Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 8 - The Other Guys - full transcript

SG-1 is providing security for three scientists who are conducting research on a far-off planet. Goa'uld warlord Khonsu arranges to capture the SG-1 team and O'Neill tells Jay Felder, nominally the group's leader, to use the gate and head back to SGC. Felder is quite enamored with SG-1, admiring their exploits and daring-do. Rather than follow O'Neill's orders, Felder and another scientist, Simon Coombs, transport themselves up to the Goa'uld ship. What the scientists don't know is that SG-1's capture is a ruse to allow Khonsu, who is actually a Tok'ra, to pass on information. O'Neill is quite annoyed with the two scientists but their presence proves useful in the end.

- Lord Khonsu.
- I have a task for you, Her'ak.

How may I serve you, my Lord?

This mission is very important,
so there's not much time.

If you succeed,
Anubis himself will be most pleased.

I have learned the location of certain
enemies. They are currently vulnerable.

You will take my Ha'tak, capture them,
and bring them to me... alive.

My Lord, may I ask who is so valuable?

Three humans and a Jaffa,
known to the Tauri as SG-1.

I calculate platform mass
at 12. 9 metric tons.

Consistent with the one on P4X- 233.

And every other ring transporter we've
measured. Suggests standardisation.

Think the Goa'uld have a big plant
somewhere just stamps these things out?

Jay, how's it coming with
the energy levels left in that power cell?


The power cell?


- The power cell?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm workin' on it.

No, you're not.

Look at them. They are so cool.

- Jay, enough already. It's embarrassing.
- Not to mention unprofessional.

Guys, we're in the presence
of greatness here, the best of the best.

Here we are, working alongside them.

Savour the moment, gentlemen.
Savour the moment.

Come on, Felger. We're studying
an old piece of Goa'uld technology,

and they're baby- sitting us.

What do you think
they're talkin' about right now?

So, T, who you takin' in the Cup?

Lord Stanley's Cup?

Hockey. Remember,
with the ice and skating?

- We went to a game last year.
- Indeed.

I believe the Canucks of Vancouver
are superior warriors.

Canucks, eh?

So, lunch?

Here they come.

Yes, that does look like
a very important breakthrough.

It's good work, Coombs. Carry on.

- Progress, Professor?
- Definitely. Yes.

Big stuff goin' on here.
I can give you a full report.

Save it for Carter.
We just came for the fine cuisine.

Of course. Her DHD reports
are unbelievable, aren't they?

She is single- handedly revolutionising
our knowledge of Stargate technology.

Any word on how that's going?

- No.
- No.

- Turkey.
- Turkey there.

- I'll just get back to work.
- Are you near the end of your research?

Who put that scanner there?

Well, it may be a few more days yet.

- What's your time frame there?
- A day or so.

But then you can get back to saving
the world again. For the seventh time.

- Eighth.
- What? You're counting?

Colonel O'Neill?

Yeah, Carter. Go.

We just received an urgent message
from General Hammond.

Roger that. We're on our way.

Good one!
That's only worth about $200, 000.

- Felger?
- Yes?

- We gotta check something.
- Can I help?

No. As a matter of fact, stay here.

If we're not back in an hour,
get to the gate, dial home.

- Got it?
- Well, what could go wrong?

- Got it?
- Yes, Colonel.

Aren't you guys a bit worried about them?

They'll be back.
They're just havin' fun with you.

What? There's something
going on out there.

Oh, please! They're just tired
of your butt- snorkelling.

"Tell me how
you finally defeated Apophis. "

"Major Carter, I based my thesis
on your amazing wormhole theories. "

Bite me, Coombs.
At least my heroes exist.

If this was a Trek convention,
you'd be dressed like a Klingon.

Vulcan, Felger!

How can you be a scientist and
not worship at the altar of Roddenberry?

"How do we get out of this?"
"The tachyon emitter?"

Guys, knock it off!

Now, what say we hook up the naqahdah
generator and get this baby started?

- Fine.
- Good.

- Nerd.
- Geek.

Was that what I think it was?

An al- kesh,
a mid- range Goa'uld attack vessel.

But this planet
was abandoned centuries ago.

- There isn't even anything here except...
- SG-1.

Colonel O'Neill, Felger.
We just saw an al- kesh.

I know. Stay put.
Remember what I told you.

Wait till it's clear, get to the gate,
report to Hammond.

Colonel O'Neill? Major Carter?

- They're in trouble.
- Hey!

Where you goin', Felger?
He told us to stay put!

Colonel O'Neill? Major Carter?

Oh, no. Oh.

- This is ridiculous, Felger! You'll get us...
- Shut up!

- Look.
- Oh, my God.

