Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 22 - The Velvet Jungle - full transcript

A Costa Rican seamstress is murdered in the garment district, but an immigration official seeks to squash Starsky and Hutch's investigation, which interference only stirs their suspicions and strengthens their resolve to catch the killer.





Murder... murder!

Matar, matar!


We're closed.

Por favor!

Mi amiga... matar...


I said we're closed!
El close-o. "Va-moose."

Boy, they ought to teach
these people how to read

before they let 'em in.


Hey... you...

Hey! You broke my
window. Where are you?

My window is broken!

DISPATCH: All units,
all units in the vicinity

of 14th and Spruce,

report of a burglar
alarm at that address.

HUTCH: This is Zebra
three. We are responding.




Did you... Did you get her?


Did you see that crazy broad

who busted my window?

She was screamin'
here, stupid, crazy broad,

hollerin' and screamin',
poundin' on my window.

And me... I'm not even open yet!

HUTCH: Hey, hey, hey.

Calm down now.


Who was she? What
was she hollering?

I don't know, officer. She
was jabberin' in Spanish.

Well, did you manage to
catch anything she said?

She said a lot of things:


We don't cook it here, though.

Her mother, her ma-tar,
her mother, her ma-tar...

What's the difference?

Wait a second, wait a
second, wait a second.

Did she say mother or matar?


What's the difference?
She busted my window.

The difference
is that in Spanish,

matar means murder.

What murder?

Will you tell this guy
she busted my window?

Hey, hey, you!

Now, you said the girl
that broke your window

took off down the street, right?


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

All right, where'd
she come from?

I don't know. How am
I supposed to know?

I'm in there making my batter.

People expect super pancakes
from me in this neighborhood.

Hey, hey! This girl
came to you for help.

What'd you do for her?

Do? What could I do?

She busted my window!

You know what's gonna
happen when I report that?

My insurance rates
are gonna go sky high.

I'm just a small-business man.

Now... I'm a bad risk.

Watch your step.


Give you a hand
with that, captain?


Thank you, Hutchinson.

I've been looking for you two.

I just stopped here to
get a little quick energy.

This is new diet
you're on, captain?

Get all the food together at
the beginning of the week,

the first day, lunchtime.

Who do you think you
are, Starsky, Milton Berle?


I understand you two
were asking about a, uh...

young Latin woman.

I got a report on
one in her early 20s.

It was just something
that happened

on our way to work this morning.

She might be in
some kind of trouble.

Well, if it's the same
one, she's not in trouble.

You can check on
her at the morgue.

WOMAN: She was found at
the foot of the Sixth Street bridge.

Probably killed someplace else,

and then brought
there and thrown off.

If it was supposed
to fool us, it didn't.

Marks on her neck
indicate she was strangled

sometime around
6:00 this morning.

There's no ID.

Ginny, can I have a followup...

On your desk as fast as I can...

and still be thorough.



Did I mention to you

that she was very
probably a seamstress?

No, you didn't. How do you know?

Callous on the
right index finger.

It's the seamstress trademark.

Also, there were traces
of sewing machine oil

and threads found
under her nails,

and more threads around
the soles of her shoes.

That sandwich shop is
in the garment district.

Yeah, I noticed.

She might have come
from Central America.

Her shoes were from Costa Rica.

There's a label on the inside.

And according to
the wear pattern,

I'd say that she's had
them about a year.

Oh, a photograph
of the dead girl.


Medical science
can tell us a lot

about what
happened to this girl,

but we leave it to you
to find out who she was.

STARSKY: This the girl
that broke your window?


That's not her.

That's not the girl
who came here

this morning
looking for help, huh?

I told you.

She's not even close.


Okay, maybe she
works in the district.

Maybe she's a customer.

More likely just
another wetback.

A wetback, huh?

Well, you ain't gonna find
the girl that busted my glass,

or not this girl either,
with her eyes closed,

because they're afraid of cops.

How about a couple
of my super pancakes

on the house?

You don't know what
you're missing. Haa!

It's never easy.



A girl doesn't come running
up to a sandwich shop

screaming bloody
murder for nothing.


If our girl isn't the victim,
let's figure her as a witness.

Listen to you, "our girl," huh?


We don't even know who
she is, what she looks like.

Yeah, but the
killer's liable to.

You sure you know which
one I'm talking about?

Sí, Señor Wheeling. Yes.

She live up the stairs.

Andrea... Andrea
Guiterrez. I know.

Hmm... when she comes back,

I want you to call me at
that number. You got it?

Sí. I got it.

She hasn't been here
since early this morning.

