StartUp (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Pro Rata - full transcript

GenCoin lands a major investor, Alex Bell, who has sketchy ties. Rask makes an opportune discovery about Nick. As Ronald's status in the gang changes, his son Touie is faced with an agonizing decision.

Investigating the disappearance
of Agent Pierce.

Before you take off,
better burn your passport.

Payment method. These accounts are empty.

Uh, excuse me.

This right here is the real deal.

Why each of you?

I'm past due with Jey
Jey. We need that cash yesterday.

Gonna have to make a choice, lil' homey.

I took my entire hood's stash,

and I gave it to this little girl.

That's how much I believe in GenCoin.

That... is why.

You guys hungry?
We're gonna go to dinner.

Okay, how... how about
I write you a check?

Get me on a flight,
and cash it when I'm gone.

You know what I can do for you. Come on.

You know what I can do to you.

I need to see the money.


I'm just famished.

Oh, good.

Haven't eaten in a week. Thank you.

- Startup schedule, huh?
- Yeah. That's it.

Thank you.

Great. So, this is your spot?

Uh, yeah, when the occasion demands.

Thanks. Oh, it demands, Alex.

Thank you.

- Mr. Bell.
- Hey, Tony.

Lovely to see you.

Thanks for getting us in so last minute.

Ah, we've opened this
lovely bottle for you tonight.

Superb with our specialty app,
veal and wild mushroom terrine.

Sounds great.

Celebrating anything special tonight?

Oh, we are, in fact.

I'm about to tell these three

that I'm gonna fully
finance their startup.

- Wow.
- It's called GenCoin.

It is the future of currency.

That sounds fascinating.

Let's do two of those bottles?

- Absolutely.
- And a round of old fashioneds.

Actually, you know,
just Coke is good for me, dawg.

Oh, okay.
Three old fashioneds and a Coke.

Actually, I'll have a Coke, too.

What the hell? Coke is delicious.


Thank you.

And let's get, like,
one of everything on the menu.

Perfect. Enjoy.

- He's a good waiter.
- Alex, are you serious?

- What do you mean?
- Fully finance?

Oh. That. Sure. Why not?

We need to talk about
our funding schedule.

I want to stay ahead of any competition,

'cause RadCoin launches
in less than a month.

- Yeah, let's talk about it.
- Yeah, but they're full of bullshit.

You said it yourself.

First to market, all that matters.

That's true. Very important.

But you know what?
We could talk about that,

sign some paperwork in the morning.

- Tonight, let's celebrate.
- That's easy.

- Yeah.
- That's easy.

Yes. Very nice. Yeah.

So, you own this place?

Mm, just the building.
The club came with it.

Excuse me. "Just the building."

Huh. It's not really my scene, but hey.

- Sometimes it's good to celebrate.
- Right.

- You gotta do what you gotta do.
- Yeah.

How long have you owned it for?

Whoo! Alex!

Woo-hoo! Hey, hey.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Hi, babies.
- Perfect.

Hello, ladies. Welcome, welcome.

Guys, this is Lucy, and this is Kristina.

They work the bar downstairs.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You guys finish your shifts already?

- Thank god.
- I'm not even working tonight.

I just came to hang.

Well, then, I want you
to meet Izzy, Nick,

and that intense gentleman
over there is Ronald.

I'm financing their company.

Congratulations. That's amazing.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, that's great.

He's a good egg.

Mm. Sounds like we should
be celebrating, huh?

- What does it look like we're doing?
- I mean out there.

- On the dance floor.
- I don't dance. You know that.

Oh, whatever. You always say that.

And it's always true.

You look like you dance.

- I give off that vibe, huh?
- Mm-hmm.

If I like the music, I dance.

If I don't like the music, no dancing.

Do you like the music here?

Yeah. I love the music.

Good. Let's go dance.

Okay. We're gonna go dance.

I've gotta take a piss.

Nico walked me through your code.

It made me wanna code again.

- You don't code anymore?
- No.

Uh, no time, really. But I miss it.

I miss being creative, you know?

Well, it doesn't look like you're
doing too bad without it, though.

It's all relative.

- Cheers.
- Mm.

You know, I'll admit it.
I've been trying to figure

something like this out for a long time.

Something like GenCoin?

Yeah. I mean, there's so many
other ones out there.

Ever since BitCoin hit the scene

and all those other
open-source peer-to-peers,

all I could think was...

if you made
one that was closed-source...

Impervious to corruption.

- Yes! To human nature altogether.
- Exactly.

No one could crack it.
No one's code was stable enough.

