Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 17 - The Set-Up: Part 2 - full transcript

Terry Nash confesses to assassinating a mob boss turned informant just before he was about to testify, in retaliation for his wife's murder. Starsky and Hutch discover that everything Terry remembers is not real, and they work to unravel an elaborate conspiracy with the help of Huggy's pilot friend "The Black Baron."


NARRATOR: And now the
exciting conclusion of "The Set-Up."

Our bank employs the
Randall-Boyd system,

cameras which shoot one
picture every 30 seconds.

The section of film
we've given you

covers the time
between 10 and 11

on Monday morning,
give or take a minute.

In other words,
you'll be examining

approximately 120 to 130 frames.

Thank you. That's
most informative.

I don't think you should

have any trouble operating this.

It's really quite simple.

I'm sure it is.

Yes, well, I guess you
won't be needing me.

Well, you're very
welcome to stay,

Mr. Thistleman, if you like.

Thank you very much.

However, I really do
have a bank to attend to,

and it is nearing the close
of another day, you know.



All we need to watch
is the first 10 minutes,

because I know I
left the bank by 10:15.

I want to see them again.

You're beating a
dead horse, Terry.

Forget it.

Wait a second.


Starsk. Wait a second.

Just go back to
the first frame...

where the guy with
the cigarette was in it,

and advance it until he leaves.


Okay, that's number one.



Okay, okay, now, go back
to the first frame again.

What do you see?

Just go back to the first frame.


Now what?

Okay, look at his cigarette.


Okay. He just lit it.

That's what it looks like.


Now go on to the next one...

All right, that's
30 seconds later.


Go on to the next one.

Uh, hit the zoom button.

Now look.

Too small, isn't it?

It's nearly half gone.

And that one's about the
same as the one before.

Sure... 30 seconds later.

A real 30 seconds.

How much does a cigarette burn

in half a minute?

Not much. Not that much.

Maybe a couple
of minutes cut out?

What do you think?

Maybe two and a half minutes.

That's enough time for Terry
to have gone into the bank

and left again.

Time enough for me to
know I'm not going nuts.


Every one of them.



We're not out of the woods yet.

You know, maybe he's right.

Why would Thistleman
tamper with his film

unless he had something to hide?

Let's get out of here.

Sure he would.

Thistleman, good old Dr. George,

and the bank teller,
and the security guard,

and everyone else.

I'm alive! Do you
understand that?

It's like being
born all over again!

Yeah, we understand that, Terry,

only now I want you

to keep your mouth
closed, you hear me?

You just keep quiet
and you stick very close,

and we might get
out of this place

in three whole pieces.

We're not dealing with amateurs.

Just look stupid
and embarrassed.

Get that?

gentlemen, what is the verdict?

Mr. Thistleman, our friend

would like to apologize

for the commotion he's caused...

wouldn't you, Terry?

Wouldn't you?

Yeah... sorry.

Then we can assume

it was merely an
unfortunate mistake?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

A little touch of
déjà vu, perhaps?

Something like that.

Look, we'd like to apologize

for the trouble
and inconvenience.

Considering the
threats and everything.

No permanent harm done, officer.

I'd just like to
think that Mr. Nash

might have learned something

from this experience.

Sure he did.

After all, a little trust
can go a long way.


One more bluff
and I'll stick you

in the wall like a dart.

I want to go to the hospital.

Hospital? It's a girls' school.

TERRY: It was a girls'
school when we saw it,

but I'm telling you
when I was there before,

it was a hospital.

When I was getting
dressed to leave,

I ripped the lining of my jacket

on a coat hanger.

See here, what's the meaning

of this intrusion?

Police, Sister.

Oh, does this have to
do with the break-in?

Break-in? What break-in?

Oh, well, we reported it.

It was so strange.
Nothing was taken.

Just looked like

some of the furniture
had been moved.

Okay, we know it happened.

Now the only
question left is how?

Well, what do you say?

Well, it could be
any number of things.

Shock, for one.

I've seen it happen willfully.

Drugs, possibly. Um, hypnosis.

