Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 19 - Starsky's Lady - full transcript

George Prudholm, who previously appeared in the season 1 episode "Pariah," has a grudge against Starsky. His desire for revenge puts Starsky's girlfriend, Terry Roberts, a special education teacher, in the line of fire.




Come on, now. Just
keep it over there.

Here you go.

Pass it along.
Pass it over there.

There you go! Okay, come on.

On this side. Here
we go. Up there...


Whoo, whoo! Whoo!

Hornets, hornets, rah, rah, rah!

Come on over here, sweetheart.

There you go!

Come here. Dribble the
ball. Come on. Come on.


Put the ball in the basket.


Keep going.

It seems like the only
time he ever gets to relax.

Me too, for that matter.

Is it really that bad?

[MUFFLED] Well...

Come on, Hornets,

don't let that big
blond blintz beat you!

All right, you guys,
here we go. Here it goes.

You know, I really wish

you'd catch those guys too,

both for the safety
of the citizens,

and the well-being of my figure.

Your figure?

I have gained five pounds

substituting midnight
snacks for your presence.

Well, every man likes
to know he's missed

by the lady he loves.

The word on the street is

we can't protect
our beat anymore.

"Protect your beat"?

You make it sound like
you're part of the jungle.

That's just about
what it is, sweetheart.

Especially when you work
the inner city the way we do.

Come on, come on, that's...

That's it, that's
it... terrific.

You see...

As long as we stay on
top of these wise guys,

everything's okay...

But as soon as everything
starts going rotten,

like these liquor
store robberies

that have been happening
the last couple of weeks...

Oh, we spent so much
time trying to crack them

that it leaves the door open

for every other whippos
in town to start operating.


What are you laughing at?

You and your world of
wise guys and whippos.

Is this your way of telling me

that you're working
again tonight?

Hey, would I do that to you?

I promise. Tonight,
we got a date.

Promises, promises, promises.

What's that supposed to mean?

It's just that I know you,

and I know what you
have to do in your life.

You're my best friend. You
don't have to promise to me.

I'll be there whenever
you show up, all right?

Hey... let's go!

Make room...


From what I can learn,

they're here every
day between 10 and 11.


You did good, Gary.

My name's Woody.
Your son Gary's dead.

You have the rest
of the schedule?


Two weeks, we been
making 'em look bad...

sooner or later, our
luck's gonna run out, man.

Bottom line, when are
we gonna kill Starsky?

When he's suffered enough, Gary.

By the time we're through

with everything and
everyone Starsky cares about...

He's going to wish
he'd never been born.

Come on, let's go!

Rah, rah, rah! Hornets,
Hornets, yay, whoo!

WOODY: There, that's
her. That's Starsky's lady.

See, just like I told you,

she comes here every night

for a newspaper
and a quart of milk.

Let's do it.

OFFICER: Starsky, Hutch.

Just thought you guys
would like to know...

we just picked up a
squawk on your beat

that sounds like your two pals.

A 211 in progress, corner
of Windsor and Stockton.

Shots have been fired.

That's near Terry's place.



HUTCH: All right,
who's in charge here?

I am.

HUTCH: What happened?

These two guys
walked in with masks on.

Next thing I know,
this has happened.

Terry, Terry. I don't
know why they shot her.


How bad... how bad is she hurt?

It's hard to say.

I think she's got a bullet

in her head.


Two guys come in with a mask.

They started waving guns around.

I don't know why they shot her.

She wasn't doing anything.

Just meanness or something.

They didn't care
about the money,

just hurting her.


Look, officer, how
long's this gonna take?

I'm in business
here, I've got...

Just hold on, will you?

I'll talk to you in a minute.

Sweetheart? It's me, Davey.


You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.

Just hang on... Please.
God. Just hang on.


It's okay. Shh, shh.
Come on, come on.

Come on, come on.
Let's hurry up, huh.

Come on, come on.

Hey, take it easy now.

We know our job.


Easy, gentlemen.

Watch your step.
Watch that step.

Hey. Hi.

