Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 9, Episode 20 - Camelot - full transcript

Based on the information Vala gave them, SG-1 travels to the planet where Merlin may have hidden his secret weapon to defeat ascended beings. There they find an appropriately medieval ...


on Stargate SG-1...


you knights of the round table.

Prove ye worthy...

and all shall be revealed.

So you're in the Ori galaxy?


Me carrying this child right now
is a problem, a big problem, but

believe me, there is one which is much, much bigger.

The ships are planning to leave.

Somewhere out there,
the Ori have a working Supergate.

Merlin was conducting research
on some kind of new invention...

A weapon capable of destroying ascended beings.

I don't need to know Ancient
to understand what that is.

A Gate address to where he hid the weapon.

Every ally we have and everyone else on this base has
already devoted themselves to finding the Supergate.


Hey, has anyone stopped to think
how this thing might possibly work?

I mean, how do you...

kill something that's pure energy?

Well, technically,
Merlin's research didn't refer to "killing".

A better translation would be
"neutralizing" or "canceling out".

Well, that still begs a lot of questions.

How do you aim at something you can't see?

Clearly can't be a weapon in the conventional sense.

See, ascended beings transcend
ordinary space-time as we know it.

This device would have to do the same thing.

- In other words, you have no idea what it might be.
- Yeah, pretty much, that's it.

This looks promising...

Well, it certainly looks like a place
where Merlin might have lived.

Well, I wouldn't get too excited just yet.
There could be dozens of villages in the area...

just like this one.

No way to know for sure this is the right one.

Well, there's...



I am...

Meurik, Governor of this village.

Welcome to Camelot.

Season 9 - Episode 20

These must be the strangers
that everyone is speaking of.

This is Antonius, our village historian.

Welcome to Camelot, past and future home
of King Arthur and his round table.


Future home?

I assume you know the
history of the battle of Camlann...

Of course, where Arthur was
mortally wounded by Mordred.


Mortally wounded?


Arthur defeated Mordred at the battle of Camlann,

after which he and his fellow knights
set off to find the Sangreal.

That's the Holy Grail.

That was long ago,

but we know in our hearts
that one day he will return to us.

What happened to Merlin when he left?

I have matters to attend to.
It's best I take my leave now.

Enjoy your stay with us.

Did I...

offend him?

Not at all.

It's just that...

Merlin's name is rarely mentioned in public.

And why is that?

Well, many believe he was a wizard of darkness.

He may have tried to do good, but

there was always potential
for great mischief in his heart.


he has neither been seen
nor heard of since Arthur's departure.

The library where he practiced
his strange arts remains sealed to this day.

Merlin had a library here?

Of course.

It was his private sanctuary here in Camelot.

We'd like to see that.

I'm afraid that's impossible.

The library is protected by a powerful curse.

It is said that all those who enter Merlin's sanctuary
forfeit their lives to its guardian,

the black knight.

Okay, so, best case scenario,
this "curse of the black knight" is a story
Merlin made up to scare off the locals.

Worst case scenario he's got another
holographic knight protecting his goods,
like he did back in England. Either way,

I don't see a big problem.


Given your narrow victory over
the knight in the Avalon cave,

it would seem that your overconfidence is ill-advised.

Did I say anything about me doing the fighting?

The point is, last time was a test,
designed to measure a challenger's worth.

This time it sounds more like a

defense mechanism, set up to protect Merlin's
research, which means it could be a lot tougher,

and the same rules might not apply.

I think we should split up and look around.


Surrender, Mordred!



I yield...

But next time, I want to be Arthur.

I don't know if that's going to help,
if you keep moving around like Ed Grimley.

Here. Let me show you something.

Do you mind?

Thank you.

Try not to bob around quite so much.


Where did you learn to fight?

Broomstick battles with my kid brother and the

Sodan ritual of Kel Shak Lo made me the nimble warrior

that I am today.

So, do either one of you know
where we can find Merlin's...


