StartUp (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript


Take 'em! Take 'em! Take 'em!


Andy, get up behind them.

On my way.

I'm gonna kill these guys now, okay?

We'll hold.

- Thank you, Andy.
- Take those down!

Troy! Yo, we found something.

- Canisters?
- Not exactly.

Good morning.

- What's up, Earl?
- How's it going, Mr. Dacey?

All livin', bro.

- Livin'.
- You have a good day now.

Hey, Kaley, they moved that lunch?

I've not heard back on that.

I like those shoes.

- Grab some perks tonight.
- Hey. No.

Man of faith, right.

Hey, look, bruh, the train
already done left the station,

but we making multiple stops, bruh.

- Hey, girl, quick question.
- Hey.

Whatever investment that y'all
currently got right now...

Y'all watch the news last night?

No, man, I don't have cable.

Aw, you got to stream that shit.

Don't you work at a tech company?

- Ladies.
- Hey!

What you working on, baby girl?

I don't know.

Don't know? How you don't know?

What are you doing home? I thought
you was working late tonight.

- Wrapped up early.
- Hmm.

Well, I ordered takeout
from that Chinese place

over on, uh, Franklin.

Sounds good, baby.

I don't know, whatever was not the...

I think I need to go for a little ride.

Ladies night tonight, right?

We can watch a movie.

- How you doing?
- All right, dude.

Hey, watch your back, pop.

Oh, man.

- Big Ronny.
- What it do, what it do, playboy?

- Nice ride, baby.
- Nice ride.

What's happening, E?

Where you picked this up, though?

Yeah, Mara hooked me up
with a nice little deal.

- Low key.
- Aah, low key.

Got the new navi system

with the big screen.


Thank you.

This is what I miss.

So what they do, bruh?

Office still blowing up?

Yeah, we doing all right.

Doing all right?

This dude is stacking money like Scarface
over here, talkin' 'bout doing all right.


It ain't like that. It's
just a salary, that's all.

Some good salary, though.

- Good salary.
- Yeah, it is.


What about y'all?

What's popping north of 195?

Actually, man. You know,
same old, dawg. We living.

- We living, man. We living.
- Living?

- Yeah.
- Hey, I seen that Beemer y'all chill with.

Talking about living.

Ain't no Mazzi, though.

Tell him. Tell him, tell him.

It ain't no Mazzi.

But you doing all right,
though. Ain't that right?

Araknet treating y'all nice?

Fo sho, fo sho, yeah.

I ain't wearing no wire.

Man, we know you ain't
got no wire on, man.

Ain't like that, bruh.

Well, what's it like then?

Every time I come around,
y'all be acting like

this be The Departed or some shit.

Shit's different now, dawg.

Y'all coming to Elsie's birthday?


Down on the fairway at least.

You pull something there, Wes?


My dick from those pics
you posted of your sister.

Oh, good, you saw those. Good.

That's why I posted them.

- You do have great taste.
- Thank you, thank you.

Let me ask you something.



What the fuck? I mean,
what are you guys,

courting a company called Iot now?

Iot, what? I don't know. What is that?

What, are we courting
a company called Iot?

The Internet of Things.

Oh, IOT. Why didn't you say so?

- That changes everything.
- Shh, shh, shh.

Swing big, bro. Get after it.


Double or nothing?

You're gonna answer my question or what?

Get in here, do some mansplaining.

Do you know what our father used to
say to us when we were growing up?

"Here's my credit card, you'll never
have to work a day in your life?"

Nailed it. Verbatim.

We were in high school,
and he would say,

"You go after the hot girl with braces."

And nobody notices because of the...

- Braces.
- Braces. Right.

See, she was the catch
that they couldn't see.

So, what do you think
we're doing at Araknet?

I'm not sure. Wired
magazine fanboy shit.

You guys capped out.

Congratulations. You tricked
60 million clickbaiters.

Where's the rest.

You know what?

I think you should have stuck

with antivirus in the '90s.

That did very well, didn't it, Martin?

Oh, my god, the '90s were sweet.

They were good for you.

Think we don't have any upside?

What are you doing, Wes?

You don't think we can
get to 100 million users?

