Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 8, Episode 5 - Icon - full transcript

An SG-1 first contact mission to the planet Tegalus has unintended consequences. By appearing through a gate that was on display as a museum piece, they create a rift between two nuclear-armed powered nations that have long maintained an uneasy but balanced relationship . More importantly, their arrival has empowered a religious fanatic, Soren, who believes the benevolent gods who placed the ring on the planet are to return some day. As war rages, Daniel is injured and is cared for by Leda Kane, wife of Daniel's host on the planet Jared Kane. When the gate falls under Soren's control, Daniel must find away out.

- It's time.
- Wait.

It's okay.

Just relax.

Give your vision
a moment to adjust.

You haven't used it for a while.

- How's that?
- Better.

Your eyes-

it's nice to finally see them.


Welcome back.

Where am I?

Many miles from the city.

This house belonged to my uncle.
We're safe here.

The city?

I remember being there.
Something terrible happened.

Many people died.

There's food
if you feel strong enough to eat.

It's our fault, isn't it?

None of this would've happened
if we hadn't come here.

You're alive.

And considering what you've been through,
that alone is a miracle.

First discovered in the Corillian
wastelands over 150 years ago-

and the highlight
of our antiquities collection-

the Great Ring of Avidan.

Researchers estimate the ring to be
at least several thousand years old.

And while its origin remains
a subject of debate...

many believe it was created by
ancient worshippers to honor their gods.

It's thought that the peculiar symbols on
the ring represent the names of the gods.

However, no one has been
able to decipher-

exactly what they mean.

Maybe we should just
get the hell out of here.

Get back.

Is that part of the exhibit?

Commander Gareth?

In the name of the people of the Rand
Protectorate, I welcome you.

- You're Colonel Carter?
- This is Teal'c and Dr. DanielJackson.

It is a pleasure to finally
meet you all face-to-face.

But, please, come.

We have many questions,
as I'm sure you do as well.

Sorry about scaring the tourists.

We've made first contact
with a lot of planets...

but this is the first time we've found
ourselves coming out of a museum piece.

One of our artifacts suddenly
coming to life was a little surprising...

but that pales in comparison
to its purpose.

It is almost beyond imagining.

As is the fact that you're human.

My chief aide-Jarrod Kane.

Believe it or not, there's actually
a good reason for us being human.

Which we'll get to in due time.

Colonel, I hope that,
once we gain each other's trust...

you'll be able to shed some light on
the technology that powers the great ring.

It is unlike anything
we have seen before.

We call it the Stargate. And our people
share the same hope, Commander.

Of course, in due time.

I take it the great ring
is a recurring motif in your culture.

It is simply a reminder
of certain traditions...

that predate
our age of enlightenment.

Most people wear them more for the sake
of fashion than for religious belief.

Our history tells of an age when
all-powerful gods ruled our world.

The great ring was supposedly
the source of their power.

Of course, we know these are merely
legends from our ancient past.

However, the activation of the ring
may well cause a stir...

amongst those few
who still follow the old ways.

Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.

It's all right.

For the pain.

I wish I could give you more,
but our medicine is in short supply.

Thank you.

- I'll leave you alone.
- Please... stay.

- How'd it go at the-
- Caledonians? Not so well actually.

My time with the representatives was
severely limited by Rand security forces.

Apparently Gareth had
national security concerns-

mainly that we'd tell the Caledonians
too much about the Stargate.

Let me venture a wild guess.

They don't get along so good.

The Rand Protectorate
and the Caledonian Federation...

have been locked
in a state of cold war for decades.

Each nation has enough weapons to wipe
each other off the face of the planet.

Sounds depressingly familiar.

There's actually a third element
which has me a little more concerned-

a group of religious fundamentalists
led by a man named Soren.

These people think that all life on
the planet was created by ancient gods...

and that these gods will someday return
and reward them for their faith.

And, by coming through the Stargate,
we confirmed their beliefs.

Because the gate was activated
in a public place...

the Rand government has been unable
to prevent the rumors from spreading.

Before we made contact with them,
these people were considered zealots...

who took the ancient texts
too literally.

The gate being activated
has given them all they need...

to prove they were right all along.

- Their numbers will grow.
- That's terrible.

And yet, not our problem.

Jack, you have to let me go back.

If what you say is true...

things are gonna get
a little out of hand over there.

Because of us.
If we hadn't chosen to pay them a visit-

They'd be far better off. I know.

We're always stickin' our collective noses
where they don't belong. It's what we do.

