Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 1, Episode 20 - Running - full transcript

Starsky risks his badge to nurse back to health and sobriety a former classmate now an alcoholic fashion model who is also the only person who can describe a homicidal burglar, which is why that killer is determined to see her dead.


Hey, look at those ducks.

We're not looking
for ducks, Starsk.


You know you're
just wasting your time.

Well, it's my time.

It's my time too.

In case you're interested,

time belongs

to no one man exclusively.

Oh, that's brilliant.

Look, Hutch, some people

just aren't worth it.

I mean, you can
eat your guts out

carrying the world for them.

There he is.

I'll be right back, huh?

Come on, let's split.

Hey, Kiko.

I've been looking for you.

I've been around.

Yeah, I guess you have.

What happened yesterday?

I couldn't make it.

Couldn't make it, huh?

I thought maybe you were sick.


Did you see my mother?


She tells me that
you don't want me

to be your Big Brother anymore.

That's right.

Just like that? No explanations?

You're a cop.

Well, sure, I'm a cop.

You've always known that.

They don't approve of cops, huh?

They're my friends.

Well, I guess that
just about explains it.

You're not mad?

I'm a little disappointed.

It's been two years, my friend.

We've had a lot of
good times together.

There's nothing to be mad about.

You're just growing up.

You'll be 12 next month, right?


Well, I guess it's
just about time

that you find out who
your real friends are.

Come on, I'll buy you
a box of nails for dinner.

That is, of course,

unless you prefer beer cans.

Hutchinson, Starsky, in here.



What are you talking about,

a hamburger and
a chocolate malted?

No, this ain't the snack bar.
It's Captain Dobey's office.

If I find out who...

Who what, cap?

What's the matter?

Who put these
all over the station.

What's that?

New snack bar number

for speedy service... 2268.


That's your extension,
isn't it, captain?

If I find out you
two have been...

Captain, that's not fair.

You wanted to see us, captain.


Our west-side
psycho struck again

this morning at about dawn.

Only this time he's
got a new wrinkle.

Yeah, what's that?

He's moved into our beat.

You sure this is the same guy?

Right down to the scratch
marks on the strike plate.

Ooh, this guy's been busy.

17 burglaries and
three homicides

in 30 days.

And not one of them
in a house or apartment

that rents for over
a hundred bucks.

Sounds like a
low-life with a habit.

If it is, he's going

to have to hit again, and soon.

According to this,

after he murdered this morning,

he panicked and took
off without the loot.

Take that with you.

Not the pen.


Oh, captain...

That you can keep.

Want the door open
or shut, captain?

Shut it.


What... what do you want?

I'm sorry, lady.

I'm looking for my brother.

I thought this was his place.

I'm sorry.

Must be the wrong place.




Stop him!

It could have been me!

My God, he came to my door!

Someone call the cops!

No cops!

I don't want the cops.

He didn't steal anything.

You know, we get
many more people

looking for this guy,

we'll all end up
bumping into each other.

Hmm? What?

Never mind.

You're still on a downer

because of that kid.

Forget him.

Look, why don't you

take me on a camping trip?


You want to go
on a camping trip,

I'll take you on a camping trip.



If and when your
little league team

ever wins the championship,

I'll take you on a camping trip.

♪ Doo doo Doo doo... ♪

Zebra Three, Zebra Three.

Go ahead.

Report of men fighting
at 747-and-a-half Forman.

That's Packrat.


Ten-four, we will respond.

You cheap crook.

Don't you give me that, Packrat.

That bracelet's worth
a couple of grand.

Stay away from me.

You don't give me that
bracelet, I'm going to kill you.

You cheap, two-bit
thief, take the 50 bucks...

You've cheated
me for the last time!






He's long gone.

Yeah, him too.

Where's a phone
around this place?

Over there.

Will you look at this place?

It's incredible.

This is Detective Hutchinson,
747-and-one-half Forman.