Merlin's library?

This is it.

The door is magicked.

There is a key,

but no one dare use it.

Where would we find this key?

It is kept in the village archives.


Absolutely not.


I will not be party to your deaths.

Your lives would be forfeit
the instant you stepped inside.

We have faced one of Merlin's knights before.



If you had, you would not be here to tell the tale.

Well, I am, because we defeated him

and in defeating him,

we acquired the treasures
he had hidden away on our world.

One of those treasures led us here, to Camelot.

Antonius, you're the village historian.

Don't tell me you haven't dreamt
about what might be inside there.

No one must know
of my participation in this venture.

Got it.

Not Meurik,

not my fellow villagers,

and most importantly,

not my wife Livia,


believes I am reviewing council
minutes with brother Abelard tonight.

We were never here.


Yep. This could take a while.

This is interesting.

This is a reference to Merlin's prophetic abilities.

There's a similar myth on Earth...

that Merlin could see the future because
he actually aged backwards in time.

It's not meant to be taken literally, but

we have seen that a lot of legends
and folklore have a strong basis in fact...

Avalon, Atlantis...

The Easter bunny.

I guess there's a few exceptions.

Are you saying that there's
time-travel technology here?

I'm saying there could be anything around here.

Well, I hate to break it to you folks,

but the only technology I'm seeing is a

bunch of dusty old books.

And a secret passage.

Alright, there's another chamber.

We should not go in there.

We've tempted fate enough for one night.

Well, you can stay up here if you want.


I shall take my leave.

It's not a puzzle, is it?

No, it's an Ancient control device.

What does it control?

I have no idea.


We've seen this type of interface before.

Activating it is a matter of correctly
interpreting these symbols.

He's dead.

How do you explain this?


had it with him when he was killed.

- Meurik, we're very sorry about what happened...
- You went into the wizard's library, didn't you?

Yes, we did.

Look, it wasn't supposed to go down like that.

We figured if the knight was gonna appear,
it would be in the chamber,

and he wouldn't go after anybody but us.

You were warned of the danger,
and you refused to believe.

And you awakened the curse.

The black knight is not part of any curse.

- He isn't magical and he isn't unbeatable.
- Your world, as well as countless others,

are in danger of being overrun by an enemy far
more powerful than you could ever imagine.

They are called the Ori,

and they will destroy
anyone who does not kneel before them.

We learned that a long time ago
Merlin was working on a weapon

that could be used against them, and the key
to finding that weapon is inside that library.

We have neither seen nor heard of these Ori,

but we have witnessed
the power of the black knight.

Leave this village.

Take the curse with you.

Well, we can't just give up.

Daniel, we're not exactly welcome here anymore.

Don't you see, this is exactly what Merlin wanted.

Why do you think he designed the black knight
to attack in the village and not in the chamber?

To incite terror.

If it just killed whoever was inside
the chamber, then there'd be no great
public incentive to keep people out.

You'd go in at your own risk
and there'd always be someone

- foolish enough to give it a try.
- Yeah. Someone like us.

But the point is

that he designed it that way because
he was worried someone might stumble onto the solution,

which means there is a solution,
and it's inside that chamber.

A shut-off switch.


Well, that's great,

but how does it help us now?

I don't know.


give me a little time to talk to these people.
If I can get

some of them on our side,
we might be able to get Meurik to reconsider.

Only he who is pure of heart and true of spirit
can pull the sword from the stone.

It is said Arthur will not return from his quest
until one among us succeeds in removing it.

You ever try it?

Of course not.

It is for the young men who are preparing
to be knights to test themselves with the sword,

as my brother Ramus will do when he comes of age.

Yeah, but I've seen you spar.

You've got skills.

I only do that to help Ramus train.

When Arthur does come back,

he will need knights
to join him on his next crusade.

The men of this village will be ready to serve him.

And you're not interested in that?


Leave us.

Yes, Governor.

You abuse my tolerant nature, Colonel.

