Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 19 - Resurrection - full transcript

Agent Barrett of the NID calls SG-1 to Los Angeles for a consult on a mass murdering of a rogue sleeper cell by a young woman. There they find many Goa'uld artifacts relating to Sekhmet, a subordinate of Ra. But how this operation is related to the Goa'uld eludes SG-1.

Major Carter, Dr Jackson, Teal'c.
Glad you could make it.

Agent Barrett.

- How's Colonel O'Neill?
- Still recovering. Taking some time off.

We're still putting the details together.
Follow me. I'll explain.

- What is this place?
- An abandoned industrial complex.

It was home to a rogue NID sleeper cell
we've been trying to locate for over a year.

- Still haven't got them all?
- Not by a long shot.

Their ties run deep.
They seem to have infinite resources.

- What were they doing here?
- We're not exactly sure yet.

What happened?

At approximately 0800 hours this morning,
we intercepted a 911 call.

We moved in just after local authorities
arrived and have been in lockdown mode.

Somebody from a top-secret, not to
mention illegal, NID operation called 911?

It got real ugly. Come on.

We got a call from a panicked male voice.
We think it was from the cleaning staff.

The call was cut short.

We've counted 32 casualties, which
includes a six-man security contingent.

- Who would do this?
- And for what reason?

We know who did it. As for why...

- You know who did this?
- Yeah.

Open it.

It was her.

At first we thought she was a survivor,
and then we found this.

We found her in a corner. She seemed
terrified, no memory of what happened.

- You put her in the cell?
- She said that's where they kept her.

We locked her up
after we found the security tapes.

- Who is she?
- We're not sure yet. She's been printed.

- I'm running her through the system.
- Other survivors?

A scientist, Keffler. We're holding him
upstairs. He hasn't been very talkative.

Come on, let me show you
why I called you guys down here.


Recognise anything?

Nothing I've catalogued
as coming through the SGC.

- This indicates it belonged to Sekhmet.
- Who was that?

A Goa'uld
who at one time was loyal to Ra.

She was a powerful ally of his.

He would dispatch her
to rule planets in his stead.

Quell rebellions, oversee executions.
All the fun stuff.

What happened to her?

She was exiled for plotting against Ra.

We also believe she lived here
for most of his dynasty.

I didn't realise this had been recovered.

- It may have come from the Germans.
- The Germans?

The background on Keffler says
that he's the son of a Nazi war criminal.

- We shouldn't be that surprised.
- Rogue NID have no limits, do they?

See if there's anything else
you can tell me about this stuff.

I'm going to go back at Keffler again.
Want to join me?


Thought you might want to watch
a master of interrogation at work.

You call in someone special?

Dr Keffler.
This is Major Samantha Carter.

Of the Stargate programme.

That's right.

Are you ready to tell us about the girl?

Doctor, do I really need to explain
the nature of your situation?

Please do. It amuses me.

This was an off-the-books NID operation,

which means you technically don't exist,
which means no phone calls, no lawyers.

I don't even
have to read you your rights.

To make matters worse for you, the
people behind this operation are all in jail.

Nobody to bail you out.

What kind of work was being done here,

You're a smart girl. You'll figure it out.

Do you think
we'll let you walk away from this?

- 32 people are dead.
- Believe it or not, I do feel bad about that.

Some of them were
not quite as incompetent as the others.

Unfortunately the bad ones
always ruin it for everyone, don't they?

- What's this?
- That unlocks my car.

Don't think you're safe.

Read the papers, Agent Barrett.
No-one is safe these days.

My pills.

Now, now.

You wouldn't want your only witness
to die on you, would you?

It's nitro. Says he has a bad heart. I'd say
an X-ray would confirm a total absence.

- I think he's starting to crack.
- He was colder than Hannibal Lecter.

Still, obviously no match
for a master interrogator.

- You didn't get all Clarice Starling on him.
- I didn't want to step on your toes.

- One more thing to show you.
- There's more?

Trust me, I'm saving the best for last.

- This isn't at all creepy.
- It gets better.

They look like
partially developed foetuses.

They don't look human to me.

- Failed experiments of some kind?
- "What kind?" is the question.

Well, there's one way to find out.

No. Forget it.

