Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 4 - Frozen - full transcript

The SG-1 team travels to the Antarctic science station when the scientists there discover an ancient body in the ice. The age of the ice core samples would indicate that the body predates mankind. As they thaw the body, it comes to life. It's a young woman who they call Ayiana. As Ayiana gains strength, those around her all fall ill having contracted an unknown virus which they believe Ayiana carried. The new arrival also shows healing powers and can seemingly cure any illness just by touch. As she does so however she weakens to the point of death. In the end, only Col. O'Neill remains untreated and SGC seeks the help of the Tok'ra who offer an unexpected solution.

It's a blip. A shadow on the ultrasound.

Too deep to tell.
You know, maybe a dead seal.

Anyway, we're gonna rule it out
and pack up for the season.

Another week or two, it'll be dark most of
the time, much too cold to work outside.

As far as coming back next year,
well, it's not up to me.

The Pentagon re- evaluates our presence
here every year. Take it up with them.

Maybe my conclusions about the DHD
will convince them we should continue.

I'm sure coming from you
it'll hold more weight.

The one found with the Antarctic gate
died shortly after it was brought back.

It was used a few times
and then just ran out of energy.

That was the first indication that the
power sources have a limited life span.

We've run a number of tests comparing
the power source to other offworld DHDs.

We think we have evidence
that the gate down there

is one of the oldest in the entire system.

It could be as much
as 50 million years old.

The Antarctic plate wasn't
covered by a glacier back then.

The gate didn't
necessarily originate there.

It could have been moved at any time.
That's what we need to try and determine.


There has to be
something else down there.

We've been here four years running.

Since we dug out those two Jaffa
we've found nothing.

- If this latest lead turns out to...
- Michaels, the thing in the ice.

It's something.

Why's the plane leaving?

The cold's no good for
the electronics. It'll be back.

- When?
- Let's ask these folks.

- Hi. Nice to finally meet you, Major.
- You too. Dr Michaels, Dr Fraiser.

Drs Woods and Osbourne.

- All right. That's enough.
- Welcome to Antarctica, Colonel.

- Thanks. Great to be back.
- Let's go inside.

- How long's this gonna take?
- A few days, maybe more. Why?

- Long- range forecast isn't good.
- Bit of a weather freak.

He'll love it here.

Leave your coats on. The lab's below
freezing to maintain the specimen.

We thought
you'd wanna see it right away.

As you can see, we're well- equipped.
We have a research lab,

observation room,

and in here... the quarantine lab.

After digging up those Jaffa the first year,
we expected to find a lot more a lot faster.

I named her Ayiana.
It means "eternal bloom".

- Native American Indian?
- My grandfather was a quarter Cherokee.

- How do you know it's a "she"?
- Ultrasound.

- You're guessing.
- The form appears to be female.

Although, I admit, it's hard to tell for sure.

Have you made a guess about her age?

25 to 35.

Give or take several million years.

Several million?

That's what the analysis of
the oxygen content in the ice indicates.

But didn't humans evolve on this planet
between 800, 000 and 900, 000 years ago?

- That's what we thought.
- This could be big.

As you said, evidence points to the
Stargate found here predating the glacier.

The Jaffa could not have been
frozen there that long ago.

Not even close.

Dr Jackson theorised that when the gate
from Giza was buried 2, 000 years ago,

that the Goa'uld
opened the Antarctic gate.

A crevasse formed.
It allowed the wormhole to connect

and create a larger opening.

- The Jaffa were frozen after that.
- But she wasn't.

- Much before that.
- So she's neither Jaffa nor Goa'uld.

Well, she was probably around when
the Antarctic gate was first being used.

We need more core samples to determine
if she was frozen in the same vein.

- Did you do a tissue sample?
- Mm- hm. I'd like you to have a look.

Listen, could somebody
bottom- line this for me?

We could be looking at evidence

that human beings evolved
long before we thought they did.

And maybe not even
originally on this planet.

Darwin would be crushed.


- What is it, O'Neill?
- I forgot to tape The Simpsons.

It's important to me.

- This is incredible.
- I know. No adipocere.

What's that?

It's a residue that forms on dead
animal tissue when exposed to moisture.

But that's not the most amazing part.
These tissue cells are intact.

That's what I was hoping you'd say.
I thought maybe I was losing my mind.

I'm sorry. What...?

When you freeze live cells, crystals form
and destroy the integrity of the cell.

That's why we haven't been able to
develop human cryogenic preservation.

- So...
- So, these cells are perfect.

They could be from you or me.

Right hand, right arm
and partial head exposed.

The clothing appears tailored.
Material unknown.

Peeling back what appears to be
the right sleeve covering the face.

- You got it?
- Yeah.

She is remarkably preserved.

I got a cortical response.
Sam, I need your help.

- Let's go.
- What's going on?

