Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 13 - Little Girl Lost - full transcript

Molly "Pete" Edwards, a young girl living with her alcoholic, ex-con father, finds herself suddenly orphaned just before Christmas. Will Starsky and Hutch be there to help her when her father's partners in crime come looking for her?



MAN: Merry Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho.

Merry Christmas.

Help the poor.

Pennies for the poor.

Help the needy.

Merry Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho.

I got it! I got it!


Come on, you can tell me.

It's only a couple of
days before Christmas.

There's nothing to tell, Starsk.

Nothing to tell.

You really want me to believe

you got me nothing
for Christmas?

I didn't.

Hey, look, it's
nothing personal.

It's just that this year,

for the first time,

I decided I was not
going to get caught up

in that phony wave of
euphoric sentimentalism

orchestrated by the
clanging of cash registers.

Euphoric sentimentalism?

That's right.

It's the principle of the thing.

You know,

I get so sick and tired of
people walking up to me,

people I don't even know,

and wishing me a
Merry Christmas.

Don't you? No.

Well, they don't mean it.

I mean, 51 weeks
out of the year,

they'd rather
take your head off,

or run you down with their cars,

and then suddenly, one
week before Christmas,

everybody gets caught
up in that phony wave of...

Euphoric sentimentalism.

That's right.

Well, not this kid.

No, sir, not me.

I'm not gonna be any pin-up boy
for the Better Business Bureau.

A sweater. You got me a sweater.

The one I saw last week.

Starsky, I did not
get you a sweater.


DISPATCHER: All units.

All units in the vicinity
of 101 South Main,

a 211 in progress.

This is Zebra Three.
We are responding.

This time you're
going to get it.

This time you're going to jail.

You called in an
armed robbery on a kid?


And what's wrong
with being a kid?

You see what she is, huh?

She-she-she hangs around

and rips me off.

Cold cuts, peanuts...
GIRL: He's a liar!

Don't you call me a liar.

Liar, liar, liar!

STARSKY: Hey. Hey.


What do you want to do?

What do you mean,

"What do you want to do"?

I'm telling you, she's
been ripping me off,

and I'm not the only
shopkeeper who will identify her.

You, stay out of this.

I'll take care of it.

You got anything to say?

Stick it in your ear!


Why don't you handle this one?

I took care of
the last big bust.

You ever been busted before?

Do that again.


Coated tongue, huh?

Coated black.

My guess is it's either
licorice or the Black Plague.

We're gonna have to
close you down, Mike.

Panic in the streets.

Come on, Dillinger.

Congratulations, Mike.

You'll probably get

the Chamber of Commerce

Spirit of Christmas
Award for this.

STARSKY: We give
you the law in action!

Hey, come back here!

Come back here.


Come on.

Come on, let me go!

Where are you taking
me, you Gestapo creep?

Where else? The torture chamber.


All right, break it up.

WOMAN: Pick on
someone your own size!

MAN: Break it up. Break it up.

All right. What's your name?

Hey, you play ball?

Me too.

Now, what's that?

Your Barnaby Jones act?

Don't try to con me, turkey.


We'll take you home.

Where do you live?

Aw, come on,

it's two days before Christmas.

Nobody wants to lock you up.

Well, Starsk, I
guess we'd better

go on down to the
station and book her.

I guess so.

560 South Main.


Merry Christmas.


Who do you live with?

My dad.

He ain't gonna like
you guys being here

when he gets back.

Where is he?

Out looking for work.

This late in the afternoon?

How old are you,
anyway? Eleven? Twelve?

I'm almost a teenager.


Hey, what are you doing?

This all the food you
usually have in the house?

Well, what do you expect
in this neighborhood?

A 20-pound turkey?

I told you, he's out
looking for work.

It's not like it looks.

He means to buy food.

Sometimes he forgets
and he gets to drinking.

You a lefty?

Hey, some of the greatest
ball players were lefty.

You know, you're really corny.

Huh. That's a nice
glove. Can I see it?

Hey, you really got this thing

broken in, huh?

Yeah. You lefty too?