We've already tried that.
All the codes are encrypted.

- I've requested a data retrieval team.
- Present and accounted for.

Right. Of course.

- So, how have you been?
- Busy. You?


You know, I never properly thanked you
for that memo on Woolsey.

Maybe we could
go out for dinner sometime.

- I'm seeing someone right now.
- Really? You?

- Hm.
- Well, you asked me out.

Yeah. Right. Sorry.

I'm going to go check in
with Dr Jackson and Teal'c.

Most of the artefacts
are related in some way to Sekhmet.

I'm guessing they were found on Earth,
possibly in an Egyptian tomb or crypt.

- Nothing of note?
- No, it's interesting stuff, but not really.

- What's this?
- It would appear to be an ark.

Ordained in the gold motif of Ra,
the sun god. Possibly a gift to Sekhmet.

- What's in it?
- We haven't been able to open it.

But these turn.

- Some sort of combination lock?
- So it would seem.

- Any luck with the scientist?
- No, not exactly.

The girl may be on tape killing everybody,
but I'm sure that guy is not innocent.

What about that girl?

She hasn't said anything
since we locked her up.

I was kind of hoping
that you'd give it a try.


Heard you got a knack
for this type of thing.

Hi, I'm Daniel Jackson.

You're Anna, right?

You know, when I first saw you,

I didn't believe that you could do
the things they said you did.

And even after I saw it for myself,
I still don't believe it.

Look, I know you don't know me
and you have no reason to trust me, but...

I want to help you.

Before I do that,
I need to know a few things first.

I need to know who you are.

What's happened to you.
Why you're here in a cell like this.

Do you even understand me?

- I didn't kill those people.
- There's some overwhelming evidence.

It wasn't me.

Please, you have to believe me.
It wasn't me.

Turn it off. Turn it off!


I couldn't do those things.

- It looks like you did.
- It's not me.

- Then who is it?
- I don't know.

OK, where were you
when this was happening?

If the person on the tape isn't you,
where were you?

I don't remember.

Who is Dr Keffler?

He is the one who made me.

- She says Keffler made her.
- What does that mean?

- Some sort of genetic research?
- No, she's over 20 years old.

The Asgard can rapidly grow
a human clone, but...

Area 51 has a sample of Goa'uld
nanite technology from the planet Argos.

It can rapidly grow a human
with the ability to learn very quickly,

and the rogue NID
would have had access to that.

She says Keffler is responsible
for everything that happened.

- How?
- I don't know.

- Do you think she's telling the truth?
- I don't know what to think.

She believes she didn't do it.
Says the girl on the tape isn't her.

How can that be possible?

The NID have cloned
a Goa'uld symbiote before.

- She could be a clone.
- There could be more than one of her.

- How well did you search the facility?
- Top to bottom.

I better put an APB out to local authorities.

Anna, how long have you lived here?

Since I remember.

Yeah? How long is that, exactly?

I don't know.

Have you ever had a birthday?

You know, a birthday.

A cake with candles on it, funny hats, pin
the tail on the donkey, that kind of thing.

He gave me this paper
and some new charcoal.

Who, Dr Keffler?

He always gave me paper,
but once he said it was my birthday.

Just once?

Have you ever seen anything
outside of this room?

Just pictures.

I've read a lot of books
which describe the world outside.

The mountains, oceans. The sun.

But you've never
experienced them first-hand?

What about these?

Those are the things I see in my dreams.


- They just come to me.
- Do they mean anything to you?

Just that they scare me.

If they scare you so much,
why do you hang them up everywhere?

I don't want them there.

He hurts me if I take them down.

They are important to him.

Do you have any more
with one of those on it? Maybe on an ark?

I got it. It's one of Anna's sketches.

I think it's a combination
to open the ark.

- Did we just do that?
- I do not believe so.

It was activated some time ago.

I got a picture out to local authorities.

If there's a girl that looks like her,
we'll find her.

- I'm in. I have complete access.
- Nice work.

The files seem to document recent work
going back over three years.

Recent work?

The artefacts go back to Napoleon.
The Nazis eventually recovered them.

They ended up in Keffler's father's hands.

They found a Canopic jar.

It's a vessel
containing a preserved symbiote.

