Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 14 - Bloodbath - full transcript

In retaliation for arresting the mass murdering cult leader Simon Marcus, Starsky is kidnapped and held prisoner in a secret cult compound. Can Hutch decipher Marcus' cryptic clues and find his friend before Starsky is sacrificed?


Hey, I've seen cars, man.

I've seen cars from Mars.

STARSKY: Merle. Hey, Merle!

I've seen peanuts...

STARSKY: Merle! But,
man, this is disgusting!

Merle, I did not bring my
car down here to be insulted!

Starsk. Wait a second.

Listen, there are plenty
of guys around this area

who'd be thrilled to
have my business.

Will you wait a minute.

There is not a mechanic living
who could wipe Merle's dipstick.

He's a genius. Genius of what?

[MUFFLED] Grab my legs!

At doing cars.

Hey, Stark-in-son!

At doing what to cars?

Okay, pull on my legs, man!

What? I'm stuck!

Oh, good. Wait a second.

Okay, give you a
hand. You ready?

Come on, come on.


Okay... okay.


What do you think, huh?

Hey, man,

I'm Merle the Earl,
the customizing pearl!

Say, like, bringing
this clunker to me

is like goin' to a brain surgeon
with a case of athlete's foot.

I got standards to maintain.


Well, when a car is
wild, it's like my child.

You know what I mean?

Well, now, let me tell
you something, Merle.

[MOCKING] Even for
free, you ain't for me.


Now, come on.
We're due in court.

Wait a second.

Look, if your engine
has been missing,

it's liable to conk
out on the freeway.

At least let Merle
tune up your engine.

All right, all right,
all right! Okay.

But if I come back here,

and that car looks like a
parade float from Mars,

so help me... Okay,
okay. Nothing supernatural.

Just get the bugs out, okay?

Come on. Come on.

Bugs out! What
you mean, bugs out?

Man, ain't a bug be caught
dead in this piece of junk!

Say, Starsky, get this
mess out of my face!

Merle, you watch it!

he knows what he's doing.

Relax, Merle's been
doing my work for years.





Peanuts, man, peanuts.

The tension continues to
mount as we await the sentencing

of convicted mass murderer
and cult leader, Simon Marcus.


Since dawn this morning,

his followers have been
gathering outside the court.

Sir, what are your feelings

about this trial?


Judge Yager has
ordered the courtroom

cleared of all spectators,

and so only those directly
involved with the case

will be allowed to enter.

Here are a couple
of the guru's followers

doing their hair.


Police protection
has been intensified

to ensure that
nothing will interrupt

with the proceedings...

Or with the knitting bee.

And here come Detectives
Starsky and Hutchinson,

those dedicated police officers

who helped to arrest
and convict Simon Marcus.

Gentlemen, do you
have anything to say

to our television cameras?

GUARD: Get back, you guys.

Anything at all? No comment.

A lenience? GUARD:
Get back, you two!

Anything at all? Get back.

Anything at all? Please!

These officers
have to get through.


CROWD: Simon! Simon!
Simon! Simon! Simon!


What's the matter?

Those photographers.

Tough being a celebrity, huh?

Well, as usual, you're late.

Sorry, Cap.

I'll be right back.

That's some superstition
your partner's got...

Going to the john
before sentencing.

All I know, captain,

is that every time he does it,

the bad guy takes a heavy fall,

and in this business,
if something works,

stick with it...

All rise.

is now in session.

The Honorable Judge
Arlen B. Yager presiding.

Be seated.

All right, we all
know why we're here.

Let's get to it.

Bailiff, bring in the prisoner.

Simon Marcus...

you have been
tried and found guilty

of nine counts of murder
in the first degree...

And such additional
and barbarous acts,

that if it were in the
power of this court

to condemn you to the
flames of eternal damnation,

this court would do so

without the
slightest hesitation.

JUDGE: Simon Marcus,
equally shocking to this court

is the fact that not once

during the many
weeks of this trial

have you shown the
slightest guilt or remorse

over your mindless acts.

