Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 9, Episode 5 - The Powers That Be - full transcript

Vala leads SG-1 to a planet where the priors have visited with a plan to keep them from worshiping the Ori. Once there she reveals that the symbiote that once held her ruled over this planet. She feels that keeping them in allegiance to her will hinder the spread of Origin to this world.

What are you doing here?

Having lunch.

Don't you care that there could be Priors out there
taking advantage of poor innocent people?

Luring them into an oppressive religion,
or worse, killing them for rejecting it?

Are you bored of bothering Jackson?

You're supposed to be going out
on missions through the Stargate.

So let's go. Let's rid the galaxy of evil doers.

Look, despite what
Daniel might think, I really can help.

I know how things work out there.
I'm physically capable. I'm good with weapons.

Not to mention seductively attractive!

I'll make a fine asset to any SG team.

You left out selfish and untrustworthy.

How about independant and resourceful?

That is a classified file.

Priors have been reported on
43 different planets already.

Yeah, that's what the file says.

It just so happens, that I have
a very good relationship with

the people on the one you've designated P8X-412.


- Relationship.
- They trust me.


- Where are you going?
- Go talk to Landry.


Because, anyone who trusts you

is obviously in a great deal of danger.

Oh God, no-one's here.

I thought these people trusted you.
Why are we sneaking around avoiding everybody?

I already told you.
They won't recognise me dressed like this.

Fortunately I left a couple of spare outfits.

What is it with her and her wardrobe?

Yeah, I think we could probably
explain to them why exactly...

It'll only take a second.

- Can a girl have a little privacy?
- No.

Besides, I think I've seen just
about everything there is to see.


Look, there's no other way out of this room.
I'm just going to change.

I'll be right back.


These are the weapons of our God, Quetesh!

- Who are you?
- Just take it easy.

What are you doing here?

We mean no harm.

Please, forgive us.

It's been so long, we began
to fear you would not return.

Then you were foolish.

I would not abandon you.

I am your God.

Season 9 - Episode 5
The Powers That Be

I have pillaged the galaxy many times over

and made slaves of all the mortals I have encountered.

This world pleases me and I shall take it as my own.

Benevolent God Quetesh
will never allow such treachery!

Not exactly Shakespeare.

How is it these people don't know
the Goa'uld have fallen?

Most of this world is pretty isolated
and I would be very surprised

if anyone here actually knew how to operate the gate.

- These humans must be told the truth.
- I know.

Oh merciful, beautiful Quetesh. Have mercy on him.

He knows not your power.

What are you doing?

It's a play.

Don't worry, I think it will be
over soon, then we'll eat.

That's not what I'm talking about.

You want to stop these people from falling
victim to the Priors? That's what I'm going to do.

This is not what I had in mind.

What your mind may or may not be able
to imagine, is really none of my concern. Now,

kindly get out of your God's face.

No man shall lay claim to my world.

And no man shall bring harm to my children.

Thanks be to you, Quetesh.

All hail and glory be to you.

We had little rehearsal my Lord,
but I trust it pleases you?


As always Azdak, you please your God greatly.

Thank you, my Lord.

You have been greatly missed.


I would like to hear about the visitor
who arrived through the Chaapa'ai.

It is pointless lying to your God, Azdak,
I am all knowing as well as all beautiful.

He said that he was here to save us.

That our true Gods await our devotion.


Meant to deceive you.

I did not believe a word he said,
my Lord, I swear it.

Some of you did.

You have been absent for so many seasons.

Some thought, maybe you had abandoned us.

They were weak my Lord. Please, forgive them.

Have I not always been merciful to
those who deserve forgiveness?

Now go!

While I consider you punishment.

Yes, of course.


that was easy.

Shut that thing off!

Why must you continue to deceive these people?

This was one of the many planets that
Quetesh ruled over when I was her host.

As you know, the Tok'Ra eventually
removed the symbiote, but not

before her people rebelled and tortured me,
thinking we were one and the same.

And they couldn't tell the difference.

Why am I not surprised?

I had nothing.

I was desolate.

Fortunately, I discovered that news of Quetesh's
demise had not reached this little mining outpost.