Would you send over
a Coroner's wagon,

a lab team,

and you better tell
the property clerk

to send over a van.

We've got what looks
like a clearing house

for stolen merchandise here.


What've you got, Starsk?

Probably the reason

Packrat got himself killed.

Well, if it's real, it's
way over his head.

Oh, it's real.

How do you know that?

Read the inscription.

"To Sharman, from Tony."


Remember a girl by the
name of Sharman Crane?

Yeah, New York model,

did a lot of television
talk shows...

then about six months ago,

a Missing Persons
came out on her.

Well, if I'm right,
this bracelet

was part of the
stuff she had with her

when she turned up missing.

Oh, come on, Starsky.

It's not your style to
memorize old property lists.

Yeah, well, this
is kind of special.

See, Sharman and I
went to school together.

You don't say. You
and Sharman, huh?

Yeah, junior high school.


You should have seen her, Hutch.

She was really
something special...

Especially to a
suddenly awakening

13-year-old mind.

And you're still
in love with her?

No, nothing like that.

It's like if you had
gone to school

with Joe DiMaggio or
someone, you know...

People you knew
when you were a kid

get famous

and you just sort
of take an interest.


I'll tell you
something, though...

she had class.

Always did, always will.


Vern, I say

it's time we get out of here

and head back for Reno.


We've got 300 bucks
and enough nickel bags

to last us a couple of weeks.

I've got most of
the stuff ready.

We can be packed and
out of here in 20 minutes.


I can't go yet.

There's something
I've got to do.

Vern, no more jobs in this town.

I'm afraid.

Listen to me now.

Everything's been going
okay this past year, right?

Moving around from city to city.

You know why?

Because not once did I
leave behind a witness

who could put the finger
on me... Not once, Ella.

But if Packrat's...

It ain't Packrat
I'm worried about.

You know that girl
with the bracelet?

She's seen my face, Ella.

But we can be...

Ella, she's seen my face!

I just got off the phone
with Missing Persons.

You were right
about that bracelet

belonging to Sharman Crane.

Her parents been notified?

I understand the
mother's not well.

Or rather she's upset by
the girl's disappearance.

Maybe we ought to
look around in the area.

Make sure she's here

before we notify anyone.

We have already started
showing the picture around.

How long do you
think it will take you

to find out whether
or not she's here?

Couple of days at the most.



Okay, do your best,

but remember, the
psycho's top priority.

No, you're not going
to get a hamburger,

or French fries
or anything else!

Why? Because it's
Captain Dobey's office,

that's why!

No sign of her.

According to the manager,

she hits the bars every night.

No telling when she'll be back.

Then we're going to
have to wait for her.


Zebra Three, see the
woman named Orange

at Frieta's Bar,
12th and Hudson.

Can I buy you a drink?

That would be wonderful.

My dog Sandy and I

are just agog about
seafaring men.

Hey, Popeye, your
fleet just set sail.

What do you mean?

Detective Hutchinson,

how do you expect a
poor girl to make a living

in today's declining economy?

You called us, Orange. Remember?

Oh, yeah, I did.

I did?


Oh, yes, that girl
you're looking for.

Sharman Crane.
Have you seen her?

If I could see her
photograph again,

I might be sure.

What do you think, Sandy?


Yeah, well, maybe Sandy

can think a little better

with some dog
food under his collar.


I think I did see her.

But she didn't look
too much like that.

She looked like she had been

having a terrible
time of woe and strife,

or maybe she had
been drinking too much

or was taking drugs.

Where did you see her?

Here, but she left
about 10 minutes ago.

Did she say where she was going?

My dog Sandy, he's so playful.

He grabbed her
purse... This fell out.

I guess I forgot to
give it back to her.

Thanks, Orange.

Wait here.


It's probably nothing

a good drying out
won't take care of.


What's the room number?



Sharman Crane?


Open up. Police!

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.




You're okay.

