Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 17 - Huggy Can't Go Home - full transcript

Huggy Bear works alone to help a friend retrieve some stolen money; directed by David Soul.




I mean, uh, how
come they don't bust

some of them
blue-eyed johns, man?

I ask you that.

I know I ain't no innocent.

But I sure couldn't
be turning no tricks

if there weren't some
dudes goin' for it, man.

You know, if it wasn't for you,

my tail would be
suckin' up splinters

in the shadows
of them bars, man,

if it wasn't for you. Mm-hm.

I ain't had no one who
could go for bail for me, man,

and you came through.

You came through like
Muhammad Ali, champion all the way.

Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

Well, you know what
I'm trying to say, Huggy.

If I don't know by
now, I never will.

Home ground, Lonnie.

You ever run into J.T.?
Does he still live here?

We keep different hours,
if you know what I mean.

Haven't seen my
runnin' buddy in years.

Say hello next time
you see him for me, huh?


Well, is that it?


Well, are you gonna
walk a lady to her door,

or don't you think I'm a lady
just 'cause I'm a workin' girl?

'Cause, you know,
in the old days,

Huggy would be joinin'
me for a cup of coffee.


I never could find a
place to park around here.


JUNIOR: Cora, people
need some goodies

when you been playin'
poker for 28 hours.

Last thing I want when
I open up in the morning

is a complicated order.

All right, let's see now.

Is that the dude?

Yeah, that's our
ticket to the game.

Come on, man, let's do it.

J.T.: The name of the
game is poker, gentlemen.

BOSEMAN: You turkeys
thought I was bluffin', didn't ya?

Well, next time
you'll believe it.

I said the hand dips snug,

look under the left
wing and cut the bottom.


MONAHAN: Where's
that boy with the coffee?

You send him out of town, J.T.?

He's on his way.

Take these, Boseman.

What's wrong with
the ones I'm dealing?

J.T.: The cards get
tired after a while.

Fresh pack's got nobody's
fingerprints on them,

know what I mean?

You tryin' to accuse
me of somethin', J.T.?

If the shoe fits, Boseman.

Listen, Monahan, you fat...

I can't use you
from up front, man!

The name of the game
is poker, gentlemen.

And I'm out 800
bucks, so please deal.

Right, deal.

Let's go. Racers and runners.

Drinkin' milk. Bah!


And a five, and a eight,

and a six, big seven. Hello.

Ace bet.


Come on, we can deal the cards.

No, I wanna see who it is.

Who is it?

It... It's me, J.T. It's Junior.


All right, April fool, chumps.
Everybody up against the wall.

Leave the money on the table.

Leave the money
on the table, porky!

You wanna lose some
weight right quick?

Get up there or I'm gonna
blow half your guts off!

You wanna die
right quick here, huh?

Get over, or I'll
blow your gut off!

Get over there! Turn around!
Put your hands behind your head.

Get it up, get it up!
Give up that ring.

Right in there.

Yeah. I like that.

[SOBBING] Don't shoot.


I'm sorry, J.T.,
but they got me...

Shut up, kid!

It's okay, Junior. My mistake.

I said button it up, old man!

Come on, Junior, you might
as well learn how to give early.

Give it up!

Stop cryin'.


Stay right there
where you are, brother.

BIG RED: Dolphin, get away
from that window, you crazy?


Damn! Hey, you okay, kid?

My bread's lying on the street,
and you askin' if I'm okay?

Just be cool,
man. We'll save it.

Come on, that's good
enough. Come on, let's go.

All right, let's go. All right,
let's go, let's go. All right.

Okay. Any one of you fool enough
to move in the next five minutes

you will be eatin'
dirt! You got it?

I said, go!

Come on, let's go!
Let's get out of here.

Let's go, man.

Don't be crazy, boy.

This ain't worth
your life, Junior.

Ain't nobody taki" my money.

I guess I'll do
some heavy readin'.

Give me them papers.


Hey, man, they must
have ripped somebody off.

Just be cool, brother.
It ain't our action.

Dolph, keys!

DOLPHIN: Red, look out!

Come on, man,
let's get out of here!

Let's go. Are you crazy?

Come on, open this door!

Come on, man,
let's get out of here.


Get out of here, kid. Boogie.



Four on the nose.



Here ya go. Hot off the press.

Smell that, huh?