Keffler spliced human ovum
with DNA taken from a Goa'uld.

- She is a human-Goa'uld hybrid.
- Goa'uld pass on knowledge genetically.

They tried to create a human who
could tell them all a Goa'uld would know.

- They didn't want to wait.
- Nanite technology from Area 51.

So they could make her grow up quickly.

It took them 45 failures
before they finally got it right.

- You can call off that APB.
- There's only one of her.

According to this.

The previous attempts
either didn't blend properly

or they grew too fast and died.

The technology had to be modified
so the human could slowly learn

to gain access to the genetic knowledge
buried in her DNA.

My God. They tortured the poor girl.

Sensory deprivation, electrocution.

- Major Carter. Agent Barrett.
- She's not a clone.

There's only one of her and she's got
Goa'uld DNA blended with her own.

That could explain her behaviour.

- The ark is a bomb.
- What?

- The ark is a Goa'uld explosive device.
- And it's been activated.

- How much time do we have?
- Approximately 16 hours.

How interesting.

Wipe that smarmy smile off your face
and tell me what's going on here!

- You're hurting me.
- Nothing could make up for what you did.

- Agent Barrett.
- Listen to her, Agent Barrett.

You are gonna tell me everything I want
to know or I'm gonna beat you senseless.

What do you want to know?

For starters,
do you know how to deactivate the bomb?

I didn't know it was a bomb.

So this girl breaks out of her cell,
kills 32 people,

sets a bomb and then sticks around?

- How does that make sense?
- Your problem, Agent Barrett,

one among many, I must point out,
is that you see her as a girl.

If you're gonna give us
moral justification...

Please, Major. I know you have helped to
orchestrate the death of Goa'ulds before.

Assassinated them in cold blood without
regard for the life of the human host.

- I didn't create the problem.
- Neither did I.

I am merely trying to help solve it.

The Goa'uld
are a terrible threat to us all.

Anna is a conduit to the knowledge
that could level the playing field.

And I think we all agree
that if killing one person

could save millions,
billions of innocent lives,

you would have no choice.

You would do it.

- Answer my question.
- I'm sorry, I've forgotten what it was.

Why set the bomb and stick around?

Anna did not set that bomb.

- Then who did?
- The Goa'uld.


But wait a minute. She doesn't have
a snake inside of her, right?

It's something we didn't expect.

A separate and distinct personality.

Anna's mind has created a personality
that acts like the Goa'uld Sekhmet?

Yes, but I don't know if she is incapable
of dealing with the darkness within her,

or if that knowledge is so powerful that
it is capable of manifesting itself as such.

I only know that it emerges
and speaks as a unique entity.

We have witnessed it with a growing
frequency. Anna has no awareness.

To her, it is as if she has blacked out.

The Goa'uld personality comes out,
goes on a rampage, sets the bomb...

But can't stay in control of the body
long enough.

Her breakthroughs are sporadic
and seem somewhat uncontrolled.

- Still, why set the bomb?
- Leverage.

Against what?

Sekhmet has conscious control
of the body for short periods.

She wants more.

She was gonna blackmail you
with the bomb.

The psyche is so simple, isn't it?

So single-minded.

It's truly fascinating to behold.

She thinks
you can give her that full control.

Can you?

She is the experiment.
I am the observer.

The Goa'uld personality didn't
go do something like this on a whim.

You led her to believe that you have
the power to give her control of her life,

and I'll bet you did it so she would
tell you what you want to know.

How to save us all, Major.

I'm not the only one who wants to know.

I don't remember anything.

I know this must be hard for you.

How can you know
what this is like for me?

Cos I knew a boy once
and he was like you.

- There are more like me?
- Not exactly.

He was born of two Goa'uld hosts.

They call a child like that a Harsesis.

- What happened to him?
- He was saved by a very powerful being.

He ascended
to a higher plane of existence

and, when he did,
he gained great power himself.

He used it to show me
that the knowledge and memories

passed on to him by the Goa'uld
genetically came with a terrible burden,

and how it was wrong
to seek it for any reason.

Can I be saved like him?


Honestly, I don't know.

Will you help us shut this bomb off?

- I don't know how.
- You do.

You knew how to open the ark.
It was in your drawings.

I don't remember turning it on.

