Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 20 - Targets Without a Badge: Part 3 - full transcript

Hey, what kind of car you want?

Low-profile or fancy?

You know me, Huggy.

Any kind of
transportation will do.

One transportation
car. What else?

You got a suit?

A real suit?

Yeah, what is it, a
funeral or something?

So? It's an address.

I see that.

Well, it's in a part of town

where you'd be much
more welcome than I would.

Well, what am I supposed
to do when I get there?

You're supposed to act
like a mortgage salesman.

And then do what?

And then offer to
refinance their house.

Is that Mardean?

Yeah. I've been keeping

an eye on her and her kid.

Look. Car, suit,
salesman, refinancing.


How are you?

I'm all right.

How's, uh...? How's
Jamie? She'll make it.

Uh, you know, you and I
never really had a chance to talk.

Just what would we
have found to talk about?

You, your daughter.

Lionel, us.

How we felt. How we still feel.

It really doesn't
matter now. It's over.

Mardean, would you...?

Would you sit down
for a minute, please?

Your husband...

helped us crack a
real hornet's nest.

But whoever the
men are that killed him

are still flying free.

And I just want you to
know that as long as...

As long as we're here...

we're gonna keep
poking at that nest.

And what if you break it?

What then? Will you
ever get McClellan?

We're gonna get that man,

federal judge or
no federal judge.

Look, uh...

I want you to know something.

And this is very important.

Whatever it was that
Lionel decided to do, he...

He went in with
his eyes wide open.

Why? Why did he do it?

Because he was so crazy in
love with you and Jamie that...

That he would risk everything

so that he could
save what he had.

I wanna promise you something.

We're gonna finish
what that man started.

I believe that.

Mrs. Swayder? Yes?

How do you do?

My name is Lawrence Taylor,

and I represent the
Companion Mortgage Company.

And the reason for my visit is,

my company is canvassing
the neighborhood.

Mr. Taylor...

is my husband's name
at the top of the list?

Uh, what list is that?

If I wasn't a
lady, I'd tell you.

I-I beg your pardon?

We've been through
this yesterday.

Another salesman
from another company

who just happened to be

canvassing the
neighborhood, he says.

So don't get handy with me,

begging my pardon around here.

You hear?

Well, that isn't my
intention, you see...

Then what have you got
on your mind, young man?

I'm definitely not interested.

You better have
something good going,

else I'm calling the cops.

Just because we're
having money trouble

don't mean you can stand there

and embarrass me.

And besides,

we already made a deal

for a loan from that shark

in a white-on-white suit.


May I ask you something?

Just one question, please.

If you didn't have
such a dumb job,

you might be an
attractive young man.

So ask away and
see if I'll answer now.

Could you tell me the name
of that mortgage company

who that white-on-white

I want to ask you a
question, Thomas.

Which do you value more:

your own life and the
life of your daughter...

or the lives of those
two ex-detectives

that visited your home?

I want you to contact
those two men, Thomas.

I want you to tell them
that you've decided

to give them
certain information.

They are to meet you tonight

at 10:00 at the Trojan Spa

in the Eucalyptus Steam Room.

And I'm to do what?

Nothing. Stay away.

And if I don't do what
you've told me to do?

I have great faith in
your love, Thomas.

For Allison...

if not for yourself.

The old man's about
15 minutes late already.

Maybe he got held up

by the long line of
people waiting to get in.

How you doing?

Something wrong?

Yeah, now that you bring it up.


I don't like guys
with curly hair.

That's interesting. Interesting.

How do you feel about blonds?

He don't like blonds either.

How about artichokes?

Does he like artichokes?

He don't like nothing.


Oh, well. Well, I don't
know about you, Starsk,

but I think I've...

had enough steam tonight.

Yeah. Me too.

I think you guys should
sweat a little bit more.

Well... looks like we're
back behind the eight ball.

We must be doing
something right.

Really. What do you think?

I'll tell you what I wanna do.

I wanna make a
visit to old man May.

You got it.

Boil, baby.

Okay, guys, get in the
back. Come on. Let's go.

What about my car?

Well, if, uh... If you're lucky,
maybe someone will steal it.

Let's go, get in the car.

