Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 9, Episode 2 - Avalon: Part 2 - full transcript

Upon finding Merlin's testing grounds, Dr. Jackson, Teal'c, Col. Mitchell, and Vala uncover the hidden treasure including a book that tells the story of the Ancients coming to Earth from another galaxy and a strange alien device.

NARRATOR: Previously, on Stargate SG-1.

MAN: Who's that?

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

VALA: The individual
I got this from assured me

that the treasure it describes
is here on Earth.

These bracelets link us together.

The tablet is mine, and I want
my fair share of what it leads to.


King Arthur and
the Knights of the Round Table Merlin?

- Yes.
- Was an Ancient?

ye Knights of the Round Table.

Prove ye worthy,
and all shall be revealed.

This has to be a test.

I think we're supposed to arrange
the stones in some sort of order.

What? We're already trapped in here.
How much worse can it get?

Do you ever get a bad feeling
about something?

You are the expert on all things Ancient.

You didn't care
about that two minutes ago.

"Let's try this pot.
How about this one?"

- So think!
- I'm thinking!

Sorry, could you possibly think
a little bit faster?

- The universe is infinite.
- No doubt it's deliberately ironic

that we're in an
ever-decreasing space.

It's the second part
of an ancient proverb,

there is only one truth,
the universe is infinite.

- How does that help us?
- There's only one truth,

- this pot says the treasure is in this pot.
- It's not in either of them.

I know. We did it wrong.
So we have to see if we can do it again.

There is only one truth.
The universe is infinite.

Therefore the statement about the
treasure being in this pot has to be false.

So the treasure must be in...

Wow. Good thing you know your
Ancient proverbs, otherwise we'd be...

- Mitchell.
- Teal'c.


You know, feel free
to jump in here anytime.

- Teal'c!
- Daniel Jackson!

- Hey, we got a little problem in here!
- What's the puzzle?

There's eight stones with symbols
on them and some Ancient writing.

I think it is...

- Describe the writing!
- "U" with a square over it.

Chair with a square,
upside down backwards "L."

Call that seven.
Squares unevenly stacked,

that chair thing again,
big "N" and sad face.

Reflect. It means...
It means reflect.

- Reflect?
- Reflect on the Eightfold Path.

Buddhism teaches an Eightfold Path
to enlightenment.

Yeah, that tells me exactly nothing!

I'm sorry I can't help

if I can't see the symbols on the stones
you're supposed to put in order.

Reflect on the Eightfold.

Reflect on the Eight...




Look, I didn't hear any screaming
or squishing sounds, so...

JACKSON: You did it.

Yeah. Thanks.

The symbols were actually the numbers
one through eight and their mirror image.

All right.

We passed the test,
so this should work.

I should have known
it wouldn't be that easy.


- You... You done this before?
- Fight a knight in armor?

- No, can't say that I have.
- Well, you're doing good.

Took a little fencing in college.


Okay, I could use a little help.

It appears to be a hologram.

A hologram?


- Jeez.
- I don't think it actually cut you.

Well, it hurt like hell.

I don't know.
I don't think he's actually that good.

Okay, so I flunked fencing.

Colonel Mitchell, your sword.

- Okay, that thing is going to kill him.
- Everybody, get to the rings!

Okay, that's enough for today.

No. I can do this.


Oh, come on.

That's gotta be it.

I don't understand.
We solved the riddles.

Well, he solved one and he solved one
and he won the fight.

And what? Nothing?

But you're the only one
who defeated the knight.

That sword was obviously designed to
sense whoever pulled it from the stone.

What if there's sensors detecting us?

Are you suggesting
that we should leave?

It's worth a try.

All right.


If nothing happens, just join us.



- What happened?
- The whole place is collapsing.

We must have done something wrong.

What did you take?

- What?
- Truth of spirit.

- I resent...
- Truth of spirit. What'd you take?

Worth it.

We are not going to let her keep that,
are we?

