Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 9, Episode 1 - Avalon: Part 1 - full transcript

With a new commander of the SGC comes a new leader of SG-1, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, a former fighter pilot who flew an F-302 in the battle over Antarctica. However, he is deterred by the...

MAN: Who's that?

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

Two years ago, dogfight over Antarctica.

SG-1 found the Ancient outpost,
took out Anubis' fleet.

- That's him?
- That's him.

MITCHELL: Remember, no matter what,
we're here to protect SG-1 at all costs.

Target the Alkesh first, gliders second.

Go low, boys and girls.
Prometheus has our backs.


Break left. Two gliders at our 3 o'clock.


SG-1, this is Hammond. Do you read?

Yes, sir. It's good to see you.


One bandit on the deck and inbound.

Tally, One.

MITCHELL: Fox Two, Fox Two.

So close.

BANKS: We've been hit.
Left thruster is down.

Contact. Two bandits on our six.

Blue leader, we've got your six.

Nice shot, Red!

- He's been hit!
- Redmond!

He's gone.

Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman.

The General's ready for you, Colonel.

- It's bigger than I thought it would be.
- Yes, sir.

Welcome to Stargate Command.

Feel free to have a seat.

General Landry will be with you shortly.

He's just finishing up
a briefing with SG-12.

Thank you, Sergeant.


MITCHELL: All right, boys and girls,
listen up.

We've got a change of plans.
New orders from General Hammond.

We are no longer going after
Anubis' mother ship.

SG-1 is on its way to Antarctica
in a cargo ship.


They think they may have found
the Lost City of the Ancients.

In Antarctica?

It doesn't matter where they are
or what it is they're doing.

It's SG-1,
and we're gonna cover their asses.

ETA is nine minutes.

Expect the enemy
to throw everything they have at us.

All right, saddle up, folks.

LANDRY: Cocky sons of bitches.

(SIGHING) Marines. Never liked them.

- You must be Colonel Mitchell.
- Yes, sir.

It's good to be here, sir.

Your service record's impeccable, Mitchell.
What's wrong with you?

- Sir?
- Nobody's perfect.

Everyone has some sort of character flaw.
What's yours?

Sometimes I can be impatient, sir.

Well, all pilots have type A personalities.

I'm talking about your kryptonite.

Don't worry. I'll figure it out. Walter!

The files on your desk

are the personnel folders
you're about to request, sir.

"About to request?"
Walter, I'd appreciate it...

You have to push the button to talk, sir.

Thank you, Walter.

You know, the thing that's hardest
to get used to around here

is how good everybody is at their job.

Fact is, I like yelling at people.
Never get the damn chance.

I'll try not to lower the average, sir.

Oh, a self-deprecating sense of humor.

You think it'll make people like you
despite your outward perfection.

- No.
- Here you go, son.

- Get started.
- Sir?

You heard the disconnected voice
of the little sergeant

with psychic powers.
Those are personnel files.

Start picking your team.

General, I'm here to join SG-1.

Colonel, you're here to lead SG-1.

What about Lieutenant Colonel Carter?

She's taken command
of Stargate's R&D out of Area 51.

- Since when?
- Last week.

- And Daniel Jackson?
- Dr. Jackson put in for reassignment.

Teal'c left the program over a month ago.

I'm surprised General O'Neill
didn't tell you.


Well, that's Jack for you.

You know, I looked for the key
to that desk for a week

before I finally got him to admit
he never had one.

The man never opened a drawer
the whole time he was here.

I'm sorry, sir.

The reason that I requested this post...


Why I worked so hard...

"Expresses himself poorly
when faced with unexpected challenge?"

Your sheet says that you have
outstanding leadership skills.

Take the files, Colonel. Choose your team

before I start to question
the accuracy of that claim.

Yes, sir.


Dr. Jackson.


- My friends call me Cameron.
- Daniel.

- How are you?
- I'm good, thanks.

- Yeah. I heard you were coming.
- Yeah. They told me you were leaving.

Yes, finally.

You don't... You don't wanna help?

No. Actually, I came to see
if I could talk you into staying.

You're kidding.

I've been given command of SG-1.

Wow. Oh.
Well, good for you. You deserve it.

I think the SGC still needs you.

There's lots of other guys.

You're the world's foremost expert
on the Ancients.

Yes, and that's why I'm going
to Atlantis, "City of the Ancients."

Listen, General O'Neill gave me the choice
of any posting I wanted.

I chose SG-1.