I told the old man to
call me if she came back.

Look, you go up
the corner and park.

Keep watch, just in case.


Any luck? No, you?

Nope. Where do you want?


I'll go here. Why?



Oh, my! Wh-what are you doing?

HUTCH: I'm...

WOMAN: Oh... Oh!


Good heavens,
did I do all of that?

Please, let me
help you out there.

No, no, that's okay.

You sure? Yeah.

Oh, well, at least
you're in your old clothes.


I mean, it would be a shame

if you were dressed
in something decent.

What do you mean?

I'll have you know
that these are...

Well, they're not
exactly my best...

Oh, I'm sorry.

Now I've hurt your feelings too.

Well, it's just that you're
dressed in that, uh...

Turn around.


I mean, those old, uh...

Rummage sale chic, right?

You're into that
entire counterculture

of dressing down instead
of really getting into...


Well, I, actually...

Say no more.

Okay, I'm on my way.

Really, I can't talk anymore.

I've loved being here like this,

but I'll be running along.

We'll visit longer
next time? Sure.

What's your name, anyway?

Starsky... David Starsky.

Of course it is.

What's going on in there?

Hey, what is this, a playground?

Get back to work.

What do you want?


My name is Detective
Sergeant Hutchinson.

I just wanted to know
if they could identify

a murder victim.

Let me see the picture.

Anybody in there recognize her?


Oh, me neither.
Guess you struck out.

Thank you.

I got a cop named
Hutchinson nosing around

trying to identify Elena's body.

Too close and too soon.

I don't think you're hearing me.

First you get rid of him.

Then you find out
what precinct he's from.


I get the feeling that
nobody around here

wants to help us
identify that girl.

I mean, we're not asking
anybody to get involved.

They gotta be
afraid of something.

Cheer up. I think
we just got lucky.


The owner of that
factory... Yeah?

Is having a fashion
show at the Stanton Hotel.

I spoke to her secretary.

She says she might
be able to help us.


WOMAN: Okay,
Shane, on the platform.

Johnny, she's all ready.

What is with this shredding?
Paul, braid it. Do something.

Dee, come on, we
don't have much time.

Go on ahead.

What's with this collar?

I told you to put the
fur on the other side.

Make it a little
bit more blouson.

I don't know.

Maybe she should wear
the t-shirt underneath it.

Lou? Pockets...

Do you have any other pockets?

I think we're a
little... Let me see.

How about... put the hair back.

Excuse me, Lou?

I don't have time.
Talk to Dorothy.

Okay, work with it.

Do something. I don't know.

I don't know.

Honey, honey...

Oh, you've got that
dress on backwards.

Change it.

My name is Hutchinson. Yes?

Police officer.

My name is Brownley,
and I'm a crazy person.

I mean, why else
would I run this mess

and talk to a poli...



Okay, who's dead?

Who said anybody's dead?

Who are you?

His partner. Name's Starsky.

Nice name.

Well, Starsky, you know,

just between you and me,

cops are not known
to bring good news.

I mean, when was the last time

you went to somebody's
house to tell them

somebody didn't die?

Look, uh...

Okay, which one
of my relatives is it?

It's not actually one
of your relatives...

I'm completely turned around.

Where's Basil with
the dress? There.

He'll meet you. Go ahead.

Oh, there, uh...


Excuse me.


He's cute.

I don't think so.

Well, maybe you're right.

What were you saying?

Oh, uh...

We were wondering

if you could identify
this girl for us.

We think she works
somewhere in the garment district.

Yeah, I know her.

Um... she works... worked here.

Her name is Elena something.



Come with me. I'll
give you the address.



Remember me? Well, sure.

I mean, there's something
about a snappy dresser

with a name like Starchy

that really embeds
itself in your memory.

It's Starsky.

You see? Here, turn around.


Please turn around.
Put your arm out.

Thank you. Uh, it's Laura.


My name, dummy. Laura Stevens.

Oh, hi.


Um, how do you look in a suit?

Uncomfortable, why?

I figure that if we
are to continue

this strange and
wonderful relationship...



Eventually you're
going to wanna take me

someplace wonderful,

like an expensive restaurant,

so I'll, uh...

I think I got a possible address

on that dead girl.

Oh, that's terrific. We'll
go just as soon as...


Do you mind?

No, she's changing. Turn around.


I was holding her
clothes for her.

She was changing, that's all.

It's all right, Starsk.

It doesn't go with
your eyes anyway.

Oh. Yeah.

MAN: Elena is really dead?

Afraid so.