Yeah, well, they better
be at 6:00 in the morning.

Here you go.

Ay! Ow, ow, ooh!

Don't drop it. It's
the staff of life.

WOMAN [ON RADIO]: All units. All
units in the vicinity of 4015 West Central.

Shots fired, man down.
Handle code three.


That's my breakfast.

A 20-minute ETA on the man.

BUTLER: Cream cheese, huh?

It's more like Swiss.

No, on your 'stache.

Oh. Oh.

You were the first
ones here, huh?


Look at this.

Looks like poker.

STARSKY: So a salt-and-pepper
team in a green sedan, right?

You got it.

Is that it? Yeah.

What about the brother
that was with you?

I told you. I never
seen him before.

He just grabbed me
and said, "Be cool."

And I was cool.


Tsk. Well, uh, can
you describe him?

Oh, man, I don't know.

A blood, you know?

Lookie here, ain't you supposed

to be readin' me my
rights or somethin'?

You studyin' to be a lawyer?

Nah, man.

When I grow up, I'm gonna
have me a superfine ride

and a stable of foxy ladies.

Deliverin' papers
is a drag, man.

Ain't no future in it.

You know what I mean?

Yeah. I know where
you're comin' from

and where you're headed.

Is that it? Can I split?

I was just goin' home.

Where to?

Across the way.

I'll see you around,
Mr. Policeman.

You keep talkin' fancy
rides and foxy ladies,

in a few years you're
gonna be seeing a lot of me.

Can you dig it?




Come up with anything?

I got a weak description
on a salt-and-pepper team,

green Ford, from a 30-year-old
hustler in a 10-year-old body.

Conned me out of two Fudgsicles.

What do you got?

Possibles? Hotel.


Detective Hutchinson.

We got ourselves a
problem, gentlemen.

Most of us do.

Well, our problem is
that we got us a dead man

lying down in the street.


A blind man could see that.

You find that funny,
Humpty Dumpty?


The man who caught
him cheating didn't.

Why that son of a...

HUTCH: Let's take a ride, huh?

Take a walk, come on.

Let's go. Come on. Come on.

Here you go. Hey.

Everybody up. Up and at 'em.

Get dressed.


Yeah. Yeah.


Oh, shut up, shut up.

of time for talking.

Come on, come on. Come on.

You talk to him, all right?

HUTCH: Oh, come on,
Washington, I've heard that tune.

It hurts my ears.

J.T.: I'm telling
you like it is.

I wasn't in no card game,
and I don't know nothin'

about the cat's killin'.

But you do know Boseman.

Sure. He was a brother.
Lived in the neighborhood.

HUTCH: He was a heavy gambler.

Kind of heard he got around.

So do you, J.T.

We just pulled your rap sheet.

You've been busted 40 times
for gambling-related offenses.

A misspent youth.

HUTCH: Misspent youth, huh?

So why don't you tell us
exactly what did happen

in your Dunbar suite last
night and this morning.

And bank on it,
we'll check it out.

Sure. No problem.

I was with my old-time protégé.

He'll vouch for me.



Hey, Hug. How you doin'?

Okay, Starsk, what's happenin'?

Well, Hug, Hutch is
puttin' some gas in the car.

I figured I'd come
in and say hello.

Didn't mean to
interrupt your game.

You ain't. It's more
like a nightmare.

Why is that?

Pfft. Flippers are jammed.

Every time I shake
this thing, it tilts.

Just had the man in last week

to fix it.


So, what can I do you? A
greasy hamburger or what?

Or what.

You know a brother by
the name of Boseman?

Brother Wesley. Wesley Boseman?


I've seen him
around. He's a player.

You ever sit in with him?

I ain't never been that hungry.

Man's a cheat.

He's gonna get himself
killed one of these days.

He already did.

You don't act surprised.

I ain't never surprised

at what goes
down on the streets.

As a matter of fact, this world.

You read the headlines, Starsky.


Say, uh, you know some dude

by the name of
Julius T. Washington?

HUTCH: Hey, Huggy.

You gotta change your plugs.

You were saying?


Do you know a
Julius T. Washington?

The way you ask that makes
me think I should take the Fifth.


Where were ya last night?


I'll get it.

So, what are you guys gonna do?

Wait or run me downtown?


Huggy's Pits.

Huggy, it's me, J.T.

