Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 12 - Unnatural Selection - full transcript

Having regained control of the X-303, the SG-1 team finds itself in an unknown part of space. Rescue comes in the form of the Asgard, specifically Thor, who needs their help. The Asgard home world has been overrun by the Replicators and they require SG-1's help as well as the relatively low tech X-303. The Asgard had set a trap for the Replicators and hoped to use a time dilation device that would give them the time they need to find a way to defeat them. The problem is that the Replicators have turned off the device and the Asgard want SG-1 to go in and activate it. They accept the assignment but to meet their objective, O'Neill will face a moral dilemma.

Previously on "Stargate SG-1":

Reese, your father made you wrong!

- No!
- Yes!

If, as you say,
this android was responsible

for creating the first generation of
replicators, it may well prove invaluable.

Their radar is incomplete. Fly through the
lower bay. They'll never see you comin'!

I have no idea where we are.
I can't plot a course for home.

It's the Asgard.

- Can you help us out here?
- It is we who need your help.

The Asgard home world
has been overrun by the replicators.

- Are you serious?
- Very.

- This brand- new ship you need...
- Yes.

So new it doesn't have a name yet.
It's not even finished.

I think that's the point, sir.
The more low- tech the better.

Correct, Major Carter.

It certainly defies conventional wisdom.

Mine too.

The replicators will not wish to integrate
such inferior technology into their own.

Then... what?

A task for which you are uniquely suited.

- You need someone dumb enough.
- On the contrary.

It is both your physical prowess
and military expertise that are required.

Flattery goes a long way with me, but if
you're goin' where I think you're goin'...

When it became clear
to the Asgard High Council

that the war with the replicators
could not be won,

a plan was devised, a trap was set.

- One made possible by you.
- By us?

The android Reese that you discovered
and provided to us for study

retained a single core command
in her base programming

which we believed all replicators
would still follow.

- Then you were able to reactivate her?
- No.

The android was damaged beyond repair.

However, the key command was activated
within her neural network,

amplified and broadcast through
subspace throughout the known universe.

- What was the command?
- To come forth.

You instructed every replicator
to come to you?

I have a theory why you lost the war.

The command was only given
once the trap was set.

- What was the trap?
- A time- dilation device,

generating a field radius
of 0. 16 light years.

Wow. That's some trap.

They created a bubble
around the replicators,

within which time was
slowed down by a factor of...

- 10 to the fourth power.
- Relatively speaking, sir,

one year to the replicators would be
about 10, 000 years to the rest of us.

An hour would be over a year.
A day would be...

I get it.

The point is, if the plan had worked,

it would have bottled
the replicators up in one place

and bought the Asgard many years
to solve the problem.

No. The point is, it didn't work.

O'Neill is correct. Our plan failed.

- What went wrong?
- We do not know.

The time- dilation device was constructed
within a very old structure on Hala,

the first planet settled by the Asgard.

The device was encased
in a solid neutronium shell,

and set with a time delay sufficient
to evacuate our entire civilisation.

However strong neutronium is,
wouldn't the replicators eat through it?

Eventually, yes.

But not in sufficient time
before the device activated.

This calculation was made
with considerable margin for error.

When the time came, nothing happened.

So the replicators got to the
time- dilation device before it activated.

That appears to be the only explanation.

So what do you want us to do?

Fly your ship through
replicator- dominated space,

repair whatever damage may have
been done to the time- dilation device,

and activate it before
the replicators can stop you.

Thor, buddy... there's no way.

The replicators will soon consume
all that they can within our home galaxy.

Yours will be next.

I thought we were
too primitive to consume.

Your technology would not
immediately attract the replicators,

but they would eventually be drawn to
the raw materials of your civilisation.

Your extinction will be assured.

So would every other world we've visited.
It's just a matter of time.

- Did all of the Asgard manage to escape?
- Most, but not all.

A great battle was fought.

The evacuation fleet is standing by
in the void between our two galaxies,

waiting to hear word of your response.

My response?

We have done all that we can
and failed, O'Neill.