Wait. What do you mean, do something?
You're out of your mind, Felger.

Protocol states that if something goes
wrong, we return to Stargate Command.

- You know what? Somethin' went wrong.
- Colonel O'Neill said it himself.

I'm the senior advisor.
I'm making the command decision.

You're a lecturer at MIT!

I studied every mission SG-1's been on.
The one thing they have in common?

- They never leave a man behind. Ever.
- They're not behind - we are.

Meyers, go back and tell
Hammond what's happened.

- What about us?
- We're goin' after SG-1.

No, really!

That ship must have
taken them to the mothership.

We can use this platform to ring up,
but we have to act now.

No! Really!

- You want their deaths on your head?
- You're adding our death to theirs.

Would you go?

- Help me calibrate this.
- Jay, we haven't run any tests.

We have no idea how stable any link'll be,
assuming we can even get one.

- We're not outta range.
- Jay, are you sure about this?

Think about it. What would
Colonel O'Neill do if he was here now?

You want me to shoot you?

- Let's go.
- All right.

Nicely done! We were alone,
but that'll probably change now.

Please. Sh.

OK. Area secure.

Let's move out.

- What have we got?
- It's SG-1's code, sir.

Open the iris.

SG-1! They took SG-1!

Slow down, son. Take it easy.
Where's the rest of your team?

Ship... Lots of Jaffa...

SG-1 captured...

Flew away, sir.

Where are Professors
Felger and Coombs?

They used the rings at the ruins
to go up to the ship to rescue SG-1.


- Dammit, Felger, this cannot be the way!
- I swear it's...

- It's up here and to the left.
- That's what you said three lefts ago.


- How come you're not smiling?
- Should I be?

Well, it is your first time
being captured by a Goa'uld.


- So what now?
- We wait.

- Shouldn't we be trying to escape?
- Oddly, no.

- It won't be long.
- Before what?

Some overdressed,
over- the- top bad guy floats in,

gloating about
whatever evil fate awaits us.

Wait for it.


Colonel O'Neill. Major Carter.

So- called greatest of all Tauri warriors.

And the shol'va, Teal'c.

You, I'm not familiar with.

He's new.

Who are you?

I am Her'ak, first prime
to Lord Khonsu of Amon Shek.

Very impressive. Got a résumé?

- I captured you.
- Yes.

Right. You did. Well done.

You've got the job.

I had been looking forward to a greater
challenge than the one you provided.

However, the result has yielded
the same consequence.

You belong to my master now.

Carter, be honest. The résumé gag?

It needs work, O'Neill.


I didn't do anything.

- You don't know where you're going.
- I do.

- Then what were we doin' in the vent?
- Staying out of sight!

I've studied blueprints of these ships.
The holding cells are this way.

Please! You've studied
Goa'uld blueprints?

- Information is an SG team's ally.
- An SG team's ally is an SG team!

Will you relax?

OK, it's this way.

- No, this way.
- I'm gonna kill you.

Would you quit doing that?
Don't point the gun!

Is that a... bird?

I do not believe so.

These panels are held
magnetically. We have to cut the power.

- Who is that?
- Colonel O'Neill?


Colonel O'Neill.

Are you all right, sir?

What are you doing here?

Stand easy. We're here to rescue you.

- Did he say "we"?
- Right. I have Coombs with me.


Why, look, everybody.
He's got Coombs with him!

Thank us later.
Right now we have to get you out.


Just what part of "gate home"
did you not understand?

We couldn't let team members be...

- Felger!
- What about "never leave a man behind"?

What about "we allowed ourselves
to be captured... on purpose"?

- You what?
- We're on a mission, you nit!

Please don't be angry.
We thought...

It was Felger. His idea completely.

I don't understand.
What do you mean, you're on a mission?

The Goa'uld we're being taken to see
is actually an undercover Tok'ra.

I see.

Well, why the ruse?

Very few of Khonsu's Jaffa
know his true identity.

Her'ak and his men had to believe
they had truly captured us.

See? I knew it was too easy. You have
taken out more Jaffa than that before.


Professor, we know you meant well,

but you've actually put us
in a really awkward position.

- Why not tell us?
- Because you didn't need to know.

We've been on standby for weeks
waiting to hear from the Tok'ra.

We didn't know when
this ambush would occur.

You weren't supposed to be there
when it went down.

But when we did get the word,
it was too late to send you home.

Why didn't Khonsu send the intel to you?
Why the song and dance?

He's collected information on how
Anubis is getting his new technology.

As we have said, Khonsu's true loyalties
are carefully hidden.

He could trust no one
to carry such information.

He needs to remain undercover
to continue his work.

So did we.

- Way to go, Felger!
- Wait. We got up here undetected.