I know, but somewhere inside your mind
is the answer, and I can help you find it.

According to these readings, there's a
ten-pound block of naqahdah in this thing.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- It would be very bad if it went off.

It's a bomb. Usually
it's not a good thing when they go off.

Can we move this?

From what I know of Goa'uld weaponry,
that would be unwise.

It may have a sensor.

Yeah, I don't even want to go there.
Let's... Let's see if we can disarm it here.

I'll get the local authorities
to evacuate the area.

- Thanks for the vote of confidence.
- How many miles are we talking about?

I don't know. How big is Orange County?

You're kidding, right?

Do I look like a practical joker to you?

Images just come to me.

I draw them.
I don't know what they mean.

Just relax and think about it.

When you look at this,
what comes to mind?

The blackouts.
They're happening more and more.

Do you trust me?

Do you trust me?

I want to help you.
I don't want to hurt you.

After I help you?

It's not like that.
We have to shut this bomb off.

- How many birthdays have you had?
- That's not important right now.

You sound just like him.

I heard you were in here.
What are you doing?

I noticed most of the tapes
were labelled "Anna".

It's not just security footage.
It's documentation of the research.

- Anything useful?
- No.

Just something she said when we were
talking, that I reminded her of Keffler.

Figured I needed to learn
about how he dealt with her.

What are the chances you'll find out how
to deactivate the bomb from her in time?

I don't know.

We're trying to evacuate the area.
We don't know how big the blast will be.

No pressure. I'll leave now.

I'd feel better if you were down there
working on the bomb.

Dr Lee is the best we've got and Teal'c
knows more about Goa'uld weapons.

I wanted to see if there was anything more
in the research notes that might help.

Like what?

If we can offer Anna a cure for her
condition, she might be willing to help us.

She's been horribly mistreated

and without intervention
she'd have little hope of survival.

At the time they made her, they had
no idea what her life span was gonna be.

Based on her current rate of growth, l
estimate it can't be more than three years.

- Can you help her?
- Possibly.

We should be able to halt
the rapid-growth effects of the nanites.

I doubt we can unmarry
the Goa'uld DNA from hers,

but we may be able to block
the knowledge from her conscious mind.

Stop it from possessing her.

We've had some luck with certain drugs
in similar situations.

I suppose the fact that you've had similar
situations shouldn't come as a shock.

- Anything on your end?
- Keffler. He wants to chat.

There is a cure, Anna.

You can be a normal girl,
live a normal life.

You can be free,
or you can continue to suffer.

I don't know anything. Please stop.

- Stop this at once.
- Now we're getting somewhere.

- Let me out of here.
- In due time, freedom can be yours.

Do you think I will just tell you
the secrets of the Goa'uld?

- If you want to live.
- You will not kill me.

I can make another
as easily as I made you.

If it were up to me, given the chance

I would rip the beating heart
from your chest and feed it to you.

Such colourful language.

Let's focus on the issue at hand,
shall we?

Son of a bitch.

We have the same goal.

I do not wish to see my work go to waste.

Look... I know her.

I know how her mind works.
I can get you what you need.

Yeah, I've read about your methods.

I will only talk to her.

You are welcome to be present
the entire time.

What do you want? I can't believe you'd
be doing this solely for the greater good.

My freedom.

Not a chance.

I am guilty of nothing more
than trying to save this world.

Just like you. We are at war.

Desperate times
call for desperate measures.

I've heard that defence.

What choice do you have?

How many people will die
if that bomb goes off?

Let's consider this. Do you have
the authority to offer him immunity?

Trust me, no matter what we decide to do,
no court is ever gonna hear about this.


- You let her out, didn't you?
- You must be Daniel Jackson.

What's going on?

He can control when the Goa'uld
comes out. It's not just random.

- He's got himself a little remote control.
- This?

Yeah. He uses it to shock her.

He can make the Goa'uld personality
appear, or kill her with it.

Why? Other scientists gonna shut down
your research, report your experiment?

You have no proof.

You brought out the Goa'uld personality,
then let her out. You murdered 32 people.


You can control her with that.

If you didn't want the scientists dead,
why didn't you stop her?



Just because
the cover wasn't booby-trapped

doesn't mean the crystals themselves
are safe to touch.

