Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Las Vegas Strangler Part 2 - full transcript

Starsky and Hutch continue to uncover the clues that will lead them to the Las Vegas Strangler. Hutch helps his troubled friend Jack while Starsky enjoys a brief encounter with a beautiful showgirl with a heartbreaking back story.

And now, the exciting conclusion

of "The Las Vegas Strangler."

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

You ever get the feeling
we're doing something wrong?

I mean, people come to this town

from all over the world

to relax and enjoy themselves.

Well, I'm having a
wing-ding of a time,

aren't you?

Yeah, terrific.

This way. Hm?






Hey, where you guys been?

Oh, we went for a cup of coffee.

Oh, you got more
stamina than I do.

I don't know about you, but...

I'm gonna get some sleep.

Oh. I knew there was
another reason why I got up.

Vicky. Uh-huh?

She called, said, uh,
her car broke down.

She wants you to pick her up.


Harry's Gas Station,

on the strip.

And, uh, take her
to Boulder City.

Boulder City, okay?

Good night.

Yeah, good night, Jack.

I don't know about you,

but I suddenly had
a very cold feeling

in the pit of my stomach

when we came in
and he wasn't here.

You know, Starsk... Yeah?

Maybe you ought to take
that trip out to Boulder City.

What about him?

Well, I'll be here.

I'll stick with him.

You know if... If
Vicky knew Tracy,

maybe she knew
some of the other girls.


Or at least maybe some
of their friends, huh?

At least it's a start.

Oh, that feels good.


Hi. This is terrific.

Is that your car?

I'm afraid so.

Now I know what
Jack was talking about.


He said that of all the
girls he met in Vegas,

you were by far the
tightest with a dollar.

Used your tea bags three times.


Water down your Scotch.

You noticed.

I also make my own soap.

No kidding?

Best in town,

and it doesn't mess
up the ecology.

What do you do with your money?

I've got the market cornered
on Arkansas pork belly futures.

I'll be just a minute.


Mama, Mama!

Oh, Cary.

Oh, my goodness,
you're getting so big.

Give me a hug.

Arkansas pork bellies.

How have you been?


Okay, you give Iris another call

and I'll buy what you need.


Whoops, forgot my purse.


♪ Ba. Ba. Ba. ♪♪

Now, you take Clark
Gable and Ty Power.

Those were real men.

That's what's wrong
with the world today.

There are no real men around,

just sissy boys and perverts.

May I help you?

Uh... yeah.

Well, I haven't got all night.

Well, I'm interested

in a pair of stocking hose.

I can't hear you.

Speak up.

Oh, uh, well, I'm interested

in a pair of pantyhose.

What size are you, sweetie?

Listen, I'll meet you
at the Circus Circus

in 10 minutes.

Uh, I gotta go.

Need some help?

I just need one
pair to take with me

and about five to go.

Are these new? Mm-hm.

Came in this afternoon.

This one.

Just put it on the bill,
Mrs. Pruitt, and deliver it.

What about Iris?

Well, I told her where we'd be.

She said she'd meet us there.

Good. I can't wait.

You been winning again?

You know we gotta
give that money back.

No, no, no.

What do you want me to do?

He insisted the first 50
we drop be my money,

only I haven't exactly
dropped anything.

How much?

You still got your 9?


Well, I got a little over 13.

Twenty-two thousand dollars.

Well, that's just terrific.

Well, if you're not too busy,

there's someone I'd
like you to talk to, alone.

It's important.

We can watch him from up there.

Come on. Leave it.

Hey, uh, Jack.

Listen, I'll be right back.

You wouldn't, uh, run
out on me, would you?

No, no, no, no.
I'll be right back.

I'm gonna be up there.

Listen, I got another
bonanza down there.

Why don't you clean up?

Don't spend it all. Okay.

I don't know.

I was the last one
to see Sharon alive,

you know what I mean?

The show was almost
over. We were done, right?

We were walking offstage
playing "movie stars."