- No.
- Good.

Well, that figures.
A roomful of gold and jewels

and Dr. Daniel Jackson
finds the one book.

So, what's it about?

Oh, actually, it's a story.
It's written like fiction.

Once upon a time...

"Once upon a time
there was a race of people

"that went on a great journey
through space.

"Across the universe.
They were called the Altera.

"After much time,"
and I think this means thousands of years,

"they found a great belt of stars."

And they lived happily ever after.

Have you found something,
Daniel Jackson?

It says that the Alterans
named their new home Avalon

and that they built many Astria Porta.

- Stargates.
- Yes.

The Ancients built the Stargates.

Well, it stands to reason that
they weren't always called the Ancients.

MITCHELL: What do you care?
You got your treasure.

Let's see what's of more value.

A few gold trinkets that apparently
I won't be allowed to keep

or previously undiscovered secrets

about the gate builders,

the most powerful race
to ever inhabit the galaxy.

And you realize
what this could mean?

Well, we've always presumed
that the Ancients

were the first evolution of humans
in this galaxy.

But this...

This is the first evidence
suggesting they came here

- long ago from somewhere far, far away.
- Yes.

Colonel Mitchell.

One of these things
is not like the others.

It's much, much more than that.

We know the Ancients left their galaxy
for Pegasus and returned later

when they lost the war to the Wraith.
But what happened to them?

I thought they ascended.

Some did that we know,
but what if the others went home?

Even if they didn't, the book I read
suggested that the Alterans

- left a civilization behind.
- And your point is?

My point is that
we haven't met a single living Ancient

who was willing
to share their knowledge freely with us

and there could be an entire
advanced civilization of them out there

somewhere in another galaxy.

Isn't that why we're doing this,
all of this?

The Stargate program, the budget?

So we can go out and meet new races,
gather advanced technology,

possibly learn about ourselves
in the process?

Oh, come on.
You do it to meet women.

She has a point, sir.

I've been thinking I need to get out
on an off-world mission or two.

Yeah. Just to get the feel for it.

"Always do everything you ask
of those you command."


- Very good.
- Good movie.

Laugh if you want to,
but I believe finding these Alterans

and where they came from should be
our top priority from this point forward.

They are the gate builders.

Nobody's laughing, Dr. Jackson.
The universe is a big place.

Tell me where they are and how
to get there, and I'll order you to go.

No, no, I'm not saying
this is going to be easy.

I mean,
if they're from a distant galaxy,

our network of Stargates
might not even connect.

And even if it does,

we know the massive power requirements
necessary to dial Pegasus

and they're relatively close
in intergalactic terms.

But on the bright side,

according to the text we found
in the Glastonbury cavern,

the Ancient device we discovered
may be capable

of intergalactic communication.

Thank you, Dr. Jackson.
I'm sure you'll keep me posted.

- Colonel.
- General.

He has no idea what you just said.

Someone wanna tell me
why she's still on my base?

And, yes, I did.

Well, I think it's incredible.

The Jaffa of the Onac Ka equal as many
as all the other regional coalitions.

- And they strongly support Gerak.
- Of this I am aware.

If we allow them even one more vote
based on unconfirmed military strength,

the Council will be in Gerak's hands.

- Until proper inspections...
- Rak'nor!

I'm sorry.
We are all working very hard.

It just seems as though
Gerak is winning.

Bra'tac and Ryac
are negotiating with coalitions

who have yet to declare
their allegiance.

I did not fight for
the freedom of all Jaffa

only to have it corrupted
by a few power-hungry individuals.

Nor did I.

I just do not understand

why you've chosen to spend so much time
with the Tau'ri at such a critical stage.

My friends from the Tau'ri are largely
responsible for the Jaffa being free.

And as thanks, they have been treated
with mistrust and disrespect.

Until all Jaffa see
that the old ways are not the future,

I will do whatever I need to do
to enlighten them.

