Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 11 - Nightmare - full transcript

Two thugs rape and assault a mentally challenged teen-aged girl. Bad news for them: Lisa is a friend of Starsky & Hutch's, who will now stop at nothing to see them put behind bars.


Hey, how you doing?


I just don't believe it.

Well, it's not the end
of the world, you know.

This guy says

he's been here 21 years.

Starsky, there are
other toy stores.

Not like Uncle Elmo's.

Even when I was a kid,
Elmo had everything.

Battery powered cars,

dancing mice,

ventriloquist's dummies.

One year, he even had

these tiny, little
singing goldfish.


They probably grew up
and their voice changed.

You know, I'll bet
old Uncle Elmo

was like a second father

to all you kids here
in this neighborhood.

Yeah. How'd you know?

Because you've
been talking about him

for three hours now.

Starsky, kids grow up,

Uncle Elmos retire
and move away,

the world marches on.

Toy shops close up.

Listen, look, there's
this nice, little toy shop

I know over by Lisa's place.

Well, at least over there,

the owner can tell us
what some of her friends

have gotten her for
her birthday, you know?

You're like a man
without a heart,

you know that?

Why don't you ask me

to stab my own
mother in the back?

Look, there is a
thing called loyalty.

Elmo's probably a
very old man right now.

He probably needs our business.

DISPATCHER: All units.

Oh, brother.

All units in the vicinity
of Elder and Second,

a 2-11 in progress

at the Laundromat
at that address.

That's just around
the corner from here.


Where are you going?


That's probably gone too.

Zebra Three. We are responding.


Why don't you go around front

and see what's happening?

What do you want to do?

We bust straight in there,

those women are
liable to end up dead.

Yeah. Give me your
shirt and jacket, will you?

Huh? What?

You don't expect me
to go in a Laundromat

without my laundry.

Come on.

Of all the highfalutin ideas.

About Uncle Elmo...

looks like he grew up too.

You know what they say.

You never can go home again.

It's not big enough, Starsk.

What do you mean,
it's not big enough?

It's not big enough.



Be with you in a second, buddy.

Hey, I'm... I'm talking to you.

Hey, what the
hell's going on here?

Just get back
against the machines.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Now. Yes, sir.



Hold it. Hold it.

Hold it right there.

I got you.

Put her down.

You ain't going anywhere.

Come on, now, back off

or the old lady gets hurt.

Let her go.

Lady, will you stop screaming?

Do something. Bite his arm.

I can't! I don't have any teeth!

Well, step on his toe.

Ha. Gotcha.

All right, sweetheart,
up against the wall.

No, no, no, dummy, not him.

Get these two turkeys
out of here, will you?

Go ahead, go ahead.

What are you, the Tooth Fairy?

What about the report?

Later, later, later.

You ladies all right?


You all right?

Be back in a minute.

Hey, Hutch. Yeah.

Where are my clothes?

That's a great-looking diaper.

Where'd you get that?

Off a clothes line.
Where are my clothes?

When in Rome, do
as the Romans do.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, I walk into a Laundromat,

a guy was pointing a gun at me,

what am I supposed to do, huh?

You put my clothes
in a washing machine?

It'll only take 20 minutes

to spin dry.

Don't get angry with me.

Hey, look at that.

Look at that.

Now, ladies,

you want to tell me
what happened here?

Ma'am, you all right?

Next time, bring
your teeth, huh?


What are you doing here?


This is for kids,
and you're not a kid.

Well, I'm buying
a present for a kid.

I'm going to a birthday party.

Are you with him?


He's my partner.

We're policemen.

I heard him ask the manager

he wanted a present
for Lisa Graham.

That's right.

We're going to
her birthday party.

You know her?

Yeah, I know her.

Boy, are you dumb.

What do you mean?

At least he's looking at dolls.

Lisa's a girl,

and girls don't
play with trains.



there's a man over there

who won't let me
play with the trains.

You having problems,
little boy? Hmm?

What's Lisa hanging around

with a kid like that for, huh?

He wasn't at last year's
birthday party, was he?

No, I don't think so.

