Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 2 - The Game - full transcript

After the duo fail to capture a wanted felon, Hutch bets that he can successfully elude Starsky for 48 hours. The game becomes deadly serious when Starsky discovers that Hutch has unknowingly eaten soup contaminated with botulism.




HUTCH: "When it appears
to you where this begins,

"turn your displeasure that way.

"For our faults can
never be so equal

"that your love can
equally move with them.

"Provide your going.
Choose your own company

and command what cost
your heart has mind to."

Well, my heart has a mind to
this weekend. How 'bout that?

I'll drink to that.

Want a taste? Sure. What is it?


From a can? Cold?

Room temperature.

Didn't your mother tell you

soup is only good if it burns?

We obviously had
different mothers.

Yeah, mine was chicken soup.

Yours is, uh, clam chowder.

Well, fish is good for
the brains, meathead.

Then what's your excuse?

I'm a super cop.


In case you missed
that, it was a pun.

Well, chowder-head,
in case you missed it,

you ain't no super cop.

Well, let's just say I'm, uh...
I'm the best cop in this room.

Second best. I
won't tell if you won't.

Hey, it's no secret I've been
carrying you since day one.

We got a location on Ray Pardee.

What are the numbers?

547 Olive. Who's the angel?

Didn't say. Just asked if we
wanted to nail an escaped con.

STARSKY: He's in our pocket.


Whoops, excuse me, captain.


Sorry, captain.

Boy, this is crazy.
You said yourself

we couldn't find a
better place to live.

Just got a feeling. So
we're getting out of here.

Now, you shut up and get the
rest of those boxes loaded, huh?

Green sedan.


Starsky, this is not
a garbage dump.

Could have fooled me.

[GUN COCKS] Who's that?

HUTCH: I don't know.
Girlfriend, maybe, hm?

STARSKY: Could be.

Well, well, well.

Jackpot. Let's take 'em.


Come on, sweetheart. Come on!


I thought you just
had this tuned.

Well, I did. Must
be the ignition.

Well, what's wrong?

If I knew that, we
wouldn't be sitting here.

Oh, Go... Cops.



Maybe you oughta
change to chicken soup.


It's your car.

I cannot be held responsible
for an inanimate object.

The only inanimate object
around here is your head.

Oh... My head has gotten
you out of more scrapes

than you've got lives
and don't you forget it.

The bottom line, Mr. Hutchinson,
is that the bad guy got away.


Excuse me, gentlemen. Gentlemen.

I'd like you to meet Anita.

Now, treat her nice

'cause good waitresses
are hard to find, okay?

Good customers are
even harder to find.

Well, don't you pay
him any mind, Rita, huh.

You could stand a little
mind too. Name's Anita.

I hope these guys
are good tippers.

If this is a good waitress,
I'd hate to see a bad one.

Oh, that's cruel.

Oh, what is he, passing?

For what? A human being.

Write if you need anything else.

I love her. I love you!

I love her. I'm glad. Enjoy it.

Tomorrow you're probably
back on the streets. In blue.

Loser pays, huh? Don't
worry about Pardee.

Did you hear that, Huggy?

The tall, blond genius here
says that I shouldn't worry.

"Don't worry" is good advice.

'Cause all you get is gray
hair and more wrinkles.

Who said you break first?

It's a fait accompli.

A who? It's your shot.

Thank you.

Look, don't worry
about Pardee, huh?

His m.o. is to work in
the city. We'll get him.

Hey, Starsky, I think you
ought to bank that shot.

Well, maybe you'd
like to take the shot.

Um, thank you very much.

My pleasure.


It's been a pleasure.

You're as weird as he is.

Well, how do you
expect to find Pardee?

You just leave that to
me. I did that earlier today.

He's still a free man.
Starsky, I'll find him.

STARSKY: You couldn't
find a beer in a brewery.

Oh, boy, that's not only
corny, that's totally inaccurate.

Look, why don't you give our
careers a break. From now on,

in my car, let me do the
finding. You ride shotgun.

Starsky, let's face it, huh?

I don't mean to hurt
your feelings here,

but I am the brains of this duo.

And you are the
not-too-inconsiderable brawn.

Who wrote that book?

Life. Just gonna
have to accept it.

I'd be more than
willing to prove it.

I'd be willing to put the
money on the brains. Mine.

Yeah. Well, I know a
way. Ahem. How much?

One week's salary.

How 'bout two and you're on.