That meant Colonel Carter, Teal'c
and yourself,

- not two letters, a dash and a number.
- That's nice.

I wanted to be on the front line
working with the best.

I wanted to learn from you.

- Look, this is all very flattering, but...
- That's not the point.

I'm sorry.

I know I owe you one.

We all do.

We've lost a turbine.

CARTER: Heads up, Blue leader.
This is Carter.

- We have another bandit incoming.
- I see it, Major.


Splash. One Alkesh.

That was close.

Listen, Jackson,

I don't want you to stay
because you think you owe me one.

- Unless of course you're considering it.
- Oh, no, no.

I was just gonna offer you my apartment.


MITCHELL: Brother,
I love what you've done with the place.

These columns
were salvaged and restored

- from the original Ancient monument.
- It's got a real High Council feel to it.

Hope you're taking lots of before
and after pictures.

Where's the rest of your team,
Colonel Mitchell?

Actually, it's still kind of SG-me.

That's one of the reasons I'm here.

That's one of the reasons I'm here.

I was hoping maybe you could help me.

I can offer some names of those
I consider to be honorable warriors.

I'd appreciate that. I know you're busy.

We are attempting to build
a whole new system of government

that will span Jaffa worlds
throughout the galaxy.

- Yeah, how's that going?
- Not well.

Well, your people
did just renounce their gods.

Guess you've got to cut them
a bit of a break.

Too many are still steeped in an old
culture full of antiquated rituals

and are slow to accept change.

I understand Major Davis and SG-7
are trying to help out.

That has caused problems as well.

Many view the Tau'ri with the same level
of mistrust as a would-be enemy.

They see
the proposed system of government

as a means to control and subvert
their newly acquired freedom.

My allegiance to the Tau'ri is not
serving me as well as you might think

in winning votes from the most traditional
of the Jaffa electorate.


Politics really does suck
everywhere you go.


Listen, maybe it's a good thing I came by.

If this doesn't work out,
before all the space on my team fills...

Teal'c, the Council's
returning from recess.

- I must go.
- Sure.

It has been good to see you,
Colonel Mitchell.


I will forward a list of names
as soon as I am able.

Have fun.

Did I mention I'm on a mission from God?

Okay. Never mind.

Yo, you wanna join SG-1?

Hi. Cameron Mitchell. Colonel.

Excuse me, can you tell me
which way to the Stargate?

Stargate. Chappa'ai.

Just point a finger.

- Hi, Cameron.
- Hey, Sam. It's good to see you.

Sorry it took me so long
to get back to you.

We have been up to our ears
double checking the new hyperdrive.

And then the uplink was jammed
with the long-range plotting program

being transmitted by the Asgard...

No need to bore you.
How you been? You look good.


Listen, Sam, come back and rejoin SG-1.

I heard you'd been given command.

I'm not kidding.

You can keep an eye on R&D
in your spare time

just like you always have.

Besides, Dr. Lee is pouting
because you got the post over him.

- Really?
- No, I made that up.

I have my reasons for wanting this job.

I had my reasons for wanting this job.
One of them was working with you.

And please do not say, "That's nice."

- We'll still work together.
- It won't be the same.

What if the world needs saving?

Well, if the world needs saving
I will be there to do what I can.

What if the world needs saving
because I screwed up

because you weren't here
in the first place?

How about we pretend I didn't say that?


Lieutenant Colonel Carter to the Bridge.

Lieutenant Colonel Carter,
please report immediately to the Bridge.

- Sorry, I gotta go.
- Yeah.

Buy you breakfast
when you get back on solid ground.

You're on. I'll talk to you soon.


Well, Walter, it doesn't look like
we're getting the band back together.

MITCHELL: I can't shake him!
Reroute power to the...

Banks, you okay?


I'm losing it. Hang on back there.

Eject! Eject!

Damn it! Ejection failed.

Mayday! Mayday! We are going in.
Repeat, we are going in.

So did you decide to go with the desk

at an angle or flush with the door?

Is that what this is about?

You come all the way to Colorado Springs
to check up on me?

No, I had to sign the papers to my house

and my car,


You know, I'll never forget that day
on the front porch of my house

you standing there saying
you wanted to tell me

something about the Stargate program.

I thought one of us
had surely lost his mind.

That may actually be true.

How are things working out for Mitchell?

Oh, you could have told him
that SG-1 had been reassigned.

- You should have seen his face.
- Yeah. I suppose, huh?

No, he'll get his feet.