So you kept them mining naquadah for you?

Just a tiny bit.

The mine was practically
barren by the time I got here,

but this planet acted as a safe haven
for me until I got back on my feet.

Look, I never killed anyone.

I never tortured them. I was a wonderful God.

Just ask them.

I think we will.


You don't believe me?

That and I'm not totally convinced they're
ultimately going to follow your command.

Nor should that be the only reason
they don't follow the Priors.

I am still supposed to be their God.

I can't exactly go out there and ask them
if they're going to listen to me.

I wasn't expecting you will to.

What makes you think they're going to tell you the
truth? You are supposed to be my faithful servants.

Then I'll also explain that we're not as faithful
as you might like to believe and if necessary,

I'll also tell them we're plotting to kill you!

I have heard better plans!

- I kind of like it.
- Shut up!

How are the staff evaluations coming?

They're done, they'll be on your desk by
tomorrow morning. That's when they're due, right?


Yeah, I have lunch with the heads of my
departments once a month, just to stay in touch,

get any housekeeping done.
Helps me get to know them a lot better.

- I know in our case...
- What?

In our case, what?

Well, it's just that we know each other
a little better than say, I do,

Colonel Garrett, the munitions supply officer.

Really? I actually doubt that.

Colonel Garrett's been here longer than I have.

Do we have to do this here?

You wanna have lunch, fine.

Tomorrow noon, I will be there as ordered.

It's not an order.


I have been sick for some time now.

The past few harvests, I've been more
of a burden than a help to my family.

I've even lost the ability to stand.

You're standing now.

The Prior,

he cured me.

Said that it was the will of the Ori.


Just, take it easy.

I'm sorry, but I will not have him speak
against Quetesh like that in my presence.

Look, we're not out to get anybody here.
We just wanna hear what he has to say.

Go ahead.

The jewel in his staff glowed.

He waved it over me and
I felt better than I ever have.

All he asked in return, was that I tell others.

That I spread the word of the Ori.

Then upon his return...

When is this Prior to return?


The Prior said that Quetesh is a false God!

That if she ever returned,
he would expose her weakness!

Your are a fool! Speak no more or
I shall strike you down in the name of our true God!

I said, take it easy.

You should be thankful that Quetesh is so forgiving.

And pray, when she slays the Prior for his wicked lies,
she won't do the same to you.

Oh, boy.

Glory be to Quetesh!

Glory to the one true God!

OK! You have made your point!

Know when to stop.

I think I need to talk to our one true God.

This is why you wanted to come back to this planet?

All of this is mine.

I earnt it.

These people have just been keeping it safe for me,

and as you say, we can't be a hundred percent
certain that they're going to obey me.

So if this planet does fall to Priors...

Hello! You stealing
this planet's most valued treasure

is the least of our concerns right now.

I like your attitude.

I was thinking of cutting you boys in at
ten percent and now I'm thinking twenty.

Despite your return, many of the villagers believe
the Ori to be true Gods and worthy of their loyalty.

All the more reason why we should
pack all of this up right now

and get out of here. Are you gonna pitch in or what?

Others believe you will slay the Prior
in a show of power, upon his return tomorrow.


Tomorrow's no good for me.

You need to tell these people the truth!

I have a lot of needs Daniel, but
I assure you, that is not one of them.

If you do not tell them the truth, we will.

Yes, and who do you think
they're actually going to believe?

Look, commanding these people
to obey you and not the Ori,

is not gonna work.
Especially once that Prior comes back.

And we do not want to get into a God-off.

Especially since we know you're not even close.

Forget what I said about the twenty percent!

Yes, he's right!
We can't trade one lie for another lie!

Alright. What can we fight with then?

How can we stop this Prior
from corrupting these people?

OK, we have a very limited window of opportunity here.

If you expose yourself as a false God,

If you tell these people how you fooled them and why,

we might be able to make them
sceptical about the Prior.

Or, it could push them towards believing
in the Ori as true Gods even more!

No, the only chance these people have,
the only chance any of us have against the Priors,

is to show them we will not accept the Ori as Gods!

No matter what happens, we must reject them!