Deal. What you got in mind?

Very simple. It's a game
called Hide and Seek.

I hide, you seek. For
the weekend. You game?

Game, set and match.
Pay the bill, sucker.


STARSKY: If we're gonna play
this game, we need some rules.

HUTCH: What's the
matter? You getting nervous?

STARSKY: My natural superiority.
HUTCH: Ah, dream on, tuna.

STARSKY: Just tell
me when we start.

Well, we'll just
punch out tonight,

and we're free for the weekend.

Look, even Ringolevio
had rules. All right.

I'll stay within the
city limits. How's that?

And during the day, you check
in with someone we both know,

let's say, uh, every four hours.

I'll make it easy on you.

Every two hours and
somebody different each time.

We're still talking about
15 square miles of city.

Well, I'll give
you a break, then.

I'll sleep someplace
we both know, huh?


Okay. We start
tomorrow morning, 8:00.

Wrap it up Monday
morning at 8, okay?

I'll have you wrapped up
by tomorrow night, chump.

Yeah, what makes
you so sure of yourself?

I've done my homework
for seven years.

I know how, where, when
you eat, walk, sleep, talk.

I know who you
know, what you know,

and how you know
it. Ain't no hiding.

Well, we'll talk about that
Monday morning, huh, motormouth?





Morning. Early bird catches
the first worm, so I thought

I'd give you an idea of
my itinerary for the day.


I hope that includes
getting nailed by lunchtime.

Afraid not, old sport.


Well, first of all, since
mine's in the shop,

I thought I'd pick myself
up a car, you know,

something, uh, tasteful
and inconspicuous.

You wouldn't by any
chance be thinking

of an early-model compact,
uh, maybe brown or gray?

Let's say, 1962 to '65?

Uh... Ahem. Not even
close, but keep trying.

Talk to you later, huh?

Compact '62 to '65.

Well, this'll do it to him.


I gotta do something
about the hair.


[GRUFF VOICE] Hey, look, I'm looking
to talk to Ernie Silvers. He is around?

Who are you?

Bugs Bunny.

Are you Silvers?

I don't talk to bunnies, friend.

Oh, yeah, well, I hear that you,
uh... You do things for people.

Yeah, I rent rooms. Uh-huh.

I also hear you keep your
mouth shut. Is that true?

Who says?

Well, I don't know, uh...

People. People say that.

You're gonna have
to do better than that.


I'm not a patient man, friend.
So unless you help me out,

I'm gonna punch you right
through the middle of next week.

Okay, okay.

Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay.

Now I forgot...

Oh, yeah, Starsky and Hutch.

You know a couple guys by
the name of Starsky and Hutch?

Yeah. Yeah, well, look, um...

I'm trying to stay away
from them for a couple days.

Why didn't you
tell me that before?

For years I've been trying
to throw the blocks to them.

Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah.

Couple of turkeys, huh?

Ah, the worst.

And dumb. Let me tell you. Dumb?

Especially the blond one. I
thought he was the bright one.

Yeah, if he is,
it ain't by much.

Is that right? Oh, yeah.

You see they think they
got me figured out, you know.

But I'm, uh, the one
who, uh, calls the shots.

Oh, yeah, I give 'em a little
here and there, you know,

but when it counts, I give 'em:


And you know what? What?

They're so dumb,

they don't even
know the difference.


I think you better
get my room, huh?

Oh, yeah, sure.

Look, you got something
with a shower and a view?

Hey, what do you think
this is, the Waldorf?

Elevator shaft busted?

That I could give
you, let me tell you.

HUTCH: Oh, hold
up. My, uh... My cap.


Earl? You here?

EARL: Ain't nobody
here but us chickens.

And you came home to roost.

STARSKY: Hey. Hey,

what's happening,
Starsky? How you doing?

You decide to, uh, get
out of that old Torino

and step up in class?

You're working on this heap
and you're talking about class?

Hey, it's for moneys, baby.

I'd work on Ben Hur's chariot
and charge him for a ring job.


Ah, look, say, um...

You seen Hutch around?



Uh, when he rented another car

while I give mouth-to-mouth
to this corpse.

Oh, that's right. Uh, he said
he was gonna get another job.

What'd he get?

A car that runs.

Yeah, what kind?

The kind that he paid a extra
25 bucks for me not to tell you.

the top headlines brought to you by...

I'll give you 30.


Now that's a hustle
and you know it.