Yeah, yeah. Totes, man. Sure you will.

Come on.

I tell you what, you get to 100 mil

by the end of this quarter,

and we'll give you your little series B.

- Hmm.
- Sounds pretty fair to me.

You're on.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Well, you know, it was never
intended to be about dissonance.

We saw a need for privacy

and corporate agnosticism,

and... you know, we just filled it.

Especially since net neutrality
isn't a thing anymore,

but now it can be.

And it seems like there's been

a real appetite, right?

Sixty million users...

... over the past 12 months.

- All right, all right.
- Thank you.

- Okay.
- All right. All right.

Now, I know you guys get
asked this question a lot,

but she's got a lot of fans here, so...

You ain't gotta ask, though.

- You ain't gotta ask.
- He doesn't have to ask.

I gotta ask.

- Where's Izzy Morales been?
- Oh, man.

He did it. He done asked.

Uh, well...

Truthfully, she's a
very, very private person.

She does not like doing these things.

- She would hate you...
- Well, I don't blame her.

- ... and she hates it.
- Okay. All right. Fair enough.

Um, can you at least tell us

what's she's working on right now?

Is she even still part of Araknet?

All we can tell you is that you're
just gonna have to wait and see.

Yeah, yeah. That's...

I would say that's
the final word on that.

I am curious what other
questions you have.


How about the other thing
we were talking about?

Oh, no, we need more time for that.

- How much longer?
- Hey.

Well, if we wanna make it
good, we're gonna have to...

How was the panel?

Oh, we killed that shit.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Lot of blogs picked it up,

so there's good buzz all over.

Well, that's good,
'cause we're gonna have

to get our numbers up posthaste.

Sit down, everybody.

All right, do I have time
to get a coffee real fast?

Hey, Kayla, can you get a cup
of coffee for Nick, please.

Uh, okay.

So, um, played eighteen with the
Saginaw brothers this morning.

And the way it shakes out is, um,

if we're able crack 100 mil
by the end of the quarter,

we'll be in contention
for their next fund.

- All right.
- Good.

Series B, man.

Finally gets you sons
of bitches off my tit.

We have Rise Hong Kong coming up.

That will be really good PR.

Could nudge our numbers up a bit.

Yeah, yeah. That will definitely

boost us a bit, you know.

Well, 40 million. We're gonna
need a little more than a nudge.

We're gonna need something...

we're gonna need something sexy.

We're gonna need something splashy.

Why don't we announce our
suite of services at Rise?

No, that's... that's not gonna be ready.

- Yeah, yeah.
- We talked about it but...

Yeah, Sal's team is
still working on the beta.

Yeah, my team is still working

on the branding guidelines.
We have to workshop it.

We've got focus groups to do, so...

Yeah, it'll be hasty
rushing it out like that.

Yeah, of course. Hasty.

I mean, you know, we only
had a year to figure out

how to monetize this son of a bitch.

It's too soon for that, too.

Of course it is, man. Because you guys

haven't even presented me
with a semblance of a plan,

which is why the only series B
investors that are looking at us

are a bunch of douchebag hedgefunders

who like big risk.

And even they don't see the
upside to this son of a bitch.

I mean, Jesus Christ, guys.

I'm hemorrhaging money here, you know?

I've been solely funding
this place for a year.

I had to sell my...

my goddamn island to keep us afloat.

Yes! Where is Nick's coffee?

Um, there's someone
here to see you guys.

- Who?
- Which one of us?

All of you, I think.

We don't have anything scheduled.

Um, she says she's from
the government, so...

I'll go. I'll go check it out.

Hello. I'm Nick Talman.
I'm one of the CEOs here.

How can I help you?

Special Agent Rebecca Stroud,
National Security Agency.

Um... okay. Let me just...

I'm gonna go get the partners real fast.

I'll be right with you.

I knew it was just a matter of time.

I'm surprised it took them this long.

- Well, let's just hear her out, right?
- Yeah.

Hi. Mara Chandler.

So... the original requests...

were submitted directly to your office.

One on the fourth of January

and the other on...

on the fifth of March.

Both went unanswered.

Yeah, we're not gonna do that.

Yeah, it's kind of against our vocation.

