StartUp (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Leverage - full transcript

As Araknet celebrates a huge win, Ronald struggles to repair his life before it's too late. The Russians extend a tainted olive branch, causing dissent within the company and throwing Izzy ...




You're all messed up.

Could smell you from the damn boat.

Get down, get down, get down.

He sent his wife and his daughter away.

And what did I do, Stella?

Right in the middle of the problem.

That's where I put you! You
shouldn't have been here.

We managed to undercut some
of Guizer's user base, but...

I mean, they, they just
got too much exposure.


They selling their user
data to the highest bidder.

They need to reinvent themselves.

We would inherit all their users.

This is blackmail.

They're gonna migrate their users

to our network within the week.


Okay, okay. Do it again, Queen.



Okay, now go back to Guizer's numbers.

Those aren't very good.

I think maybe we should just drink

out of sheer schadenfreude.

That's not the game.

Shut up, bitch.


Okay, now just keep
switching back and forth.

- Go back to our numbers.
- Okay.


Did you see that?
















I mean, Jesus Christ, look at you all.

Humble... little army of young dreamers.

I salute you because
in four short months,

you managed to supplant a tech giant.

A corporate Goliath and knocked
'em right out of the market.

While I know that I am much
better looking than Alex Bell...

Why is that funny?


Why is that funny?!


And while our friends
at Guizer were funded

by Axis and all of its partners,

suffice it to say...

we fuckin' smoked 'em.


And of course you all worked
your god given asses off.

Sacrificed more than
anybody will ever know.


Here's to the ones who matter.

By the way, you will all be presented

with a small bill for tonight's meal.

And we do not take GenCoin.

All right, bring all your cups together.

Finna waterfall this right here.

Here we go! Here we go!

Just like old times.

All right, I wanna say something though.

Something to my niggas.

Let me holla at y'all.
Bring it in, bring it in!

We had some differences, right?

But y'all was there.

Through thick and thin.

Y'all niggas lifted me
up when a nigga was down.

Like on some R&B shit.

And I was real down!

Real talk.

I lost my son.

They say that's the cost
of livin' in the hood.

I say I ain't finna
pay that price no more.

You feel me?

We gonna change the
streets for your kids, boy.

E! For your kids!

To Touie, boy!


- Touie!
- Touie.

♪ Hands over mouth zipped up lips ♪

♪ Arms stretched out can't coexist ♪


You see that dance floor?


It looks good, doesn't it?


Doesn't it?

- Stop.
- Come on, come on.

- Hey...
- Stella.


Hey, hey, look at me.

Just this one night, can you just...

- Please.
- Mm-hmm.

That a girl.

♪ Slow down, slow down, slow down... ♪

♪ Mm... ♪

♪ Slow down, slow down, slow down... ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪

♪ Slow down, slow down, slow down... ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪

♪ Slow down, slow down, slow down... ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪

This nigga...

He don't pay back nobody!

He take that money and buy a pig.

And remember them alligator shoes?


Oh my God, them shoes though.

Them now and later gators.

- Take that right there.
- I didn't take...

Now and later gators!

Alligator! See you later!

Come here.

- You want some?
- Nah.

Oh, so...

You can talk to me, ya know?

Talk to you? What you
mean talk to you, girl?

I know you're hurting.

I do.

And you're hurting all alone.

No one...

No one should ever have to do that.


Let me help you out.


Wait-wait, wait! Wait, no, wait.

Wait-wait, slow down, slow down.

Stop-stop-stop-stop. Stop.

For real.

I can't do this. Just
sit down for a second.


You fine as hell.

You fine as hell.

Any nigga'd be lucky to have you.

But I got a girl.

And she a good one.

No, it's... it's all right.

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's a'ight.

Nice party.

Sure was.

Get some sleep, okay?

So, um...

... I'm gonna need, uh, you and
Nick to stop seeing each other.

What are you so afraid of in there?

Just looking out for my company.

Are you sure?

Not because you're
afraid you might lose me?


Hey, Tam?

Yeah, Ronnie, is everything okay?


I'm strugglin'.

Ronnie, what's going on?

I need to come see y'all.

I need to come see y'all.

I love you, baby.

I love you, too.

Stay with me, baby.

Stay with me, baby.

Stay with me.


- Hi.
- Here, scooch.

- I wanna show you something.
- Might break it, but...

- You good?
- Yeah.

- I wanted to show you...
- Oh, my foot.


- Check it out.
- What's this?

Well, I figured if I'm gonna be
staying in Miami, then maybe...

You know, we could do it together.


I mean, I know we have to
wait for things to blow over,

but... lay low, but...