- True enlightenment must begin with the truth!
- Oh please! The truth is so overrated.

Look, for once, just do the right thing here, OK?

You're gonna feel so good about it afterwards.

Trust me.

Really, this is unnecessary.

You will be executed at first light tomorrow.


So, Daniel.

When does that warm and glowy feeling
from doing the right thing kick in? Cos,

not there yet.

I can't believe you all just
stood there and let them imprison me.

- What were we supposed to do?
- You have guns don't you?

- There's like over a hundred people there!
- And?

- Just relax. We're gonna get you out of this.
- Oh you are?

I feel a little better.
I'm sorry, I got a little nervous what with
the whole execution looming and all!

Just believe me, it is not going to come to that.
Mitchell and Teal'c are talking to them, right now.

Have you forgotten that if I die,

you die?

Believe me, it is not going to come to that.

Trust me.

This time.

Fine. She made a mistake.
It was a big mistake! It was a whopper!

- But you can't just kill her!
- Why not?

A little help?

Does she not deserve a trial,

to explain the things that she has done?

I think we all have a pretty
good idea of what she did and why.

Your people

are looking for leadership. They're looking to you.

So you've got to decide

what kind of society you wanna have.

One where people get executed
without a chance to explain their actions?

You wanna hold a "maldoran"?

Ain't that her name?

Quetesh established the process several years ago.
A way to settle disputes between two parties.

Fine! That sounds... fitting.

We're gonna hold a "maldoran"!

Hey! How'd it go?

Well? You know...

What's the plan?

You gonna blow up this door?

Lay down supression fire so that we could

rush out through the hidden escape passage?

It's in the room I told you had no other exit.

They're gonna put you on trial tomorrow.

- I like my plan better.
- Kinda is your plan.

- It's named after you.
- Really? A "maldoran".

They going to let me be the judge?

Don't think so.

- Then it's not a real "maldoran", is it?
- Actually, this couldn't have worked out better.

- Actually, I think it could have.
- No, a trial is public.

We can use the forum to expose what it is to be
a false God and warn the community about the Priors.

You're right actually.

We could get them all worked up about false Gods and
then they can kill me as an example to the others!

Look, I persuaded them to
let you stay here for the night.

Right, thanks.


Well, I'll see you guys in the morning.

Thank you. I apologize for ever doubting
your masterful skills at negotiation!

- He's doing the best he can.
- That's what terrifies me!


and thank you all for coming.

Unlike in the past, the

final decision of this "maldoran",

will be yours, my friends.

A general vote.

After both presentations have been made,
we shall all decide what is to be done

to the false God Quetesh.

We're pleading innocent, right?

- You already confessed.
- A girl can change her mind, can't she?

We shall begin, as always,
with the reading of the claims.

The first claim of seven -

mass murder.

- Wait a second.
- The second claim of seven - mass torture!

I never killed, I never tortured. That is Quetesh.

- The third claim of seven...
- Uh, excuse me, hi, sorry to interrupt.

The person seated before you, didn't do those things.

You will have your chance to make your presentation.

Yes, I'm sure we will.
I just wanted to make something very clear.

As we discussed, when she confessed,

Vala was a host to a Goa'uld.
Parasite, that controlled her actions for many years.

It was that Goa'uld symbiote named Quetesh,
that committed the atrocities you're talking about.

Vala herself,

can only be held responsible for the actions she did

after that Goa'uld was removed.

When exactly was that?

Four years, four years?

Very well.

Assuming your assertion to be true.

We shall begin again!

The first claim of four.

Planetary wide forced labour!

This is gonna be a long day.



perhaps more than any of you,

feel great sorrow

at the fact that I devoted my love and faith

so freely, to an imposter

who cared only for the naquadah in our mines.

With every breath,

she lied.

With every effort, she stole.

At every chance, she betrayed us.

The conditions of poverty that we now suffer,

are her fault and her fault alone!

That is what you must consider!

He's good.

I'm dead.


she stole.

She betrayed you.

She used you as slave labour.

All this is true.

Not the opening statement I would have gone for.

But, the only reason you know about this,
is because she told you.

