StartUp (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Depreciation - full transcript

Don't take that tone with me
after you lost all my money!

I didn't lose your money,
Wes! You lost your money!


This company is all I got left.

All my chips are the middle!

I'm just curious. What is that app?

Why is everyone so into it?

It's all in one place.

It's the only app he has on his phone.

The entire suite of services
everybody's working on

rolled into one app, and
that app is called "Self."

Google, Facebook, Amazon.

And none of them can crack it.

Because none of their customers

are gonna entrust a single corporation

to integrate their entire lives.

- Too scary.
- You trying to rush it without me.

- I'm not trying to run anything...
- Yes, you are, Nick.

You wouldn't even hear my policing idea.

I heard it. It's just a bad one.

You want front row seat to the network,

unfreeze my money,
I'll let you get access.

I will unfreeze your money
once you turn one of them.

But which one is it gonna
be? Because they all hate you.

Are you sure about this?

Got to. The whole company going down.


Araknet done gone cold.

- Dead cold.
- Damn.

Frantz talking about selling

wholesale back on the streets.

The streets is dried up.

You talking about Little Haiti.

We talkin' 'bout stretching our legs.






How bad has it been here?

I've never been in a Cuban prison,

but you hear things.

Special Agent Rebecca Stroud,
National Security Agency.

I'm here to negotiate
the terms of your release.

They thing is, they've only got you

on suspicion of conspiracy.

Now, of course, they want me
to corroborate that suspicion,

and give you up for political bait.

You'd spend the rest
of your life here...

or you could give me Araknet.

See, you built it.

You can break in.

I can't just...

break in.

It's not that simple.


It's not, is it?


I mean...

it's grown...

without me.


I'd have to be there.

In Miami. At Araknet.

Well, that sounds like a plan.

Your payroll, it's shot.

Nick has sunk the rest
of your development funds

into that "Self" bullshit.

- That's a major fail.
- Correct.

And Vincent's a dog with
a bone on that injunction.

Judge won't even take my call.

You got any actual ideas

or are you just gonna keep
cheering me up like this?


I think you got to go to Barcelona.

No, I can't go to Barcelona.

- You don't want to go to Barcelona...
- I can't go to Barcelona.

- ... but you might have to go to Barcelona, Wes!
- Kelly, come on.

Come on, Kel.

Look, even if I go to Barcelona
and come back with the money,

the Feds are still putting
a button on it, anyway.

Okay, so you put it in crypto.


Listen to me.

You gave Charlotte that money to
hang on to for situations like this.

For situations that
are exactly like this.

I don't mean to be a dick,
but fuck your feelings.

It is time to put the past in the past.

I am so sick of hearing
about this woman.

So just go see her,

get your money, and then shut it down.

Fucking Barcelona.

Fucking Barcelona, man.

I've never had my identity
stolen before. Like, ever.

Usually, when I buy something
from somewhere unusual,

my credit card company
just emails me. So...

Yeah. Amazon, Apple,

pretty much everywhere
guarantees us security.

- So...
- Exactly.

Interviewer. Yes, but do you trust them?



What about, um...

... emails, your chats, text?

I... I mean, who's reading those?

You know? Like, am I supposed
to worry about the dick pic

that one of my boyfriends
sent me last weekend?

- One of her boyfriends.
- Okay, sure,

but corporations, they spy on you

to sell you stuff.

Yeah, but I like when they send me ads.

Oh, my god.

... again, I really don't care.


Net neutrality dead,
data mining on the rise

- and still they...
- They're sheep.

They're comfortable.

Devil they know, I mean.

Remember Cambridge Analytica?

People stuck with Facebook
because it was familiar.

It's human nature, I guess.
You can't change that.

Yes, yes, we can.


maybe we just source Self to market.

Because it is good.

Stella did a good job.
You did a good job.

But maybe we misread our audience.

- We did not misread them.
- Maybe that's on me.

They just... They don't
know what to think.

Okay, well, my budget's
tapped out on this.

I don't think it's
about marketing either.

I think it's about changing
the actual paradigm.

Changing their minds
about today's internet

so they can see Araknet as tomorrow's.

Some good copyright there.

You see what I'm saying though, right?

