Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 11 - Evolution: Part 1 - full transcript

Bra'tac and Teal'c encounter a heavily armed enemy with shielding protecting him from Goa'uld weaponry who took out two Goa'uld's personal guards. They barely manage to defeat him and bring...

These warriors
are of both Ramius and Tilgath.

This meeting did not go well.

Some of these warriors
have been shot in the back.

- They were killed while retreating.
- There was no honour in this battle.


Ramius must have betrayed
their allegiance.

The first prime of Ramius.

- He is alive.
- You must go from this place.

Why did your master
betray Tilgath? Speak.

We came to forge an alliance.
My master did not do this.

He barely escaped alive.

- Then what happened here?
- One warrior. You must...

- What happened out there?
- Our intelligence was correct.

A summit between
Ramius and Tilgath did take place.

However, when we arrived,
Ramius had fled.

All those who remained had been slain,
including Tilgath.

- By this one man alone?
- From how he fought us, I do not doubt it.

An Ashrak?

- He was unlike any warrior we have met.
- Obviously, you took him down.

He withstood the brunt of our fire
before succumbing.

Its armour must protect it
from energy-based weapons.

If so, we could be dealing with
a new kind of technology.

And this wasn't a setup
by Ramius to kill Tilgath?

Ramius' Jaffa were equally as decimated.

His first prime said
his master barely escaped alive.

So, obviously, someone found out
about the alliance and wanted to stop it.

- Major, run whatever tests you have to.
- I'd like to call the Tok'ra in on this, sir.

Do it. I wanna know
everything we can about this warrior.

The suit must be affecting the MRI.

As long as he's wearing that armour,
we won't learn anything more.

His helmet is made up of two pieces.
Pass me those forceps.

Looks like he's fused into the suit.

Some sort of breathing filtration system.

It's a Goa'uld. Quite frankly,
that's not as shocking as the host.

- How so?
- It has an unusual organ structure.

Everything's out of proportion.

Physiologically, the heart and lungs
had to be abnormally large

to supply enough blood and oxygen
to its muscles.

Someone tried to genetically engineer the
perfect athlete, with no care for longevity.

Leaving it to the symbiote
to sustain its life.

- An engineered host.
- A seriously flawed one.

Even a Goa'uld symbiote
wouldn't be able to compensate for long.

We're still analysing genetic data,

but for now we can tell you there was
no evident trauma from energy weapons.

What does that mean?

The warrior's armour appears to possess
advanced energy-absorption technology.

If it works how I think it does, it wouldn't
matter how many blasts were fired at it.

- Nothing would get through.
- So Teal'c and Bra'tac didn't kill it?

Yes, sir.

Apparently, the host was on the verge of a
pulmonary failure long before it met them.

It had a heart attack?

Sorry, Teal'c. You didn't stop it.

You and Bra'tac just got lucky.

Its entire cellular structure
is less than three weeks old.

It is organic,
but it was definitely created in a lab.

We know the Goa'uld have been trying
to perfect a host superior to humans.

This is definitely stronger than humans,
but it's far from superior.

the Goa'uld are also somewhat vain.

This was obviously intended to be
a new form of foot soldier,

possibly a reaction
to the recent uprising of the Jaffa.

What's most interesting is that this being
was not alive when it was first grown.

It was given life
after it reached its mature state.

Frankenstein's monster.

How do you know that?

Remnants of a unique
energy signature within its cells.

It's similar to the residual effects
left by the use of a sarcophagus.

Could it give life to something
that was never alive?

No, a sarcophagus is designed to boost
health or heal someone terminally injured.

- They cannot animate non-living cells.
- Then what could have?

Thousands of years ago a Goa'uld found a
device originally created by the Ancients.

He determined
its primary purpose was to heal,

but it was so powerful, its effects
on human hosts proved devastating.

However, after much experimentation,

the Goa'uld was able to use the
technology to make the first sarcophagus.

But couldn't eliminate
all its negative side effects.

The Tok'ra have long sought this device

in the hope of using it
to perfect the sarcophagus technology,

so that we could all benefit from it.

Now it may be the key
to fighting this new warrior.

- How?
- With it, we could devise a weapon

to counteract this life-giving energy.

- Who was the first Goa'uld to find it?
- His name was Telchak.


Nicholas Ballard,
my, uh, grandfather.

One of Nick's obsessions was
finding the so-called Fountain of Youth.

He claimed he'd found out
the source of the fountain's power

was a piece of alien technology used by
early Mayan tribes around 900 BC.

