Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 3 - Blindfold - full transcript

Starsky is grief-stricken when pretty Emily Harrison is accidentally blinded by a shot from his gun.



That should just about do it.

Okay. Open sesame.




Isn't that beautiful?


♪ Sunday morning Coming down ♪

know about Sundays?

Well, I know it's Sunday.

Do you know the
ratio of working peoples

to non-working
peoples on Sundays?

No. Why don't you do a survey?

I have. Only cops
work on Sundays.


And do you know that 95 percent

of the crimes committed

are committed between
Monday and Saturday?

No. Yes.

And only 2 percent are
committed on Sunday.

And none on Sunday mornings.

Well, maybe that's 'cause
all the bad guys are in church.

in the vicinity: Silent alarm signaling

at jewelry store at 609 Dayton.

Maybe church just
let out. Code two.

This is Zebra Three, thank you

for our Sunday
morning sermonette.

HUTCH: Hey, that's
just around the corner.




Up against the wall! Put 'em up!

Okay, let's go.


Try that again, you
won't see Monday.

Police! Halt, or I'll fire!

Oh, my God.


Please. Dear God, please.

HUTCH: All right,
folks, step back!

Police. Step back. Hit
the tree. Hit the tree.


What happened?

I shot her.


Uh, excuse me,
I'm looking for...

WOMAN [OVER PA]: Dr. Gary,
emergency call, line six. Dr. Gary.

How you doing?

Waiting for the doctor.

She have any relatives?

Just a girlfriend next door.

That's her.

I called her, told
her what happened.

She came.

Looked at me like I got leprosy.

Oh, Starsky, that's just
an emotional reaction.

You know that.

I feel like I'm a bloody leper.

Yeah, well, it's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be all right.



Don't you have any
information for me?

I told you. I'm waiting
for the doctor. I know that.

Can't you at least tell me
her name or something?

Emily Harrison.


Do you know any reason
why Emily might be down there

on a Sunday morning?

Probably on her way
back from an art class

that was held on Riverside
Drive, according to her friend.

WOMAN [OVER PA]: Officer Hutchinson,
telephone call at nurse's station five.

Officer Ken Hutchinson.

Hello? Oh, sorry.


Oh, good. That's quick work.

Look, uh, keep him on ice,

and, uh, I'll be down
in about a half an hour.

All right.

Thank you.

They just picked
up Don Widdicombe.

Is the officer here that was
involved in the Harrison case?

Yeah, how is she? Alive.

Would you send over the forms?

Your department
insists that I fill in papers

in triplicate on
any bullet wounds.

Doc, how is she?

Miss Harrison is
blind is how she is.

Oh, my God.

Is that temporary? Is that
permanent? Is it shock? What?

I don't know.

She's had a grazing wound
to the left parietal area

causing severe nerve trauma

and some slight damage
to the external tissues.

Will she be able to see?

There's a possibility.

How much of a possibility?

Well, look, this
isn't a grocery store.

I can't trade you 5 pounds
of hope for $10 of wishes.

You shot her, she's blind.

The chances of her
recovering her eyesight

are maybe 50 percent.

And don't quote me.

Uh, doc.

We'll have to talk to her.

Police business?


Let that wait a day or two.

May I see her? Please?

I'm a friend, and... And I
think she can stand a little love.

I think so too.

Room 368.

Hey, look, um, could
you do me a favor?

Do you a favor?


You're the cop who shot her.

HUTCH: Sergeant Starsky saw you.

Well, he must be smoking
some of them funny cigarettes.

Come on, I got witnesses
by the yard that'll prove

I was nowheres near the joint.

An officer of the law ID'd you.

Yeah, well, unless
he got a picture of me,

I got six witnesses that'll tell
the judge just the opposite.

Now... what do you wanna do?

Well, I'm just gonna have to use

your kid brother's
testimony, that's all.

He's in the squad room
right now with a steno

singing your future
and it's all bad.

I taught my little
brother never to tell a lie.


That was a nice try, man.