Think this time you
might give us a lift back?

We're not too happy
with you guys right now.

Yeah, well, that comes across.

Well, it damn well better.

Look, let me tell you something.

I don't know whether you
realize this or not, but...

but this is a federal

You're interfering with
a federal investigation.

Which happens to
be a federal offense.

Punishable by imprisonment.

Does it seem to you
we've heard this before?

You know, it's a pity
that even after four years,

it doesn't get any better. Mm.

Let me tell you
wise guys something.

If you weren't a couple of
ex-cops with clean records,

we wouldn't be
talking to you here.

You'd be behind bars.

So bail out.

You understand?

No, we don't understand.
I'll tell you something.

It's gonna take
more than a couple

of small-change field
agents to make us bail out.

So if you got a
complaint against us,

take it to your bureau chief.

And don't come calling
without a warrant.


You know, I'm all
for doing my part

to support mass transit,
Starsky, but this is ridiculous.


Wait! Hey!


I told you not to
park the truck here!

Well, we had two hours.

Well, it's gone. Wh... What?

I told you not to park it here.

The mortgage company
that's refinancing the house

is part of a chain that's owned
by one of the big corporations.

Let me give you a hand
here. Got any orange juice?


What's the name
of this corporation?

Would you believe

Capricorn Mortgage,

Capricorn Mortgage.

And in case you don't know,

Capricorn grosses
over $800 million a year,

give or take a dollar.

I can understand
why certain parties

are anxious for us to bug out.

Yeah. And
investigating this matter

above and beyond
the call of duty,

I pilfered a piece
of their stationery,

which I now have
in my possession.

Bless you, Hug.
Where's the paper?

And as most sophisticated
individuals will note

that many large corporations

include in their
letterhead a list of names.

Capricorn, this list includes
its board of directors,

founding members and
operations officers. Mm-hm.

And I found out one thing,
studying this list briefly.

I don't have one relative

in an executive capacity
in this organization.

That's understandable, you know.

Mm, perhaps you do, blondie.

Home sweet home. Look at this.

Ah, you wanna let me in on it?

Right there. Raymond.
Raymond. Raymond McClellan.


Yeah, that's the federal judge

that Rigger tried to set up
and got himself killed for.

You got it. Thanks a lot, huh?

David Starsky? Yes, sir.

Ma'am. Kenneth Hutchinson?

Yeah, I'm here.

As former police
officers, you must...


Both be fully cognizant
of the rules and regulations

applicable to the
issuance of permits

allowing you to carry
a concealed weapon.

Absolutely. Yes, ma'am.

Then you must also know

that any infraction
of these rules

will bring about an
immediate cancellation

of all rights herewith granted.

Our only interest is in
self-defense, ma'am.

Judging by your attitude,

you're going to need all
the defense you can get.

Thank you very much.

That was not a compliment.

Oh, really?

Sign here.

In ink.

All right, you got us a new one?

All right. Where is it?

You gotta be kidding. Okay.

Well, um, it seems
there was this gentleman

of questionable morality,

whose string of good
luck was recently severed

along with his string of lady.

I can't be seen in this.

So how did you end
up with his car, huh?

Style, grace and
a gentle threat.

Huggy, I'm allergic
to furry dashboards.

Look, you guys
are a perfect match.

It doesn't help that
I'm allergic to this car.

Here you go.

Okay, Starsk.

You ready? Hm?

Are you ready to go?

Yeah, sure. Why?

Nothing. Just...


Why don't you answer that?
It might be for somebody.

Who do you figure?



Is this Hutchinson or Starsky?

Who wants to know?

Just call me Soldier.

Well, it's a little
dramatic, but that's okay.

What do you want... Soldier?

Your new car is nice.

Word gets around.

Well, it's a small world.

Not small enough
to squeeze you out.


Your old friend Thomas
May wants to see you.

Maybe you should go and
see him before it's too late.

And if you don't believe me,

just remember what
happened to your friend Rigger.

Soldier's gun is good.

Let's get out of here.

What up?

What are you two doing here?

I'd like to know what
you two are doing here.

We got a call.

From whom? And for what?

A guy named Soldier.

He told us to come over here.

I wanna know what's going on.