I mean, I think it's perfect.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

For sure.

- Maybe, right?
- Yeah.

Maybe? For sure, yeah.

- Let me see, show me more.
- Sure, look.















- ♪ ... A big bad boy ♪
- _

♪ Everything you say is noise ♪

♪ Telling you kinda funny
how my life's played out ♪

♪ You can tell me well,
what you saying now ♪

♪ You tell me that you... ♪


No, I know who you are.

Sure, we can do that.

I know a quiet spot.


Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Oh, baby!


Miss you so much. Did you miss me?


Hey, Rose.

Daddy's back.

Least I got someone to drink with now.

I'm sorry, baby, that was a crappy joke.

Nah, you good.

We gonna get hold of it together.

I'll quit, too.

I'm so sorry, Tam.

All that shit that I said to you.

Put you in the situation...

I shouldn't have put
you in that situation.

We all right.

Are we?


Gotta stop blaming each other.

And we gotta stop blaming ourselves.

We lost him...

'Cause that's the life.

And it wouldn't have
mattered if he listened to you

or didn't listen to
you or listened to me...

Or no one.

And where we at...

Where we had to raise him...

And where we raisin' Els now, that's...

That's just the life.

And I don't think you can change that.

Not you, not no one, just...

It's just the life.

But I can change it... for us.

That right?

I got a way.



- Vera?
- Pleasure.

- Alcohol beverage?
- Sure.

Call this... Chichaito.

It's a Puerto Rican thing, all right?

The fishermen love
this stuff because it...

Well, it messes them up.



Good burn, right?

- Sure.
- 'Nother?


Do they have a Pinot Noir?


They have beer.

- Okay.
- Hey, Carlito!

I'm taking one a these.


So, um...

This wasn't your idea,
was it? This meeting.

You and your team have
done an impressive job.

Smart kids.


And, um, we are willing to concede

that there is not enough
room in the marketplace.

For both Guizer and ArakNet.

You're probably right, yeah.

Same goes for, um...

competitive currencies.

You want us to accept GenCoin.

What do we get out of it?

I assume it's hard to run an economy

when your most prevalent
currency is worthless.

Oh, no, no, we're,
we're good with BitCoin.

DarkCoin, BlueCoin, DickCoin.

Lot of coins in the sea.

Maybe right now, but GenCoin
is obviously the leader.

Vera, why don't you just say
what you came here to say?

Put GenCoin on the network.

And you... stop tryin' to kill my kids.

Isn't that what you came here to say?

Anyway, I'll... I'll ask 'em.

See what they think.

- No. Hell no.
- No, I no, but Izzy...

Do you know who these people are?

It's not about who they are, it's...

What they did, what they took from me?

Yes, yes, but we should
still talk about it.

And we're gonna help them?

We're gonna help them make money?

In exchange for not killing you.

- It's kind of a good deal.
- Shut up!

How does a bitch your size
have such a big ass mouth?!

Hey, Jesus Christ.

Listen, can the three of
us sidebar for a minute?

No, there is no three of you anymore.

There's the five of us now.

Take it to a vote.

- Vote on it tomorrow?
- Tonight.

We vote tonight, 2200 hours.

All right.

























I can't believe this
is even a discussion.

I mean, these are the
people that ripped us off.

They killed my sister.

I know, I think that's
why we should consider it.

They dragged me out to the glades, Nick.

Yes... Because you messed with them.

We warned you not to.

Okay, so now you're on their side?

Not at all, not at all.

So, what is this?

- Are you guys for real?
- Look, look...

We talked about this months ago.

We agreed to try and
become too big to fail.

And now we are, we won.

And this is how we stay alive now.

We partner with GenCoin.

We make them completely reliant on us,

and they cannot hurt us anymore.

Where you at with this Ronnie?
You haven't said anything.

I just need this to end.


It's the right thing to do, Izzy.

This wouldn't have happened if
you'd just done what I asked.

Why? What you want me to do, Izzy?

- Go on, spit.
- At Deli's funeral...

Okay, go on.

You asked me what I
wanted and I told you.

And you couldn't do
it and here we are now.

How'd you want me to do it?

Tell me what you had in mind

when you asked me to
just casually kill 'em?

Want me to go to each
a they houses, just...


Pop 'em in front of their kids?

Or maybe I'll wait in the car.

Wait for 'em to get in.


Before they see it coming.

Put that rope around
their neck... and squeeze

until just before they go all the way.

I can tell, Nick.

There's a small window
between them nodding off

and before they heart stop.

That's the sweet spot.

'Cause they feel what it's like to die.

Just for a second.

And when they wake up...

There's this relief.