You pulled that robbery.

And you took a shot at
my partner, hockey puck.

Turn him loose. What?

You heard me. Turn him loose.

Who sprung him?

Homer Covell.


Okay, Widdicombe, take a walk.

Just keep a look over your
shoulder, 'cause I'll be there.

You have a nice day,
Sergeant Hutchinson.

Get him outta here.

Oh, boy, I'll tell
you. That was quick.

What about the kid?

His first offense.

Five grand bailed him out.

It looks like the wrong man
is greasing the hands of...

The wheels of...

justice, doesn't it?

Well, Judge Homer
Covell rides again.

Both the Widdicombe
brothers are back on the street.


What do you hear about
our girl, huh? Emily?

Probably gonna be
released from the hospital

in the next couple of days.

That's great. It's much better
than we expected, isn't it?

It's perfect. Except for
the slight complication

of being blind in both eyes.

Yeah. That is rough.

Rough. Yeah.

Know what I did
when I went home?


After staring at the
wall for a couple hours

I thought to myself, "Well,

maybe I'm
overdramatizing it a bit."

I mean, what the hell, it's
not that bad, being blind.

At least she's still alive.

Yeah. She is that.

So I put on a blindfold.

You put on a... What?

I put on a blindfold.

You didn't have to do that.

Yeah, I had to do that!

I mean, what is blind
to you and me, huh?

It's a five-letter word.

It's, uh... It's Helen Keller.

I-it's reading Braille.
It's a Seeing Eye dog.

It's a lot of romantic
garbage, that's what it is.

I tried being
blind for one hour.

I bumped into walls.

I burned my hand thinking
it was the cold water tap.

Tripped over furniture,
almost bloodied up my nose.

I sat and turned on
the TV and listened to it.

I listened to TV for an hour.

I got so crazy I tore
the damn thing off.

That was only an hour!
Emily, I made her blind...

Look, I've got... I've got
a corny speech, I know.

But i-i-it's the truth.

Just save it. I've
already heard it.

Line of duty, et-lousy-cetera.

Forget it, it doesn't work.

Unfinished paperwork's
on your desk, pal,

and I gotta get out of here.

I understand. Sure,
take some time off.

But let me know when
I can expect you back.





Has Starsky called yet?

No, I was just
trying to reach him.

It's three days now. How
long is this trip gonna last?

I don't know, captain.
I'll stop by later.

Now where are you going?

I'm gonna check out
the Widdicombes again.

I think I can get
that kid to break.

While you're at it,
check out Emily Harrison.

What for?

She's the only witness.










Is somebody there?

Just another body.
How you doing?

Do you know me?

Not yet but, uh...

I'm willing to work on it.

I'm waiting for someone. Oh?

Male or female?

Look, mister, I don't
feel comfortable

talking to strangers.

Well, me neither.

Why don't we
introduce ourselves.

My name is Dave.
I'm sorry, but...

Me too. I would have preferred
something a little sexier

like, uh, Rudy or Marcello.

But, uh, what are you gonna do?

You're wasting your charm.

Why don't you try it
on somebody else?

Look, I just wanna be alone.

No, no, no, no, no.

Y-you have to do that with
a little more melancholia.

You gotta give it a
tragic touch... like Garbo.


I want to be alone.

You are really
weird, you know that?

Well, all the normal
people are working now.

God bless us weirdoes, huh?

Oh, watch it.

Watch it.

You're liable to
break out with a smile.

That's gonna lead to laughter.

After that, who knows
what kind of trouble?





You have a beautiful smile.

I'm blind.

What does that have
to do with your smile?

Do you always go around
picking up blind girls?

It's been an off season.

But I'll tell you the truth.

Last week, I met a couple
of really terrific ones.


All right, will
you? Knock it off.

Knock it off!
Knock it off, will ya?

Look, are you hocking
or you buying, huh?

Ya hocking or... The trumpet?

You want the trumpet?
You want that trumpet?

Cost. I'm gonna
give it to ya for cost.

