Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Specialist - full transcript

When Starsky and Hutch and two other cops are chasing some criminals, a woman is killed in the crossfire. The whole thing is ruled as an accident and the woman's husband doesn't take it well. When the two cops are killed, they suspect the husband. They learn that the man is a government agent who was laid off by his employers.

No, I'll move that.

Alex, won't you reconsider

and fly home with me to
Washington next week?

You know I can't.

Hey, come on, let's go shopping.

Alex, you promised me.

I did?

You know you did.

I did.

I still don't understand

why you have to
carry that thing.

The agency requires
that its employees...

Be able to protect
themselves, yes...

but you're on vacation.

You are undoubtedly

the most loveable
and beautiful nag

the world has ever known.

Hey, come on.

I promised you a new wardrobe.

That's silly.

What do you mean, it's silly?

Well, I don't need
a new wardrobe.

I have plenty of clothes.

Now, you see what I mean?


Nag, nag, nag.

Alex, there are six
suitcases in this place,

and they're all
filled with clothes.

Out you go.

You seem awfully
quiet this morning.


I said you seem awfully quiet.


Well, we all wish
you beginner's luck.

You ever wonder what
would have happened

if your parents had never met?


If your mother and
father had never met,

you might not have been born.

Haven't you ever wondered

how the world
might be different?

Well, for starters,

you'd probably be
pretty dull company.

Or if your name
had been Anderson

instead of Hutchinson.

Well, then I'd have
a whole drawer

full of handkerchiefs with
the wrong initials on them.

No, no, I mean it... I mean...

Look, if my name
had been Anderson,

I might have been a doctor.

You want to run that
one by me again?

Well, you know how
in grammar school

they always used to seat you

in alphabetical order?

Well, having a name
that began with an... "S."

I was always sat on
the right-hand side

of the class,

and all those whose
names began with "A"s

were always seated on the
left-hand side of the class.

And they all became doctors. No.

But a guy by the
name of Anderson did,

and he sat behind a girl
by the name of Alice Adams.

She weighed 200 pounds,
and that was in the sixth grade.

She had horn-rimmed glasses.

A terrible case of acne.

How did that make him a doctor?

He married her.

And everybody in her
family was a doctor.

And you know, they were
the richest family in town.

You know something?

There's a lot of
"what if" questions

you can ask yourself, Hutch.

Just got to think about it.


Come on.

You don't wanna be
late for work, do you?

What if we were?

All units in vicinity,

a 211 in progress,

a jewelry store at
southeast corner

of Golden Shopping Plaza.

Code Three.

This is Zebra Three.

We are in the area
and responding.

Get back, folks. Police.

I tell you what. We'll
buy some flowers, hmm?

How are you doing?

You suppose
there's anything here

my wife would like to have?

I give up. Come on, come on.

Hey, hey, wait a
minute. Hold on.

Don't shoot. Wait a
minute. Wait a minute!

Turn around.
You're under arrest.

All right, everybody, get back.
Sir, would you get back, please?

I'm a cop. Now, would
you just get back, please?

Get back, sir.

She's dead.

My wife.

She's dead.

You're not saying...

That's exactly what I'm saying.

Unless that bullet was
fired by a person unknown...

it had to come from one
of our four officers' guns.

I'd like to know which one.

We don't know that yet.

Ballistics have to
finish their tests.

Mr. Drew, there are no words

to express our regrets.

You and your wife are the
victim of an unfortunate accident.

An accident?

Yes, I suppose that's
how the official report

will read, won't it?

Mr. Drew...

if any one of us had seen her...

It happened so fast.

I'd like to make
whatever arrangements

are necessary

in order to fly home
with my wife's body

as soon as possible.

Surely. Just tell
me the airline,

the flight number,
and what time.

I'll see to it that the
arrangements are made.

I have to place a
call to Washington.

May I use your phone?


Yes, this is Alexander
Drew, 13-27-Alpha-4.