It took me five years to write.

Well, seven, if you count all
the drafts that imploded on me.

You're special, Izzy.

Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

- We need shots!
- Gimme!

Tequila. Tequila, tequila.

Could I... could I get
a water as well, please?

You need agave water.

How about some limes for this drink?

Hey there.

- Hey, hey. Oh, dude.
- He'll be right back.

Okay, I'll be right... hey. Hey.

- What?
- Hey, just listen, all right?

- Don't look right off.
- All right.

Some massive shit's
been going on right here.

- What do you mean?
- Vera at that booth right there

with some Russians,
been getting all chummy all night.

Now, don't make a thing.

- Bruh.
- What?

That's a thing.

What you did right
there, that was a thing.

All right. I know. I got it.

- Don't make a thing, just look.
- I got it. All right.

Dude, I don't know. She's talking
to some guys with big arms. Whatever.

They packing. I can tell by the way
they sat back down, dawg.

I mean, you're... aren't you packing?

- So, you think they're, like...
- They clipped up.

And it ain't just the heat, dawg.

Lots of folks been comin'
and goin' all night, dawg.

- Lots of business bein' discussed.
- Ronald?

I want you to listen to me.

- You have to have some fun.
- Hey, dawg, all I'm sayin'

- Come on!
- Listen. This is it.

We got GenCoin financed. You did that.

We're gonna change the world.
Can't you just enjoy that?


- Let's go dance!
- Hey. Hey.



- Hi.
- What are you doing up?

Couldn't sleep.

Okay. Well, I gotta work tomorrow, so...



Are you okay?


'Cause... when you didn't
come home last night...

Dad, I'm 25.

- Mm
- hmm. But you owe money.

I took care of it.

You sure?

It's handled. Everything is good.

You hungry at all?

You're hungry.

How 'bout I cook us some breakfast?

Is it gonna cure my hangover?

It's a good start.


I'll buy you some more.

No. I mean, give me one.

Take that.

Mm. I'm not doing
anything fancy here, okay?

That's cool.

Your mother always intimidate
me when it comes to cooking.

- It's demoralizing.
- I don't even like her scrambled eggs.

Yours are better.

- Really?
- Don't tell her.

Remember when we used to do
them with cinnamon sugar?

Yeah, that's why I like them.

Pour it up. Wah wah.


You still got it, old man.




So, you're good?

I'm fine, Dad.

I got a new backer, and he's
gonna take care of all our debts.


No more, okay?

Asking the wrong people for money.

- Your mother and I...
- I know, Dad. I know.


it never leaves you.

Even after you're square.

We're good.

Everything's okay. It's just business.

Eat up. You need the
protein to deal with Mom

on all this wedding bullshit.

I'm gonna quote you.

No, please, don't.

- Yeah.
- It's Kossaras. Check your e-mail.

Sent you some surveillance.

We've been looking into your guys,

and it seems like they've been
getting cozy with Alex Bell.

Have you been investigating
him for anything?


Any connections you can think of?

Anything there Maddie might have
found that she wasn't supposed to?


- Hey.
- Hello.


That was a fun night.

That was fun. That was a lot of fun.

Um, how did we get here?

Kristina drove us.


And she's, um...

I think she's on the couch.

I see.

- Morning.
- Hey there.

Sounded like a good time last night.

Hey, who's Taylor?


You kept calling me Taylor, in the car.

I thought it was funny,
so I just went along with it.

Uh, wow.

My girl up yet?

Uh, yeah. She's up. She's up.

She's comin'.

- Hey, bitch.
- What up, slut?

Really? Look who's talking.

After last night.

- Hey, you guys wanna go get waffles?
- Mmm, waffles!

I knew you'd be down.

Better yet, I've got this friend Steve...
- Um...

...and he's got a yacht, and
we can invite whoever we want.

You're not doing that
right now. Are you kidding me?

- You're amazing.
- I need a pick-me-up.

Do you think Kathleen will want to come?

I think Kathleen will so want to go.

- You would love Kathleen.
- For sure.

You wanna go?

Mm-mmm. I can't, unfortunately.
I gotta go to work.

No, you work for Alex now, right?

I do work with Alex, yeah.

He doesn't get in till like 11:00.

- Really?
- Vodka.

None of those guys do.

We should make waffles here.

- I'd so be down for that.
- Right?

- Thanks, Nick.
- My pleasure.

God, it's so bright.

- Hey, hey.
- Thank you.

- This was really fun.
- Yeah.

- We should do it again sometime.
- Absolutely.