The man's a survivor.

He's also got the best of the best
looking out for him.

A General's only as good
as the people he commands.

Who said that?

I just did.

I mean, Douglas MacArthur
may have said something similar.

Didn't he also say,
"There is no substitute for winning?"

Actually, it was,
"In war, there is no substitute for victory."

You seem to have a knack for it.

I am fluent in Mandarin, Russian,
Spanish, three dialects of Goa'uld,

Teneeze, Golap

and the yet-unnamed language
of the cave people of P3K-447.

And, of course, Ancient.
Spoken as well as written.

Go ahead, say anything.

No, that's okay, I believe you.


Which is actually just, "I believe you."

"That's okay" is a modern vernacular

that can't be directly translated
into Ancient. However...

This is really unnecessary.


Thank you.

Eighty-seven mission hours
to 32 alien planets.

Front line ground combat
on four different occasions.

I was hoping you could tell me
something about yourself,

something personal.

People call me Dave.

- It says here that's your name.
- Yes.

The magnetic properties of the planet
make it an excellent choice

for the long-term study of positively
charged ions on the neurons of the brain.

MAN: 25, 26, 27,

28, 29, 30,

31, 32.

We have modified the android body
recovered from PX-3989

and are currently incorporating
the experiences of every SG team member

since the inception of the program
into a viable artificial intelligence.

Wait a minute. Are you guys saying
that this thing actually exists?

We haven't received our funding yet,

but we were hoping
that with your support,

perhaps the funding body would look
more favorably on our proposal.

Don't make a decision yet.

We do have a concise but thorough
380-page report for you to...

KIRKLAND: Thousands of bright yellow...

I don't know.
They're coming from the surface.

I don't know what they are.

They're cutting the enemy fleet to shreds!

My God! It's beautiful!

MAN: They're Ancient weapons. It's SG-1,
they found what they were looking for.

The ships are being destroyed!

They're just exploding
everywhere we look!

Don't worry. Respiration is weak.

He's bleeding internally. I need...

Lieutenant Adam Banks ' body
was recovered at 0843 this morning.



The chances of you walking are quite slim,
but with physiotherapy, hopefully...

None of us would be here today
if it wasn't for what you did.

The Congressional Medal of Honor
is the highest award

for valor in action against an enemy force
that can be bestowed upon an individual

serving in the armed services
of the United States of America.

- On behalf of the President...
- Get well soon.

And when you do,

you can do anything you want, and I mean

professionally, anything you want.

Well, not anything.

- What's up, sir?
- I wanted you here for this.

SG-12 sent word five minutes ago.
They should be arriving momentarily.

Receiving IDC. Opening the iris.

Well, don't you all have me surrounded.

Welcome to the SGC. I'm General Landry.

Vala. Vala Mal Doran.

Thank you so much
for the lovely greeting party.

We all had a wonderful time
searching each other, didn't we, boys?

I know we haven't met.

That I'm sure I would remember.

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

- Nice outfit.
- Thanks.

While I would normally be thrilled to have
so much testosterone at my disposal,

where's my Daniel?

Okay, where is it?

Nice to see you, too. How have you been?

The tablet, the one that leads
to the incredible Ancient buried treasure.

There is no tablet.

- What?
- I lied.

I had to tell you in person.

I'm pregnant.

Pretty sure it's yours anyway.
There's at least a 1-in-10 chance.

Dr. Jackson. You're the reason
we let her through the gate.

I'm sorry, sir,
I really have to finish packing.

The Daedalus doesn't leave
for another 12 hours.

At least have a look.


Thank you.


Yep, I don't know where you got this,
but you got ripped off.

- It's complete gibberish.
- It's written in code.

Well, I can't crack this in a few hours.

- I know the cipher.
- Then why do you need me?

Well, reading it is one thing.
Understanding it is another.

The individual I got this from assured me

that the treasure it describes
is here on Earth.

Now, I could have come by ship
and looked for it myself,

but I know nothing about your fair planet.

Other than it seems to have a rather
interesting if somewhat limited gene pool.

- So, where'd you get this?
- The Jaffa may have won their freedom,

but there's still more than
a few Goa'uld out there.

Most of them have lost
their dynasties, though,

and are either on the run or in hiding.

Yeah, no doubt plotting some means
of regaining their power.

Yes, and in the meantime,
they are having a lot of trouble

maintaining the lifestyle
to which they've grown so accustomed

over the last 5,000 years or so.