Nick traced its origins to Chac,
the Mayan god of rain.

You think Chac may have been Telchak?

- Just a hunch.
- Maybe not just a hunch.

- The device's main function was to heal.
- For the Ancients.

For humans to see an effect, it would be
from limited exposure at a safe distance.

Still, if it was hidden near a water source,
it could be the basis of the mythology.

Nick believed Chac's temple
was in Central America.

He spent decades searching for it,
but came up empty.

His notes are mostly indecipherable.

The only mention of the temple's location
is somewhere near a waterfall in a river.

This is written in
an obscure dialect of Goa'uld.

- So where is it?
- It's here.

If Selmak's right,
it's in southern Honduras.

How can we be certain
the device is there?

We can't, but, um...

We think we know
who created the Goa'uld warrior.

- Telchak?
- No.

Telchak created the sarcophagus.

Anubis went to war with him
for possession of the original device.

That was before Anubis tried to ascend.

Anubis defeated Telchak,
but he never did find the device.

It was believed to be hidden
in one of Telchak's temples.

You think Anubis is behind this?

He knew about the technology. He never
found the device, but he wouldn't need to.

He would've gained the knowledge
when he ascended and built a new one.

- Still, it's only a guess.
- Yeah, but it's a good one.

The good news is, sir, the original Ancient
device is probably still here on Earth.

If we could analyse
the technology of this device,

it might be possible to engineer a weapon
to use against these warriors.

Not to mention the possibility
of harnessing its power to heal.

Very well. Dr Jackson,
take Dr Lee and see what you can find.


- Are you sure this is the right place?
- This is where he said he'd be.

- What if he doesn't show up?
- We have a few beers, make friends.

¡Hola! Muy buenos días, caballeros.

¿Una cerveza? ¿Una tequila?

De hecho, estamos buscando a un guía
Ilamado Rogelio. Él quedo de vernos aquí.

¡Pedro, hazte cargo, tío!

I am Rogelio.
Rogelio Duran, at your service.

This is just my day job.

- You must be Dr Jackson.
- That's right. This is Dr Lee.

- Buenos días.
- Encantado.

So, you guys wanna see some temples?

Actually, we wanna see
one temple in particular.


I'm sorry to tell you this, señor,
but there are no temples there.

You wanna go north. That's where
all the good stuff is. There's lots of ruins.

My cousin has a truck.
We could be there in five hours.

Yeah, I'm sure the north is great,
but we really wanna go here.

Señor, I have been to this part
of the country many times.

There is nothing there, I promise you.
North. That's where you wanna go.

Either you take us south,
or we'll find someone who will.

OK, OK, OK. It's your money.

- You say your cousin has a truck?
- Simone. His house is around the corner.

Of course, there is the issue
of filling the tank with gas.

OK! Now we're talking business.

- Let's go, gentlemen.
- Um, look, I need a receipt or something...

If Anubis is truly behind this,

then his strategy is to assassinate
any minor Goa'ulds vulnerable to attack,

absorbing their troops in preparation
for battle with Ba'al and the System Lords.

How many minor Goa'ulds
have suffered attacks?

At least three.
These new warriors are devastating.

- Do we know where they're coming from?
- No.

Our fear is it's only a matter of time
before Anubis targets Earth.

These beings are a threat to all who hope
to one day see the Goa'uld defeated.

If Dr Jackson can recover this device...

Even if he does, there is no guarantee
the Tok'ra can devise a weapon

that can fend off these warriors.

We only learned a limited amount
from our study of the warrior's armour.

The only way to learn more
is through interrogation.

Which means
we have to capture one alive.

What have we got, Major?

The warrior's armour can resist
our strongest armour-piercing weapons,

as well as absorb energy-weapon fire.

However, the material is made up
of a close-knit fibre similar to Kevlar,

meaning something small and sharp
should be able to penetrate it,

such as a fine-tipped trinium dart.

Bra'tac says the fact that Ramius
is still alive makes him a likely target.

There are enough rebel Jaffa under
his command to gain access to the planet.

We stake out the gate on Ramius's planet
and capture a warrior that comes through.

What if one doesn't come through?

Well, we come home, I suppose.

But let's say Bra'tac is right.
We meet his contacts on Ramius's planet,

set up an ambush using a force field to
trap a warrior, and hit it with tranquillisers.

- How does a dart get through the shield?
- They're one-way. They keep things in.


- So what do you think?
- I have some notes.

According to the map,
we're in the right place, but, uh...

This makes no sense.

The legend of the Fountain of Youth
says all water flows towards it.