I take it it didn't go so well.

Not really.

These men will escort you to the great ring
and ensure that you leave, as requested.

Look, you're making a mistake.
There is no curse.

Now, the black knight is a security feature
created by Merlin through the use of science
and advanced technology. There is

no magic involv...

SG-1, welcome aboard the Odyssey.

Colonel, what's going on?

Change of plans.

We received a subspace transmission
from a Jaffa vessel near P3Y-229.

They were investigating some unusual energy readings.

This is what they found.

And if we enhance the image.

A fully formed Supergate.

Stargate Command tried to dial
229 but couldn't get a lock.

The planet was probably destroyed
in the formation of the microsingularity.

My orders were to pick you up and
proceed immediately to the Supergate.

Unfortunately, the Daedalus is
still in the Pegasus galaxy,

but the Korolev
will be joining us as soon as possible.

I don't think it was operational yet.

It's been rushed into service.

We're to meet up with as many Jaffa
and Tok'ra ships as we can muster,

and destroy that thing
by whatever means necessary.

Set a course.

Yes, Sir.

Wait a minute. We

can't go yet.

We don't have any more time, Doctor.

By all indications, that space Gate's operational.

There's no telling when the Ori
are going to start sending ships through.

Okay, go, but leave me behind.

Colonel, I believe the key
to defeating the Ori is on that planet.

I know it.

Daniel, even if you're right, the villagers
never going to let you back in the library.

Then beam me in.


You get one more chance.

I'll go with Jackson.

A little quality time.

And that black knight might show up again.

We'll have the Russians swing by and pick you
up on the way through. You have until then.

Thank you, Sir.

So, what now?

Well, all indications are the black knight was
activated the second I stepped onto that platform, so

my guess is we can shut him down by

inputting the correct code
sequence on that control panel.

- Merlin's P.I.N. number?
- Yeah, something like that.

So how do we find it?


analyzing these documents.

You do realize we're on the clock, right?

Course is plotted, Sir.

Very well.

Colonel Emerson,

I wish to be transferred to the
nearest Jaffa-controlled vessel.

Can I ask why?

I intend to seek out some much needed allies.

That's it.

Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you.

No... I wasn't sleeping.

I was Kel'noreeming.

Teal'c taught me the fundamentals.

Did he mention you should
remain conscious in the process?

Yeah, I'm still working on the basics.


you got something?

Yeah, I've...

cross-referenced half a dozen
passages that mention the black knight.

Now, there's a series of recurring
words and phrases that stand out, if you

know what you're looking for.

Are we talking access code?

I think so.

What's the matter?

Well, if I'm wrong about this, then...

Nah, look I'll take care of the black knight.

Yeah, how are you going to do that, again?

I will pull the sword from
the stone, just like last time.

Well, I think we've been over this.
This is a completely different scenario.

You see, in the Avalon cave, it was

pulling the sword from the stone
that caused the knight to appear in the first place.

Here, we don't even know if they're connected.

- We know Merlin put the sword there, right?
- Probably.

Which means it's no ordinary sword,
and that's good enough for me. Besides,

- do we have a choice?
- No.

Nothing happened.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

- Bad.
- Bad.

You stay. I'll go.

Make it work!


Oh, boy.

Everybody down!

No. Didn't think so.

Mitchell, how's it going out there?

Not so good.

Do something! Help him!

He brought this on himself.

What do you think you're doing?

Greetings, friend.

I am Merlin.

Yes, you are.

The prize you seek,

like the pendulum's swing,

marks the passage of all that is before you.

Mitchell, I did it.
Is the black knight gone?

Not exactly.

I don't understand. I've got the
treasure, activated the hologram...


Try a different code!

I already tried all the combinations I came up with.

- Marks the passage of all that is before you.
- Mitchell?


Greetings, friend.

I am Merlin.

All that is before you.

Greetings, friend.

I am Merlin.

The prize you seek,

like the pendulum's swing,

marks the passage of all that is before you.