Cheer up.

With any luck, by
this time next year,

that kid'll have outgrown Lisa

and the train set.

Yeah, look,

want to see what we're getting?


Hey, that's terrific,



Yeah, you punch
her in the stomach,

she says "Ma,"

you pull the string in the back,

she says, "Don't touch me.

I hardly know you," and...

Don't lift that arm. Why?

You lift the arm, she wets.

Says kids 8 to 11 love her.

How does this look, huh?

I like you better in red.

Hey, Nick, come on, let's split.

Come on.

We've got to get
some bread together.

Relax, will you?

Hey, man, the man is talking

about breaking our
legs if we don't come up

with the money we owe him.

Hey, Mousy, if
you don't like it,

why don't you just go away?

We'll get the man's money,

no problem,

but first thing's first.

Right now,

that happens to
be a little pleasure.

♪ Got the whole world ♪

♪ In his hands ♪

Here she comes
now, right on time.

♪ ...Whole world in his hands ♪

You're not gonna do
what I think you're...


What's the matter
with you, Mousy?

Don't you like a good time?

She's fair game,

same as any other chick.

Oh, man, won't you ever learn?

That last time,

they put you in
the joint for this.

Hey, the last time,

I didn't have you for a lookout.

You back out
now and I'll kill you.

♪ In his hands ♪♪

Don't fall, don't fall.



I'm sorry.

Hey, no problem.

Well, say, uh, why are
you so happy today?

Today's my birthday.

No kidding.

I'm going to have a party.

A party? Isn't that great.


Well, uh, can I come?



But I have take a book
back to the library first.

Oh, yeah?

You going downtown,
like you usually do, huh?


Well, say, it's a...

It's a different bus today.


Oh, yeah. You're lucky.

It's a flyer.

Yeah. Come on. I'll
show you where it is.

Stay close, now.

We go down to
the end of this bus

and it's the, uh...

it's the third bus over.




This is it.

This is the one.


Thank you.

You bet.



Are you going downtown too?







Hey, you guys!


Oh, my God.


Would you watch that?

Keep your finger
there, will you?

You know, there's a saying

about soft-hearted cops.

They end up broke. Yeah?

I want to see one of you

in my office.

I'm coming. Just
watch that, will you?



Yeah, Captain, what is it?

I want you to put
this in with your things

and take it to Lisa.

I won't be able to make it

to the party tonight.

Oh, talk about
soft-hearted cops, huh?

Look at this, Starsk.

Soft-hearted cop here.

Leave that here.


The birthday party's off.

What are you talking about?


She was beaten and raped
on her way to the library today.

No, of course it
isn't an imposition.

Mitzi, we want to be there.

Lisa's very important to us too.



We'll be there.

She wants to know if
we'll pick her and Lisa up

at the hospital.

What time?

About an hour and a half.


Doc thinks it'd be a good
idea if we went ahead...

Officer. Officer.

Yeah? I think I
found one of them.

Hey, listen, I'll call you back.

Robert Emmet "Mousy" Loomis.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm almost positive.

Starsk, that doesn't
make any sense.

That man's no rapist.
He's a two-bit thief,

and from what we've
heard from the joint

from the time that
he spent in there,

he has a tendency
to go the other way.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I don't know what
he did in the joint.

I remember them from before,

when they tried to
steal the cash box

out of the bus that I drove.


Who was "they"?

Him and his buddy.

All right, describe
the other guy.

He was heavy-set.

He was taller
than the other fella.


And he had, uh...

light... light hair.
Light, curly hair.

Could you see if you
can recognize anybody

on this page?

Poor Lisa.

Two and a half years,

she rode my bus
almost every day.

You know,

kids are usually
a pain in the neck,

but she never gave
me any trouble.

No doubt about it. That's him.

That's him.

You got it.

Yeah, this is Hutchinson.

I want an all-points
put out on two suspects.

Robert Emmet "Mousy" Loomis,

white male, age, uh, 25...

Want a cup of coffee?


Nicholas John Manning,
white male, age 33,

wanted for rape and assault.