I think I'm still too drunk to drive.

Bitch, you drove us home last night.

- Did I really?
- Yes.

Oh, my god.

Bye, party pooper!

Hi, Nick.

May I come in?

- Can I say no?
- Your dad didn't give you

the crash course before he left, huh?

Uh, without a warrant,
I have to be invited into your home.

Like a vampire.

Yeah. just like that. Just like that.

Except vampires don't get warrants. I do.

- So, do you have one?
- No, I don't.

I can get one, though
Would you like me to?

- No, it's okay.
- Thank you. That's sweet.

Oh. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Having fun, right?

Building your little project,

getting into bed with the big money?

It's a startup. It's
a legitimate business.

Uh huh.

Hey, I know you're looking
for my dad, but what I'm doing...

- But what?
- It's-it's... it's what?

- Hm?
- What you're doing is what?

Tell me what you're doing.

What I'm doing is completely by the book

and doesn't have anything
to do with my father.

Good. That's... that's good.

Please, come on. Tell me more.

Tell me how your first lot
of money wasn't actually

illegal drug cash.

Actually, no, don't tell me that.

Just stand there and think about

what your first day in
federal prison will be like.


Who you'll make friends with,
how showering would feel.



- Are you gonna arrest me?
- That depends.

Yeah, on what?

Alex Bell.

You're doing business with him?

- Trying.
- Trying, that's good. Good.

'Cause I need information.

Do you? On Alex?

- FinCEN's building a case.
- Oh.

Yeah, I don't know what to tell you.
I mean, he seems like a good guy to me.

I'm sure he is, but this is Miami.

Even the good get dirty. Ask your daddy.

I need bills and bank records.

I need the chain of title
for all his illegal shells.

He's got code monkeys
keeping it all locked tight.

What makes you think I can get it?

Nothing makes me think you could get it,

but Isabelle Morales could.

I need full cooperation
from all three of you.

So, understand that.

If you can't help me with this...


Well, what?

I'm sorry, are you gonna
arrest me, or not?

I think you should. Go for it.

You know what I've done. You know
whose money I've taken, apparently.

Haul me in, right now.

Let's make this very, very public.

Unless, of course, that
would get in the way

of you blackmailing Alex the
same way you blackmailed my dad.

So, you can go. I'd like you to leave.

- What?
- I would like you to leave.

The magic words.

Go get the warrant!

Get the fuck out of here.

- Hello?
- Special Agent Rask?

- Yeah.
- This is Special Agent Guerra.

They found a body.
We're waiting on dental,

but we suspect it's Agent Pierce.

We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Are you at your office?

Dammit. Fuck! Fuck!


God dammit.

Excuse me. Hi.

Uh, I hate being this guy to ask,

but I... you wouldn't be able to spare
a few bucks for some gas, would you?

- No, sorry.
- I hate to... Listen.

- I don't have any cash.
- No, neither do I.

I hate to ask, but, um...

if you put it on your credit card,

I will pay you that
right back, with interest.

- No, I'm sorry. Nah.
- We can swap details.

And, uh, listen. I'm a trustworthy guy.

You know, I'm an FBI agent, right?

So, you know you're gonna get it back.

- Um, I hate to ask.
- No. Sorry. I don't have any.

- Not even on your...
- Yeah.

- ...card? No?
- No. No, sorry.

All right, man.


- Thank you.
- Mmhmm.

Look, I'm sorry. I know it's late,

uh, but I need to ask a favor.

I need to borrow some money.

What for?

I can pay you back,
I just didn't know where else to go.

Like, do you need hundreds
or thousands, or how much do you need?

As much as you can give me.

Okay, I'll... I'll write you a check.

Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm.
No, I need it now, like tonight.

What is going on?

Mm. Nothing. I'm just
short on money, like I said.


And I, uh...

Mm. Christ.

Hey. Phil, you're kinda
freaking me out here... with your...

I know.

Yeah, okay, so... just talk to me.

Just... talk to me.

I killed my partner. Okay?

I was on the take.

Every one I know is on the take,
so I wanted in.

Just once. Just gonna
do it once, then quit.

But she found out and...

she was being clever,
she was a real go-getter,

and she put me in a bad spot,
a real bad spot.

And once I know that,
there's nothing I can do. She's gotta go.


Look, I bashed her head in.

I mean... wham.

Split her skull.

Blood. Blood just
everywhere on the floor.

And, uh...

And I'm really in it.
'Cause where do you go from there?

Shall I tell you where I went from there?

I got a suitcase out.