Greetings, friend.

Oh, screw it.

Like the pendulu...

- Look! Look!
- Where did it go? He has done it


we're receiving a transmission
from one of the Jaffa ships.

Put it on screen.

I am Cha'ra of the free Jaffa.

It was my ship that discovered the Gate.

I understand there's been
no other signs of activity.


You should be aware
we've already attempted to destroy the Gate.

Our combined forces had no effect.

So all you had to do
was shoot the control crystals?

Pretty much.

Sounds like one of my plans.

How come we didn't do that in the first place?

Well, because I had
to find the access code first.

If I hadn't, none of

this would've beamed in, and I

wouldn't have seen Merlin's hologram message.

Right. What did he say?

Well, I think it was a riddle

and I believe I figured it out.

You see

this pendant?

Now, in every depiction of Merlin from his library,

I've seen it, and

in fact, in the hologram message,
he was wearing it as well.

But I've never seen it before,

not in any reference material back on Earth.

And you think
that's the device we're looking for?

The riddle mentions a pendulum.

Now, at first I thought that was a reference to...

a passage of time, like a pendulum clock,

then I realized it was more literal...

something that hangs.

It also said it was right before my eyes.

I don't know.

Doesn't that seem a little small?

Just remember, we're talking about things that

transcend ordinary space-time here.
Relative size has no meaning.

Fine. Let's start looking.

Sir, another ship just dropped out of hyperspace.

It's an Asgard vessel.

Open a channel.

This is Colonel Emerson
of the Earth vessel Odyssey.


I know who you are.

Hello, Kvasir.

Colonel Carter.

There is much work to be done.

Where is the rest of your team?

Daniel and colonel Mitchell are still
looking for the Ancient device I was
telling you about in our communiqu?,

and Teal'c...

well, we're not exactly sure where Teal'c is.

Flying into our territory

in an unmarked cargo ship.

I didn't think you were that stupid.

I have allowed myself to be captured knowing

that I would be brought before you.


I have come to seek
the assistance of the Lucian Alliance.

I take it back.

You're not stupid.

You're insane.

Kill him.

I should kill you where you stand...

but as I have said,

I have come seeking your assistance.

The fate of the galaxy is at stake.

We have been analyzing the information

that Daniel Jackson was able
to retrieve from Merlin's phase-shifting device.

Unfortunately, he didn't get
very far before it permanently ran out of power.

There was enough data for us to summise
what this so-called anti-Ori weapon might be.


I wasn't able to make heads or tails of it.


Just tell me what you've got.

It is an energy transfer device,

similar to a Zero Point Module,

except that the energy is channeled

not from subspace into ordinary space-time,

but rather, into the dimension
occupied by ascended beings.

And this energy is harmful to them in some way?

It is a form of interference.

A simple analogy would be two standing waves

canceling each other out.

If the weapon indeed works
the way Merlin's writings imply,

we would simply need to activate it,

and send it to the Ori galaxy,

and they would be eliminated.

Yeah, but how do we do that?

I mean, we don't even
know where the Ori galaxy is,

let alone have
the ability to send something there.

That is where you're mistaken.

You're talking about the Supergate.

We dial out before they can dial in.


That might actually work.

Of course, we will need Merlin's weapon.

If colonel Mitchell and Dr. Jackson don't find it...

Don't worry,

they'll find it.

What do you mean, it's not here?

Well, we've been through this stuff twice.
It's not here.

It's got to be here!

I once lost my car keys
in my apartment for three days...

Colonel Mitchell?


Come on in.

Don't be afraid.

The black knight's not coming back.

It's incredible.


It's all yours.

You do not wish to claim a prize
for defeating Merlin's champion?

Well, there was one thing

we were looking for, but we can't find it.

Actually, maybe you can help us.

Do you recognize


It is the Sangreal.

This is the Sangreal?

It is also known as the bloodstone.

Of course. "Sang"...

blood. Blood-red, for the color of the jewel.