Um, I'm sorry, but that's
not really how this works.

With all due respect, Miss Stroud,

this is America, and we're
allowed to run a network

without government interference

so long as we're on the up and up.

Yeah, your network is
fomenting terrorist activity

and illicit crime.

Yes. And it's a shame that those things

are happening in the world,

but they would happen
with or without Araknet.

Did you try to shut
down the phone company

when a few terrorists
made some phone calls

to coordinate 9/11?

The NSA is not trying to shut you down.

We simple seek a partnership.
A mutually beneficial one.

- That ain't gonna work.
- No.

This shit here belong to the people.

Well, the people don't need to know.

Ah. Come on, it'll get out eventually.

- It always does.
- Happened to MeshCore.


Yeah. That was a fun one.

Here's how that went:

Mr. Talman.

Yes, I can appreciate that the FBI

did release you of charges,

but the man whose money
you are playing with now...

has plenty of skeletons,

as I'm sure you're aware.

Let's hope those don't come
back to haunt your company.

And you, Mr. Dacey.

It would be a big shame
if I had to tie you back

to LH7 for some past transgressions.

That American dreams of
yours would be over faster

than a knife fight in a phone booth.

It'd be very hard on your little girl.

So... I will be here

in Miami till the end of the week.

I hate it here.

It's muggy as hell,
and the people are fake.

Please don't make me stay
here any longer than I have to.

What if they're able
to crack the wi-fi card

and access a single room here?

Then they're also...

I disabled all of them.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We are completely hard line.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is that?

Power this shit down, man.

Put that in your car right damn now.

Everybody leave your
damn phones in your car.

Hey. Meet me at Herbie's?

Yeah. Right now.

Oh, shit.

Hi. Sorry. Uber driver got confused.

No speaky English.

Okay. What's up? Hey,
Herbie, can I get a mai tai?

- You got it.
- So, um...

sitting in my office the
other day, minding my own.


And in walks this broad from the NSA.

Like the NSA?

National Security Administration. Yeah.

Yeah. Got it. Why?

Cause I... I ru...

I run a network with no
oversight. They want in.

And they probably already
are, right? Thank you.

Apparently not, according to my CTO.

Oh. Oh, my god.


So, what? Now they're
taking legal action?

Well, they kind of can't, right?

Mmm. Not against Araknet.

But they could coordinate
with FinCEN or the FBI.

They could do whatever they want to you,

Wes Chandler, the individual.

So, what are you saying? I'm fucked?

It's not good.

- What are you...
- Hmm?

- What are you laughing...
- Because you're fucked. I'm sorry.

Look, this is serious. I'm just...

I'm just laughing

because of how serious this is.

Holy shit.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Okay. Listen.

As your attorney,

I will help you steer the waters

if you decide to brave 'em.

But, um, as your friend...

it's like,

"What are you doing?" You know?

Well, you've already sank, like, 15
mil into this thing with no return.

Are you really gonna
risk all your, you know,

your private funds?


Never seen you shook like this.

I'm not shook, okay? I'm not shook.

I'm just saying.
You're already bleeding.


It's time to stem the flow.

Yeah. Easy, easy. Come on.

South Beach!

Push that shit. Here we go.


Tight work.

Damn, I'm feeling it.

Good, bruh.

Hey, uh, how's Frantz and G doin'?

Those guys, uh...
still seein' 'em a lot?

Yeah, I stop in on
them from time to time.


No, I don't know.

They're, uh, good guys.
Haven't seen them in a while.

All right, I'm gonna try for sixes.

With a nice squeeze at the end.

I would also say that, you know,

in light of our new situation,

if, uh, they're still
using Araknet for profit

they should probably stop,
just for a little, you know?

- What?
- I see you.

It's a legitimate concern, right?

- It's my concern.
- Okay, I'm just...

Look, I don't know that they would.

Probably not.

But she did say that she can link you

to all that stuff, so I think, you know,

if they're still in the network,
that can look bad, right?

That looks bad.

I'm gonna worry about my business.

You worry about yours, all right?

Now get your skinny ass
over to the leg machine.

We're gonna do legs?


I figured you'd still be here.