How about plain
old-fashioned brainwashing?

It's possible.

Is it possible that Terry
Nash is not really Terry Nash?

That's crazy. You telling
me I don't know who I am?

What about your
fingerprints, Terry?

The doc says they
were surgically removed.

Now, why?

Why would someone
go to that effort?

Come on, doc.

Is it possible that Terry Nash

is somebody who
actually doesn't exist,

and that the man sitting here

is really someone else?

Yes or no?

Is it possible?

Yes, it's possible.

That is the craziest
thing I've ever heard.

Wait a second.

Now, putting aside the fact

that you killed a man

for a murder that
did not even happen,

why, after that, would you
run out of your hotel room

with a gun in your hand,

making yourself
an obvious target?

I don't know. Why?

Unless someone had planted
a posthypnotic suggestion

for you to do that,

so that you'd be shot and killed

before anyone had a chance

to find out who you were
or what you were about.

Now what do you say, Doc?


Is it possible?

It is, isn't it, Hank?


Yeah, it's possible,

and to tell you the truth, it
scares the hell out of me.

If we're right,

you've got another
life somewhere,

maybe even a family,

a real family, alive, well,

and looking for you.

Well, it's something

to think about, isn't it?

And Terry Nash?

Never existed.

Patty Nash?

It's make-believe.

It's a bunch of phony memories

made up by somebody

who was willing to go
to an awful lot of trouble

to get Joe Durniak burned away

by an expendable
man, an innocent man,

someone who could never really

explain who he really was

or why he did what he did.

You understand
what we're saying?

It's brilliant. It's foolproof.

Somebody wants Joe Durniak dead,

but they're afraid
to take the chance

that the guy who kills him

might get caught
and start to sing,

so they find you,
whoever you are,

and they turn you into a guy

by the name of Terry Nash,

with a reason for killing...

The only thing they
couldn't figure on

was you bumping
into a hotel thief

in the stairwell

and the police chasing
him instead of you.

I was there, I was
with Patty in the car.

Nobody's going to
tell me it didn't happen.

Because it didn't happen, Terry.

It didn't happen.

It never really happened.

What do you mean
it didn't happen?

I was there. Hello?

Hello yourself.

My battery's dead.

I was hoping you could help me.

Oh, uh...


MAN: Tonight, Debra.
You must kill them tonight.

A dead battery?

Well, I think that's what it is.

I was going to
call the Auto Club,

but I didn't see
any phones nearby,

and I'm not too
crazy about wandering

around these streets
at night by myself.

Well, you're absolutely
right to feel that way.


Well, shall we give it a whirl?

Yeah, let's give it a
shot. Do you mind?

Oh, please.

Why don't you check
under the bonnet?

Hit it, Starsk.


Battery's dead.

Uh, the battery's dead, Starsk.

That's what I just said.

You got some jumper cables
in the back of your car, right?


Jumper cables in your car.


Well, why don't you go get them?

Be right back.

It's very sweet of
all of you to help me.

Uh, did you happen to notice

if there's a telephone
in the lobby?

Yeah, there's one
by the elevators.

I know this is rude of me,

but if I don't go
and call my father

and tell him I'm still
among the living,

he's going to be
phoning the morgue

in another five minutes.

Oh, why don't you go on ahead?

Once we get the car started,

we're gonna have to wait
for it to warm up anyway.

We can wait.

Oh, you really don't mind?

Not in the least.

I'll be back in a minute.

Need any change?

Oh, no, I've got it. Thank you.

My pleasure.

girl. Did you notice?

Lovely girl.

Wasn't wearing any
diamond ring either.

Did you notice that too?

Yeah, I sure did.

Is this gonna take awhile?


Well, do you want to
start it up or should I?


The key, the
ignition, the battery.

Oh, yeah.

You ready?



Starsk, come here
a minute, will you?


Come here a minute. What?

Come here.

[SIGHS] What is it?

Where do you suppose
she came from?

Who? What? What
are you talking about?

Well, look around
you. There's no stores,

there's no other buildings.