How's Terry?

I don't know.

I've been here all night.
They haven't told me anything.

Where you been, working?


The lab boys got
a good thumbprint

off the cash register.

Thumbprint? Yeah.

What good's one lousy
thumbprint gonna do?

Well, maybe nothing.

Maybe everything,
if I was right before.

I've got R&I
cross-checking our files.

Right about what before?

Think about it, Starsk.

Think about the
odds of your girl

going into a store

and being shot by the
same guys we're after.

You're saying someone's
trying to get to me through Terry?

Well, the clerk in the store...


You're David.

I'm Dr. Quo.

You can see Terry
for a few minutes now.

Try not to tire her,

and after, we'll talk.

Is she gonna be all right?

See her first.

She'll need your strength
to make a decision

she has to...

What kind of decision?

After, we'll talk.

In room 612.

HUTCH: Hey...

Go on in there. You don't
want to keep her waiting.

Yeah... Yeah.

Dr. Quo. Sergeant Hutchinson.



You okay?

Haven't you got
a little mixed up?

You're the one that's
in the hospital bed...

And you're worried about me?

I love you.

Tell Sally...

to keep working with
the pom-poms herself,


And that I'm thinking about her.

I'll tell her.

It's... It's really important.

She's just coming
out of her shell.

Can't let her slip back now.

Doctor said you had
to make a decision.

I have to make it alone.

Any decision you
make affects us both.

Why don't you let
me help you make it?


Your wish is my command.

I like that idea.

You do?


STARSKY: Doctor, doctor.

Put it in layman's
terms. Keep it simple.

I'm not sure I heard
you say what you said...

In any terms, it's very simple.

We're getting another opinion,

but the way things
look right now,

the bullet is lodged
in such a way

that surgery would
mean certain death.

In any case, the bullet
will eventually move

and kill her.

If she stays immobile,

flat on her back in bed...

she will probably live a year.

If she gets up and moves around,

it could be a day, a week, a
month, maybe even a year,

but that's very doubtful.

What you're saying
is that she's gonna die.

The only question is when.

I'm sorry.

STARSKY: You know, if
she were having our baby

right now...

she'd want me there
with her to share it.

I don't understand.

Well, perhaps each
person has to deal

with his fear differently.


Well, I'm scared too.

I know... I know.

Where are we going?

Well, I thought we'd
go back to my place,

get a little sleep.

Oh? Yeah.

Oh, not yet.

Oh, come on, Starsk.

You're not gonna
do anybody any good

walking around like a zombie.

Got the whole force
in on this thing now.

As soon as they turn
anything, they'll call us.


That's the seventh already
since we left the hospital.

What's that?

Billboards advertising
funeral parlors.

Oh, come on.

I guess they've
always been there.

I just never saw them before.


Excuse me for letting myself in,

but it's unhealthy
on the streets

to be friends with
Starsky and Hutch.


Did you get the number
of the truck that hit you?

I got the number,
but it wasn't a truck.

Some dudes

with stocking
masks on their faces

found me at the
young lady's abode

around 4 this morning

and let me know
that it was unhealthy

to be friends with Starsky.

Did you get a good look at them?

Well, let me finish.

They said next time
they'd do me like your girl.


Well, I wasn't supposed to
know, stocking mask and all,

but I'm sure one of them

was Crazy George Prudholm.

CAPTAIN: George Prudholm.

His right thumbprint
matched the one

from the robbery last night.

We just put an A.P.B.
out on him 10 minutes ago.

I don't believe it.

George Prudholm

was supposed to
be at Caballo Point.

That's a maximum
security hospital

for the criminally insane.

How the hell does he get out?

Seems he just walked away,

some kind of clerical mix-up.

The hospital thought
that he'd been sent back

to San Quentin.

San Quentin thought he'd
been sent back to the hospital.

That's terrific. Meanwhile,
because of this jerk,

the lady I love is
lying in a hospital bed

with a bullet in her brain,

and she doesn't know
how long she'll live.

I'll arrange for you to
have a leave of absence.