You and your team
represent our last hope.

Yeah, great. So no pressure, right?

If you have decided not to undertake
this task, I will inform the council.

Just... give me a minute here, OK?

Are you reconsidering, O'Neill?

I'm considering reconsidering.

- There has to be other options.
- We believe there is no alternative plan.

Thor, I don't think you realise
what you're asking us to do.

In the past, your projectile weapons
have been most effective.

We don't have any
projectile weapons with us,

and according to Carter
we're a long way from...


- You towed us back into Earth's orbit.
- Correct, Major Carter.

The contents of your armoury
at Stargate Command,

along with appropriate attire, food
and other supplies you may require

are now being transported
aboard this vessel.

- I hope you did the paperwork.
- We have a few passengers.

They are being transported
to Stargate Command.

- I haven't said yes yet.
- But you are reconsidering.

I'm... leaning in the general direction.

Hey, what are you doin'?

We're leaving the solar system.

Thor... little fella,
that's not the way it works.

It's not my ship.
It's not up to me.

The journey to our home galaxy will take
many hours with your vessel in tow.

You may consult your superiors en route.

- Sergeant?
- I can't explain it, sir.

Everything in the armoury disappeared -
P90s, SPAS- 12s, Claymores, everything.

Sir, four people who commandeered the
X- 303 just appeared in the holding room.

Air- force personnel and a reporter just
beamed into the kitchen up on level 22.

Food stores went missing
at the same time.

- You're sure the Stargate's been inactive?
- Yes, sir.

What in God's name is happening?

Hello, sir. Siler.

Colonel, it's good
to see you alive and well.

We were concerned the X- 303
was lost with all hands.

No, sir, we're all fine. Except for
the Goa'uld and Simmons, of course.

So you were rescued by the Asgard.

Actually, it looks like
we're coming to their rescue, sir.

Is that why supplies and equipment
are disappearing from all over my base?

Yes, sir.

You might wanna get upstairs
and punch one on the old speed dial.

- My grandchildren?
- Two, then.

The president might wanna know what
the Asgard have in mind for our new ship.

- They didn't go for it.
- They didn't approve the mission?

No, they did that. Once they knew
the whole fate- of- the- universe stuff,

the president and Hammond
realised we had no choice.

He sends good luck, and all those things
he says when he thinks we're gonna die.

- So what didn't they go for?
- The name I suggested.

- For the ship?
- Yeah.

Sir, we can't call it the Enterprise.

Why not?

The project code name is Prometheus.
What about that?

It's a Greek tragedy.
Who wants that?

OK, the X- 303 it is, then.

Yeah. What have you got there?

The Asgard surmised that the replicators
probably disabled the time- dilation device

by destroying
the control- interface mechanism.

Uh- huh?

It's really not much more
than an advanced timer,

but since Asgard technology would cause
the replicators to swarm all over us,

Thor had a copy of the interface built
from Earth- based materials.

It'll work just as well as the original,
but it shouldn't attract the replicators.

- I'm hungry.
- Cargo bay three, sir.


You guys trying to make yourselves sick?

Well, Thor forgot about
the need for refrigeration,

so we figured we'd start
with the frozen stuff.

That is good. Mmm...

I'll buy that.

So, Jonas, first time
goin' up against a replicator, eh?

Mm- hm.

I think I have a pretty good idea
what to expect though.

Teal'c told me all about'em
and I read everything Dr Jackson wrote.

They're fascinating.

- Fascinating?
- Yeah.

Well, think about it. A human scientist
creates this android girl,

who then goes on to create
these replicators as a toy.

Well, the concept of something that starts
out so innocent and becomes so evil,

that's gotta be fascinating to you.

Replicators exist to increase their
numbers and do so without prejudice.

They are no more evil than a virus.

A really evil virus.

We can all agree that any living thing
that isn't inherently evil in and of itself

is capable of undertaking
actions that are evil.

- We are slowing.
- You should come forward, sir.

We're on our way.

We came out of hyperspace a minute ago.