How's that possible?

Maybe the device has special properties,
maybe it's superstition,

or it means the flow from that waterfall
flows in the direction of the temple.

- Well, it should be right here, but...
- Nobody ever listens to me.

I tell them there are no temples out here,
but they come out here anyways.

Now, the north has roads.

We could drive to any temple we want,
but instead we're in this jungle.

Yeah, OK.
Let's spread out, look for a... temple.

In lieu of that, a marker of some kind.
Anything that might tell us where to go.



Found it!

This is the best spot for your ambush.
This path leads to the pyramid of Ramius.

I will go now to ensure that
your eventual escape will be undetected.


Tek matte, Master Bra'tac.
It is an honour to be in your service.

Many thanks, Adal. Chel nok.

Right, Carter, do your thing.

Reynolds, I want flanking positions
set up on either side.

- Ring the perimeter with claymores.
- Not much faith in plan A?

Since when has plan A ever worked?


- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

At least you were right
about there being something here.

We're gonna go look around. Stay put.

You got it, señor. Have fun.

This is definitely early Mayan stonework.

Oh, yeah.

SG-3 Sierra, this is SG-1 Niner.
What's your status?

We're maintaining position.
Stargate is secure. No activity.

Maybe we should start a pool.

Is this cramped thing getting to you? Why
make these passageways so narrow?

Maybe they were skinny people.

And the roof, too.
Ow, my head. God!

Skinny, short people.

- It's a dead end.
- There's nothing on the walls or ceiling,

no glyphs, no seals, no Ancient script,
not even a pictograph.

Isn't there always writing?

You know, I mean, somewhere
there's bound to be... Maybe not.

SG-1 Niner, this is SG-3 Sierra.

Target has come through the gate
and is en route to your position.

Right, heads up.

Do it.

- Carter?
- I don't understand, sir.

- Hit him again?
- A third dart could kill. We want him alive.

Son of a bitch.

Fire in the hole!


Sir, our position's been made.

Grab the wounded and saddle up.

SG-3 Sierra, dial the gate.
We're aborting the mission.

Negative, SG-1. We have major
unfriendly Jaffa closing in on our position.

We cannot hold the gate.
Repeat, Stargate is not secure.

Soon we will be surrounded.
If we fight, many more will die.

What do you wanna do?


There is a chance
Adal and his rebel Jaffa can free us later.

Dr Jackson? Dr Lee?

Yeah, we're here.
We found a chamber. Gonna be a while.

Ah, take your time, señor.

We're paying him by the hour.

I don't understand. How are we supposed
to find this thing if there is no writing?

All water flows towards it.


Give me your canteen.

Here, hold this.

What good's that gonna do?

There's something under here.

You're good.

- How's he doing?
- Stable, but we've gotta get him out soon.

I'm fine.


I'll handle this.


Well, uh, I know how this looks,

so I think it's important we clear up
any misunderstanding right away.

We did not come to kill you.


Am I right?

The fact is, and this is the fun part,
we actually came to save your

All your asses.

Do you see the irony?

All right,

there's this guy out there,
big guy, big guy in a black suit,

none too fond of you Goa'ulds.

Well, anyway,
he's the one we're after, not you.

So if you wanna let us go, we'll be on
our way to save the world another day.

You're not buying this.



Well, that went well.

That went well.

- Well, at least it has writing on it.
- Yeah.

What's it say?

I have no idea.



It's the root technology of a sarcophagus,
which causes madness and addiction.

This is, supposedly, something far more
powerful, so activating it could be bad.


Let's try picking it up
without touching it too much.

Running would be a good idea about now.

Dr Jackson, can you hear me?

Your friend's condition worsens.

Yeah, well, your friends
can show up anytime now.

We must consider that they may not.


At least we are alive.

Yes, if you call this living.

You're worried that the super-soldier will
kill Ramius and slaughter the rest of us.

- "Super-soldier"?
- No?

It has a ring.

Most likely,
the warrior was only after Ramius.

When we attacked, its only concern was
escape so that its mission was completed.

So we just sit around
while Ramius gets whacked?

Then what?


A little conversation gonna kill ya?

Look, I know you're all about loyalty.

So am I. In fact, many's the time...

- Silence!
- Teal'c?

Hear me, Jaffa. Your master is a false god
and will surely be defeated.

However, you still have
a chance to be free.

Your words mean nothing to me.
I know who you are.

The Shol'va, Teal'c. And Bra'tac.

O'Neill of the Tauri.