You Molly?

Pete your boyfriend?

I'm Pete.

Oh, I see.

You're Molly or Pete.

Whichever you want to be, huh?

Just Pete.

I'm telling you, you
better get out of here.

If it's all the same to you,

I think we'll just
wait for your dad.

He isn't gonna like it.

Keep your money
right where it is, baby.

Hey. Hey, everybody.


It's my party!

When we drink up
everything that Roy has here,

we'll move on down the street.


Hey, Nick.

Hey, man. What are you drinking?

Fix them up, Roy.

Let's go to a booth, huh?


Been a long time.

Hey, Flent.

Two years and six months,


We heard you was out, Nick.

Come on. The booth.

We been looking for you.

Yeah, well,

I been looking for you guys too.

Couldn't have been
looking too hard.

You been out two months, huh?

Well, I got responsibilities.

You guys remember my daughter?

Guess you don't.

Hey, you ought to see her.

She's 12.

Cute little thing.


Where are the stones, Nick?

First thing I did when I
got out of the slammer

was to spring her
from the foster home.

Now we're both out.

I asked you about
the diamonds, Nick.

We were supposed
to split three ways.

Don't worry.

They're just as safe as can be.

Except for that
little, itty-bitty one.


I had to have some
walking-around money,

so I fenced off
that little bitty one.

Your share.

Where are the other stones,


They're safe.

Let's go get them, hm?



Yeah, well,

I guess there's no
time like the present,

as they always say.

Hey, everybody.

Keep feeding them, Roy.

Hey, you guys,
I'll be right back.

Don't go away.

Keep drinking. MAN: Okay.

You fool.

What did you have
to shoot him for?

He doesn't have them on him.

He doesn't have them on him!

Come on.

Let's get out of here.

Oh, I like this guy.

He's incredible.


You ever see him pitch?


Yes, Peggy?

I'll be right there.

That was my dad's girlfriend.

Something about
he's hurt or something.

She give you an address?

Alley on Main

between Third and Marshall.


What happened?

Some bum.

Two shots in the back.

Must have been killed instantly.

What was the hassle?


This part of town? Who knows?

Unfortunately, except for her,

who cares?

You're invited too.

Oh, come on, Hutch.

If the William" aren't home,

they're probably
away for the holidays.

I have no choice.

Come on, Perkowitz,

it's two days before Christmas.

Now, how can you
put a kid like that

into juvie?

What you're suggesting
is highly irregular.

Well, so is being a little girl,


waiting for your
father to come home.

What is it?

Hot chocolate.

Come on. Take it.

It's good for you.

Make a pitcher out of you.

Old Lady Perkowitz

ain't having much
luck farming me out.

Old Lady Perkowitz

is trying to find the people

who used to be
your foster parents.

The Williams'? Mm-hmm.

I think she's wasting her time.

Why is that?

After they lost me,

they probably went back
to their old line of business.

Which was?

Running a concentration camp.

It couldn't have been
as bad as all that.

You know, my dad was a good guy.


Get 'em?

They're not at home.

Juvie, huh?

No, Molly,

I'm afraid it's too late

to get you booked
into juvie tonight.

Officer Hutchinson has agreed

to let you stay at his place.


Come on, Molly...

uh, Pete.


See you, Tiger.


That's what I like.

A man who's able to resist

the euphoric
sentimentalism of the season.

Okay, Perkowitz,

what say we go bah a
few humbugs together?


Here, you can use
this to sleep in, huh?

Follow me.

I'll show you where
the bathroom is.

Oh, you know what I forgot?

I forgot your toothbrush.

We can pick up
your gear tomorrow.

Now, look,

I got clean towels here...

Hutch. What?

All that stuff

about it being
too late for juvie.

Old Lady Perkowitz
just said that,

didn't she?

Yeah, I guess she did.

You know something?

When I don't have a toothbrush,

you know what I do?

I take a little toothpaste here

on the tip of my finger,

and I...

Well, you do
whatever you want to.

How come you did it?



I just thought that juvie
was a pretty crummy place

to have to stay.