I want to arrange

for a seat and cargo space

on the next flight to Dulles.

Yes, top priority.

You can reach me
at the Carlyle Hotel.

I'll be there in 20 minutes.

The cargo?

A casket.

We can give you a ride
to the airport if you like.

No, thanks.

From here on out, I'll
make my own arrangements.

Oh, Mr. Drew,
we're all very sorry.

You wondering
whose bullet it was?


I'm wondering

what if his wife had
bought another article...


What if the robbers had
gotten there five seconds later?

Yes, I am aware that I
overstepped my authority

in pulling records,

but I'm also aware, as you are,

that police departments
have assassination squads.

Not in the United States.

Alex, you've been
under a lot of strain.

I know when people
are trying to kill me.

Alex, come back,
and we can talk...

and in the meantime,

we'll send in a
couple of investigators

to see if you're right.

Of course. I'll call you later.

Good night, Arthur.

Oh, and son,

don't forget to get
that good popcorn.

I can make it, and we'll
take it with us tonight.

I've got to get hold
of my daughter-in-law.

Mr. McDermont?

I've got to get hold
of my daughter-in-law.


if it would be of
any help to you,

I would be glad
to call her myself.

No, I've got to tell her.

He was supposed
to pick up his little girl

after school...

take her to the movies tonight.

They're divorced, you know.

Yeah, I know.

We get her every Saturday
and every other Wednesday.

Look, Mac, I know it's, uh...

I don't like asking
this right now...

but do you know any reason

why anybody would
want to kill your son?


Do you know why anybody
would want to kill Mac?

You... You ask why, Ken?

He was a policeman.
He was a cop.

Oh, hell!

I told him it was no good.

I told him nobody cared anymore.

I told him so many times.


I'll talk to you later.


Take good care of him, will you?

Lab boys say there
were two bombs,

one underneath the
hood against the firewall,

and a smaller incendiary type

underneath the gas tank.

Somebody very professional

meant business.

Listen, was Mac in
on anything big lately?

Routine, as far as I know.

Well, whoever it was
sure went to a lot of trouble

to kill an ordinary street cop.



Officer McDermont's
records for the last six years.

Sally, somehow a messenger

as lovely as you

takes the pain out
of the coming hours.

Miss Hagen, I'd like you to know

how much we appreciate

your bringing
these records to us.

Uh, Officer Hagen?

Oh, uh...

Think nothing of it.

Oh, when I found out

that you maniacs had
been given assignments

that would take
you off the streets,

of course I
volunteered to help you.

That's the thanks we get
for making the city safe.

That, and well,

it was the least I
could do for you two.

Oh, you got your transfer.

Uh-huh. I'm going
to do real police work.

I'm going to leave the file room

and get out on the streets.

Well, congratulations,
and you know something?

If ever they transfer
you into vice...

and you need some refreshers

on how to make yourself
part of the environment,

you know...

Oh, I certainly will
keep you in mind.

Have you ever wondered,
Hutch, what would have happened

if you had been born
charming and handsome

and I'd been born the dullard?

Well, Starsk, there are
some things in this world

you just don't have
to wonder about.

No, no, no.

Do you believe that?

Only two possibles
left out of all of these.

Well, you can scratch this
one. He's back in the joint.

Floyd, Henry Malcolm.
"Flashy" Floyd.

Held in contempt
for threatening the life

of Officer McDermont

during trial.

Interesting, huh?

He got out of prison last month.

Let's get a warrant.

Chapel of Bodily Invinegration.

It's "invigoration," Starsk.

Yeah? What do you
suppose it means?

Well they probably appreciate

a well-conditioned body.

What are you looking at?


See what I mean?

Welcome to the Chapel
of Bodily Invigoration.

One of our attendants
will join you shortly,

and you and your body
will begin its journey

to invigoration.

What does this
decor remind you of?

Totally nothing.

Which door?

Heads or tails?