I do. I do. But I don't know.

Unless, like, every major
tech company in the world

came out and admitted

that they use the
internet to manipulate us

in the way that we live our lives,


I don't know.

Just gonna sit there?

What happened to your arm?

Just an accident.

I... I know that, uh,

from our preliminary chat

that you wasn't really down with this,

but I think it's something that
we need to take another stab at.

Now... Stella's been hard at work

on the software update.

We're calling it the Police Program.

Yeah, so, it's like
your credit card company.

They have measures
that identify strange,

you know, transactions or purchases

that are outside of your normal
geographical pattern, right?

Although Araknet, obviously,
doesn't have essential ledger,

there is a way for Araknet software

to send intel back the other way,

only to us.

And, um, it will only be
based on, you know, anomalies

or, uh, potential dangers.

Things that, you know, raise a red flag.


Is it that you thought

I wouldn't make a big deal of it

in front of everyone?

You all knew what our purpose was

when you came aboard.

You knew what this company stood for.

We standin' for the same thing, bruh.

Not like this!

We do not get to a 100 million

by shattering our credibility.

It's about sustainability.

We are a neutral network!

We are...

We fucking sell ourselves
on that neutrality.

Why is that so hard to understand?

Sometimes companies
have to evolve, Nick.

Look, I know I was... it
was hard to consider it

when Ronald first pitched
it to us, but right now,

it's the only way I can see
appeasing intelligence agencies

without giving them an office here.

Okay. I'm the co-CEO.

I do not endorse this. I don't.

And if any of you gave a shit
about what we're trying to do here,

you wouldn't either.


Just 'cause homeboy
threw a tantrum in there,

that do not mean I'm giving up.

- We're clear?
- Yeah.

Is that what you told her, dawg?

Tell him I said that shit.

- What up?
- Yo.


Frantz. What it do?

What up, fam?

What did he say?

- What who say?
- Big Keef.

He gonna loosen up the belt a little?

Oh, no, man. He don't know shit.

He square with us.

So what we supposed to do?

Thinking about it.

Man, we can't sit on this
product no longer, dawg.

I said I'm thinking, Zoe.

Big Keef and them boys ain't
even up by the river no more.

Ever since they got
on this Araknet shit,

blocked my signal wide open.

For sure. For sure.

I took a drive yesterday too.

- Where?
- North Beach.

- Hallandale.
- Yeah.

- They all sitting empty.
- Hallandale?

That's Declan turf.

It don't matter if he on Araknet or not.

We can't get down with that, bruh.

Man, Declan ain't shit. Oh, man.

Grab a couple young jays
and run 'em off them corners,

ain't shit.

Real talk, dawg.

Real talk.

I don't know about that, bruh.

What you worried about?

Jesus. How long have
you had that coffee?

Just a minute, maybe.

- Excuse me. Excuse me?
- Yeah.

Uh, I'm still waiting on my drink.

- What'd you have?
- I had a latte.

It's just the same... same as hers.

Okay, let me check.

Um... it's just a regular latte?

Yeah. Just a regular
latte on the same...

- Same order. It was two...
- Okay.

- Just one?
- Yeah. Just one. Yeah.

We came. We ordered together,
but I'm just waiting on...

Okay. I'll make it for you
right after I finish the other.

Wait, wait. Why don't
we just make it instead

and then put that order on hold.

We'll do that order
after since I'm sure...

- I cannot...
- You definitely can.

- You have the authority.
- Nick, she made a mistake.

Sorry, we're just very busy.

I'm gonna finish this order,
and then I'll be right with you.

Aah, there's the problem.

Clearly, you skipped
over me, you forgot me.

Okay. But that's why what we
do to correct the situation

is make the latte now.

- You want a refund?
- I don't want a refund.

It's too late for a re... I
would have loved a refund if...

I would love a trip back in time

so I could not come here anymore.

But it's too late for that,
so I just want the latte.

I'll be right with you
when I finish the order.

See, you shouldn't
have to finish an order.

You should be right with me
now. That's the whole problem.

- Nick, stop.
- You know what?

Okay, I'm sorry if this
is insulting to you, I...

but this is why you work here.

- Nick!
- If you were curious.

If you had other dreams, this is why.