Well, you don't even know me.

What do you care for?

I don't know.

It's Christmas.

Seemed like a
good idea at the time.




Tell me something.

Why'd you have to go
and kill the guy, hmm?

I wasn't trying to kill him.

I was aiming at his legs.

You know something?

You know everything
about weapons

except how to shoot them.

Hey, hey.


We'll find the stones.

He's got to have them
in his room someplace.

Soon as it cools
off, we can check it.


Got to have patience.

He kept...

He kept talking
about his daughter.


She'll know where they are.

Come on, man. Relax.

We'll find them.

Sure. Sure. Relax, man.

We'll find them. Right?

Go on. Here.

We'll find them.




Come on, Molly. Cheer up, huh?

What's that?


It's a concoction I whip up

every morning.

Hey, what do you
want for breakfast, huh?

I have granola and
I have wheat germ

and I've got All-Bran

and I got coconut stripes...

and I, uh...

and I got some
blackstrap squares.

What's in there?

Most of the above,

and some vitamins
and minerals and...

You're really weird, aren't you?

You got any salami?

For breakfast? Yeah.

Oh, Molly, that
stuff'll kill you.

Here, have some of this stuff.

It's good for you.


BOY: Hey, Hutch!

Hiya, Kiko. Come on in.

Door's open.

Say hello to Pete.


Yeah. Pete.

Hi, Pete.


Want some breakfast?

No thanks.

Just had some huevos rancheros.

Oh, you play ball?

No, I wear it to
keep my hand warm.

Anyone tell you

it's still football season?

Football stinks.

You've got to be
a gorilla to play it.

STARSKY: ♪ Deck the
halls With boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la ♪

♪ 'Tis the season to be jolly ♪

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la ♪

KIKO: Hey, you got a tree. Neat.


Just the kind of thing
you put presents under.

Yeah, not if there
aren't any presents

to put under it.

Yeah. Who cares?

Women. Who can understand them?

Good point.

What's wrong with her?


Perkowitz called
about half an hour ago.

What did she want?

Said she was wrong

about the Williams' being
gone for the holidays.

They're coming
back this afternoon.

We're going to have
to take her over there.

Oh, that's too bad.

I thought we could have
a party tomorrow morning.

Open up presents, you know?

I got a partial
make on her father.

Ex-con, out two months.

Spent most of his
time in skid row bars.

As usual, nobody knows anything.

You didn't make her
eat any of this stuff.

You're heartless.

Does she know anything?

You sure?

Look, maybe she doesn't want
to go to see her foster parents,

but it's a damned
sight better than juvie.

We'll stop by the hotel
and pick up her things.

Hey, uh...

you don't have any
salami or something, huh?

When are they burying Edwards?

This afternoon at one.

Listen, his kid will be there.


We ought to go down
and try to get her.


on the way back.

Cops. Come on!

I got him!

Look out, Hutch!

Did you get a look at them? No.


I should have brought flowers.


I won't go.

You have to, Molly.


Well, it's either here
with the Williams'

or back to juvie.

I hate them.

Why can't I stay
with you, Hutch?

I wish you could, Molly.

It's just not possible.

I'm a bachelor,

and I'm hardly ever there.

You need a family, Molly.

Someone to be there when you...

you get home.

Someone to cook for you.

Anyway, they won't...

They wouldn't allow it.

Who's "they"?

You know who "they" are.

Now, come on, huh?

Come on.


What's that?

Call it, uh...

"euphoric sentimentalism."


well, uh, buy yourself
some candy canes.

Let's go.


"Oh, Molly, my little lamby-pie.

You're just as cute
as a bug's ear."

Oh, Molly, my little lamby-pie.

I must say,

we've been expecting you

for hours.

The rest of us
are already eating,

but you come in and sit down

and we'll...

Come on, you guys.

We'll heat something up

for you.

Isn't she as cute
as a bug's ear?

Now, thank the nice policemen

for bringing you home.

Why should I?

Finks and traitors.

Pete, we'll... we'll
come back and see you.

Yeah, who cares?



that was a rotten thing to do.