Well, now it's 55 for
you being so mean.

Okay, all right.

For the May 5th
slaying of Mo Roskin.

And from the U.S.
Department of Health,

a spokesman has announced
a major breakthrough...

Look, I only got 20.
Will you take a check?

I'd sooner take a
chance on that soup

that dude was rapping about.

What are you talking about?
Bad credit, blood. Bad credit.

And I don't need none of yours.

Clam chowder, chicken gumbo...

You're a hard man, Earl.

Ah, that's the bed I
was born on, Starsky.

Botulism toxin discovered
in the soups manufactured

by the Ryland Soup Company.

So be careful what you eat.
Those can soups are infected

and very dangerous.
And now back...

I ain't taking no checks, man!

What kind was it?

I told you, now, Hutch paid
good money for me not...

No, no. Not the car, the soup.

The announcer said the
name on the radio. What kind?

Oh, that. Um...

I don't know, but he did
say something about, uh,

some "bottle-ism" or something.

Anyway, it sounded
like it would hurt.

It's botulism.
Hurts enough to kill.





MAN: This can is loaded.

How bad?

How long ago did
Hutch consume this stuff?

Twelve to 18 hours
ago. Does it matter?

Well, this particular
form of botulism

does its number
in two, three days.

But you can treat it, can't you?

Sure, we have the antitoxin.

If you can get him in
during the next 48 hours.

[DECREPIT VOICE] Hey, honey, you
wanna buy some, uh, Golden Eagles?

Golden Eagles.

I know Hutch figures I'm
gonna be pulling out all the stops.

When he hears "botulism" in
an APB, he's not gonna go for it.

What about when he gets sick?

By then, the doctor
said it might be too late.

When it comes, it
comes like a freight train.

Paralysis, the whole number.

Yeah, with that maniac
Pardee on the loose,

you guys sure picked a funny
time to start playing games.

Gimme a break. There
are 5 million people

in this town and
50 kinds of soup.

What are the odds against
this happening to Hutch?



Wanna buy a pencil? It's a...

A long pencil here with
an eraser on the top.

It's a steal at half the price.
Golden Eagles. I got a, uh...

Come on, old man,
get out of the way!


Get out of the way!

All right. [ENGINE STARTS]

Hey, don't hit the old man.

See you around.

Here you go, old man.

Oh, thank you, sonny.

Thank you.


WOMAN [ON RADIO]: Zebra Three.
Patch through from Sergeant Hutchinson.

Put him through.

HUTCH: Hey, cheapskate.
Wanna buy a pencil?

Hutch. Hutch, listen to me.

Just think what might
have happened, Starsky,

if you'd taken the time
to be nice to an old man.

Okay, you win. I
lose. Come on in.

I'll have your money
waiting for you.

Ah, nice try, but no good.

Hutch? Hutch?

WOMAN: He hung up, sergeant.



Hide and Seek? Boy,
my kids outgrew that game

before they were 7 years old.

Captain, until he
called, I had no idea

he was gonna do a Halloween
number with disguises.

There's gotta be some
way to smoke him out.

Well, anything I do he's
gonna figure is a hustle.

Well, you better
figure out something.

That Hide and Seek number

has turned into a
game of life and death.

Life and death.

That's it. What's it?

Simmons and Babcock.
They off for the weekend?

They just got off. Why?

Hey, Simmons, Babcock, could
I see you guys for a second?

Starsky... Relax, captain.

I got it all figured out.

Look, I got something
I want you to do.

All right, Starsky, you
do what you have to do,

but I'm gonna put an APB
citywide on Hutchinson.

RADIO]: All units, all units,

we have an APB for
Detective Ken Hutchinson,

probable victim of
botulism poisoning.

In addition, the APB on
escaped convict Ray Pardee

is still in effect.

He is presumed
to be in the area.



Huggy's not here and he
won't be back till tonight,

if you're asking.

I came back for
a beer, that's all.

You keep coming around like this

and people are gonna
start talking about us.

Well, I've heard worse,
but I don't know where.

Are you paying for
this or is it on the city?

All right! Everybody freeze!

Okay, I want all the
goodies on the bar now!

That includes all the dough
in the register. Let's move it!

Are you gonna do
something about this?

Forget it. You
won't get two blocks.

Get back to the bar.

it easy on yourself.

Give up the gun. I'm a cop.

Starsky! Oh, my God!