I'm not gonna make a dime.
What's the matter, Pinky?

Matter? What's...? Who...?

You're sweating.

Oh, uh, doctor says
I got an allergy...

to cops.

Oh. Well, then, Pinky, you're
gonna have a righteous rash.

I'm not leaving here until I
get the information I want.

What? I don't got any. I
don't even know what ya want.

Of course you don't.
I haven't told you yet.

Don Widdicombe.
Yeah. What about him?

He's big with the
ladies. Oh, good.

Look, what else can I tell
you guys you don't know?

Been handling any of
his merchandise lately?

Are you crazy?

You think I'd handle
hot stuff in my position?

What position is that, Pinky?

Oh, come on, lighten
up, will you Hutchinson?

We both know I've been busted
twice for hot cameras and furs.

I can't take any more chances.

How about jewels?

Widdicombe's jewelry?

Not a chance.

Nothing from the
heist on Sunday, huh?

No jewels coming through.

I want information
on Widdicombe,

I want it on that jewelry
heist, or so help me,

I'll hang you out to dry, Pinky.

And, Pinky, I'm a
man of my word.


It always looked so
beautiful in the movies.

The blind girl touching
her lover's face.

Wanna know something?


Being blind stinks.

This doctor who treated you,

what did he say about the
odds of you seeing again?

Fifty percent maybe.

He said that if it
comes back at all

I'll start by seeing flashes
of light and blurred images.

Those are pretty good odds.

Maybe you'll make it, hm?

You know, I wake up in
the middle of the night,

and I open my eyes
hoping to see some flashes.

But nothing.

Nothing yet.

But it just happened.

I'm tired of talking about me.

Great. 'Cause I happen to
be one fascinating subject.

SHARON: Emily.

What's going on?

I thought you were gonna
wait for me on the bench.

I panicked. Is it 5 yet?

I got off early.

I met...

Are you still here? Right here.

Sharon, this is Dave.

Sharon is my neighbor
and temporary keeper.

Without her, I don't
think I could make it.

Hello, Sharon.


Dave here is a charming nut,

and I think he's a
photographer. Right?

Right. And I think I'm gonna
take me one little picture.

Uh, keep the clothes on, okay?

I will.

Uh, Sharon, would you
mind stepping out of frame?




you look so beautiful.

I'd like a copy.

Yeah, Emily's a pretty name.

A bit old-fashioned but, uh,

it sure is pretty.


I almost believe you.


PINKY: What do ya mean, don't
worry? Boy, you're a fine one to talk.

DON: Relax, Pinky. It's
been five days since the bust.

It's old news already.

That cop Hutchinson's breathing
down your neck, Widdicombe,

and looking to bust
you bad. [CHUCKLES]

And he'd like you to blow
the whistle, wouldn't he?

I'm not going for it.

Now, you know
me better than that.

You know, my
life's at stake too.

That's a good thing to remember.

Pinky, I need some bread.

I haven't moved
any of the stones yet.

Thing's are, uh, kind of hot.

But I got word
out on the street.

We'll call it an advance.

I'm a little short this week.

Me too.


That cop Hutchinson's crazy.

I never seen him like this.
He ain't gonna ease up.

Relax, Pinky.
It'll all work out.

Last time I relaxed...

Sent up for five years.




EMILY: I told
you, I can't do it.

I can't do it!

STARSKY: You can't quit
now. You're halfway through.

I don't even know what
I'm doing. I can't see it!



You can feel.

Come on, give it another shot.


Please? No.

Pretty please.

Pretty please with a
big red berry on top.

Come on.

Back to work, lazy.


Why are you scowling?

Your hands are getting
to see pretty good now.


This is ridiculous!

Who are you?

I told you. Just another guy.

No, no. I mean, who are you?
Why are you here all the time?

Why are we together?

I'll tell you if you
get my nose right.

It... It's just too
good, and I...

I can't... I can't believe
why you would be here.

I don't understand. Look.

I don't know.

Just let it be okay, all right?