Yeah, both men
have long records.

Should be considered dangerous

and approached
with extreme caution.


You can get out this side.

All right, now, you guys

stay right here a minute

till we're ready.

Don't go away.




What is it, Lisa?

Did they hurt me
because I look grown up?

Honey, I, uh...

I hope you beat them
up when you catch them.

I hope you beat them

and beat them.

You see, Lisa if we did that,

we wouldn't be much better
than they are, would we?

It's not that Starsky and I

wouldn't like to hit
them and hit them,

but we're police
officers, you know?


Come on.

[WHISPERING] I'll get the cake.

Okay. Go ahead.



Mm-hmm. Sculptured
by yours truly, Starsky...

Well, I helped a little.

Well, give him a
little credit. Huh?


My birthday.

Mm-hmm. Come on.

Hey, you see this
big one right here?


This is from Hutch
and yours truly.

Why don't you
tell her what's in it?

I think I will.

It's terrific. You are gonna...

Starsk... What?

Don't do that.


MITZI: Dave... Huh?

Would you come
here a minute, please?

Uh, yeah.

Don't open anything
until we get back, okay?



This is from Captain Dobey.

It's so big.

It is big.


♪ A birthday girl
A birthday girl ♪

♪ A belle of a girl ♪

♪ The birthday girl ♪

♪ A birthday girl
A belle of a girl ♪♪

Look at the cake,
honey. Look, look.

Happy birthday.


No! No! No!

I don't want to be big!

Leave me alone!

I don't want...

I don't want to be grown up!

Oh, my God. The scissors.



Lisa, open the door.

Break it. Go on.

I don't want to be grown up.

I don't want to be beautiful.

I don't want to...

I don't want to...

Huggy's Ark.



Oh, look at that.

Hey. What?

It looks like you.

Better me than you.



Can I interest you
in an African canary?


Not funny.

You said you had some word

on Manning and Loomis.

Well, you're not in the mood

for my jokes, right?

Look, the street is
with you two guys

on this one.

I mean, there's two thugs

who have been ripping off cars.

CB radios, uh, hubcaps...

It's desperation time,

and the man with the cash
is gonna break their bodies.

You mean, they're into a shark?

Yeah, a pretty big shark.

Uh, new guy named Al Martin.

Huggy, you got any idea

how we can find
Manning and Loomis?

Well, I got to tell you,

the heat you been
putting on them

has been cooking the streets.

I mean, there ain't many people

who'll hide scum like those two,

not after what
they did to that girl.

Fact is,

from a paper hanger who
prefers to remain anonymous,

if you checked an
abandoned building

on Sixth Street,

you just might find them.

Thanks, Hug.

Can't see a thing.

I can't either.


What was that?

Got me.

Over here.

See anything?


Cover me!


Go ahead.


Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

I didn't do it!

I didn't want no
part of that girl!

It was him! It was all him!

All right, punk, where is he?

You guys have got to believe me.

I tried to stop him,

but he says he has to do it.

It's crazy,

just like all that
talk in the joint.

What are you talking about?

All those big time scores

that he was
supposed wire us into.

They just laughed in his face

and called him a punk.

What does he have to do?

Kill her.

You mean he hasn't?

I told him not
to, but he said...

He said if she was dead,

she couldn't finger us.

Honey, I have to
go to the drugstore

to get a few things.

Lisa, will you be all right?

I won't cut my hair any more,

if that's what you mean.

There's some milk
in the refrigerator,

right next

to the peanut
butter and bananas.


I love you so much.

I'll bring you a surprise.



I love you too.

I love you so much.


Well, in that case,

I'm going to get
me a surprise too.

Now, uh...

Now, you lock the door,
and I'll be right back.

Okay? Come on.


Come on.



The door...

It's locked...


Help me. I need help.

number you have reached

is not in service at this time.

Please check the number

and make sure

that you are dialing correctly.

Help... Thank you.



Lisa... Lisa...

Lisa, it's Hutch.

It's all right now.

It's all right now.

It's all right.

[QUIETLY] It's all right.

This is a pre-trial hearing,

Miss Graham.

