StartUp (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Seed Money - full transcript

Following the events of four peoples lives, that in someway are connect by certain events.


Wait, wait, wait, wait.


Okay. Okay.

Oh, Jesus! Come on!

Oh, yeah.


- No, no, no, don't stop.
- I can wait.

Hey, honey, do me a favor,
get back on the horse.

Listen, a guy is never more
truthful than just after he's cum

and I want complete honesty
from him now, so please.

Suck a dick for a white man, come on.

Is... is he...

Are you serious?


Are you serious?

About what?

About me staying here.

Do you want to go to jail?

I'm kidding. Okay, come on.

You're not going to jail. You can leave.

- Come on, now, let's go!
- Jesus.

Congratulations, anyway.

What are you doing here, Phil?

Vadik Koronev, $640,000.

Marina Jimenez, $560,000.

- We've already been over this.
- Yeah, but now I got proof.

Your Vietnamese pal, Daewon Phan,

we seized his laptop.

Uh, so...

You want to take me in?

Like you did with Ed Adler?

Guy was sailing the Mediterranean
two days after you cuffed him.

Never even saw the inside of a
jail cell, and neither will I.

Neither will you, that's right.

You know why? Because I've
not come to arrest you,

I have come to be your friend.


Because friends share.


Do you want to be my friend?

How much?

- Half.
- Half!

Your last deal came to about 2.2 mil.

- I want half and I will leave you alone.
- I can't get you half.

- I will leave you alone.
- I can't get you half.

- Shut up, dick fuck!
- You don't talk over me.

You don't do that!

I want half of what you
made on your last move,

or I make one phone call
and you might not go to jail,

but the entire score will be seized.

That's not good news for you,

considering who that money belongs to.

I'll need a couple of days to tee it
up, make sure there's no red flags.


I'll meet you...

To make the transfer...

- Together.
- Like friends do.


Is this really how you want to do this?

Yes, it is, yeah.

Just like the other guys.

I thought you were better than that.

Me, too.

Me, too.

Whoo! You good?

Are you going to be home all day?

Uh, I don't know.

You don't know?

- Yeah, I don't know.
- I got stuff to do. Why?

You got stuff to do, okay.

I have a UPS coming, but I
have to go to this meeting.

You got more stuff coming, really?

Look, you gotta put that somewhere else.

Put it where, Chad, I
can't afford a place.

My electric was 600 bucks last month.

No lay is worth that much.

Izz, come on!

It was a joke!


Izz, come on, I was joking.

What? Are you suddenly going to pretend

like you have feelings for me now?

- I liked you.
- Izz.

You don't like anyone.

You pretend to, just so you
can get things from them.

You're a user. Look, I feel like a dick

that I let it go on this long, but I...

Jesus Christ! Are you serious right now?

Get out!

- This is my house!
- Get out!

You're insane. Get your
shit, get the fuck out!


There's understandably lots of confusion

from clients about which way to go,

and unfortunately, there's
just no clear answer,

because of the uncertainty of
the liquidity of the dollar.

Dad, Dad, can you please be careful
with that? It breaks really easily.

Okay, sweetie.

Babe, is that you?

Yeah! Hey.


- Hey, how was work?
- It was good. Thanks.

- Hey, my dad's home.
- Hey. Right.

- Hey, Nick.
- Hey, Leo. How are you?

I'm good. I'm sorry,
I'll get out of your hair.

I'm just helping Tay move some stuff.

- No, thank you.
- Thank you so much.

So, are you loving it?

Yeah, I mean, who could
not love it? It's amazing.

I... don't know how
we'll ever repay you.

- Well, don't worry about it.
- It's a good starter, you know.


So, how's work?

Work... work's okay, yeah.

I don't know. I'm
thinking about, maybe...

I don't know, I've been thinking
about a few other things lately.

Yeah, Nick is thinking about
starting his own micro-financing firm.

Well, I've been wanting to do something

that makes a difference to anyone, ever.

Baby, what do you
think about this mirror?

We've been talking about
where we should put it.

Hey, Nicky, it's your father.