There's no nothing around here.

What are you guys talking about?

She would've had to come from

the same building we did.

The only building.

Then why didn't
she see the phones?

Well, maybe she was in a hurry.
Maybe she ran right past them.

Starsky, there are half a dozen
phone booths in that place.

How could anybody walk
through an empty lobby

and not notice half a
dozen phone booths?

What are you saying?

We're here, and
she's gone, right?

For a girl who says

that she's afraid
to be out alone,

she trusts her car with
three perfect strangers.


Let's check it out.

Shut off my engine, would you?

Dynamite or plastic?

What are you guys doing?

What are you doing?


You ever hear a battery ticking?

Oh, my God!

Look at my car.

Hey, Starsk.

You get the feeling
we're onto something?

Captain Dobey, please.


Yeah, Captain, this is Starsk.

Starsky, where have you
and Hutchinson been all day?

Captain, we're at
a medical building.

Somebody just blew up my car.

Well, aren't you going
to say something?

I mean, from where I stand,

I think we got a
bit of a problem.

You got a bigger problem
than that right now.

What are you talking about?

Acting on an anonymous tip,

Wilson got a warrant and
searched your apartment.


The big "so" is
he found the rifle

that killed Joe Durniak there,

and also $10,000
sewn into your sofa.

On the strength
of this evidence,

a federal murder
warrant was issued

for you and Hutchinson
this afternoon.

As of right now,
you're fugitives,

along with somebody
named... Terry Nash.

We've been set up.

Captain, you'll
find them in there.

Down the first flight
of steps to your left,

in the boiler room.

Where are you going?

Hey, I'm gonna
see if I can find them

something a little more private

and a little less noise.

No, you're not.

Stay out here
and watch that car.



Dobey. Sorry.

I know we all look alike.

You weren't followed, were you?

What do you take me for?

One of the rookies?

Hey! We're all jumpy.

It's not the most
comfortable thing

to have an APB out on you.

I can appreciate that.

Of course, I know
you're not guilty.

I wish I felt the
same way about him.

All right.

Now, you tell me why
the rifle that killed Durniak

and $10,000 was
found in your apartment.

I don't know...

But I got a feeling

that whoever brainwashed him

set up his apartment,

his family, everything else,

including a phony FBI man,

whoever's able to do all that

is certainly capable of
planting a lousy 10 grand

and a gun in my apartment.

Do you know how many
people would have to be involved

in a conspiracy like that?

Ten, twenty, a hundred...

What difference
does it make, Captain?

It doesn't make
any sense, does it?

And what about the guy inside?

The guy who tipped them off

where Durniak was?

That doesn't make any
sense either, does it?

Why do they want
to kill you two?

Because Terry is still alive.

That's what we tried to
tell you over the telephone.

Terry was never

supposed to leave
that apartment alive.

What does Terry being alive

have to do with
the phony FBI man

you said you saw at the hotel?

Because if we hadn't seen
that phony FBI man at the hotel,

we never would have
believed Terry's story.

That's the second thing that
went wrong with their plan.

And because they suspected
that we believed Terry,

then we'd have to
be eliminated also,

and what better way to do
that than to be killed with Terry?

This whole thing's crazy.

You realize of course
that telling me about it

makes me a target too?

Ain't togetherness wonderful?

All right.

What do you want to do?

Just give us a couple of
days to straighten this out,

will you, Captain?

A couple?

You know that warrant's federal.

I can't do anything
about squashing it,

and any police officer
can use force if he wants to,

if you resist arrest.

Doesn't look like we have
much choice, does it, Captain?

And where are you gonna go?






All right, the
apartment was a setup.


All they needed
was a couple of guys

to bring the
furniture in one night

and take it out the next night.

What about the guard? The
tipsy one we saw together.

Well, I doubt it.

I don't think he
knew anything...

he didn't have to.

What about the other guard?

The one I remembered
from before?

He was part of the plan.
Definitely part of the plan.

I knew him, though.

I remembered his face.

Sure you did.