As such, there are a number
of rather interesting artifacts

currently on the market.

Anyway, that isn't the issue.
The question is, what's it worth?

Well, the Ancients aren't exactly known
for secret stashes of gold,

like these, for example.

Wait a minute.

These markings are Goa'uld,
the treasure's supposed to be Ancient.

What do they have to do with this?

These are actually
only loosely related to the tablet.

- Yeah, how?
- You ever heard of the Goa'uld Nut?

As in cashew? Pea?

- Oh, you mean the Egyptian sky goddess.
- Yes.

- No, never heard of her.
- These were her

ceremonial marriage bracelets.

She wore one and her husband
of the moment wore one.

- "Of the moment"?
- Yes. She had many.

It's one of the few
admirable things about her.

What are you doing?


Okay, that was fun. Now take it off.

- Not until we find the treasure.
- What?

These bracelets link us together.

The tablet is mine, and I want
my fair share of what it leads to.


That's the third blade I've gone through.

I'm not gonna be able to cut it off...
The hand.

If we remove the hand...
Now, I know that on first blush

that doesn't sound like a viable option,
but I understand

that Dr. Bennet is becoming
quite proficient at reattaching...

I thought SG-12 checked
everything she had on her.

(STAMMERING) They did.
And in their defense,

at that time the bracelet wasn't giving off
any kind of energy signature.

I mean, even now, it's barely measurable.

So, what's it doing?
I mean, how does it work?

Well... I don't know.

No, no, I just need a little more time.

I'll find out.

Hey, are you okay?

Come to torture me?

How old are you?

Mental abuse won't work either.

I have a daughter about your age.

Hasn't listened to me since she was 12.
Doesn't matter what I say or do.

You're not going to bore me
with your personal life, are you?

I have to admit an hour or two of that
might break me.

I don't like being deceived!

I'm not here to hurt anyone.

And I really do hope this leads
to something fabulous for all of us,

but it's not easy out there.

I'm sure you can appreciate that a girl has
to do what a girl has to do to survive...

I'm about as interested
in your sob story as you are in mine.

I just want you to know
that Dr. Jackson is the one

who recommended
I let you through the gate.

He thought there was a chance that
what you had to offer might be legitimate.

And he's the one with an alien device

now stuck on his wrist.

How this plays out

and what you get out of it in the end

I'm gonna leave entirely up to him.

So if I were you...


Daniel Jackson.

How you doing?

Fine, I think.

- I don't know what happened. I was...
- It's the bracelet.

- They are called kor mak.
- I figured he might know.

Yeah, she said they were some sort
of weird Goa'uld Nut marriage thing.

- I do not believe that to be the case.
- No?

- No.
- Should've known.

I have only heard of them in passing
a very long time ago.

I believe it was Cronus who used
this technology when a prisoner of value

needed to be transported
by one of his Jaffa.

He would affix a bracelet
such as this to both the prisoner

and the Jaffa responsible for him.

If they became separated
for more than a short period of time

- they would both become ill and die.
- Both?

That's just about the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.

- You didn't know?
- Well, I knew it would make you sick.

I didn't know it would have
the same effect on me, too.

How could you not know?

Because the person I stole it from
didn't tell me that part!



Why would the Goa'uld
design these things that way?

To punish the Jaffa for his incompetence.

Right, of course.

Can you take it off?

I am sorry, Daniel Jackson. As I have said,

I've only heard
of this technology in passing.

Please tell me you know
how to take this off.

Yes, of course I do. I mean...

That's assuming
that the person I stole them from

was honest about that part.

- Just do it.
- All right.

As soon as we find the treasure
and I get my fair share.

Okay, just to clarify,

when I kill her, I die?

Just as if you left her proximity.

Or we could just find the treasure.

The Daedalus left two hours ago.


Look, the tablet is written
in Ancient code, right?

I know it's not the Lost City of Atlantis
we're looking for here,

but whatever it is could be worth finding.

Or you're just gonna have
to marry that chick.

Yeah. Let's make babies.

Are you sure you have this cipher right?

Yes. Why?

I can't believe
I missed the Daedalus for this.

Get over it.

You don't have to get back to Dakara?

The Council is in recess until tomorrow.

- Curious?
- Indeed.

See? This is good, isn't it?

Being part of a team again,
working together

to unravel some cool Ancient mystery.

Right, so we're not working together.

But any minute now,
I bet Dr. Jackson discovers

some key piece of information
that sets us off on a great adventure.

This can't be right.

What is it?