It measures brain- wave activity.

Go, Sam.

Delta waves.

- Impossible.
- We've seen stranger.

- We gotta get her out.
- Sir, crank up the heat.

On three.
When you're ready, Jonas.

One, two, three.



- Temperature is 73°.
- Good.

No sign of frostbite.

- I assume you don't have bypass?
- No.

Let's try warm saline,
one milligram epi, and do a blood gas.

The medics have a saying here: "You're
not dead till you're warm and dead. "

It's because anything below 82°
and life signs are often undetectable.

We've got disorganised electrical activity.

I'm intubating.

Tilt her head, Sam.

I'm in. Give me the tube.

That's it.


There's a heartbeat.

Hey. She's bleeding.

- Sam, will you take over bagging?
- Got it.

pH is 6. 9.

She's acidotic but her PO2 is 98.

Ten beats per minute.

She's in V- fib.

Charging to 200.

And clear.


Sinus bradycardia.

30 beats per minute.
BP's 60 over 40 and rising.

I can't believe this is happening.

She's conscious.

She's breathing on her own.

I think we're scaring her.

It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.

- Can we take the tube out?
- Yeah.

It's OK. Sam, give me a hand.

Easy. Easy. Hang on.

Take it easy.

It's OK. It's OK.

There you go.

Michaels, 2. 5mg Valium.

Easy. Nobody's gonna hurt you. It's OK.

OK. Here we go.

Here we go. Yeah.

We didn't do anything, sir.
She revived herself.

It was as if the thawing process
just triggered an internal response

telling her body to come back to life.

- But not a snake- head, right?
- No, sir.

- Then what are we dealin' with here?
- Something not humanly possible.

- Not as far as I know.
- She may indeed be not of this world.

As far as we knew up until now,
all human life in the galaxy

was transplanted to other planets
from Earth by the Goa'uld.

The odds of a totally alien life form

evolving to look exactly
like us are astronomical.

Actually, if she's as old as we think she is,
wouldn't it be us evolving to look like her?

- True.
- We need to check out the site again.

Get another core sample
to prove the age of the ice.

- You guys need some help?
- We can handle it.

She's awake again.

Think I'll try talking to her.





We don't need these restraints
any more, do we?

It's all right.

It's better, huh? Wanna sit her up?

Can you speak?


Maybe she just doesn't understand us.

I'd be very surprised if she did, but that
doesn't mean we can't communicate.

I'm Jonas.

Jonas. It's my name.

Jon... Jonas.


I guess she can speak.

Jonas, though, Jonas is my name.
It's my name.

Francine is her name.

Do you have a name?

- Is that bothering you?
- That's my fault. I'm sorry.

S.. sorry?

It's what you say to somebody when
you have caused them pain or sadness,

- or done something you feel bad about.
- We didn't know.

Let me have a look. It's OK.

That's amazing.


Yes. You are.


The weather system is blowing in
more quickly than first predicted.

Woods, Osbourne.
This is O'Neill. Come in.

Yeah, Colonel. I read you.

That storm is headed our way.

Roger. We're almost done.
It'll be dark soon anyway.

Be back in a couple of hours. Woods out.

Well, we didn't really learn anything.

- Nothing?
- No, not even her name.

There's obviously a communication
barrier. She can speak, but...

There's no telling what the effects
of being frozen that long are.

Even with her ability
to preserve or heal herself physically,

her mind could have been
damaged beyond repair.

The wound on her arm
is completely gone.


If we can figure out
how she regenerates...

Could she not be
deliberately hiding something?

What reason would she have
to hide anything?


Thought you might be hungry.

I brought you some food.

You eat it.

It's not very good, but...

Try it.

That's not much...


I guess if you've been frozen
for that many years...

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

I just think we have the heat
turned up a little high in here now.

I wanna show you something.

Here. Look.

Have you ever seen this?

Yes or no?


We're gonna try something else.

- Look at this.
- What are they?

EEGs I took of Cassandra
after Nirrti's genetic experiment.

Cassie started developing
telekinetic abilities.

These are of O'Neill

with the knowledge of the Ancient
repository downloaded in his brain.

Now, I've been
comparing them to Ayiana's.


Nirrti was trying to create
genetically enhanced human beings.

The Ancient device was rewriting
Colonel O'Neill's memory.

It was doing more than that. It was
activating dormant areas of his brain.

Sam, look. What if there's more than just a
coincidental similarity in these patterns?

So this woman is...

She's another example of an advanced
stage in the human evolutionary process.

Leading to what?

Antarctic cod can live in water so cold
other fish'd develop ice in their blood.

They've had 40 million years
to adapt to the change of temperature

and developed this protein
that acts like antifreeze.

They're fish.

Given enough time, evolution
can do some pretty amazing things.

We know humans can become
much more powerful beings.