- Nick.
- Okay?

Was that rude?

Okay, look, I know that you're
stressed out right now...

Why did you go behind my back?

- What?
- I told you both

it was a terrible idea,

and you told him to go
through with it, didn't you?

No. No, I didn't. I don't
know what you're talking about.

All of you guys. Stella, too.

- All... you're all...
- All of us what, Nick?

You think that we're all
conspiring against you.

Is that really what you think?

No. No, honey.

We're just trying to
figure this thing out, okay?

Yeah, yeah, by going behind my back.

I am the CEO, Mara.

Why do you keep saying that?

Because I keep having to!

Am I just a joke to you?

Is that it? Am I... Am
I just a fucking joke?


So... how's it feel to be back?

It's nice. Land of the free, you know.

Who would you say

is your closest ally
back there right now?

They're not gonna give me my job back.

Not after everything I did.

It's... it's a little
past 12:00, and I could...

I could have you back on
the plane to Cuba by 3:00,

if that's what you prefer.

So, who's it gonna be, Isabel?

Who is your very best
shot at getting back in?


Put your seatbelts...

Hey, um, it's me.

I'm here in Barcelona.

I had to, um...

I had to come by and check
out that shipping venture

I mentioned to you a while back.

It was...

getting a little
uncomfortable, you know?

So, um... anyway...

I'd love to see you...

you know, if you've got some time, so...

give me a ring.



Nice to see you.

You too, V.

Why don't you come in?

We were just about to have dinner.

Really? Well, it's, uh, very neat.

See, that's what I
admire about you, Wes.

Never been afraid of taking risks.

Well, you're taking some risks, Vagner.

All those galleries
you've opened, right?

Well, I don't know about that.

And what about the shipping venture?

You had to fly all the way
to Barcelona to check in?



I should do the dishes.

Thanks, Wes.

I have a joint.

Easy to see why you stayed here.

How is she?


Well, she's everything.

You know, she's really taken
to this Araknet venture.

The whole thing would
be shit without her.

- So she's good.
- Oh, she's great.

She's great.

Her and one of the creators...

they have a little...

little thing going.

What's he like?

Nice kid.

Little jittery, but I think...

there's a backbone in there somewhere.

I miss you.

That's nice of you to say, Charlotte.

Ah, but you don't believe it, I'm sure.

Does it matter whether
I believe it or not?

I guess you don't have much reason to.

You know...

I'm just getting too old
to worry about it anymore.

Ah, you're still young.

We're all still young...

till the day we die.

Tell you the truth...

I miss the way people
used to look at me,

like I was somebody in the trenches

with them, just another poor schmuck

trying to work his way
up like everybody else.

Get a little money in your pocket,

people look at you differently.

They... they can't even fathom

that there was ever any
struggle to begin with, you know.

Like it was always this way.

Easy street from A to B.

You're here for the money.


I'm here for the money.

I mean, if I didn't need it...

Then you wouldn't be here, I'm sure.

- That's not what I meant.
- What did you mean then, Wes?


That you hopped on a plane

without calling first just to see me?

No, you...

you needed money for... whatever,

so you're here.

- You know, this Araknet thing...
- I don't care, Wes.

Doesn't matter.

It's your money. It's
always been your money.

You know, it's a two-way
street, Charlotte.

You say you miss me.

I'm just a phone call away.

You wonder about Mara.

Why won't you hop on a fucking plane

and see for yourself?

You've never been a phone call away.

And let's be honest, Wes...

you're happier with her when I'm away.

You told about how
people used to look at you

like you were one of them.

Imagine how I used to look at you.

Like someone who wanted something more

than just a woman to bear his child.

Shame on you.

Shame on you.

I'm just saying.

I wonder where we'd be.


You should come back tomorrow.
We'll sort out the paperwork.

You know your way out.




Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Question for you.

I never go into Brewed, okay?

I go in one time with
Mara and then look, ads,

- coupons.
- Yeah, that's a thing.

- Targeted marketing.
- Targeted marketing.

Yes, I know. But how? Who's responsible?

Do big social media companies
have their own divisions

- or who does it?
- I don't...

I mean, there's a
couple major companies.

- Uh-huh.
- They're data miners.

