Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 1 - Fallen - full transcript

A group of nomads on an alien planet find Daniel Jackson naked in the middle of ruins and take him in. Jonas translates the tablet Daniel said was important and discovers that it describes the last city the Ancients were building before the plague. He surmises that the list of addresses Jack put into the computer while storing the Ancient data were Ancient outposts in temporal order. Thus the last of the addresses should be the "City of the Lost". SG-1 visits the planet and happens upon the nomadic people, now inhabiting the ruins of the Ancient city. There they find Daniel, but discover his memory is gone. They must recover his memories in order to discover the secret to defeating Anubis.

The new animal took a look around

and immediately chose a place next to
the laziest, greediest beast in the stable.

The master saw this, put a yoke on him
and took him back to the merchant.

- We've heard this one already.
- Has it lost its meaning?

You told it just now
on the way down to the water hole.

Who are you?

I don't know.

I got it.

I got it. Teal'c! Teal'c!

I got it.

I got it.

Sorry, Tyler.

Siler. Master Sergeant Siler.

Three, please.

It's not the Lost City.

There's a subtle difference in meaning
in Asgard translations of early Ancient.

Excuse me. Watch it, watch it.

Hey, where's Major Carter?

She's in Hammond's office.

According to the Tok'ra,

Anubis is decimating the forces
of the remaining System Lords.

I got it.

- Hopefully it's not contagious.
- Ha, ha.

The Lost City.

- On the tablet.
- You found it?

Yeah, only it's not the Lost City.
That never made sense.

The tablet is written in Ancient.
How could they lose their own city?

And why call it the Lost City?
They'd call it by its name.

- Mr Quinn...
- It's the City of the Lost.

- Do you have a gate address?
- There's a reference

in some translations
that Dr Jackson was working on

to a city of the Ancients called Vis Uban
as a place where plague began.

This was gonna be the crown jewel
in the entire Ancient domain.

It was still under construction
when the plague broke out.

Two words: gate address.

Four years ago when Ancient knowledge
was downloaded to Colonel O'Neill's mind

he put a bunch of new gate addresses
into the SGC computer.

How many did he put in there?

We've been sending probes
and cataloguing them.

Any relevant planet
goes on the mission list.

- How many have been sent probes?
- Less than a quarter.

Do you think he got these gate addresses
randomly, or could there be an order?

Yeah, I suppose.

If Vis Uban wasn't finished
at the time the Ancient civilisation fell...

You're saying the city we're looking for
is the last on the list.

We've been going in order
from first to last, right?

- Send a probe.
- Yes, sir.

We're not talking about a common cold,
Carter. It was the plague.

Sir, we don't wear a HazMat
every time we step through the gate.

There's always a chance we could be
exposed to something dangerous.

- The place is called the City of the Dead.
- City of the Lost, actually, sir.

Not for lack of a sense of direction.

Well, these folks don't look lost, nor dead.

I don't think that these are the Ancients.

I mean, anything's possible, but...

they look like some sort of a nomadic
tribe that's just taken up residence.



We're travellers
from a planet called Earth.

- You came through the Chaapa-ai?
- The Stargate. Chaapa-ai.

He is Jaffa.

No, but he plays one on TV.

This is Teal'c. He's no longer allied
with the Goa'uld. He's a friend. As are we.

We too are travellers.

This place is not our original home, but
we have been here for some time now.

- If you wish to lay claim...
- No. No, no, nothing like that.

We just want the opportunity
to learn more about your people

and to take a really good look
around these ruins.

We did a sweep of the area, sir.

Maintain a secure perimeter.
50 metres radius from the gate.


They are travellers, like us.

They say they are friends.

No one can be a friend
if you know not whether to trust them.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Enemies' promises
were made to be broken.

And yet honesty is the best policy.

He that has too many friends has none.

Ah, but birds of a feather...

I'm unfamiliar with that story.

What lesson does it teach?

It has to do with flocking,
and togetherness...

and, to be honest, I'm not that familiar
with the particulars myself.

The point is, we're not your enemy.
Give us a chance to prove it.


We found something
you might want to see.



- Arrom?
- That's what we call him.

It means "Naked One".

That's how we found him
in the forest two moons ago.

Seems he doesn't remember who he is.


It's OK. It's me, S...

Do you not recognise us, Daniel Jackson?

I'm sorry.

Not even me?

Please leave me alone.

I'm Jack O'Neill.

And, barring some freakish similarity,
you are Doctor Daniel Jackson.

This tent is all I know.

And these people, they're all I know.

Before I woke up in the forest,
I don't remember anything.

I've tried.
I've tried to remember who I was before.

Sometimes I think
it's floating in front of me,

and all I have to do
is reach out and grab it.

I try... and it's gone.