I could help them understand what they're facing-
make them see it's not the end of the world.

If we leave now,
who knows what could happen?

We have to help them.
You know that.

Regular contact.
No exceptions.

The second things start getting
a little squirrelly-

Thank you.

- Squirrelly.
- Squirrelly.

You shouldn't be standing.

Don't let appearances fool you.
I still feel terrible.

- Leda, everything you've done for me-
- Has been for my sake as well as yours.

So much has happened.

Caring for you has helped me...
continue on.

What has happened exactly?

I mean, I remember being in the bunker
with Commander Gareth.

And then we were attacked, and...
the rest is a fog.

Jarrod is away searching for survivors.
He should be back in a few days' time.

I think it would be best
if he answered your questions.

Jarrod Kane.

I remember him.
He was in the bunker as well.

My husband was chief aide
to Commander Gareth.

Husband? Was?

He insisted I move here
when the fighting reached the capital.

He felt you would be safest
in my care.

Look, no offense, but I've really
got to get back to my own world...

or at least contact them and let them
know I'm okay, so-

Trying to reach the great ring
would be impossible.

Rebel patrols have been
sighted in the area.

Even to leave the estate grounds
would be dangerous.

Not to mention the fact that
you are far from healed.

You must rest, Daniel.

Leda, what happened
to Commander Gareth?

- Give me good news, Colonel.
- I wish I could, sir.

We met with Soren,
the leader of the rebels...

but it was less constructive
than we'd hoped.

How much less?

We were only allowed
to see him for 15 minutes.

After keeping us waiting
for several hours.

Important matters of state no doubt.

He's managed to unite all the fundamentalist
factions in the Rand Protectorate...

which effectively puts him in control.

He was most unwilling to allow us
to search for DanielJackson.

Before he insisted we leave,
he did promise...

he would look into the matter
on our behalf-whatever that means.

Right. What about a UAV?

He won't give us access
to the surface.

Plus he claims it would interfere with
their own radio communication systems.

I'm sorry, sir, but at this point we have
no way of knowing if Daniel's still alive.

And what does blue mean?

It's our second-highest level
of military-alert status.

There's been civil unrest in several
urban centers across the country.

Over a dozen municipalities have fallen
into the hands of Soren's troops.

Our forces are in the process of pacifying
those areas as we speak.


Reclaiming our cities from
the hands of religious madmen.

So civil unrest
means you go to blue.

Under normal circumstances, no.

Unfortunately, the situation
has caused other problems.

What's goin' on?

We were forced to heighten our alert
status to match that of the Caledonians.

I promise you we will share
this technology with you...

once we fully understand it.

You mean once you've assessed
its advantages to your national security.

You have refused to allow our scientists
access to the great ring.

You have limited our access
to the off-worlders.

We do not feel as much a part
of this great discovery as you do.

Had the ring been activated on Caledonian
soil, you would have done no differently.

Minister Treydan, I am simply asking
your government for patience.

Stand down your high alert.
We will do the same.

Typically, you trust
your people too much, Commander.

Caledonia has been under
strict martial law...

since news of the off-worlders'arrival
began to spread.

Our domestic security remains intact.

The citizens of this world
are not children.

They just need time to come to terms
with this information.

Soren and his followers
have already seized control...

of more than a dozen of your cities.

Your people are panicked, and your country
is on the verge of collapse.

I urge you to deal with this situation
in a swift and decisive manner.

Should control of the Rand Protectorate
fall into Soren's hands...

we'll consider it an act of war.

This is Daniel Jackson calling
Stargate Command. Come in, please.

This is DanielJackson calling
Stargate Command. Please respond.

This is DanielJackson calling
Stargate Command. Come in, please.

This is DanielJackson calling
Stargate Command. Please respond.

Any luck?

Nothing yet.

You've been trying for days.

Something seems to be jamming
all the signals I'm picking up.

I mean,
there's people out there...

but nothing clear enough
for me to respond to.

But you think your friends
will be able to hear you.

Yeah. That's kind of a timing thing.

If the Stargate's open, they'll be able
to pick up my signal...

if your gate isn't buried
in rubble or... worse.

Well, while you're
waiting to be rescued...

you could use some fresh air...
if you think you're up to it.

How can you be sure Soren
and his followers aren't right?

How can you know for certain
that the gods they worship aren't-

Benevolent? 'Cause I've met
more than a few of them.

Trust me.
They're the opposite.

And they're definitely not gods.

- Then what are they?
- The short form?

They're a... parasitical alien race
that steals advanced technology...

and rules via fear and intimidation...

and has a penchant for melodrama.