Guilt and remorse
are two emotions

shared by all the rest
of the human race,

save you... and a
few others like you.

Where the hell are the cops?



CAPTAIN: Look, I don't
care how many men

you have to pull off patrol.

One of my men's been kidnapped!

I want an A.P.B. put
out on Dave Starsky too.

Make that the
first thing you do.

You men get off
of that building!

Sergeant Hutchinson...

Sergeant, what's going
on? What's happened?

No comment. No comment?

Sergeant, you can't
sit on a story like this.

The public has a right
to know. Stuff your story.

What happened to all
those freaks hanging around?

REPORTER: I don't know.
They just disappeared.

Basement to roof, Nothing.

I'm not having any luck, either,

but I'm gonna have them
go over that building again.

Starsky's too good a cop

to let those creeps drag
him off without a fight!

Somebody might've hurt him.

Maybe he didn't have a chance.

I got the lab boys going
over the rest room now.

Maybe they'll find
something in all that blood.

If it's Starsky's,
it won't matter...

CAPTAIN: Let's see
what the lab boys say.

Now, you gotta
give these guys time.

They need to...

Hold it. Trace the call.

This is Dobey.

All right. Get me
a tracer on 2423.

Put Starsky on the phone.

You're not making
the rules here.

Simon makes all the rules.

Now think on this:

you've got just 24
hours to release Simon.

Now, wait, wait a
second. Just wait a minute.

Let's... talk this
thing over, huh?

Maybe we can come
to some kind of a deal.

First of all, let me,
let me explain to you

what you've gotten
yourself into here.

Now, forgetting the fact

that you've kidnapped
a police officer,

you've committed
a federal offense.

You know we're not
gonna release Marcus,

so you can save your threats.

No more talk.

Now think on this:

if you sentence Simon Marcus,

you sentence Starsky to death.


No, no, wait a
second. Let's talk.

Hold it, hold it a second!

It's not enough
time for a tracer.

I know that, captain!

Well, what'd they want?

They want the moon.

Where's Starsky?

I dreamed your
death, Hutchinson.

So you will die.

I dreamed Starsky's
death. He's already dying.

I dream my dreams awake...

so they always come true.

Always true...

I know you laid
it all out, Simon...

so I'm gonna ask
you one more time.

Where is Detective Starsky?


I'm meditating.

Now, maybe you can con the
press and your people into thinking

that you're some kind of
a mysterious superman

of evil, but not me, you
two-bit perverted punk.

I know you Simon Marcus!

Now you tell me where they...

You tell me where my
partner's being held.


You won't hurt me.
You're the white knight.


I had another dream, Hutchinson.

I dreamed you went
looking for Starsky...

and you began at the end.

Now, isn't that strange?

Where's my partner?

He lives until I am
sentenced... but you better hurry.

Start where it stopped.

Begin your search at the ending.

Simon never lies.

Never lies...


Just let him sit.



What'd the judge have to say?

He's gonna hold off
until tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Any time longer then,

he feels that Simon's
lawyers will ask for a mistrial.

That gives us what, 23 hours.


What do you wanna do?

Simon says...


"Start at the end."

"Start at the end,"
what does that mean?

I don't know. I don't know.

Would that mean
that old storefront

where Starsky and I busted him?

If that's all you got.

Well, it's worth a shot.



What's going on?

What the...

What's going on?!


Shut up!

You're wasting your
time! Do you hear me?

Grabbing me ain't gonna
get you a fixed parking ticket!

And you can quit that chanting.

That ain't gonna
save Marcus either.

What's the matter? You
run out of children to molest.

You gotta pick on
a cop. Huh! Huh!

Why don't you let me see you?

Why don't you
take off this blindfold

and let me see you?

I know you're out
there! I can smell you!

I can smell every one of you.


Come on, take
off this blindfold.

What's the matter, you afraid?
Why don't you let me see you?




All right, let's talk.


Let's talk.

I said, let's talk.

Simon dreamed
you'd come to us, man.

He dreamed it.


If that's all he dreamed,
he woke up too soon.

He should have
dreamed 10 to 20 years

for accessory to kidnapping...

