Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 2 - Homecoming - full transcript

Anubis's superweapon has been put out of commission, but Yu's fleet has been diverted to the other side of the galaxy by Yu himself, allowing Anubis to escape into hyperspace. Jonas has been captured by Anubis and Daniel is still aboard Anubis's ship, evading capture. Anubis uses the mind probe on Jonas, learns of Naquadria, and begins his attack on Kelowna. The Kelownans seek aid from the SGC. Jack and Sam arrive on Langara to discover that they have given Anubis Naquadria in order to secure their safety. They communicate with Daniel who is attempting to free Jonas. Teal'c has convinced Yu's first prime to seek a new leader of the System Lords, Baal.

Previously on "Stargate SG-1":

- Do you not recognise us, Daniel?
- I'm sorry.

You were a member of my team, SG-1 .
You're a friend of mine.

- We are in position to ambush Anubis...
- Do not question me. Do as I say!

Activating hyperdrive.

Target is locked. Fox 4-2.

- You will suffer gravely.
- I won't tell you anything.

Yes, you will.

- Receiving lDC, sir. It's SG-1 .
- Open the iris.

Colonel. Major.

Our mission was a success. Anubis's
new weapon has been neutralised.

Well done.

- What about Jonas and Dr Jackson?
- Still on the ship.

- Anubis went into hyperspace.
- Do we have any idea where they went?

No, sir.

You appear to be unharmed
by the mind probe.

I appreciate the concern.

You seem calm,
considering some lowly humans

just put a serious crimp
in your plans for galactic domination.

Your insolence amuses me.

I've learnt many valuable things
from you, Jonas Quinn.

I now know Dr Jackson
accompanied you aboard this ship.

- Do you know where he is?
- He continues to elude our sensors,

but his time is running out.

- Nothing you learnt from me'll help you.
- Oh, we will see about that.

Have a look out the window.

We dropped out of hyperspace.

I'm eager to find out more about
this powerful variation of naqahdah

discovered on your planet.

I believe you call it "Naquadria".

Where are we?

Welcome home, Jonas Quinn.

I just got a report from the Tok'ra. They've
no news on the location of Anubis's ship.

- What about Teal'c?
- We can only assume he's with Yu's fleet.

Any idea why they didn't show?

- I could make a guess.
- You think Yu hung us out to dry?

I'm not gonna touch that, sir.

- I don't think he made a deal with Anubis.
- Trust a Goa'uld, this is what you get.

I understand how you feel,
but I approved this operation

because I believed it was our best chance
to deal Anubis a crippling blow.

- Yes, sir.
- Unscheduled offworld activation.

Receiving a radio signal, sir.

This is Ambassador Dreylock
of the Kelownan High Council.

General Hammond of Stargate Command.

We request immediate assistance.
We are under attack.

We've been over this. We can't interfere
in the internal affairs of your planet.

You don't understand. We are under
attack from a Goa'uld called Anubis.

Why have I been detained?

Lord Yu is without honour.

- Shol'va!
- Jaffa!

Kree jel-na.

We had an agreement.

You have not been betrayed.

Not deliberately.

I do not understand.

My master is not well.

He spends most of his time
in the sarcophagus. He is there even now.

Why does he not take another host?

I believe he has reached the point
where he is incapable.

Lord Yu is the oldest of the System Lords.

He has reigned for countless centuries,

but now I'm beginning to fear
that even gods cannot live forever.

Lord Yu is not a god.

Once I would have struck you down
for speaking those words.

But now?

He was convinced that Anubis
was in the Chodawa system.

And even though I knew this was
not the case, I could not contradict him.

But you have seen that
Lord Yu can make mistakes.

He has become increasingly
paranoid and confused.

He speaks to himself,
but his words make no sense.

He forgets key details of our attack plans,
and grows angry when I remind him.

If what you say is true,
you and your Jaffa are in grave danger.

- You must do something.
- I cannot betray him.