I was wondering if you
could, maybe, come down

to The Keys tonight.
There's something I...

Need to talk to you about. I'd
rather do it in person, you know.

- Delfi.
- What?


Taste this.

It's okay.

I'm joking, Mom. It's awesome.

Delfi, you cannot sit
these people together.

Why not?

- They'll kill each other.
- Adolfo. Adolfo!

It's stained.

What's that?

Izzy! Izzy!

No, no, no, no, hey!
These are not living here.

- I got nowhere else to put 'em.
- Oh, really?

Hey, I got an idea.

How about a job, huh? How
about renting an apartment?

How about this is my job?

What? You're going to tell me that
people are paying you for this?

They will, soon.

- What?
- Hey, sis.

Hey, Delly Belly.

Corazon, this might
be better in your room.

No, Dad, it's not enough amps in there.

I've been telling you
that since I was 12.

- What happened to Pookie-head?
- Pookie-head kicked me out.

That sucks, but can't
you get another place?

- I'm out of cash.
- Oh, big surprise there!

- Step off, Mom, I swear...
- Marta! Izzy!

- Please! Por favor!
- Seriously?

I got the biggest pitch
of my damn life tomorrow.


Yeah, this private loans
dude's bringing me in.

- Is this her blog thing?
- No, Dad, it's not.

- Do you even know what a blog is?
- It's a currency.

A digital currency that's
going to change the world.

Oh, it's going to change the world?

Hey, you've been saying that for years!

It's not tied to any governments,
any banks, any regulations.

Anybody in the world can use it.

All you need is a cell phone.

- I don't think you have one of

You can't use...

Just let her stay for a while.

It'll be nice to have the
two of them together again.

You know what? I did not sacrifice
my entire savings... sacrifice?

Yes, sacrifice, to
send you to Stanford...

I was not begging you to go there!

Hey! For you to run around and create...

What? What is this?
Like, computer games?

- Whatever the hell this is!
- Hey! Guess what?

I let that molly-popping key
rat cum inside me for a year

so I could build the
algorithm for Gencoin.

Don't lecture me on sacrifice.

Huh, that was quick.

- How's work?
- I could use a shower.

Fuck! Fuck!

Let's start over.

All right?

What's stopping us?

All my stuff's still in storage.

It's like a day of unpacking.


I can quit. I can quit all of it.

We can travel, like we
always said we would.


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

China, Thailand, anywhere.

Cheryl, do you wanna?


- Do you wanna?
- Yeah.

We have to call off the
dogs first though, huh?

You had me there for a second.

No, wait.

I'm serious.

You're so full of shit!

How long did you plan on
keeping that up for, huh?

What are you talking about?

Till all the lawyers went away?

Till you got your pension?

Fuck you, I don't even get my
pension, you get my pension.


- Hey.
- Hey.

You cut your hair?

No, I didn't.

Well, it looks good.

Remember that one?



Uh, no, thank you.

Well, I'm going to have one.

I thought you quit drinking.

I did.

So, how's work?

Uh, work's fine.

Good. Good. And how are things with...

- Taylor.
- I know. Taylor.

- You guys doing okay?
- Mmm-hmm.

Why am I here?

Are you sick? Why did you call me?

How about we go for a ride?

What are we doing?

- Uh, Nick, you know what I do.
- You know where I get my money.

Well, I'm out of options.

The feds are all the way up my ass.

You are the only person I can trust.

There's over two million dollars here.

I need you to move it.


There's routing numbers.

Instructions on where
to funnel the money.

- I just need it to land by next Tuesday.
- Oh, my god. Pull the car over!

- You go through Valencia...
- Do it yourself!

- They froze all my BFO accounts.
- I'm not kidding.

But you can move it, and nobody
would ever see a trace of it.

Pull the car over right
now! Just pull the car over!



My entire life, I have tried
to atone for all your bullshit,

and make something decent of myself.

Why do you insist on
dragging me down with you?

It's not going to happen.

They're going to kill me.

I lose this money, it gets seized.

I'm going to owe some
very dangerous people.

If something happens...

You really want that
hanging over your head?


Guess what? Touie want
me to show you something.