H-J-F-5-6-2, H-J-F-5-6-2...

Why don't you
leave that stuff alone?

Why don't you
stick it in your ear?

What, are you a cop
or Mother Cabrini?

Come to think about it,

you look more
like Mother Cabrini.

Look, Sharman...

Yeah, I know your real name,

not the one you checked
into this dump with.

Now, that guy that just ran
out of here in such a hurry,

who was he?

I don't know who he is.

He broke in here last night.

Last night?

Is he the one that
stole your bracelet?


How do you know?

Hey, where are you coming from?

How do you know everything?

Hey, you've had enough.

Come on, come on.

You don't want any
more of this stuff.

Come on.

Cut it out!

You had no right! No right!

You had no right.

Cut it out.

Cut it out, will you?


That guy who was here
took her bracelet last night.

Probably killed Packrat too.

She must have
been able to ID him,

so he came back.

Well, the pattern fits...
Leave no witnesses.

Did you take a
look at this lock?

The woman down the hall has
the same marks on her door.

Starsky, we were that
close to catching our man.

Well, let's get her
downtown, huh?

Wait a second.


I've got to think.

What's there to think about?

Let's get her downtown, huh?

We can't take
her in, not like this.

What are you arguing about?

There's enough
of me to go around.

Shut up, will you, please?

Why should I shut up?

You come busting in
here, break my bottle.

Now you two are haggling over me

like a piece of meat.

Shut up, sit down,
and stay out of this

till it's settled,
will you, please?

Starsky... Starsk?


It's okay, folks.

There's nothing to see here.

Starsk, there's
nothing to be settled.

She belongs in
protective custody,

whether that's a jail cell

or a drunk tank, I don't care.


No, what?

Lookit, I can't let people

see her like this.

She's a famous lady,
and if we take her in,

she's going to end up

on the front page
of tomorrow's paper,

she's going to end up
on tonight's 6:00 news.

It'd kill her...

what's left of her.

Well, then, what would
you suggest we do?

I don't know.

I can't leave her here.


I'm going to take
her to my place.

Wait a minute, Starsky.

I don't believe you said that.

Well, you said yourself

she probably needs
only a good drying out.

Starsky, she's a
material witness.

Yeah, well, where does it say

a material witness

has to spend her
time in the drunk tank?

Starsky, you take her
out of here now, like this,

and you could lose your
badge, and you know it.

Now, what happened
to all your talk

about kicking your guts out
for somebody who's not worth it?

I don't care what
she used to be.

Right now, she's
a material witness

who is a drunk.

You all done?


She means that much to you?


Well, you better
get her out of here.

Come on.

What are you talking...

Come with me, Sharman,

just come on.

I'll cover for you.

Where am I?

How do you feel?

Oh, I need a drink.

How about a cup of coffee?

I don't want coffee.

I want a drink.

Not tonight.

No drinks tonight.

What are you,

some kind of male nurse?

Oh, no, wait a minute,

I remember.

Mother Cabrini.

Where do you think you're going?

I told you, for a drink.

And I told you... no drinks.

You want something to drink,

there's coffee, all you want.

If I want a drink, I
can have a drink.

I can...


Did you forget that I
knew your real name?

Sharman, I'm a cop,

and I'm going to see
that you get home,

but first, I'm going
to clean you up

and I'm going to dry you out.



Sharman, come here.

Open that door.

Sharman, open that door.

What are you doing?


Put it down.

No! Put it down.

Drop it!

Leave me alone.

In the shower.

Come on, you're
going in the shower.

No. No. No!

Yes. Come on.

Come on.

Good morning.

Good morning, captain.

Starsky's out again?


That's two days in a row.

Well, I called him this morning,

and he's still sick.

Just like those
reports you handed in

about that hotel shooting.

Now, listen, Hutchinson,

it just doesn't make sense.

Not when you put them up

against the reports
of the officers

that arrived later.

Yeah, well, captain,

I wouldn't worry
about it too much.