Big corporations can hire
them to gather intel...

Here's my question for you.

Who is the biggest data miner?

Who is like the Google of data mining?

Broken Egg.

- Broken Egg?
- Broken Egg, yeah.

Broken Egg.

And if I'm Broken Egg,

companies hire me, and then I, what?

Just break into your phone?

Yeah, you break into their microphones,

their cameras and just
everything that you say,

everything you type, they
gather it all, you know.

Yeah, so... yeah, Broken Egg.

Do you need, like, what?

That's it. I'm good.

Thank you. Carry on.

That's it?

Sorry to interrupt.

- Okay.
- Um...

I'll get it.

- Isabel.
- Hmm?

You have a visitor.

What are you doing here?

Who are these people?

They're the heads of some of the most

dangerous criminal
networks in the world.

All of them lost a fortune
when GenCoin crashed,

and all of them are mighty curious
to know who is behind its demise.

You can run away from me, Isabel.

You can resist all you want, but...

let's be clear about something, okay?

I am the only thing
standing between hell,

and all the people you care about.

Now, I'm wondering why
you're not out there

trying to make inroads.


I need to show you something.

- All right, let's go right quick.
- Okay.

So, I ran a test.
It's only to a small region,

and it allows, uh, the
data to be sent back to us.

Then, this algorithm, it
sweeps the data for keywords.

What happened?

It's... it's all right here.

Check it out.


Ron, what'd you see?

Is that for real?

That... this stuff happens, you know?

Hired a hitman to kill his wife.

Yeah, he's paying him in Bitcoin.

He might even get away with it.

The address is on there.

- We could get a phone number...
- Ronald...

... we could get a name,
at least warn her, right?


We got to warn her.


This is what I was
worried about. I mean...

Look. Really, we could sit here,

and we could go over all this.

and we can drive ourselves crazy.

And... technically, we
have a legal liability

now that we've read that,
anything we see on there...


Look, I hate to say
it, but Nick was right.

We can't do this.

We can't.

Hey, you getting the hang of that?

Yeah, I think so.

You know, I was wondering, um...

are any of your friends
looking for work?

I... I thought we were
in a hiring freeze.

Yeah, no, no, no. Uh,
not really payroll.

more... more contract work, 1099,

even cash if they wanted, actually.

Um, ideally, it would be
someone with lots of, um...

hacking experience, I guess?

Never mind. You know what? Never mind.

- Never mind, it's fine.
- I mean, I can...

No, no, no. That's okay. That's okay.

Thank you. Back to coffee.


Man, get back to your post.

Look over there. You
see that? That Mustang.

That's Declan's crew.

Shit, man, it ain't their turf.

I think it is, dawg.

No, Zoe, this our turf now.

No, call Frantz. I don't like this shit.

What, you think they gonna roll by?

What they hell they
sittin' over there then for?

Shit. All right, hold up.

- Hey, what they do?
- It's them, man.

Couple Declan's boys
have been sitting on us

for a minute now, dawg.

Go on, let them sit, D.

Ain't no one's turf but the Zoe.

Yeah, but, I mean, shouldn't we, um...

You strapped?

I mean, yeah, but...

Ain't no one's turf but the Zoe.

You feel me?

Yeah, I, feel you.

I feel you.

So what did he say?

Shit handled.

Go back over there.

- Go, man. Come on.
- Fuck.

Once you sign, you're good to go.

Wes, you came here to do this.

Just let's finish this.

Marry me.

I want it back.

I want everything back.

You want what back, Wes? It's not a...

You want to fix our past? Marry me.


You blamed me. You
blame me for everything.

Just like you blame
everything on everyone else.


I say we try to fix it.


You know, Wes...

it's been really great seeing you,

but your delusions are concerning.

You just force your way through life.

You damage everyone around you

and when they resent you for it,

somehow it seems wrong to you,

and you're too blind to see

that your tyrannical
bullshit has consequences.

There's nothing left to fix.

I love you...


We need to sign this,
and you need to move on,

because I already have.



It's all in Bitcoin.

Three months with that.

Unless it were tapped.

Nobody else to beg from.

What about Saginaw? Where they at?

What about your 100 million
users? Where they at?