I have devoted my life to his service.

If this continues,
Lord Yu's empire will fall.

Millions of Jaffa will die.

Lord Yu will be remembered as a fool.

What meaning will your life have then?

- Have they agreed to help us?
- Not yet.

Colonel O'Neill. Major Carter.

- Ambassador. Commander.
- Thank you for coming.

- What's going on, kids?
- A ship is hovering over the city.

Alien troops have taken
the capitol building and other positions.

Where are we?

This bunker is several hundred feet below
an army base on the outskirts of the city.

The communicator should work.
It can transmit from Tok'ra tunnels.

- I don't understand.
- Two of our people may be on that ship,

one being Jonas Quinn.


Daniel, come in. It's O'Neill.


- Jack?
- What's your situation?

- I'm hiding. What's yours?
- Carter and I are on the planet.

Be more specific. I haven't had
a chance to look out a window.

- You're hovering over Jonas's home.
- Why?

I wish I knew.
Are you in any immediate danger?

Depends on what you mean
by "immediate".

- Daniel.
- I'm fine.

I got a location on Jonas's cell,
but first I've got a couple of problems.

Like what?

I'm not sure how to shut off
the force field protecting his cell yet.

You said a couple?

Yeah, actually, I'm a little lost.
And I've only got about three hours left

before the Tok'ra isotope wears off
and I'm visible to the sensors.

- So business as usual then, huh?
- I don't know. Is it?

- Yes, we do this kind of thing all the time.
- Oh, well, good. That's comforting then.

This is a mistake.

Lord Yu can no longer be permitted
to command the opposition to Anubis.

His Jaffa will follow your orders
in his name, but others will not.

We need the combined force
of the System Lords.

- None of them can be trusted.
- Nonetheless, one must be chosen.

The signal is coming through.

- What is the meaning of this?
- Lord Baal...

Where is your master? Why do you
allow this shol'va to appear before me?

- I am here to present an offer.
- I will not listen to a traitor.

Then you will miss an opportunity
to rid yourself of Anubis forever.

When the ship appeared,
we were caught completely off guard.

There was widespread panic.
Before we knew what was happening,

most of the High Council
had been taken hostage.

When we wouldn't give in to his demands,
Anubis had the First Minister executed.

He also fired a volley
into our industrial sector,

destroying several factories
and killing many innocent citizens.

After that, we gave him what he wanted.

- Which was?
- Naquadria.

Our entire stockpile.

Commander. We're receiving
a transmission from the surface.

Excuse me a moment.

Anubis must've used that mind probe on
Jonas and found out about the Naquadria.

Then he knows the stuff
only works half the time.

Just cos we can't establish a stable power
output doesn't mean he won't. If he does...

Tadada-dah, ta-dah!

The truth is my master is no longer fit
to lead the forces of the System Lords.

How dare you judge your god?

The shol'va has poisoned your mind.

Clearly, Lord Baal is not interested.

- We should contact another System Lord.
- Hm. Perhaps Bastet.

If I assume command, how can I be
assured of the loyalty of Yu's troops?

They will follow me in his name.

And will you obey me?

The destruction of Anubis
is in my master's best interest.

I will support any action
that leads to this goal.

If you are in agreement, I must contact
the Tauri to make the final arrangements.

Then do so.

Take me to the nearest Stargate.

Commander, you said you gave Anubis
your entire stockpile of Naquadria.

That's correct.

So if he got what he wanted,
why is he still here?

I have no idea.

His men have rounded up archaeologists
from the Academy of Sciences.

- He may be looking for the Stargate.
- How secure is this place?

It's top secret.

We had the gate moved here after the
Tiranians and Andaris began air strikes.

So you did go to war?

Yes, but we managed
to negotiate a cease-fire.

I thought you were
outgunned and outmanned.

We used the Naquadria bomb.

On people?

We instantly regretted it. The devastation
was beyond anything we'd imagined.

As many Kelownans
would have died had we done nothing.