Or life, if that police
officer doesn't make it,

because that's what
each and every one of you

are looking at!

I want some answers!

I want some answers!


I need some help...
I need some help.

Help me... Help me.

I'll help you.




Don't you see, I'm
giving you the chance

to be free of Simon Marcus...

Become human beings again!

Don't you understand?

He's done for! He's gone.

Who's gonna take care of
you while he's rotting in jail,

because he's never coming back.


Forget about him.

Help yourselves!




They drop his ID in your lap,

and you don't see anything.

How do you think I
feel? He's my partner.


How do you think I
feel? He's my detective.

He's only got 19 hours left,

and we're smack dab
in the middle of nowhere.

Hutchinson. You
want to hang on to this?

I sure do.
Captain, it's the lab.

Yeah, talk to me.


Well? It's not Starsky's blood.

Thank God.

It's from some large animal.
A bull or cow or something.

A bull. Those creeps
would butcher a bull?

Wait a second...

What are you looking for?

Simon camped his
followers on a ranch.

The owner let them stay there

because he wanted to get close
to some of Marcus' crazy ladies.

But he finally had
the Highway Patrol

throw them off his ranch

because of what they
were doing to his cattle.

I remember that...

ritual mutilation
of his livestock.

Yeah, Starsky and I
tried to get a statement

from the rancher
before the Marcus trial,

but the gent wasn't
very cooperative.

It was on Route Five.

Here it is, "R.J. Crow...

Pinyon Pine Ranch."

That's about an
hour's round trip.

Hey, there are 50 ranches
between here and there.

What if Simon's vampires got
their blood from one of them?

Won't know till I
get there, will I?


I didn't think you
would wake up...

But you did.

I'm Gail.

Yeah... Gail.


Hope you forgive
me for not rising,

but it's tough to be a gentleman

when you're
trussed up like this.

I'm sure you'll understand.

This is very nice.

I always wanted
to be held prisoner

in a good neighborhood.

I don't suppose you
wanna tell me where I am.

You better be good
with that, honey.

I couldn't go easy.

I won't cut you...
Simon didn't dream that.

What are you doing?

Taking your clothes off.


I'm gonna give you a bath.

Well, actually, I
prefer showers.

They got great showers
at Police Academy gym.

You must have a
bath to purify you

before the ceremony.




Mr. Crow.

Mr. Crow, Detective Hutchinson.

I just wanna ask
you a few questions.

Mr. Crow?

I remember you...

and I still got nothing to say.

Don't get downwind
of this stuff.

It's quicklime.

What happened to your animal?

Eh, somebody did
a number on him.

When did it happen?

Last night, near
as I can figure.

You know who did it?

I thought I seen the last of it,

them tearing my herd to pieces

like they done before
I put the law on them,

but now they're back again.


Damn fine bull this time,
blood lines back to Noah's ark.

Mr. Crow...

you know who did it?

I'll catch them hooded
snakes, and I'll ventilate them.

I'll gut shoot 'em!

If you want to get to them,
then help me, will you?

How many of them were there?

When was the last
time you saw them?

What were they driving?
Give me anything!

Sure, then you'll stick
beside me day and night

so they don't come to get
me for squealing on 'em.

No, I'll give you, I'll give
you police protection.

I promise you.

Like you gave your partner?

It's on the radio.

If they can get to him,

I'd sure have one fine chance
of lasting through the week.

Nope, I got nothing to
say! I'll look out for me.

That's all she wrote!








I think I'm through
with showers, Gail.

I really like being
in deep water.

It loosens everything up...

especially the ropes!



MAN: Welcome, pilgrim.

Welcome to Simon's dream.



MAN: Don't get him angry.

He bites.

So do I.




How do you feel now, Starsky?

This more like it?


I am the keeper of the flame...

and Simon dreamed
we'd get together.

You're nothing!

You're a bunch of
losers and freaks!

But you'll never
make it, you hear.

You'd never make it.







You'll never make it, sucker.

We're not nothing, man.
We're your executioners.

It's a game, captain.