Trust me. If Soren ever actually met one,
he'd be singing a different tune.

But you said
you fought them and won.

Yeah. We got lucky a few times.
That's all.

But there's hope, isn't there?

You think what happened
was your fault, don't you?

From what you've told me,
it was better...

that your people activated
the great ring than the Goa'uld.

You think so?
'Cause right now I'm not so sure.

You couldn't have known
what was going to happen.

When the fighting began, you could
have gone back to your planet...

but you chose to stay...
to try and help us.

For all the good it did.

There has been distrust between
our country and Caledonia for generations.

It was only a matter of time
before something set it off.

We did this to ourselves.

And since you've come here, I've begun to
think we may have a chance to undo it...

to rebuild.

This is Stargate Command
calling Dr. Jackson. Do you read me?

- Can you boost the signal?
- We're at maximum gain, Colonel.

This is Stargate Command
calling DanielJackson. Do you copy?

- Anything?
- Not yet, sir.

We're picking up a lot
of transmissions from the planet...

but none of them are clear enough
to tell if they're from Daniel.

We think both sides may have employed
radio-jamming measures...

just prior to the attack...

meaning any signals coming from outside
the command bunker are a mess.

- We're working on it.
- Anything from SG-9 yet?

Yeah. They just reported in. Sounds like
the negotiations are going nowhere, sir.

Soren is still refusing to allow us
to send any teams to look for Daniel.

He said our presence on the planet
would only cause more panic and fear.

Well, okay.

Sounds like I should
meet these people myself.

Dr. Jackson.

We got as close to what was left
of the capital as we could.

Soren has troops conducting full sweeps
of the region searching for survivors.

Any suspected of remaining loyal to the
old government are executed on the spot.

- Haven't enough people died?
- I don't think that matters to him.

It's about continuing the chaos,
not peace.

You're right.

People are too afraid to fight back.

Most of them have already
given up hope.

It's just a matter of time before
they pledge their loyalty to Soren.

Kane, what in the hell
happened that night?

I remember being in the bunker
and then waking up here.

It was the end.

I'm sorry, Dr. Jackson.
You really can't be in here right now.

What's goin' on? I heard something
about the Stargate being moved.

Rebels have seized control
of all of Rand's major cities...

including sections
of the capital itself.

We had the Stargate moved into
the bunker complex for security purposes.

What are the Caledonians doing?

Their missile systems are now
fully deployed and primed.

As a result, we've done the same.

It might be best if you
returned to your planet now.

Security's failing!
Security's failing!

Commander, Minister Treydan
for you on a coded frequency.

Put him through.

Commander Gareth, we've been monitoring
the situation in your country.

- We are most concerned.
- I understand, Minister.

However, rest assured we are close
to reclaiming vital areas-

Now is not the time for rhetoric,

Our reports indicate large elements of
your military are on the brink of mutiny.

Your civil unrest
has become a civil war.

Should any of your weapons systems
fall into the wrong hands...

no one in my country would be safe.

That will not happen.
I can promise you.

Just as you promised our scientists
full access to the Stargate.

First you hide information
about the alien device...

and now you deny your country
has slipped into chaos.

We respected the guidelines
of our treaty to the letter.

Our report to you on the Stargate
outlined everything we know-

Except what you deemed advantageous
to your national security.

One moment, Minister.

Rebel forces just detonated
a large explosive device...

near one of our missile
deployment facilities.

As of this moment...

we understand the facility
to be compromised.

Minister, forgive me.
I must cut our conversation short.

Commander, my intelligence advisers
havejust informed me...

of a massive explosion
near one of your missile facilities.

- Is this true?
- We are still gathering information.

We will contain the situation-

The time for containment
is long past, Commander.

We cannot allow your missile facilities
to fall into Soren's hands.

Treydan, give us time.
This need not escalate.

We are targeting
your missile sites only.

If you do not wish a full-scale war,
you will not retaliate.

Commander, we've detected multiple
launch signals from Caledonian positions.

It's possible the destruction
could have been contained...

if Soren's forces hadn't gained control
of one of our missile sites...

and launched a counterattack
on Caledonia.

After that,
it devolved into a full-scale war.

Within a matter of days,
all our cities were leveled.

From what we can tell, only a fraction
of our population has survived...

existing mainly in outlying areas.

As for the Caledonians, I've heard rumors
they're trying to rebuild what they can.

It won't be much.
They may have struck first...

but our missile systems
were much more accurate than theirs.