Please, just let it be
okay. I can't. I can't!

I can't let it be okay
because I don't know.

I don't understand!
Please just shut up.

But you don't
understand! No buts, ifs,

ands, otherwise. Please.

Shut up and sculpt.




Just... [SIGHS]


That's not my nose.

I know that's not your nose.

That's your nose.


You stink, you know that?

Didn't ask you.

What's the word, Kenny boy?
Hey, man, this is my quarter.

I didn't invite you... to play?

Been behaving yourself, huh?

Get off my back, cop.

Back, front, head to
toes. I'm your blanket.

You can't do nothing to me.

I'm out on legal
bail all legal-like.

You so much as blink your
eye in the wrong direction,

Kenny boy, you're back in
the joint, you understand me?

Wait a second. I'm
not through with you.

Man, you just...

Your brother, you were
telling me about your brother.

I haven't seen him since...

Since the heist
last Sunday, huh?

Since a month of Sundays.
I don't hang out with him.

Your brother took
a shot at my partner.

It's gonna go down hard on him.

You, you're just
involved in a little heist.

It'd be easier for you if
you'd testify, you know?

Are you trying to get me to
snitch on my own brother?

You got me all wrong, man.

Be a shame to have to turn
in those nice looking threads

for 20 years of prison
gray, wouldn't it, Kenny boy?

When did you get
out of the joint, Carlos?



Hiya. How you doing?


Your phone's not working?

It's working fine.

You want a brew?

Help yourself.

You look lousy.

Thank you.

How's it going?

It's going.

What you been doing?

Not much.

Starsky, what's going on?


I've had more intelligent
conversations with a turtle.

Then go to a pet store.

I'm not in the mood
for socializing tonight.

You wanna hear about the case?

Good. Glad you're
interested, officer.

Well, I'll tell you, I'm, uh...

Go ahead.

I'm putting the pressure on.

And I figure with your
help we could hound that kid

and make him break.

I'm taking some time off.

Yeah, I noticed that.

I also think that big
brother's gonna have to

fence his stuff through Pinky.

So I wanna put
the pressure on him.

So far, I got nothing.


Checked out Emily
Harrison's alibi.


Stopped by the art class
where she was supposed to be.

What are you
checking on her for?

I was reminded of a
standard police procedure.

Check out the alibi of
every person at the scene.

Well, why don't you check on me?

After all, the real
crime is she's blind...

Instructor said that
she left class early.

So what? So nothing.

I'm telling you the facts.



Now, if you don't mind,
I'd like to be left alone.

You been spending a lot of
time with her lately, haven't you?


Maybe nothing.

Every snitch on your circuit

is asking me about the
blind girl and the cop.

It sounds like a
silly soap opera.

Knock it off, will ya.

In the line of duty, officer!

That does not mean you have
to devote your whole life to her.

See you around.

Oh, come on, Starsky,
don't do this to yourself.

I love you, I understand
what you're going through.

I love your caring, but, man,
I just think it's a... A bum rap

to wash your life down
the drain on a guilt trip.

Fact of the matter is
that I made that girl blind.

That's not guilt. That's fact.

And as far as line of duty goes,

doesn't a cop have to
show some responsibility

for what he does
in the line of duty?

See you around.




Dave, is that you?

Come on, Dave. Don't
play games with me.

Hello, Emily.


Yes, baby. It's Don.
I'm here. I'm here.

I'm here, baby.

It's all right now.

Where have you been?


You were not the best
lookout in the world.

You didn't even come to see me.

I was in the hospital,
and I'm blind.

You didn't even come to see me!

I wanted to, baby.

Oh, Emily, I was so
worried about you, baby.

It was tearing me up inside.

But I had to wait until
that cop was gone.

What cop?



The guy that's
been babysitting you.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Oh, come on, baby, don't
run that number at me.

I've got my ears
tuned in to the street.

Everybody's talking about it.

The word is that Dave
Starsky's got it for you.

Dave's a cop?

You didn't know?

No. I... I thought he
was a photographer.