The blood, Starsky's ID...

killing that rancher.

It's all a twisted,
sadistic game,

and Marcus planned
every move of it.

Yeah, but he didn't plan on us

finding the truck like that.


Let's see what the
lab boys come up with.

Maybe there's a tooth fairy.

Watch yourself.

How much time we got?


About 17 hours.

Seventeen hours...

and Marcus planned
every move of this thing.

While he's got us out
here chasing our tails

over the sunset,

he's probably back there
laughing because he knows

something he hasn't told us.

You can bet on that.

You know, that sentencing bit...

that sentencing bit
is a smoke screen!

Whether Marcus
is sentenced or not

doesn't really matter, does it?


They're gonna kill
Starsky anyway.

That's always been
the bottom line.

All we can do is pick
our best shot and go for it.

Okay, captain,
I'm gonna go back.

I'm gonna talk to Marcus again.

Maybe I can turn
one of his dreams

into a nightmare.

See you back there.

Kazelkovsky, get up off your...

You gonna wait till nighttime

to get the prints?

Wofford, Wofford.

Hey, you get down there too.


You've been playing
with us, Marcus...

and we're a little tired
of being jerked around.


my partner Starsky's a dead
man no matter what... right?

Ain't that too much?

You mustn't do that.

You're not allowed
to strike Simon.

Nobody does that.

Look, uh...


I don't expect this to
mean a hell of a lot to you...

But you haven't
always been like this.

There must have
been a time in your life

when you felt the way
others do... about human life.

Remember that time?

Remember that time
when you had a soul...

And tell me where my partner is.

In school... when I was little,

even the bullies
were afraid of me...

because of my dreams.

They had to go to sleep, but...

I could dream with my eyes open.

My dreams always came true.

Always true.

Your dreams?

Tell me the dream about Starsky.

My dream...

I, I dreamed of a temple...

a temple of the First Kingdom...

where only the faithful
keep the flame...

the faithful and
heavenly Polaris.


You think you got
me to say it, don't you?

Well, you didn't.

I wanted to tell you that...


My dream is your fantasy.

That's my message...

but you won't understand...

never understand.

Oh, for God's sake.

Where are your people
keeping my partner?



We're everywhere.

Once in ebony
and granite, now...

in the trees, in the water...

For the King of
the Forest is dead.



Yeah, that's terrific.
Let's have a pizza.


What's the matter with him?!

Please, tell me what's wrong.

I don't know.

The water...

You put something in the
water and didn't tell me!

Why must it always be so cruel.



Simon dreamed you
would stay with us.

Why don't you
dream the way it was,

when we first took you.


No, no, no more dreaming.
No more dreaming.

Dream that now, all over again.


All over again.


All over again. Simon... Simon.

And you dream too, pig...

Dream and make it good.

For at sunrise the
dream is ending,

and so is your life.

You're going to die.


It's a game. Simon loves games.

Begin at the end means
start where he finished.

Whatever he
dreams is his way of...

Whatever he says he
dreams is his way of saying

what his plans are,
so his words are clues,

and so are the
words in that tape.

We just got to find the key.

CAPTAIN: I've been thinking,

In one of those tapes
he mentions Pinyon Pine.

You think that's Crow's ranch,

or does it stand
for something else?

Pinyon Pine, Ponderosa
Pine, Knotty Pine...

could be anything!

Man, you gotta be kidding!

Yeah, I heard you.

Yeah, I promise, never again!

What are you looking for?

You got any Aspirin? Yeah.

Boy, man, how
time flies when you're

trying to get lucky...

Five minutes it seems like,

and already it's, oh
man, it's morning.

Huggy, please!

What you got?


Nada, zip, zero.


Why don't you
just say "nothing."

Captain, some of us like
to use colorful speech!


Say what?

That's when one word means
the same thing as another word.

You just said a synonym
for the word "nothing."


HUTCH: For God's sake,

will you just tell me
where my partner is?

SIMON: We're everywhere.

Once in ebony and granite...

Now we're in the
trees and the water.

Your dream is my fantasy.