You know, like, I'll
say "Buster Crabbe,"

then you have to
give me one with a C,

because "Crabbe," the
last name started with a C...

Iris... Constance Bennett?

Constance Bennett?

Yeah! Barbara
Stanwyck. That's it.

Iris, look, I'm sure
it's a terrific game,

but would you tell him
about your friend Sharon,

the last couple of
days before she died?

Like what?

Like, had she thought

she saw someone in her bedroom?

Yeah, she had this feeling
that as she was sleeping,

somebody was standing
over and watching her,

and it was not the tooth fairy,

I'll tell you.

Did she go to the police?

Iris. What?

Why don't you tell him
who she was dating before...

I'll show you who
she was dating.

She was dating Jack, over there.

You know, Jack, your friend?

Now tell him why

she didn't want
to go to the police.

Uh, she really didn't think
it would do her any good.

She knew who was going
into her room at night.

It was a cop, her old boyfriend,

and he got like, uh,
he got a little wacky

because she dumped him for Jack.

Now tell him the
name of the cop.

Cameron. C for Cameron.

Lieutenant, uh, Cameron.



I'm a big girl, and
I've got to go to work.

Are you sure you got a ride?

Yes. They fixed my car,

and they're going to leave
it in the parking lot for me.

You gonna be okay?


I'll be fine.

I guess.

If I don't see you tonight,

I'll call you in the morning.


Well, that's one
fine kettle of fish.

I mean, Cameron
isn't exactly the type

to be a psychopathic strangler.

No, he isn't.

Maybe he's not a psychopath.

Maybe this is all part
of an elaborate plan

to kill his girlfriend

and frame Jack in the process...

No, that doesn't make
any sense, does it?

I mean, why would
a police lieutenant

want to kill five girls
just to cover one murder?

He has motive.

It sure would help
Jack out, wouldn't it?


No, I can't buy that.

How do we know that Cameron

is the only one
who had a motive?

You mean, besides Jack?


What do you want to do?

Let's stick with Jack.

We're supposed to have
stuck with him last night.

I mean, Vegas isn't
the easiest place

to keep a tail on someone,

but especially someone
who doesn't want a tail.

Well, I... I won't
lose him this time.

How do you propose to do that?

Let's move him. Let's get
him out of town. Whatever.

It's the only way
we're going to prove

he's not the killer.

Yeah, but what about
Cameron? Let's start with Jack.


Okay, let's go.

Dr. Blue, call the
operator, please.

Hutch! Slow down, slow down.

Dr. Blue, call the operator.

Now, just tell me one
thing. Where are we going?

Starsk, tell him where
we're going, huh?

Uh, the dog races.

There are no dog
races in Las Vegas.

Of course there are no
dog races in Las Vegas.

That's why we're
going to Miami. Miami?!

What's going on here?

Something is going on.

You know that, uh, "Dr. Blue"?

That's security special
for "police emergency."

Well I... I always
was the curious type.

I'm going to find out, huh?

Now, what's going on?

We're waiting
for the city police.

Who are you?

Special assignment
attached to Lt. Cameron.

What's the problem?

Well, it seems we have
the strangler trapped

in the emergency
stairwell, headed for the roof.

You sure? I saw him
attack the girl myself.

He'd have killed her
if I hadn't been there.

Almost had the guy too,

but he took a shot at me,
and he got away. Where?

Take that elevator
right over there.




Now, where are we going?

They got the strangler
trapped on the roof.

I told them we were cops.

Cops? You guys
are out of your minds.

Well, there is a
$10,000 reward on him.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Look, look, why don't you...

Why don't you go back
and play the machines?

Are you kidding? I wouldn't
miss this for the world.

Booze and broads.

I'm glad you guys turned up.


Let me see that.
Where'd you get...?

Jack, you stay out of this now.

You're along for the ride.

What are you, cops? Huh?

Yeah, we're cops.

You are. Cops.

I thought you were my friends,

and all the time, you
were finking on me.

We're not finking on
you. We'll explain...