We haven't ruined anything.
Nobody knows we're here.

Someone approaches.

I am Dol'ok, free Jaffa,
loyal to Khonsu the Tok'ra.

- Thank you for your patience.
- What patience?

Can we get our weapons back?

Soon. As you are aware, this
incarceration is for your own protection.

There are very few of us among the ranks,
but we assure you that you are not alone.

Who are they?

Look, there's... been
a little bit of a mix- up here.

Any chance you could put these guys
someplace safe till this is over?

- I will do what I can.
- I appreciate that.


As ordered,
we have SG-1 alive and uninjured.

Excellent. You have done well, Her'ak.

I will tell Lord Anubis of your exemplary
conduct when I relate this victory to him.

My thanks.

Shall I interrogate the prisoners?
Surely there is much that they can reveal.

No. When you arrive,
bring them before me.

I will use my own methods
to learn what they know.

As you wish... my Lord.

Do not venture from this place
until we return.

Should you be discovered,
your lives would be forfeit.

You got it.

You try to help people,
this is the thanks you get.

I should have shot you.

So when are we gonna meet
this old... Ginsu guy?



Don't touch that.

Hey, Her'ak!

What? No gloating?

Take some pride in your work, son.

You shall all be forced to bow
before my master soon enough.

You know, this whole "imprisoned for our
own protection" is getting a little "old".

What choice did we have? If we want
this information we have to trust Khonsu.

I knew I should have updated my will
before agreeing to go offworld.

- You are not going to die, Coombs.
- Come on, Felger.

We might as well be wearing red shirts.

I don't get that.


Oh, my God! I think I'm gonna throw up.

These poor bastards.

- Jay, I can't do this. I gotta get outta here!
- Simon, Simon, Simon.

No! I'm not a soldier.

I teach applied math at Yale.
I have a Vespa and two cats!

Get a hold of yourself. Don't you get it?
Jaffa do not kill each other for fun.

They don't?

I don't know that for sure.
But this looks like an execution.

Something hinky's going on.
It's up to us to find out what it is.

- Hinky?
- Yeah. It's a word.

In what dictionary?

I have a plan.

Is it OK to have a heart attack now? I don't
know why I let you talk me into this.

Because if we'd stayed on that ship,
we'd be dead.

And we're better off here?

When are you gonna trust me?
I have four postgraduate degrees.

Not one of them covered
Jaffa military tactics.

What are you doing here?


He is sick.

I believe it is something he ate.

Nicely done. Nicely done.

Jay, you just shot that guy.
I mean, you really shot him.

No, zatted. It's completely different.

- Zatted? Shot!
- Gotta go. Gotta go.


Where are the prisoners?

Answer me. Where is SG-1?

They are no longer your concern.

We are betrayed, brothers.

Our god was not who he claimed to be.

Khonsu is Tok'ra. He would weaken us
like a cancer from within,

destroying our one true god,


I am in command now, till our lord returns
to reward us and claim his prize.

Spread the word among every rank.

Be ready.

Anubis is coming.

- Where's Khonsu?
- Khonsu is dead.


Completely dead or semidead?

You guys seem to have
a grey area in that regard.

His true loyalties were well known.

Once his betrayal bore fruit,
his existence was no longer required.

You callin' us fruit?


Crap! I hate that thing.

Now, that, Colonel O'Neill,
is what I call pride in my work.

- Good job.
- I want names, Colonel.

Of all the Tok'ra hiding in Anubis's ranks.

Oh, ask Khonsu.

Oh, wait! You can't. You killed him.


Tell me!

- We don't know anything.
- He's not lying.

Our orders were to make contact
with Khonsu. That's it.

Any information you want died with him.

Forget it, Carter. He's just
the warm- up band, and he knows it.

No matter what you have endured,

you have never experienced
the likes of what Anubis is capable of.

You ended that sentence
with a preposition!


- That was his last transmission?
- Yes, sir.

Excuse me, sir. Anything on SG-1?

As a matter of fact, we just got
a message from one of our Jaffa allies.

Word has filtered through Anubis's ranks

that Khonsu was exposed as a Tok'ra
and that he's been murdered.

Oh, no.

SG-1 is still in the custody
of the Jaffa who overthrew Khonsu.

Anubis himself is on the way. There's
been no mention of Felger and Coombs.

Is there no chance
of mounting some sort of rescue?

I'd be happy to volunteer.

I appreciate that.
But the planet's very heavily guarded.

That was one of the reasons
SG-1 had to go in undercover.


With all due respect, I thought
you didn't leave people behind.

I don't like this either, but I won't send
good men to their deaths for nothing.

Especially considering
the sketchy nature of the intel we have.