You were a member of my team, SG-1 .
You're a friend of mine.

- Last year, you died.
- I'm dead?

Obviously not. You just sort of died.

Actually, you ascended to
a higher plane of existence.

Last time I saw you,
you were helping us fight Anubis.


Yeah, kind of an over-the-top,
cliché bad guy.

Black cloak, oily skin, kind of spooky.

Anyway, obviously, since then,
you've retaken human form somehow.

Actually, I can see how
this might sound a bit unusual.

A bit?

- Why am I here?
- Hey, why are any of us here?

Honestly, I don't know. But you gotta
trust me: you are Daniel Jackson.

Think of it this way.
Out of all the planets in the galaxy,

why this one, if not for us to find you?

So you're saying
a higher power put me here?

I don't know.
That was generally your department.

- Thanks very much.
- You're welcome.

Jonas and Teal'c are helping SG-3 and 5
begin the preliminary sweep.

Remember when I said
it was like talking to a wall?

We know someone who's ascended
can choose to retake human form.

You think he also chose
to forget everything?

Maybe the part about his memory
isn't voluntary.

Maybe it's punishment
for trying to help us.

He did say he was breaking
some big rules.

So? What?

It's gonna take time to search all the ruins.

There could be weapons
or a power source hidden anywhere.

In the meantime, we try to help Daniel
remember... if that's even possible.

Tag. You're it.

Can I come in?



What did you say your name was again?

Samantha Carter.
You used to call me Sam.

- Yeah, well, like I already told Jim...
- Uh, Jack.


Yeah. I told him.

I don't understand why you aren't
dying to know all about who you are.

I am.

And I'm not.

- See, it's the "not" part...
- What if I don't like who I was?

What if I don't want to be that person?

What if I don't have it in me to make up
for something I've done wrong?

I have to admit,
that never occurred to me.

Look, we all thought we'd
lost you at one point.

It was one of the hardest things
I have ever been through.

You were - you are brilliant.

One of the most caring, passionate...

You're the type of person who'd give his
life for someone he doesn't even know.

That doesn't sound so bad.

If you had one fault,

it was that you wanted to save people
so badly, to help people so much,

that it tore you apart when
you couldn't make a difference.

That actually sounds
kind of hard to live up to.

All I know is that, if I were you, I would
definitely want to get to know me... you.

- I get it.
- Come back with us.

Let us show you who you are,
instead of just telling you.

I'll think about it.


Samantha Carter?


Was there ever anything... between us?


No. No, not in that way.

We were really, really good friends.



Shamda here was just telling me a story
about a dog and some dancing monkeys.

The moral is:
appearances can be deceptive.

I got that.

Very good story. Wonderful.
Full of nuances. I like that.

- We sent up a UAV.
- The ruins are quite extensive.

Yeah. It's gonna take us weeks
to scour this place properly.

- What of Daniel Jackson?
- He's going home.

- Welcome back, Dr Jackson.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.

- You have no memory of who I am?
- None whatsoever.

Neither do l, sir.

That way.

Did I mention you owe me 50 bucks?

I'm happy to say, sir, that he's in perfect
health, except for one small exception.

Wow. That's different.

You recognise me now?

- Has your hair always been that way?
- What way?

Never mind.

Not exactly home,
but we unpacked some of your stuff.

You kept all this
even though you thought I was dead?

To be honest, we tossed out a ton of junk.

A lot of which seemed to be very valuable.

I... kept a few of your
personal things alive there.

- I know her.
- Really?

I mean, I must, right?


- Who is she? What's her name?
- You tell me.

- Sorry. Am I interrupting?
- You are not.

I am unable to kelno'reem as I once did,
since I began using tretonin.

- Well, that sounds complicated.
- Indeed.


Her name is Sha're.


No one told me that.
I remembered that by myself.

I dreamed about her
and when I woke up I knew her name.

- That is good news, Daniel Jackson.
- Yeah, I believe I might have a chance.

If I can remember a name, there's a
chance it's all in there somewhere, right?


So, where is she?

She's dead.

I loved her very much.

This being, Oma Desala,
is very powerful, right?

- That is correct.
- Why would she do this?

If she wanted me to forget...

You spoke of the rules to which you were
subjugated as one of the ascended.

Perhaps she was required to erase
your memories by laws of the Others,

but, as your friend and mentor,
she wished you one day to regain it.

You think she cheated?
Found a way around the rules?

You do not agree?

Tell me about this Anubis.
Why did I break the rules to fight him?

Is it not wise to remember
on your own accord?

No. I need to know why
this is happening to me.

At this point, we believe that we've
mapped the full extent of the ruins.

No fancy guns, or anything cool?

We've only completed
a preliminary investigation.

Sorry I'm late. I forgot
what time the meeting was.