Oh, God, I needed
you, I needed you,

and all the time you were
stabbing me in the back!

Nobody's stabbing you!

Jack! Give me that thing!

Come on, come on, you
guys. I don't believe this.


Jack, come back here!


Jack, Jack, get back!

Cover me.

Go ahead, go ahead.

Don't even breathe.

Take it easy.

Get me a car and
follow this ambulance.

I want this man followed
for 24 hours a day.


Don't you ever give up?

What the hell are you
hounding him for now?

You've got your strangler.

I hope so, for your sake.

Meanwhile, we have your
suspect in a security room.

Now, you realize, Mr. Lantz,

you don't have to talk to us.

You do have the
right to an attorney.

I don't need an attorney. I
don't have anything to hide.

You've admitted
to killing six women.

Devils. Six devils.

The creatures I killed
were of the evil world.

I have nothing to be ashamed
of. I'm proud of what I've done.

I did it for my country.

Real Americans
will understand that.

You done anything else

for America lately, Mr. Lantz?

My partner wouldn't
ask that question...

if it wasn't very important.

You see...

a man like you...

We understand
the wonderful things

that you've done
for our country.

But what's more important

is that we want
everyone to understand.

So it becomes so important

that we get all the
information straight

before we tell it to the press.

You understand?

More than you know.

A man of your courage...

Your name should be in
the headlines, Mr. Lantz.

I'm the man who
blew up Boulder Dam.

No, really?

Did you hear...?
That's incredible.

Also, the Empire State Building.

Anything else?

And... the Washington Monument.


But really, the hardest thing I
have for people to understand

is how many flying
saucers I've had to demolish.

They're out there,

and it's an enemy
that no one knows of.

Sometimes I get so tired.

Yeah, me too.

Why don't you rest now?

It was nice meeting you.

You too.

Hey, how you doing?

Hey, thanks a lot.

What's the matter,
boys? Trouble?

Well, this ought
to make you happy.

You've got a copycat killing.

Oh, he may have
attacked that girl tonight,

but he didn't kill
the other six girls.

Well, well, score two
for the big-city detectives.

What's that supposed to mean?

We already knew about it.

We just got the feedback
on our friend Lantz.

Up until noon today,

he spent the past three months

at the county funny farm.

Which brings us right back
to your pal, Jack Mitchell.

Excuse me.

You're, uh, friends
of Jack Mitchell?

Yeah. How is he?

Well, we got the bullet out.

It wasn't that bad.

Oh, that's good.

He's going to be all right.

How well do you know Jack?

Well, I, uh, I went to
high school with him,

and the three of us are
sharing an apartment.

Did you, uh, know he was dying?

I guess you didn't. Um...

Your friend has a brain tumor.

He's known about
it for a year now.

A brain tumor?

It's not the easiest thing
in the world to detect.

I only know because
he had to be on record

with a physician out here

in case the, uh, the
pain became too great

and he required
special medication.

Now, he asked me
not to tell anyone

and I haven't until now,
but, uh, quite frankly,

your friend's in
pretty bad shape.

The... The wound isn't that bad,

but the trauma,

the shock caused by the wound

has, uh, accelerated everything.

Well, you must have realized

his behavior was, at
best, uh, erratic, lately.

Yeah, yeah.

In any case,

it won't be more than a matter
of weeks, maybe even days.

I think his family
should be notified.


Would you know how
to get in touch with them?

Yeah, I can call them.

Listen, doctor, I
want to see him.

Well, if you don't mind waiting.

He's unconscious now.

No, no. Thank you.


Oh, damn it.



What the hell are you
two doing in my office?

It's called a murder
investigation, Cameron.

And you think you're
really going to find

something that we overlooked?

Yeah, I think we might.

Because maybe we're looking
for something that you didn't.

Or maybe something you
deliberately overlooked.

That sounds like an accusation.

Oh, really?

Well, maybe it is.