We were faced with our own destruction
and you refused to help us.

And, as awful as it was, it managed to
bring Tiranians and Andaris to the table.

Delegates had just arrived
in the city for peace talks.

- Do they know about the Stargate?
- No.

They may have noticed
the rather large ship floating in the sky.

- You might as well tell them the rest.
- We were hoping it wouldn't come to that.

Anubis has everything he came for.
He may just leave.

If Anubis can figure out how to overcome
the instability of the Naquadria,

it will give him a significant advantage
over all his enemies.

- He's gonna want more.
- There is no more. The mine is dry.

You think he'll take your word for it?

He will occupy this planet and
enslave your people. We've seen it before.

What can we do?

If you want to fight, we'll help you.

But we need the cooperation
of the other major powers on this world.

My lord, I have completed
a preliminary analysis of the Naquadria.

The potential energy output
is greater than that of regular naqahdah.

It will be hard
to maintain a stable reaction.

This ship must have full power again.
I will not accept failure.

My lord, we've already learnt all we can
from Jonas Quinn. Why keep him alive?

His physiology merits
further experimentation.

He may still prove to be very useful.


Jonas, are you there?

- Daniel?
- Yeah. Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. Where are you?

I'm in a storage room
about 20 feet from your current position.

- Can you get me out of here?
- I'm working on it.

Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter,

may I present the leaders of the
Tiranian and Andari peace delegations.

Ambassador Sevaarin
and Ambassador Noor.

Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter
represent a planet called Earth.

They don't look very alien.

We get that a lot.

And this, of course, is the Stargate.

- How does it work?
- Let's have a look.

Something like that.

- Incredible.
- Isn't it?

He is one of the enemy soldiers.

Relax. He's one of ours.

- It is good to see you both again.
- We got your message from Hammond.

- Are you nuts?
- I believe it to be our only choice, O'Neill.

I don't know quite how to tell you this, but
Anubis has taken the ship to your home.

We're above the Kelownan capital.

I know. He wants Naquadria. If it wasn't
for me, he'd never have found out about it.

- Don't blame yourself.
- The point is l joined Stargate Command

so maybe one day I could
protect my planet from the Goa'uld.

- Instead, I brought them right to it.
- We'll find a way out.

- Yeah?
- Apparently.

We already trusted one Goa'uld.
Look where it got us.

I do not trust Baal, O'Neill,

but I believe, at least for the moment,
his goal is the same as ours.

All right. Have at it.

Oh, yes, you do the talking.

We have made an agreement
with another System Lord named Baal.

If we give him your location,
he will bring a fleet and destroy Anubis.

You propose to bring
more of these Goa'uld to our world?

For now, Anubis is vulnerable.

He has but one ship and is preoccupied,
but believes his position to be secure

because he knows the other lords
are unaware of this place.

And if Anubis is destroyed, how
do we know this Baal will leave us alone?

That is part of the agreement.

You say we cannot negotiate with Anubis
and these Goa'uld cannot be trusted.

And yet you ask us to trust another?

- Your world faces an imminent threat.
- Kelowna faces the threat.

There are no alien ships
in the skies above Tirania.

See what we have to deal with?

Haven't you guys ever heard the story
of the dog and the dancing monkeys?

Has something to do with
getting along and... dancing.


With all due respect, Mr Ambassador,

when Anubis comes looking for more
Naquadria, he won't respect any borders.

He will tear this planet apart
piece by piece if he has to.

I won't approve any plan unless I have
unanimous agreement from all parties.

My lord.

Have you found a way
to overcome the Naquadria's instability?

I believe I have.

Then use it to power one of the ship's
weapons arrays. I want it tested now.

- We will need to select a target.
- How fortunate there is a city before us.

I am unsure of the power of this weapon.

The blast radius from one shot
could encompass the entire city.

If it does,

you will have my congratulations.

Daniel, this is Sam. Come in.