Well, look at it this way.

At least with Mrs. Williams,

she'll get a decent breakfast.

That's not even funny.

Don't worry. She'll be fine.

We can still come
back and see her, right?


Take her to the movies,

the zoo...

She'd probably
rather go to the fights.

Let's grab her.

I told you,

patience is a virtue.

We need time to prepare.

Tomorrow morning
will be soon enough.



Uh, good morning, dear lady.

My name is Reverend Jonas

from the Gospel Mission.


The late Mr. Edwards

was a member of our congregation

and he wanted so
much for his daughter

to be in our Christmas pageant.

Oh, yes.

Well, please, come in.

like that. That's great.

HUTCH: What's happening?

Hmm? Oh, welcome

to euphoric sentimentalism

at its grossest.

Yeah, well, listen, I don't
want to panic anybody,

but I think I saw Captain
Dobey in the hallway.

What? Oh, jeez.

Hey, hey. Hey. What?

He was in the
elevator, going down.

You really do have

a cruel streak in you,

don't you?

Mind your own business.

What'd you get
on Molly's father?

Nicholas Alan Edwards.

Small-time muscle.

Got three years

for knocking off a
jewelry salesman.

$125,000 worth
of single diamonds,

and they were never recovered.

You call that small-time?

Well, there were two
other guys in on the robbery,

and they were never caught.

Same two guys

tearing his room
apart yesterday.

If they were Molly's
dad's partners,

she might be able
to identify them.

Did you ever think

about going into
police work as a career?

a very Shiny nose ♪

♪ And if you Ever saw it ♪

♪ You would even Say it glows ♪

♪ All of the other Reindeer... ♪

Hey, here's one for you.


You know the names

of the 12 reindeer
that Santa had?


Well, how about two?

Oh, I don't know.

Donder, Blitzkrieg, Spritzen...

Forget it.

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

Oh, good morning, gentlemen.

Good morning, Mrs. Williams.

We'd like to see Molly.

Oh, what a shame.

She's not here right now.

Oh, well, when will she be back?

Probably not until lunchtime.

She just left a few minutes ago.

She's going to be

in a children's
Christmas pageant.

A friend of her
late father came by.

He wanted her to
be in it so much.


Yes. A man of the cloth.

He said his name was, uh...


something like that,

and Mr. Edwards was
a member of his church,

the Gospel Mission.

Which gospel mission?

Oh, isn't that funny?

I never thought to ask.

Whoever heard

of a children's
Christmas pageant

at a gospel mission, huh?

Have faith, my son.

This is Zebra Three.

I want an APB out on
Molly Edwards, age 12.

Dressed in a blue
denim jacket and pants,

wearing a baseball cap,

carrying a baseball glove.

Last seen

in the Corbin Lake district,

but could be anywhere.

Zebra Three out.

Don't worry.

We'll find her.

I'm a very patient man, Molly.

I waited a long time

for your father to
get out of prison,

and now I've waited

to get a chance to talk to you.

I want those diamonds.

You can have them.

I don't want them.

Just please leave me alone.


Stop! Thief!

She's robbed the poor box!

She could be anyplace.

We'd better make
some more phone calls.

Let's go back to
the foster home.

We're doing everything we can.

We've got every cop in the city

looking for her.

I know that.

Three. Zebra Three.

See the girl at 1027 1/2 Ocean.

Hey, that's my place.

This is Zebra Three.

We read you

and we're on our way.




Hi, Hutch. Hi, Starsky.


Molly. Molly!



"Hey. Hey." Is that
all you can say?

You know, half the city

is out looking for you.

What do you want me to say?

I called you.


You okay?

Of course I'm all right.

Who was that man
who picked you up?

I don't know.

Some phony preacher.

You ever see him before?


He was after the diamonds, huh?

Molly, do you know
where those diamonds are?


Would you tell
us if you did? No.

I mean, I don't know anything

about any diamonds.
Molly, listen.

That phony preacher
who grabbed you

may be the same man

who killed your father.

Now, if you know anything
about those diamonds,

you'd better tell us.