I'm in the mood for tails.

You got it.

What are you in the mood for?

Uh, he went that way.


This must be the place.


You ready?


I'm awfully sorry
to trouble you, sir.

I wonder if I could
use your phone.

I got a problem
with my buddy here.


I was just reaching for
my business license.

I thought it was
a robbery, fellas.

You cops don't even
look like cops anymore.

Where were you last
night and this morning?

Last night and this morning?


Hey, I read all about Mac.

I was only kidding
when I said what I said.

So where were you?



I've got a hundred witnesses.

I was with five of my friends...

Look, look...

my hotel bill.

I didn't even check
out until noon today.

I'm clean.

You're lucky.

Much obliged.

Hey... that's accosting
a police officer.

I know.

Keep up the good work.

I'll do my best.

Mac was the best
partner I ever had.

Six years we worked together.

This kid they gave me today,

fresh out of the Academy...

He thinks he's
gonna wipe out crime

in one afternoon.

A punk, still wet
behind the ears.

Do you know what I mean?


No, no, no.

Do you really know what I mean?


How about some of
that popcorn down there?

Anything you want...
If I can reach it.

There we go.

There we are.

Hey, that's great.

You know what I want to do?


No, I want to propose a
toast, a bottoms-up toast...

to this grand old
country of ours.

Well, it's lasted
200 glorious years.

It's gonna last a
lot more than that

if I can say something about it.

You're right, there, babe.

Here's to it.

How about another?

No, no, no, no.
I gotta get back.

I gotta get back

to my not-so-glorious old lady

who only looks like

she's about 200 years old.

Listen, take care pal, huh?

I'll see you.

Thanks, doc.

Well, doc says there was
enough poison in that glass

to kill an elephant,

and whoever did it knew
exactly what he was doing.

First Mac, then Carl.

Thinking what I am?

Alexander Drew never
got aboard that flight

for Washington.

Surprise, surprise.

Did you find out what
agency the man worked for?

In the interest of
national security,

that information is
being withheld from us...

although they are sending out

his immediate superior to...

"coordinate with us."

That sounds cheery.

There's one other
thing you'd better know:

Drew went through
his own channels

to obtain copies of
official police records.

It's been confirmed he's
got Carl's, McDermont's...

and the both of yours.

I appreciate and sympathize
with your position, gentlemen,

but as I said, Alex
Drew's work is classified.

Look, Cole,

we have reason to suspect

he's killed two police officers.

We also have reason to believe

that he has two
more on his list.

Now, there's nothing
classified about that.

You don't have absolute proof,
and he is our responsibility.

Not when he starts
killing police officers

in this town, he isn't.

Mr. Cole, does Drew have access

to special weapons
and explosives,

things like that?

Oh, no more so
than any other citizen.

I think you're lying, Mr. Cole.

I have a tight schedule.

Our agency will take
care of Mr. Drew for you,

so you can turn your
attention to other police matters.

Will you look at me?

Take a good look at me.

Now, take a look
at him over there.

We're the next two
guys on that list.

You know what I'm gonna
do when you walk out of here?

I'm gonna go pick up that
phone, and I'm gonna call

every major
newspaper in this city,

and tell them that your
government agency

has a nut running
loose on the street

and you won't do
anything about it.

And I'm gonna help him
make those phone calls.

I, uh, can't allow
any publicity.

Mr. Drew's, uh... job...

his whole department...

was an error in judgment
from the beginning.

My agency is trying
to rectify the situation.


What the hell does that mean?

His whole department
has been phased out.

For obvious reasons,

he will receive a salary

for the rest of his life.

But his forced retirement...

quite a severe blow to him.

He had been showing

signs of strain for
some time, but...

What exactly did
Mr. Drew do, Mr. Cole?

Well, as I said before,
that is classified information,

but suffice to say,
he carried out...

highly specialized assignments.

One more time, Mr. Cole.

Does Drew have
access to weapons...