I wanna know what's going
on, you understand me?

First it's the daughter.
Then it's her father.

Now I have a shooting that's
supposed to look like suicide...

A murder.

All right.

I want you two to hear this.

We're gonna get in my car
and take a little ride downtown.

When we get down there,
we're going into my office.

I'm gonna lock the door, and
no one's coming out of there

until I understand what's
going on with you two!

Allison. Daddy!

Oh, no. No.


Oh, Daddy.

Oh, Daddy.

Soldier has assured me

that, uh, Thomas May
is no longer a problem.

Unfortunately, he's no
longer a... An asset either.

Uh, death has a
way of interfering

with one's productivity.

Oh, in regards to the, uh...
The two ex-police officers,

Starsky and, uh, Hutchinson...

Soldier's waiting for
a final confirmation.


No, I'm afraid not. Good.

Soldier has always been

particularly effective
when the line is very taut.

Shall I tell him to, uh, strike?

To kill. Tell him to kill.

Thank you.

Thanks, Dodds. I, uh... I
appreciate your coming by.

No problem. I was
in the neighborhood.

Out slumming, huh?

Heh. I like to stay in
touch with my roots.

Maybe we can get away for lunch.

We'll go to Hawthorne's.

Think you can afford that?

You'll have to fix your tie.


Uh, Starsky. Hutchinson.

See you in my office a moment?

You okay?

I'm fine.

Now, you just wanna tell me
how it's possible that Dodds,

the man who just
left my office...

He heads up all the activities

of every FBI agent in the city,

including your friends
Smithers and Waldheim

how he's never heard of Thomas
May or Franklin Anderson?

Oh, boy. Tell him.

We have not been hallucinating.

Then what do you call it?

Living a nightmare,
captain, not dreaming it.

Captain, our bus
fares were real.

The car's engine was real.

The guys in the
steam room were real.

The shootout in
the garage was real.

McClellan is real.
Capricorn Realty is real.

Allison May is real!
Soldier, phone call...

And so is an old man
dead, lying in his living room.

He's real too.

Real dead.

She'll be okay. Hm.

After what she's been through
for 20 years, she'll be okay.

There's tough.

What about us, huh?

What about us?

How tough are we?


What are you saying?

I'm saying that we...

We walked into this case

with all the finesse
of a wrecking ball.

We ignored everything
her father said to us.

We did everything
he asked us not to do.

And Waldheim and Smithers?

We did everything
they asked us not to do.

And even Dobey.
We did everything

he asked us not to do.

What makes us so damn smart?

You remember what Mardean said?

Remember what she said
about stirring up a hornet's nest?


I remember.

You guys don't know
when to quit, do you?

Aw, come on, buddy.

We just want a
minute to talk to you.

What about?

Well, uh... it's
sort of private.

Okay, okay.

What kind of mess you
got yourselves into this time?

The worst kind.

What does that mean?

Well, pointing a loaded gun

at a federal agent
in a federal building

unless they quit cracking
wise and start telling the truth.

Okay, right there!
Right there, come on!

Are you guys out of your minds?

Right down on the floor, buddy!

Somebody told you to
hassle us. We want his name.

Somebody told you about
Thomas and Allison. Who was that?

You seem to be forgetting
something we told you.

This is a federal matter!

The hell it is!

A man in this
building named Dodds.

That sound familiar? Huh? Huh?!

Well, it ought to be.
You work for the man.

Dodds never heard of Thomas.
You wanna explain that?

Look, it's not worth getting
that worked up about.

We did a favor for
a friend, that's all.

We didn't tell Dodds because
there wasn't a reason to.

Yeah, well, who's the friend?

He's a man we've
known for 25 years.

He used to be an
agent, for Pete's sake.

With the Bureau for 12 years.

He's got a list of commendations
as long as your arm.

I'm impressed.
What did he tell you?

He told us that
between 1957 and 1958

he was involved with
a protected witness

who now goes by the
name of Thomas May.

He told us that up until
a couple of weeks ago,

the lid was on tight.

And then all of a sudden, he
got a call from this Mr. May.

It seems that a couple of
guys began to follow him

and began talking
to his daughter.

A couple of guys named
Starsky and Hutchinson.