Just like you knew how
to get from the hospital

back to your apartment.

It's just another couple

of phony ideas they
planted in your...

We got the heat.

Okay, the Catholic school
we know about, right?

All they needed was a
few hours, a little decoration,

a few stooges
outside, the nurse,

maybe the taxi driver...


Good old Dr. George.

He's a biggie, you
can count on that.

Well, you got to admit,

the cuts on his back
were a nice touch.

I saw film.

What film?

Home movies.

When I came back
from the hospital,

I took out a projector

and I put on a reel of
film of me and Patty.


Yes, me...


What do you mean no?

Maybe it wasn't me.

I only saw it from behind.

It was this little scene
at the end of the reel.

We were on a skeet range.

I took a shot.

I scored.

I never saw my face.

Well, then it could have
been somebody else.

You ever shoot skeet?

I don't know. I can't remember.

You know how to handle
a gun, that's for sure.


Wait a minute.

The hotel and apartment...
Things not there, right?

The bank's still there.

So is this Mr. Thistleman.

About face, Mr. Thistleman.

Come on.

What's going on here?

Where are you taking me?

Up the river, or
down, Mr. Thistleman.

It's up to you.

Think about it, won't you?


Well, Hug, this the
best you could do?

What'd you expect
to get for five bucks,

a suite at the Waldorf?

Keep him away from me!

Easy, Terry.

The flower must not be
plucked before it's wilted.

That's very nice.

I couldn't have put
that better myself.

Well, you didn't.

I sincerely hope you all realize

that kidnapping is
a federal offense.

Yep, it's also against the law.

Come on, Mr. Thistleman.

Have a chair

and make yourself comfortable.

There's just two things

that we're gonna ask you to do,

very politely, in
the following order...

First of all,

we want you to call your bank,

tell them that you're sick.

You woke up with
a cold and a fever

and you just can't
come in today.

Then secondly, we'd like you

to tell us who the man was
who wanted Joe Durniak dead.

I'm sorry, Mr. Thistleman.
I can't hear you.

You're gonna have to speak up.

You might try lying
to us, Mr. Thistleman,

but I wouldn't for a minute
let you think of ignoring us.


Hello. Who is this?


It's... it's Mr. Thistleman.

I'm not coming in today, Angie.

Yes, an awful cold.

I woke up drenched.

I'm sure I have.

Yes, I will.

Thank you, dear.


Thank you, Mr. Thistleman.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Now, then, the second thing,

who was it that wanted
Joe Durniak put away?

I don't know who
you're talking about.

I swear. You have to believe me.

I don't know who
you're talking about.

Okay, who told you

to cut Terry's pictures from
the film you showed us?


Listen, Mr. Thistleman,

now, you probably
already know this, but, uh,

the two of us

have federal warrants
out for our arrest,

so we really have
nothing to lose.

They'll kill me if I talk.

The way I see it, you're
marked off anyway,

as long as they find
out you're with us.

Isn't that the way
your friends operate?


My instructions
come by telephone.

From who? From where?

I don't know. I do not know.

You're lying,
Thistleman. You're lying.

No. I swear to you.

Okay, he's all yours, kid.

No, no, no, wait, wait.



Suit yourself.

Desert Springs.

What about Desert Springs?

That's where they are.

Who? I don't know!

Where in Desert Springs?

A castle. What castle?

I think it's a castle
out in the desert.

Yeah, where in the desert?

I don't know.

It's... it's miles from
the nearest road.

You'll never find it.

Well, that depends a
little on how we look for it,

doesn't it?

Huggy, we need a plane.

A plane?

You know what a plane is.

Yeah, I know what it is,

but I don't happen to
know where it's at. You dig?

What about that friend
you're always telling us about?

The Black Baron? Mm-hmm.

What's the matter
with your own fly-boys?

They gone on
strike or something?

Or you fellas suddenly
gone independent?

Huggy, you know we're
not exactly on the best terms

with the rest of the department.

Oh, you mean
what you're saying is

what you're doing it
not exactly sacrosanct.