You know anybody close to her

who we might be able to talk to?

She shared this
apartment with her cousin.

What happened to her?

She was strangled this morning.


Do you know her cousin's name?

Andrea Guiterrez.

Andrea Guiterrez.

Do you have any idea

where we might
be able to find her?

No... I think she is hiding.

She was here this
morning, and she was...

uh, how do you say muy asustada?

Very frightened.

Sí, frightened.

She ran in and out.

Do you know where she was going?

No, I told you. She
was very frightened...

but she did leave most
of her possessions.

If she does come home,

will you give us a
call at this number?


It's very important.

Yes, I will.



Uh... when we came
out of the fashion show,

did you notice a dark brown Ford

with two guys in it?

Oh, you mean the
one parked in front

of the green sports car
with the top down, huh?

What color ties are they
wearing, huh, Starsk?

Okay, funny guy.

They just happen
to still be with us.


Well, that's very
good. Thank you.

Got any suggestions?

Well, I know one suggestion,

up a dead-end alley
around the corner.



Okay, out of there. Come on.

Let's go.

Okay... come on. Come on.

Turn around, turn around.

Up against the wall.

You wanna tell us
about this, turkey?

Certainly, Sergeant

But I think it'd be
clearer if we talked it over

with your commanding
officer present.

Gentlemen, I don't know

how I can make it any clearer.

As agent in charge

of this city's
Immigration office,

I'm asking you to stop
your investigation now.

We can't stop it,

not when a girl's
life is at stake.

You mean Andrea Guiterrez?

How did you know that?

We just found out
a little while ago.

Well, you see, that's
what I was trying

to explain, gentlemen.

You see, Andrea
Guiterrez and her roommate,

her cousin Elena, the dead girl,

were both mixed
up in an operation

smuggling illegal aliens
from Central America.

An operation which my department
is very close to breaking up

if you will just butt out.

It never occurred to you

to share that kind of
information with us, did it?

Captain Dobey...

I am here in the
spirit of cooperation.


By whose definition?

You're in here because
my men brought you in.

And now you're trying to get us

to call off an investigation.

That's not cooperation.
That's interference.

Well, I see that I've wasted
my time coming here.

I'll have my...

department chief in Washington

speak to your
police commissioner.

Good day, gentlemen.

Well, captain?

Are we still on the case?

By the time Sterling gets
to his boss in Washington,

and Washington gets
to the commissioner,

and the commissioner
gets back to me...

it's Thursday.

If you two don't
have this case closed,

stay out of my sight.





You're kind of jumpy,
aren't you Harry?

You're kind of lucky.

Yeah, well, forget the jokes.

What about the girl?

Don't worry about her.

I got somebody covering
the streets and the apartment.

Don't sweat it. We'll get her.

Well, when you get her,
then I'll stop sweating it.

Look, if you hadn't been
playing footsies with Elena,

she would have never
stumbled on our relationship.

I wouldn't have had to kill her.

There's no sense sitting here

moaning about the past.

Just take care of her.

I've got other things
to worry about.

Oh? What are they?

About how I justify
killing two local cops

if they get too close.

Starsky and Hutch.





What's happening?



It's just like I thought.


You're not gonna like it.

Hey. We're buddies, right?

Yeah. Huh?

Trust me. I'll like it.


Well, you know that our best
and most reliable information

here in the barrio comes
from that bar, right?


That's where Ramón hangs out.

Yeah, I know that.

Well, it's just like I thought.

You see, I...

busted the bartender in
there about three years ago

when you were on the east coast.


So I figure that if you
just give me your gun

and your badge,

and I could teach you a
couple Spanish phrases

real quick,

and then you
just go on in there,

You could probably
get right back out again

without too much broken.


Well, that's an idea.


I don't like it.


Está Ramón aquí?

What's that?

That's "Is Ramón here?"






[BAD ACCENT] Ram-on.


[MOCKING] Ramón.




Why do I get the
feeling... way deep down...

that you're getting even with me

for fixing you up
on a blind date?

Oh, Starsky, she was terrific.

You know I love
lady cab drivers.

Besides, if anything
happens, I'll be out here.

I can be in there
in a flash now.

You know that.


Okay. Okay.

Let's go over it
one more time, huh?

Hey... I got it.


Una Superior... por favor.





Está Ramón aquí? [OPENS BOTTLE]



[BAD ACCENT] Dónde está Ramón?




Está Ramón aquí?



Ramón... is amigo.




So you're looking for
Ramón, eh, your friend.

You speak English.


Sí, Ramón... mucho amigo.

Uh, Está Ramón aquí?