Take that leave
of absence. Stuff it.

I'm gonna stay on this
case until this jerk is nailed.


What are you gonna
tell me, captain...

that if I step out of
bounds as a policeman,

I'm gonna be in
great big trouble?

Frankly, I don't give a damn.

MAN: Hello, Freddie.


I... I thought you were in...

You still snitching for
Starsky and Hutch?

Oh... Ooh.

What's the matter, Freddie?

Did you hear what we did
to Huggy Bear last night?

Hey, th... That's
my wife's ring!

Yeah, isn't it?

And if you want
her to keep living...

not to mention yourself,

you're going to do
us a favor, Freddie.

What are you doing out of bed?

I'm waiting for you.

They said I could go home.

You made your decision, huh?


and it wasn't even
difficult, you know.

They said it was
either this room

or my best friend.

Marry me.

Let's find a nurse
with a wheelchair

so we can get out of here, okay?


HUTCH: Three years
ago, Starsky busted a kid

by the name of Gary Prudholm

for selling heroin on a
junior high school campus,

and two days later,

the kid was knifed to
death in a prison fight.

And the father always
blamed Starsky for the death.

Oh, Prudholm. You've
told me about him before.

We put him away.

He killed two cops
trying to get at me.

We put him away.
They let him loose.

Hey, uh, I...

I really appreciate your
super cautious driving,

but it is a constant reminder
of my situation, okay?

This is a compromise speed.


What did he call that?
A compromise speed.

Compromise speed.

Hey, look, what are you
ganging up on me, for, huh?

I wanna laugh and have fun
just as much as anybody else,

but you've got to be sensible.

I mean, Terry can't sign
up for a roller-skating derby.

Hey, how did you know

that I always wanted to
skate Roller Derby, huh?

HUTCH: Yeah.


You ought to see the
way she elbows her way

through a department store.

What time are you
picking me up tonight?


What time are you
picking me up tonight?

What for?

Remember, we have a
date with Christine and Hutch

for dinner and a game

at your place, about 7.

But I thought...


You gonna be okay here alone?

I'll be fine.

Why don't you make it 4:30?

Oh? What did you have in mind?


I thought best friends
didn't have to promise.

They don't. Now,
get out of here.

STARSKY: You know something?

HUTCH: What?

I think they might be wrong.


The doctors.

They've been wrong before.

It happens all the time.

I once read where a guy was told

he would live three months...

Well, how's it possible

for her to go walking around,

walking and talking
like everything's normal,

and all of a sudden...

three, Zebra three,

see the man named
Freddie, 119 Bigalow.

Let's go.

HUTCH: Heya, Freddie.

Long time, no see.

That's because I haven't
had anything for you.

You guys know I
always call you when I...

Tell us, Freddie.

All right, word on the street

is that two guys are
ripping up your beat:

Crazy George Prudholm
and Woody The Magic Man.

What about 'em?

I know where they're holed up...

Okay, Freddie, there's
about 80 bucks there.

It's not much
money to risk my life.

A hundred more if
your information is good.

Come on.

That's that old apartment
building on Breen.



Prudholm... Police officers.


I don't like it.



PRUDHOLM: Hello, Starsky?

Yeah, Prudholm?

The way I figure it,

if you and your partner
haven't changed patterns,

Hutchinson went
high, you went low...

and right now,
Hutchinson is dead.

You're a sick man, Prudholm.

Yeah, I'm sure that's just
what the courts are gonna say

when I turn myself in...

but that won't be

until after you're
dead, Starsky.


STARSKY: I'll trade
anybody Oriental Avenue.


Well, Illinois Avenue.
I already own it.

Okay, my roll.

Watch it, high roller. Five!

If you land on my hotel,
it'll cost you 950 big ones.

Don't you take from the bank.



Well, does anybody
wanna buy Marvin Gardens,

Electric Company,
Oriental... Haven't got it.


Cash, huh?

Listen, while you
two are haggling,

I think I'll go
ahead and roll, huh.

Okay, hot shot.