We just had a conversation
with a girl named Iris,

who told us about
you and Sharon Flynn,

and how Jack had
taken her away from you

just a few days before
she was murdered.



I supposed she told
you that Sharon and I

had heated arguments
during that time.

That's right.

Well, did she also...?

Did she also tell you that we
had those heated arguments

over a period of six months?

Every time Sharon decided

she wanted to
have a little fling?

No, I suppose not,

because Iris wouldn't
have known about that.

They hadn't been
friends that long.

Before Sharon
Flynn was murdered,

you had at least
half-a-dozen murder suspects.

Afterwards, you
concentrated all your efforts

on Jack Mitchell.

Because I had strong
evidence against him.

You had footprints that
matched Jack's shoe size.

You had the fact that
he dated all the girls.

Now, that's a place
to start, Cameron,

but it sure doesn't
convict anybody.

It stinks.

Lt. Cameron's office.


Your friend Jack Mitchell

just regained consciousness,
got past the guard,

and he escaped
from the hospital.

And according to the cab company

he's on the way right now
to the Thunderbird Hotel.

That's where Vicky works.

Hold the screaming.

It's me. It's Jack.

Jack, you scared me to...
You scared me to death.

What do you think you did to me,

screaming like...?

Oh, wh...?

Jack, you've been bleeding.

I know.

Oh, my God.

It's Hutch.

They tried to kill me,
Hutch and his friend.

What are you talking about?

They're cops, Hutch and his...

They tried to kill me.


Please, you...

You've gotta...
You've gotta hide me

before they...
Before they kill me.

Please. Please, just... Just...

Okay, okay, okay, all right.

Just hide me.

Are you okay?

I'm okay, all right?


Let's go. Let's get out of here.

You're sure?




Okay, okay, just put
your arm around me.

Put your arm around me.

Oh! Okay, okay, wait.

Just some steps over
here. One at a time.

I'm all right. I'm all right.

I'm all right.

Okay. Okay.
Okay. I got it. I got it.

Oh! Okay...

Okay, just lean against...

Lean against this. Okay.

Hurry up, Hurry up.
They're coming for me.

Hurry up.

Get an ambulance.

Somebody get an ambulance!



Why don't you get out of here?

How is she?

Severe concussion.

Whatever happens,

she probably won't
be able to go to work

for the next three months.

You know, for
the last three years

she's held down two jobs.

Her kid's had three operations,

probably needs that many more.

Only, she's so in debt
the doctors refuse to work

until she pays it down.

At least she's alive.

Hey, I've had it up to here

with optimistic views of life.

Cameron's closed the case.


You want to hear
it officially, huh?


Jack attacked Vicky to
try to get even with us.

When he heard the sirens,

he couldn't do anything else,
so he jumped over a banister.

Starsky, Jack
didn't attack Vicky

and he didn't kill anybody.

Oh, come on, will you?

That's another
thing I'm sick of.

I'm sick of your stinking
loyalty to your friends.

Is that present company
included or excluded?

You know what I mean.

You want me to go
down to the mortuary

and get a signed
confession from Jack?

Starsky, Jack did
not attack Vicky.

I just got Jack's
doctor out of bed

and had coffee with him.

It was a miracle that man
could walk out of here last night.

He was 90-percent
paralyzed on his right side.

He couldn't attack Vicky,

and if he didn't do
it, somebody else did.

Eugene, hurry
up or we'll be late.

Coming, Ma.

Every Sunday,
we're late for Mass.

God knows how he'll punish us.

Things were never like this
when your father was alive.

You're not a boy
any longer, Eugene.

You're 28 years old.

At the store, they're
always saying,

"Oh, you're so
lucky, Mrs. Pruitt.

"You have Eugene.

You'll never be an
old and lonely woman."

Well, I'm 59 years old,
and I have no grandchildren.

They ask, "Why
doesn't Eugene marry?"

Well, I can't
very well tell them

that he has no taste
for decent women,

just harlots and tramps!


I'll wait in the car.

What on earth are you
doing with that shotgun?