What kind of person
would be a friend

to an informer?

Eh? A guy who would
turn in his own camaradas.

Well... Eh?

Ramón isn't exactly
a friend of mine.

As a matter of fact, I
don't like him much either.

You know...

I think maybe you
are a snitch too.


Okay, snitch, you want Ramón?

You take this street
down to Atlantic.

Sí. To St. Luke's Hospital.


There, you'll find Ramón.

Thank you, uh, gracias.

You see, Ramón,

he had a... He had
an accident today...


And I think maybe you
are going to have one too,

Señor Snitch.

Hey, Miguelito.

How about letting somebody else

have some of the
fun around here?


After all, he had
the last live one.


How about it, amigo?


Relax, amigo.
You're a cop, right?

Yeah. I'm on your side.



But we have to
make it real good.

Oh, yeah!

Oh, gotta stop that.


I'm sorry, man... Huh?

But I'm from Immigration...


Undercover. Okay.

What do you wanna do now?

Unless you want
to blow my cover,

you handcuff me, and you
drag me roughly to your car.



That rough enough?

Here you go.

You'll feel a lot
better. Come on.

[MOANS] You wanted to see me?

Yeah, captain.

This man on my left?

His name is Paco Ortega.

He helped me out
of a jam tonight.

HUTCH: He's with Immigration.


Por favor.

Con mucho gusto.
You work for Sterling?

Not quite.

Remember that smuggling
ring Sterling was telling us about?

[MUFFLED] He thinks
that Sterling is the head of it.

What makes you think that?

Sterling is the agent in
charge of the local office here.

He's conducting
this investigation

into the smuggling
ring personally.

And he's doing a crack job too.

Unfortunately, the only
people he's caught so far

are the illegal aliens.

And they are shipped back
to Central America so fast,

no one can talk to them.

Well, maybe
that's the way it is.

Now, that's like saying

all there is to a
rattlesnake is his noisy tail.

Let me explain, captain.

The smuggling ring
brings illegal aliens

for $700 apiece.

They go to work in
the garment district,

not very high-paying
jobs to begin with,

but then they find out
they have to kick back

half their pay to
Sterling or be deported.

Now the poor souls
are working for half pay

and still trying
to buy groceries.

Don't they have
somebody to complain to?

No one, and I mean no one.

They dare make a
beef, they get beat up,

and they get deported.

And they end up
little more than slaves.


Well, what about the dead girl?

Was she a part of
this organization?

No, she was a victim,

but she must have found
out something very important,

because suddenly
she was bragging

about coming
into a lot of money,

enough to go back home in style.

And, my friends, that can
get you killed in some circles.


Detective Hutchinson.

Señor Hutchinson,
this is Moreno, the super

in Andrea Guiterrez's
apartment building.

Uh, yeah,
Mr. Moreno. What is it?

It is Andrea.

Is she back?

Sí... I mean, no!

She is here, but not
inside. She's outside...

waiting across the street.

Earlier, she walked
by several times.

I think she's afraid to come in.

We'll be there as
soon as we can.

Let's go. Moreno's seen Andrea.

Wanna come along?

Yes, of course.

Nice meeting you, captain.






ORTEGA: Hold it
right there, Wheeling.

You're under arrest.

At least I'm not
going by myself.

Drop it. I said, drop it!


Hey, what is this?

Huh... I mean, you heard him.

But I just saved your skin.

What is this?

He said he was
going out shooting.

Hey, you, what's your
name? Who are you?


Okay, well, you
saw what happened.

You tell these guys
what happened.

That man was our prisoner.

You just blew away our prisoner!

Oh, now, wait a minute.
You're gonna have to prove that.

Now, I would
appreciate you helping...

Captain, Hutch is
upstairs with the girl.

The girl upstairs
is an illegal alien.

As such, she belongs to me.

No one belongs to anyone.

Why are you so interested
in this girl upstairs?

I just like doing
my job, captain.

So do we.


I don't know where
you're coming from,

but you're a little too
glib with your words,

and you're a little
too fast with your gun.

Now, that girl upstairs
is a material witness

to a murder.

Now, as such, for
her own protection,

she's a prisoner.

She's our prisoner.

Well, you just murdered
our last prisoner. Look.


You go up those stairs,

I can promise you
you're not gonna get past

the first landing
without a severe limp.



is this your department's
official position?

My advice to you would
be not to go upstairs.

Andrea, did Elena know
something about Harry

that the rest of you didn't?

Not Harry.

She said she had some papers

that they would have
to give her money for.

She said a lot of money.