- We've seen it happen with Daniel.
- With the help of other powerful beings.


This woman might predate human
evolution on Earth by 50 million years.

That would put her behind us in
the evolutionary time line, not way ahead.


Unless our evolution
isn't the first time it's happened.

- That's not big. That's huge.
- It's just a theory. We have no evidence.

But if you're right, this woman could be
part of the race that invented the gate.

- One stage of their development, anyway.
- A living Ancient.

And we look like her.

That could mean that our evolution
wasn't just some biological accident.

Dr Fraiser!

Michaels fainted. She's running
a high fever. I need to do more tests.

- Ayiana?
- She's fine.

- I know what you're thinking.
- And?

It's possible she may be carrying
a contagion of some kind.

Would she not also be ill?

There are diseases that have no effect
on the carrier but can still infect others.

It may be that her healing abilities
are fighting off the infection

without eradicating it completely.

Should Jonas still be in there?

He wants to be. Chances are he's already
been exposed. It's possible we all have.

If this did come from her, we need
to know as much as she can tell us.

C- 130 is scheduled
to pick us up tomorrow.

- Better call it off.
- They can't fly in this weather anyway.

Until I know a lot more about
what's going on here, we're quarantined.

Woods, Osbourne.
This is O'Neill. Come in.

Osbourne, Woods.
This is O'Neill. Come in.

- How is she?
- Not good.

Fever won't come down.
She's not responding to antibiotics.

Whatever this is, it's fast.

Woods and Osbourne
aren't responding on the radio.

If they've developed the same symptoms,
they could be weak or even passed out.

You definitely think
this came from Ayiana?

Well, Michaels has been affected first, and
she was working with the tissue sample.


- Core samples.
- Where's Woods?

Got separated. I hoped
he'd have made his way back here.

- The snowcat?
- It's stuck in a drift.

It's minus 30. He won't last long.

He's running a high temperature.
Help me get him back to the barracks.

Sam, I'm gonna need your help.

Hopefully Woods activated his EPIRB.

- Stay in radio contact.
- Roger that.

Dr Woods is lost.

O'Neill and Teal'c
went out there to find him.

Hope they do.

Dr Michaels and Dr Osbourne
are both sick.

Dr Fraiser thinks that we may have been...

infected by some disease
that you're carrying.

Eventually we're all gonna be very sick.

But... you have no idea
what I'm talking about, so...

Do you?

You can understand me?

You're a quicker study than I am.

So is there anything at all that you can
tell me about this disease you're carrying,

why you're not sick?

You don't know?
You don't remember anything?

Do you know how
you're able to heal yourself?

I'll boost the dose of antibiotic, but there's
no sign of bacterial growth in the culture.

If this is a virus,
there is nothing else I can do.

- How much time do they have?
- Days, hours. I don't know.

Michaels' kidneys have started
to shut down, and that's a bad sign.

The ice core sample places Ayiana
in the same vein as the Stargate.

She's at least three million years old.

But if she's from a race that predates
the glacier and your theory is correct,

she could be a lot older.

Carter, come in.

- Colonel, this is Carter.
- We've found the abandoned cat.

We'll continue the search on foot.

Visibility is near zero and I keep losing
the satellite lock on the tracker.

The cold must be affecting
the antenna on your SatNav.

We'll keep looking. O'Neill out.

Dr Woods!

Dr Woods!

Dr Woods!

- It's unbelievable.
- What?

She understands
everything I'm saying. Everything.

I told her exactly what's been happening

and she seems to know that she's
responsible for it, like it's her fault.

- She told you that?
- Not in so many words, no.

What about something that could help us?

Not yet, but it doesn't mean
that her memory won't come back.

The mind will take
longer than the body to heal.

The problem is, Jonas,
we don't know how much time we have.



Let's get him into the lab.

On three. One, two, three!

He's in hypothermic shock.
We need to get his clothes off.

We need to get him
wrapped in warm blankets.

Sam, I need you
to hook him up onto the monitor.

This can't be good.

Oh, my God.

He's in V- fib.

You get the paddles, I'll get the gel.

Charge to 200.

OK. Everybody clear!

Whoa! Hey!

- No, no, no. Wait. Wait.
- Jonas.

Let's see. Let's see what she does.


His vital signs are back to normal.

You OK?

Do you know what you did?

Do you know how you did it?

Can you do it again?

Dr Michaels and Dr Osbourne are both...

They're in very bad shape.

And if you can't help them...

Guess it worked.

So this is good, right?
When she wakes up, she can zap us all?

Not necessarily.
Healing them really exhausted her.

- What is it, Janet?
- It's a blood sample from Ayiana.

I'll know more in a little while.

Hey, are you OK?


What do you think the problem is?

Whatever or however
she's able to do what she does,

it weakens her more each time.

She's still carrying that virus herself, Sam.