There's nothing we can do at this time.

I'm afraid if SG-1
is going to get out of this mess,

they're going to have to do it on their own.

Don't do that!

So maybe you did study Goa'uld plans,
but how can you know where we're goin'?

- I don't.
- Jay, this is bad.

I know.

Our best shot is to get back to SGC, tell
'em what happened, where SG-1 is, and...

Look, even if we could,
there's no telling when Anubis will arrive.

Chances are SG-1 will be long gone
or dead by the time they mount a rescue.

- If they're willing to send one.
- What about SG-1, then?

If they're the heroes you say,
they can bust themselves out.

Come on, Coombs!
This op is up to us, and you know it.

- Op?
- Op. Op, op, op. It's "operation".

Say "operation", then,
like a normal person.

Keep your voice down!

We have to learn about this place,
find a weakness and exploit it.

How the heck
are we supposed to do that?

How'd you know how to do that?

- The writing outside said "Control room".
- It did?

- I thought you said you read Goa'uld.
- I do. Sorta.

This should be able to tell us
everything we need to know.

This is not good.

SG-1, this is Felger.
Do you copy? Colonel O'Neill?

No. This is not good.

Are you all right?
Is everyone else with you?


Where are you?

Inside the pyramid, in the control room.

They could have access to the security
systems, including force- shield controls.

We're working on it.

Bring up
the pyramid schematics.

Within the security system files
you'll find a list of force- shield codes.

There's a lot of stuff here, Major, OK?

Felger? We need weapons.

Looks like there's an armoury at the end
of the hall. It's either that or a bathroom.

I can do this.

On my way, sir!

You get the shield down.
And use your radio from now on.

This is unbelievable. Everything is in here.

Coombs, what's goin' on?

I've almost got it, sir.



Look, Professor, this little stunt
of yours does not excuse the fact

that you disobeyed
a direct order from me, twice!

Do it again, I'll shoot you.

- Are we...?
- Crystal.


- Wanna hear my plan?
- Our plan!

- I said stay on the radio!
- Just... tell me what you know.

OK. There's a shield around the pyramid.
The Stargate's outside that.

- So Coombs could get the shield down.
- And we take out the Jaffa at the gate.

Coombs can bring himself out to the ring,
then we all go home. Piece of cake.

"We" take out the Jaffa?


As in "you".

- How many?
- A dozen.

- A dozen?
- And they got those big guns.

Good plan, Felger. Good plan.

Come on! You're SG-1.
This is what you do.


Coombs, talk to me.

OK. Hang another left,
and then two rights.

And then there'll be a door,
and beyond that is daylight.


- Coombs?
- I'm sorry.

This coding is very confusing.
Just wait a second.


I can't believe that I'm here...
with you.. like this. It's...

Yeah. I'm havin' the same problem.

This is great. Sneakin' around with you
in a Goa'uld pyramid on an alien planet.

The one thing missing
is some Jaffa chasing us.


That's not my fault. Simon?
Simon, hurry up. We got company.

Wait, wait, wait!

Give me that. Now, Coombs.

I got it!

- Shield's down.
- Way to go, Simon.


Get your ass to the nearest ring transport
and wait for my signal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You've been a great audience,
but I really must be...

You, stop!

Staying. God!

Well, he wasn't kiddin'.
That's a lotta Jaffa.

Carter, Jonas, your target
is that centre gun placement.

- Yes, sir.
- Teal'c, you're with me.

Now, is there anything else
we need to discuss?

No, sir. I'll stay in this very spot.

Even if I see you writhing in agony,
calling me, I'll be here.

Exactly. On my signal,
get Coombs out here.


Jay, I got a problem here.


I think I need a little help.


Clear, sir.

- Teal'c?
- The area is secure for the moment.

Colonel O'Neill!

Colonel O'Neill.

What are you doing?
Get Coombs out here.

He's stuck.

I don't think I'm gonna make it outta here.
You just go. Take care of my cats.

No. I got us into this mess.
If you're staying, I'm staying too.

No one's staying.

Can he ring us in?

Can you ring O'Neill and Teal'c
into the pyramid?

I'll try.

Give us five minutes, then...

- Let's go home.
- Ah! Thank God!

- Simon, you OK?
- Later!

For bravery in the face of grave danger,

I hereby award Simon Coombs
and Jay Felger each

the Airforce Civilian Award for Valour.

Despite the fact that
you gentlemen disobeyed my orders,

which in my little world
constitutes screwing up,


truth is... we wouldn't
be here without you.

You are true heroes.

Thank you, Colonel.

Felger. Felger. Jay?

- What?
- Snap out of it.

- Sorry.
- Calibration scales for the power source?

Right there. Right... there.