We dare proceed no further
without risk of engaging the replicators.

You will have to continue from here
under your own ship's power.

- But you'll wait here for us?
- There is another concern.

Our sensors have discovered that the
time- dilation device was indeed activated.

Well, that's good.

It's not good?

Time is now progressing faster
within the field.

- They reversed it?
- By a factor of 10 squared.

What is with you people?

Time machines are nothin' but trouble.
Even we know that.

Clearly, the replicators have utilised
the machine to serve their own purpose.

But what would that purpose be?

Well, I gotta tell you, this changes things.

- Carter, how does this change things?
- I don't know, sir. I guess it doesn't.

We got the same problem
we had an hour ago?

Well, in that hour, four days
have passed for the replicators.

Depending on when they did this,
they may have experienced centuries.

- I get it.
- If you wish to reconsider...

No, no.

I full well expected
the other shoe to drop eventually.

We can only hope that
this will be the last footwear to fall.

The coordinates to the planet have been
entered into your navigational computer.

We have modified your engines
and structural integrity fields

to assure your safe arrival.

We will monitor your progress
as best we can. Good luck.

Setting course
to programmed coordinates.

Throttling up sublight engines.


If my hands are covered in blisters,
they're not gonna work any faster.

Colonel, we're about to enter
the time- dilation field.

We're on our way.

A replicator- controlled vessel approaches.

Hopefully they'll agree with Thor
and think this ship's a piece of junk.

They are scanning us.

Sir, we're being scanned
by the replicator ship. Stand by.

Are we still in business?


Yes, sir. It's moving off. We're clear
to enter the planet's atmosphere.

We're detecting one structure
at the designated coordinates.

Just the one?

There appears to be
little topography of any kind.

- 200 metres.
- Throttling down to 50 per cent.

1- 5- 0 metres.

The surface appears to be
completely smooth.

- 100 metres.
- No sign of replicators.

Deceleration thrusters are firing.

5- 0 metres.

Inertial compensators and
structural integrity are at maximum.

Landing struts are at full extension.

- What was that?
- Lightning, sir.

All systems are still go.

10 metres.

Five metres.


Shutting down thrusters.

Get a message to Thor.
Let him know we touched down.

Let's move out.

This can't be the only structure
on the entire planet.

I'd be willing to bet
the bugs ate everything else.

Then where are they?

Sir, you're not gonna like this.

What is it?

This planet's surface is covered
by replicator blocks.

Probably more than one layer, and who
knows how thick it is? Maybe miles.

Why would that be?

Well, it could be a by- product
of the reverse time dilation.

They've been here hundreds of years,

but there's nothing left to consume,
so they're conserving energy.

- What's keeping them here?
- Who cares?

Watch your step.

Sir, the original interface is still intact.
I might be able to...

- Who are you?
- Colonel Jack O'Neill, US Air Force, Earth.

- Who are you?
- The others are coming.

What do you think you're doing?

The clocks are runnin' a little fast here.
We thought we'd stop by, wind'em.

We'll be on our way.

Your companion is attempting to alter
the settings on the time device.

If she does not stop immediately,
we will be forced to take action.

Well, if you do that, we might
be forced to take our own action.

Tell your companion to stop.

- Carter, how much time do you need?
- A lot, sir. Maybe a few hours.


Sir, the interface was completely rebuilt.
I'm not even sure where to start.

Couldn't you crank it up a bit,
move things along?

It doesn't work that way, sir.

- Ironic, isn't it?
- Who are you people?

Because, if you haven't noticed,
the entire planet is paved with replicators.

We are aware of this.

Then you should also know that
they have taken millions of lives,

and they'll keep on doin' that
unless we stop them.

- He doesn't understand.
- He's standing right here.

We cannot allow you
to stop them, I'm afraid.

Why not?

We are replicators.


Tell your companion
to step away from the device.


Your projectile weapons.

I think we'll hang on to those for a while.

Now there is no need.

Where are my manners?

This is something of an occasion,
after all, isn't it?

Our first meeting.