- Go ahead.
- Did you find Jonas?

Yeah. I'm still having trouble
with the force field.

You're gonna have
to find a way to cut the power.

- How do I do that?
- Unsure. We've two hours to figure it out.

- What happens then?
- Baal's fleet arrives.

I've got 15 minutes till this isotope wears
out and I'm visible to the ship's sensors.

I'll have to get back to you.
I've got company.

Kel nor shol ak'ra.


Tel shek anfar, tel nor moklan n'ral.



Naquadria generator is online.
We are ready.

Charge the weapon.

- My lord, the generator is overloading.
- Abort the test.

I cannot abate the overload.

Jaffa, kree!

This makes no sense.
I compensated for the instability.

Kill him!


- What happened?
- I don't know.

Whatever it was, there's not enough
power to maintain the force fields.


- You OK?
- That hurt.

- Your arm?
- A little numb.

I think I can make it.

You better. I don't want to have to
take you out of here in a dustpan.


- How do we get off this thing?
- Cargo ship.

- Which way?
- Uh... this way.

- You sure?
- No.


- Report.
- We're in position,

but the Kelownans want more troops
to deal with the Jaffa on the ground.

I can't authorise that
without Pentagon approval.

Yes, sir, but I was thinking maybe I could
take SGs 15 and 1 1 as technical advisors.

- What if Baal doesn't show up?
- Could get a little screwy.

But we talked these folks into this.
The least we can do is back 'em up.

- Agreed. Put your teams together.
- Sir.

Anubis has superior shields,

but our intelligence says they're less than
40% effective in a planet's atmosphere.

If Baal attacks while Anubis is weak,
he has a chance.

That's not very reassuring.

We just heard Anubis's men
are ransacking the Museum of Antiquities.

- Why would they do that?
- They may still be looking for the gate.

No. Anubis is smart enough to know
that it wouldn't be in a public place.

- What was in the museum?
- Nothing.

The exhibit was put into storage
when the war began.

- OK, what was in the exhibit?
- Trinkets from the original Goa'uld sites -

- pottery, statues.
- What about tablets?

Those were classified top secret

and given to the scientists
working on our Naquadria project.

I'd like to see a list of exhibit objects.

Anubis is looking for something.
I wanna know what.

Cargo bay should be down the next hall.
How's your arm?

I can wiggle my fingers.

Those were all the Jaffa going into
the cargo bay, which is just down the hall.

Eight men!

That's all you brought?

Eight good men.

There are over 1 ,000 alien soldiers
in the city.

Their weapons are more powerful
than anything our forces have ever seen.

- We don't stand a chance.
- The main problem is the ship.

Once that's taken out,
we can deal with the Jaffa.

Sir, I think I know
why Anubis hasn't left yet.

He's looking for a crystal.

The Kelownan archaeologists found it,
but they didn't know what it was.

They classified it as a decorative object
and put it in the museum.

I don't understand. What is it?

The Goa'uld use crystals
to store information.

What information?

The original Goa'uld who occupied this
planet was experimenting with Naquadria,

but there are no details -
no lab notes, no test results.

- You think that's what's on the crystal?
- It makes sense.

Your people, not knowing its importance,
never included it with the other material.

That's why Jonas never knew of it.

Sir, if Anubis gets ahold of this crystal, he
could use it to make the Naquadria work.

Yeah, I get it.

- Where is it?
- Everything was moved to a warehouse.

- I can take you there.
- Wait!

If this is as important as you say, let me
send a contingent to secure the building.

We don't want to draw
any unnecessary attention to the place.

I'll go, sir. I know what to look for.

All right. Take Teal'c.

Looks like patrols are closing in.

And we've got one minute
before the isotope wears off.

That planet you guys found me on was
nice - people were simple, life was quiet.

- Why didn't you stay?
- I couldn't remember what this was like.

It's fun, isn't it?


- If we get out of this...
- You can keep the office.

Actually, I was talking about SG-1 .