That's a little joke there.
It's the memory thing.

Dr Jackson, this briefing is classified.

Yeah, Jonas mentioned that, but...

you all said that I used to be
part of this, so...

Look, I can't really give you a good
reason. I just... feel like I should be here.

Good enough.

Besides, who will I tell?
I don't remember anybody, right?

- Good one.
- Thanks, Jim.

Oh, so, there are extensive writings,

all in the oldest known Ancient dialects,
all yet to be translated.

But so far we haven't found any signs of
any advanced weapons or power sources.

The original name of the city, Vis Uban,
does translate as "place of great power",

but it doesn't mean we'll find a way
to defeat Anubis there.

You won't.

- It's not the Lost City.
- How do you know?

Because Jonas translated "lacun"
to mean "of the lost".

- But that's...
- The wrong place.

- But the translations in your notes...
- Also wrong. I was way off.

- How do you know that?
- I don't know. I know what the tablet says.


I don't know. I just
looked at it and understood it.

Are you saying the Ancients
actually lost one of their own cities?

No, they didn't lose it. They made it lost...
to other people that might try to find it.

I'm guessing that they camouflaged it

and removed all reference to it
from the written history.


the Lost City is... still lost.

I'm pretty sure.

You told me to give Anubis that Eye.

According to our allies, Anubis is quickly
conquering the other System Lords.

He will dominate the galaxy very soon.

I did it cos you said we could whup his
ass with what we'd find in this Lost City.

If I said that, then I hope it's true, but...

Look, all I know is that the place
you're searching right now is not it.

Then where is "it"?

Did I just say "all I know"?

Everyone turn away.

I want no witnesses.



Sorry to bother you.

You're not. I was just...
reading about us, actually.

You said that Anubis was part-ascended,

that the Ancients tried to send him back
to our level of existence but failed,

and now he's trapped
somewhere in between.

So I've heard.

Anubis wouldn't know everything there is
to know about the Ancients, right?

- Or he'd have already found the Lost City.
- I know I read that tablet but...

I'm just thinking out loud here.

If Anubis were to
accidentally find the tablet,

he's not gonna make
the same mistake I did.

I don't know.

But if we were to make a replica
of the tablet, change what it says...


As you all know, we've had
little success using naquadria

to power the F-302's hyperspace
generator for any length of time.

However, if our calculations are correct,

we believe a short, controlled burst
would send the 302 into subspace

long enough to bypass
the mother ship's shields.

And if your calculations are incorrect?

The 302 would bypass the mother ship
altogether - or worse, re-emerge inside it.

- But let's not go there right now.
- Of course. Let's not dwell.

According to
intelligence provided by the Tok'ra,

the power core of Anubis's new weapon

must be cooled by a ventilation shaft
on the exterior of the ship.

If that can be targeted and destroyed
just as the weapon is powering up,

the crystals will overheat
and be destroyed.

Where is this shaft, exactly?

As Colonel O'Neill is well aware,
we don't know exactly where the shaft is.

Our operative in Anubis's ranks has been
unable to get aboard the new ship

and has only a very limited
working knowledge of it.

Anubis's computer systems use elaborate
ciphers in the oldest Ancient dialect.

We are unable to translate them.

Jonas and Daniel will sneak aboard
Anubis's ship and access the computer.

We have devised
an injectable radioactive isotope

that will allow them to move freely,
undetected by sensors for eight hours.

They'll decode and relay the target's
location to Colonel O'Neill and me,

who will be flying the F-302.

- No problem, right?
- Hey, sounds easy to me.

Good. Anubis's ship is destroyed,
and we all live to save another day.

Again, as the Colonel is well aware,
we have reason to believe

that eliminating the crystal power core
of the ship's main weapon

won't destroy the entire ship.

Its defences and auxiliary weapons
will remain intact.

Why don't we dwell on that
for just a minute?

Our goal is to take out
Anubis's new superweapon.

It gives him a clear advantage
over the other Goa'uld mother ships.

We've heard from Teal'c that Yu will bring
the System Lords' fleet down on Anubis

once we've succeeded.

OK. Everyone who thinks this is
an insane idea, raise your hand.

Come on, be honest.
Let's go. Get 'em up there.

Keep your hands up, people,
because the next question is:

who is going to make this happen?

It's going to take us at least a week
to relocate the inhabitants of the ruins.

Which will give us time
to build a makeshift runway

and get the 302
through the gate and reassembled.

And once everything is established,
the Tok'ra will plant our fake tablet,

and, with any luck,
we'll lure Anubis to the planet.

Let's move.

Look, I realise I wasn't
the most positive voice in the room.

We all know it's an extreme long shot, sir.

My big problem is that all this depends
on us trusting a Goa'uld to back us up.