Yeah, yeah. I'm still trying
to get a handle on that bug.

Keeps coming back, so...

- Mm-hmm.
- You tried calling Izzy?

- Umm...
- It's too soon?

No, no. It's... it's fine.

She's, uh, rear-view mirror, you know?

You know, I always thought
that you could do better.

Thank you. I know.

I ain't gonna take up too
much of your time, but...

you and me, we trust each other, right?

Yeah. Of course. Why?

'Cause I look at you like
you're one of my day ones.

- Yeah.
- Real talk.

Yeah, you too. Why? What's...


Babe, I'm really happy to cook.

Stop. Please, do your work, I'm gonna...

it's the least I can do.

Okay, it's just it looks
like it's really hard for you.

I'm just getting to know my food.

I'm laying out my ingredients.

There's a method.

Okay, what's the first...

Did you order food behind my back?

I wish.

- Hey.
- We gotta talk. Three of us.

You're not gonna like this.

Dad, what's going on?

- I might have to sell the company.
- What?

I'm sorry, man.

You gotta start seeing it
from my perspective, okay.

I'm just buried in risk
now with this NSA thing.

And I'm not seeing any reward.

Okay, what about the Saginaw fund?

Kid, we're not gonna get through 100.

- That's just the way it is.
- Yeah, we will!

What about Rise Hong Kong?

You wanna go to... Go. Just go.

I mean, anything that will enhance

the value of Araknet so I can sell it.

No, I'm saying what if it gives us

the jump that we need in the numbers.

- Yeah.
- It's the biggest tech convention in the world.

Look, we're just not
gonna get to 100, man.

We're not gonna do it.

Hey, baby, I need, like,
a quarter cup of flour.


- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning.

You having her make
her own birthday cake?

She wanted to learn.

Let me see what you learning.


It ain't ready.

Mm, it's gonna be a good one.

So, baby, you sure it's
okay that you're missing

this thing in Hong Kong?

- 'Cause it seems important.
- Yeah, baby.

I done told you, there ain't no way

I'm missing my baby girl's birthday.

No way, no how.

But Nick's got it, and he'd be
thrilled to do all the talking.

Oh, did you remember to ask the Kipps

to borrow that splash
pad thing for tomorrow?

- Which one they?
- Three doors down.

The one with the big palm
tree out in the front.

Oh, you talking about the white folk.

Yeah. Them.

Right back here. Watch your step, Ron.

It's a doozy. It'll get ya.

So, uh, Sharon and I are
definitely planning to come by.

- Oh, yeah. Always welcome, man.
- All right.

Look at this. Thank you so much.

I appreciate that, buddy.

Happy to help. Happy to help. Hey.

If you need to borrow
the mower, you know,

give the old lawn a trimerooski
before the party gets started,

- let me know.
- Okay.

I just found this thing at Home Depot.

It was on sale.

Brother, I could not resist.

I'm telling you. I mowed the
lawn four times last week.

There's nothing else to mow.

Okay, no, man. Hand mower
works just fine for me.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I am but...

Look at these guns. You don't get those

- by driving one of these things around, do you?
- Yeah...

'Cause Tamara said you
might be in the market.

So, you know...

- Okay. Is that right? All right.
- Yeah.

- Well, I'll keep that in mind.
- Yeah. Good.

And hope to see you there. I'll return
this as soon as the party's done.

You take it as long as you need it.

- Okay, man, take care.
- Oh, hey, what can we bring?

Why don't you bring us some wine.

- Wine?
- You look like a wine guy.

- I'm a wine guy.
- All right. Chardonnay?

God. It's like you know me.

There you are.

- Hi.
- Hey.

I just talked to them about the video,

and they're gonna have
it on a loop in the lobby

after the presentation, so...

Great. Good.

- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah, I'm great.
- Okay.

- Yeah.
- You're gonna be great.

That's so cool, though.

On an international level, it's
more accessible than Google.

Yeah, yeah. The fact that
it can transcend government

and cross borders gives
it a lot more reach.

So, and I know people
keep asking about this,

but with that sort of power,

what is Araknet doing to capitalize?

You mentioned new software in the works.