Listen to me, man.

Babe, could you
finish that later?

Yeah, I hear you.

You were with me till
dawn, you understand?

Yeah, you got it.

See you later.

Yeah, later.

Anything else on
your mind, gentlemen?

Huggy, stop playing around.

Last night and J.T. Washington?

You must have me wired.

That's just where I was.

At J.T.'s pad at the Dunbar.


Why? Don't you ever visit
your old neighborhood?

Old friends?

Reminisce about the good
days which weren't that good?

Have a few laughs,
tell a few lies,

drink, crash on the couch?
When did you leave?

Hey, if I knew my buddies were
gonna give me the third degree,

I would've punched a clock.

Huggy, stop tap-dancing.
When did you leave?

[SIGHS] Five,
5:30, give or take.

Give or take what?

Give or take a hangover
and a bad taste in my mouth

trying to figure out
who my friends are.

Get my drift?

And if you don't, I'm
in the wind anyway.

Anything to do
with that phone call?

Yeah, Dick Tracy.

It was my book telling
me I just hit a big one,

and I'm sendin' my favorite
messenger over to collect.

Namely me.

Huggy's a bad liar.

And he's never
lied to us before.

Maybe he never had
a good enough reason.



♪ You can go home ♪

♪ To the place Where
you come from ♪

♪ Streets you know ♪

♪ And the games
You used to run ♪

♪ You can see The
same old faces ♪

♪ Know 'em on A
first-name basis ♪

♪ But you change
the act And, whoa ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ You got out ♪

♪ Just in the nick of time ♪

♪ You got out ♪

♪ Before you crossed the line ♪

♪ You run one last scam ♪

♪ But my old main man ♪

♪ Put the decks in stack
And, whoa, you can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ You can rejoin ♪

♪ But you know
You can't go back ♪

♪ Bridges all are burnin'
Train is off the track ♪

♪ Everybody's sayin' "Oh,
Huggy's gone uptown" ♪

♪ It just ain't so
But still, you know ♪

♪ Still, you know ♪

♪ You can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ You can go home ♪

♪ To the place Where
you come from ♪

♪ Streets you know ♪

♪ And the games
That you used to run ♪

♪ If you run one last scam ♪

♪ From my old main man ♪

♪ But the deck came stacked
And, whoa, you can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Can't go back ♪

♪ Got out... ♪

Well, look a-here.

Chicken's come home to roost.

I see you knuckleheads are still
holdin' down the neighborhood.

Well, actually, me and Fingers
hold it up on a regular basis.

Hey, Sour Joe, you
always had a prune face.

You understand that's because...

of my impoverished surroundings.

You know, some of
us ain't so fortunate

as to break these
chains, you understand?

Yeah, you always
was the philosophizer.

Uptown's comin' slummin'?

You, uh, slidin' around places
you don't belong no more, Huggy.

My business ain't
with you two fools.

So back out of my face,
'cause I ain't got time

to be messin' with
you two chumps.

Listen... And don't
be jammin' me, man.

You know, you best
backstroke out of here, fish-face.

You know, you've been
off the street too long

to be jumpin' bad, man.

Huggy, you got some
kind of problem here?

Not that long, turkeys.

Man, come on.

Later for these chumps.

You know, they ain't
worth the change.

Let's make it
downtown, you know.

Hey, you remember
that game at Louie's?

It's a classic.

Yeah, I won 10 grand that night.

That was some poker game.


The only bad thing
about it was that, uh...

you pulled out right after that.

I used the bread
to make my move.

It was my time.


Comes to us all,
sooner or later.


What are you
tryi" to say, Julius?

I wanna get out, Huggy.

Come on, J.T.

You know better
than to try to con me.

What is it?

I don't know.

I'm gettin' old, I guess.

Old and slow.

I'm makin' mistakes.

Mistakes that costing me money.

You, old? Never happen.

Neither one of us
wanna believe that.

But I made a mistake
that cost a man his life.



Them punks come bustin'
in here before I could think.

I should've cleared
that door myself.

Heavy losses?


Money I was
gonna cut loose with.

My savings and the poker money.

And you want me to
help you get it back, right?

Yeah, I want you
to... To look into it.

Before the cops get to Big Red.

I thought I
recognized that dude.

You saw what went down?


Yeah, I was...

It's too complicated.