You guys started to
attract some attention,

and the last thing a protected
witness needs is attention.

Look, our... Our ex...

Our ex-FBI friend has
known Mr. May for 20 years.

He was asked to help.

That's how we got involved.

Who's decision was it
not to tell Dodds, huh?

Uh... Let's just say a... A
friend told us not to say anything.

Did he give you a reason?

Oh, come on, let's be fair, huh?

Look, how long have
you been with the force?

You mean you never
did a favor for a friend?

Off the record?

Ex-FBI pal of yours,
this Mr. Wonderful.

Guy with a trunk full of medals.

What is his name?



Federal Judge McClellan.

Mr. Dodds?

They're all yours.

Thanks for your time, gentlemen.

Morning, gentlemen.

I think the three of us
ought to have a little chat.

Don't you?

McClellan? Federal
Judge McClellan.

Crooked as a ram's
horn. And twice as tough.

This time we've
got him, captain.

This time he's nailed.
He had the access.

He had the power. He
had the motive: greed.

Let's say I go for it.

What's the plan?

Deputy DA Clayburn.

He was on our side before.

There's no reason he
won't be with us now.

Now, Clayburn wants McClellan
almost as bad as we do.

All we need from
you is the green light.

Once we've got that,

we can hand McClellan
over to the DA.

Okay. You got it.

Hey. Hey, what about the bill?

Oh. Right here, captain.

Comes to $7.20...

without the tip.

Federal judge. A federal judge.

Wow. You know, you
suspect a guy all along,

and then proof comes
down to nail him...

I don't know.

Reality gets a little
hard to swallow.


Yeah. Well,
with a little luck...

Uh, just a little luck,
we'll get him this time.

Is that a promise?

Damn right. Yep.

I don't think it's gonna be
quite as easy as it looks,

because, uh...

you know, you can't
prosecute a guy on supposition.

I mean, especially if the guy
happens to be a federal judge.

I'm gonna need some evidence.

Hard evidence.

You wanna get me
county sheriff's station.

I'm not saying that's
gonna be hard to do.

I'm saying it's gonna
take some time.

This is Clayburn. I
need to speak to Oates.

Fred? Yeah.

I need a 24-hour guard on
Judge Raymond McClellan.

I need that to start now.

Right now.

Uh-uh. No, I don't.

I don't have any details.

Uh, not now anyway.

I need you to get
that rolling though.

Right. Thanks.

Think a 24-hour
guard might tip him off?

Well, it might.

But I have to protect
your investment.

Well, um, w-we
certainly appreciate that.

Right. Nancy?

Yeah, what is it?

Just wanted to make sure

you weren't gonna be
late for your 2:00 meeting.

Uh, I didn't. Get my car.

I'll be down there
in five minutes.


You guys wanna do me a favor?


You wanna get back on the force?

You can call it selfish
interest if you want,

but the only way a guy like me

makes a reputation for himself,

grabs a few headlines,
makes himself feel important,

is through efforts
of guys like you.

Judge McClellan?

Yes, what can I do for you?



Come out, come out.


You wanna catch the phone?




Got it.

They got McClellan.

They got Allison.

"If you wanna see
her alive, be there."

Well, we got an address.

Wait a second, this is 320.

It must be down there.


I'm Soldier.

You can see I'm
a man of my word.

The merchandise here...

it's undamaged.

The deal is simple:

one of you for her.

As soon as one of you
takes one step this way,

she takes a step that way.

And so on and so on and so on.

Got it?

Got it.

Wait a second. Why
you instead of me, huh?

What do you
wanna do, vote on it?

Wait a second.

Don't play any games with me.

Rigger tried, and
I took care of him.

And your tacky car, Hutchinson.

I'm on my way, Soldier.

No, no, no. Hey.

Allison and I used
to be pals, right?

We got a lot of
childhood memories.

One of them
happens to be a biggie.

What are you talking about?

If I can get her to remember it,

we'll get a chance.

Just trust me.

And watch. Watch real close.

Okay, I take one step.

Then she takes one step.

You catch on real quick.

One thing.

Just a simple little thing.
Leave that cannon behind.

Get rid of both of them.

Once you get past
her, it's all over.