And how does chasing Ancient history
do that?

Ancient knowledge is what defeated
the Goa'uld and the Replicators.

And I believe that one day
it will unite the Jaffa in a nation of peace.

I will prove it.

I hope so.

I have been around the galaxy
long enough to know

that knowledge is power.

And understanding the technology
that was left behind by the Ancients

is the most powerful knowledge around.

And if you think I'm gonna stay linked
with you for the rest of my natural...

Focus. Maybe we should focus
on the task at hand.


the device obviously has a power source

and I don't think it's been depleted.

Okay, when I read
this was a communication device

I realized the shape
of these recess spaces looked familiar.

These stones are actually an Ancient form
of communication device

that links the users psychically, allowing
them to see through each other's eyes.

It appears that they're actually meant to
be used in conjunction with this terminal.

So what happens
when you attach the stones?

- We're going to find out.
- These stones were originally set

for General O'Neill and
one Joe Spencer.

- Barber from Indiana.
- Yeah, weird guy.

I read the file.

Well, anyway,
after a lot of tedious,

although I must say
ultimately very brilliant work

if I do say so myself,

I was able to reset the stones.

Don't they have to be activated by
someone with the Ancient gene?

Same file.

Well, that's what we thought at first,

but no,
like a lot of Ancient technology

the stones actually
just need to be initialized.

By someone with the gene?
That's a guess.

No, you're right.

Which these obviously have been.

So any one of us
can take the pony ride.

Yeah, and I figured
that was gonna be me.

I mean, I did miss the Daedalus
for this, so...

You're gonna dine out
on that for a while?

Yeah, yeah.
Like you wouldn't believe.

Well, no one's gonna make an argument
against that.

You are the world's "foremost" expert
on the Ancients.

- But we got two stones.
- Yes, and this one's mine.

Thank you.

Excuse me.
How do you figure that?

Well, Daniel and I are linked.

I'll just point out for the record,
we don't have to be.

He's only guessing that this device
is for communication.

But what if it's a transporter of some kind

and he gets whisked away
and can't get back?

Actually, we have done
a fair bit of research on this device

and I can say with absolute...

Relative certainty...

Look, we have studied devices like this
for years.

And at some point, ultimately,
you just have to turn it on.

- I'm gonna give it a try.
- Where he goes, I go.

- I'm not going anywhere.
- So he thinks.

Communication device.

I'm going to watch
from the observation room.

All right. Good luck.

So, what do we do?

Well, I'm guessing, we just put these
two stones in any two of these spots.

Any two?

Well, there aren't any markings
to indicate otherwise. So, any two.


Med Team to Science Lab One.


Hello. Please don't be afraid.

My name is Daniel Jackson.

It's me. Vala.


Not a transporter.

Where are we?

I don't know.

But I think we're in them.

LAM: Blood pressure
and heart rate are normal.

Pupils are slightly dilated.

Now, we're sure
this is because of the device?

They also passed out before when they
were separated because of the bracelets.

The reaction was virtually instantaneous
after the device was activated.

Anyway, there's no
discernible energy rays

and no measurable radiation
being emitted, so...

And we've found no contagions.
All right.

I wanna get an EEG going,

but my first impression here
is that they're in some kind of sleep state.

Maybe we should disconnect
the stones.

For all we know,
this could be perfectly normal.

I mean, this could be the way
the device actually works.

And could you give me
some time here

before we go messing around
with that thing anymore.

I wouldn't call it messing around.

Look, for all we know, disconnecting the
stones could put them in further jeopardy.

So how are things on Dakara?

About as well as here.

I don't understand.

This is an odd communication device.

I mean, I can't talk
to this poor woman.

I have no access to her mind,
her thoughts, her memories.

I'm just inside of her,
looking out through her eyes.

Yeah. Jack and Joe Spencer
described the experience

as having visions of what was happening
to the other.

Were they ever in total control
of each other's bodies?