The English language

is not the exclusive
property of the white man.

HUGGY: Okay, my
man, the Black Baron,

will be ready and waiting.

Maybe we should drive.

Drive? Ha, ha!

My good man,

if the Good Lord had
wanted us to drive,

would He have given us

this beautiful
piece of work here?

Nancy-six-three two-three-zero.

You are now clear for
take-off on runway three.


may God help you.

BLACK BARON: Come on, old girl.

Now, let's show them
the life you still got.

Come on, baby, now,
let's pick up some speed.

Come on. Thattababy.

A little faster. Come on.

You can make it.

Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.

Hey, everybody,

we're gonna have
to all lean back

to help baby to get
it up off the ground.


Yes, Mr. Hutchinson? I hear you.

I don't think we're
gonna make it.

There's too much weight.

You must have
faith, Mr. Hutchinson.

It can move mountains.

Well, it's not the
mountains I'm worried about.

It's those trees up there.

Trees? Oh!

Here we go.

Feet off the ground,
baby! [LAUGHING]

Ah, there's life
in the old girl yet!

How nice that we
lived to find out.

Do we have to be this high?

Oh, is it our object

to see or be seen, Mr. Starsky?

Or perhaps you
feel it would hurt less

if we were to crash from
500 feet than from 2000?

Maybe not, but we'd
get it over with quicker.


What? On the right.

Baron, is there any
place around here

to land this thing?

Around here? Are you crazy?



A piece of cake, Mr. Starsky.

A piece of cake. Here we go.

Come on. Going down.

That's it. Now, hey,
this is the easy part.

I don't want you guys to lean

either to the
right or to the left.

You might tip me.

Just hold it perfectly
still and don't worry...

Hold it.

Easy now, easy now.

Nothing like little
bitty cat's feet.


Baron, you're all
right, you know that?

Thank you, sir.

But I think
before it's all over,

you'll find I'm quite
a bit more than that.

Hey, Baron, you
got any field glasses?

Yes, sir.

My motto is to always be
prepared, Mr. Hutchinson.

One guard.

Just one?

See any weapons?

How about a machine gun?

What's he got, a Howitzer?

Same thing as the first one.

Are you sure?

You wouldn't happen to have

a corn beef on rye in that bag,

would you, Baron?

A corn beef on...
No, no, sir. I'm sorry.

However, I do have water,
salt, Vitamin-C tablets,

some beef jerky...

freeze-dried tuna casserole
with peas and mushrooms,

if you wish.

I wish you had a company
of Marines in that bag.

My apologies again, sir.

I think that the Marines
are slightly unavailable.

Oh, however, I do think
that I have something

that might be a
close approximation.

Do you always come
equipped like this?

Well, my friend Huggy told us

that we might be heading
toward murky water,

so he told me to look out

for our honorary
soul brothers here.

And I never let a
soul brother down.

Good old Huggy Bear.

No, merely
reciprocal, my friend.

You see, I owe him a favor.

And after the day is over,

you may owe me a favor.

Oh, here.

You might need this
somewhere along the way.

Well, what do you want to do?

I don't know.

We better split up.

Good idea.

Let's take the right flank, huh?

Shall we take a stroll?

See you around.

So far, so good, huh?


Want to get a little closer?


Come on.

The guy on the roof
seems to be the key.

The question is how
do we get to him?

I guess you haven't noticed.

The Baron always comes prepared.

Okay, let's go.

Why don't you go
around the back,

and I'll go up top, huh?


I'm not exactly

your tap-dancing
stereotype, huh?

Could have fooled me.

You want to go first?

Oh, no. By my guest.

Hold it!

Where's Terry?

Where'd you come from?

Where do you think? Outside.

No, sir, we lost track of them

after the bombing
incident failure.

Yes, sir, I'm aware the
secretary's very upset,

but I strongly recommend

our safest course
of action until it's over

is to close down our
West Coast operation.

Yes, sir.

Thank you. I'll
wait for your call.

The castle's been invaded.

At least two, maybe four men.

I think one of them's Nash.