The king is going traveling.

Yeah, I'm ready.

So am I. You think this year,
when you guys get your vacation,

we all ought to...

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Hey, I may fool everybody
and still be around.


I've got a fast
20 here that says

I can make you hang up
your golf shoes tomorrow.

This should pay
for the whole bill.

Not quite.


STARSKY: Miss it.

Christine, not now
please. I'm trying to...


You realize, of course,

the whole game
rests on this shot.

I realize that, Starsk.

It's a pretty impossible shot.

Dave, you're awful.

It's funny how many
girls say that about him.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.



Hey, look at that!

Okay, you two, you can
buy anything you want.

It's on our friend here.

You probably came
down here last night

and flashed your badge

and made the guy
let you practice.

I like beating a bad loser.
It's no fun to beat a good one.

Mm-hmm. Okay, hot shot.

Want to take a crack
at the pinball machines?

HUTCH: Sure you want
to lose twice in a row?

Yeah, when we get finished,

I'm gonna own the
concession and your house.

How about my car?
You can keep your car.


Right off the track there.


You can be out there
with them, you know.

You don't have to be
here on my account.

Nothing to do with you.
Hutch won't let me out there.

He's afraid I'll
start driving like that

on the street.


I'm gonna quit the force, Terry.

What, because of me?

Yeah, because of you...

and two policemen
that died last year

that I didn't even know.

I became a cop to help people,

not to have them
die on my account.

You became a
policeman to help people.

Doesn't that mean
anything to you anymore?

Used to mean everything.

Look, let's just
say I don't wanna

pay the price anymore.

I can't pay the price anymore...

All I wanna do right
now is be with you.


Yeah, you know what
I really wanna do?


Come on.

What? Come on!


That's what I really wanna do.

Come on.


Are you serious?


I feel... like it's
really foolish for me

to let a little piece
of metal in my head

stop me from doing the
things that I love to do...

Keep me from leading my life.

Dave, you can't stop
living because I do.

How am I gonna deal with you?

Just the way you always have.

Will you take me on that slide?

Do you love me that much?

Come on.


Not now.


I don't have to anymore.

I love you that much.

Hey, Starsk.

Wanna talk about it?

Well, Dr. Quo sent
the X-rays... of Terry

to a neurosurgeon in New York.

The message is the results.

His findings were the
same as the guys here.


Where have you been?

I've been looking
all over for you.

Schoolyard, classroom... beach.

I just went to take a walk.

I just needed to be
alone, you know?

You okay?

I feel like a
3-year-old little kid

just standing on the beach

watching her ball
roll into the ocean.

I guess I'm just
feeling sorry for myself.

Is this the same girl that
wants to ride a giant slide?

No time for feeling
sorry for yourself.

Come here.

Hold that ball around,

hold that ball.

Hold that ball
around, hold that ball!


STARSKY: Get that
ball! Don't let him get it.


Hold that ball!

Miss Roberts,

may I have a glass of water?

Sure, honey.


Dave? Yeah, it's me.

Dave, I can't see.

Don't frighten the
children, okay?


Come on, let's
keep the balls going.

Keep it going.

Miss Roberts, are you all right?

It's okay, Sally.

Dave and I just have
to go someplace now.

Come on. Come on, sweetie.

Come on, let's
keep the game going.


I'm sorry.

There's nothing we can do.

How long?

Any time now.

Hey, best friend.

You can see?

Dr. Quo said

that I could expect
it to come and go.

How long have I been here?

Three hours.

You were out for a long time.

Hutch took Sally
and the others back.

Don't let Sally give up, okay?

I won't.

She's come so far.

I love you.


I'm still here.

Who won today, huh?

Our Hornets or the
blond blintz's Buffaloes?


I love you.

I don't want to talk
about Sally or pom-poms

or basketball games.


You want to talk about funerals?

I want to talk about
a life without you.

Don't kid yourself.


I'm not giving you up so easily.

I'll always be there
when you need me.

If you're scared...

Or your world seems
like it's falling apart...