If this thing's gonna work...

it'll happen when I'm
close enough to touch her.

Can you hear me?

Yes. I can.

Remember 48th Street?


Remember crazy Sammy Pearl?

I remember.

Remember what he
said he was gonna do?

And we used to tell
him he was crazy?


But he did it, right?


In front of everybody...

on 48th Street.

He escaped without
even a scratch.

You wanna try and do it with me?

Trust me.

Just once...

for Sammy Pearl.


We kept our promise, Mardean.

At least your husband
can rest a little easier.

Well, I think I am. I think...

Hold on.

Are you rejoining the force?

Uh, well, actually, we... We
haven't quite decided yet, uh...

Well, have you been asked?

I'd like to answer
that question if I might.

Uh, Detectives Starsky
and Mr. Hutchinson...

Or former Detectives
Starsky and Hutchinson

did resign from the
force a few weeks ago.

However, laying their badges
aside has in no way affected

the courage and perseverance
of these two fine young men.

Now, so, in answer
to your question, yes.

The answer is,
emphatically, yes.

As a matter of fact, the
police commissioner himself

has asked that these two
fine young men rejoin the force.

And we are anxiously
awaiting their answer.

Uh, I understand.
I'll call you back later.

How many?

Three thousand at least.

Three thousand
protected witnesses?

How many of those did
McClellan have his thumb on?

Fifty? A hundred? More?

Well, the feds don't
really know yet.

All they really know, that
as long as he was an agent,

he had access to information
on hundreds of them.

McClellan, the
people he represented,

could've been blackmailing
each and every one of them.

The power of greed is awesome.


But I'm really proud of you two.

Thank you, cap.

You cracked an organization
here that's big enough,

strong enough, rich
enough and rotten enough

to shake up Uncle Sam himself.

Now, um... what is this routine?

You waiting for the mayor

to personally invite
you back on the force?

Well, we've got some more
nosing around to do, captain.

A few missing links, you know?

Yeah, like who's powerful
enough to corrupt a federal judge.

So put a badge on.


It might be easier
without one. Huh?

You're looking good, captain.

Could lose a little weight,
but you're looking good.

All right. After two days of
research, what have we got?

Come on. We finally
get to go to a matinee,

you wanna talk business?

The movie hasn't started yet.

It's gonna start. A
couple of minutes.

I'll tell you what,

as soon as it
starts, we'll stop.

Okay? Okay.

All right. Huggy, what you got?

Okay. For the past
10 years at least,

Clayburn has been
a very close friend

of the late Ray McClellan.


They both graduated
from the same university.

They both made
large contributions

to the same charity.

And they're both members of
the same exclusive men's club,

which wouldn't welcome
me too warmly, if at all.

Clayburn's also...

the chairman of the committee

that elected McClellan
to the superior court.

And he's responsible

for the, uh, appointment

of McClellan to the
federal judgeship.

Movie's starting.

It's a commercial, Starsky.

Commercial? It's
a movie theater.

Porno house. Nothing's
sacred anymore.

I'm beginning to wonder.

Come on, come on, come on.

Well, that's it,
except for the fact

the law firm that was
headed by our man

was the biggest
contributor to the campaign

for McClellan to
be re-elected...

That's it. That's what?

The movie's starting. It's 1:45.

What did you say?

The movie's starting.

No, no. About the time?

It's 1:45.

1:45. That's it! What's it?

We needed something
solid. Something to go on.

Right? So?

You may just have found
it. Let's get out of here.

Ah, ah, ah.

I could've been in this movie.


you are so much
better-looking than that guy.

Besides, you'd look ridiculous
in a sequin mask, you know.

Come on, get out. Let's go.

Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Fred Oates?

Detective Hutchinson.

What can I do for you?

Detective Starsky.

I recognize you.

You guys are getting
quite a reputation.

Back on the force now? Well...

We're trying to keep a
low profile, you know?

Sure. What do you need?

Uh, we'd like you to
check your logbook.

You got a call last
week on Tuesday

from the DA's office.

From Clayburn. Sure, I remember.

Like to know what
time it came in.

Okay. Just give me a sec.

It was clocked.

Two-ten. The call
came in at 2:10.