Guess what it is?

Hey! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

- Your brother tell you to do that?
- Yeah.

- You sure? You sure?
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

If you're lying, I'm going to find out.

I'm going to tickle you again.

Hey, Touie, you tell
your sister to squirt me?


Hey, Els, your brother
done sold you out.


What time did you get home last night?

Hey, breakfast will be ready soon, okay?

- Good morning, love.
- Good morning.


Uh-uh. Quit it.

Touie, who's that?


What's up?

Got that towner, dawg.
Right where you say he'd be.

- Where he at now?
- The room.

Hold on.

What up, dawg?

What they do, O?

Oh, shit, yo!

This game dope. When'd you get this?

Last week.

- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Stop it.

- Hey, turn it off.
- Get something to eat.

What'd Jey have to say?

He's still in Tampa.

He didn't pick up his
phone. Came to get you.

How long he been there?

A few hours. Ain't been
talking much though.

What they do, big man?

Those Tam's ribs?

Last of 'em.

Shit's outta control out here.

Lucky sumbitch, ya know that, right?

She reminds me every day.

What's up, big Ronnie?

You hear we got that towner?

- Think I'm doin' here, E?
- Gonna do to 'im, big dog?

That's up to him now, ain't it?

All right.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy, now.

Shit'll cut you up.
Bleed out 'fore we start.

Just breathe, my nigga, just breathe.

I ain't like the rest
of these fools though.

I'm just here to talk.

You like French toast?

My wife, she's a helluva cook.

You don't need no syrup
on this shit or nothing.

This shit just melt in your mouth.

She learned from her old
girl. A real Haitian. Try some.

You good?

See now, Mo.

You done made my breakfast all cold.

I need something to heat this up with.

Now I'd like to go back

and finish the rest of it
before it all get cold, too.

So I'll make this quick
now. Who shot Joelle?

I don't know.

- Yeah, you do.
- You do know.

- I don't.
- I really don't.

Revis and his boys call all the shots,

but you and Lowe and the rest

do the dirty work, ain't that right?

Ah, see.

Now I can warm my shit up.

Thanks, Yo.


Oh, damn, Mo, look at that.

Look at that shit.

All right. All right. Shit
happens sometimes, okay.

Nigga got a secret.

He knows what a g-code like me's willin'
to do to get it. Ain't that right?

I can't.

Come on, Mo.

You already done pissed yourself.

It can't get much worse.

- Come on, dawg.
- You know I can't.

All right, then, I'll
just dry your shit off.

Hold still! Hold still!

Last chance, Mo.

Then I burn that shit off,

I eat that for breakfast
instead, you feel me?

I can't.

What did you say?

- Davis.
- Davis.

My nigger.

You did good. You did
good, blood, you did good.

Cut him loose, make sure
he get back across 95.

- Say what?
- You heard me.

That ain't how we do.

I'm the one who say how we do.

Jey-jey'd want me to waste 'im.

- He didn't kill nobody. Davis did.
- Eye for an eye. That's how we do...

And I ain't with this
old testament shit, Dawg.

Now when Jey-Jey gets back...

It's on me.

You understand?

When Jey-Jey get back...

It's on me.

Now untie him.

Make sure he get back over the bridge

to overtown without no
trouble, and that's it.

Y'all go on workin' your
corners, selling kush up to ybor,

do whatever the fuck it
is you'll do up there.

We going to do what we do
down here, you understand that?

All right.

- Hey. Good morning.
- Hey.

Can I finish this?

I'll make some more.

You working today?

Yeah, I gotta go and help Sheena.

She got overwhelmed.

But I'll be home in time for dinner.

You want to do some boxes?

- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.

- Have a good one. Bye.
- Bye. You, too.

- Miss Morales?
- Yeah.

- They're ready for you.
- Thank you.

Did you know that in Saudi Arabia

a woman can't open her own bank account?

In Indonesia, the
instability of the rupee

makes it impossible
to maintain a business.

But what if, what if
there was a currency

they all had access to?

A currency they could call their own.

A currency with no borders,
free of government decree,

with no threat of confiscation.

