Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 1, Episode 8 - Kill Huggy Bear - full transcript

When a punk robs the wrong place, knowing that "the people" who run it will come after him so he turns to his old friend, Huggy Bear to make things right with "them". Huggy calls the boss who tells him to just return it. But his friend tells his girlfriend what happened but she wants the money and it turns out she's seeing someone else so they kill him and take the money from Huggy Bear leaving him holding the bag. So Huggy turns to Starsky and Hutch for help.

I'll take that.

Beat it, punk.

I'll take that sack.
Give me that sack.

You heard me right.

And this is a gun.
It's gonna kill you.

Now, give me that
sack. Give it to me.

I want the police.

Give me that sack!

Yeah, sure, man.

Oh. Oh. Oh, man.

What's this?

It's an electric antenna.

Hey, start the engine.

It's not going to do any good.

Will you start the engine?

Hear that?

Yeah, it's an engine.

Well, rev it up.
Get the feel of it.

Zebra Three.

Hey, I can't hear.


Two-eleven in progress
at Fourth and Hayes.

Units Baker Six and Zebra Three

respond Code Three.

Zebra Three. Roger out.

Slide over. I'll drive.

No, no, wait a second.

I'll give it a whirl.

With your fingers,
man, not your feet.

Oh, man...

Oh, man!

So this... This punk, he came
in, and he stole a few candy bars.

That's all.

I mean, it's no real
problem. Forget it.

Well, a bullet hole
in the shoulder

may be no trouble to you,

but if we ignore it,

can you imagine the trouble

the NAACP's going to give us?

Get an ambulance.

How about a description?

Well, he was wearing
a stocking mask.

I couldn't really tell...

What about his hands?

Were they black,
white, wearing gloves...?

Look, everything
happened so fast,

I don't know.

So when I saw
what was happening,

I went into that phone
booth around there

and called the police.

If more citizens did that,

there'd be less
crime, wouldn't there?

I know...

And then he... he ran
out and got into a car,

a '73 Ford...

'73 Ford.

My son's got one just like it...

a brown '73.

He got into a brown '73 Ford?

No, my son's car is brown.

He got into a light-green '73.

Okay... light-green.

And then... And then
he got into that car,

you know, busted up the fender,

and then went around the corner.

Did you get the license number?

No, I didn't.

Well, thank you very much.

You've been very helpful.

Hey, uh, wait a minute.

What about my dime?

Your dime?

Yeah, I don't mind
being a good citizen,

as long as it don't
cost me nothing.

Now, I put a dime
in that pay phone.

You see, what you gotta
do is, uh, put in a requisition.

Just a second.


All right.

While you figure that out,

I'll be outside.

Now, what do you want?

Do you have a dime?

What for?

This lady called the police...

And I want my dime back.

Well, uh, you gotta
put in a requisition,

you see.

It's a pink little form...

Starsky, just give her a dime.

One dime.

Thank you.

Thank you.


The guy's been
shot in the shoulder

and he's been ripped off,

but he wants to forget it.

Maybe you can figure him out.

That candy store's a front

for a numbers drop.

I don't know what
kind of trouble you in.

Well, you've got
to get me out of it.

Oh, not me, Dewey.

I don't want no part of it.

Them gangsters are mean.

You going to have to
figure your own way out of it.

You owe me, Huggy. You owe me.

I saved your life in
that Eastside rumble.

Them cats would
have cut you to pieces.

Dewey, I've been
taking your falls

ever since that rumble.

Now, I'm getting tired of it.

Hey, just this one
last time, Huggy.

Just get me out of this.

Last time, and you
off my back forever?

Forever, man. Forever.

Just get this dough
back to the mob.


A Mr. Huggy Bear.

He says it's important.

Something about a grocery store.

Go ahead, Huggy.

Lou, I've just been
contacted by the heist cat

who knocked off
your numbers bank.


Well, he didn't know whose
toes he was stepping on.

Have you got the merchandise?

Yeah, it's 100% intact.

He wants to give it all
back, if all is forgiven.

Can you send
somebody over for it?

Not a chance.

The money goes
back to the candy store,

and you deliver it.

Hey, Lou, come
on, I can't do that.

My place is just
starting to jump.

You want the deal,
you do it our way.

Okay, okay,

but it'll have to
be after I close.

Yeah, 2:00 in the morning.

Okay, someone will
be waiting. And, Huggy?


Now that you have it,

it's your responsibility.

Right, Lou.


Huggy. Huggy.

Hey, man, the cops

are crawling all over my car.

Dewey, you don't have a car.

It's the one I used
in the robbery.

So they got a make on the car.

What's the sweat?