I mean, these things

have a way of working
themselves out.

I know there's a
girl involved in this,

and if I find out
you and Starsky

are trying to pull something...

Yes, captain?

Well, don't tell me about it.

Where's your shield?





She's in the bedroom, asleep.

Look, uh,

Abby picked up
some things for her.

She had to guess
at some of the sizes.



Get you something? Hmm?


How about a glass of milk?

How about a cup of coffee?


What's this?

Oh, my mother used
to send me that stuff

whenever she saw
Sharman's picture

in something.

That's when Sharman and I

were in the ninth
grade together.

"From north to
south, east to west,

you're a nice guy,

but you're sure a mess. Vince."

Pretty clever stuff, Starsk.

"Remember Grant, remember Lee,

"the hell with them,
remember me.

Chester Brown."


You know Sharman left school

right after the ninth grade?

Her father had
died the year before.

Her mother remarried
and they moved away.

Starsky, Dobey is screaming.

He knows something's wrong,

and by the time

he puts all these
reports together,

he's going to know
that she's missing.

Then Sharman's first husband

dies in Vietnam,

and three months
later, their kid is stillborn.


Hear me out.

A year ago, she remarries.

Six months later,

her second husband
commits suicide.

They found out later

it was because he was
embezzling company funds,

but by then,
Sharman's disappeared.

I mean, talk about bad luck.

Everyone that she's ever loved
has either moved away or died.

What's happened to her

would be enough to send
anyone over the edge.

All right, she's
had a rough go of it,

but there's still a
psychopathic killer

running around on the streets.

And she's the only one
who can identify him.

I know that, and when
she's well enough,

I'll have her look
at the mug books.

You understand what's happening?


I sure as hell wish there
was a way I could help.


Sharman, Sharman...

It's all right, it's all right.

Shh, shh. Come on, now.

It's okay.

I thought you were hurt...

You're not Tony.

Tony died six
months ago, Sharman.

He committed suicide.

You know why?

He was caught embezzling funds.

You liar!

I have the records...

newspaper reports.

I need a drink.

You can't go on
punishing yourself.

But everyone is gone...

everyone I touch.

Touch me.

I won't go away.

That's it.

You're going to be okay.



This is Smitty.

You know, the janitor
at the police station.

I got that information
you wanted.


and I think you'll be more
than happy to pay for it.


I better not let the eggs burn.

What class did
you say we were in?

I didn't.

Wood shop.

I don't remember you.

Oh, that's understandable.

I mean...

you know so many people

in your lifetime.

Besides, it was one semester.

There must have been
30 kids in the class.

But you remember me.

Well, you were a
bit more developed

than us other 13-year-olds.


Then you became
rich and famous...

on all those magazine
covers and TV shows.

I guess everyone wants
to know someone famous,

watch their careers,

feel a part of their
success vicariously.

I might as well have
been a Barbie doll.

Now, what do you say that for?


Well, I would have
been rich and famous,

but I'd be plastic too...

Then none of the
hurts would matter.

You can't run away, Sharman.

You ought to know that by now.

What do you want from me?

I don't know.

Maybe I do.


Not this way.

Oh, David, help me.

I'm afraid.

Now, don't be afraid.

Just keep trying.

12 bucks.

12 bucks.

Any credit cards?


Cheap fink.

Hey, okay, here we go.

David Starsky, 2000
Ridgeway Avenue.


First, we're going
to dump this guy,

then we're going
to go get the dame.

What if the cop's
still there with her?

Then we're going
to get them both.

Either way, we're going to
be in Reno by morning, baby.

Hey, Hutch.

This ain't exactly

my favorite meeting place.

Well, it's not so bad

if you're on this side
of the room, Hug.

What you got?

Well, you were asking around

about cats who had
dealings with Packrat.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

The Texas Kid.

Nobody ever told him
Hopalong Cassidy died.

Hey, how are you doing?