Did you know? 50% of
the world population,

that's three and a half billion people

don't have access to a bank account,

but by 2020, almost all of
them will have a cell phone.

That's power.

That's Gencoin.

Uh, sorry, is it like PayPal?

No, PayPal is an online payment system.

It works with whatever
currency you put in it.

Gencoin is a currency in and of itself.

It runs off a complex algorithm.

It took me almost
seven years to develop.

It predicts, it adjusts and
adapts to foreign markets

and political shifts in
order to remain stable.

Here's what's up,
folks always saying that

money corrupts people.

But what everyone fails to recognize

is that people corrupt money.

Gencoin can put an end to that.

It offers more stability, security and

anonymity than any
digital currency out there.

And it works?

Still in beta, but it works.

Um, how much would you
need to get started?

What are you looking for?

$100,000 in seed money.

That'll allow me to build
a secure enough network

to run a true prototype.

With that, I can lure larger investors.

Eventually, I'll need 12 million.

That sounds very interesting,
but I have just one concern,

all this Bitcoin, crypto-currency stuff.

I've been reading up on it and if I may,

its ultimate success looks pretty...

Well, it just looks pretty
grim for the banking community.

Well, look at the record
companies, the movie studios.

They didn't want to
adapt to the digital age.

Now they're getting smoked
by Spotify, Netflix, YouTube.

It's the same thing. Traditional
banking, digital currency.

That train is leaving
the station my friends,

so you either jump
on-board or get left behind.

Well, very intriguing.

We're going to chat internally.

Yeah? And we will circle back with you.


- Thank you very much.
- It was great.


- You've reached Andrew Talman.
- Please leave a message.

Andrew? Are you fucking kidding me?


This girl's so smart.

I mean, child prodigy, went to Stanford,

she just has absolutely no
idea how to sell herself.

Yeah, but there has to be a
reason why people aren't buying.

Like, you're the only one.

I think it's a, sort
of, inclination to be

afraid of what you
don't know or understand,

and I think it's people scared
of the future. I think... yeah?

Yeah. Well...

Okay, I don't really
understand what exactly it is.

- Gencoin?
- Yeah.

It's a currency. It's like any
other currency, but it's digital.

Um, it's not tied to any
government or bank.

So, anyone on earth can access it.

And how does it actually
have real life value?

It has the value that we
collectively ascribe to it.

Same as any of this.

For instance, this bottle of wine,

you know, that your aunt got us.

We could agree that
this is worth $1000.

- You want me to believe
- Or if I said,

- that it's a $1000 bottle of wine?
- it's worth $1000

for me to part with it, and you said,

it's worth $1000 for me to have it.

Then it's worth $1000.

- I get it.
- But... I know you do.

- I know you do.
- But I still would not

pay $1000 for that
shitty bottle of wine.

- We're drinking it.
- We are.

Cheers to...

The start of the next chapter together.


- I love you.
- I love you.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- It's all that wine.
- It's okay.

- It's okay.
- Hang on.

- It's okay.
- Hang on.

It's okay.

I'll be back.

Oh, you don't...

You don't have to do that.


- Hello?
- Hi. Is this Izzy Morales?


Hey, this is Nick Talman.

We met earlier today. You
came in for a pitch.


Um, look, I'm sorry to call so late,

can I buy you lunch tomorrow?

I thought you guys passed.

This is not Valencia
talking. This is just me.

I would like to buy you lunch.

- Big man. What it do.
- What it do.

Come on.

Straight? You all right?

All good.

What Sid have to say?

His boy day called in the
whole bus-load of choppers.

Got them things coming
down from Atl next week.

Yo, Oskar told me what went
down yesterday though.

- Disobeyed me.
- You know I ain't for that.

Come on, man. He do
what he knew I'd say.

Murkin' towners, they just
gonna come back at us, Jey.

You got big dreams, huh, Big Ronnie?

You dream big, huh?

You making moves with
that money or what?

Look, Dawg, you know the money good.

- Come on, man, I trust you, Dawg.
- I trust you. I know you.

I don't know them niggers.
They ain't Haitian.