If you say so.

Did you lay it
out to the police?

And take the
chance of lettin' them

get their hands on my money?

Do you know what
you're askin' of me?

Do you know the
position I have to play?

The two cops assigned
to the case, I know 'em.

I mean, we're tight,
you know what I mean?

Well, what about
you and me, Huggy?

I helped you, boy,
you remember that?

I took you off the streets

when you were nothin'
but a snot-nosed punk.

I gave you everything.

I taught you everything I could,

and you used that.

You used that to
help pull yourself out

above this stinkin' hole.

Now, it's a fact, boy, you
would still be wallowing

in the muck and mire of
this gutter if it wasn't for me.

Look, uh, Huggy,
I'm asking you, uh...

to throw in with me.

Back me up just this one time.

Because I'm...

I'm gettin' old

and tired of playing this game.






Huggy Bear!


Oh, Huggy Bear, baby,
you've come home.

You've come home! Oh.

Cora, is that you?

Of course it's me, honey.
It ain't been that long.

About 50 pounds long.

Oh, that. Well, baby, there's
just more of me to love.

Besides, Funky's
food is awful good.

Must be.

You know, I work here now.

Yeah, I heard
Funky's going broke.


Oh, no, baby, we're
doing real good.

So you come back.
So you didn't forget.


We was something, wasn't we?

Yes, we sure was.

And I ain't gonna let
you get away this time.

Oh, Huggy!

Well, actually, I
ain't down that long.

Listen, uh, you mind?

I'm just down on business.

Oh, with J.T.?

Yeah, sort of.

You teaming up again?

Afraid not, baby.
Times is changed.

You was a good team.

Speaking of which,

you haven't seen, uh,
Big Red lately, have you?

What you want with that dude?

You could say, uh,

he's got some
money I'm looking for.

Well, he ain't been
around in a while.

Used to come in all the
time. Have Funky fix him up

some of that Louisiana
gumbo, you know.

Chopped chicken necks,
shrimp and crab meat,

easy on the rice, heavy
on the okra and hot sauce.

Mm-hm. That gumbo was good soup.

Yes, it sure was.

Well, Huggy hearts,

Cora Lee will help
find him for you.

Big Red owes you money,

we'll find him.



Bless you, sweetheart.

Yeah, Hutchinson.

How are we doing?


Well, we got about 50 possibles.

I'm getting ready to run
them through the computer.

It's gonna take a little
while. Where are you?

I'm heading south.

You got anything?

I don't know. Look, if that
computer kicks out anything,

get in touch with
me. I'll be on the air.

And look, if you
hear from Huggy,

tell him to sit still. I've
gotta talk to that man.

You got it.





Yeah, I need a special
order here of some kind.

Uh, Louisiana gumbo.


I gotta have some of that.

Yeah? And a big red soda.


Better make that to go.

[SOFTLY] I don't
wanna eat it here.

Hi, there.

You live around here?

Do you?


Talkative little
thing, ain't you?

WOMAN [ON RADIO]: Zebra Three,
patch through from Sergeant Hutchinson.

Zebra Three, go.

HUTCH: Starsk, we
may have something.

Why don't you meet
me at Fourth and Devon.


Take it easy now.

Hey, Mel,

you watch the place
until I get back, okay?


Ugh. Come on!



MAN: Come on, let's go.


MAN 2: Now, hold it, lady.

WOMAN: Hey, you're
going the wrong way.

WOMAN 2: Hey, will you keep it
down? My baby's trying to sleep!



WOMAN 3: Hey,
move it, will you, buddy!


No manners whatsoever.


previous segment of The Disenchanted

found Phil and Mary
leaving for Montego Bay

on what they hoped to be

a rescue mission for
their splintered marriage.

Sean, meanwhile, remains...



Yeah, it's, uh...
It's me. It's Dolphin.

BIG RED: Man, what
took you so long?

Listen, man. I'm getting
real sick and tired of you

jumping me out all the
time, you know that?

Now, you asked me to go down
there and get you some grub

and that's just
exactly what I did,

just exactly the way
you ordered it, all right.

All right. Yeah, yeah,
that's fine, that's fine.

All right.

MAN [ON TV]: But
I kind of like my wife

to greet me when I come home.

WOMAN [ON TV]: I could
have arranged for a stay,

but I couldn't get
a permit in time.