Are you sure? You
wanna check that again?

Mm. Two-ten.
Supposed to be 1:45.

His secretary came
in to remind him

of a 2:00 meeting.

Thanks. Sure.

Clayburn? Your friend and ours.

Whoever it was he
talked to at 1:45, captain,

it was not Fred Oates.

It was the man in
charge. It was Mr. Big.

All he had to hear was
we had the information

to bury McClellan.

Once he heard that,

it only took 25 minutes
to shut McClellan's mouth.

Twenty-five minutes. Report,
decision, action, touchdown.

That's a hell of a team.

And Clayburn called the play in?

That's right.

It's gonna take an hour
to an hour and a half

to find an available judge to
get a bench warrant issued.

Then a couple of officers

to go to the DA's
office and bring him in.

All we have to worry
about is whether

Clayburn is still in the
country by that time.

That's a legitimate worry,

the way rumors have
been flying around here.

Now, I don't have
to tell you two

you're still private citizens.

And as such, I can't order you

to go by the DA's
office just to see if...

Get me Judge Miller.

I don't care.

I wanna speak to him, and
I wanna speak to him now!

Your ticket has already
been ordered and paid for,

and, uh, will be waiting for
you under your own name

at the departure
desk, Mr. Clayburn.

A reservation has been made
for you at the Hotel Campina.

You'll be contacted
there within 48 hours,

at which time you'll be given
money and further instruction.

Are there any questions?

Good. Uh, have
a pleasant journey.

Has Soldier been reached?

Soldier's been eliminated.

Karen is on the way.

I told you, I don't
know where he's gone.

He just left, huh?

That's correct. Now
would you please get out...?

Didn't say a word, huh?

That's correct.

That is incorrect.
Beg your pardon.

Look, sweetheart, I
really don't have the time

or the patience to be polite,
do you understand me?

Your boss, who I'm sure
has been just swell to you,

is a murderer.

What? You heard me.

All I wanna know is
what you know, okay?

Either that, or you're accused
of being an accessory to murder.

Do you understand me?

He ordered a limousine
to take him to the airport.

What terminal? What airline?

I don't know. What
kind of a limousine?

The one that's assigned...
How long ago did he leave?

Five minutes. Five minutes.

This is what I want you to do.

I want you to call
Captain Dobey.

I want you to tell
him what you know.

I want you to tell him that
Starsky and Hutchinson are

on the way to the airport,
but I want him to call ahead,

order patrol cars
to keep an eye out

for Clayburn's limousine.

Will you do that for me?

Yes, sir. Thank you very much.

Flight 116, now
boarding at Gate 4.

All passengers for
Flight 419 to Chicago

may now board at Gate 43.

All passengers for
Flight 419 to Chicago

may now board at Gate 43.


Hey, you!


Okay, folks.

Hey. Take care of him, will you?

Oh. I think you dropped this.


I am humbled, truly humbled,

to have been asked to
personally return these two shields

to Detectives, uh,
Starsky and Hutchinson.

Never in my entire
career in political office

have I felt any more grateful
than I do at this moment

to two young men
who, at no small risk

to their own personal
safety and well-being,

challenged a powerful
enemy and emerged victorious.

Detective Starsky?

Uh... It's him.

Oh. Excuse me.
Detective Starsky.

Thank you, sir.

Detective Hutchinson.

Thank you, sir.

And I thank you. Both of you.

On behalf of those
gathered in this room,

and all the men and women
in this city's police force,

may I say... welcome back, boys.

Welcome back.

Thank you. Thank you.

Eleanor, is my luncheon
appointment ready?

Starsk. What?

You're not gonna believe this.

The mayor gave you
back the wrong ones?

Well, nobody's perfect.

Wonder who wrote his speech.


What do you mean?

Oh, boy. All that
stuff about, uh:

"They challenged
a powerful enemy

and emerged victorious."

Well, didn't you?

Who knows. Hm.

Well, I think you
are both wonderful.

Oh. Thank you.

She must be talking about me.

Oh, I don't know.
What about me, huh?

So, what are you guys gonna do

now that you're
back on the force?

Uh... Oh, I don't know, uh...


Ah, vacation. Where?

How about my place?