SIMMONS: Come on,
move it. I'm a police officer.

Come on. Listen,
somebody call an ambulance.

Quick. Let's go.

And let's get this room
cleared as quickly as possible.

Come on. Move it,
let's go! Come on.

Is this a hospital?

Yes, I need an ambulance. Now.

What the hell does it
matter what my name is?

There's a man who's
been shot here. He's dying.

He, uh... The place
is called The Pits.

Uh, the... Uh, the, uh...
W-what's the address here?

1348 6th Street.

1348 6th Street.

Would do you mean,
"If I call the cops"?

Who do you think just
gave me the address?

Oh, look, lady,
what's your name?

Pamela. Pamela Sue.

All right, Pamela Sue,

if you don't have an ambulance
over here in 30 seconds

I am personally gonna go
over to that joint you're in

and rip off a piece of
what you call your brain.

Listen, stay with him, okay?

How you doing?

I'm still here, Rita.

It's Anita. But it
doesn't matter.

You can call me Rita
till your mouth turns dry.

You just hang in there.

Just hang in.



[NORMAL VOICE] Aha. Got ya.


[GRUFF VOICE] Uh, yeah?

It's Ernie Silvers.
You got a second?


Hey, I got something important
to tell ya. Can I come in?

Uh, yeah, yeah,
Ernie. Come on in.

I just thought you might like to
know that some Good Samaritan

just nailed one of
our mutual friends.

Oh, yeah, you got a
mutual friend, huh?

The cop.


From what I hear,

he just caught himself up
in the middle of a holdup

and got three
slugs right in the gut.

Didn't kill him,
though. Too bad.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Uh, yeah, Ernie. Well, uh,
w-where did this happen, huh?

At a place called The Pits.

Oh, The Pits, huh?

Well, uh, you know,
that sounds, um...

Sounds phony to me.

You know, it's like
a setup, you know.

What are you talking, setup?

Well, uh...

You know, Starsky and Hutch
might be trying to set me up,

you know? You know?

Man, you must be a bigger
heavyweight than I thought.

You think they'd go that far?

Yeah, I do, I do. I just
wanna make sure, you know?

I wanna make sure so I...
I want you to help me out.


Look, there's, uh...

There's 50 bucks
in it for you, okay?

Sure, sure, anything.

I'm gonna talk to
you later, all right?

Yeah. Yeah.

All right, thanks
a lot. Yeah, okay.


How we doing?

How'd you like one
of these up your nose?

If this doesn't work, both
of us are gonna have tubes

coming out of more
places than our noses.

If this doesn't work,
I don't give a damn.

I still say we're
making a mistake.

We should be stopping
everybody that even looks like him.

Look, whether he
comes in disguise or not,

that's exactly what he's
gonna be looking for.

So if we're stopping

I know, I know.

I just don't wanna miss him.

That makes two of us.

ANITA: Yeah, yeah.


Yeah, I-I understand. Thanks.

Excuse me, um,
is it true that, uh,

Starsky got himself
shot? The cop?

You know him?

Oh, sure. Yeah.

I'm an old friend of
his, uh, Ernie Silvers.

Is it, uh, serious?

I mean, you know, you
think that he's gonna...?

You know?

They don't know.

Could I use your
phone? Just a local call.

You got a dime?

Oh. Thank you very much.



[NORMAL VOICE] Yeah, hello?

Ernie, here.

[GRUFF VOICE] Oh, yeah, Ernie.
Yeah, yeah. Uh, what she say?

Very little.

But if she was
putting up a front,

it was a pretty good one.

She looked like
she'd been crying

for hours without letting up.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, well, uh... Uh,
thanks a lot, Ernie.

Yeah, yeah, thanks.


WOMAN: Yes, he
is in critical condition.

Well, he's doing as
well as can be expected.

SIMMONS: Listen, I
feel kinda bad for Anita.

BABCOCK: Yeah. She
took it bad, didn't she?

Oh, yeah. She
was really nervous.

Did you see the
look on her face?

Oh, white.

Dr. Donahue, call 2-7-6.

SIMMONS: Hello, sir.

You two keeping your eyes open?


BABCOCK: How's the patient?

DOBEY: Lousy.

He's starting to
believe it himself, huh?

What kind of crack
is that, Simmons.

And wipe that smile
off your face, Babcock.

It's bad enough to
have tubes up your nose,

but when you're as healthy as
Starsky is, it hurts even more.