No. But they weren't using the stones

in conjunction
with the Ancient terminal either.

It's possible
it was meant to work this way

so that we can
communicate with others

without intruding on the minds
of those we're connected to.

They're just temporary transmitters.

Do you think
we're actually in another galaxy?

I don't know.

- Why these people?
- I don't know.

Well, maybe it's just me,
but this house,

these clothes...

We don't look
the way I'd expect the Ancients to look.


- What do you suppose their names are?
- Harrid and Sallis.

How do you know that?

Well, because it...

It says so right here.

It says, "This is the home"

"of Harrid and Sallis Cicera."

- Wait, I missed that. You mumbled it.
- No, I didn't.

Well, you said something
that I couldn't understand.

Well, I didn't say it because
I don't really know what it means.

So I don't want to say it out loud
'cause I know what it means.

- Well, go on.
- Nuptial. It means nuptial.

- As in we're...
- Married. Yeah.

Let's go look outside.

Not quite what I imagined

when I pictured a civilization
of gate builders.


Something tells me
this is not the same people

who built a spaceship
capable of traveling across the universe.

Above the sun. Harrid, Sallis.


I think that means good morning.

Above the sun to you!

- Above the sun?
- I think he's speaking Ancient.

I think the communicator
is translating for us.

- I couldn't read the sign.
- Maybe it only works for spoken language.

See you at prostration.

- Prostration it is!
- Prostration it is.

So, what do you want to do, Harrid?

- Or is it Sallis?
- People are starting to stare.

Should we walk about
and try to play along?

Not what I was expecting at all.

VALA: Me neither.

On the bright side, I think
he was looking at me when he said Harrid.

He was staring at me the whole time.


Hey. Come in.

Now, I can't decide if
I like the desk here.

Where else are you gonna put it?
Out in the hall?

Daniel and Vala are stable.

Based on rapid eye movements
and brainwave patterns,

I'm guessing it's actually some kind of
induced dream-like condition.

Dr. Jackson believes the device was used
for long-range communication.

Is it possible
that's what they're doing?

Talking to someone
somewhere out there?

- I don't know.
- I'm heading to the mess.

I'm good, thanks.
I should get back to Daniel and Vala.

Of course. Just keep me posted.


You seem to be settling in okay.

I don't know if I'll ever get
used to this place. It's pretty...

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And working for you makes this whole
thing just that much more bizarre.

Well, you didn't have to take the job,
you know.

Are you kidding, who could refuse it?

Besides, at the time, General O'Neill
didn't tell me you'd be my boss.

He's funny that way.


By the way,
the desk looks fine the way it is.

- Really?
- You never were happy

with anything the way it was.

All hallow the Ori.

ALL: All hallow the Ori.

On their great power

we shall meditate herein this day.

Prostration it is.

(WHISPERING) We must meet.

By the portico of light
at the hour of bly.

- Speak not.
- CHIEF: All greatness that is the Ori.

You guide us and give meaning
to our daily lives.

We beseech you, give us strength.

ALL: All hallow the Ori.

All hallow the Ori.

All hallow the Ori.

Well, that was fun.

Six hours of prostration.

Why don't we just tell someone
who we are

and what's going on? I mean, isn't that
the whole point to this, to communicate?

I don't think these people
are gonna entirely understand.

Hey, did you hear what the guy said
when we first came to the service?

- Something about meeting.
- The portico of light on the hour of bly.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- I have no idea.

- What are you looking for?
- I don't know.

Some reason as to why we're in these
particular people, these specific bodies.

I mean, it can't be totally random.

Well, I have a more pressing question.

Do you have any idea
how we're supposed to detach from them?

No. That's another thing
that's got me worried. Have you tried?


I mean, it doesn't seem to be something
I can just will to make happen.

Maybe it's about removing the stones
from the device on Earth.

Yeah, unfortunately, we can't tell the
people on Earth that we need them

to remove them.