'Cause they looked death in the face

and they beat that shit.

They survived.

That's where the fun starts for me.

That's when I whip out my blade.

And it ain't long 'fore they
wishin' they'd just cashed out

when they had the chance.

And after I clean off my blade,

and my boys get rid of the body,

I go home and I sit down
to dinner with my family.

And I stare at the people
I love with the same eyes

that just stared into homeboy's soul

as I dug into his belly.

And I serve little Els mashed potatoes

with the same hand that did the cuttin'.

Then I kiss my family good night,

lay down in bed and I
think about his family.

I think about his parents.

Think about what it's
like the day he was born

and every day after that.

His first kiss, his first job.

Travels he had, friends he made.

'Cause no matter where
that nigga went wrong,

he's still a human being. That's a life.

And that's when I talk to God!

I lay down in my bed and I pray!

I beg Him to forgive me, I beg!

Even though it's too late.

It's been too late for
too damn long, but I pray!

I pray till the sun come up, Izzy.

That shit sound like fun?

'Cause let me tell you
something, little girl.

It don't feel no different
when I order the hit.

Think about that.

She'll walk.

- Really?
- Yeah, 100%.

After everything,
after all this success,

you really think she's gonna...

You don't know her, you don't know her.

Okay, but, I mean...

With or without her,

we wouldn't have to
work in hiding anymore.

We could go public and attract

some of the best
programmers in the world.

I know.

Look, I know this is hard, okay?

I know she's your friend.

But what about you?

Forget about her for a
second. What's best for you?

For Ronald, for me... For you and me?

The GenCoin partnership, obviously.



Whatever you decide, I'm with you.

I'll follow your lead, okay?















I'm not big on ceremony
so let's just get to it.

Favor of using GenCoin
as currency on ArakNet.

Izzy, look, uh...

... I can't even begin to understand

the pain that these
people have caused you.

But I think this is the best thing

to keep us all safe, and it's
definitely best for the company.

There it is, four to one.

I'll let the people at Axis know.

Can I have a...

Look, I, I know you're...

You're soft, Nick.

You're soft and you so
desperately want not to be.

It's sad.

- I'm just trying to help...
- That's why your girl left you.

That's why your daddy left you.

That's why Wes will leave you, too.

Only a matter of time before
he realizes you ain't shit.

Look, I get it.

The thought of helping these Axis people

makes you sick.

I get it.


I mean, you're smarter than that.

This partnership could
change everything.

We could just live our lives, but...

I think you're afraid
to let yourself be happy.

And that's...

maybe the saddest thing
that I can think of, so...

Got $100 on you?

Say no.

- Me?
- $100.

$100, uh...

Yeah, okay, sure, I'll play.

$100, I make three blows on the break.

- You in?
- There's no way.

- $100.
- I'm in.

All right, good. Watch and learn.

- Oh!
- Shit!


All right, double or nothing.

- I clean up all these puppies...
- No!

Before she even gets a shot.

- No.
- No.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

Hang on? No way.

Hey, Ronald.

Can I get you a cigar?

Nah, it's good, I'm about
to get up out of here.


Did you call Raul?

Yeah, yeah, he's, uh, he's
down there waiting on me.

Listen, man, you and me, we
never get a chance to bond.

I been right here, bruh.

Well, wanna do something about that.

You like to fish?

Nah, man.

You don't need to do all that, bruh.

I'm done here, y'all.

I'm gonna ask for a buy out.

- What?
- What?

- We're just getting started.
- Yes.

And we called that
truce with Vera, so...

Y'all don't need me no more.

Hey, this is your company, too.

It's about to be very different.

Ay, it's all good.

You guys are a legit company now.

You don't need no Haitian thug.

- Uh, hey, don't say that.
- Trust me.

There's something I gots to do.


And I'ma need that money soon, too.

So, get together.

Figure out what it's gonna
cost to get rid of me.

And I'll see y'all later, a'ight?

Have a good night.

I don't know...

Look, I just... I
know you deserve better

than what you've gotten
here, I know that.

But... you have to admit.

It's a pretty unique
situation here for a minute.

Look, I get it, bruh, I get it, a'ight?

But y'all don't need me.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

Are you sure you wanna do this?


Are you okay?

Go to the bathroom! Go to the bathroom!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Nick, you hit!

No, no! Ronald's shot.



Ronnie! Ronnie! Oh, God, Ronnie!

No! No! No! Ronnie, Ronnie?

No, Ronnie, stop, stop.

Stop! Stop! No!


Stella! Call someone!

- Okay!
- Stop, stop, no!

Ronnie, no.


Ronnie, look at me.

My friend got shot!