Man, where in the hell's
the mashed potatoes?


Man, I just told you,

I am not your gofer.

Now, if you wanna eat that...

That stinking soul food stuff,

that's all right with
me, but from now on,

you're gonna trip out there

and you're gonna
get it yourself.

Man, you know damn well I
cannot be seen on the streets,

now, don't you?


Come on, we got to be cool, bro.

That's another thing.

I am not your bro.

You and me are finished.

We're gonna make that split

and then I'm gone from here,
you understand, "brotha"?

Lookie here,

until I say different,

we will stay put.

You got that?

Now, as long as I am in control

of the money and the arsenal,

you will do as I say.

You got that, chump?

Now, I ain't missed a day of
this program in over five years.


Hey, don't drive
those nails too deep.

The plaster's weak. [HAMMERING]


Huggy's. Hey, hold the work!

CORA: Huggy hearts!
Yeah. Cora Lee?

Yeah, it's me. Listen, Huggy,
I think we got 'em, babe.

I'm at the Belmont Hotel.

What? Okay. Don't do nothin'.

Don't move. I'll be right there.



You wanna hear the
good news? Uh-huh.

The computer kicked out five
possible salt-and-pepper teams

who operate strictly
out of the south end.

Two of 'em turn
up to be doing time.

Another one got blown
up by an irate clerk

on a liquor store
holdup last week.

And another one
only hits markets.


That leaves an amateur team.

A brother name of Big Red McGee

and his Paddy partner,
uh, guy name of Dolphin.

Got a location?

We can try Julius T.
Washington down at the Dunbar.

We already tried him.

He says he was with Huggy.

Let's put a little heat on him.






Cora, you shouldn't
have done this.

I told you we'd find 'em, Huggy.

You sure it's Big Red?

Look, ain't too many white dudes

come in asking for a special
order of Louisiana gumbo.


Come on, let's go get him.

You stay put.

Oh, come on,
Huggy, we're partners.

Big Red is dangerous. He
already burned Boseman.

Oh, so it was him across
the street from Funky's.

You better believe
it. And you stay put.


I know the room number.

Come on.

MAN [ON TV]: You were always a
good cook when you wanted to be.

WOMAN [ON TV]: Oh, Roy, all I did
was pull it out of the frozen food section,

give the man 3.29 and
throw it in the microwave.

My cooking stinks,
and you know it.

ROY: Mm-hm.

You make me wanna
puke, you know that, man?

You sit there filling
your black face.

I'm trying to talk to you.

I'm trying to tell you I want
my share of the money,

and I want it right now!

Get out of my face,
Dolphin! I'm trying to eat.

This is one time, Red, when
you're gonna listen to me.

Hold on. That's it, Huggy.


Look, get out of here. Huggy.

Cora, get out of here.


Well, they're not mine.


where are you going?

ROY: Anyplace, Marcie.
Anyplace but here!

Huggy! [COCKS]

Huggy cakes!


ROY: I can't take it anymore.


ROY: Well, it's too
late for that, Marcie!

Years too late!

HUTCH: Yeah, notify
the prints and lab boys.

He's starting to come around.

HUTCH: Call the
coroner and alert him.

Hey, Hug, come on, come on.

HUTCH: Yeah, we got
all the units we need.

Took a pretty good
whack on the head.

HUTCH: Patch me
in to Dobey. Hey.

Okay, let's get him
up. Here you go.

Try to get up. There you go.

Whoa, room.

There you go.
Anything broken, huh?

Mm, just my head.

Yeah, take a deep
breath now. Another one.


STARSKY: It's okay,
Huggy. Cora Lee?

HUGGY: I'm all right.

Huggy, she just fainted.
Throw me one of those, will you?

Cora. Cora.

Here you go.

Yeah, captain. Huggy.

It's all right, all right.

Look, uh, we got a
problem down here.

I sure do.

STARSKY: Captain,
Huggy did not kill Dolphin.

Big Red did it. Word
on the street is...

Don't tell me about
the words on the street

until you spend as much
time out there as I have!

Now, your streetwise connection
is Huggy Bear and he's involved.

So his mouth can't
be no prayer book.

He's covering for J.T.

Well, captain, that's
what we figure, but...

But nothing!

I could've told
you that up front,

but you guys are
going easy on him.