Special weapons?

Alexander Drew has access

to the most sophisticated
weapons known,

and he is highly skilled
in the use of all of them.

Mr. Cole...

was Mr. Drew an
efficient employee?

According to his records,

when he worked for our agency...

he never failed.

Well, at least there's
one positive aspect

about this whole thing.

What's that?

Cole and his employees

have to go around
looking for Alex.

We don't.

Mac's car blew sky-high.

And Drew has access

to the most sophisticated
weaponry around.

What if..?

Don't even say it.

Care to take a little stroll?

Give me the key, will you?

Well, better safe than sorry.


What you got?

Enough plastic to blow
up the entire building.

We're going to stake
out your apartments.

I don't want
anything to do with it.

How many people

do you plan to
put on this thing?

At least six squads of men.

Should be enough
to cover the situation.

Yeah, but what about
our own security?

Now, look, what do you
mean, you won't cooperate?

You give us one good reason

why we should cooperate.

Cole, you created this problem.

You created this situation.

You just stay out of it.

Captain, what kind of security
have we got around here anyway?

When a guy can
walk into this garage,

plant a bomb in a car,
and walk out of here

without being seen?

I think maybe you
two should accept

Mr. Cole's offer of protection.

We don't need any heroes.

We're not trying to be heroes.

We almost got our cans
blown off the face of the earth

right here in this
police garage.

Well, if this turkey

can't supply us with protection

right here in this
police garage,

how are we supposed
to expect him

to provide us protection
anyplace else?

All we want is
to be in a position

to call our own shots.

I'll call the shots!

Not when our
lives are concerned!

Look, I don't like
this situation here

any more than you do,

and if it becomes necessary,

I'm gonna order you
to accept Cole's offer.

We're living in a regular
democracy, aren't we?

Where to?

You're upstairs in room 39.

Four guys getting
out of a plumbing truck

is about as subtle

as an elephant knitting
in Times Square.

Are you referring to Dobey?

Can he knit?

I don't know,

but you ought to
see him eat peanuts.

Well, I don't like it.
I don't like any of it.

Control. All units
in the vicinity.

Officers being held
and being fired on.

Gray, late model
Sedan. No license ID.

Vehicle reported headed
north at high speed.

Possible destination,
route four.

Control to the
following division units...

Code three, code three.


Captain Dobey.

I don't know if it's going
to change anything,

going through with this.

Maybe we ought to call it off.

We have to go
through with it, Captain.


If for no other reason
than Alex Drew.

Because maybe when
all is said and done,

he's a victim like
all the others...

Kind of a modern-day

we all helped to create.


Yeah, okay.

They're ready.

Will you please watch
where you're going?

Hey, you know something?

What's that?

You look just like
one of those animals

in a shooting gallery.

Don't look now,
Charlie, but so do you.

You ready?


You know, Starsk,
this isn't a bad place.

Hmm. You hungry?


If you're a decoy,

you might as well
go out in style.

Well, I hate to
ruin your appetite.


Mr. Personality is
hiding in the corner.

Good evening.

Well, look who's here.

May I take your order, please?

You were wrong.

I told you they could find
exciting, critical positions

for policewomen to fill.

Yeah, so I was.

Um, do you two want to
eat, or do you want to talk?

I'll have a steak.

I'll have a steak too...

Medium rare.

Baked or hash browns?



Butter with chives?

I'll have mine plain.
I'm counting my calories.

Me too.

Okay, that's two Ts,
bleeding slightly on a raft,

two Irish plums,

and hold the fat.


She's good.



A glass of water?



Well, at least if it
comes down now,

the two condemned
men have had a last meal.

After two Irish plums,

I feel like a condemned man.

Well, just keep walking.

I'm trying, Buddy. I'm trying.

What time will they be here?

Well, we're trying
to move it in quicker.

Well, you should
have him in here now.

Maybe he's given up.

Not Alex Drew.

Yes? Yes.