Texas Kid, this is
Detective Hutchinson.

Huggy said you'd talk
to the judge for me.

You see, the Kid is here on
a complete misunderstanding.

See, he fell asleep in
the back room of this bar,

and when he woke up,

the place was closed

and there was a burglar inside.

Well, being a patron of the bar

and a friend of the owner,

he grabbed the burglar and
started wrestling with him.

You wrestled him, huh?

Bet you even got the
money away from him, huh?

Yeah, how did you know?

And then he overpowered
you and got away.

Yeah, that's right.

And that's when

the misunderstanding
gets started.

You see, the cops come

and he's the only
guy in the place,

and right away, they think
he's the guy that busted in.

How shortsighted of them.

Can you help me?

You know, tell the judge
we're old friends or something?

Well, that depends on what
you tell me about Packrat.

Tell him about your
friend from Reno.

Name's Vern something.

I don't know the
last one... Just Vern.

I used to run into
him up around Reno

when I was wrangling,

sometimes in with the rodeo.

You know, around
bars and joints.

He's a bad one...

The kind you ain't
going to feel safe

anytime he's around.

Tell him about

introducing him to Packrat.

Yeah, well, I run into him
about three weeks ago,

in a drunk tank.

He was hurting at the time,

and none of the guards
seemed to notice.

The next morning,

his old lady come
and bailed him out,

and, well, I guess
he shot some up,

because later on that day,

I had a drink with
him at his place,

and he was fine.

That's when he asked me

if I knew a fence.

Wait a minute... you said
you had a drink with him.

Where was that?

Motel over on Marshall,
near the railroad yards.

The Western, I
think they call it.

Did you call your folks?

I'm not ready.


You know, every day of my life,

at some time or another,

I say that to myself.

I guess all people do.

But sometimes you
just can't be ready.

Sometimes you just got to do.

Once I make that call,

everything will change for us.


I'll probably

be going back to New York.

And I'll probably
go on staying here,

being a cop.

Make that call.


That's probably what they call

being saved by the bell.





I think we've got a lead.

The Western Motel?

I can be there in
about 10 minutes.

You may not have to look at

those mug books after all.

You make that call.

Mother, this is Sharman.

Please don't cry.

Yes, yes, I'm okay.


I've got blood.


That's my book.

How did they get
this out of the office?

You got me.



No answer.

Stay here!

Watch the front!

Help me!

Help! Somebody's trying to...

I'll help you, honey.


Come here.


Don't shoot him!



Don't leave me.

I won't.

Don't leave me, baby.

I won't, I won't, I won't.

Don't leave me.

Come on.

Do I look all right?

For the 97th time,
you look terrific.

Pull over.

Is this it?


It's just through the gate.



I'm scared, Dave.

I'm scared too.



I'm afraid to let you go.

I'm not going to let you.

Once I'm better...

I'll never forget you, Dave.

You'll see, we can...

We can say goodbye.

What if I need you?

They key's always under the mat.

Are you ready?




Oh, I almost forgot.

I want you to meet Dave.

Yeah, Ma, I told you she's okay.

She's with her parents for now.

No, I did not get her autograph.


Yeah, I know you, Ma.

Uh, Ma...




No, nothing's wrong.

I just wanted to
tell you something.

Are you ready?

I'll call you the regular
time next Friday.

I love you. Goodbye.

She's upset

because I didn't get
Sharman's autograph.

Well, it's the
least you could do.

Yeah. Hey, Kiko.

Hey, Kiko. Come on in.

How are you?

I... I made a mistake.

Well, that's part of growing up.

Will you be my
Big Brother again?

I never stopped.

Someone want to
lend a hand here?

What are you doing?

Well, Captain Dobey

changed his extension again.

Snack bar again?

Take a whack at it.

Press hard.

Plumbing service?


Dobey here.

What do you mean,
your toilet's overflowing?

This is Captain Dobey's office!