Andrea, who was Harry's partner?

ANDREA: I don't know.

I can't tell you.


She doesn't have to.

But why was Sterling so
conveniently staked out

at her apartment tonight?




You don't understand.
He has great power.

He made Elena do things.

He has no power.

He pretends to be big,

but it is not the same thing.



I can bet my life on it.

She knows enough to
put Sterling behind bars,

but she's too afraid to tell us.

And by tomorrow,

he will have a court
order taking custody of her,

and then we'll
never have a case.

Paco... there may be one way.

What are you talking about?

Something that Sterling
is very much at home with.


A crooked cop.



Officer Ortega, line four.

He says you know
him from last night.

Uh, thank you.

Well, Officer Ortega,
what can I do for you?

Mr. Sterling,

I just thought I'd call you

and let you know
that from now on

you can count me in
as your new partner.

In the Immigration Service?

You might say that.

You know, I've been checking

into Harry Wheeling's
operation for a long time,

and I was all set
to move in on him

when you shot him.

Well, you were
going to arrest him?

Arrest him?

Are you dumb, man?

I meant to cut myself a
piece of the easy money.

Hey, that's a nice setup
you guys put together.

You know, I'm
afraid I have no idea

what you're talking about.

Now, here I'm
willing to trade you

Elena's little
package of souvenirs

of you and her together.

You know, motel keys, postcards,


I'm here willing to
trade you all of that

for a little partnership.

And what do I get in return?

Dumb questions.

Now, would you rather I give it

to those two yo-yos,
Starsky and Hutch?

STERLING: Well, you're the cop.

Yeah, I'm a cop,

just like you are an
Immigration officer.

And we are in it for
what we can get out of it.

You and me, partner,
we're gonna get out plenty.

I'll meet you at the
Convention Center,

3:00, by the fountain.

Oh, by the way,

you won't have any
trouble recognizing me.

I'll have a nice big
envelope for you in my hands.

Think he'll go for it?

If we have him pegged right.

You have to remember:
my name is Ortega,

and I speak English
with an accent,

and even though I don't
think with an accent,

he's been dealing with us aliens

for so long,

he won't think I'm that bright.

Oh, he'll be there,

all ready to grab that envelope

and stomp me in the mud.




Hola, Señor Capitán. I
am here at the fountain...

with our white-faced
friend and Charlie Chaplin.

I hope it's a good show.


Look, when I get the envelope,

he turns his back,

I'm going to start shouting,
and then you shoot him.

Don't worry, it... It'll
be an official accident.

Yeah, that crooked
cop is gonna die a hero.

Let's go.


You see,

I told you you wouldn't have
any trouble recognizing me.

something for me?

Hey, not so fast.

Don't prospective
partners usually talk over

a few terms first?

Tell me, how did, uh...

How come you ended
up with the envelope,

and not Starsky and Hutch?

Now that's the advantage of
having two languages, señor.

Andrea tells me
one thing in Spanish.

I tell them a whole
other thing in English.

Could I have that envelope now?


Please? Wow!

The grand Señor Sterling,
champion of the wetbacks,

said "please" to a
common chicano.

You give me that damn
thing. Hey, hey, hey.

Give it!

Okay... here.

Western Savings Bank?

In a safety deposit box.

Now, you wouldn't
think I'm that stupid.

You scum!


STARSKY: Sterling!

Over here!


ORTEGA: Go, get him!

Paco! Behind you!


HUTCH: Paco, how bad is it?

It'll do, man. Go,
get out of here. Go!


Hey, you did that pretty good.

It's my pleasure.

Ever think of going
into the movies?

What'd you have in mind?

Oh, I don't know.

But hurry up, you'll
make the second matinee.

You don't mind if I
wash up, do you?

I don't know which
gave me more pleasure,

finding Harry's
safe deposit box,

or hearing that Sterling
broke down and confessed.


Ah, Paco, sit
still. I'll get it.


You said they'd
be glad to see us.

They are. They just lack couth.

Sure, come on in.

Oh, thank you.

How was dinner?

Ah, dinner was terrific.

I mean, the food was delicious,
the service was excellent...

The atmosphere
was... romantic. Mm.

Is there more?

There's always more, Paco.



Please, yes.

Oh, no. Mm-hmm.


He claims it was an injury

suffered in the line of duty.

A likely story.

Then, as we're
leaving the restaurant,

who do we run into

but the fashion
editor of the Times,

who knows me,

and who says,

"Laura, why is your date
wearing a blue tennis shoe?"

You know what he says?

Because a red one
might clash with my tie.