I mean, we'll just have to wait for them
to figure that out for themselves.

Maybe they have already
and it had no effect.

I'm just gonna rule out that possibility.

Do you think
these people are in our bodies?

I don't know. I mean...

This can't be how the technology
is supposed to work.


Yeah. It's the book that some of the
villagers were walking around with.

It says on the front,

"The Book of Origins.
Blessed are the Ori."

I think you should take a look at it.

Oh, I think I've seen enough.
I mean, prostration for six hours.

Give us strength.

- You know, it's all very clear.
- I think you'd find it really interesting.

Yeah? When did you start being able
to read Ancient?

I can't.

But this looked familiar.


Thank those full of value.

I was worried
when you did not meet me.

- Yes. Sorry about that.
- Why did you not meet me?

Why are you not sharing leaves
with the Administrator's wife?

I forgot.

We are already suspected.
We must not alter our behavior.

- Suspected of what?
- Harrid, what ails you?

Did I not know better,
I'd fear you're trying to entrap me.

- No. I wouldn't dream of trying to...
- Entrap you? How?

- Stop this. Please.
- Okay, you know what?

Please. Would you...
Would you sit?

Go with me.

My name is Daniel Jackson
and I am inside the mind of Harrid.

I am able to speak through him
by use of a communication technology

that we believe was first constructed
and used by a race known as the Alterans.

And I'm Vala Mal Doran.

How you doing?

By the stars. Forgive me. I am Fannis.

Nice to meet you.

- We're from a place called Earth.
- Can I speak with Harrid?

No. His consciousness appears to be
suppressed so long as we're connected.

Harrid always suspected the stones
were a means of communication.

You know about the stones?

We are curators.
Investigators of the past.

The stones were discovered
some time ago in what we believe

are the remains of an ancestral
burial ground not far from here.

- Why are you hiding them?
- Such investigation is sacrilege.

You're not allowed to investigate
your own history?

If such a history contradicts
The Book of Origin.

You're heretics.

We have uncovered evidence

that we believe proves a race of humans
predates our supposed creation by the Ori.

Excuse me. Daniel.

What if these gods, the Ori,

are the people left behind
by the Alterans?

- You think they ascended?
- It's possible.

The Alterans left a long,
long time ago.

And what we know of the Ancients,
they learned to evolve and ascend.

What if the people who remained here
did, too?

That would make these people
subsequent evolution of humans,

which is apparently
what happened in our galaxy

after the Ancients we know ascended.

And it would explain why they're not
as advanced as we might expect.

No, but the religion
doesn't fit the profile.

The ascended beings I know
don't pose as gods.

I mean, that's the one explicit rule
that they do follow

is that they don't meddle in the affairs
of the lower planes of existence.

The Ori are not posing.
We do not doubt their power.

Just their word and intention.

The power is as real as the strength
and belief in all followers.

You are late for leaves
with the Administrator's wife.

- Sallis and she are acquaintances.
- So, what should I do?

Can you not disconnect
and allow Sallis to return?

No. Apparently, we can't do that.

Then you must pose as Sallis,
or we will be discovered.

I can do that.

The Council has already taken respite.

The vote was quick.
I delivered yours by proxy.

Gerak's motion was resolved
by a slim majority.

The Jaffa will be ruled
by High Council.

Votes will be attributed
to the various coalition representatives

based on military assets.

- Making Gerak...
- The new leader of the Jaffa Nation.

You said the Ori may have ascended.
What does that mean?


Where we come from,

some people who used to look a lot like us
evolved physically and mentally so much

that they found a way
to shed their physical bodies

and live as energy
on another higher plane of existence.

Some called it enlightenment

and came with it a much greater
understanding of the universe

and all its knowledge.

Now, this happened a long time ago.

And I believe that those people
may have originally come from here.

And those ascended beings,
as you call them,

do not guide you
and ask that you worship them?