It's stolen, isn't it?

It's the car you stole

to do the job, right?

No. It's my girlfriend's car.

She's going to kill me

for getting her
mixed up in this.

Well, congratulations.

You got a girlfriend.

Hey, this ain't no time
to be jiving, Huggy.

What am I going to do?

Look, get to your
girl and tell her

when the man asks,

to say that her car was stolen.

The fuzz'll buy it.

It's done all the time.



What'd you think? Huh?

It's all right.

All right?

Hey, this is one quick car.

Yeah, it's fast.

There are a lot of fast cars.

No, not fast, quick.

There's a difference.

I mean, with that
tuned suspension,

that trick motor,

and the four-fives
in the rear end...

Starsky, it's red.

Give me those.

It's candy-apple red.

What you got?

This is it.

I'll get it.

Hello, this is 9W21.

Can I have Captain
Dobey on a tactical one?

Go ahead.

Yeah, Starsky?

Captain, we found
the car. It's deserted.

Well, it's a start anyway.

I can clear up the mystery

as to why the candy man

was anxious to
keep us out of it.

That store's a numbers
drop for the mob.

The gambling squad's had it
under surveillance for some time.

The score was a bit more
than a couple of candy bars.

Right on.

Uh, Starsky,

I sure would like to beat
the gambling squad out

for this one,

but don't get into
anything you can't handle.

If you need help, holler.

Sure, cap.

How's it happening, Hug?

Hey, Huggy, there's a car

parked out in your alley.

You guys are always
breaking my rhythm.

A '73 Ford.

You know where the driver is?

How should I know?

Anybody parks in
your alley, you know.

Well, any cat can
pull a car into my alley,

and it would stay there
until I became aware,

and I am not aware

of a '73 Ford parked there.

Huggy, it was used in a robbery.

Not now.

Come on, you guys.

You know that's not my bag.

Come on, Huggy. Level with us.

You accusing me of a heist?

No, nobody's accusing
you of anything.

You're just being
a little foolish.

I don't know

what you're talking about.


Hey, Hug, you want
to keep your balance

when you play with the
guys that own the marbles.

Starsky, you know me.

Both feet planted
solidly on the ground.

Well, Huggy,

why don't you pass the word on.

If anybody wants that car,

they can find it at
the police garage.

You got it.

Huggy's holding out.


First time.

The question is, why?

Well, the take was
maybe 100,000.

For that kind of money,

a guy's brains

could go out to lunch.

Oh, come on, Starsky,

we're talking about Huggy.


Expecting somebody?


I told you about Dewey.

You mind getting rid of him?

Tried to call, but
your phone is out.

I thought you were going

to leave the keys to the car

in the mailbox.

The cops got your keys.

Aw, you have
got to be jiving me.

That ain't half my troubles.

That candy store...

It's a numbers drop
for Lou Malinda.

When I looked
in that paper sack,

there wasn't no 3, $400,

like I expected.

There was close to 50,000.

You call that trouble?

I call that a
stairway to the stars!

Nah, I ain't got it.

You ain't got it?

Huggy Bear got it.

He gonna give it back

after he close up tonight.

Give it back? Why?


So I won't get snuffed out!

Now, what you got to do

is you got to tell the
cops the car was stolen.

You didn't know anything
about that candy-store thing.

You had $50,000 in your
hand and you gave it away?

Dewey, you are
the all-time loser.

How could you be so dumb?

Listen, it ain't dumb
to want to stay alive.

My cousin, Harry Martin.

Woman, you think I'm
dumb enough to believe that?


Do you think he's dumb
enough to believe that?


I think he's dumb enough.

Wait a minute...

Wait a minute.

Yeah, a minute, Dewey.

That's all you were good for,

a minute.

S-Sarah, you act...
You acting crazy.

"S-S-Sarah, you acting crazy."

Sarah is crazy.

And Sarah got herself a new man.

A new man.

A smart man, Dewey.

A smart man.

Not a dumb man.

Now, you too dumb to stay alive.

Baby, let's get rid
of him permanently,

and then we can pick
50,000 off the apple tree.

Nobody will even know
we've been in the orchard.

None. And when they go looking,
who will they go looking for?

Huggy Bear.

Good night, man. Later.


Hey, you're late.

Late? Yeah.

Your joint closes
at 2. It's after 3.

Hey, Lou, you're not
going to believe this,

but I was ripped off.

You're right, Huggy.
I don't believe it.

Now, deliver the money.

Whoever mugged
me got the money, Lou.

If that money isn't in our
hands in a half an hour,

you're a dead man.



Harry! What?

There's somebody at the door.

Should I answer it?