I'm going to ask you a
few simple questions,

like a defense attorney might.

I understand.

Miss Graham, do you, uh...

do you know how to read?

Of course I do.

Well, isn't it true

that in order to board the bus

where the alleged attack

took place, you, uh...

you had to walk
around in front of it

to the other side where
the door was open?

Yes, sir.

Now, on the front
of that bus, on top,

there's a sign,

a sign that tells people
where the bus was going.

Did you see that sign?

[QUIETLY] I don't know.

Could you speak up, please?

I don't remember.

Did you or didn't you
read what the sign said?

I guess so.

The sign said "Not In Service,"

which means that you knew

that the bus wasn't
going anyplace.


I thought it was going downtown.

Miss Graham, isn't it a fact

that you've been taking the bus

to the downtown
library on a regular basis

for almost three years now?

Yes, sir.

Well, have you
ever known the bus

to be parked where it was

when you got on it?


They told me it was.

I see.

Miss Graham,

did you tell Mr. Manning
and Mr. Loomis

that it was your birthday?


Did you tell them that
you were having a party?


Didn't you invite
Mr. Manning and Mr. Loomis

to your party?

I did not say that.

I did not say that.

But you did tell them
it was your birthday.

Yes, I told them that.

You did tell them that
you were having a party.

Sort of.

Well, you just said you didn't.

Now you say you did.


You, uh... You may step down.

It's all right.

I know. I know. I know.

Your Honor, I, uh...

I've read

the psychiatrist's report,

I know. and I realize
that Lisa is, uh...

somewhat mentally deficient...

Now, we're going to go home...

and have therefore been
as gentle as possible.

We'll go home, and...

Mentally deficient?

The public defender
in open court...

Mentally deficient?

Is going to take
off the kid gloves.

Furthermore, Your Honor,

I submit that this young woman

with the mind of a child of 10

has the full physical awareness

of a 19-year-old.


Lisa, honey...

Come on, Lisa.

Sing-song, ding-dong,

mind of 10.

Is it something I didn't know?


Leave me alone.

Why can't everybody
just leave me alone?

Lisa, come on.

It's okay.

My poor mama.

She's stuck with a 10-year-old


Lisa... and ever...

your mama loves you.

And ever...

Your mama loves you.

She loves you, Lisa.

And ever and ever.


you know something?


You know, sometimes,

I wish I could be 10 again.

You're just saying that.

No way.

Are you kidding?


Always 10?

You know, the things you can do

and the games
you can play, and...

the things you can pretend. Hmm?

I know.

You know the thing
I used to pretend?

I used to pretend...

Doodle Town.

Doodle Town...

It was my own
town in my backyard.

Doodle Town.

All these Doodle people,

riding around in Doodle cars.



Is that like Little People town?

Oh, it's about the same thing.

I used to give my Little
People different names.

Did you do that?


Peter Pan is 10,

and he never wants
to grow up either...

and he's always happy...

and only children can see him.

I know.

I haven't seen him
for a long time...

until I met you.


Come on. Hmm?

Get up.


Are, uh...

Are you ready to go home, honey?


Okay. Okay.

Thank you.

Come on.

Did he tell you a story?

He told me a story.

What happened?

Loomis and Manning
are out on bail

pending the decision by the
DA whether or not to go to trial.

What do you mean,
"whether or not"?

Oh, Sims over there
convinced the Judge

Lisa couldn't stand up
to a cross-examination,

so he dismissed the rape charge.

Well, what about

the breaking and entering?

Both charges.

What are you talking about?

We caught the man
inside the house.

Well, Mr. Manning
says she invited him in.

What is this? Some
kind of a bad joke?

You're gonna believe Manning?

It's not a question of
whether or not I believe him.

It's a question
whether the jury will.


You drop the charges,

you're declaring an
open season on Lisa.

How do you expect
us to protect her?

Put a 24 hour watch
around her house?

Now, do you really believe

she didn't know
what she was doing?



Come on. Come on.


Listen, you'd better
get out of here

while you can.

I warn you,

you try to dismiss
these charges,

we're go over your head

to the DA.