We done been through this, Jey.

Ever since the feds came up in here...

I ain't trying to hear
about no feds, though.

Yeah, but I'm saying, Jey.

We ain't got the muscle
that we used to, and

every nigga from overtown
to Lib City know it.

But you see how the Cubans do it.

Yeah, I see they got
banks. I see they got ports,

they got unions, all that.

But Cubans got all that
'cause Uncle Sam say they do.

But what we got?

What we got? What are
they going to do for us?

Only reason any of this still here,

Haitians back there, these cribs...

Man, all this is 'cause of force!

It's 'cause they know
not to fuck with us

'cause we come at you, Dawg.

Pull you out your house if we have to.

You feel me?

You for that, nigger?

Yeah, I'm for that.

Come here.

How much is this boy going to need?

About 20 large.

All right, I'll go pay
that cracker a visit.

- So it starts as an app, right?
- Mmm-hmm.

And then, obviously we find a way to

entice people, incentivize users.

I've already sketched out a
couple of models in my prospectus.

I saw that. I know. It's totally great.

It's legit, too. My code.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. No.
- I have no doubt.

But you don't want to
audit it or anything?

I do, but... look.

I'm not investing in the
code, I'm investing in you.

All right? I know
what you're capable of,

so I'm investing in the idea.

Even if the code didn't work...

- It works!
- I'm sure it does.

- My code is the shit.
- I know.

I'm just saying, even if it didn't,

with the money I'm prepared to give you,

we can hire a team and make
this about more than a code.

We can turn this into
something very real

that has the power to change the world.

How much money?


Two million.

No way. No way.

No, no. This is a joke.
No, you think I'm joking.

These are routing numbers to
off-shore... come here, please.

These are routing numbers
to off-shore bank accounts.

The money's already set
up and ready to be wired.


- Yeah, it was given to me to take care of.
- I'm trying to do the right thing.

I don't want to know where it came from.

Are you sure about that?

- I've been to every bank on Brickell Ave.
- I've hit up every lender from here

to Tampa, VCS that I
still know out west.

- I know, they're all scared.
- Yeah, they're scared of what it can do

- to their way of life.
- Sure.

When they see me, they see...

They see an anarchist.

They see a crazy
Chonga, is what they see.

This is my life's work.

A last chance.


- All these here?
- Yeah.

Okay, you know what? Why are
you breaking 'em up like that?

I'm putting them in digital shell corps.

That way, anytime we take money in,

it's completely untraceable.

Okay, is it...

Very, very safe to
store money like that?

- It's more than safe.
- I built the encryption.

It's better than what all
the major banks are using.

Okay, really?

Yes, really.

- Positive?
- Completely positive?

- Would you rather take this to a bank?
- I mean, do you trust me?

Yeah. Yeah, do it.


Hi, Gencoin.

Can I help you?

- Yeah. Where Andrew...
- Andrew Talman?

Oh, you just missed him.

He's taken a leave of
absence as of yesterday.

For how long?

Um, indefinite.

Where'd he go?

Um, I'm not sure.

Is there something I can help you with?


Yeah, we opened up an
account a couple of weeks ago.

Uh, I just need to take
a little piece of it.

Uh, did he tell you who will be managing

your account in his absence?

He didn't tell me he
was leaving. He wouldn't

pick up his phone. That's why I'm here.

I see. Okay.

Well, can I get your name?

Dacey. Ronald Dacey, D-a-c-e-y.


Is there something wrong?

When did you say that you
opened the account, Mr. Dacey?

Last Wednesday, I think it was.

It's just that, um,

there's no record of
you here in our system.

What they hell are you talking about?

Are you sure you're in the right place?

Are you for real?

Are you being for real right now?

Do you... do you still
have the welcome packet?

- Did he...
- He didn't give me no packet.

You think I'm messing with you?

No, sir, it's just...

I don't know what else to tell you.

You can tell me...

Where my goddamn money's at.

Hi, Nick.

Um, there's an agent
Rask here to see you.

He says he's FBI.

He's already in your office. I
tried to stop him, but he just...

- He went in.
- You couldn't stop him?