Yeah. Answer it.


May we come in?

Uh, I guess it's
about my car, huh?


Well, I'm kind of late for work,

so if you just hand
over the keys...

We'd love to, Miss Kingston,

but you're gonna have to

go down to the police garage

and fill out a few forms.

We'd like to ask
you a few questions.

Do you mind?

We wouldn't bother you,

except your car

was used in a robbery.

Detective Hutchinson.

This is Detective Starsky here.

If we can make it fast...

Oh, sure.

When did you report
your car as stolen?

About 5:30,

after I'd come from work.

I bought this book
to read in bed.

I left it in the car,

so I went down to get it,

and no car.

Say, my car wasn't smashed

or shot up in the
robbery, was it?

Oh, no, no, no.
Just a dented fender.


When you went downstairs
to look for that book,

did you see anybody suspicious?


Look, if you don't mind,

I got a lot of things to do.


Sorry we had to bother you.


Listen, if you come
up with anything

that you want to
talk to us about,

why don't you give us a call

at this number,



Thank you.

Nice place.

We just got
ourselves $50,000. Ha!

Now, I say

that we get
ourselves out of town.

Hm-mm. The way we're going
to make this thing stick, baby,

is to not blow our cool.

Especially with those two cats

sniffing around here.

I don't know.

To me,

going to New Orleans

would be real cool.

Baby, if you're gone,
and the money's gone,

it wouldn't be too hard

for the police or Lou Malinda

to figure it out,

especially if they find out

Dewey had a girlfriend.

Now, you will go
back to your job,

I'll go back to my job
at that lousy garage,

and we just stay rooted.

For how long?

Just long enough for Lou Malinda

to find that Huggy Bear. Huh?



Hey, fellas. What it is?

Lou's got to give me more time.

Hey, Lou's got to
give me some time.

Lou's got to give me some time.

Lou says your time's run out,

Huggy Bear.

Yeah, man, you're
about to have an accident.

Like, uh...


Hey, come on, you guys.

Now I've got to get insurance.

Why's a dead man need insurance?

Hey, Sam?

Hey, that's a... take it easy!

We'll never catch him now.

Come on, let's move it.

Come on.

Anything, Bill?

Just a lot of broken furniture.

Oh, there's a window
busted out back.

What's Huggy got himself into?

I don't know,

but we better get to him

before they do.

If he's got maybe a
hundred grand on him,

then what?

We arrest him for robbery.

Captain Dobey's on the radio.

Wants to talk to
one of you guys.

I'll get it.



You come up with anything?


Maybe I got something for you.

We got a call, anonymous.

Party claims to have
some information

on that numbers-drop heist,

but he's only going to supply it

to you or Hutch.

There's a storm drain

under the 10th Street bridge.

If you're there,

he says he'll find you.

Got it.

Starsky, don't be cute.

If you need help, call for it.

Hutch is cute. I'm careful.

What does he want? A date?

He wants us to check out

a snitch in a storm drain.





What are you doing?

You guys don't help
me, then I'm a dead man.

Okay, Hug, let's
start at the beginning.

Who, besides Dewey,

knew you had the money?

Lou Malinda,

Roy Jones, who
runs the candy store,

and Dewey's girl.

She owns the car
Dewey used in the heist.

The car parked in your alley?

Sarah Kingston.

I didn't know Dewey had a girl.

Maybe we ought

to pay Sarah another visit, huh?

Man, you overestimate
the power of the police.

Dewey was in on the heist.

She's not going to talk to you.

Maybe she'll talk to me.

Why don't you let
me phone her up.

Farnstreet Automotive.

Sarah Kingston speaking.

Oh, Miss Kingston,
this is Huggy Bear.

I'm a friend of Dewey's.

Oh, I'm so glad you called.

I'm so worried about Dewey.

Well, I was hoping you could
tell me where I could find him.

I made supper for him at
my apartment two nights ago,

and he left about 9:00,

and I haven't heard
from him since.

Well, he was with me last
night up until about midnight.

When he left, he said
he was going to call you.

No... and I'm worried
sick about him.

He was supposed to have lunch

with me today, and
he never showed up.

If you hear from him,
would you tell him

to get in touch
with me right away?


She hasn't heard from him

in two days.

I've got to find him, man.

My time is running out.

Yeah, well, uh,

maybe we can buy
you some more time.

Huggy... Towel, clothes,


Lock the door.

Excuse me, ma'am,
can you tell me

where I can find
Mr. Malinda's office?

Through the gym.
May I announce you?

Uh, we'll announce ourselves.

Stick it out and suck it in.

Same to you, sister.

Why don't you pick on
somebody your own size?