She came forward knowing full well how you would feel

and what the consequences would be.
Ask yourselves...

Why did she do this?

She did it because there's a greater threat in
this galaxy, she thought you deserved to know about.

She told the truth in order to open your eyes.

To show you the dangers of giving away your freedom.
Your free will.

In the hopes that given another chance,

you wouldn't make that same mistake twice.

We know a Prior of the Ori has come here.

He's been sent to this village to convince you
to worship beings more powerful than all of us.

But you must know,

that like Vala,

they're not Gods.

You speak well, Daniel Jackson of the planet Earth.

What is a God?

What power is great enough to
make you bow down in humble reverence?

That's the one that tried to burn us to death.


There's only one measure.

The only question you may ask yourself,
is why must I believe?

What is there for any and all to
gain by choosing the path of Origin?

Those seeking eternal salvation
can follow the word of the Ori.

Those that do not shall die as mortals.
It is as simple as that.

The day of reckoning approaches.

Your destiny awaits.

He's pretty good, too.

We are so


I have told them of the Ori, Prior.

Many of us believe.

But not all of us.

- You doubt the power of the Ori?
- No.

But I understand how they got it

and because I do, I'm not willing to abandon
my own free will and worship them for it.

The Ori healed this man. This man that was sick,
this man who could barely walk.

This man was healed through knowledge!

We have medicine.
We have tools that can do much the same thing.

This device

has the power to heal.

If you know how to use it. But not by magical power.

It's called technology.

- Technology.
- Yes. Knowledge. Understanding.

Of the way things work and
the science of the universe.

Maybe so,

but consider this.

There are two men.

One is starving and the other has a plentiful crop.

Is it not wrong for
the fortunate man to hoard his harvest?

Should he not share with his hungry brother?

It is the same with knowledge and understanding.

As you have said.

The Ori have a greater understanding
of the universe, but most importantly,
they are willing to share it with us.

Out of their love for us, their creation.

Only a fool would turn away.

Just because the Ori know more
than we do, doesn't make them Gods.

They are beings who were once like you and me,

but they evolved.

They learned of humanity's potential.

Eventually over time they used
that knowledge to shed their physical bodies

and live as energy on another,

higher, plane of existence.

Which side is he on?

You are all children of the Ori.

But you have been raised by evil!

The true nature of the universe
has been kept from you by powers that
would have you stray from the path of Origin.

It is time to open your eyes!

Let Origin show you the way.

No, you're right.


hoarding knowledge is wrong.

Maybe it's not.


learning something for yourself
is part of the journey to enlightenment.


killing someone for not worshipping you,

regardless of your power, is wrong.

Very wrong.

Knowledge is power,

but how you use that power
defines whether you are good

or evil.

The choice is yours.

Give us another chance, I beg you. Please spare us all.

Believe in the power of the Ori.

Or be laid down in the dust.

Escort the prisoner back to the cell.

- Wait!
- We're done with the "maldoran".

We must vote now on her punishment
and discuss other issues we now face.

Azdak, I know what the Ori seem to be
offering you may sound very tempting...

We are povery stricken.

As a society, we may not be able
to survive much longer.
We thought our God would provide for us.

Why should we reject the knowledge
and education to better ourselves?

But you can have all that
without giving up your freedom!

Don't you see how wrong it is to enforce a belief
by threatening your people with their very lives?

As the Ori said,

would we not be ignorant and deserving of punishment,

for failing to see the plain truth before us?

Leave us!

We shall deliberate.

Comfortable where you're living?

I kind of like the place
I'm renting in Summerin Hills.

If it's nice,

you ought to buy it.

Well, just wait and see.
I don't know how long I'm going to be here, so...

How's your mother?

Why don't you call her and find out for yourself?

Why does everything have to be so hostile?

I'm trying!

To tell you the truth,
I don't really know where to start.

Start what?

The long way back to happily ever after?

- I had a job to do.
- As I do.


I thought this was supposed to be
a professional meeting about my staff.
That's why I'm here.

Excuse me.

You need to work on your anti Ori speech.

That Prior almost had me believing.