Now get back to your post.

And remember, we
still have that APB

on the escaped
convict, Ray Pardee.


Man, what I wanna
know is, where's Hutch?

He must have heard
about this by now.

He'll be here.

Sergeant Starsky? Mm?

A man just gave me this note.

He told me to read it to you.

Go ahead.

"Dear Starsk. Close,
but no cigar. Love, Hutch.

P.S. How much of a cut did you
promise Dobey and Huggy...?"

Let me see that.

Sergeant Star...
What are you doing?

Look out. Get out of the way.
Hey, you're supposed to be sick!

NURSE: Sergeant
Starsky... HUGGY: Starsky...





uh, look, Ernie, uh...

I'm coming down with
some kind of a sore throat

or something, you know?

You got anything for
it, you know? [RINGS]

Hey, I got a great deal
on some ludes, you know?

Yeah, look, Ernie... Ernie...

Okay, okay, okay.

You want straight
stuff, go to the drugstore.


Hey, is that your phone ringing?

No, it's out of order.

Well, I could be
wrong, you know.

California Hotel.

No, there's nothing available.
We got a big convention.



Hey, uh, don't... Let's
not tie up the line.

There's a wall phone over there.

This does not come with the
rates, you know what I mean?

get me the dispatcher.

Hello, Manny? It's
Ken Hutchinson.

Yeah, look, uh...

One of your cabs
just picked up a fare

at the corner of 5th and Pine.

Can you give me a...?

Hold it right there, Ernie!

Just get me a fix on the
destination, would you please?

Thank you.



722 Prospect. Got
it. Thanks, Manny.

Well, well, well, well, well.

Uh, listen, uh, Hutchinson...

You see, a lot of
guys come in here.

Now, I wanna make
'em feel comfortable,

you know what I mean. So I,
uh, pretended I'm a cop hater

because that's what
they expect of me.

You know? I mean,
it's all a business.

That's all it is, it's a
business. Yeah, you know.

A man of your position, uh,
can understand that because...

[GRUFF VOICE] Sorry, Ernie.

I'm supposed to be the
dumb one, remember?

Oh, yeah...


Well, we can have a
nice, long talk about that...

Oh, sure, sure. I... I
mean, you know, uh...


Yeah, ask you a favor?

Oh, hey. Anything.

Anything your heart desires.


Look, that's nice.

If Starsky should come in here,

you have not seen
me. You understand?


Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

I mean, from this mouth,
nothing. Believe me.

One more thing, Ernie. Yeah?

Your glasses are all fogged up.

Oh, well, thanks, Hutch.

DOBEY: Well,
that's all right, doc.

I appreciate it anyway.

False alarm?


Some blond guy checked into
Webster Clinic with botulism.

Only he weighed 220 pounds.

What's new at the hospital?
Went the whole route.

Doctors, nurses,
emergency ward, front desk.


If Hutch showed
up asking questions,

whoever he was playing
did a damn good job.



we've missed something.

Let's start at the beginning.

All right.

Hutch hears through the
grapevine that I've been hit.

But he's suspicious.
So, what does he do?

He's not coming to me. He
knows I'm gonna chew him out.

Maybe he'd go to Huggy Bear.

No, knowing Hutch, he
figures Huggy's in on the setup.

Maybe he'd climbed
into his disguise

and check the
hospital out for himself.

We're right back to square one.

What if he went somewhere
before he went to the hospital?

No, no.

He wouldn't have
any way of knowing

what was going down at The Pits.

Right. So he'd have to go
and check out The Pits itself.

Knowing us, he figures
we'd be laying for him.

So he probably
went there in disguise.

No, that blew us right
out of the water again.

It's worth a shot.

Let me know.


Just a minute.

I'll be with you in a second.

Who are you, mister?


I'd like to talk to you.

Mister, who do
you think you are?

You just can't walk into
someone's apartment

and walk around and
take over. I've got my rights.

You just can't come
in here and barge in.

You know, I've got my
privacy. You just can't take over!

Do you hear me...? Ray
Pardee. Where is he?


Look, lady, I'm in
no mood to dance.

I saw you get into a car
with him the other day

and I'd like to
know where he is.

You've got the
wrong girl, mister.

What is it? He got
something on you too?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Or you just scared
of him? Okay, uh...

What's this? Uh, you know...

Do you have a search
warrant? You just can't come in...

What's this?

Airline tickets, huh?