Colonel, if we really intended you harm,
do you believe you'd be standing there?

As I said... welcome.


We are inside your unconscious mind.

You'd think there'd be more lights on.

This place must be important to you.

I work here.

Your iris code is 903224637.

Wow, that's... close.

Here's one for ya.
I'm thinking of an animal.

I never expected
that you would amuse me.

I never expected you
to put your hand in my head.

Your mind is... incredible.

- Well, you know...
- Such chaos.

And humour.

And pain.

You are right to blame yourself. Your son
would be alive but for your carelessness.

Don't do that again.

That will be your punishment if you try to
conceal anything from me on our journey.

- Where we goin'?
- To every place you have ever been.


Oh, Jesus...




Her hand was inside my... head

and it was like a...
It was like a nightmare.

I think we all had a similar experience.

- I don't remember much of it.
- Nor do I.

- How long were we out?
- 37 hours, sir, ship time.

- Why would they bring us back here?
- Perhaps we can take advantage of this.

Detonate the hyperdrive? An overload
would cause a pretty big explosion.

- Big enough to be worth it?
- I honestly don't know, sir.


Get a message to Thor. Let him know
how massively he screwed up.


- I don't think this is gonna work.
- If Carter says she can do it...

But if explosives and weapons worked,
the Asgard would have won their war.

I suppose you wanna
talk to these bug people.

- Don't you?
- No.

Maybe we can reason with them.

- If we blow the ship, we lose that option.
- If we blow the ship, I won't care.

Colonel, I don't think you fully appreciate
what they've become.

Replicators, who look like we do.

More than that. Sir, this is
a huge leap in their evolution.

Jonas, they are replicators!

Carter? What's goin' on?

Everything's fine, sir.
We were just chatting.

About what?

He carried us back here, sir,
one at a time,

so we'd be more comfortable.

- Thanks.
- It was not difficult.

- Apparently, sir, we're invited to dinner.
- At his request.

- Whose?
- First.

- And you are?
- I was Fifth.

The others are merging with our brethren,
but will return soon.

You wanna let him know
we've made other plans?

Exploding your vessel would only feed
energy to the blocks on the surface.

Your food stores
have been taken to the temple.

When are we expected?

When you become hungry.

- That one's different.
- No kidding.

- He comes across as almost human.
- Well, he's not.

- So what do we do?
- Can we leave?

The ship will fly,
but I don't know how far we'll get.

Sir, if this is the next evolution
of the replicators,

we should find out as much as possible
about them and report it back somehow.

Anyone hungry?

Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter,
Teal'c, Jonas, welcome.

You'll forgive us if we don't
shake your hands this time.

Please sit and replenish yourselves.

Organic forms store energy
so inefficiently.


- I assume you're Sixth?
- Yes.

Our newest addition.

You're kinda going girl, boy, girl, boy...

- Sir, the entire table...
- I see that.


We still have some questions that we
never got to ask last time we met.

When our replicator brethren
discovered the android Reese,

they realised she was their creator.

They studied her design and form

and found aspects of her technology
superior to their own.

Our brethren are composed
of ungainly blocks.

We are composed of millions of cell units,
microscopic in comparison,

that combine to create this form.

- Like nanites, sir.
- I hate those things.

My creation took place in the last moment
before the Asgard time device activated.

There was a minuscule crack
in the neutronium shell.

I could penetrate this,
where my replicator brethren could not.

I managed to stop the machine
before it activated

and eventually used it to suit our purpose.

- Which is?
- To increase our number.

That has never changed.

Now, thanks to the Asgard,
we have all the time in the world.

In a few short years
we will go forth as an army.

- See, we can't let you do that.
- You cannot stop us.

Was it not in this way that you became
the dominant species of your worlds?

Is it not a process of natural selection?

The strong survive.

But there's nothing
truly natural about you.

You've seen into our minds. I'm quite
certain that you can all tell the difference.

Of course. We are far superior.

And if you could see into the mind of
an animal you would blithely feed upon,

you would reach the same conclusion.