And Soren?

He used the chaos to make
his move on the bunker.

Then how did you save me?

Actually, from what I understand,
it was you who saved me.

This is insane.

Soren's forces are moving in
on this facility.

I can get you to the Stargate,
but we have to go now.

This way!

Here. Through that door.

Get down!

Loyalist soldiers found us first
and got us out of the city.

Your wounds were much worse than mine.
Bringing you here was the only option.

What happened to Commander Gareth?

He was executed
shortly after the bunker fell.

Since he took power, Soren has
set up a provisional government.

Not that there's much of Rand
left to govern.

However, we do know he does control
whatever's left of the bunker complex...

including the Stargate.

I'm sorry, Dr. Jackson.

Howdy, fellas.
Welcome to Earth.

General O'Neill. It is an honor.

I greet you in the name
of our great nation-Avidan.

You changed the name?

"Avidan" speaks more
to our people's beliefs.

It is from an ancient Goa'uld dialect.

It means "The gods are just."

Good choice.

So you're saying that Soren is still using
the bunker as a command center.

Damage in the city
would be too severe.

Then he hasn't totally
consolidated his power yet, has he?

If we could somehow retake the bunker,
we would effectively overthrow Soren.

The bunker's heavily fortified, and I have
only a dozen men under my command.

- It would be suicide.
- No, not if we had help.

If I could reach my friends on Earth,
we could regain control of the gate.

If you could reach them.

I know that you've been trying to make
radio contact with your planet...

since you regained consciousness-
without success.

I understand your wish to return to your
world, but it simply isn't possible.

This isn't about that.
My people can help you.

Like you helped us before?

I admire your passion, Dr. Jackson...

but too much has happened
to fix with one heroic action.

We have to accept the fact
that Soren has won.

Rand belongs to him now.

It is obvious you revere the great ring
as much as we do, General O'Neill.

Yeah. We love the old gal...

quite possibly for different
reasons than you.

We both seek to defend our people's
way of life, do we not, General?

To protect their very existence.

You do not represent
the people of your world.

You merely kill those who believe
differently and would stand against you.

You speak what is on your mind.
I admire that.

Actually, in your case,
he's holdin' back.

Commander Soren,
we're prepared to offer you aid...

in exchange for help
in locating DanielJackson.

Food and medical supplies
plus support personnel...

to help you stabilize
the situation on your planet.

You cannot truly believe
that your friend is still alive?

He's a resourceful fella.

Your offer is most generous,
but I'm afraid we must decline.

We are, however,
particularly interested in your...

weapons technology.

Your people are facing
starvation and disease.

What has happened to our world
is most unfortunate...

and yet vital.

Those who refuse to believe
needed to be purged from existence...

so that we could begin anew.

You know, in these parts...

we like to call that
"crimes against humanity."

If all you care about
is spiritual salvation...

what do you need
the weapons for?

The revolution is not yet complete.

You mean you want
to take over Caledonia too.

As I said...

the revolution is not yet complete.

Leda, you have to talk
to your husband.

What am I supposed to say to him?

That it's not too late to regain control,
to rebuild your country.

- Everything you told me before.
- Daniel, I can't.

- Why?
- Because I'd be lying.

Jarrod is right.

Those of us who were unlucky enough
to live through what's happened...

will die soon enough...

either through disease
or one of Soren's purges.

- There is no future.
- Leda, you were right.

There is hope.
Don't doubt that. Please.

- You believe your people can help us?
- Yes.

And what if you do overthrow Soren?
What then?

You simply leave?

When Jarrod became part of
Commander Gareth's inner circle, he...


became remote...

and distant.

I'd forgotten what it was like just...

to talk to someone...

to feel.

I'll speak to him, Daniel,
but he won't hear me.

Waste of time. Waste-

Sir, I think the fact
that he hasn't left yet...

could mean that he's
still willing to deal.

He has no need
for humanitarian aid.

The chaos in his country has only served
to strengthen his position.

We can't just give up.

Yes, I know that.

We're continuing to monitor countless
radio signals coming from the planet.

One of them could be from Daniel.

- If we can find a way to contact him-
- Find it!

Yes, sir.

I'm telling you it's madness.
All it will accomplish...

is to wipe out any chance we have to mount
a unified resistance in the future.

But what if he's right? What if this
is our best opportunity to defeat Soren?

You would have me throw away my life
and the lives of my men...

so that Daniel can return to his world?

It's not about that.
It's about rebuilding our world.

His friends can help us do that.

Jarrod, our people need this.