Ray Samuels.

What'd he do? Have you
buy these for him, huh?

Of course he did.

Oh, is this your money too, huh?

What'd he do? Tell you
he was gonna send for you?

He's not gonna do that, lady.

He'll just keep
squeezing till you...

Squeezing you until you wise up,

and then he'll dump you like
he's dumped every other lady

who's ever been dumb
enough to help him out.

Now, look, I can get
you off that treadmill,

but you gotta help me.

I can't.


But if he gets away,

you know who's gonna
get the heat, don't you?

You are.

But then that's his
style. Hit 'em and run.

Look, I tried to
leave him once. I did.

But he hurt me.

Then you take me
to him now, lady,

and I promise you he
won't hurt you again.


All right. Okay.

Okay. [GROANS]

Are you all right?


Are you okay? Huh?

Are you all right?


Yeah, yeah. I'm
fine. Let's go, huh?

Let's go.

After that number you did,
I shouldn't even talk to you.

Come on, babe. He told you why.

Well, yeah, well,
you could've told me.

I'm sorry. I really am.

I'm very sorry. And I'm glad
you care enough to be upset.

Yeah, well...

That and your quarter
tip will get me zip.

Look, are you sure he did
not come in here in disguise?

Honey, he could walk in
here in a Godzilla mask,

I'd still recognize that
pretty partner of yours.

Look, weren't there any calls
asking about my condition?

Not one, Mr. Popularity.

Although a friend
of yours did ask.


Well, I didn't know
you were faking it.

I mea... He... He's
still walking around,

thinking that you're
wiped. What was his name?

Well, I don't know.
I was so upset.

How do you expect
me to remember?

You've gotta remember.
Hutch's life might depend on it.

All right, all right.
Let me think a minute.

Now, he walked in and he said,

um, uh, "I'm an old friend

and my name is... Is..."

Ernie something.

Ernie? Or Ernie something,

or Ernie, uh...
Slotkin, uh... Silva...

Ernie Silvers? You know him?

Like my own pet rattlesnake.

You're beautiful.

I may be beautiful...


but I'm still poor.



GINA: Ray?

Let me in.


You, Pardee! Hold it!

You just...

move back against
the wall there.

Come on, move.

Sit down.

Don't move.

Hey, lady.

Go get a phone.

Call the ninth precinct.

And ask for, uh...

Detective Sergeant Starsk...





I'm gonna tell you
something, cop.

This is a real first for me.

A real first.


You know, Hutchinson...

if I was you, I'd be getting
pretty discouraged about now.


I mean...

two big mistakes in one week.

That must set some kind
of record, for you, huh?

We do our best.


Yeah, I guess you
do at that, don't you?

We'll get you the
third time, Pardee.

Well, don't you
bet on that, cop.

As a matter of fact, it seems
like the more I'm around you,

the luckier I get.

Are you, uh, proposing
to me? Is that it, huh?


It just means we're
gonna be sticking together

for a little longer.

That is, if you can stay alive.

Give me the money.

I don't have it.

He came in before I
could get out the door.

Well, then go get it.

Ray, listen.

Um, I want out.

I can't take it
anymore. I can't.

You want out? [GASPS]

You can't take it
anymore? You can't, huh?

Is that why you
brought him here?

No! Because you can't?

Let her alone, Pardee.

The only reason she's here
is because I brought her.

Is that right, Gina? Yeah!

He forced you to, huh?

Well, Hutch, I'm
surprised at you!

[CHUCKLING] Look at her.

She's shaking
like a little leaf.

Now, you listen to me, baby.

You go get that money.

Because we're leaving
here tonight. You and me.

We? We.

We? We.

I've decided to take you
with me after all, baby.

All right? Yeah. Okay.

All right. Go on.

Go on.

Tell her the rest of it, Pardee.

Gina, I'm his hostage.

He knows he can't
handle me alone,

so he still needs you.

Take the money and run.

Shut up, cop.

You got one hour. Now get.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

You're lying, Ernie.

Come on, Starsky.
Hutchinson? Here?

Come on, it don't make
sense. It makes perfect sense.

What did he do? Warn
you I'd be looking for him?

Tell you to keep your
mouth shut, is that it?

No. Lay off.

Answers. I want 'em now.

Hey, I got a heart
condition. Do you mind?

I mind. I mind because I'm
fighting for my partner's life.

Well... His life?

Where is he?

I don't know, huh? I
mean, and that's the truth.