It was our kind that built your creator.
You've created yourselves in our image.

No. In the image of Reese.

There was something wrong with her
programming. You all know that.

The flaw in the emulation programming
was discovered during my creation.


I think that flaw is kinda hangin' on there.

We attempted to correct the error
in the creation of Fifth.

But thus far he has proven to be far too...

- Human?
- Weak.

Maybe Fifth represents
what you're supposed to be.


We won't make the same mistake again.

Now... you have your answers.


- Why?
- To regain your strength.

- Why do you care?
- So you'll be strong enough.

- For what?
- To go into your minds over and over.

Could there be any other reason
we would keep you alive?


It'll be far less painful if you don't resist.


Why? You've learned
everything you need to know.

There are four minds
to explore... at least once.

And Sixth is very curious
to experience their thoughts.

And you... you haven't yet
had your chance.

- No.
- I insist.

I want you to see the disorder, the chaos.

Recognise what they are in comparison.
You need to understand what you are.

Visit their memories of worlds
we will conquer.

Do you understand?


I won't blame you if you choose me.


It's all right, sir. Last time
I didn't remember a thing.

I don't know what you're showing me,
but it's not my unconscious mind.

No, Major Carter. It is mine.

We share much of our thought. In this way
we are connected, even with our brethren.

But this corner of my mind is mine alone.

Here we can communicate without
the others knowing what is said.

You're not like them.

- I'm a mistake.
- No. They are.

A terrible mistake.

- Help us.
- I can't.

You can, because you're more like us
than you're like them.

The others have the same flaw
that Reese had, but you...

The others would destroy me.

Not if you came with us.

- You would do that?
- If you were to come with us

- and the time- dilation device was reset...
- They're my brothers and sisters.

The Asgard device was never designed
to destroy the replicators.

For them, it would seem like a few days,

but we'd have hundreds of years
to solve their flaw.

What do you want me to do?



Oh, that's just not right.

Jonas and Teal'c?

Sir, there's a way out of this,
but we'll have to trust...

Major Carter.

I've made the necessary adjustments.

To what?

The time- dilation device.
I'm coming with you.

- This is what you were gonna tell me?
- Yes, sir.

The others are merging with our brethren,
but they will return soon.

I've reconfigured the device,
but you must enter your command code.


You guys head back to the ship.
Don't fire up the engines, but be ready.

My code is in, sir.
I just need to set the timer.

It'll take two minutes to get to the ship
and two more for the engines to fire up.

That is too long. If I leave, the others will
know. They will return before it activates.

- Then we set it off now.
- No.

We would be trapped with the others.

You can probably reach the ship
faster than we can.

- In a fraction of the time.
- Give us a head start.

If you reach the ship
just before we launch,

your absence won't alert
the others until it's too late.

So, set the timer for... five minutes.

That's cutting it awfully close, sir.

I know that, Major.

Thank you.

You won't leave without me?


Head for the ship
in just over three minutes.

Three, two, one. Mark.

Timer's running.

- Fire up those engines, now!
- Understood, O'Neill.

- What have you done?
- Nothing.

- Where are the humans?
- They went to their ship to rest.

- They're trying to escape.
- No.

Even as we speak,
they're preparing to leave.

She promised.

It's not too late.

I can read your mind.
There's time enough to stop the machine.


- How long?
- 20 seconds before the device activates.

Get this thing in the air,
or we're gonna be here a long time.

- They're escaping.
- There's two minutes left.

No, my son.

They've made a fool of you.

They won't leave me.
She promised.

She promised.

We are beyond the time- dilation field.

Thor sends his congratulations, sir.

They'll rendezvous with us once they've
determined no replicator vessels escaped.


You do realise what you did?

The right thing, Jonas.

You used his humanity against him.

His what?

Jonas is right.
That's exactly what we did.

He wasn't human.

Get that through your heads.

He could have fooled me.

We all know what would have happened
if those things had gotten out.

Who was gonna stop'em?

We did the right thing.

- I hope you're right, sir.
- So do I.