Sound the silent alarm.

It's locked.

What is it?

My wife.

STARSKY: I'm getting tired

of all this pussyfooting around.

What do you want
to do, start shooting?

That's not a bad idea.


But there's lots
of different blues.


Yeah, well, sure I can remember

if you just give me time.

It was... pretty
late, wasn't it?

2:00, maybe 3:00 in the morning.

We were in the back yard.

I said, "I love you, Carrie..."



It's my wife.


They shot my wife.

Not now. Come on, Terry.

It's my wife! Terry!


How many?

Three, maybe four.

Come on home.


Terry, come on! Snap out of it!

Let go. It's my wife.





It's my wife! It's my wife...

Forget her!

His wife, your wife,

anybody's wife,
everybody's wife!

She isn't your wife,
Terry! She never was!

Can't you see that, Terry?

She's my wife...

Can't you see that now, Terry?

We're in a very bad
place, Mr. Starsky.

No windows. One door.

We in a bad place.

I know that. How we doing?

What's the count?

I don't know, three, maybe four,

but I don't think
we're going to be able

to go out the same
place we came in.

How about it, Terry?

Are you back with us?

I don't know how they
did it, but they did it.

Well, that's a start.

Now I'm gonna pay them back.


Without committing
suicide, right?



Are we back among the living?

Yeah, he's all right.

What do you want to do, huh?

I don't know.

There's only one
way out of here.

Maybe not.

I think maybe these will help.

The wall.


The closet. Terry...

Be my guest, Baron.

Come on, Sleeping Beauty.




Take my gun.

Well, if...

You ready?

Yeah. Okay, go.


Starsk, above you!







We sure as hell
didn't order them.

TERRY: That's him!

The doctor!

The guy who said he
was my brother-in-law.

Baron, go.


Where the hell's he going?

Baron, clip!




Captain, that's not
even the whole of it.

From what the local police

have been able to glean

from some of your survivors,

your friend Terry

and that girl who
tried to kill you

weren't their first victims.

The people who've been
running this organization

have pulled this
stunt more than once.


Is that what you're
calling it, a stunt?


Captain, they take
a man off the street,

or in one case,
as you well know,

a woman off the street,

just someone who's
not likely to be missed,

somebody who's unattached,
single, probably unemployed,

and they wipe their minds clean.

I don't know how
they do it, Captain,

but they do it.

They wipe their minds clean,

and then they start
out all over again

their way.

Now, somewhere in this country,

there are four or
five other people

just like Terry Nash and
that sweet young thing

that tried to blow
the three of us

off the face of the map,

walking around, in a daze,
looking for somebody to kill,

somebody that the
head man wants dead.

Then are you trying to tell me

that we haven't found
the head man yet?

Maybe we did, maybe we didn't.

And maybe all you've found

is a bunch of
goons and flunkies.

Anyway, it's going to take
some time to put it together.

Well, what about
me in the meantime?

Are you going to put me on trial

for killing Joe Durniak?

That's the whole point, Captain.

You can't have a trial
if there's no Terry Nash,

and there never
was a Terry Nash.

We got a body, sure.

We got the finger that
pulled pulled the trigger,

wonderful, but what
we do not have is,

we do not have the man

that masterminded
this whole thing.

Okay, he might be out there.

He might be one of the thugs

that our friend here
sent to the hospital,

or he might be stuck in
what remains of that chopper.

We don't know, but
what we do know

is that he's not in this room,

and we do know that
it isn't our friend here.

Then I'm free to go?

Not yet.

Wilson and the
rest of his FBI men

are on the way here.

They want to ask
you some questions,

and then there's
got to be a hearing,

and maybe a trial.

I don't see how
they'll find a conviction,

but I'm not the judge,

and you realize, of course,

there's a warrant
out for your arrest,

and that fly-boy of yours,

the African chap
with the arsenal.

You, he, and Terry Nash here

have broken more rules
than a centipede's got legs,

and as far as the rest of it...

The future's all yours, kid.

You don't understand.

It's not the future
I care about.