He was here.

Well... When?

He left a couple of hours ago.

You talk to him?
What did he say?

Hey, he didn't tell me
where he was going,

if that's what
you're getting at.

He just came in here, he
used the phone and he took off.

Phone? Who'd he call?

I wasn't paying attention.
Baloney! You pay attention

to anything that'll get you
a dime. Come on, think!

It... It was something
about a cab, you know.

Uh, he called this cab company

and, uh, he talked to a
dispatcher named, uh...

Manny. Manny! Yeah.
He asked for Manny.


MAN: Police Department,
Sergeant Spears.

Yes, um...


I'd like to speak to
Sergeant Starsky.

One moment, please.

[WEAKLY] She's not
coming back, Pardee.

Speak up, cop. I can't hear you.

She's not coming back.


Oh, yeah, she's coming back.

She's onto you, Pardee.

Shut up.

She's gonna run.

There's not a damn
thing you can do about it.

I'll bet that hurts you.

I told you to shut up.

I'll bet it does.
I said, shut up!

I'm onto your game. You
think we get on the streets

you're gonna have a better
chance. Well, you ain't.

That's too bad. And
if you don't shut up,

I'll put you out of
your misery right now.

A dead hostage isn't gonna
do you much good, is it.

Of course, if you
waste any more time,

whatever it is that's ailing me

is gonna probably
kill me anyway.

She's not coming back.

I said, shut up.


What...? Who are you? Oh! Oh!

You're Pardee's
girlfriend, right?

Not anymore I'm not.

Oh! Oh!

Hutch was here looking
for him, wasn't he?

Oh...! Ooh!


You Starsky?

I wanted to call a
doctor for him. I did.

But I knew Ray
would come after me.

Look... Look! I didn't
mean anything by it.

Is Hutch still alive?

I... I don't know. He
was when I left them.

Them? You mean Hutch and Pardee?

He was so sick and I
could've helped him, but I didn't.

It's my fault.

It's not your fault.
Now just tell me.

You can still help. Where is he?

Huh? [YELPS]


Come on, cop.

We're splitting out of here.

Come on. Can you walk? Not yet.

Come on, get up.

Get up.


Come on.


Come on.

Come on. Come on, get up.

Come on, just
a little bit further.

I can't make it. Come on.

Just a little bit
further. Let's go.

Come on.

Just a little further.

Come on, cop. Get in there.

Sit up.




Take him.

Get me an ambulance!

Take him out there.

You're gonna be okay.

Looks like you turned
up the big winner, huh?




White snow.


Ice cream.

Lake Medley.
Monday white sale...

Hey, if you did that with clean
white pajamas and a sitar,

you could probably start
a religious movement.

It's called free
association, mush brain.

Speaking of which, why don't
you throw that pizza in the oven

before it petrifies.

You got the Buddy Holly album.

It's autographed.

Yeah. How 'bout that? Hm.

It cost me an arm and a leg,

but there's only eight of
them in the whole country.

No kidding. Yup.


Hey, why don't you
give me a crack at that?

I bet my stream of consciousness

would float us both
right out of the room.

Yeah, I bet it would too.

Okay, why don't you
put the magazine down,

take your feet off the
thing, sit down over here.

I'll show you what to do.

The experience of your lifetime.

Come on. Okay.


First thing you
gotta do is to relax.

Okay, uh, take your hands apart.


Close your eyes.

No, no, no, no. Relax your face.

Good. Now, take
some deep breaths.


Don't kill yourself, just relax.

That's it.

Now, I want you
to tell me everything

that comes into your mind

when I say the word "closet."

Closet? Closet.



Stuffy, dark.


It's my eighth birthday.

I'm hiding from my father.


Heavy footsteps.


I'm trapped.

He's getting closer.


I just thought of
something terrible.

Starsky, that's terrific.
That's wonderful.

Talk about it? Spit it out.

No, I don't think it's
something you'd wanna hear.

Now, hold it. L-look, the
whole point of this exercise

is to... Is to cleanse yourself.

Is to get these things
out and talk about them.

It's the only way it works.

Sure you won't
hold it against me?

Absolutely not. It
won't leave this room.

Well, you remember
when I was holding

your new Buddy Holly
album in my left hand

and the pizza in my right hand.


Or was it the pizza
in my left hand

and the album in my right?

One of them is in the oven.


Doesn't smell like the pizza...

does it?