That's not the name of
the game in the streets.

And if you don't know that,

maybe I better
take you off the case

before you get hurt.

Captain, we're not going soft.

We're trying to let
this thing play itself out.

I'll tell you what to play.

You don't let Huggy
Bear out of your sight.

He's going after Big Red.

How do you figure that?

Because J.T.'s his mentor.
Taught him everything he knows.

And he's not the
kind of guy to forget.

Tsk. I'll buy that.

DOBEY: So, what are
you doing here, then?

Uh, one more
thing before you go.

Now, I don't care

what your relationship
with Huggy Bear is.

But you got me to consider.

And if you don't play this
out like officers of the law,

straight and narrow,

Huggy falls, and you're
gonna find yourself in uniform,

walking a beat again.





What? Where?

Uh, listen, man,
you...? You got a ride?

Good. Okay, swing by the
back of my place and pick me up.


STARSKY: Go for it.
Oh, yeah. Bust it. Bust it.

Hey, I was gonna
take him myself, man.

The old man says
you're gonna be good,

a top mechanic.

I'm good now.

That good, huh? That good.

Can you spot a
single-O first deal out,

pull a flip side on the hack,

deal to the would-be,
shift out, nullify, palm,

or bottom deal and flip
the mark a 1000-1 hand

he'd swear you couldn't beat,

then lay him flat, one up?

When the old man
makes you good, kid,

then you think about it.

And if you got the
heart or the brains,

you get out.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

We're sitting here,
watching pedestrians go by.

Come on, move that
car, would you, please?

Thank you very
much. You're welcome.

I got 'em.

He's going.

Hey, come on! Get
out of the way, will you?

Oh, come on! [TRUCK HORN HONKS]

Look out. Look out. Oh, my God!

Come on, get out of
the way! Out of the way!

STARSKY: Move it!

HUTCH: One way, come
on. STARSKY: Move it!


One way, come on! Move it!

HUTCH: Hurry, will ya? Come on!

STARSKY: Go ahead.
HUTCH: Out of the way.

Go ahead. Come on, come on.

Stay there! Go, come on!

Get it out of the way!

Come on! Move it!


that's great, just great.

You were worried about
Huggy spotting us in my car.

Now he's vanished into thin air.

Where'd he go?


Junior, stay here.

If it goes down bad,
drop a dime on the cops.

Just ask for Starsky and Hutch.

Oh, come on, Huggy
man, this is for J.T.

That's right, and I
owe him. You don't.

Not yet, anyway.

Aw, he's not up here.

Okay, turn around. Let's
go back the other way.

Go ahead, swing it, will you?


Go across to the other side.

Maybe we'll get
lucky down there.







I swear, I'll bust your head.

Put down the gun.


No good.

It ain't you, man.
I don't want you.

The money. The money.

No, man. Uh-uh.


Drop it, or I'll split your
head like a rotten melon.

it. There's the kid.


Give up the money,
man. Give it up.


It's all right, kid.
Come on, take it easy.

Take it easy.

All right, where is he?


Some things never change.



HUTCH: Huggy, where are you?

A long way from home.


And there she was. I
mean, the lady was beautiful.

I mean, she was a stone fox.

I mean, there we were,
the sparks were flying,

the night was tingling
with anticipation

and I was making my
way towards manhood.

Well, what happened? What
happened? What happened?

Oh, Cora Lee's mama caught us.

Oh, yeah? What?

Yeah, I mean, she
bruised my pride,

busted both my
lips, closed my eyes,

and that's why I never
married Cora Lee.

After all that agony, why not?


Well, Cora Lee's mama
grossed over 300 pounds.

That's a good reason.

And that's why.

Yeah, what you mean is,
like mother like daughter.

Right on. I can understand that.

Say, speaking of old friends,

word has it that an
old friend of yours

came into a lot of bucks

and, uh, bought himself a
dry-cleaning establishment.

And, uh, he called it

J.T.'s Dry Cleaning

- -Esquire.

Esquire. How 'bout that?

So how do you
account for the fact

that J.T. came
into all that money

and he's changing his ways?

Well, why ask me?

[CHUCKLES] Well, I don't know.

I just thought maybe
you might know a friend

who knew a friend...

Who might tell a friend
how it all went down.

Well, let's just say
that the gods were kind

and leave it at that, shall we?