This is our only chance to take Anubis
out of the picture,

and Yu has helped us in the past.

All I'm saying, just for the record,

this is the wackiest plan
we've ever come up with.

Wackier than strapping
an active Stargate onto the X-302?

Oh, yeah.

Wackier than blowing up a sun?


He's probably right.

My lord, the fleet is ready.

- I say when the fleet is ready.
- Of course, my lord.

It is time we moved them into position
to prepare for the ambush of Anubis,

as you agreed, my lord.

Speak to me as if I am a fool again
and you will not take another breath.

Yes, my lord.

Move the fleet into position.

That's your son.

- Yeah.
- Charlie, right?

He's why I know you. You took that first
mission to Abydos thinking it'd be suicide.

- Things change.
- Yeah. Sorry.

You sure you're ready for this?

Despite what you say, I don't think you'd
be doing this if it wasn't worth doing.

You obviously don't remember everything.
You never used to follow my lead.

I didn't?


I may not remember everything but...
I remember enough.


- Sir, welcome to base camp.
- Thank you, Major.

I have to admit,
it's strange to see you offworld.

This is not your usual
alien-planet operation, is it, Major?

No, sir.

- What's our status?
- We're ready to go, sir.

- You'd better get yourself out to the F-302.
- Yes, sir.

We just received word. Anubis's ship will
be arriving in the system momentarily.

Air Strike, this is Command Base.
You are a go for take-off.

I thought we were going
with Red Leader on this one.

All systems go, sir.

Uh... Command? There is one more thing.

Colonel, Major...


All right, that's better.

Thank you, sir.

- Thanks, guys.
- Good luck.

Holy crap! Look at that thing. It's huge!

I think they know we're coming, sir.
Tally four gliders, nose, 400 kilometres.

Extending. Max burn.

- You're heading right for them.
- I want to see what this is made of.

- I could tell you exactly, sir.
- Another time... maybe... please?

Fox 4-2.

Pitching back, left, 1-3-5.

Daniel, Jonas, we are
under attack. We need that intel.

- We're close.
- We can't hold these guys off for long.

Great. We got company.

- My lord.
- Take the fleet to Chodawa.

My lord, that is across the galaxy.
We are in position to ambush Anubis...

Do not question me. I am your god.

Do as I say.

- You cannot.
- I have no choice.

Take him to a holding cell.

If you do not eliminate Anubis, you
are dooming yourself and your master.

I must do as my god commands.

My lord.

Our ground troops confirm that
there is a human base on the planet.

- The search of the city?
- No energy signatures.

That'll hold 'em off for a while.

A little while.

That's it. I'm in.

This may take more than a little while.

Can't you do some kind
of a keyword search?

For what? "Achilles"?

I'm glad to see your memory's coming
back, not to mention your razor-sharp wit.

But why don't we try something like...
"power-core venting"?

That's it, that's it.

Jack, Sam, we got it. Transmitting data.

We gotta go, Carter.

Sir, I've got the data, but
we need Anubis to power the weapon.

Airborne, we have not heard from Teal'c.
The Goa'uld fleet is long overdue.

I had a problem with this plan.

My lord, the attack vessel
continues to elude our gliders.

Send in another squadron.

I do not believe
what you are searching for is here.

- I agree.
- Shall I target their base, my lord?

No. Recall the ground troops.

Yes, my lord.

I don't think we're gonna get
back to the ring room that way.

- What's that?
- They're targeting the planet.

- Base camp, this is Jonas. Come in.
- Go ahead.

Your position's been compromised.
The Stargate is being targeted.

The naqahdah will amplify the blast.

Roger that. Evacuate all personnel.

We go at it now, right?

We need the Goa'uld mother ships
here to finish the job.

- Sir, four more gliders headed this way.
- Can we go at it now?

Activating hyperdrive.

Extending, straight up.

Damn, that was close.

Transferring target data
to your terminal, sir.

The human attack vessel
has breached our shields.

Shoot it down.

- Let's get outta here.
- Yeah.

Target is locked. Fox 4-2.

- Nice shot, sir.
- Well, thank you, ma'am.

The core is overloading.
We must power down the weapon.

Daniel, come in. Do you read?

Yeah. I'm still on the ship.

- Hey, congratulations. You hit the mark.
- Thanks. It was fun.

We'll wait until Anubis's ship goes
and rendezvous with you at the Stargate.

As far as that goes,
we may have a little problem.

You will suffer gravely.

Yeah, I figured as much.
Although I am consoled by the fact

that we succeeded in destroying
the power source for your new weapon.

You are in no position to gloat.

We just wiped out your single advantage
you had over the Goa'uld.

I would say that's about
as good a reason as any.


- I won't tell you anything.
- Oh, yes, you will.