Or just some dark night
when you're all alone...

You just close your eyes,
and you try to remember me...

I'll always be there.

I'll be there waiting.

I promise.

Promises, promises.

What are best friends for, huh?


Dave... hold my hand.

I'm right here, honey.

I love you.

I'm not afraid anymore.



They got Prudholm.

In custody?


He tried another heist.

A grocery supply
house this time,

only the silent alarm worked.

He's barricaded?

He's holding hostages.

He says he's gonna
kill 'em unless you come.


Starsky, I can't tell you
how sorry I am about Terry.

Thanks, captain. What do we got?

Prudholm and another suspect.

They've taken two hostages,

barricaded themselves
in the storeroom.

What about the other entrances?

No chance.

The only other entrance
is a steel fire door,

two inches thick.

Somehow they've
managed to jam that.

What you're saying is
that Prudholm's gonna get

what he's wanted all along:

for me to walk
through that front door

so he can blow my
face off. Maybe not.

What are you talking about?

I got an idea.

What is it? Uh...

Captain, have you
been in communication

with Prudholm in there?

I just got off the
phone with him.

I suppose I could
call him again.

Why don't you do that?

Hey, wait a minute. You
think you're going first?

Right. Uh-uh.

This is mine. Come on.

This is ours, partner.





This is Captain Dobey.

Release the hostages.
I've decided to negotiate.

You got nothing to
negotiate, copper.

You know what I want.

You send Starsky
and Hutch in here,

or I'm gonna start
killing these people.

Come on, get out of there. Move!




I'm here, Prudholm.

Why don't you come
after me, hot shot?

Or doesn't what I did

to that tramp
girlfriend of yours

mean anything to you?


Come on!

Why don't you kill me?

What's the matter?
Haven't you got any guts?

You had guts enough
to murder my son.


No, you're not gonna shoot me.

You're too good a cop.


Besides, the courts say
I'm crazy. I'm a sick man.

And we know that sick
men aren't responsible

for what they do.


I remember that you
wanna get your head shot off.

Well, it ain't gonna
happen, Prudholm.

Not now.

Not any time.

I ain't gonna give
you that satisfaction.

No, no, no, no.

He's, uh...

He's, uh, a friend of
my brother-in-law...

Uh, brother of my
friend-in-law in Duluth.

Yeah, his name is Harry.


No, not Harry Harry.

Will you come
on? It's your turn.

Wait a second.

Go ahead, go ahead
and do it for me, will you?

One second here. Just, uh...


Uh, here it is, here it is.

His name is Harry Mari...

Marisipio. Seven.

Marisipio, yeah.

I rolled a seven.

Well, this is the
front office, isn't it...

I mean, this is... Of
the Vancouver Lions.

He works in that front
office. Whoa. Ten.

This is the football office?

Oh, yeah, well, see...
That's $70 you owe me.

My friend and I wanna try
out for your football team.


Of course I know
what time it is.

It's the middle of the night.

No, we're not playing
football for anybody right now.

Uh, we're policemen, but um...

we're tough.

We're gonna give it
up. We're gonna quit.





He hung up on me.

Will you please give me $70?

Waterworks. Starsky...

You know something?
You really stink at this game.

The only thing you
own is the utilities there.



I didn't want to play
football in Canada anyway.

It's too cold. You
got to be a pelican.

Well, we gotta do
something, right,

if we're not gonna be cops.

Well, maybe we ought to
go down to South America

and try robbing banks.

Oh, come on. Get
serious, will you.


I should get serious.

The man's trying to sign us up
in the Canadian Football League.

Here you go, bronco.

Open it up.

You know, I feel... I
feel kind of strange.

Hey... it's midnight.

Two weeks.

Terry said that two
weeks after she...

We should open these.

I'll show you.


A Thousand Ways To Win Monopoly.





That's Ollie.

She used to keep him
on her bed with her.

"To dearest Hutch,

"To you, I entrust...
Ollie and Dave.

"Please love them both...

And don't let either
one of them change."

It's a beaut.