I told you, I don't,

and I'm not going back

to Mrs. Williams', either.

She's not.

She told me that
before you guys came.

Wouldn't be safe for her anyway.

I'm not.


Hey, tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

Maybe we ought to have
that party again, huh?

I mean, if it wouldn't
get in the way

of your principles against
the Better Bureau of Business.

No, I guess not, but if you're
gonna hang around here,

there's one thing you gotta do.

What's that?


Use soap!

I am.

Wash your face!

I am.

Hey, Molly,

when you're finished in there,

uh, we'll...

Go Christmas shopping.

We'll go Christmas shopping.

I don't want to go
Christmas shopp...


I thought that pink dress

was very nice.

Pink dresses stink.

That's what you said
about the green ones

and the red ones
and the blue ones.

Molly, we've been to
three dress shops already.

Just what is it
that you do want?

You really want to know?


Really, really?

Really, really.

Truly, truly?

Truly, truly.


You know something?

We're worse off
than when we started.

Got us a miniature Marine.

Will you stop it

with that "bum, bum-bum"?


FLENT: You and
your bright ideas.

That suit of yours
makes me nervous.

Yeah, well,

it didn't make that kid nervous.

Do you think

she really knows
where those stones are?

She's got to know.

Yeah. We'll find her.

We'll find her.

I'm not kidding.

These are the greatest tacos

I ever ate.

You never had
hand-made tortillas before?


The ones downtown are crummy.

My mom makes her own
tortillas and her own refried beans.


Now, you try them on, no?


Hey, great!

I don't know if I can
shorten that jacket.

I like the jacket
just the way it is.


How about another taco, Pete?

No, I'd better get
on back to Hutch's.

Well, bye, Mrs. Ramos.

Bye, Kiko.


She hasn't got anyone, Ma.



DOBEY: You two
gotta do better, huh?

I hear you loud
and clear, captain.

You don't have
to repeat yourself.

Right. I got it.

Roger, Wilco, all that jazz.

Will do.

The foster home called Dobey

and raised hell.

We got to report to Perkowitz

that we got Molly again.

How'd he like his present?

Well, he wasn't too
excited with that, either.


Look at this. Look at this.


Hey. You're gonna
pass inspection.

Semper fee.

Look at that. Semper fi.

Fee, fi... Kiko's
mom fixed 'em for me.

No kidding. She's great, huh?

Yeah. Makes the greatest tacos.

You ought to try her enchiladas.

I'm going to go and
look at this in a mirror.

Yeah, take a look, Pete.

You know, I got a feeling

that if she doesn't

know where the diamonds are,

somebody might think she does.

Well, we can't keep
her with us all the time.

You got any leads
on the preacher yet?

Uh, don't you worry about that.

We'll find him.

Well, you look worried.


Look, uh, Pete,

Starsky and I have to take off,

so why don't you
go over to Kiko's

until we get back, huh? Please?

Yeah, okay.


You'll be okay?



It's not fair.

It's not fair that
they killed my dad.

I guess tomorrow would've
been kind of a special day for you.

Just probably would
have been drunk again.


He may have...

He may have had some
trouble with his drinking,

but I'm sure he loved you.

No, he didn't.

You've been more
of a father to me

than he ever was.

Christmas joy.

Hey, Kiko. I need your help.

Could you stay at
Hutch's house for me?

Why? Where are you going?


Without a pole?

What I'm fishing for,
all you need is the bait,

and that's me.

So Edwards

only fenced the one stone.




Huggy, what kind of
an informer are you,

with your grunts
and your groans?

Give me a straight answer, huh?

Let him swallow first.

Just one small stone,

but there was these
two other dudes

who came into the fence a
couple of days before Edwards.

What did they want?

They wanted Edwards.

They told the fence,

if Edwards came in, to call.

Did you get a number?

Did I get a number.


The Singapore Bar.

There's nothing on
this paper, Huggy.


Thank you.

What was supposed
to happen there?

Well, the fence

was just supposed
to call the Singapore

and tell the bartender
that the trick had arrived.