This is a portion of the database

the Atlantis expedition
brought back with them a few weeks ago.

Specifically it's a log
of the names of the Ancients

who left the planet
when it was under siege

from the Wraith and returned to Earth.

- Thousands of years ago.
- Yes.

And what does this have to do
with the tablet?

See, the tablet talks about a treasure,

but it doesn't make
any specific reference at all to where it is.

Well, it is supposed to be here.

That's what the person
who I stole it from told me.

Before I stole it from him.

Well, I think it is here,
and I think I know where it is, too.

All right, time-out.
If the tablet doesn't say...

It doesn't say specifically,

but it is signed by a guy named Myrddin.

Never heard of him.

I think you have. And the amazing part is,
his name also appears in the database.

The Ancient who carved this tablet

is one of the Ancients
who returned to Earth from Atlantis?


I have an Uncle Marvin

and I'm pretty sure
I don't know any Myrddins.

That's because his name in English
sounds a little different.

Have you heard of Merlin?


King Arthur and
the Knights of the Round Table Merlin?

- Yes.
- Was an Ancient?

I think so.

See? That is what I'm talking about.

Arthur was then carried off
in a barge by Merlin,

saying that he was headed
for the vale of Avalon,

which according to legend was a
magical place where the dead would meet.

Now, at the time some
said Arthur never actually died,

but would, in fact, one day return.

From what we know about the Ancients
it's possible

that Avalon was actually a place where
Merlin helped Arthur, a mortal, ascend.

Are not the Ancients prevented from
interfering with the existence of mortals?

Ascended Ancients. Yes, for the most part.

But it's possible Merlin
was not actually ascended himself,

but was, in fact, just a human
far along the evolutionary path.

What does this have to do
with where this alleged treasure is buried?

Well, there are a number
of conflicting interpretations,

but certain threads point
to the Knights of the Round Table.

Gathering great treasures
from the far corners of Arthur's domain

and hiding them in a magical stronghold
at Avalon.

- Including the Holy Grail.
- According to some.

So this grail, what's that worth?


In 1191, the monks at Glastonbury Abbey

claimed to have found
the grave of King Arthur.

On the stone burial was an inlay lead cross
with the inscription...


"Here lies the famous King Arthur
buried on the isle of Avalon."

Now, the claim was not taken seriously
until 1278

when Henry II ordered
the grave to be exhumed.

Now, Glastonbury, a small town
about 125 miles west of London

has been a pilgrimage for believers since.

Yes, yes. And the point is?

Certain Celtic legends says
that Glastonbury Tor,

the hill overlooking the town,
is actually hollow

and that contained within it
is the entrance to the underworld Avalon.

Has no one ever done
any sort of geological survey?

There've been several
scientific studies apparently...

Jackson, I...

We're talking about the Ancients here, sir.

It's very possible
that the underground entrance

was concealed
with some sort of technology.

Sir, we're hoping to use the Asgard
sensors aboard the Prometheus

to find something
we haven't been able to see before.

Thank you.

Well, two years ago, I wouldn't have
believed we'd find an Ancient outpost

under a mile of ice in Antarctica.

I'll call the President.

I'm sure he'll want to inform
the British Prime Minister.

That was fantastic. You talk to Carter yet?

- Yeah. She can't make it.
- What?

This is huge, we could be
on the brink of another major discovery

of Ancient technology here.

I'm sure she'll be interested
in whatever we find.

Hey, try playing hard to get.

Well, look who's talking.

So what do you reckon
the range of these things is?

Well, Dr. Lee seems to think
we need to stay within 100 feet or so,

more than half an hour outside that
boundary we'll begin to feel the effects.

You know, if we do find something,

I think maybe Teal'c and I
should check it out.

I missed the Daedalus because of this.
If we find a secret Ancient base, I'm going.

That means we gotta take her with us.

- Good point.
- Look, I want you there. You know that.

I'm just thinking
we could stay in radio contact.

Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, please report

to auxiliary control room two.

- Now, this brings back memories.
- How's that?

- Isn't this where I beat you up?
- No.

No, I'm pretty sure that right there
is where I crushed your...

All right, excuse me, kids.

- Marks, what you got?
- Well, thanks to the Asgard sensors,

we were able to map
around the energy distortion

that would have normally fooled
deep-ground sonar.

I was able to define a large main cavern,

a network of tunnels
and some smaller caves.

Well done, Lieutenant.

Can you see what's in there?

Say, large piles of precious metals?