What does he want?

He didn't say.

- What's his name?
- Agent Rask.

Okay, thank you.

Agent Rask?

- Call me Phil.
- Okay. Hey.

Nick, didn't mean to snoop.

No, no, not at all.

- It's what they're there for.
- You fish?

Um, you know, I used to,
hard to find the time.

What is that, tuna?

Yeah, that is a blue fin.

All the way out here?

- No, no, no.
- Cape Hatteras, actually.

You're kidding. We used
to go there every summer.

I didn't know there was good tuna.

There's some of the best actually.

That's got to be satisfying, right?

Pulling something that
big out of the water?

Oh, yeah, it is.

Always meant to learn,
but just can't get away.

You know I haven't had a
vacation in seven years.

- It's brutal.
- Seven.


- Mind if I sit?
- Please, please.

You're not in trouble by the way.


You know I'm a federal agent, right?

Yes, that's what Selby said.

You look nervous is all.

As if you're in trouble. You're not.

No, no, I think...

Maybe the gun, I don't know.

Oh, right.

So is that your girl?

Yes, uh, Taylor is her name.

Wife? Fiancee? What?

Just girlfriend for now.

We're not putting...

I mean, that's a label, but I...

- What's a label?
- "Girlfriend."

I was going to say,
we're not putting labels

on it, but we are she's
my girlfriend, but...

- Right.
- It's all for right now.

- Well, lock that down.
- She's a knockout.

Yeah. Hey, I'm working on it.

- Good. Good.
- Where's your dad?

We had a meeting. He didn't show.

Can't find him. It's
like he's skipped town.

So I'm wondering, where'd he go?


Well, I don't... I...

I can't say I know.

We hardly talk anymore.

Except for the other night.

We did. We did talk the other night.

So what did you guys talk
about, your dad and you?

I think it was mostly, if I
recall, it was mostly a catch-up.

He definitely didn't say
anything about leaving town.

- So just small talk then?
- Again, you're not in trouble.

Is he in trouble?

He teach you how to fish, your dad?

- Um, he did, a long time ago.
- That's great.

It's nice, you know, it's important

to have those memories of your old man.

See, my dad, he shot himself
when I was off at school.

.38, under the chin, pow.


Dumb bastard, couldn't
even do that right.

The bullet ricocheted
off his jawbone, took out

his left eye, ripped
off a piece of his brain,

didn't kill him straight away,

he had to be on a vent for two
whole months before he passed.

Two goddamn months with all of us

just standing around
watching him fill a bag

with shit waiting for him to go.

My god.

- Huh?
- I said, my god, that's...

- That's awful.
- If there is a god.

What kind of god, right?

Right. It's a great question
for another time, maybe.

- There'll be another time.
- I don't want to keep you.

Oh, uh, listen, no problem,

let me know if there's
anything I can do, okay?

If you hear from your dad,

it's really important I speak to him.

Yeah. Absolutely.

So what'd you use?

What did I use?

- To catch the tuna?
- Not just worms, I'm assuming.

- No, not worms.
- I use herring.

Sometimes I go with scad.

- So just smaller fish then?
- Yeah.

Right. Hmm.

You know, one of these
days I'm going to retire,

you're going to take me out
there, show me a thing or two.

- Okay. It's a deal.
- What?

I will.

If you want, I can...

Let me know.


Let me know. I mean, like,
let me know and I will...

Anytime, really. I mean, I have
to find the time, but, you know...

You know, doesn't sound like
you're retiring anytime soon, so...

I'm just saying you
haven't had a vacation.

It seems like you work hard.

They work you. I know the feeling, so...

But if you find the time,
I will also find the time.

Thanks, Nick.

You've reached Andrew Talman.
Please leave a message.

You've reached Andrew Talman.

- You've reached Andrew Talman...
- Goddammit!

Help! Help! Help! Help!

I've been sleeping at night

with my dick in my hands

I am worried for my plans

More than anything

if you do not want to fuck me

but I know 'cause I
see it in your eyes

but I am left convinced

I'm only one to despise

I'm the reason you're here

fill my confidence