That is correct.

There's no energy signatures.

I don't think there's any force fields
or sensors protecting the compartment.

I am unsure which of these crystals
would control detonation.

- Blue is typically for power regulation.
- Indeed.

If we remove the power regulation
for the control board...

The device could explode.

Yeah. I suppose. It's not like
I was gonna pull the yellow one.

Obviously letting Keffler
anywhere near the girl is out.

And if we're gonna get
the bomb deactivation code from Anna,

you're gonna have to do it.


This red crystal
seems to control the timer.

Now, I should be able to interface with it
and hopefully reprogram it.

Anything happening?

- The countdown is increasing in speed.
- What?

Did that stop it?

- Yes. However...
- Hey, how's it coming?

Not well, I take it?

- No, we just had a little setback.
- What?

I was trying to interface
with a control crystal...

The time until detonation
is now less than two hours.

OK. Let's hope that Dr Jackson
is having better luck.

They're trying to evacuate people,

but if that bomb goes off,
people are still gonna die.

Including us?

We have a helicopter standing by to get us
to a safe distance if it comes to that.

I'm hoping it doesn't, because
a lot of others won't have that luxury.

I've been trying. I can't see anything.

You know, not so long ago,
I had my memories erased.


It's a long story, but I was able to access
certain lost memories by meditating.

A friend of mine showed me how to do it.
I think that can help you.

What I see scares me so much.

I know. And for good reason.

Ultimately it's up to you.
I can't force you to do this and I won't.

And I promise, either way
we're gonna try and help you,

make it so you can live a normal life.

He always said he could do that.

The truth is, I'm not sure if we can,

but we're going to try
anything and everything in our power.

OK, good. 42 minutes 15 seconds
and counting. I'll check back. Thanks.

We've got ten blocks in each direction

- That's nowhere near enough.
- I know.

I finished going through the files
on the computer.

Even if we halt
the nanites' rapid-growth effect,

you didn't isolate the gene
with the Goa'uld genetic knowledge.

We didn't have time
to sequence the entire strand.

The goal was to get the intelligence,
not to create a viable living organism.

- I don't understand.
- The way he blended the DNA.

There's nothing we can do
to stop the Goa'uld DNA taking over.

It will overwrite the human
and nothing I know of will stop it.

- What's going to happen to her?
- She'll die. A horrible, painful death.

There's no cure, no way to save her.
That was just another lie.

I placed a capsule of biotoxin
at the base of her brain.

The remote device will activate it.

I did this to prevent any undue suffering
when the time came.

How humane of you.

- What do I do?
- Just relax and try thinking of nothing.


Try an empty room.

You see a doorway.

Go to that door and open it.

Go through.

You're inside of a stone room.

The floor is made of polished marble.

You're inside of a great pyramid.

Ornate carvings of giant snakes
flank a beautiful golden throne.

You see a window
and you walk towards it.

Outside there are thousands of people.

Slaves who worship you as a god.

You have great power over them.

The power to decide
who lives and who dies.


- I will tell you nothing.
- Anna!

Anna, stop!



Fire! Hurry! Come on!


Daniel. You OK?

- Where is she?
- She won't get far.

This is Agent Barrett. The female prisoner
is unaccounted for. Secure all exits.

Secure entire perimeter
and begin a full sweep.

Target is armed and dangerous.
Use extreme caution.


I don't think she's acting as the Goa'uld.


I just, uh... need a drink of water.

Please, I'm...

I'm not feeling one hundred per cent.

Agh... My pills.


I think it's the deactivation code.

Agent Barrett, this is Major Carter.
Come in. What's your location?

Agent Barrett?

This is Carter.
Agent Barrett needs medical attention.

We are in the northeast corridor,
level one.

That's it. It's off.

I mean, the lights turned off.
That means it's off, right?


Well, hey...

Drop the gun.

- Anna...
- Drop it!

Come with me... now... to the lab.

- I will help you.
- You can't help me.

- Whatever they've told you...
- It doesn't matter.

I never believed you.

Anna, I did it to help people.

All the evil I have seen in my mind,

nothing you put inside me
compares to what I see in you.


What did you do?

You couldn't help me.

I'm so sorry.