Like I said, we could only map
the exterior of the structure.

Can you get us in there?

It's almost a half-mile underground and
there's no visible access from the surface.

Asgard beams.

Tried that. Doesn't seem to penetrate

whatever sort of energy shield
is disguising the caves.


The Ancients
were the gate builders, right?

And they invented the rings, too.

They had to get in and out
of there somehow,

and I know this ship has rings...

Yeah, yeah, good times.
She's right, though.

If there are rings down there
we should be able to lock on.

But your radios won't work.

Looks like we're all going.

You'll be on your own.

Ladies first.

Well, then after you.

Come on. This is fun, right?

MITCHELL: Be quick!

And empty.

(SIGHING) I haven't been this disappointed
since Daniel and I had sex.

A sword in a stone.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, King Arthur
once pulled a sword from a stone

as proof of his righteousness and loyalty.

- Excalibur.
- Actually, that's a common misconception.

See, Excalibur was forged
by the Lady of the Lake at Avalon,

but it wasn't given to King Arthur

until after the sword
he pulled from the stone broke in battle.

Give it a try, muscles. I'll give you half.

Okay, yeah.

Yeah, it's in there pretty good.

Welcome, ye Knights of the Round Table,

men of honor,
followers of the path of righteousness.

Only those with wealth of knowledge

and truth of spirit
shall be given access to the underworld,

the storehouse of riches
of Ambrosius Aurelianus.

Prove ye worthy, and all shall be revealed.

That's incredible.

Certain scholars have speculated

that Ambrosius and Arthur
are one and the same,

but that would've made him
74 years old at the Battle of Mount Badon.

It's actually quite fascinating.

See, Ambrosius was the son
of the emperor...

Yes, yes, yes.
Fascinating is the one thing it's not.

How do we prove ye worthy
and get all to be revealed?

JACKSON: I have no idea,
but something tells me truth of spirit

- might be a problem for you.
- You know nothing about me.

'Cause everything that comes
out of your mouth is a lie.

Don't make me separate you two.

Perhaps there's something
in these tunnels.

See, that is why he's here.

Genius. We're gonna split up.
I'm with Teal'c.

Yo, wait up.

I guess it would've been too easy for them

to just leave their stuff laying
out in the open.

Maybe it's just me,

but I'm digging this rapport
developing between the two of us.

VALA: You should give me a weapon.

There could be some sort of icky creature
down here

left behind to protect the treasure.

- For hundreds of years?
- Some sort of stasis or hibernation.

What if it senses our presence
and awakens hungry for human flesh?

That doesn't quite sound
like an Ancients' style.


I'm sure if there is a monster down here

it's gonna be much more scared of you
than you are of it.

Especially once it gets to know you.


Check this out.


Okay, that can't be good.

Jackson, come in.

Jackson, can you hear me?

If you immediately know
that candlelight is fire...

- Huh?
- Nothing.


Okay, the hologram said that only those
with a wealth of knowledge

and truth of spirit will pass.

This has to be a test.

What does it say?

It says, "The universe is infinite."

That seems infinitely not useful.
How about this one?

- "The treasure is in this pot."
- Really?

I was hoping for something
a little more substantial, but okay.

No, wait! Wait!

- Too obvious?
- Give me a minute.

Not a minute.

Still not a minute.

Still not a minute.

All right.

I am assuming this is some kind of puzzle.

Can you read this writing?


Well, I think we're supposed to arrange
the stones in some sort of order.

What do you think?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, man!

Bullets bounce!

Okay, how about this?
We open both of them,

whichever one the treasure's in
is the right one.

No, I think that's the wrong idea.
There's two pots here.

I think the point of the exercise
is to only open one pot.

This says, "Treasure is inside."

Right. Which makes it
the obvious first choice.

- So over to the gold!
- No.

- Back to the silver, then.
- Don't!

It's empty.

There's nothing I hate
more than a bold-faced lie.

- Okay...
- Would you stop!

What? We're already trapped in here.
How much worse can it get?


How about that much?

I knew it was a mistake
the moment I said it.

The moment.


That didn't work.



Oh, come on.

- This one's empty, too.
- I know.

- That doesn't make sense.
- I know!

Colonel Mitchell!

Two down, and only a billion
possible combinations to go.

Are you still having fun, Colonel Mitchell?

- So, what do we do?
- I don't know.

You don't know?

So now is a bad time to tell you
that I hate small spaces?

Do you ever get a bad feeling
about something?

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