Wait a minute. We're talking about the Holy Grail,
right? Every movie I've seen, that's a cup.


The notion that

the Grail was a cup or chalice,

particularly the one used
by Christ at the Last Supper was a

a late addition to the myth.

In earlier accounts,
it's described variously as a dish,

or platter,

or, in the case of Von Eschenbach and other
middle eastern influenced chroniclers, as a stone

that fell from the heavens.

If this is what you seek

you will not find it among these trinkets.

Arthur and his knights

left to quest to the Sangreal long ago.

Do you know where they went?

Of course.

It is said that they journeyed to three
distant lands mentioned in Merlin's prophecy...



and Vagonbrei.

Any of those spots ring a bell?

No, but if they were part of
one of Merlin's prophecies,

then any one of those books could hold
the key to what we're looking for.

The books upstairs?

Jackson, that's days, weeks, to find
the proper reference and then there's no guarantee
that we're going to be able to track'em down.

Searching for Arthur's whereabouts
in this library is not necessary.


thanks to Valencia, we've been given
a sign that Arthur will return soon, and you

are welcome to stay with us and wait as

the men

that conquered Merlin's curse,
you will be given a place of honor.


once and for all, there was no curse...

okay? This...

this is a device,

it's a machine, it's like...

a flour mill or a catapult.
It's just a lot more complicated.

There is no magic.

Boy, my timing is off today.

Colonel Mitchell, Dr. Jackson,
welcome aboard the Korolev.

There it is.

Colonel Carter.


we've managed to locate the dialing
control crystals, on one particular section of the Gate.

Now, Kvasir's already programmed
a replacement crystal,

so it's just a matter of somebody
getting out there and installing it.

And I suppose you'd like to volunteer.

Yes, Sir.

I would go,

but you do not have
a space suit that would fit me.

No one's going.

We just got word from the Korolev.

Mitchell and Jackson didn't find the device.

Sir, even without Merlin's device,
dialing out is still our best bet,

because, in the very least, it will
prevent them from dialing in.

Well, it's possible that with the power
generated by the singularity,

we can maintain this connection indefinitely.

The coordinates are set.

Are you ready, Colonel Carter?

Ready as I'll ever be.

Initiating transport.

Engaging magnetic lock.

I'm removing the panel now.

I'm putting in our control crystal.

It'll just take a few minutes to initialize.

Sir, we're picking up increased
energy output coming from the Gate.

Something's happening.

I've lost my magnetic lock!

It's an incoming wormhole.

Get her out of there, now.

It's not working.

There's too much interference.

Sam, report.


Oh, my god.

Can you pick up colonel Carter's signal?


She's too close to the event horizon.

Sir, the Korolev just dropped out of hyperspace.

This is colonel Chekov.

What is the situation?

We've got an incoming wormhole.

I'd suggest you prepare for battle.

Here they come.

- I only count four ships.
- It's probably their first wave.

We should see what we can do
about discouraging a second one.


we're receiving a message
from one of the Ori ships, text only.

What does it say?

"And those who are prideful

and refuse to bow down

shall be laid low and made unto dust."

Is that all it says?

Yeah, that's it.

Open a channel?

"Then did Tyolus say to the people of the low plains,

seek not wickedness amongst your neighbors,
lest it find purchase in your own house."

- What was that?
- Book of Origin.

Think it'll help?

They're powering up their weapons.

Here we go.

All batteries, open fire.

Shields down to 50%.

Sir, we just lost sublight engines.

Redirect power to the engines!
Begin evasive maneuvers!

We've lost power!

We have to scramble the 302s!

No, they'll have no effect against that.

Hey, we're getting our asses kicked!
It's time to go all-in.

I'll draw their fire
while you get the ship back online.

It's no good, Sir.

We're dead in the water.

Sir, picking up approaching ships.

Apologies for my late arrival.

Better late than never.


Forget the engines.

Give 'em everything we got!