Assassins who believe
they could slay my master.

Well, if we're assassins, who's that?


Dr Jackson, Dr Lee, can you hear me?

Can you hear me?!

Are you OK?
I thought you were dead for sure.

We triggered some sort of trap.

I figured out why those passageways
were so narrow.

- To prevent people from escaping alive.
- You're good.

What have you found?

I'm not going to rob you, señor.


Madre de Dios.

Consider this:
does it sound like it's going well?

Your master will die,
as will you, if you do not free us.

You lie. My master is a god.
He is invincible.

You're next, you know.

Ramius will force you to die for him
while he escapes.

- My god will fight for his people.
- You are wrong, my friend.

Your god is somewhere cowering in fear
like a child. I have seen it before.

He will not hesitate to sacrifice
all your lives to save his own.


What about us?

Shouldn't it be getting easier
to convince these guys?


- Hang in there, Reynolds.
- As long as it takes.

Ramius has fallen.
Go now, before it comes for you.

Go, go, go! Come on, guys.

Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Come on.

If this is a turf thing
we're not aware of, we're sorry.

Oh, no, señor. Please, don't speak.

I'm just saying that whoever
you guys think we are, we're not.

Who do I think you are?

I don't know.

We're scientists. Archaeologists, in fact.

I'm just saying if this is a kidnapping, you
should know we're not worth anything.

Trust me, gringo. Everyone's
worth something to somebody.

I tripped. I'm sorry.
Gee, I can't see anything.



- What just happened?
- Your guide, he tried to run.

What can you do?

Maybe now we'll all stay on the path.
Eh, muchachos?

After you.



It would appear Ramius was attempting
to get to one of his ships.

Sir, I think we still have a chance
to capture the warrior.


- Transport cycle complete.
- Get him?

- Got him.
- Good.


Chino! José! Ven para acá.

Far enough!



I don't know what you expect but no one'll
pay anything for us. We're worth nothing.

That is unfortunate for you
because if no one pays, you both die.

- It's still unconscious?
- Not surprising,

considering we voided the cargo bay
of life support once we got it on the ship.

- It took ten minutes to pass out.
- I'm surprised it's even alive.

It put up a hell of a fight, sir.


Very well.

Your prisoner is awake.

Who do you serve? Hm?


I serve Anubis.

How were you created?

I think it's safe to assume
they won't get any more out of him.

Found anything else?

Initial scans indicate
below-normal brain-wave patterns

emanating from both
the symbiote and the host.

He has the strength and healing powers
of a normal Goa'uld,

but none of the normal personality traits.

The Goa'uld use sophisticated
brainwashing techniques.

I'm open to suggestions. How can we
find out what it knows, if anything?

There is one possibility. We may
be able to use a memory-recall device

to access any conscious images
in its mind as it thinks them.

Do it.


- Any word from Daniel?
- No.

He is now six hours overdue
per his regular contact schedule.

That's late, even for Daniel.

The Honduran government
is looking into it.

They've sent some people to their last
reported location, but found nothing.

If his brain waves
are compatible with the device,

we should be able to see
whatever he's thinking holographically.

What is your planet of origin?

That's the sky above his planet.

I don't recognise these star
configurations. It could be anywhere.

We have technology that should be able
to pinpoint this location in the galaxy.

He just gave us his home world.


I know it's not much,
but we do what we can.


Here's my proposal for you.

I will ask questions, you give me answers.

I believe you, you get more water,
food, maybe even a blanket at night.



Who do you work for?

- I told you. We're archaeologists...
- Maybe I was not so clear.

If I don't believe you,
things get worse for you. Much worse.

You kill us, you get nothing.

Maybe I kill one of you
to get your government's attention.

Who lives?

Who dies?

That's up to you.

OK, you listen to me.

What you're doing now is a big mistake.

People, very powerful people,
are gonna come for us

and, well, let's just say by letting us go
now, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.


We do it the hard way.

Understand this:

I will not hesitate to kill you both, make
an example of you for your government,

so the next time
they will take us seriously.

You should know,
many prisoners talk as you do:

"My friends will come and save me."

It gives them hope.

The Tok'ra call it Tartarus -

a seemingly unoccupied planet
in Goa'uld-controlled space.

The Tok'ra are currently trying to assess
any defences that might be there.


I'm afraid I have some bad news.

I just received a communiqué
from the State Department in Washington.

It appears that Daniel Jackson
and Dr Lee have been kidnapped.

They may have crossed
the border into Nicaragua.

However, as of this moment,
we have no idea where they are.