That's my message.

Dream, fantasy. Fantasy, dream.

It's the same thing.
It's a synonym. Same.

It's, uh... That may be our key.

I got some words
here. Let's try them out...

Uh... ebony.

Ebony's a hardwood.

Ebony, uh...

HUTCH: Dark, black.

Uh, granite!

Rock. Uh, stone.

Terrific: dark,
black, granite, rock...

Stone. Stone.

Wait a minute. Wait a
minute. Stone, stony...

Stony Black!

Stony Black!

Uh, captain, you'll
remember him.

He's the guy that that
weasel was pushing coke

up in the desert,
stabbed to death.

Yeah. Him and his chemists.

CAPTAIN: Marco wrote
it off as a business hit.

What was, what was
that guy's name, Rex...

So you knew they
could be the suppliers.

No, no, no. Who's that
guy, Rex, Rex what?

Rex Woods. Rex Woods!

A king... Hey.

Rex Woods.

He knocked him
off two months ago.

So we got the names.

Where do we go from there?

Give us a little time, captain.

Not all of us can
be brilliant, you dig?

I'm digging on
nobody's asking you.

Oh, come on.

I dream of a temple...

The temple of the First Kingdom.

Where only the
faithful keep the flame...

The faithful and
heavenly Polaris.

Polaris is the north star...

Three sisters...

CAPTAIN: Big Dipper...

HUTCH: Heavens,
heavenly, stars...

Uh, sky, uh...

Little Dipper.

Star. Star.

Starsky! Starsky!

Yeah, but what's the
rest of the message?

Yeah, what does he have to do
with Rex Woods or Stony Black?

The zoo!

What? That's where
you live, isn't it?

Wait a minute, captain.
What about the zoo, Huggy?

That's what I was
trying to recollect.

Stony and Rex used
to cook up junk...

Uh, they...

They had a traveling
lab at the old Civic Zoo!

Old Zoo... Temple
of the First Kingdom.

Barred forever for man's sake...

Captain, that's where
they've got Starsky,

at the old zoo!

Don't thank me.


Simon, Simon...

What's going on?

Oh, I see.

We've been this way before.

They're all watching.

Simon... dreamed
they would watch.


You're going to kill me.

Yes, you are.

You're gonna kill me.

Simon, Simon...

And your friends
are gonna watch.


I'm not going to kill you.

Thou shalt not... kill.

Thou shalt not...

shalt not...

Simon, Simon...

They're... all watching.


Only make the first stroke.


The first... of hundreds...

Simon, Simon...




Listen to me.

Gail, you don't have to do this.

Simon, Simon... Simon, Simon...


It's Simon. It's not you...


Simon, Simon...


Simon, Simon...






That's a girl. Put it away.

Put it away.


Simon dreamed you would be weak.


You don't want any part of this.

You're not one of us...

Simon, Simon...


But we will make you strong.

Simon, Simon...


Cut him!

Simon, Simon...

No, Gail!








[THUD] Oh!



Oh, gee.

It's all over. It's all over.

What took you so long, huh?

That's a nice looking
nightgown you got there.

I don't see my car.

Relax. Where's my car?

I promise you, it'll
be the same old heap

that you love so well.

Well, I hope so.

Merle, did you do her up fine?

Where's my car?

Beneath my dignity, man!

Lower than the
belly of a flounder

in the bottom of a
sewer... Yeah, but where...

In the basement
of a glue factory!

Yeah, but where's my car?

Why's it all covered up?

Yeah, uh...

Hey, look, even Rembrandt
painted a bowl of fruit

once in a while, huh?

Well, was he ashamed of...

What's all this garbage here?

Merle, what's all this
garbage doing around here?

Garbage belongs with garbage.

Hey! Shh!



Merle, what the hell did you do?

What did I do?

Hey, baby, I gotta
leave my signature.

I am an artiste!

You're a moron!

What? Hey.

The two of you are morons!

That's not fair.

That's not why I brought the car

I brought the car over
here for a tune-up!

Hey, take it easy, man!

Hey, take it easy, will you.