You should have let me hit him.

Forget about that.

Look, I'm gonna caution you.

Until such time as the
charge is determined,

if you do catch up with
Loomis and Manning,

the most you can do legally
is throw a scare into them.

Legally, huh?

Now, look, you're
not vigilantes!

You can't go running
rampant on these suspects

just because you
got a personal feeling.

On the other hand,

there's nothing in the book

that says you can't bring
them in on another charge.


Hey, Starsky.

Yeah, this is the Bear.

Yeah, I told you

those two guys you were
after were poison on the streets.

Yeah, well, I just had a
very interesting phone call

from Sam the Greek,
the used car salesman.


He says he isn't
fencing anymore.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

Well, he says

that those two punks,
Manning and Loomis,

have called him

and tried to sell
him some hot stuff.

Yeah, and Sam said

he agreed to meet them
at his place in the morning.

Only thing is, Sam
doesn't want you guys

to make him look
like he's a fink.

You got it?


Hey, come on, Mousy, will you?

Hey, Sam!

Sorry, fellas.

Greek was busted
earlier this morning

for possession
of stolen property.

Can we we do something
for you gentlemen?


Now, pick all that stuff up

and put it back
in the gunny sack.

Each item is gonna have
a tag with your names on it.

It's called evidence.

Wouldn't want us to take you
in without evidence, would you?

Come on, pick it up!


Come here.

You know, you two
guys I can't believe.

Look, going your bail this time,

you two are into
me for over $4,000,

and that's a lot of money.

Starsky and Hutch are on us

like leeches, Mr. Martin.

Hey, shut up, Mousy.

Look, we'll get the
dough for you no problem,

as soon as things
cool off a little.

Things cool off?


You didn't talk about
things cooling off

when I loaned you the money.

How do I tell you two guys?

I want my money.

Look, I got two kids in school,

I got a wife, and she
thinks I'm Santa Claus,

and I got this plumber
who keeps telling me

I need a whole new
sewer line to the toilet.

Well, look, with these
two cops on our backs,

we can't turn around.

We can't scratch ourselves.

We can't even get
up the money to eat,

let alone pay you,
man. Be reasonable.

You asked me to be reasonable
when I loaned you the money.

You told me about the big
people you met in the joint

and the big deals you
were gonna be in on.

And how do you two turn out?

A couple of degenerates

dirty enough to
attack a retarded kid.

It wasn't me, Al. I didn't
want no part of that.

Hey, shut up, you fink.

Well, what's the matter
with you guys, huh?

I mean, what kind of...

What kind of filth are you?

I'm ashamed to let people know

I loaned you two my money.

Well, what are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?

I'll tell you what
we're gonna do.

First, we got to get these
two cops off your backs.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, and I got a way to do it.

It's gonna be a pleasure.

Whew. What happened?

Who did this to you?

Two cops. Starsky and Hutch.


Loomis swears you gave
Nick Manning a vicious beating.

Manning says the same thing,

but you two claim...

We don't claim.

We're telling you,
we didn't touch him.

Obviously, Sims,
someone's trying

to frame Starsky and Hutch.

Yes, Captain,

well, I'd expect that
to be your position,

but the facts are

that you two
dog-tailed those two...

And busted them

for trying to peddle
stolen property.

Yes, but that used car lot

wasn't on your beat, was it?

Sims, you really do have
an officious little mind.

All I know is that you two
were steamed up enough

when you heard

those rape charges
would be dropped.

Steamed up enough to
punch one of them out.

Don't either of you guys

know the rights of a
suspect under the law?


That's really funny.

I don't suppose you care

about the rights
of that little girl.

Let's not to cloud
the issue, huh?

It's a little late for that.

Oh, uh, by the way,

I guess I should tell you

that those rape charges
are to be dismissed.


And that,
gentlemen, is official.

There's nothing we
can do about that.

It's the system.

Most of the time it works.

Not so long as people
like Sims are around.

All he cares about is
his won and lost record.

Just so long as it looks
good for the election.

That could be a serious charge.