Uh-huh. Yes, we... we have

some new applications in development.

We'll be read to tell you
about them very shortly.

- Not just yet, I'm afraid.
- And...

and... Izzy Morales.

You know, the question
everyone keeps asking.

I... you know, I have to ask.

We haven't seen anything
new from her in over a year.

No one's spoken at all of
what her involvement still is

in Araknet.


Hey, you okay?

No, I just, um...

I don't know. I've been thinking
about your dad wanting to sell.

It's got my head spinning.

Come on, don't think about that.

He's bluffing.

Maybe, but I don't know.

To walk away now, after all he's put in.

Well, so what if he does?

- What do you mean?
- What if we let him?

I mean, it's not like
we'll die without Araknet.

Mara, we built this thing together.

I know, honey, but also,
there's a whole world out there.

I mean, look around you.

There's more ideas. There's
more companies to build.

There's more noodles to eat. There's...

All right. You're drunk. That's fine.

- No, I'm not.
- That's fine.

I'm just saying, you and me together,

I'll be happy doing anything with you.

And to do something without my dad,

to be our own people.

We are our own people.

- Sir, will you please watch the road.
- Yes. Please.

Actually, I have a
question. I'm just curious.

- What is that app? I keep seeing that.
- Don't. Don't.

- You're distracting him more. Please just watch the road.
- WeChat.

WeChat? What is that? Why
is everyone so into it?

It's all in one place.

All in one place? What
do you mean? Hong Kong?

Hong Kong, China...

All right, so then what's all in one...

- Let me at it just real fast.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Sir, please watch the
road. Thank you so much.

This is the only app
you have on your phone?

- Mmm.
- Yeah?

It's the only app he has on his phone.

All right, but you have to...

That's interesting.

That it's all one app?

Yeah, it's all in one app.

Here he come with that meat, dawg.

Hey, y'all need to get
up on this right here.

Oh, the hot meat.

That's that special shit for
my true Haitians right here.

- God damn!
- Appreciate it, man.

Excuse me. Hey, Ronny,

there's a bunch of bees
by the lavender bush.

Then make sure the kids
stop playing over there.

I did. But I thought you
were gonna hire somebody

to get rid of them.

Babe, we don't need no yard person, man.

I'll take care of it.

Y'all enjoying that meat?

Hell yeah. Please keep it coming.

Y'all are a pleasure to feed.

Better go take care
of your lavender bush.

Cat get out the hood
and get a lavender bush.

Man, you think you're funny?

Oh, yeah.

Boy, you so big, I
don't run up on you, boy.

Hey, we need to have a
little huddle real quick.

For real.

All right, this shit gonna
sound crazy, y'all, but...

I'm gonna need y'all to stay off Araknet

for a minute. You feel me?

- That's bullshit.
- No.

You said I got jokes.

No, for real. I'm for real, y'all.

There's some bullshit that's going down

on the network right now.

Some shit that I can't
really talk about,

but this shit make you unsafe.

You feeling me?

So until we figure out
what the fuck's going on,

it's probably best
y'all don't mess with it.

- You feel me?
- You serious?


You convinced us with all
that, though. That's our dinner.

No, that's more than
just our dinner, right?

Breakfast, lunch, milk and cookies.

I feel you, bruh. I feel you.

I'm trying to come up
with a fix right now,

but it's happening in real time, so...

until that happens, I
think y'all should just...

You feel me?

Ain't that simple, bruh.

Not right now is all I'm saying.

What you mean, bruh?

Man, what time this
function get over with?

About 4:30.

We need to show you something, dawg.

Last year, was driving
your white friends around,

you know, we started talking

how to maximize all my profits.

You know, some of that
Amazon business model.

They got their own warehouses and shit.

Holding inventory like that,

have other smaller outfits
asking you to come through.

You feel me?

Boom, been straight killin' it, bruh.

Moving product for Big Keith,

Latin Boys, Outlaws...

even some MS-13s.

Steady-moving work.

But if we can't keep
moving it through Araknet,

we gonna be out of a lot of scratch.

And our partners too.

You feel me?

We in some shit here.


The Feds is looking into Araknet.

N... S... A.

- You said they couldn't see our shit, dawg.
- They can't.