There's something here, Hutch.

I can feel it.

Well, what makes you so sure?

Well, if you're right
about Jack being innocent,

the real guy would've
had to have been waiting

inside the apartment.

They would have seen
him if he was on the balcony.

Look familiar?

Some of the other
girls had bags like this

in their effects.

Might not be much,

but most of the show
girls shopped there.

Closest place to the strip.


Vicky bought this last night.

I was with her.

Yeah, go on.

Well, she didn't go
right home afterwards.

After she left us,
she went to work.

The drugstore was supposed
to deliver this, along w...

What's the next name?

Gretchen Hollander.


Bingo. She's here too.

That's all five
of the dead girls.

If Mrs. Pruitt ever knew
you were going through

our delivery book
without her knowledge...

Shut up. Who is Mrs. Pruitt?

She's our night manager.
Relieves me at 5:00.

And she dispatches
all our deliveries.

And her son makes
all the deliveries?

That's right. Eugene.

Where do we find him?

And kick, two,
three, four, five, six...

One, two, three, four...

I got it!


Could I speak to
Iris Thayer, please?

This is Iris Thayer.

Miss Thayer, you don't know me.

My name is Greene.

I'm currently putting
together a new revue,

and I'm in dire need
of a lead female dancer

for my headliners.

Uh, you were recommended to me.

If you'd be interested,

I'd like to set up a meeting.

All right. Yeah, when?

If you could possibly
make it this morning,

how about the convention center

at Circus Circus
in half an hour?

Half an hour?

All right, I'll,
uh, I'll drop over.



What is it?

I'm a star, I'm a star.

I just got discovered.
Some guy wants to see me.

I got to go to Circus Circus,

and I'm going to
dance my little heart out.

♪ Gotta dance ♪♪

That's it right there.

I got the back.

She's still warm.



Constance Bennett.

I think we may have
found his next victim.

Five, six, seven and eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven and eight.

Take five.


Who's this? Taff...

Taffy, this is
Starsky. Give me Iris.

Oh, she isn't here. She
left about 10 minutes ago.

Where did she go?

Circus Circus. She
had an interview.

Oh, my God. Listen,
listen carefully.

I want you to get in
touch with Lt. Cameron.

This could mean Iris' life.

I want you to tell him that
if he wants the strangler,

he should meet
us at Circus Circus.

Got that? Just do what I say.

Yeah, yeah.

♪ There's no business
Like show business ♪

♪ Doo doo doo doo-doo
Da da da da bum bum ♪♪

You're going to kill
them today, honey.

All right, Iris. Do it up.

Mr. Greene?

Mr. Greene?

Hey, Mr. Greene?

Must be seen by Mr. Greene.

Mr. Greene?

Don't know why
I'm always on time.

Everyone else is late.

"P" for punctual
and "H" for hot.

One, two, three, four.


Mr. Greene?

A-one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

A-one, two, three...

Turn around.

Turn around!


You want to talk?

Get down!

That's six.

Hold it!

Well, one of us has to go.

What are you looking at
me for? You were here first.

You know I'm afraid of heights.

Well, who do you think
I am, Evel Knievel?


It's a long way down.

Yeah, for everybody.

You did a good job in Las Vegas.

Thank you, cap. Thank you.

Really had fun up
there, didn't you?

Pretty girls, lot
of wild parties,

all expenses paid, gambling.

They tell me you
really had a streak too.

Now, look, captain,

if you've got something to say,

why don't you just
make the point?

All right, Hutchinson.

The point is a sum of money,
something in excess of $28,000.

The Las Vegas police
want to know where it is,

and so do I.

Twenty-eight thousand dollars.

You happen to know where it is?

No. Oh.

Well. Um...

Thank you, Mr. Brennan.

Oh, let's see what this is.

Who is it for?

Well, it's...

I don't know.


It's from some, uh...

very special friends.

Uh... Keno!

We lost it playing Keno.

That's right. Keno.


Keno. Keno.

Easy come, easy go.