You want to sign it,

or you wanna have a vote?

All right.

He wants a vote.


I warned you.

-Ronald: (yells) Vote it up!

-(paper rips)

-(to himself) Vote it up...


-Tucker: I like that. I like it. But, uh,

keep an eye on it. If it dips below 62,

we're gonna cut and run. Anybody else?

Uh, Bill? You got anything for us? Martin?

-Sophia: I've been tracking that ETP short.

Think Lone Pine's about to shit the bed, and we should be ready to swoop.

-"Shit the bed," that's cute. Colorful language, thank you.

Shale's doing pretty good, we'd be foolish to blow our position.

-That's what everyone else thinks.

Which is why I think we should get ahead of it.

-(clears throat)

-Okay, I'll take it under advisement. -(Martin chuckles)

-(others chuckle) -Tucker: Now, who else?

-Man: Uh, Donner's making a big spend in Q1.

-(muffled music)

-(indistinct chatter, music playing)

-(clears throat)

-Hey. -Hi, can I get two dirty martinis, please?

-Absolutely. -Thanks.

-Anything else for you? -Sophia: I'm good with soda, thanks.

-You forgot the fun part.

-Sorry? -Your drink. You forgot the fun part.

-Oh, yeah, I... -Want to keep your head straight

while you steal intel from these assholes?

I dig it. Smart.

-I'm sorry, do I know you?

-Mara Chandler. One of the founders of ArakNet.

-What's a techie doing out on Brickell?

You guys planning to go public?

-No, not anytime soon.

But, we are looking to expand our finance division.

And trying to get a more female-driven outfit by this time next year.

So, if you're getting tired of the boys club, and you... wanna make a move.

-How do you know who I am?

-(elevator dings)

(elevator dings)

(elevator dings, doors open)

-(car beeps unlocked)

-(door closes)

-Ronald: Big Nick.

Let's go for a ride. Come on, need to show you somethin'.

What, you scared all a sudden?

After all we been through? We blood!

(smacks the car door)

Come on.

-No, it's just, uh, Mara and I have some plans, so.

-It's not gonna take but a minute, you feel me?

Come on, South Beach, it's the least you can do after what you done did in there.

After that shit that you pulled in there.

-(car beeps locked)

-Get in, come on.

-(dramatic music)

-You comfy? This too cold for you?

-No, I'm good. All right.

Where-where we going?

-You'll see.

-Okay, uh, why don't you just pull over?

-What? -I'd like to get out, can you pull over, please?

-Come on, what you think I'm gonna do?

-I don't know, you haven't told me. -Acting skittish. Stop.


I just have dinner plans, you know?

-Psh, open up the glove box.

Open the glove box. -(glove box opens)

-Grab it.

-The gun?

-No, the ThomasGuide , South Beach-- yes, gun.

-What're you gonna do with it? -I ain't gonna do shit with it.

That's for you, so you feel safe.

-I'm fine.

♪ ♪

-(turn signal clicks)

-This lookin' familiar?

Oh wait, you was in the trunk last time.


You feel better?

(taps the gun) Hold on tight to that.

-(window rolls down)

-You feel that?

That's where our journey began, Nick. You and me.

You know I was planning on killing you that night...

didn't have two thoughts about it.

'Cause that's the kind of Ronnie I was.

You think people can change, Nick?


Yeah, I mean...

look at you.

-Yeah, look at me.

I changed.

I had to bring a nigga out here for a minute.

It's 'cause I got purpose, Nick.

Because I got purpose.

This thing that you and I built together, this business...

that's the new Ronnie. That's who I am.

And if you take ArakNet away from me, you take away my purpose.

Well, I guess that make me the old Ronnie. Ain't that right?

Okay. Let's get you home.

Put that shit away. It ain't loaded no how.

-(glove box opens, gun tossed inside)

-(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

(music intensifies)

(no audio)

♪ ♪

-(muffled cheering)

♪ ♪

-180, to start.

I'm sure that pales in comparison

to what you're bringing down at Saginaw, but--

-I mean, I don't do all that well there.

Not as much as you think.

-Any big accounts, usually, they make me hand off to one of the partners.

Or at least one of the men.

-That's bullshit. -It happens way more than you think.

-No, I mean, I've been hearing a lot of awful stories

coming out of that world lately,

especially from your shop.

Do you have any of those stories to give?

-You have no idea.

-I do.

I'm only asking, because if you are serious about leaving Saginaw,

I have a pretty exciting parting gift in mind.


("Pure Gold" by Carl Hauck playing)

-Hey, Nick. -Hey.

-Do you happen to have like, uh, a log

that shows when people come in and out, like parking, or whatever.

-Yeah. -Okay, this Tuesday I'm looking for.

It's we-- it's a long story. -Nah, yeah, um, do you need 'em right now?

-Could you get 'em to me by the end of the day? -Yeah, absolutely.

I'll make a note about it. -Okay, great, thanks, Earl.


-(electric whirring)

-Ho! Now that's commitment. -Hey, what's up, boss?

-(laughs) I don't know what you're doing, Ron,

but this lawn looks fantastic...

(voice fades under music)

(cop car speeds up, sirens blare)

(handcuffs rattle)

(guitar strumming)