Yeah. He conned you, all right.

The same cop that
shot and blinded you

is now your loving guardian.

Dave is the one who shot me?

Time's running
like a thoroughbred.

By tomorrow Pinky'll
have moved the ice.

We'll have enough
bread to vacate to Hawaii

No! And then some.


I can't believe it.

I n... I need time to think.

If you hear from Starsky
between now and then...

you just respect the right to
breathe and say nothing, huh?

Later, babe.

DOBEY: How about some backup?

No. Pinky'll smell it.

Soon as Huggy makes the
buy on the Widdicombe jewelry,

I'll bust him.



Yeah, Hutchinson.

Hutch, you got 20 minutes.


My place. I just
cleared the joint out.

Well, it's gonna take
me that much time

to get over there.

It's gotta be quick.
Pinky's running scared.

He doesn't want any
time to maybe set him up.

He's bringing over
the merchandise now.

Now, either I have the
bread to make a clean buy

or I think your
friend Huggy Bear

has made his last mistake.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Nineteen minutes and counting.

Yeah, I'm on my way.

It's going down right now.

I agreed to be his lookout,

and now he wants to take
me to Hawaii and get married.

Well, of course he
does 'cause he knows

a wife can't testify
against her husband.

How did you get mixed
up with a creep like that?

I don't know.

I thought he was exciting.

Sharon, what am I gonna do?

Tell Dave.

Tell him the truth.

But what about
Don? He scares me.

Emily, you're over your head

and this man is
definitely bad news.

Call Dave...

and ask him to get you
outta here before 6:00 tonight.

Hello, hello!


Hi, baby. Who's this?

I'm her next-door
neighbor and friend.

Well, that's an
interesting name.

What do they call you for short?



Uh, if you wouldn't mind,

I'd really kind of like to be
alone with Emily right now.

I thought you weren't
coming around until 6.

It looks like we're gonna be
able to catch an earlier plane.

Don, I... I don't think that...

We'll talk about it on
the plane, okay, honey?

If you'll excuse us, Sharon.

Um, Sharon...

thanks for coming by,

and, uh, I-I think
that Don and I

should talk alone
for a little while.

Well, okay, and if you need
me just knock on the wall.



Don, I'm not coming with you.

What are you talking about?

I won't tell anybody
about anything. I promise.

Well, I know that, baby.

Come on, let's get packed.

You're not listening to me.

This is the first time
I was ever involved

with anything like that, and
look what happened to me.

Now, I'm not cut out
for this kind of thing.

So if you just let me be,

I... I won't tell anybody
about anything, I swear.

Hey, pretty face.

We're going to Hawaii.

We're gonna get married.

Like the saying goes:

For better or worse.


Besides, a wife can't
testify against her husband.

You got it.


What's the matter?


I just wanna get this
action on and over with.

Well, that's what I'm here for.

You got the money?

Uh, no, I got 10 books
of Green Stamps.

I think your humor stinks.

Hey. Hey, man,

nobody ever killed anyone
because their jokes were bad.

Where's the money?

In the cash
register, where else?

Get it.

Can I check the goodies?

Hey, man, you got the armor.

I'm not gonna make
a play against that.

Hey, I'm a hustler...

and maybe a couple
of other things,

but I'm not a fool.

Let me see the goods

and, uh, I'll ring
that register.

All right.


Looking good.

It should.

You can sell that
piece for 15 big ones.

Now show me the five grand.

Yeah. Mm-hm.

Are you stalling me, funny man?

Hey, man, don't I have to check
the merchandise before I buy?

It's not that I
don't trust you...

but I think it's time to
show Pinky your register.

You got it.


Uh-oh, lookie here.

All I got is two 10s.

How about an IOU for the rest?

Uh, 4980 bucks.

Listen, hustler. Either
you give me that money...

Hey, Pinky, just be
cool with that thing.


Now, Pinky, you
are under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent

and be represented by
an attorney of your choice.

I should have known.

Yeah, now here's your choice.