I folded her up,
and I stuffed her inside.

And then I drove her to the river,

thinking the gators have got
to get to her before anyone finds out.

Only people did find out,
even though the gators got to her,

kinda, sorta.

But there were arms and legs, I guess.

Hair, teeth... I'm not sure.

Oh, I've gotta get away.

But that little Ho Chi Minh
fuckface hacker,

he stole all my money
like a little pussy.

So, now what? God only... Fuck.

Fuck. Her name was Maddie.

This your purse?

I'll pay you back. I promise.

Let's go.

Who the fuck are you?



Hey, Tam.

Ron, where are you at?

I'm on my way home. What's wrong?

Some of Oskar's boys came by the house.

They started lookin' at me
all nasty and lookin' at Els, too.

They comin' for us, Ronnie.

They comin' for all of us.

Okay, baby. Where you at right now?

I'm in that corner store.

I just took Els, I started walking.

I just wanted to be someplace public.

All right. Where Touie at?

I don't know.

I been callin' him all
day. I can't find him.

Okay, baby. Stay at that store.

I'm gonna come get you.
We're gonna go home.

We gonna find Touie,
and we gonna leave, a'ight?

Yeah. Yeah.

Just hurry.


Somebody smack that ass, you out here.

He ain't answerin'.

He'll be fine. How we gonna find him?

Mom, what's going on?

We're just tryin'
to find your brother, okay?

- What are you doin', man?
- How do you do?

Celebrate, smoker.

I know you seen what went down
with your daddy the other day.

You ain't like that, though, right?

That's what you told me, right?

- Right?
- Right.

Your daddy, he's strong, man.

He's strong. He's been like that
since we was chilluns.

Hard not to respect that.

But, hey, the way he going?

That ain't right, Touie.

- Everybody know that, right?
- Sure.

We all see it.

Your daddy,
he keep going like that, man...

that's just gonna bring everybody down.

Your daddy.

He gave us no choice.

So, this how it gotta go down,
you feel me?

You gotta do what's right.

For you, for your sister.

You gotta do what's right for your mama.

You gotta do right for all of us.

So, that's how it's gotta go down.

You know how to spray that,
right, young blood?

- Right?
- Good.

He good. He blood.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're good, man.

Fo sho. Fo sho.

I need more front to you, dawg.

That's your daddy.

- That ain't gonna be easy.
- Mm-hmm.

But after you do that,
you gonna have a new life.

Feel me, Touie?

You gonna have a new life.

New life for you, new life for everybody.

Mm, for sho.

You about to be a king.


- Watch out!
- Somebody get me a towel!

Hurry up! Hurry up, man!

Okay, open the door. Touie?

Get in there. And... Elsie, get in.


- What's going on?
- Shh. Eh, Touie?

Touie, are you in here?
Touie? Ronnie, god.

- Touie?
- Ronnie, he is not in here.

Okay, pack everything that you need.
We ain't comin' back here.

We're not leavin' without Touie!

I'ma find him, I swear to you.
I'ma find him.

- Go with your mama, okay?
- What?

Elsie, listen. Listen,
baby. Just go in your room.

Um, and pack a bag.
Just pack whatever you need.


Dad? Dad?

Can you take this, please?

- Son, come here. What's goin' on?
- Touie, is that you?


Oh, baby.

I was so worried about you.

- I-I killed 'em.
- What?

- Who'd you kill?
- Whose blood is this? Wh...

I killed 'em.

- Okay, what are you talking about?
- Son, what you...

I killed Oskar and Jey-Jey.

Oh, Jesus.

I'm sorry.

- I'm-I'm sorry, Dad.
- Son, Son.

Dad, I'm sorry.

It's okay, Son. It's okay.
No, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

Ronnie, sh... I told you I knew
they was coming for us, Ronnie.

We got four in here. Take Elsie to
the bathroom. Don't come out for nobody.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Go to the bathroom, baby.
Baby, go to the bathroom.

- What's happening? Mama!
- Elsie, get in the bathroom.

- What's happening?
- Listen, get in the bathroom. Shh.

Do not make a sound.

Stay in here.

Stay right here.

- Stay right here.
- Okay, Dad.

Put your left hand
where my left hand is at.

Put your right hand
where my right hand is at.

Finger off the trigger till you're
ready to pull, all right? Come here.

Now, you stay in your room.
First person to open that door,

you put a bullet in their head.

Then you go protect your
mama and your sister.

You understand? We gonna be all right.

Okay, get in there.

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!

Dacey! Dacey! Dacey! Dacey!