Well, maybe we
ought to pursue it.

Captain, you know that
jerk's record as well as we do.

The man hasn't lost a
felony case in four years,

and when there is a
chance of him losing it,

he plea bargains or
petitions to drop the charges.

What do you think, Starsk?

I'm thinking, what
does the DA think?

Let's find out.

That's not a bad idea.

You can't go in there.

The District Attorney has a very
important meeting in progress.

What is this?

But sir, I told
them. I said that...

Thank you very much, Miss.

We can tell them what we want.

We're policemen.

You're interrupting a
very important meeting.

On crime and punishment,

or is it crime
without punishment,

or does it make
any difference at all,

just so long as the
paperwork balances?

HUTCH: I've always
been under the impression

that you good
guys up here were...

were here to set
things straight.

In case you've forgotten,

your prosecutors are also
hired to protect the innocent...

and what you end up doing

in the name of justice

to those people

is a damn sight worse

than any crime
committed against them.

Sims, do you know
anything about this?

Does he know
anything about this?

Because of this clown, two
rapists are running around...

Just settle down.
Now, take it easy.

Settle down.


A weak rape case.

A retarded girl.

These two just don't understand.

Don't understand?
What's to understand?

Just calm down!

Well, we've been
through all this before,

now, haven't we, Sims?

2 o'clock this afternoon,

have all the paperwork here,

the young lady,
and her guardian.

Yes, sir.


Thank you.

Why didn't they let us in?

Because we're prejudiced.

All arresting cops
are prejudiced.

What else is new?

Well, at least
you got a hearing.

Has anything like this

ever happened down here before?

Not since I've been here.

Well, what's taking
them so long?



Well, it hasn't even
been an hour yet.

Yeah, but all he's
got to do is ask a few...


I sure got a bad gut feeling.

Me too.

How did it go?

It was a waste of time.

We appreciate you
coming down here.

I didn't do any good.

What are you talking about?

You saw Nick and
Mousy jump off the bus.

Yeah, but I didn't see
what went on inside.

Some kind of a...
a technical point.


It's all the same.

Well, how's it going in there?

Well, your captain
doesn't look very happy.

The DA can't dismiss this thing.

Oh, yes, he can.

He probably will.

I mean, what do we
know about law and order

and graphs and charts?

Well, I got a badge
they can throw out

with those graphs and charts.

I mean it, if they
dismiss this thing.

D.A.: Thank you, Mrs. Graham.


Come on, honey. It's over.

Come on.


Sims, you stay here.

Very emotional
experience for her.


Cap, what happened?

Come on.

Well, Nick Manning
and Mousy Loomis

had their bail revoked.

The charges are now
breaking and entering,


and attempted murder.

Go get 'em.


Look, now, like I said,

bail money is added to
what you two already owe.

Oh, you'll get that back,

no problem.

I mean, their charges
have been dismissed.


Well, they're gonna be.

Even better, Mousy
and me are back in, uh...

back in business, right, Mousy?


Assistant DA is pulling

Starsky and Hutch off our backs,

just like you thought.

Somehow I got a feeling

I'm not gonna get my
new sewer this month.

They can't do this.

Tell that to them!

What gives you
the right to do this?

It's called justice,
sweet justice,

and once in a while, it works.

It's going up.

Whoo-whoo! Whoo-whoo!



Look. Go get it.



Lisa was, uh, three

when we found
out that she was...



Yeah. Special.

And they tried to tell us

that it would be better
for everybody involved

if we put her in an institution.

Do you know,

that's the first time I
ever saw Frank cry?

Anyway, we did go out there.

It was a perfectly
acceptable place.

I mean, the staff was kind

and there were a
lot of little children

Lisa's age.

There were some grown-ups too.


But we, uh...

we just couldn't leave her.

Oh! Oh!

[LAUGHING] It broke!

Did you ever
regret that decision?


I'm too selfish.

I love being a mommy.

Look at that puppy.

In six months,
he'll be full grown.

Lisa will always
be a little girl,

and what mommy wouldn't love

a child that never grows up?



How about two children?

He's all yours.