I'll be right there.

He's just been spotted on
the other side of the motel.

Let's go.

Don't scream!

There's nobody
around to hear you.

That's Drew on phone.

We tried taking the
call at the switchboard,

but he insists
on talking to you.

He's got Sally.




You were supposed
to protect that girl.

He maneuvered
us out of position.

Agree to anything he says.


I have your little friend
in the trunk of my car.

If you don't meet me,
she's going to die there.

Where and when?

The oil fields, outside
of Mandalay Heights.

Come alone, or the girl dies.

What guarantee do we have

that you're not going
to kill her anyway?

Because, unlike you,
I'm an honorable man.

I'll have 50 men in there
in the next 20 minutes.

You heard the man.
He said, "come alone."

She's a trained policewoman.

She knew the risk of
the job when she took it.

You know something?

It's people like you

who a lot of times make us
ashamed to wear a badge.

Now, we are going
into that oil field alone...

and if you make one move

before Sally Hagen
comes back safe,

we're gonna come back

and deal with you personally.

You see him? Huh?

No, you?


What to do?

I'm coming over.

Make it quick.


Where do we go?

Over there

by those barrels.



He's playing with us.

It's like being a
duck in a barrel.

Yeah, risky.

Two o'clock on the catwalk.

You got it. Let's
split. I'll cover you.



Did he hurt you?


Hutch, he's a very sick man.

Yeah, I know.

You sure you're all right?

We're gonna try
to take him alive.


Are you comfortable?

Do I look like I'm comfortable?

You look like a cop.


Listen to me a minute.

Alex, what happened to
your wife was an accident.

It couldn't be helped.
No one could prevent it.

Alex, we're sorry.

But it's time to
stop the killing.

She was an innocent victim

of bullets that
were meant for me.

No bullets were
meant for you, Alex.

Do you think I don't
know you and your partner

are part of an
assassination squad?

You underestimated
my intelligence

every step of the way.


It's about to cost
you your lives.

Alex, let us help you!

Where's your partner?

Where'd he get to?


Oh, no. No, no!

No, you killed my wife.

Why don't you kill me?

You've got to kill me!


But Drew thought the whole thing

was a plot to kill him.

What he was thinking
was not important.

Oh, boy.

Through his
association with you,

a man is crippled mentally,

possibly for the
rest of his life,

and you're saying what he thinks

isn't important?

Hey, Cole.

What is important to you?

The continued
strength of our nation.

Oh, boy.

It should be
important to you too.

Oh, it is... but
not at your prices.

You know what really bugs me?

We can't arrest the
really guilty party.

No, it's... it's unfair.

It really is, and you have
to have some sympathy

for the poor child.

It was her first assignment.

The first one on
the street, right?

I'm worried about this guy.

I run up to her

and pull the tape off her mouth,

left her tied up,

and we left her tied up
for at least 30 minutes.

It's terrible. Shh!


Hiya, Sally. We were
just talking about you.

Hey, Sal. Hey, Starsk.

So, tell us about it.

How was your first
assignment, huh?

It was terrific.

Oh, it was terrific, huh?

You got kidnapped,

you got thrown in
the back of a car,

you got tied up and left there,

and that's terrific, huh?

Well, a girl's gotta
start somewhere.

That's right. That's right.

Let me have a little sympathy

for the child.

Now, I gotta ask you
something very serious.

What are you doing tonight?

Well, as a matter of
fact, that's why I'm here...

To take you guys
up on your offer?

Research help?

I go on vice detail
starting tomorrow.

Oh... Oh...

Well, well, well...


There's, uh...

there's two of us,
and only one of you,

you know.

Well, I know, and I
thought about that a lot.

Did you? Uh-huh.

But I think it might be more fun

with the both of you.

Which? Oh.



That's for leaving me
tied up in the oil fields,

and that's for laughing
at me in the restaurant.

I don't know about you,

but this isn't exactly
what I had in mind.