What's your size?

Not when I'm on duty.

Hi, Lou.

Sergeant Starsky,
Sergeant Hutchinson.


Now, these are my associates,

all strong believers

in healthy bodies
and clean minds.

How are their teeth?

Ha-ha. Would you care

for something to drink?

Yeah, sure.

As long as this

is an unofficial visit, why not?

Now, what can I do
for you, gentlemen?

Well, let's not waste any time

pretending we don't know
what we're talking about.

You're not drinking
your carrot juice.

I noticed.

What we want to talk to
you about is Huggy Bear.

Well, I don't know what
you have reference to,

but if I did,

I'd say that Huggy
Bear has run out of time.

Well, Lou, let me
put it to you this way.

If Huggy Bear
stole a loaf of bread,

would he be dumb
enough to call the baker?

Of course, this is
only hypothetical,

but I'd say that the bread

has become of
secondary importance.

What is important,

from the point of view
of the original bakers,

is to make sure that
nobody ever gets the idea

to knock over a bakery again.

Well, you might suggest
to the big baker in the sky

that one of his own stooges
found the size of the loaf

too big to resist temptation.

Like Roy Jones.

I don't know him.

What about one of
your clean minds here?

Everybody in this end of town
is too smart to go that route.

Okay, Lou.

What we suggest

is that you forget
about the bread.

Concentrate on the carrot juice.

You want this?


Well, this has been

a very stimulating
conversation, gentlemen,

but if you'll excuse us,

we have to get
back to the business

of making beautiful bodies

out of blubber.

Well, are you ready
to walk that gauntlet

of beautiful bodies
again, Starsk?

I don't know if I can stand it.

See you, Lou.


Did you see the size
of those muscles?


Boy, I'd hate to tangle
with one of those guys.

You know, Starsky, you
just said the magic word.

What's that?

"Muscle." Too much muscle.


Those guys are probably

on the Big D, anyway.

The Big D?

Yeah, it's a drug

that promotes the rapid growth

of muscle tissue.


Me, I take a lot of Vitamin E

and wheat germ.

Endurance, agility,

that's what's important.

You mean, "Float like a
butterfly, sting like a bee"?

Yeah, exactly.

You kidding?

One of those guys

connects with you just once...

Hey, let me tell you something.

These guys are so muscle-bound,

they can't even
clap their hands,

let alone take a
swing at you. Uh-huh.

If you ever get in a
scrap with one of them,

what you gotta do is lay back.


Jab, shadowbox, until they tire,

then bap! Bap?


These guys are like statues

in a park.

They stand around
and collect pigeons.

You know what I mean?

Yeah... Pigeons.

How about that?


We got us a tail.

What do you think?

I think we better
pray for pigeons.

Where'd they go?

How should I know?

Hey, they're tailing us.

Let's get out of here.

Hey, throw some
agility on him, Hutch.



You got him.

All right, now,
you want to tell us

why you were tailing us?

Lou wanted to know
where Huggy Bear is,

and he thought

you could lead us to him.

We were only going
to bring him to Lou.

Nobody was going to lean on him.

Well, you tell Lou

that if Huggy Bear's
in an accident,

like slipping on a banana peel,

or falling from a roof,

or getting hit by a car,

he's going to think it's so hot,

he's been fried.

And that's nothing official.

On you go.

Did you enjoy the fight?

Well, you said they
were muscle men,

nothing to worry about.

Yeah, well, it was getting

pretty hairy in there.

Well, if he'd knocked
you down one more time,

I would have come in.

One more time?

What have I got, a quota?


I know that pride of yours.

Next time a guy 3
inches bigger than me

and 30 pounds
heavier comes at me,

you can forget my pride.

"Makeesmo" means nothing
to you? It's "machismo."

Machismo means nothing
to you anymore, huh?

You can stuff it.

And I been calling
you all day, man,

and now I need help,
and you can't help me.

Thanks, man.


Did you get me off the
hook with Lou Malinda?

Not exactly.

All you had to do was
buy me some time,

and I'll get the
money back to him.

Huggy, the money
isn't the issue anymore.

Lou Malinda

wants the community to know

that knocking off a numbers drop

is not healthy.

Which means, "Kill Huggy Bear."

Not if we can prove
that you were mugged

and collar the guy who did it.

Which brings us to Dewey.

You gotta give us
a line into Dewey.

I've been trying all day.

Nobody wants to talk to me.

They're scared.


Got a body on
Highridge near Crestline.

Fits the description you
circulated of Dewey Hughes.

You better get up there.

Yes, sir.

They think they found Dewey...


Oh, if Dewey's dead,
then Lou Malinda did it.