- not so much believing as willing to say I believe.
- I know.

You are asking people to stand up
and put their lives on the line.

I really believe it's the only way we're
gonna have to defend ourselves against them.

You could try shooting them.

You said the Priors are human, right?

A few well aimed shots might

at least get their attention.

The interesting thing about religion is, you find that

killing the missionary
doesn't combat the overall philosophy.

The problem is, what the Priors
are offering, sounds quite good.

Until you get to the whole prostrating
and burning people alive bits.

There's that and

- I don't think any of us
have read the real fine print yet.
- Meaning?

I personally know without a doubt, the Priors are bad.

- So creepy.
- And...

believe or die is an archaic moral standing.

No, the Ori are wrong for doing what
they're doing, but the part I haven't
figured out yet, the part that's really bothering me,

is why they're doing it.

I mean, why do they care if people worship them or not?

We have decided to spare your life.


Thank you.

Your punishment

will be imprisonment for the rest of your life.


Azdak, after everything we've been through.


You made me rub your feet.

Weren't you justly rewarded?

Anyway, the odd massage here and
there hardly worth life imprisonment.

You lied and abused the people of this planet.

What about the Prior?

Wait a minute. We're not done here with me yet.

Yes, we are.

As for the Prior,

the settlement is divided.

Many believe the Ori are worthy of our devotion.

And you?

Vachna has fallen ill.

That's the man the Prior healed.

- Yes.
- Please hurry.

We fear he might be close to death.

Wait, Azdak!

Maybe we can help.

I do not want you near me!

Take it easy!

It's OK. She's not going to hurt.

There. How do you feel now?

What have you done to me?

Making people feel good is a natural talent of mine.

Can you sit up?

I do not understand.

How did you do it?

How? This is a tool.

Like a hammer, a shovel, just a lot more complicated.

Just because you don't understand something at first,
doesn't mean it's the magic of the Gods.

You think that if we are united and

tell this Prior we will not heed his word,
he will merely go away and leave us alone?

Well, I wish I could say for sure what will happen.
All I know is, you have to make a stand.

Whatever happens, we'll be here to back you up.

But ultimately it's gonna be up to you and your people.

In exchange for saving Vachna's life I've decided
to reopen the issue of your life imprisonment.

Thank you.

I have to admit, it did make me feel rather good.

I'm sure you thought there might be a reward.

That's not why I did it.

Speaking of rewards. The entirety of your property will
be kept here as payment for your crimes.

Now hang on a minute.

You alright?

Yes, it's just been a very long day.

Azdak! You must come quickly.

- What is it?
- Many have fallen ill.

Thank you.

You are truly blessed.

Oh, I don't know about that.

Just doing the best that I can.

How many have fallen ill?

I've lost count, but it's a lot.

Whatever this thing is, it's spreading like wildfire.
Come on, we need you over here.

We'll talk about my treasure later.

We're doing our best to quarantine the sick.
Vala's using the healing device to cure them as
they come in,

but they're piling up pretty quick.


Weakness, high fever, chest and stomach pains.

They have trouble breathing. Some of the extreme cases
have gone into shock before Vala could even get to them.

It doesn't sound like we're dealing with something
transmitted from person to person. Not that fast.

We could be looking at a common source.
Possibly water or food.

Oh I'd say we know the source.

Looks like these Priors wanna show us
they're gonna play hard ball.

Well they're definitely trying
to establish some crediblity, Sir.

How are you and your team, Colonel?

Yeah, we're fine.

But I reckon we could use some back-up.

On the way Colonel.

Thank you Sir.

You alright?


You can do this.

I'm not so sure.

Look, I know using that hand device,
must be taking a lot out of you,
but we really, really need your help right now.

Each one, it's getting harder each time.
It takes longer and they keep coming.
I don't think I can save this whole village, Daniel.

You have to keep trying.

Jackson, we've got a problem here.

Give me a minute.

Now please!

He was just fine.

Well, he's not fine now.

I healed him.

If they can get reinfected, this will never end.

We must give in. They are too powerful.


It's OK.

I'm here.


I'm Chief Medical Officer on this base. It's my call
who goes on this mission. Given my work with the CDC,
infectious disease is my specialty.