You can either tell
me what I wanna know

about Don Widdicombe
now, by your choice,

or you can spend the fading
days of your life in the joint.

Can I think about it?

It's possible.


STARSKY: Hey, it's me
with the scowling brow.

[KNOCKS] Emily?

Hey, you with the
old-fashioned name.


You in there?


He's not here, huh?




It's Emily's old man.

She was the lookout
during the heist.

What are you talking
about? Starsk, listen.

We just busted Pinky.

Pinky? He was
fencing the jewels.

He's a nickel-and-dime
fence for crying out loud.

So, what has he got to lose?


I don't know.

Where's Emily? I don't know.

She was supposed to
be here. I don't know!

I've been trying to reach you.

Don Widdicombe came
and took her with him.

They were going
back to his place

to wait for the money and
then to Hawaii or something.

Records has his
address. Come on.


HUTCH: That's it.

Well, if Widdicombe's
car is here,

we gotta look for it in a
slot for apartment C-27.

Pinky says it's
a green '73 Ford.

Think he's telling the truth?

Well, anybody chained
to a barroom floor

and looking at five
to 10 in the joint

is probably gonna tell
the truth, don't you think?

It's still here.

Sometimes we get lucky.


What are we gonna
do? I told you this...

Shut up and be cool

and we'll just walk
right outta here, okay?

Emily, don't do anything dumb.

I got you covered.

Surprise, surprise.

You got no claim on us.

Yeah. I'm out on legal bail.

Shut up, punk.

You got no right to detain
us. We're just going for a ride.

That's right. Down
to headquarters.

Uh, I don't think so.

That wasn't in my plans.

Your plans don't
mean diddlysquat.

Dave, he's got a gun!




You just don't
learn, do ya, Shirley?

Stay there!

Don't move.

Come on.

You all right? Oh!

Oh. It's okay, Emily.

It's okay. Shh. Shh.


It's okay, don't
worry. It's over.

It's weird, isn't it, huh?
The way things work out?

Dave, I can see.


You're still a little
blurry, but I can see.

I can see.

Oh, that's great.

That's great.

You know, you
really are handsome.

Hey, would I lie to you
about a thing like that? Hm?

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm so sorry.

[SCREAMS] Hi there.

Doing a little vacuuming, huh?


Very good. How's Emily doing?

What'd the doctor say?

Emily? Yeah.

Well, doctor says she stands

about 100 percent
chance of recovery.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Mm-hm. And the judge says that

he'll most likely give her
a suspended sentence.

Great. How you feeling?

Look at my profile.
Don't I look okay?

Oh, that's a vast improvement.

You ought to try it sometime.

What, sculpting? No,
wearing a blindfold.

You couldn't hack
it for five minutes.

Five minutes? With my grasp
of extrasensory perception?

Why, I could handle it for days.

Five'll get you 10 you
couldn't hack it for 30 minutes.

I could... Thirty
minutes, huh? You're on.

You got a blindfold?


Watch this.

Plunged into blackness.

Total darkness?

Total darkness.

Scout's honor? Scout's honor.

Three fingers. Three fingers.

You're on. I'm
uncomfortable in this chair.

I think I'll move to the sofa.

Well, do that. Watch
out for the vacuum...


Well, we all make mistakes, huh.

We certainly do.

I noticed you moved the sofa.

Very good.

It's down right
around here, huh?

Mm-hm. Look at this.


Oh, distress call
from the neighbors.

We gotta make an
emergency phone call.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Phone's gotta be right there.

Look at that.

Pretty good.

Operator, got it.

Wanna watch a little television?

Sure, why not.

What would you like to look at?

How about channel five.

There's a ball game on.

No, the news is on five.

I'll just watch it
from over here.

Okay. There we go. There's five.

With all this
activity, I got to...

You mind if I use
the little boy's room?

Go right ahead.


Don't forget to take
off the blindfold.


The chair.


The chair.

There it is. There it is.

The little boy's room has
gotta be right out there.

I'll be back in a second, huh.