The Singapore Bar's half a block
from where Edwards was killed.

That's right.

Thanks, Hug.

Have a little something extra

for your Christmas stocking.

My man.

Merry Christmas, Hug.

You didn't have to tip the help.

Oh, bah, humbug.

Merry Christmas, J.J.

How you doing, kid?


This is J.J. over at the hotel.

You said you wanted to
know when that kid came back.


Yeah, what'll it be?


a little information
on a dead man.

One you helped put away.

You fingered Edwards.

To who?

Oh, man. Come on.

Will you, please?

I haven't fingered anybody.

Get out of here!

Let go.


See what I mean?

Who were those two guys?

I don't know their names.

I got a number.

What's the number?

It's an apartment building

over on Innes.

What's the number?


Don't go away.

I am not a man

who likes to play games.

Now, you've already
stretched my patience.


Now, we're gonna
go to our place,

because we got all
kinds of ways there

to make little girls talk.

Okay, okay.

I'll take you where
they are. Just let me go.

It wouldn't be smart

for you to try and
trick me again.

I won't, but you'll
have to drive me.

Way out on Ocean.

Come on. Let's go. Let's go!

Hey, you. Who lives here?

The guy that has the diamonds.

Go get the key, Kiko.


I think Hutch has it.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay.

Hey, wait. Wait a minute.

Hey, who was that kid?

A friend of the
guy who lives here.

Look, forget the key.


The ice trays in
the refrigerator.

Three. Zebra Three.

Come in, please.

Zebra Three. Go ahead.

I have an emergency
patch-through for you

from someone named Kiko.

Go ahead, please.

KIKO: Hutch?

Yeah, Kiko?

Pete's in trouble at your place.

We're on our way.



I warned you about
playing games!




There's that kid!

Get her in the car

and let's get out of here.

It's flat!

Come on, let's get out.

Forget it! No!


You want the diamonds?

This time, really.


Where are you going?

Come on, up you go.

Let's go for a walk.

Merry Christmas, Sid.

You know something, Molly?

That was a good stall.

Are you all right?


but it wasn't a stall.


They're really in here.

Hold out your hand.

Look at that.

They were my dad's.

The only thing he had left.

You know something?

You saved my life.

Yeah, that's what
happens sometimes

when people get carried away

with euphoric sentimentalism.

I asked for that one, didn't I?

Between the eyes.

wish you A merry Christmas ♪

♪ We wish you A
merry Christmas ♪

♪ We wish you A
merry Christmas ♪

♪ And a happy New Year ♪


STARSKY: ♪ We wish
you A merry Christmas ♪

♪ We wish you A
merry Christmas ♪

♪ We wish you A
merry Christmas.. ♪♪

KIKO: Merry Christmas, Hutch.

Oh, that's beautiful,
Kiko. Beautiful.

It eats bugs.

Why do I get the feeling

the two of you went
shopping together?

Well, see, we figured it
would be just the thing

to go along with the ant
farm Starsky gave you.

You know, in case
of an earthquake

or something like that,

and the ants got all
over your apartment.

This one's for you.

What is it?

Well, how are you
gonna know that

unless you open it?

See, that one there

is Captain Dobey.



Kinda icky, huh?

Yeah, but I guess
it wouldn't hurt

to try it on.

Hey, Kiko.

If I can really arrange it,

how are you going to like
having Molly for a sister?

KIKO: I guess a sister's okay.

I always wanted
a brother, though.

But Pete...

I mean, Molly's close enough.

Let's see...

This one's for you.



From Hutch.



I knew it.

You know,

for a while there,
you had me going.

For a while, I thought

you really weren't
gonna get me anything.

Well, it's not really
much, Starsk.

I tried to stick
to my principles.

Yeah. You old devil.

You know what this is?

This happens to be a clue.

It's gonna tell me

where my new caboose
to my train set is.

Starsk, before you open it,

merry Christmas, pal.

Merry Christmas.

"A tree has been
planted in your name

in Westside Park."


They say

it's only about 50 yards
from the horseshoe pitch.

Isn't that nice?