I am easily the most qualified for this.

I know. I'm your Dad.

I just came by to wish you luck. And be careful.

Thank you. I will.

Hang in there. Don't give up yet.

Hey! Thanks for coming.

This is worse than I thought.

Yeah, they're falling pretty fast.

We're gonna need a place to work.

This way.


This is not working anymore.

I'm sorry.

You have to keep trying.

At least put on a show, keep their hopes up.
I mean, we know you can do that.

See, this is exactly why I never even think about
trying to help people. I'm terrible at it.

Because of me, these poor souls are either going
to die horribly, or they're going to give in to the
Prior in the hopes that he'll heal them.

It's not because of you!

I cannot make them better!

And, if I hadn't of been so worried about my precious
treasure, I would never have opened my big fat mouth
and we never would have come here.

Then these people would still have to hide or
convert to Origin and face the consequences.

That's a dilemma the rest of our galaxy is also
going to have to worry about.

May I speak with you?

I've pretty much ruled out bacterial infection.
At this point I'm treating with an anti-viral cocktail.

We're just gonna have to wait and see.

Any idea why the hand device seems
to have lost it's effectiveness?

First I'd have to understand,
even remotely, how that thing works.

I do know it's not unheard-of for virus' to mutate and
become immune to whatever's trying to attack it.

Obviously in this case we're dealing with something
more than just a garden variety superbug.

Alright, I don't know if this helps or not, but we know
the Ancients were almost wiped out by a similar plague.

I'm just bringing it up in case there's something
in the research that's already been done.

You think the Ori gave it to them?

I am aware that SG-1 was infected with a virus and then
cured by an Ancient found frozen, down in Antarctica.

The symptoms and rate of
progression here are remarkably similar.

Do you have any hypothesis as to
why we have not been infected?

No, we're still looking at your bloodwork.

Excuse me.

Feel my forehead, am I hot?

Hotter than usual?

You know what I mean.

I'm sorry.

I'm sure you know how much I wanted
to walk in here and solve this.

Hey, you wanted to be a Doctor.

I've seen some bad situations before,
but nothing like this.

And based on that comparison, what's your prognosis?

If we don't make a big breakthrough really soon,
these people are gonna need a miracle.

Dr Lam? You're needed immediately.

I have to go. Lam out.

This is bad, right?

The virus is shutting down his internal organs.

He can't process toxins within his own system.
He's essentially being poisoned to death.

You can't give him more medicine?

As it is, this may be the virus bouncing
back against treatment.

I hate having to say this,

but there's nothing I can do.

Time of death. 14 hours, 18 minutes
after preliminary symptoms were first noted.

Remove the body and prep for autopsy.

Could I have a minute with him first?

This is the first, not the last.

I've gotta get back to Colonel Mitchell.

You did everything you could.

He has returned!

The Prior of the Ori has returned!

You go ahead Daniel.

Please, you must save us.

Forgive those blinded by ignorance.

People are dying.

Our children are dying.

They will believe. They do believe.

Still, not all of you.

They are not of us! They do not speak for us!

Why are you doing this?

From the smallest seed of doubt springs
forth a mighty poisonous tree of evil.

Yeah alright. Cut the crap!

This is my fault, alright?

I'm the one who told these people,
if they didn't bow down to you, bow down to the Ori,
you might just give up and go away. Well I was wrong.

I understand now.

You don't have to kill them to prove a point to me!

Do you truly understand?

I understand this isn't about you and me.

It's about all the children of the Ori.


- Heal these people now!
- Vala?

No Daniel, I've had it with the Ori.
I think it's time we sent them a message.

Or will you heal them?

Only their faith can heal them now.

Then you're useless to us.

Stop at once!

Please do not let their evil deeds doom us.

We all bow to the power of the Ori.

Hallowed are the Ori.

Hallowed are the Ori.


Have you got a couple of aspirin?

Dr Lam.

How are you feeling?


How about we pretend I didn't say that?

OK. You hang on and I'll be right back.

Hey, what did I miss?

Oh my God!

That's not all. Look.

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