You took the position cos
you felt guilty about what happened to me

and thought you'd make up for it
by finishing my work...

- I love the job.
- Who'd argue? Bad hours, constant peril.

On the bright side,
you do get to travel a lot.

- You're very up.
- Yeah.

Truth is, I don't think that Colonel O'Neill
was very comfortable having me around.

That's not what he told me.
He said you were a good man.

- Really? He said that?
- Yeah. You're shocked he never let on?

Anyway, now that you're back...

Let's worry about getting out of here first.

- Rings?
- What good's that? Nowhere to ring to.

We found a ring platform
when we found the gate.

- So it hasn't been used in 2,000 years.
- Well, let's see if it still works.

Looks like we got here first.

Jaffa, kree!

Two unauthorised personnel detected
on sensors approaching your sector.

- This is hopeless.
- It has to be here somewhere.

Major Carter.


Jaffa, kree!


- Do we know where it is we're going?
- Not a clue.

Gal a'quel.


- Nice timing.
- Thanks.

- Jonas Quinn.
- Ambassador.

- Where are we?
- Warehouse,

where they keep Goa'uld artefacts,
including a ring platform.

- And a crystal.
- Let's go. There's more Jaffa on our tails.

Perimeter's clear. We've a visual on Major
Robbin's position across the square.

OK, Sergeant. Sit tight. O'Neill out.

- Colonel.
- Hey.

- Where'd you find them?
- They dropped into the warehouse.

- Nice. The crystal?
- Right here.

I'll take that.

- I think it'd be better if we held onto it.
- I'm afraid I must insist.

What is this?

I've made a separate arrangement.

Put down your weapons, Colonel,
or I will be forced to destroy these people.

The crystal.

You're an idiot, you know that?

In exchange for this, Anubis has agreed
to leave Kelownan territory untouched.

Thus confirming my last statement.

He knows our Naquadria supplies
are depleted,

but I believe he may find
another mine on Tiranian territory.

That's a lie.

One of your scientists is a Kelownan spy.

You've been trying to build a bomb
for the last three years.

But we didn't mine the Naquadria.
We stole it from the Andaris.


Don't you see what's happening here?

- He's using you against each other.
- Enough!

You can't afford to fight. This planet
is a target, not just Kelowna or Tirania.

- You have to stand together.
- I said enough!

You've gotta start trusting each other,
or you're all gonna become slaves.

If you're lucky.

The crystal.

Thank you.

As for the rest of you,

you'll be publicly executed, as an example
to all those who would defy their god.

Does it have to be publicly?

I could kill you now.

Publicly's fine.



Tel nor, hatak mal shee.

Your ship is at my mercy.
You are defeated.

Surrender now.

Jaffa, kree!





I owe you one.

We'll call it even.

The last time you returned to Kelowna,
you were considered a traitor.

- That will not be the case this time.
- Are you sure?

The Andaris and Tiranians
only participated in a joint ruling council

on condition you were
the Kelownan representative.

Your year's experiences will be vital to our
planet facing what awaits in our future.

We need you, Jonas.

Got everything packed?
Toothbrush, slippers, hair gel?



- It was an honour, son.
- Yes, it was.

When we first met you told me that
the issues between my planet's nations

would seem insignificant once I found out
what was really going on up there.

- Yeah, I remember that.
- You do?

- Yeah.
- That's great.

It's all kind of coming back.

- I'm glad I had the chance to find out.
- Me, too.

You have the heart of a warrior,
Jonas Quinn.

Continue to fight well.

Keep in touch.


You earned it.


Hey, Daniel.

Feed my fish?

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Well, dinner's at seven. Don't be late.

Teal'c gets a little cranky
when his blood sugar gets low.

- Jack.
- Yeah?

It's not that I mind rejoining SG-1
and exploring the galaxy,

meeting new cultures, jeopardy,
saving the world - that kind of thing.

We get paid for this, right?

Welcome back.