You mean, he needs this.

I'm not blind. I know that you and Daniel
have grown close during his convalescence.

- Jarrod, it's not what you think.
- Let me speak.

If I could live the last few years
differently, I would.

I would make the time.

But we no longer
have the luxury for regrets.

I need to know.
Do you love him?

I trust him.

Once order has been established...

the people of Avidan
will live differently than before-

simply, humbly...

waiting for our gods' inevitable return.

You know, we've met these gods
upon whom you're so hot...

and trust me when I tell you
they're not what you think they are.

They will reward your worship
with enslavement.

You are not the first
to try to sway our beliefs...

but I can assure you...
our faith is unshakable.

This is not about faith.
This is about a means to power.

That went well.

Sir, you better get up here.


By implementing spread-spectrum frequency
hopping into our communications soft-

Hello? Guys?

- We found him.
- Sweet.

- Nice to hear your voice.
- Likewise.

You comin' home or what?

Trying to- soon as I find my kel'tesh.


Looks a lot like my ring'kol'nok.

You know, I lent it to thee for
Grel'kar Kree'nor Day.

- He's changed.
- Sir, he's speaking Goa'uld.

"Ring'kol'nok" means "strategy."

Kel'tesh speaks of
a well-known Jaffa battle tactic-

a flanking attack from two sides.

Yes, Daniel.

I remember exactly where I put it.

Any other... thoughts?

No. Just that I hope someone's been
feeding my lo'assak while I've been away.

We've pieced together
all the Goa'uld words Daniel gave us.

LfTeal'c's translations are correct, he's
suggesting a strategy to retake the bunker.

He is proposing a coordinated attack
against Soren.

We come through the gate
at the same time...

as Daniel and Kane's men
enter from the surface.

I'm thinking we take
SG's 3, 6 and 1 2 as backup.

We go in hot, secure the gate,
then extract Daniel.

He has supplied an estimate
of the strength of Soren's forces...

as well as a possible date
and time for the assault.

Our next communication
is in five hours.

All we need to do is confirm
everything and...

of course, get a go from you, sir.

All right, well, not to nitpick
or anything here, T, but...

are you sure you got it right?

I am certain, O'Neill.



Fifteen men?
That's hardly enough.

They're some of the best
people on my planet.

They're trained for missions exactly
like this. It'll be enough. Trust me.

If we're gonna do this,
we have to set it up now.

They're waiting for your response.

A rebel patrol is approaching.

Hide in the cellar.

I know what to do.

In the name of Soren,
open the door.

Inspection. Stand aside.

Please, just tell me
what you're looking for.

- Who owns this house?
- I do.

- Who else lives here?
- No one.

You're hurting me!

We know
loyalist soldiers are in the area.

Collaboration is punishable by death.
Search the house!

There's no one else here, but we found
some men's clothes and boots.

- Now who else lives here?
- My husband did.

He died last month from wounds
suffered during the bombings.

I only wish to lead a simple life...

as it is written in the ancient texts.

There's nothing here.
Let's move.

Once we're close enough,
we'll use the city's tunnel systems...

to get us near one
of the bunker's access points.

After we're inside, we'll wait for
Dr. Jackson's people to make their move.

Then we make ours. Understood?

Let's hope your friends keep
their end of the bargain.

- If this works-
- You'll be going home.

Leda, l-


Commander. Several posts
are no longer reporting in.

Loyalist troops have entered from the surface
and have managed to take several key sections.

- Then take them back.
- We cannot.

They have coordinated an attack
with help from the off-worlders.

We are losing control of the facility.

If you're suggesting that we evacuate,
think again.

Cease fire!

- You guys okay?
- Yeah! We're fine!

All stations are dark.

The loyalists have us surrounded.

- They are calling for our surrender.
- Engage them.

Any chance he'll just surrender?

we are hopelessly outnumbered.

We are all here for one purpose-

to honor the will of our gods.

In their names, we rose up.

In their names,
we purged the nonbelievers.

And in their names, we will die...
if necessary.

We will not dishonor them
with cowardice.

Now engage them.

Engage them.

You question your faith?

I will show you faith.

Drop your weapon!

I said drop your weapon.

Go, go! Move! Move!

This way! This way!

Drop all your weapons!
Surrender! Hold it! Stop!

- It's over.
- I hope so.

- You may have just made a martyr.
- I had no choice.

You can return to your world now.

What happened to us
was not your fault.

I know.

We made a promise,
and we intend to keep it.

We'll be back to help you rebuild.

Are you ready to go home?