If Lou killed him,

why would he be after you?


Which means if Dewey's
dead, I got nowhere to go.

Tenth and Cranston.

Yes, I'll be there.

They want me at
the morgue at 6:00.

They say they found Dewey.

Oh, Harry, what
are we going to do?

What you're going to do

is be at the morgue at 6:00.

But you said

that they'd never find Dewey.

Maybe it ain't Dewey.

Maybe it's some other dude.

Maybe the meat wagon's
on the other end of town.

Maybe they don't
know where he is yet.

But we know where he is.

Maybe you should go
and see if he's still there.

Time of death

was sometime between
midnight and 2:00 a.m.

Cause of death,

severe blows to the head

with a blunt instrument.

Pockets are turned inside out.

Looks like a plain
case of mugging.

If you need anything,

you know where to find me.

You know, just because
it looks like a mugging

doesn't mean it has to be.

He could have had the 50 grand.

In that case,

whoever killed Dewey
has got the money.

You here for the view?

Something just doesn't add up.

Yeah, well,

when you get to it, let me know.

Did you come up with something?

Maybe Lou Malinda
knocked off Dewey, huh?

Maybe he's making a big show

of going after Huggy

to send us up a blind alley.

Hey, what do you say

we pay Lou another visit?

Maybe we can bluff
him into a false move.

I doubt it.

Okay, you got a
better suggestion?

Not yet, but I'm working on it.

You come up with something?


Maybe if I can
just zero in on a...

Watch it!

Starsky, we're picking up speed.

You ought to be a detective.

Hit the brake.

What in the hell do you
think I'm trying to do?

Well, well, hit
the parking brake.

It won't hold.

Well, jam it into low.

Do something! Slow it down!

What do you want me to do?

Drag my feet?
Throw out an anchor?

Yeah, yeah, do it, if it works!

I think you better jump.

Don't be funny.

Look, jump... you'll be killed.

You jump.

I'm driving. You jump.

I'll drive. You jump.

Watch it!

Sarah Kingston!

We were just nearly killed,

and you're thinking girls?

No, no, no...

No, she said

she was in love with Dewey.

And at 9:00 in the morning,

there was somebody
else in her apartment.

Now, if Dewey was dead,

that somebody else
had to be another guy.



Starsk, also...

if Sarah hadn't seen Dewey

or heard from him,

how was she to know

to have reported her car stolen?

Dewey told her!

That's how she knew.

Hey, watch it, Starsk.

This thing doesn't
have any brakes.

It's in gear, dummy.

They cut the brake lines!

That's it.

Starsky, all that Sarah

and whoever the guy is

who cut these brake lines

had to do

was to knock off Dewey,

get rid of Huggy for a while,

and they'd be sitting
pretty on $50,000,

and nobody would know it.

And then they
got the perfect guy

to take the fall... Huggy.



Let's fix these brake lines

and go visit Sarah.

♪ Rio by the sea-o ♪

♪ Rio by the sea ♪

Rio. Rio.

That's the place for us.

♪ Rio, by the sea-o...♪♪

Ow! Rio!

Those cops.

They're here.

I thought you said

you were going to
take care of them.

I thought you said
you got rid of them.

That's the way
it's supposed to be.

Hey, I'll take that.

Okay, let's get out of here.

No, baby,

you stay here and stall them,

and I'll tell you
where I end up.


Miss Kingston?

Miss Kingston, open up!


I didn't mean to shove
you around, you know...

I'd like to take you with me,

but you'd slow me down.


Get him. Get him!

Hold it.

Hey, Lou.

Hi, Huggy.

I hear you're looking for me.

As a matter of fact, I am.

Have you got that 50,000?

I need it to balance my books.


The man behind the desk

has a question to ask,

something about $50,000.

Yeah, Starsky, I guess
we did have a conversation

about money, didn't we?

Yeah, I remember.

It took place
right in this office

over a glass of carrot juice.

Carrot juice.

That conversation
was strictly hypothetical.

I made no specific claims.

Well, if you know somebody

who wants to make
a specific claim,

you can do so down
at police headquarters.

I have no interest
in that 50,000,

and I know of no one who does.

I hear you're planning

on relocating
your business, Lou.

I have no such plans.

Make plans.

I understand the East Coast

is in dire need of
beautiful bodies.

Well, maybe Florida.

I hear it's pretty warm.

Yeah, they got
temperature down there.

Here, we got heat.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I know how you can cure that.

How's that?

Less silicone.


Come on, hero,
we'll drop you off.

Uh, no, thanks, Starsky.

I want to enjoy
that light, airy,

feeling again.