I'm afraid there's gonna be a point
where she puts herself at risk.

- Good luck.
- Yeah.

OK. I can't say for sure, but
her white- cell count is down significantly.

White blood cells are a major part
of our immune system,

and she's still basically human.

What does that mean?

You, me, Sam and Jonas will get
a lot worse over the next day or so,

and I don't know what will happen
if we let her try to heal us.

She could die.

She could save some of us
or all of us. Who knows?

Maybe she just needs time
to get her strength back.

Well, for the moment, none of us are in
dire need, so I suggest we get some rest.

I will stand watch.

No. If you don't kelno'reem, your
immune system will be vulnerable too.

- We'll watch her.
- Yeah. It's the least we can do.

I'll run some tests on us,
looking for antibody markers.

Hopefully whatever she did to us
means we're now immune to reinfection.

And the rest of us'll get some sleep.
That's an order.


Thank you.

You saved my life.

I have to admit, I feel a little guilty,

being OK while Colonel O'Neill
and the rest of them keep getting sicker.

If we could just figure out how...

The storm is passing.

Good. Maybe now we'll be able
to get a disease- control team in here.

- I'm gonna relieve Woods.
- OK.

Norm, wake up.


She's missing. Woods is unconscious.

Check there.

It's OK, it's OK.

He's burning up.

You're gonna be fine, sir. I'll see you soon.

Even though you don't have the disease,
you could still carry the virus.

We'll all get properly cleared
once we get back to the SGC.

Blood pressure's holding 80 over 40. Get
me the results of his latest blood work.

- How's he doing?
- They're doing everything they can, sir.

We talked to the Tok'ra. They said
this might be beyond their help.

- They're sending someone anyway.
- His best chance is Ayiana, sir.

She managed to halt
the virus in the rest of us.

Why can't she stop it in herself?

The virus acts like cerebrospinal
meningitis, by attacking the brain.

Despite the physical similarities, Ayiana's
brain chemistry is different from ours.

It's possible she's able to trigger
an immune response in us

that she can't muster in herself
once the disease reaches an end stage.

What are the odds she'll survive?


Glad to see you're awake.

I had a feeling that
you were gonna make it.

Thanks for what you did for me.

You didn't have to do that.
Not for any of us.

Take it easy.

Gotta get your strength back.
Colonel O'Neill still needs your help.

More than that, we want you to live.
I want you to live.



- She just...
- Bag her.

Give me one milligram epi.

Charging to 200.


Nothing. Charging to 300.


Come on, come on.

Again. Clear!

His condition is beyond
the healing of a hand device.

However, there is a symbiote
who is in dire need of a host.

What happened?

The former host was
mortally wounded on assignment

and the symbiote was unable to heal him.

We believe that would not be
the case with Colonel O'Neill.

Physical trauma is much more difficult
to deal with than disease.

Colonel O'Neill would not choose
to become a Tok'ra.

I am aware of the colonel's
dislike for our kind.

However, I am surprised that you think
he would choose death over blending.

Ayiana's dead. Dr Fraiser
did everything she could, but...

She may have been
on borrowed time from the start.

Jonas, this is Thoran of the Tok'ra.
Thoran, this is Jonas Quinn.

The Tok'ra are offering a symbiote
in hopes that it can heal Colonel O'Neill.

- What does Colonel O'Neill have to say?
- Colonel O'Neill's in a coma.

The fact is, we may be in the position
of having to decide for him.

How can we do that?

No Tok'ra symbiote would choose to
blend with an unwilling host permanently.

- What about a temporary arrangement?
- What do you mean?

The symbiote Kanan
is someone I know well.

I have no doubt that he would blend with
O'Neill, cure him and leave him again,

if another suitable host can be found.

If not?

He would ultimately sacrifice himself
rather than remain with an unwilling host.

Kanan's former host died
before he was able to reveal the details

of what we believe was vital intelligence
about the undercover mission he was on.

I cannot stress enough
how important that information could be.

Sir, we all wanna do anything we can
to help Colonel O'Neill.

But I really think we at least have to give
him the opportunity to decide for himself.

I'm administering. 1 epi.
I don't know if this is going to work.

Will it hurt him?

Can't get much worse.

Sir, I don't know if you can hear me.

The Tok'ra have offered you a deal.

There's a symbiote that needs a host.

They think it could cure you.
Now, it may be your only chance.

It would only be temporary. It would come
out as soon as they found another host.

Sir, are you getting any of this?


Yeah, I'm right here.

Over my dead body.

Sir, the symbiote's host died
while they were on a mission.

The Tok'ra have reason to believe the
symbiote has vital information to reveal

and this would give him that chance.

They promised that if no other host was
found within a reasonable amount of time,

the symbiote would sacrifice itself
rather than stay in an unwilling host.

Sir, please.