In fact, they believe so strongly in free will

that they would not intervene
and use their knowledge

even if that meant the destruction
of an entire galaxy

full of us regular, old humans.

- Such is not the case with the Ori.
- Yes. So they ask that you worship them

and yet conceal
the truth of your existence from you.

That is not all.

What are you gonna do?

We're gathering as much evidence
as we can.

Our hope is that one day
we will have enough proof

to convince
even the most devout believers.

In the meantime, we meet in secret

and share with those we trust
what we have learned.

We keep hidden those artifacts
which prove our claims

- in case one or more of us are discovered.
- How many of you are there?

A few. Our numbers are growing.

Some believe the fact
that we have not yet been discovered

is further proof that the Ori are not
all-powerful and all-knowing.

Others wonder if they are
just giving us the opportunity

to see the error
of our ways and repent.


Crowd gathers at the Ara.

That's an altar?

I cannot be seen with you.

Excuse me.

CHIEF: He spoke to the sky and said,

"And the people shall deliver unto you
the wicked

"for your divine judgment

"where their sins shall be weighed
in the balance

- "of all that is just and true."
- Let go of me. Get your hands off me!

- Daniel.
- What happened?

- Didn't go so well.
- Yeah, I can see that.

Excuse me.

Harrid, stand back.

- Sallis has been overcome.
- No, she hasn't.

If you'll just let me explain it.
Listen to me!


Fear not, for the Ori see all.

Outside and within.

If your heart is pure
and your devotion unwavering

they will protect you.
They will cleanse your being

and you will be taken
to be with them forever.

If not, may the fire burn you down
to the ground and lay you in the dust.


Hallowed are the Ori.

Her heart rate is 140.
She's in distress.

Daniel's B.P. and heart rate
are increasing, too.

Pull the stones.

I can't.

- What the hell did you say?
- I think at first it was what I didn't say.

You see, apparently there's a blessing
you're supposed to recite over the leaves

before you drink,
which nobody warned me about.

Then I think it's what I did say.

I was trying to politely explain
what was going on

and then his wife started screaming
and accusing me of being overcome,

at which point I believe I suggested

she might want to think about
procreation with herself.

Listen! Please, listen to me.
You have to believe me!

This is not what it looks like.
Sallis is not possessed, okay?

Now, this is gonna sound crazy,

but we're from another galaxy.

That's right, we're using
a communication technology

that allows us to take over a body
from very far away

and then make us talk to you.
We just wanna talk to you.

Okay. This is getting worse.
I'm administering a sedative.

Hopefully, it'll calm things down.

- Daniel!
- Okay, listen to me!

Listen to me!
You have to believe me!

- You're killing an innocent person!
- Daniel!

Blessed are those
that deliver us from evil.



- No!
- No!

She's in V-fib. Code blue.

- Charging to 200.
- No! Don't shoot.

You got a better idea?

You might cause a surge.
You could kill them both.

You might detonate the power source.
Now, come on.


Charge to 360. Clear!

Still in V-fib. Charging again. Clear!

I've got no pulse.
She's gone into asystole.

MAN: That's negative.

- WOMAN: No change. It's still rising.
- I'm calling it.

- She's dead?
- I'm sorry.

His vitals have stabilized
for the moment.

- You can't pry the stones off?
- No.

- And you don't want me to shoot it.
- No.

Then how do we unplug this thing?

- I don't know.
- Brilliant.

At the very least, we need to find a way
to get that bracelet off of Dr. Jackson.

They're still linked.
And without Vala, he'll...


She's got a heartbeat.


Are you okay?

I've got tingles all over.

And don't flatter yourself,
I'm pretty sure it's not you.

Thank you.

Thank the Ori.


You will come with me.

I think he wants us to follow him.
Can you walk?

If it means getting away from here.

- Hallowed are the children of the Ori.
- ALL: Hallowed are we.

Hallowed are the Ori.

Hallowed are the Ori.

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