That's why we on it.

That's why we been on this Araknet shit

ever since day one, dawg.

- For real.
- I know. I know.

But they know I'm a part of this shit.

And LH7 moving product on Araknet,

that some "getting high
on your own supply" shit.

Could bring the whole company down,

and then y'all ain't got nothing.

All right.

This what we gonna do.

We gonna pause
distribution for a second,

just sit on this product.

No, no, no. Look, bro. Unh-unh.

Now, maybe they think that
you're still a part of this,

and maybe you think that
you're still a part of this...

but that's where you wrong, bruh.

'Cause you ain't.


What if I just stayed on the board?

No way, Wes. You got
to cut ties altogether.

Look, if you still stand to profit,

you're just low-hanging fruit
for the intelligence agencies.

Jerry. Total loss.

Just walking away. Hit me.

I think we should talk
about that in private.

- You can say anything in front of her. She's a lawyer.
- Come on, man.

No, no. What I mean...


- Come here.
- How was it?

Jerry, we debugged the place.

- Come on.
- Well, I still like to be careful.

Do not sell.

- Sorry.
- Excuse me. You guys can go.

- They're staying, okay.
- Okay. Whatever.

- I've got AA in 20 minutes.
- No, no. You stay.

- Sit right there.
- Okay.

Listen, you can't sell.

I figured out how to get to 100 million.

It's called "Self."

What, you get some

Eastern enlightenment
bullshit over there?

- No.
- 48 hours in Hong Kong,

he comes back with this bullshit.

Just listen.

The app. The app is called "Self."

Why? Because everything
we're doing out there,

the whole suite of services
everybody's working on,

the diningapp, Arakmail,
Arakchat, the car service.

No, we're not gonna reinvent
the internet piece by piece.

We have to make it
about something bigger.

We need to make Araknet a
soup-to-nuts life service

comprising everything you do

from the moment you get up
to the moment you go to bed.

Your alarm clock, your morning jog,

the music you listen to,

the friends you chat with,
your traffic map to work,

work itself, is all gonna
be rolled into one app

powered by our network, and
that app is called "Self."

Amazon, Google, Facebook.

They're all scrambling
to do something like that.

And none of them can crack it.

Because none of their customers

are gonna entrust a single corporation

to integrate their entire lives.

Too scary. With Araknet,
we can prove that

everything you do, every
digital piece of information

you share with us is completely secure.

From hackers, from
corporate exploitation,

or from the government.

It's funny you should say that,

because the government,
they were just here.

Yes, and they have nothing on us.

Just like Stella said. I
mean, what are we doing here?

Look how far we're come.

Did we fold when we found out

Axis was building Guizer?

No. No! We took them head on.

We beat their ass.


Wes, you've invested so much money.

To walk away now?


No, we stay the course.

We will figure it out because
we've always figured it out.

We always had Izzy.

You just give me three months.

Three months, the project teams

are almost done with the suite.

I just need three months
to shape it into Self.

and run some betas.
And then we will launch.

We well get that 100 million users.

You will get the Saginaw fund,

and people will take us seriously again.

People will take you seriously again.

- One month.
- It's gotta be three. I need three.

You know what this is?

This is my burn rate.

This is what I do every month.

$250,000. I do this every month.

I do this every 30 days! One month.

And by the way, I'm gonna
continue to look for a buyer.

So, you can tell your
little minions around here

to get their ass in gear. Okay?

Bye-bye. We're done.

Okay? So those are your marching orders.

Are you guys psyched?

You should be very psyched.
This is the next big thing.

All right. Let's reconvene in 48 hours

and see what you got.

- All right.
- Good stuff. Thank you.

Really, really good job. Really good.

Hey, it's me.

So what do we hear from our boys?

... math just didn't add up one day.

The money they generated from sales

wasn't enough to pay the bills...

Still no back door?

Well, I'll just have to break them down.

Each one of them.

I'll start by taking things away...

little by little.

They'll be like a prisoner in
their first week of lock-up.

They think they still have rights.

They think they still have agency.

But one day soon...

they'll wake up...

... and they will realize...

... they're in my world now.

And their rights mean jack shit.